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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. London helicopter crash - two killed as a chopper goes down in flames near a railway station. Dreams or a nightmare? An emergency landing prompts Japan's two biggest airlines to ground Boeing's plane of the future. Afghanistan's latest bloodshed - a deadly Taliban attack on spy headquarters in Kabul. And confronting his past, Lance Armstrong on the drug cheat allegations.I would say he did not come clean in the manner I expected. It was surprising to me.

Dramatic scenes in London as a helicopter crashes, killing two people. It is believed the pilot and one person on the ground. Two other people were taken to hospital, one critically injured. The helicopter slammed into a construction crane on top of a building near Vauxhall railway station south of the River Thames near the busy peak period. -- during BBC peak period.

during BBC peak period.
, it . , it is described hearing a loud explosion and seeing the helicopter and vehicles in flame.There was a helicopter going overhead and it was very loud. They usually are. But then it hit the crane and there was debris everywhere.A I heard a large noise, looked up and I could see the propeller, the parts of the aircraft, falling Down, plummeting straight down and this huge plume of smoke went up.It sounded like an explosion, a little earthquake. I ran to my flat to get my children out. I get my children out. I do not know where I would take them but it sounded like a big explosion.The helicopter was heading for a heliport. One of those killed is believed to have been the pilot. The damaged rain is just visible through the cloud. It is now hanging precariously.It sounded like a fighter plane. We heard this large exposure and we thought it was a terrorist attack and came out onto the road, where there was he road, where there was all this smoke.While the crash did happen close to the headquarters of MI6, authorities say there is no indication it was meant to terrorism. The helicopter was Italian built and was said to have a good safety record. It was also clear to be flown by a single pilot. Tonight's incident follows a dramatic day for the aviation industry, with n industry, with Japan's two biggest airlines grounding their Boeing Dreamliner fleets. It follows the emergency landing of a Boeing 787 in western Japan. It is the latest in a long line of problems plaguing the airliner in recent weeks. On its ent weeks. On its way to Tokyo from Yamaguchi airport in southern Japan. The pilots of he pilots of the All Nippon Airlines flight were forced to make an emergency landing. Instruments indicated a battery error and triggered warnings to the pilots. There were also reports of smoke in the cockpit. Some light injuries were reported after all passengers and crew evacuated. But the emergency landing prompted emergency talks about the Dreamliner fleets.

The country's other leading carrier, Japan Airlines, also announced it will ground its fleet. Japan is the biggest market so far for the Dreamliner, flying 24 of the 50 Dreamliners delivered to date. Jetstar is expected to receive the first of 50 Dreamliners this year. In a statement, Qantas says:

De groundings follow more than one week of bad news for Boeing. India this afternoon announced it would also conduct a safety review. Boeing says it will work with customers and regulatory agencies following today's incident. The aircraft is going's newest and most advanced airliner and the company is counting heavily on its success but with n its success but with the groundings causing concern and chaos for travellers, Boeing may have to brace for more turbulence ahead. brace for more turbulence ahead. Earlier, I spoke with an aviation expert, who says the backlash should be directed at the manufacturers who supply to Berlin with certain types of batteries, which he says are renowned for becoming unstable under certain circumstances. -- bowling.Unfortunately, this should not reflect at all on Boeing. It is the back to manufacturers who really have to come to grips with it. They have got to use their influence to make sure that the battery manufacturers get on top of the issue but this is something that unfortunately, they are really taking it because it is their name on the side of the aircraft. But in reality, it is the component that is causing the problem.Qantas says despite this incident, they will go ahead with their order for 15 Dreamliners for or 15 Dreamliners for Jet Star. Is that a smart move?Yes, I think they are starting -- doing the right thing. Any airline that wants to use these aircraft will get the benefit because they are in fact not only state-of-the-art but also terribly efficient. The rribly efficient. The battery problems can be overcome reasonably quickly, from what ly quickly, from what I have heard out of the US and Japan.Being such a difficult time for the manufacturer, would a climate like this be better for its competitors like Airbus, for example?Not at all. Airbus also have issues with using these types of batteries. These batteries have major benefits but they also have a downside and that is what we are seeing now - an unstable condition that causes them to be relatively unreliable. And that is something that the regulators and aircraft manufacturers and the battery manufacturers will have to come to grips with very quickly. Two security quickly. Two security guards have been killed in a suicide attack in Afghanistan's spy agency headquarters. Dozens of civilians were injured when one of the attackers detonated a car bomb in a heavily fortified area in central Kabul. Four other insurgence were shot dead by police. They were still able to breach security. This area is one of the best protected defended buildings in Afghanistan. And, of course, those attackers got no further than the date, so in that regard, those who tried to get inside the building failed. But the fact that somebody was still able to get into this part of Kabul, bring these explosives, bring a car laden with explosives, remains a concern. I have been a long way out of town earlier this morning and driving back in, we are reminded of the security coming in. All the way along the road, there are soldiers doing random checks at various points. And that gets tighter and tighter in theory preventing these attacks. But they still get through. We have ll get through. We have won in November. The government says he government says that Afghanistan is safer and, indeed, Kabul and some of the other cities are experiencing fewers are experiencing fewer attacks, but they are still happening. More than ing. More than 80 people were killed in Syria, as a blast tore through university buildings in the city of Aleppo. Syrian e city of Aleppo. Syrian state television broadcast the elevision broadcast the aftermath of the attack, which the government blamed on terrorists. The opposition claims government jets tardy to the university in an air strike. -- targeted the ir strike. -- targeted the

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Oprah Winfrey has given a tantalising glimpse of her tell-all interview with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong. After years of furious denials, she has indicated he has finally admitted to his doping past. The interview covers the questions and answers the world has been waiting to hear, she says.

The biggest interview she has ever done is already headlining a round- the-world and it has not even gone to air. Now, Oprah Winfrey is setting the record straight about whether our strong -- Lance Armstrong admitted- Lance Armstrong admitted to doping.It was surprising to me. He did not come clean in the man I had expected. Everyone in the room was mesmerised and riveted by some of his responses.So extensive was the interview it will be split into two pass and run on separate days. She says she She says she is confident the public will be satisfied with his responses.I think the most important questionsthe most important questions and the answer is that people around the world heavyweight into here were answered and certainly answer... I was satisfied -- people around the world were waiting to hear.For years, Lance Armstrong has denied accusations of ong has denied accusations of cheating. Frankie Andreu wants a former US Postal Service team-mate. His wife was one of the first to publicly accuse Lance Armstrong of doping. They say he supported doping. They say he supported confession was a long time coming.He has lied to the President, Larry King, Oprah Winfrey. He has lied about how many tests he about how many tests he has passed. He has lied about not seeing a known doping doctor. He lies about everything. If Lance ut everything. If Lance Armstrong wants to overturn his life ban from sport, the World from sport, the World Anti-Doping Agency says he has cy says he has to confess under oath and give up names.He is in a position where he has got to do what they are telling him to do.Cycling's world governing body has urged him to testify at an independent commission it has established to provide the scandal, which includes the role officials may have played. If it turns out that the governing body was involved in a doping cover up, the International Olympic Committee has ic Committee has warned that cycling could be dropped from the Olympic program. Australian religious organisations will be allowed to continue to discriminate against homosexuals and other groups under revamped anti-discrimination laws. The government says the exemptions will remain but the Greens argue that taxpayer-funded church organisations should not be allowed to discriminate. Daniel knows all about discrimination. He taught at a Catholic school but was banned from discussing his sexuality.Part of my contract was to appear to students and the school community to live by what they called the Catholic ethos.The government is overhauling anti-discrimination laws. Religious leaders have been told exemptions allowing their organisations to determine who they employe will e who they employe will not change.There have been exemptions and they remain. Four they can legally discriminate when they hire workers for their schools, universities and hospitals on grounds like sexuality.This is being able to employ people who respect your values and philosophy. One Labor backbencher says while religious groups should be able to choose their leaders, a balance should be stuck.Churches should not be bothering to worry about whether a registrar in a school is gay or living in sin.The Greens argue that any organisation receiving taxpayer funding should not be allowed to discriminate this allows them to operate above the law in Australia and contrary to community standards. No-one from the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference was available for comment. The government says it never set out to the right anti- discrimination laws - it is just trying to simplify them. That prevents any That prevents any backlash from religious groups in this election year. The Australian Christian Lobby says it is not aware of anyone sacking or refusing to hire a person because of their sexuality. Many Catholic schools of high discrimination in terms of employment a rms of employment a lot less. They don't just and the higher Catholics.Last year, he compared the health hazards of smoking to homosexuality. The Prime Minister subsequently cancelled a speech she was due to make to e was due to make to the Australian Christian Lobby. Firefighters in eastern Australia are scrambling, doing everything they can ng everything they can to control a more extreme conditions tomorrow. Bushfires continued to rage in NSW, where more than 12 continue on contained. And there tained. And there may be more firefighters have not found yet. This fire in the Warrumbungle National Park near Coonabarabran is one of the worst firefighters havee of the worst firefighters have seen in NSW. So far, it has destroyed more than 44,000 hectares and is still out of control.This is the most destructive one we have seen, one of the most aggressive.If at least 40 properties have been destroyed. 40 homes and at least 110 other buildings have been destroyed. We expect that oyed. We expect that number to increase as we conduct to increase as we conduct more field assessments. Fire crews, some working double or triple shifts, are exhausted but they are not giving up.Very proud to be part of this. It has been a tremendous effort.Homes, properties and lively would have been burnt but so far no people have died. -- livelihoods.82 fires are still being dealt with. 15 remain uncontained.Now, the race is on , the race is on to contain those fires before conditions deteriorate yet again. While fire crews are scrambling to get on top of the remaining fires that continue out of control across the state, control across the state, they cannot get a break from the weather. Another wave of extreme conditionsnother wave of extreme conditions are expected to sweep across the state starting tomorrow and continuing on Friday. Emergency crews in Victoria are also on ictoria are also on high alert.Fire danger ratings will be severe in most districts and very high in others. Fire crews have spent the past week backburning and the past week backburning and building containment lines. They are worried it may not be enough. Up to 1,000 Australian workers will lose their jobs with two companies announcing widespread redundancies. Boral will cut 700 as part of a restructured. Vodafone will shut down mobile phone retailer Crazy John's.

In breaking his, it is being reported that Islamist militants from Mali have attacked a BP oil reached in Algeria, with one person killed and seven injured. Diplomats say a number of hostages have been taken but that has not yet been confirmed by the oil company. In Mali, France has begun a ground offensive on ground offensive on the sixth day of its military intervention. French troops are on. French troops are advancing towards rebel- held Territory in the north of the country. The French government has vowed to crush jihadist rebels in its former colony but a malicious a long and tough battle -- acknowledges. France forces believe Bamako, ready to battle jihadist militants who are putting up a tough resistance. -- French forces. TRANSLATION: They are ready to fight and we must not underestimate them.Despite days of air strikes, the rebels have gained ground and troops may be facing a drawn-out desert campaign rather than a quick and decisive battle.That in my estimation would n my estimation would be wildly optimistic. Realistically, we are talking about we are talking about months if not years in terms of really sorting out the problems that are in Mali at the moment.Problems threatening to spiral out of control. Islamist groups controlling the north of the country have north of the country have taken advantage of a weak government and army to push south to rmy to push south to the capital, Bamako. They have also exploited the delay deployment of the delay deployment of a West African peacekeeping porch. -- fours. French forces have entered the fray, hoping to defeat Islamist militants. West African military chiefs have met in Bamako to plan the roll-out of a regional intervention force. Nigerian soldiers will go in first in the next few days. France has taken the lead for now. The French President is defending his decision to take military action in Mali.We have obtained n Mali.We have obtained results, we have a goal, we ts, we have a goal, we have the support to obtain the withdrawal of terrorists and to push that forward.As the French won their first casualty in Mali, security is ty in Mali, security is being increased in France and its embassies around the world are being warned to guard against reprisal ned to guard against reprisal attacks. Controversial Japanese film-maker Nagisa Oshima has died of pneumonia, aged 80. He was best known for his 1976 picture which controversially contained unsimulatedroversially contained unsimulated sex scenes. For decades, it was not screened in Japan but s not screened in Japan but a censored version was eventually released in 2000. One of its companion films later won him the best director award at the Cannes Film Festival. The weather is next. And Sam Stosur crashes out of the Australian

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Australia's Sam Stosur has admitted that she choked this afternoon at Melbourne Park as she made a second round exit from her home ground Grand Slam. She had two chances to serve out two chances to serve out her match against China's Jie Zheng. There were no mistakes for Venus Williams or Novak Djokovic, who cruised into the third round. ed into the third round. Novak Djokovic's Grand Slam mission for this first week is to expend as little energy as possible. Ryan as possible. Ryan Harrison gave him just the game he wanted. The three times Australian Open champion was rarely challenged, losing just one game on one game on the first set. There was little his American opponent could do to stop his progress. He may have the weapons to one day challenge the big names, however, but not tonight. Novak Djokovic proved the pundits right for installing him as tournament favourite. Elsewhere, Fernando Verdasco faced a potentially tricky opponent but his forehand remains his great weapon, helping

opponent but his forehand remains
his great weapon, helping him to a straight-sets win. The night's session began with Venus Williams. Though her world ranking has slipped to as slipped to 26, she is still formidable and was far too strong for her French opponent. Melbourne Park continues to serve up his appointment to Australia's top- ranked women's player. Sam Stosur gave up Sam Stosur gave up a 5-2 lead in the deciding set of in the deciding set of her second-round match up. Crazy

Crazy things start popping up in your head and before you know it, you are back on equal terms and losing the lead.It was Jie Zheng from China who would not go away. Helped by 56 unforced errors from the wreckage ced errors from the wreckage of Sam Stosur.Four whatever word you want to put on it... It was a choke.It is the second time in as many weeks she has lost to Jie Zheng. While bushfires continued to worry emergency crews in NSW and Tasmania, fire weather d Tasmania, fire weather warnings are also in place across most of the country. Hot and dry conditions are expected along with windy conditions in much of the NT, WA, SA and

along with windy conditions in much
of the NT, WA, SA and Victoria. A high pressure zone is keeping SA and Victoria is keeping SA and Victoria generally drive. Showers in tropical Queensland triggered by Queensland triggered by south-easterly winds.

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