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Tonight - the Aussie medical breakthrough that could see an end to AIDS. Born in detention and that's where they'll stay. Has the system hit a new low in human rights? Using IVF or gay? You're not welcome here. Oprah speaks about her interview of the century. Plus - 54 years in the biz and still going strong. We catch up with the incredible Sir Cliff Richard. This is The Project. Good evening. Welcome to The Project. James Mathison, Gorgi Coghlan, Dr Andrew Rochford. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) I kind of think it's who is available tonight.It's the A-team. Everyone is on summer holidays. That's why I'm here.Don't ask questions you don't want the answers to, guys. A tough day for Aussie workers with as many as 1,000 jobs axed from two different sectors. Boral has announced it's slashing 700 positions nationwide. Vodafone is closing its crazy John's mobile operations, -- Crazy John's mobile operations, putting 300 positions at risk. Paul Howes slammed Boral today. When did you first hear about the job losses? Like all Boral employees, we first found out about it when we saw it on the morning news. It was a shock to us. We had announcements from Boral in December about the shutdown of manufacturing facilities in Geelong. And we weren't anticipating job cuts on this scale from Boral tofpltGiven how suddenly the news -- at the moment. Given how suddenly the news came, which workers will beaffected?We're not sure yet. Boral were saying top level management, down to manufacture -- manufacturing workers will be affected. Most of the workers are pretty uncertain and it's a disgraceful way to handle an announcement of this size. That's why we've been meeting urgently with the company to get clarification on who will be affected and how to work with the company to keep the jobs that should remain here in Australia for the long term.Any hopes these jobs might be saved?I'm confident in the long term we can work with companies like Boral to secure jobs. The reality is with the dollar sitting as high as it is at the moment, manufacturers right across this country have been hit for six. And for the million-plus workers who are employed in manufacturing at the moment, they're feeling pretty concerned.We appreciate your time tonight. Thank you, Paul. Thanks.Oprah Winfrey has confirmed Lance Armstrong has finally admitted to using performance- enhancing drugs. He's reportedly tried to buy his way out of trouble, offering to pay $5 million to the US Government to compensate for alleged fraud.The answers that people around the world have been waiting to hear were answered. And certainly answered, I can only say I was satisfied by the answers. Seven men are wanted over what police in Sydney are calling the brazen execution of a high-ranking Hells Angels bikie gang member. Zeljko Mitrovic died yesterday after being shot several times. Detectives don't believe other gangs are involved. The 16-year-old accused of allegedly gatecrashing a Sydney party and spearing teenager Liam Knight with a metal rod has been refused bail. He wept as he faced the Children's Court on a number of charges, including recklessly causing grievous bodily harm. Liam remains in a coma in hospital. Experts have poo-pooed an amaerpb invention designed to make toilet training -- American invention designed to make toilet training more fun for kids. The iPotty comes with a built-in iPad dock to help children when nature calls. It brings a whole new meaning of Winnie the Pooh. What's wrong with that?I was thinking more 'angry turds'. I'm not perfect. Surely that's not a time for distraction?Are you serious? Have you ever sat on the toilet with a newspaper? That's where you sit to get peace.You know how to do what you're doing there. You don't want to half learn to do that.You would do anything as a parent to just get them to do it.Well, we asked your opinion on this.

A few tough mornings with a hackover, that would be alright. Move on.Let's move on. Gorgi, you're better than that. Julia Gillard launched a new cyberbullying niblgsative today. A very important -- initiative today. A very important cause. But don't you hate it when you go to aperty and someone is wearing the exacts same outfit? Probably should have called each other before they left the house. Yep.A new anti- discrimination bill will be coming to parliament this year but a prominent Christian leader claimed today the PM has guaranteed that religions will be exempt. Here's a paradox - the Gillard Government is consolidating laws to protects people from discrimination and at the same time it's promising to maintain exemptions for certain groups if they really, really believe in discriminating. Australian Christian lobby leader Jim Wallace said the PM has promised him faith-based organisations will still be allowed to discriminate. The Catholic Church can still insist its priests be practicing Catholics. It also means any faith-based employer can fire a pregnant single woman or a gay man if having them on the payroll would affect their particular religious sensitivities. That's a worry.I don't think churches should be worrying about whether the registrar at a school is gay or living in sin.The Christian lobby says it's all hypothetical and religious schools and hospitals don't really hire and fire based on these factors. If that's the case, why protect their right to?It's not a get out of jail free card that means you can discriminate. I would have thought it would be the exact op. IsPenny Wong says the law tries to:

Maybe the problem is the principle of non-discrimination isn't that combatable with letting people discriminate. Jim wallsis the head of the Australian Christian Lobby. Nobody is arguing the Church's right to decide who becomes a priest. Why should you have the right to foyer a school receptionist who is using IVF or a hospital cleaner who is living with his girlfriend?Remember when the Church goes into the public square, because faith is not just a private thing, it's a public thing, it's looking at trying to demonstrate the values and ethics of Christ. For a Christian organisation to demonstrate that through the orgts doxy of its particular values, -- orthodoxy of its particular values, it is very important.Do un to others as you would do un to yourself. Surely you wouldn't want to be discriminated against, so why is it alright for you guys to discriminate against others?I don't think anyone is trying to. If they're a Labor MP, they don't try to do this. I don't try and get employed in gay bars or gay institutions. I would expect the gay population should be extending that same privilege and courtesy to Christians.Jim, when you talk about a political affiliation, if I vote Greens, it's because I choose to vote Greens. If I vote Liberal, I choose to vote Liberal. If I'm gay, it's not a choice. Is it fair? That's arguable. We haven't found a gay gene. Without open that up, I think which reality is the rights protects as a fundamental freedom of religion. Amongst that is for instance in the situation of schools, the right to be able to come together in community and educate your children in the faith. That involves creating the environment for that.You say let's not open up that debate about choosing sexuality but in essence we have to. In essence you're picking and choosing on what grounds you get to discriminate against someone when it really doesn't matter. I'm curious to know how a gay person answers the phone at a high school any differently to a straight person.You always reduce it to the lowest common denominator, the receptionist or the gardener. We're talking perhaps more fundamentally about the teachers and what they teach the children. We're talking about the example they set for children in their moral lives. For a Christian school, this is a very important issue.Thanks for your time tonight, Jim.All the best for the new year for the team.Fair credit to Jim, he sticks to his guns. We had a bit from Tszyu zuTszyu there but she made a comment -- Magda Szubanski there and she made a comment about Julia Gillard.Massively disappointed in Julia Gillard. As a leader, it's incumbent for you to look out for the most vulnerable of your flock. She is making things harder and harder for gay and lesbian people. It's disappointing. It doesn't even begin to express how many of us are feeling.A very valid point there. I think it's interesting in an election year the PM and all politicians are going to have to pick which parts of the community they offend this year and this time it re -- replains to be seen if Gillard made the right decision.There was a drive-by shooting in Adelaide. No-one was hurt. However, there was a bit of confusion amongst the eyewitnesses.

It was bang, pause, bang, bang, bang. Four shots.Bang, bang, bang. Definitely four shots?Five shots. And there was no cars or anything. I didn't get up to have a look. Let's not use him as our star witness. Yeah.I'm quite new to doing the news, only done it a couple of years, but I reckon eyewitnesses not wearing a top not quite as persuasive. Is that just me?Don't discriminate, Charlie. Going to take a break.Imagine having to make the heart-wrenching decision for your child to undergo brain surgery not once, but twice, thin space of 12 months.What she has already been through could have killed her a dozen times over.What implications will the latest HIV breakthrough have both here and around the world? Plus - he's been wired for sound for over half a century. We chat with Sir Cliff Richard.

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Welcome back. A total fire ban has been declared in parts of Victoria tomorrow with 8,000 firefighters on standby. Temperatures are expected to hit 40-plus degrees in some areas of the state. In NSW there's concern blazes which threaten communities in the state's south last week may prove dangerous again. A win for a long-haired male flight attendant sacked by Virgin Australia for not following the company's hairstyle rules. He had cited a medical condition and after a year of deliberation a Fair Work Commission ruled there wasn't a valid reason for his dismissal.All Virgin employees know how they have to be groomed. They have a look book. What would our look book look like? Shots of you with trendy man hair?People who wouldn't normally wear suits wearing suits at a desk for credibility.Desprfplt Warnie, he's got a lot of -- desperate. Warnie, he's got a lot of hair. He criticised Cricket Australia. He gut a touch defensive and a little bit

I said what I said. You can interpretate that.Yeah, interpretate that. A major discovery by a scientist that's been working in Queensland. It's a discovery that's led to a promising new treatment that could hold H -- halt HIV in its tracks. HIV has become a modern pandemic, claiming around 30 million lives. An incurable disease, so aggressive and complex that tens of thousands of scientists working around the globe haven't been able to crack the cure. A research breakthrough right here in Australia could turn the way we treat HIV right on its head. Currently, HIV treatment involves taking an arsenal of anti- retroviral drugs. The pills only supress the disease and must be taken every day. David is on the board of the Victorian Aids Council and has been living with HIV for almost 30 years.I'm down to four tablets now. I had to have blood transfusions. And the generations of drugs that came along through the '90s were eex wale toxic.The experimental treatment works differently. It uses gene therapy to mutate the virus itself. First, cells are collected and cultured in a lab. Next, a gene is added to the cells, causing them to produce a protein. It makes them HIV- resistant. The resistant cells are returned to the patient. If the protein gets through human trials, it could lead to a one-off therapy that would stop the disease in its tracks.It would be nothing short of miraculous. So many of us have lived with fear and stress and a lot of grief because we've lost a lot of our friends over the years. So for that to all be over would be the most amazing thing.Right now, it's estimated there are around 35 million people infected with HIV worldwide, with almost three million new cases every year. More than two-thirds of sufferers live in poverty-stricken Africa. This exciting new development could potentially blaze a path to a real and effective treatment for HIV. And give us the magic bullet that's eluded researchers for so long. Professor David Harrich has been on the forefront of HIV research for a long time and is responsible for this new research. After plugging away for so long, how did it feel, that moment when you realised you had something?Well, it was really a surprise because what we had done was invent a protein we thought would be effective against HIV and I set up an experiment that I thought would prove once and for all whether or not we were on to something. And sent a PhD student off to the lab to test it. Thinking it would come back negative. He brought me back the results. I was gobsmacked. It said the protein can work. That was about three years ago. Now we have it in human cells and it seems to be just as good. Tell us in simple terms, because they're the ones we can understand, how does this work?Well, it's a gene therapy approach. The key is the protein. So you use a gene that you insert into a cell and it makes a protein. We used an HIV protein. Normally this is one that the virus depends upon for its growth in a cell. And we mutated it and mutated it and played with it. We had an idea what it did and we made enough changes in it that we turned this protein that usually makes the virus grow in a cell to one that actually stops the skriers from growing the cell.My understanding is HIV drugs are almost prohibitively expensive. How would this stack-up cost-wise?It is expensive but we anticipate the cost of this therapy might be equivalent to one or two years on anti-retroviral therapy. This could potentially be economically viable therapy.You've been working on this for 20 years to get to this breakthrough. You're a smart guy. You can probably have done anything in medicine. What was it 20 years ago that made you wants to focus on HIV?HIV, this was in the spid-'80s. H ierbs V -- mid-'80s. HIV was exciting and new. And the cost to the world and in terms of human lives and I think we're guided every day by thinking that the things we are coming up with in the lab can make a difference. Congratulations on great work and start polishing up on your Nobel speech. He will win a Nobel Prize if that gets off the ground. Time for a quick break. Don't go anywhere.

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This is The Project.On the topic of Virgin Australia trying to dismiss a male flight attendant for having long hair:

Hey.That's a safe bet. Yeah. Definitely. Sam Stosur's Australian Open campaign is over for 2013. She's been knocked out after faltering late in her second round match, beaten 2-1 by Zheng Jie. There's no need to watch the tennis. Launceston has been named Australia's most family friendly city. It scored highly in key areas such as education, health, crime rates and cost of housing. Toowoomba, Albury Wodonga, Bunbury and Bundaberg made the top 10.I was going to make a bunch of jokes about it but I love Launceston.It doesn't love you. It's family friendly. You ned to get yourself some kids and toddlers.C can't do that on short notice -- I can't do that on short notice.The Brits have made an enormous contribution to music - the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Posh Spice and Sir Cliff Richard. With global record sales north of 250 million, Cliff is the biggest-selling singles artist in the UK ever. With 123 hits, spanning an incredible 21 years in the charts. A heart throb in the '50s and '60s, singing about a devil woman in the '60s, before being wired for sound and hanging with The Young Ones in the '80s. He's been spontaneously entertaining tennis folk more recently. And performing for the Queen's Jubilee. Now celebrating his 54th year in the biz, Cliff's bringing his tour Down Under to once again show us how it's done. Please welcome Sir Cliff Richard. Hi.54 years in the business. That's an incredible achievement. Do you still love touring as you used to in the early days?Oh, yeah. The achievement is getting to be 50 years old. I never thought I'd make that. So to have a career of 54 is beyond all my dreams. I still enjoy it. I suppose, I don't need to do all this but I can't get it out of my system. As long as people want to come out and see a show and I can give them what they want, I really do enjoy it.I saw 'Wired for Sound' and you must have seen a massive change in the music industry over all your years?If you did that, you have got terrific taste.I had to do it. I love that song.It is a good song. It was written by a guy from Adelaide. He became a producer. He wrote me that and he wrote 'We Don't Talk Anymore'.I was talking to my parent about your clean-cut image but I got to know you through The Young Ones. Those days were wild? They were wild. Kenny was such a genuinely funny man. He ended his show by saying, "Last week we ended up with a Cliffhanger." They tied my wrists up on a rope and had me swinging. I had a welt here for about four days. Andthen and Young Ones. -- and The Young Ones - no- one would have thought we would do that. They were a professional foursome.You were the first British pop star to be Knighted. Does being chummy with the Royal Family help your cheer?I don't know if it makes a particular difference. It doesn't do any harm to be honoured in that way. You don't get a Knighthood or any of those royal honours unless there's a whole lot of people that have submitted the idea, first to the PM, and then the PM submit it to the Queen. When I got the letter, the biro burned. "Yes, please." it's a terrific honour. It's wonderful. It wasn't on my radar. I was shaken up for a while.A Knighthood, amazing recording career, television appearances and now you have a winery in Portugal that's winning awards. Can I come and do work experience in your Portuguese winery?Absolutely. We're always very keen to get someone who works for nothing.I'm not so keen on that situation.Tickets to see Cliff are selling fast. Head to our website for details. Please thank Sir Cliff Richard.Thank you very much.Amazing.The Australian Workers Union has slammed Boral for failing to consult them before axing 700 jobs nationwide. The Coalition's blamed Labor's additional taxes on the manufacturing sectser for the losses and Vodafone's closure of Crazy John's will put 300 positions at risk. Police in Sydney don't believe any other bikie gangs are involved in a fatal shooting which claimed the life of a Hells Angels' member. They are searching for up to seven men over yesterday's murder of 45-year-old Zeljko Mitrovic.What you see is what you get yesterday. It was a brazen execution in somebody's safe haven of their office.A close call for a paraglider who crashed into a canopy of tall trees 30 metres above the ground in the Gold Coast Hinterland. It took fire crews 90 minutes to rescue the 29-year-old after his mate raised the alarm. And Google wants to give Scrabble's scoring system a shake-up, claiming the game's become too easy. It says language has changed so much, many tiles are undervalued or overappreciated. Mattel says it has no plans to change the rules.They should change the rules tew low proper nouns. If you play Zeebox, you will win. A Z and an X.You're obsessed with it!I'm confused. Isn't it the same, you just score more points? If there's more Z words, you get more Z words. Am I overanalysing this?Because my answer was about to be, "No, they used an allegorithm" and no-one wants to hear that. An Australian baby was born into detention. Hismotor had been deemed a refugee but ASIO says she's a risk to society. For Sri Lankan refugee Ranjini, giving birth to her new baby should have been the start of her life. Having lost her husband in Sri Lanka, she fled with her two young sons to India and on a boat to Australia. The family were granted refugee status in 2011. She remarried. Her kids enrolled in school and they began to settle into their new life in Australia. But on Mother's Day last year, instead of celebrating, she was told she had failed her final security clearance.They were given hardly any time to say goodbye. This was supposed to be another happy time. New family, new life, new opportunity in Australia and it was taken from them very quickly. Since then, she's been in detention with her two sons.Once she is discharged from hospital, she will rejoin her two young sons and take her newborn baby back in to Villawood where she faces indefinite detention.There are more than 50 people who are stuck in detention limbo. The Government says they're legitimate refugees but ASIO says they're a risk. They have no idea why and no way of finding out. In a statement to The Project:

This year, the Government launched an independent review of cases like this. But ASIO doesn't have to follow the review's recommendation. Meanwhile, a mother is trying to raise her children in detention with no end in sight. David is a lawyer and is representing the Sri Lankan woman. You- a mother of three in indefinite detention. She doesn't know why. Is this really necessary to keep this country safe?Look, it's completely unnecessary and inhumane to be locking her up and her newborn baby and her two other young children in indefinite detention. As a matter of basic decency and humanity and commonsense, we're calling on the Government to use the powers it's got to exercise compassion and release her so she can be with her husband, the father of the newborn baby, and live in freedom in the community.We rely on ASIO to go through these cases, to gagtser assessment and decide whether -- gather assessment and decide whether anybody isats risk - is it reasonable?Absolutely reasonable. We node to make sure information is kept confidential. At the same time, it doesn't mean this process needs to be completely secret. We ned a process where under protected circumstances, as in other countries, we can make sure that people are given a fair go, a fair process so they know the case against them, they're told it and are able to have a fair opportunity to comment on any of this information to have it independently scrutinised. But at this stage, the real problem is we haven't got that sort of process and people don't know the case against them.Let's play devil's advocate and let's say someone is a legitimate risk to our society, what should we do about it?The first thing to say is if they're a refugee, we can't send them back to danger. There are other ways of managing this. In the UK and Canada, it's common and normal and usual to release people into the communities even if they're found to be a risk on appropriate conditions. Now, there's no reason why we can't do the same thing and, in fact, a parliamentary committee late last year found that, in fact, we do need to look at a broader range of options for people in these situations which don't always lead to people being locked up indefinitely. Instead, there shdz be a range of options, including releasing people into the community, on appropriate conditions.We look forward to an update. Thank you for joining us.Thank you for having me. In lighter news, guys, still to do with children, though - it's International Day of the Twin today. It was pretty cute for a lot of twins around the world, especially these two.No.

How cute is that? International Day of the Twin.I didn't know.I need an excuse to show that clip. Sorry. More to come. Don't go anywhere. Coming up - Hyla has all the latest from Hollywood, including Oprah's Lance Armstrong interview. And why stealing a train was always going US President Barack Obama will today announce the toughest - tomorrow, sorry, announce the toughest gun measures in decades. A ban on high-powered assault rifles. He may use executive powers to get the changes through. Oprah Winfrey has confirmed Lance Armstrong confessed to using performance- enhancing drugs. Winfrey says she was mesmerised by the disgraced cyclist during the marathon tell- all interview. So the interview is in the can and Oprah is working hard to publicise it. When asked directly about any admission Armstrong had made or may have made, Oprah remained very coy.I would say he did not come clean in the manner that I expected. It was surprising to me. I would say that for myself, my team, all of us in the room, we were mesmerised and riveted by some of his answers. Safe to say the politicians could learn a lot from Oprah about sounding like they're saying something but not actually saying anything at all?This is a big interview for her. She can't give too much away. She needs people to watch. This interview will be on her own network. And, yeah, she has -- her OWN Network. And yeah, she has been doing this for a long time. The interview is going to be split into two shows. Is it a safe bet all the good stuff will be in number two?Exactly. They'll hold it over till frie. She asked 100 12 questions -- Friday. She asked 112 questions. The interview lasted a couple of hours. Every week you guys ask me three questions and you're sick of me by the end of. It let's hope there's something more here.What's the reaction been like in America? Is there a small portion that still thinks Armstrong is a hero?It's more about Livestrong. His foundation that raised over half a billion dollars for cancer research. I think a lot of people are torn because had he not cheated, had he not won all those Tour de Frances and beat cancer herself, maybe he wouldn't have been able to raise that much money. Some people don't care because he made all that money. The reason he's doing this interview is because he doesn't want to hurt the Livestrong brand.This interview is receiving crazy amounts of attention around the world. Duerpb this could be bigger than -- do you think this could be bigger than Kone 2012?That came and went. I think this will be a hot story for a couple of weeks and then it will be gone.Do you reckon we might see Lance Armstrong naked running down the street on TMZ anytime soon?I hope not.Always a pleasure. We'll chat soon, mate.Thanks, guys.More interested in seeing Kone on steroids, actually. It was a big interview for Oprah Winfrey. She did it from her home in Hawaii. She was so upright about security, she went teex treme measures.I had -- went to extreme measures. I had nobody in the house, even the people who do the lawn, I removed all those people.Can't trust Jim's Mowing.Time to see what else is making news around the globe.At least 83 people have been killed and many more have been injured after a series of explosions at a university campus in Syria. It's not clear whether government jets carried out an air strike or rebels fired ground-to-air missiles. Each side blamed the other for the attack. Pakistan's top court has ordered the arrest of the country's PM as it investigates allegations of corruption in the tender process for private power stations. The move could provide new ammunition for a firebrand cleric who has rallied thousands in protest for a second day. 21 children who survived the Sandy Hook School massacre last month are using music to move on from the tragedy. They've recorded a version of 'Over the Rainbow' to raise money for two local youth charities. SONG: # Somewhere over the rainbow... #And Swedish officials aren't shower why a cleaning lady stole an empty commuter train and drove it into a stockhome apartment block. She was seriously injured when the train derailed but no-one else was hurt during the incident.Just too much. Too much to talk about. Who steals a train? Where are you going to take it? You have limited choices?I've always wanted to drive a train. It would be tempting. It was her job to be cleaning it. "Let's just turn that and go for a ride."Have you ever met anyone at a pub going, "Want to buy a train?" You won't chop it down for parts. No-one wants it.Just a joy ride, Charlie.I can see that. Feel sorry for the people in the apartment. "Live near the station. It's close to transport." Time for a break.

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(APPLAUSE) SONG: # Don't hold back

# Is there anybody out there # Feeling something? #

This is The Project. Liam Jurrah has been charged with drink driving after allegedly blowing more than five times the legal limit. He was stopped by police on Monday night in Adelaide. He's due to face trial in the norts in March for his alleged role -- Northern Territory in maech for his alleged role in a violent clash in Alice Springs last year. Orlando is the cat's miaoo. The ginger moggy made $557 more than the professionals during a newspaper's investment challenge. Sales in ginger moggys are gone through the roof because the stockbrokers would buy them. Whatever.Moving on to something else. Imagine having to make the heart-wrenching decision for your child to undergo brain surgery not once, but twice in the space of 12 months. That's what one couple had to do in the hope it would cure their daughter of a life- threatening illness.What she has already been through could have killed her a dozen times over. She just has enormous resilience and enormous inner strength.A rare condition has been waging war on 7- year-old Viena's buddy since the day she was born. It's caused by a growth of abnormal tissue in her brain.She has a lesion in the base of her brain. It's between her respiratory and heart rate sensors and it's wrapped around her brain stem.Viena is believed to be one of only 12 cases in the world. The condition causes her to have seizures every five minutes.Her left eye squints frantically and the right eye rolls up and in and her face grimaces, her head deviates. She hyperventilates.They only last for around 30 to 40 seconds. She can have hundreds in a day.Most seizures are to do with epilepsy. And often they're really well controlled with medication. But that hasn't been the case for Viena.Doctors warned she may never walk or talk. But she's defied those predictions and thrived. That was until two years ago when her health took a turn.We discovered her blood oxygen was just plummeting between every seizure. Her quality of life would have continued to diminish and there were risks of permanent brain damage and death.The only option was risky brain surgery which she underwent early last year. Doctors successfully removed half of the lesion and stopped the sudden drops in oxygen, but badly Viena seizures returned and she has a heart condition now.They had lessened in intensity and frequency as well. We started to notice an erratic heart beat that was going crazy.So once again, Vienna's parents made the difficult decision to let doctors operate to remove the rest of the lesion.We hoped that if we were able to get the remainder of the lesion, then the heart rate problems would stop.Despite Vienna's bravery, the results aren't -- Viena's brifbry, the results -- bravery, the results aren't so promising.We noticed her har rate continued to be erratic and we have noticed several oxygen desaturations.The ongoing battle to keep Viena alive has pushed her parents both to the brink emotionally and financially. The efl employed couple have had to put their catering business -- self- employed couple have had to put their catering business on hold. Our friends have been helping us. They've held a fundraiser.It's very, very hard for a family where one child needs a lot of medical attention and I think they've done an unbelievable job all round. Their extended family and their school community. I think they're astonishing.At the start of a new year, they are determined to rebuild their business. Frpbl it's a massive hit to your --It's a massive hit to your pride to rely on other people. You feel you should support the family.He auditioned for 'MasterChef'.Viena inspired me to go on 'MasterChef'. It was one of the only things she would watch on TV.While he battles it out on our screens, behind the scenes he and wife Beth are keeping up their fight for answers to Viena's medical problems.We know drugs don't work on her. It hasn't seemed to roll our way so far. But we hope it could still improve over time. That's possible.For more information on Vienna's progress, head to our website for the de-- Viena's progress, head to our website for the details. The delightful Rose Byrne joins us tomorrow. And we look back at the day our country's capital burned. For weeks and weeks there was ash in our suburb. And ruins all around. Yeah. A terrible day.That, plus all the news, but not as you know it, 6:30 tomorrow night The clock is ticking. The Holden 4 Day Sale Event
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before time runs out.

You're watching The Project. I said it.Thank you. We got some feedback here. Talking about the iPotty.

Nice.Spot on.Now, I know I've harped on a bit about Oprah today but it's the biggest story of the week. Lance and Oprah, the interview. She spoke to CBS about it today and was pretty coy about what had actually happened when they got together. We edited up some highlights and we allowed you to make up your own mind.He knew I had a place in Hawaii and maybe we could get together for lunch. He certainly had prepared himself for this moment. At the end of it, literally 2.5 hours, we both were pretty exhausted. Emotional doesn't begin to describe the intensity. The word I keep using is 'satisfied'.There was a lot of talk you would not go deep and go hard.We took a break 20 minutes in. Did you have a strategy going in?I went in prepared to have to dig and pull and stay there for-hour hours. He was ready. I carried them in with my dog leashes. In 1993, I did Michael Jackson live around the world. I was satisfied.She was satisfied. She took a break after a long time. That's endurance.Can't wait to see the tape. Here is your top five. The Australian Christian Luby claims our new equal rights laws will preserve the right of religious institutions to discriminate. An Aussie research lab has made an HIV breakthrough. A lankening detainee deemed a security threat by -- Sri Lankan detainee deemed a security threat by ASIO has been detained. Oprah herself has refused to reveal how long Lance Armstrong cried for. And researchers say Scrabble has become too easy.Ia know what else is easy is winning seven Tour de France titles when you're a big doping liar. A big thanks to

And I'll fight today.

You're a beautiful bride.

No, no, no, no, no.
Ouzo...ouzo down.

We haven't earned that yet.

There's still a handful of people
here we haven't gotten through to.

What do you think - kick off
the next set with 'Mamma Mia'?

We go bigger.
We go fantasy draft, I think.

We each draft a guest.

Whoever's pick ends up being
the most valuable partier wins.

Stevie, come on,
you're on the clock.

What? Oh, cool. Cool. I'm going
to take big, fat Greek drinker.

(SIGHS) You want a mulligan?
I'll give you a mulligan.

What? Come on.

That belly full of jolly,
he's looking to hug people.

I'm going with weird aunt.

Ah, weird aunt.

Yes, when has weird aunt
ever worked out for you?


No. Dude, he was on my board, man.
I liked the shape of his head.

He's got the Greek
glass dance sewn up.

I'm going with her.

The Greek goddess?
Come on, that's no fair.

No, the one right next to her.

Bat wings?

Doing this one for the grandmothers.

I get those arms flapping, she wins.

(SINGS) # Poppin' bottles in the ice

# Like a blizzard

# When we drink, we do it right

# Gettin' slizzard sippin' sizzurp
in my ride

# In my ride

# Like Three 6

# Now I'm feelin' so fly, like a G6

# Like a G6, like a G6

# N-n-n-now I'm feelin' so fly,
like a G6

# Gimme that Mo-moet... #

# Gimme that Cr-cristal... #
CROWD: Stal!

# Ladies love my style

# At my table getting wild

# Get them bottles poppin'

# We get that drip and that drop

# Now give me two more bottles... #
Weird aunt, no!

# 'Cause you know it don't stop

# Hell, yeah! #

Yeah! Oh, damn.

# These sober girls around me
They be acting like they drunk

# They be acting like they drunk
Acting, acting like they drunk

# When sober girls are around me

# They be acting
like they drunk... #




It's crazy, you're married.

I can't believe
my pot dealer's all grown up.

Shh. Keep it down.
No-one here knows. Hi.

WOMAN: Congratulations, Dimitrius.

Hey, you know, everyone's
got to grow up sometime, right?

I don't think you need
to quit the business.

What do you expect me to do?
Open up a chain of weed stores?

I would.

It's not like you don't have
the clientele.

Good point.

But in the meantime,
a little thanks for your patronage.

A gift.
Is this pot baklava?

Oh, you're the Bobby Flay of bud.

Unbelievable. Thank you.

ALL: Yiamas. Yiamas!

I gotta say, I'm becoming a fan
of these Sunday night weddings.

What a nice way to end a weekend.

It's a great way
to kick off the work week.

That's right. Get yourself all
pumped for Crate & Crockery Kids.

This coming from a guy
who's never even been to my office.

Really, not even once?

I'm not sure
he even knows what I do.

Yes, I do. You're Frieda's boss.

Who's Frieda?
My secretary.

Let me guess, another movie quote.

Dude, that's from 'Fletch'.
Never seen it.

That's wrong on so many levels.

If you want to fit in
with this band,

you've got to brush up
on your movie quotes.

I got it.

The bride is eating
the wedding cake.

I don't see what the problem is.

We haven't had
the cake cutting ceremony yet.

Ah. Boy, that is a problem.

If I didn't know any better,
I would say that everybody's high.


But you wouldn't know anything
about that, would you?

I'll fix it.



OK, um...

..somehow, my pot baklava
ended up on the dessert table.

Tommy, are you kidding me?
It was a gift, OK?

Please don't tell.

Tommy, my company's
mandatory drug test is tomorrow.

The test will be fine.
You'll pass your test.

We just need clean urine,
that's all.

Where are you going to get
clean urine from?

Everybody here is either drunk
or riding a baklava high.

You're not. You are not drunk.

I'm not in this.

Do you want this man
to lose his job?


There you go.

Don't judge me.
I had the asparagus soup.

When we met last night,
I forgot to ask you.

How do you know Sophie?

Dimitrius's wife.

I should probably tell you,
I don't know the bride or the groom.

And I'm 17.

Next month.

Wait a minute.

Oh, my God!

You should have seen your face.

Now I don't need coffee.