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This program is captioned live. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News Now with Wendy Kingston.Hello, and welcome to Nine News now. Today - Australian job losses is the big story, with hundreds of people now out of work. Building giant Boral is slashing its workforce and Vodafone is shutting down Crazy John's. We are also going to tell you about the new twist in the Lance Armstrong doping saga. You won't believe what he's agreed to now. There's also a big breakthrough in breast cancer prevention. We'll bring you those details this afternoon. And how pop star Beyonce is coping with being a new mum. First of all, though, let's begin with those big job cuts we're talking B it's been a tough start to the

to the -- about. It's bb been a tough start to the new year. Boral will slash 700 positions in an attempt to save $90 million a year. The building and construction materials company says the cuts will be made from all levels of the business and will be completed by March. Meantime, Vodafone is shutting down their Crazy John's brand, putting up to 300 jobs at risk. The telco plans to close the chain of phone stores next month. I'm joined now by Trade Minister Craig Emerson. Thanks for your time this afternoon.That's fineNow, first up, the Coalition is saying that the job losses at Boral are your Government's fault. Will you take any of the blame for this one? It's not really a time for finger- pointing and political point- scoring. It's a time to support the workers and their families. That's what we're doing. We're working with the company to ensure that all their entitlements are paid, and that seems to be in hand. And, of course, we'll work with those who are displaced to make sure that they have every opportunity to move into another job.Do you think we should be preparing for more widespread job losses this year? Is this just the start of a trend?I'm actually fairly optimistic about the outlook for the economy. Unemployment still at pretty low levels, just over 5%. There are parts of the economy that are doing very well, but construction, in particular, is struggling. We've got the weight of the very high Australian dollar, which is kind of a backhanded compliment to Australia, because we've got foreign investors wanting to invest here in Australia and create jobs. But that forces up the price of the Australian dollar and that affects the competitiveness of companies such as Boral. So with economics, it's always the case that good news is matched by bad news. But overall I think, notwithstanding these job losses, there are real strengths coming through in the Australian economy for the year ahead.We would like some more of that good news. Trade Minister Craig Emerson, thanks very much for joining us this afternoon.Alright. Thanks, Wendy.Cycling drug cheat Lance Armstrong could soon become a whistleblower in an amendment to overturn a humiliating lifetime ban from his beloved sport. It's believed Armstrong is poised to testify against high-powered cycling officials after his tell- all interview with Oprah Winfrey. Nine's Denham Hitchcock is following developments for us. Well, what an astonishing turnaround this is. This is the guy who fiercely denounced and destroyed people's reputations, now

destroyed people's reputations, now
possibly testifying against them. This is probably got everything to do with the lifetime ban that he's currently serving at the moment. He could have that reduced to as little as eight years if he testifies and names names. That means he would be competing when he's 49 or 50 years old. Those who know him say it's less about his conscience and more about him as an athlete, saying he just needs to get out there and compete. As for the interview itself with Oprah, well, she says he was forthcoming, that she was satisfied with his answers, although the confession was not in the manner to which she expected. But you can rest assured the promo machine is out there and running.We agreed that there would be no conditions on this interview and that this would be an open field. So, here we go. ANNOUNCER: Oprah, Lance Armstrong - no holds barred. Oprah and Lance Armstrong, a worldwide exclusive.The headline remains the same. It's confirmed he took drugs to win the Tour de France over those seven years. There's some suggestion that the interview will have some more details and facts, especially about the drug EPO, which is the one that boosts the red blood cell, and also testosterone and blood transfusions as well. She had about 112 questions to ask him. The interview went for 2.5 hours. It will be screened over two nights. That's how long it went and how much of it there is. Australians will get a chance to see it. The first time they will get a chance is Friday lunchtime. It will be streamed over the web. So, Friday lunchtime, keep an eye out for that. Oprah is out there touting her interview as well He did not come clean in the manner that I expected. It was surprising to me. I would say that, uh, for myself, my team, all of us in the room, we were mesmerised and riveted by some of his answers. They are calling this the biggest deception in sporting history. And it really opens the door to a lot more questions as well now. Because it's not just about the doping, but plenty of people have come forward in the past and said he's paid them off, paid different teams off to win races. $50,000 here, $10,000 here, $100,000 in other places. So all these questions are yet to follow as well also, the wider program for the American team who ran it, who was at the head of it, and who was taking these drugs over all these years. So there's also a lot of anger from those who have been denounced and torn apart from him in the past. They include Franky and Bettsy, who were some of the first to come out and speak against him. They are out and about today, feeling some vindication of sorts.We have been attacked and ripped apart by Lance and awful his people and supporters, repeatedly, for a long time. And I just wish they wouldn't have been so blind and opened up their eyes earlier to all the signs that indicated there was deception there, so we wouldn't have had to suffer as much. He's ruined a lot of people's lives.I'm sure they will be considering their legal options today. Looks like there is quite a long line of people to have a go at Lance. It could end up costing him tens of millions of dollars. This story - plenty of legs in it yet. A 16-year-old boy has faced court accused of spearing a Sydney teenager in the head with a metal rod at a birthday party. Tom, good afternoon to you. What happened this morning?Look, Wendy, this 16- year-old boy in question, we can't name him for legal reasons, but he handed himself in to police here in Sydney last night. He faced court this morning, applying for bail. He was in tears when he fronted the magistrate and his family was as well. In the end, bail was refused. For two main reasons, in the end. Firstly, the gravity of the charges. He faces a number of charges, the most serious of those is recklessly causing grafrplt now, that is two the 17-year-old -- grievous bodily harm. Now, that is to the 17-year- old Liam Knight, who is now in hospital in a critical condition, on life support. He was impaled in the head with a metal rod. The court heard police will allege that the 16-year-old was standing on the roof of this house that he gate crashed on the weekend, and threw that like a javelin into the victim's head. Now, the gatecrashing happened at an 18th birthday party. At the time, this young 16-year-old was breaching his bail by being there in the first place. It turns out he was actually on bail at the time. The court was told he had breached all the conditions of his bail as well. So those

those two factors taken into account meant he is now behind bars. His lawyer, outside court, did have a bit to say, suggesting there were so many gatecrashers at this event, the 18th birthday party, that it might be hard to put the blame exactly on his client.I said was, and it's on record, the statement of facts is painfully deficient in relation to the fashion in which the prosecution contends he is identified as the perpetrator of these offences.Has he been wrongly put up by someone else?That, I don't know. Because the prosecution don't suggest how it has been put up.Tom, what's the latest on his alleged victim, Liam Knight inIt's now five days since all of this happened. Unfortunately, he is still listed as being in a critical condition at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital. He's in an induced coma. There was a suggestion perhaps today they might try and bring him out of that induced comb yafplt, doctors believe it may -- coma. Doctors believe it may be too risky to do so. A lot of prayers and bedside vigils going on there at the moment. His condition is unchanged. Hopefully, that might change in the next day or so. Alright, Tom, more details throughout the afpblt thank you for that. Let's get the very latest now on the bushfires around NSW. 40 homes have now been lost in Coonabarabran and deteriorating weather conditions are forecast as well. NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons joins us now. Commissioner, thank you very much for your time. What's the situation at the moment?Yes, good afternoon, Wendy. We are down to 82 fires now that we're dealing with across NSW. But 15 of those remain uncontained. The largest of those fires, of course, is the fire up at Coonabarabran, where we've seen the loss of so many homes, and other assets. We are talking about 40 confirmed homes lost at this stage. But as we continue with that detailed field assessment, we do expect that number to change later today or again tomorrow. So, a lot of really difficult work ahead for firefighters and communities affected by these fires. And certainly, as we look ahead to Friday, particularly, we're expecting

expecting to see large parts of NSW experiencing some severe to extreme fire danger ratings again.Yeah, just what we don't need to see. How is the community bracing for that change in the weather?Look, I have seen the community up there at Coonabarabran, for example, yesterday, when I visited with the Acting Premier, and they are a strong, resilient community. They are a community that's hurting and they are very emotionally drained, naturally so. They have lost a lot, personally, or they have family or loved ones or friends that have lost as well. But the galvanising of unity of purpose, of coming together to look after each other has certainly been on show there in the last couple of days, and I'm sure that will deny with the rebuilding as we go forward. Absolutely. Alright, Commissioner, thank you very much for joining us this afternoon.You're welcome. Well, there could be a peaceful end in sight to the at times violent racial feud which has torn apart Logan, south of Brisbane. One of the families is moving out today, as Michael Best reports. Well, today, after days of violence and tension on the streets of Woodridge, there seems to be a peaceful resolution. One of the families involved in the initial dispute that started all the tension here, the Briggs family, is today moving out of their home and moving down the Gold Coast. They say they had had that planned for a while, but they have brought it forward. Last night, representatives from both sides, two families - Tongan and Indigenous - met and worked out their differences. That has passed on to the entire community and both sides now say that things have settled down. Things are quiet. They are calling on the rest of their people to keep that peace. Here's what both sides had to say today.On behalf of the Pacific Islanders, Tongans, Fijiians, whoever is involved, we want to apologise to the Indigenous for what happened. We need to work as one.Us Aboriginal people, my Torres Strait Islander people, and my Pacific brothers, Tongan and Island people, we need to come together in unity.The Briggs family say they have mixed emotions about leaving the area. They are happy to be moving on to start a new life, but quite sad, in some sense, to be leaving behind the friends and other family members that they have spent the last six years here in Woodridge with. Now, as for the wider police response, officers say the lockdown they have had on the street here for the past few days will end today, but there will still

will still be patrols. They are working with the wider community, meeting with elders and meeting with the local teenagers, to try and calm the tensions that have been simmering over here for the past few days. While-in-this initial dispute seems to have calmed down, there is still a fear there could be wider-spread violence in the future. But everyone says they want that top end and they are trying to work towards that now. 130 years on, the crimes, the adventures and grisly end of bushranger Ned Kelly are ricocheting around Australia goirnings like his gunshots all those -- again, like his gunshots all those years ago. His remains will be buried this Weekend Today, in country Victoria. The family- only burial will head a public memorial service on Friday. Mist rit still surrounds the location of his skull, which was stolen from a museum display case in the '70s. Now to a crime writer

Now to a crime writer who's incredibly, supersuccessful and is wrapped up in a bitter lawsuit. Patricia Cornwall claims her former financial gurus have been ripping

financial gurus have been ripping
her off. They say her laveyirf lifestyle is what's cutting into her cash. This morning, Patricia Cornwall is knee-deep in her own real-life mystery. In a Boston courtroom this week, Cornwall is suing her wealth management firm, saying it owes tens of millions in earnings from her wildly popular novels. Her books, based on a fictional investigator, have made the author rich and are now being adapt adapted into a film starring Angelina Jolie. Cornwall is known for her lavish spending habits, including this helicopter.If you don't want to fly it, you want to sink it.And she talked to Robin Roberts about one of her favourite cars.I have just donated by precious Ferrari.Now Cornwall says the firm burnt through her cash and she's asking for $100 million in damages for negligence and breach of contract.We're seeing more and more of these types of cases, where business managers are accused of mismanaging a large sum of money for celebrities.Meantime, the company is firing back, saying Cornwall blew her own bank account, and called her a reckless spender. It claimed Cornwall had

It claimed Cornwall had a $40-a- month lease in New York City. And spending millions on a private jet service, and $11 million on properties in Massachusetts.The jury may view this as just a rich person's headache that they really can't understand.In court document, Cornwall says she struggles with bipolar disorder and needs help managing her business affairs, but was taken advantage of. Something the company denies, saying, "The business relationship, Miss Cornwall is fully in charge of it. She knew what was being done. She directed it." Let's take a look at what has you talking on Facebook. A new study out of the US says nearly a third of teenaged girls have met people in person after becoming online friends first. Now, today we're asking - how can we protect our kids from these online predators? Head to our Facebook page and join the conversation. Or, of course, you can use #9NewsNOW on Twitter. Tell us what you think. Still ahead on Nine News Now - why Bill Clinton says his wife will have another husband, or two, or possibly even three. Bizarre! Also ahead - will Facebook become the new Google, do you think? How a big announcement today is changing our online world. And straight from Hollywood to your wardrobe - how you can achieve a red carpet look right at home.

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Welcome back. Well, Facebook has today declared war on Google by launching is own search engine. So, will -- its own search engine. Will this change our online lives? We take an inside look. Today, Facebook is getting even more personal, with a search engine tailor-made for you.So, this is just some really neat stuff. This is one of the coolest things we have done in a while.Whereas Google searches everything on the public web, Facebook has quietly built up a huge database. People voluntarily sharing their likes and dislikes. A billion people sharing 240 billion photos with a trillion connections between people. Data you could browse before one page at a time, now you can search it by four main categories. People, photos, places and interests. Instead of searching the web for a movie, you can instantly survey your friends about whether they liked a movie. And it's not just your friends you can search.Let's say I'm looking for a newspaper restaurant.Kate O'Neil showed us how a Facebook search is different from a traditional web search.What I really care about is restaurants in Los Angeles that people from Los Angeles go to.I can say, firsthand, that's a good spofpltThat's great to hear.Company officials insist the new search tool will respect people's privacy, accessing only information people want to share publicly. One thing's for sure - it will mean new ways for millions to waste time. Bill Clinton has made a big prediction about his wife's future, but it's not what you would expect. This special report is from ABC America's Dianne Sawyer. On the right former President Bill Clinton who, talks about his wife's health after a hospitalisation, saying, "Don't be fooled. She's so healthy she will outlive me." And... Tell her she's still got time to have three more husbands after me! I think she will live to be 120. And I always know that she's thinking about that, whenever I am stubborn about something in our constant quest in my self- improvement. (LAUGHTER) She refers to me as her first husband. (LAUGHS)He said Hilary's recent health scare was only the second time she had ever spent a night in the hospital. The first was when she gave birth to Chelsea. US President Barack Obama is a very buzzy man, indeed, but no doubt paid very bell -- busy man, indeed, but no doubt paid very well. His doppelganger, Larry Graves, is also rake negligent dough as an Obama impersonator. Graves has been flat out attending parties pretending to be the Commander-in-Chief and getting paid a thousand dollars each time.Between the campaign season and the inauguration, it was prime time. It was prime time. And, um, Barack Obama is, uh, a respectable guy, so people want to have him, you know, at their parties.Too funny! Larry says he's never met his human source of income but he's keen to challenge him to a game of basketball. Well, now that we're in the Hollywood awards season, we're once again seeing the latest red carpet trends worn perfectly by our top actresses. But can real women pull off those plunging necklines and complicated up-dos? The red carpet sizzled at the Golden Globes as our favourite stars dazzled us with colour, couture and cleavage. Fashion- forward stars like Clairee Danes, and others took the plunge. The V- nick plunge, that is.The plunging V neckline was so hot at the Golden Globes, because it really is a differently way of bearing skin. It's did you tell down to your naval, and it's sexy with subtlety. Other ladies went a different route, offering for

offering for a va-vroom cut out to the leg.That's a big Trent trend. I feel like the slits are getting higher this season.As for hair, the latest up-do involves a lot of twists.Lucy Liu had a great side braid.A fish tail braid, we're gonna be seeing a lot more of it. We saw it on the runways last year and I think it's gonna continue throughout 2013.Sure, celebrities pull these looks off flawlessly. But what about those of us who aren't Hollywood starlets? We volunteered Samantha, a 32-year-old working mom, so that our friends at 'Lucky' magazine can show how real women can pull off these daring red carpet looks.OK, so why is this not a good option?So, for Sam, this is showing a little bit too much skin. You can see the deep V neckline. You can see it's sleeveless. Also, she doesn't have tights on. Then it goes always back balancing. Because Samantha here has a V plunging neckline, we wanted to make sure that the rest of her was nice and covered up.For women of a certain age, if you want to show a little skin, don't be afraid to go plunging, just do it in a different place. Now, why does this work for a normal woman?So you can get all the sexy effects of the plunging V-neck, but then you get sort of the safety net, if you will, of that illusion panel, which keeps everything in place. And it gives you that extra barrier. Because it's plunging down to here and cut up to here, it might be a little too much skin.She's got the plunging V-neck, but also she has this slit in the leg here.Which is very trendy.But you don't want to do them together.The most important rule of thumb? If you're gonna feel self-conscious all night, it's not the right outfit. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has provided a glowing endorsement for medical research in Australia, becoming an international patron of the Australian Twin Registry. Announced in a joint ceremony in Denmark overnight, it's hoped the royal nod will raise awareness of the unique c twins make in research, -- contribution twins make in research. She's the proud mum of twins. Based in Melbourne, the registry is the largest and the longest-running volunteer twin registry in the world. Coming up on Nine News Now - it's time for showbiz. We get a rare look into the private life of new mum and superstar Beyonce. Also ahead - what really happened to actress Natalie Wood on that boat before she drowned. And - we're one-on-one with Elle Macpherson on life, love and family.

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Welcome back. It's now time for some showbiz news. And we'll kick it off with Beyonce. The pop star has given the world a kilos-up look into her private life, including -- a close-up look into her private life, including how she's coping as a new mum. She is the superstar who likes to keep her private life private.I always with how much day reveal about myself?But in her directorial debut in an HBO documentary, airing next month, Beyonce reveals a whole new side. The 16-time Grammy winner who sings about independent women... (MUSIC PLAYS) also vulnerable. People see celebrities and they have money and fame. But I'm a human being. I cry. I get scared. I get nervous. Just like everyone else.She is uncensored, revealing a sonogram of the yet-unborn baby, Blue Ivy.Really... Crazy.And the pains it took to keep her pregnancy a secret.I a secret.I keep putting these tight clothes and trying to hide it. Very difficult. I don't know how I'm gonna get through this.NessA Beyonce we're not used to seeing. She's a private celebrity. She's one of the biggest stars in the world. Again, she's choosing to show parts of herself on her terms. (SINGS)

Beyonce will be singing the national anthem at next week's Presidential Inauguration. She's headlining the Super Bowl in what could be a reunion with Destiny's Child. She's got a $50 million endorsement deal to be the face of Pepsi, not to mention new report that is she may

that is she may also be the new face of HH&M. Words that Beyonce definitely lives by. Well, it was one of Hollywood's most mysterious deaths - the drowning of actress Natalie Wood back in 1981. And now new information has once again ignited more theories about exactly what happened on that boat. Imagine being afraid of you! Natalie Wood's death certificate has been amended

has been amended and reveals new details about the actress's death 30 years ago. The Los Angeles County Coroner said she had bruises on her arms and wrists when she drowned, but was unable to conclude whether a person caused those injuries. Detectives reopened the case last year and it remains open. We've talked to some people and we've followed some leads.Wood had been on a beet with her husband, Robert Wagner, and fellow actor Christopher Walkin, when she drowned. Wagner is not considered a suspect. It's hard to believe Elle Macpherson is in her 50th year. Affectionately known as 'The Body', life has not slowed down for the former model. She caught up with Nine's Richard Wilkins to talk about her secrets of balancing a family life with a successful career. Have a look. You were an iconic Aussie before a lot of these people.Hopefully I'm still an iconic Aussie!Yeah, but you became one. You have been an iconic Aussie for 25 years.Are you saying I'm old?No. I'm saying you're fabulous and you have been for a long time. What was harder, do you reckon - getting there or staying there?You know, when you grow up with good family morals and grounding and you apply that to self-discipline and some luck, the recipe is longevity. I really thank my parents, I thank being Australian, because I believe it gave me the kind of background and the kind of moral fibre.So what's the most important thing in your life and career at the moment?Well, the main thing in my life are my sons. I have a 15-year-old and a 10-year-old. My 15-year-old is extraordinary. You know, he's in his final - second year of high school, I guess, in Australia. Second year of high school. And then I have my 10-year-old, who is a born entertainer and charming and beautiful. And really making sure they get the education that they deserve and having a present, loving mother is my number one priority. And then I build my business around it.I sometimes give myself guilt trips for bringing up kids with two homes - Mum's home and Dad's home.I think it's fantastic.Well, they get the best of both worlds.They do. Absolutely. Their dad is a charismatic, interest, dynamic man. And I am Aussie and heartfelt and true and authentic. And I think between the two of us, we really manage to, um, give the best of ourselves to our children. And we're not compromising who we are to make the other person happy. So the boys get the best of both worlds. Not only the best of both worlds, living in two lives, but the best of us as parents.How is it for the boys, do you reckon, having you for a mum? And Dad's pretty successful as well?Yeah, they are very grounded boys. Despite what people would think, because I have, particularly, a very sort of, um, much more simple lifestyle than people would imagine. But my son is really - really, they are very supportive. Even today I got a text from him. I texted him at school, said, "How is school going?" He said, "Great, I am campaigning for people to follow you on Twitter. How many do you want? Didn't you say you wanted a million by 2013? I am campaigning to have people follow you on Twitter." My heartacheed. I just thought, "You're so beautiful." Let's take a look at the weather across the country for you:

Coming up next - the Prime Minister's plan to stop online bullying in our schools. We'll have details on that. Also ahead - big health news out today - a breakthrough in breast cancer prevention. And -

And - a new, radical idea to stop parents spoiling kids with too many toys. That's next.

This program is not captioned. Cyber bullying is becoming a huge issue in our schools, and today the Prime Minister launched an online campaign she says will help our kids. Nine's Natalia Cooper has more. Cyber bullying is a huge issue at the moment and the Prime Minister this morning launched a new program at this school here in the north- west of Sydney, to help tackle the problem.

problem. The program will be rolled out at 5,000 schools across the country. It's targeted about 600,000 middle primary school students before they hit the teenage years. They are interactive sessions that will teach children about how to deal with cyber bullies, about the dangers they face on the internet, how to behave and stay safe while they are online. Here's what some of Prime Minister Julia Gillard had to say today.It is gonna be taken out to 600,000 children in 3,500 schools. I think that's truly remarkable and I want to congratulate everybody who will be involved in that process. It's very important that our children in this modern world understand all of the opportunities but also the risks that can come with the new environment in which we live.The Prime Minister also announced that social media sites, like Facebook, have signed up to a new set of government guidelines. And she's urging Twitter to do the same. To health news now - and we begin with an exciting breakthrough in the prevention of breast cancer. Women who are at risk could be offered powerful drugs to cut their chances of getting it. Emma Parlons had both her breasts removed, even though she didn't have the faintest trace of cancer. A gene passed down through her family had put her at high risk of the disease and she felt she had no other option.Before I had the operation, I felt like I had a life bomb strapped to me. Yes, tws a huge relief.She --Yes, it was a huge relief.She hopes her daughter could be spared surgery following a new recommendation that women are offered drugs to prevent cancer.I would love to think she wouldn't have to have surgery, and that there was a drug that k's reduce her risk in the same way without side effects.The health watchdog recommends in new draft guidelines that women carrying an inherited breast cancer gene are offered treatment with drugs. Around one in 450 women has inherited one of the two breast cancer genes. They have a 45% to 65% chance of developing breast cancer by the age of 70. But studies show that five years of drug treatment can reduce the risk by 50%.It's an historic breakthrough in the prevention of breast cancer. This is the first time that, um, these types of drugs have been recommended for reducing the risk of breast cancer occurring for those women who do have a family history of breast cancer. And they are at increased risk, and this gives them more options. Sharon Osbourne also had an operation after being told she carried a breast cancer gene. Drug treatment gives women in the future a less radical option. Eating fresh strawberries and blueberries could be the key to helping women reduce the risk of heart attacks. That's according to newspaper research. Have a look. -- to new research. Have a look. Women who like berries may be giving themselves a leg up in heart health. A study in the journal of the American Heart Association looked at almost 95,000 women, aged 25 to 42, for 18 years. Those who ate at least three servings of blueberries and strawberries per week have a 32% lower risk of heart attack compared to women who ate the berries once a month or less often. Blueberries and strawberries are rich in compounds called dietary flavinoids. They can help keep arteries open. Obviously, the berries are easy to add to the menu. And, say the author, eating more of them even at an early age may reduce a woman's risk of heart attack later in life. A principal in the United States has tried just a little too hard to be cool on his first day of school. Parents are outraged after he played a violent 'Terminator' parody, in which he pretends to be a ruthless killer. He calls

He calls himself the Nominator.Was he sent to save us or destroy us? Eric, a principal at a high school in Massachusetts, imagining himself as the futuristic killing machine from the 1981 sci-fi movie, 'Terminator 2'. This is the video he played for his students during morning announcements last Monday. Burning classrooms.Where are all the students?They have been nominated.A student posted the video to YouTube. When parents saw it, some were shocked to see such ominous images, especially so close after the Newtown shooting.If it was a child? What would happen? Suspended.No decision was announced by a committee.It's definitely inappropriate, especially with the question of security in scooms around the country.--In schools around the country.The public schools would never be the same.Despite the frightening images, opinions among students are mixed.No, this wasn't the right thing to show.I think it's just a joke.But this morning, this wannabe Terminator might be terminated or disciplined.We are all doomed. Coming up - it's time for our Chat Room. Today we're tackling the issue of online predators, with a new study showing nearly a third of teenage girls meet people after becoming online friends. It's frightening. Also - which cities are Australia's most family friendly? The official results are out, and they may surprise you. That's next.

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Welcome back. It's time now to head into the Chat Room. Today we've got presenter Jo Hall for us in Melbourne, and joining us from Brisbane is commentator Emily-Jade. Thanks, ladies, for your time thatch. First up, a concerning story today involve -- this afternoon. First up, a concerning story today involving the internet. A study shows nearly a third of teenage girls have met people after becoming online friends first. It actually gets worse, because one in 10 of those teenagers experienced some form of exploitation during that meeting. Emily, how do we keep our teenagers safe, do you think? Well, what was interesting with that report was that they found that, of those girls that had been taken advantage of, there was a high rate of their photos being particularly raunchy. So I think the first thing parents need to do is to join their teenagers' social media and networks. If they don't accept them at friends, then that's probably a warning sign. Just make sure the photos they are posting of themselves aren't inappropriate. It is hard at that age to know who they are and what their identity is, and they want to please everyone and impress everyone. But we've gotta remember that there are predators out there. And if a photo does look a little bit too revealing, then they will be targeted. And I think that's the first thing that parents need to educate, especially their daughters, of the appropriate photos.Are you surprised teenagers don't know better when it comes to the internet?Wendy, I think the statistics are staggering and disturbing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, social media sites, they should be of real concern to parents. It would be interesting to know how many of those that make up the third that do arrange to meet strangers, tell their parents, or parents are aware of what they are doing. I have 13-year-old twins, a boy and a girl. I monitor them pretty closely. I encourage them to talk about what they are doing, sharing sharing with others. If someone says something unsavoury, they tend to tell me and we discuss it. The problem is predators can disguise themselves on the internet, sow need to be vigilant. A colleague told me this morning that she currently has staying with her a youth who her teenage daughter met online. He was a total stranger when he arrived. Mmm. This study suggests that that's not so uncommon these days.As a mum, you're probably one of the lucky ones, I guess, because you do wonder how many teenagers-out there are actually telling

are actually telling their parents what they are doing online and that sort of thing. So I would consider yourself lucky? I think it's good to encourage chat. Yeah, cross fingers they want to tell you about it. The question today is - how can we protect kids from online predators? Well, we'll look at some of your comments. First up, Leslie has written to us, "Education is the most important thing. Raise awareness with the online dangers." Let's look at this one - "I met one man in person after becoming online friends and actually married him." Well, there's a different take on it. Thanks, Cookie, congratulations. Good luck to you. Something a bit different. And this one from Matthew Thomas, "If they can't talk to strangers, then how are they to make friends?" There you go. Two very different ways of looking at that study. Next up - the battle to be crowned the greatest city in the world, or certainly Australia. A national study looked at 30 cities and Launceston in Tassie, good old Tassie, topped the list that. Was followed by Canberra, then Toowoomba, in Queensland. Poor Sydney came in 23rd. Jo, Melbourne was not at the top of the list either?Well, at the risk of reigniting the old Sydney-Melbourne thing, we did come in 14th. I think we all love the cities we live in. I'm sure Launceston is an extremely family-friendly place with its uncrowded schools, affordable housing, low crime rate, apparently, and good child care. I have only been there once. I love sneerks with its spectacular harbour. But Melbourne was named the world's most liveable city last year. I am biased, but I think it's a great city to raise a family, with everything you could want. While it's well-resourced, though, dare I say Melbourne does have its problems, as one responder to the survey pointed out. We have a public transport system that breaks on hot and wet days, constant, senseless violence in the city, and freeways have become rush-hour car parks. It's still home to me. Launceston and other smaller communities would probably be easier, but I would miss the excitement of the big cities.Emily, according to this, you might have to live west, in Toowoomba?I have lived in Toowoomba.Toowoomba's beautiful.Yes. I am with you there, Wendy. In fact, I have lived in two of the two three place, in Launceston and in Toowoomba. So, obviously, I have impeccable taste in where I want to live. But I think what was interesting with this particular study is the majority of the cities that were in the top 10 were around the same population size. And that is around the 100,000 mark. So almost barely a city, a big, old country town, you could call it.Yeah, a big community feeling. Yeah.It is a big community. But there is something about living in a big, old country council. And that is everybody knows everybody. You have to be friendly to everyone. Up cannot get away with being nasty, because your mum will get upset with you, because the neighbour will tell you. I think that's the fact why the reason those place have been dubbed the friendliest. There were no secrets at all in Toowoomba! I am

Toowoomba! I am quickly learning how absolutely expensive children R I am interested in this idea. Blogger Hattie Garlick sass said, "I am going to raise my 2-year-old son cost-free for an entire year." She says kids don't need the latest, greatest toys or the gadgets out there. Emily, you're a mum. Is this doable at all? Has she lost the plot?Look, we have just had Christmas and my daughter just turned one. First Christmas, she was a lump.Did you say lump?I did. She was a couple of weeks old. She just slept in the corner and didn't know what was going on. But this year I got very excited and we bought her lots of things. Her favourite toy is

favourite toy is a $10harmonica and some Play-Dough that I got for $8. Her expensive trike that my brother tried to put together over 10 hours, which was very expensive, she looks at and howls and cries and doesn't want to go near it. I think that's a good example that you don't need to spend a lot of money on your kids.Jo, what do you think? Do we spend too much on our children?I'm sure we're all guilty of it. I spoil mine a bit more than I should. I constantly remind them how lucky they are. The problem is, even if you're not showering them with gifts, everything costs money. School activities, sports, tennis, netball, you have to pay registration fees, buy uniforms and bats. They are constantly growing, so things need updating. Going to the movies, sporting events, everything. Which is probably why I call myself the ATM.So true, as I am learning. Alright, ladies, thanks so much for your time. Speak to you next time.Thanks, Wendy. Too funny! Still to come on Nine News Now - we'll have the latest weather details for you. Stay with us.

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And that is Nine News Now for this Wednesday. Our next major bulletin coming up at 4:30. I'm Wendy