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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Lance Armstrong confesses. Does he come clean to Oprah Winfrey?Maybe he will. We were hoping for this. Vowing vengeance - Islamist militants fight back in Mali. Long, hot summer - firefighters battle to gain control ahead of extreme weather.Fire is burning Readly and aggressively.ANNOUNCER: From SBS this is World News Australia. evening, welcome to the program. I'm November rr.I'm Ricardo Goncalves.The -- Kathy Novak.I'm Ricardo Goncalves.The UN warns of trends to severe weather events here and around the world.We will see extreme events. They'll be more frequent, intense.Later - a heavy police preps in Brisbane, following violent -- presence in Brisbane, following violent clashes between Aborigines and Tongan communities. Lance Armstrong may have come clean about using performance enhancing drugs. Two news stations report he confesses to cheating to Oprah Winfrey. He has spent years strenuously denying doping allegations.I said it for seven years, I said it for longer than seven years - I have never dopd. That was Lance Armstrong in a -- doped. That was Lance Armstrong in a 2005 interview with Larry King from CNN today it seems, after a decade of denial, he has come clean. Referencing a source who wanted to remain anonymous, associated press wrote that Lance Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs. Coming three days before the interview went to air, the leak went viral. We saw it on twitter. Then reputable news sources came out. Maybe we weren't surprised. We were hoping for this.After the interview Oprah commented on Twitter that.. It had been retweeted over 1500 times. Reports sprung up on online news sites. Some in the cycling frat earnty were eager to distance -- frat earnity were eager to distance themselves, some just wanted closure.We just wanted to move The sooner we can move oranges the better.Perhaps not for the man -- move on, the better. Perhaps not for the man at the centre of it all. Lance Armstrong could face five years in jail and a financial hit - greater than he has taken: At his peak Lance Armstrong was said to be worth $100 million. He has lost tens of millions in sponsorships recently. 'Sunday Times' is suing him for more than $1.5 million over a libel payment in 2006. A US promotions company threatened to seek the recovery of more than $7 million paid in another court settlement. That could be the beginning. The US Justice Department may join a Federal whistleblower lawsuit. Former team- mates allege Lance Armstrong defrauded the government by accepting millions in from the US Postal Department. If Lance Armstrong is found to have breached the agreement, it could cost tens of millions. The Justice Department will make a decision on Friday, the same day Oprah Winfrey's interview goes to air. The UN oes to air. The UN Security Council has backed France's military intervention in Mali. African troops are due to join French and Malian forces fighting Islamist militants. There's been three days of air strikes on the north. Islamist forces seized the central down of Diabaly and are pushing to the capital, Bamako. Sending in reinforcements - more French troops and military equipment are pouring into Mali, invited in by Mali's government. France is stepping upthe joint offensive with Mali's army against Al-Qaeda-linked Islamists. -- up the Joynt offensive with Mali's army against Al-Qaeda-linked Islamists. France is seeking allies. They are providing cargo They are providing cargo plaps, but will not play a combat -- planes but will not play a combat role. France is getting strong Security Council backing. You UN resolution authorised an African force Mali. France is deploying and will stay as long as necessary.

France intervened after the Islamists began advancing from the northern bases towards Bamako. At least 30,000 people have been displaced since the rebels began their offensive on the government- held south.It is of concern to the ICRC. Displacement of population has been observed. Casualtyise are reported as well.-- casualties are reported as well. The rebels are fighting back. The French intervention in Mali is high risk and high stakes.TRANSLATION: By intervening in Mali France is assuming its national and international obligations. Essential interests are in play. For us, Africa, for Europe and the international community. Therefore we have to act.There are fears the French military action may trigger a backlash, beyond Mali's borders. And go to our website for a time line of the Mali conflict, information on the key players and an interactive map on recent developments. The most destructive bushfire for a decade in NSW may take days in NSW may take days to bring under control. It could be weeks before the job of firefighters is done. Calmer weather conditions near Coonabarabran are helping. It's now a battle against time, with hot and windy weather expected by week's end. It's stark evidence of a fire so ferocious it left little behind - a scorched erth and for many utter dev -- scorched Earth and for many utter devastation.There's nothing insured. Sick in the Throughout the region, tales of loss, loss of homes and livelihoods. All the camp ground is destroyed. Everything is gone.Many homes escaped - just.Angel come on darling. Mummy is here.Kerrie Clark thought she lost everything, yesterday. They and her home survived. The acting Premier and the RFS Commissioner surveyed the damage from the air and were struck by the heat, ferocity and the rapidity of a blaze sweeping through 40,000 hectares of the Warrumbungle National Park. The threat is far from over. Despite calmer conditions, the fire is not yet contained.You talk to a firefighter on talk to a firefighter on the front line now. They are actively engaged in property protection. Fire is burning readily . Fire is burning readily and aggressively. Containment will not come for days. The next weather forecast is for a return to hot weather at the end of the week. The wind direction change and strengthen, particularly on Friday. That means areas could be threatened.-- populated areas could be threatened. We are throwing everything we can at it. There's no room for complacency. It ain't over yet. Locals are preparing, ready to leave at a moment's notice.We call upon our firefighters to maintain the front line against a onslaught of fire during this season.A further six areas were declared natural disaster zones, making them eligible for a range of assistance. What might have been considered a lucky escape in this blaze can be put down to careful planning. The Siding Springs Observatory was engulfed by the full fury of the fire. An evaluation has to be completed, it appears the telescope suffered some smoke damage, but little more. They have been saved by recent fireproofing. The exotic dancer at the centre of Silvio Berlusconi's underage sex trial made a brief appearance at a Milan courthouse. She was promptly told she would not be required. The court has denied the former Italian Prime Minister's request to postpone the court action until after next month's elections. It's a tabloid editor's dream, the leggy Moroccan 'Ruby the Heartstealer', and the flamboyant billionaire media and former Prime Minister. The pair deny having sex, but have been accused of doing so 13 times, when Ruby, Karima El Mahroug, was 17. The age of consent in Italy is 14. Having sex with a prostitute under the age of 18 is against the law. Today she fronted court as a defence witness. She never took stand. Silvio Berlusconi's lawyer say they don't need her to testify, and the judge told her that she could go. The prosecution says it will use a deposition that she gave in 2010.

The defence asked the court to postpone the trial so Silvio Berlusconi could concentrate on being re-elected. His political party is hoping to form a centre- right Coalition when Italy goes to the polls next month. The refused - the trial must go ahead. That's a blow to Silvio It most certainly will his attempt to return to power.

Ruby was the last witness The verdict could come days before the elections start on 24 February. Kachin rebels claim the government in Burma, m the government in Burma, known as Myanmar, has killed three civilians in an artillery strike on a guerilla stronghold. The town of Laiza has repeatedly been shelled since the military began a fresh offensive last month. It must have been a terrifying start to the day in northern Myanmar. The town of les Laiza was struck by what the independent army says was -- town of Laiza was struck by what independent army says was army rounds. Some couldn't escape. Including the owners of this house that was struck. The owner died his injuries. The artillery strike followed attacks against Kachin positions. The fear amongst some was government troops would launch an attempt to seize Laiza from the rebels, who are fighting autonomy. The government denied that. After the artillery fire on Monday, the people of Laiza will take some convincing.TRANSLATION: This is shrapnel in the bodies of my nephew and his father. They were innocent civilians. I don't know what to say. This kind of weapon should not be used.At this small basic hospital, the staff tried to treat the injured but couldn't everyone. Some injured were too young to know or understand what had happened. That's Wayne Hay reporting for Al Jazeera. Rebels say town residents have begun digging trenches and shelters protect themselves from the Australia will complete its troop withdrawal from Afghanistan earlier than expected. government set 2014 as the date of the handover of power. It's been moved forward to the end of year. Speculation was rife that Australia may choose an early pull- out after a similar announcement by the US last week. There's been fighting the Taliban in a dangerous province in Afghanistan - and they've been doing so for more than 10 years. Now they are being brought home sooner than expected. Formal transition in Province will occur by 2013.Some troops will remain in non-combat roles.We made it clear we propose under an appropriate mandate to make a Special Forces contribution - whether it is training or counterterrorism activity.The Australian announcement coming days after Washington announced it was bringing troops home early. Barack Obama committed to a out by April or May next year, more than 6 month -- six months sooner than expected. He wants immunity for soldiers remaining. Hamid Karzai will take the suggestion to the Afghan people.I will argue for it. I can tell you I have confidence that I have confidence that they will say "Alright, let's do it." Hamid Karzai says immunity is a pay-off for guaranteeing security.Now, a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world. 19 have been killed and 100 injured in a train derailment in Cairo. The train was transporting army recruits to a camp, when it ran off the tracks. The wounded are being treated at a nearby hospital. There are fears the death rise. A controversial Pakistani cleric has given the government a one-day ultimate om to dissolve parliament. Thousands joined -- ultimatum to dissolve parliament. Thousands joined Tahir ul-Quadri. The rally was peaceful. Barack Obama says opponents of gun control legislation are stoking fears that the government is plotting a grab. The US President announced a blueprint for gun patrol, including a ban on assault weapons, and expanding background checks. unclear whether it will be able to clear congress. In his first press conference this year, the President vowed quick action on gun violence - with or without Congress.Members of Congress will have to have a debate and examine their own conscience. We'll heir own conscience. We'll have to come up with answers that set politics aside.What are you willing or able to do using the powers of your presidency to act without Congress? I'm confident there are some steps we can take that don't require legislation, and that are within authority as President.On top of the list improving background checks for gun buyers, extending them to gun shows - where sales don't require background checks. President Barack Obama would need congress to do that. A West Coast poll said a majority of -- a 'Washington Post' poll says 88% of Americans would background checks.The only people likely to comply are law-abiding citizens. They are not the problem. Meanwhile, guns are selling at record pace - a response to fears about what the President will do on guns.We are seeing long lines at gun shows and stores around the country.Those that oppose commonsense gun control or measures have a pretty effective way of givening up fear that guns will be taken away.-- up fear that all guns will be away. Leaders in New York, and other places moved forward. Families in Colorado called for a dialogue. Later we look at how an American Sihk community is recovering from a shooting temple five a shooting in its temple five months ago. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Next - China hints it's looking at opening its capital markets to the outside world. Shortly - visiting the Sheikh temple massacre hell, and how they are moving on. Research finds a genetic link between India and Australia.

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Treasurer Wayne Swan has told a leading Asian Financial Forum that Australia needs to develop its business ties with China. And those opportunities could themselves soon. The choig announced it will make -- Chinese government announced it will make it easier for global institutions to buy shares listed on the two main stock commaptions. Wayne Swan is at the -- exchange. Wayne Swan is at the Asian Financial talking up Australia's credentials. Much of the talk is with Chinese government. They want more global investors.Our goal is to make it easier to trade securities in our market.Under current regulations over 100 companies can trade in Chinese TV denominated shares. three are Australian. For local investors wanting exposure to equities, the Australian share market is a good option. That's because they are buying shares they know, operating in a market they understand. The latest move by Chinese regulators was not aimed at ordinary share market investors. The goal could create opportunities for Chinese investors.The message has been sent to China that if it wishes for free markets outside China, it has to allow for greater access inside ow for greater access inside of China. Lisa Goodhand spent two decades engaging with China, and says it's to remember as a free-market economy China and its businesses are maturing.There's a few Chinese companies that are globally, internationally recognised as brands. When you invest in a company in China, it's a good idea to understand what the strategy is in terms of growth.It's not just business plans, but language, culture and regulatory environments. To get access to the China market you need to understand challenges so you can address them and choose the ones that you will tackle and choose the ones that you may need assistance with. Local investors may have more than one option when it comes to capitalising on China's There are safe ways, one is to by resource stock listed in Australia. Recent data points to high single- digit growth in China. There is a police presence in Logan City south of Brisbane. It follows several days of lows several days of violent clashes young people from Aboriginal and Tongan communities. Police, policitians and community leaders are holding talks to try to diffuse the situation. A neighbourhood dispute in Logan, south of Brisbane, turns ugly in the glare of the national media. Clashes erupted after cars belonging to the Aboriginal and Tongan communities were vandalised.Late yesterday a minor spark set off a few teckss that existed and bubble -- tensions that existed and bubbleed around for a while.Two people have been arrested and police investigations are continuing after brawls involving fence palings, bars and Rocks. Douglas Street was blocked off and a police helicopter kept a watchful eye overhead. There's a heavy police presence, and all calm. Behind the scenes they are talking to community leaders to ensure it stays that way. One resident believes the tensions are not racially motivated.I the news. It talks about racism - and it's not racism, to be honest. To diffuse the situation, Queensland Premier Campbell Newman says the State Government would consider relocating the families living in public housing, if they agree. Adding fuel to the fire, a tweet from Federal Opposition Indigenous Health Andrew Lamming.

But it has not gone down well, especially in Logan City.I don't think that was conducive to the situation. Police are putting their bodies on the line. They don't need a politican to make an inflammatory comment. Andrew Lamming tried to clarify his remarks, since.

Police say they will maintain a heavy presence in the area, and are ready if there's any further trouble. Now to other stories in the news around the country. James Ashby's lawyer sought leave to appeal against the Federal Court judgment in the Peter Slipper case. The court was highly critical of Ashby's motives in making the sexual harassment claim. A hearing for the application for leave appeal is due to be heard next month. And a spike in testosterone and two female elephants on heat are being blamed for a baby elephant pinning its trainer against a pole. Taronga Zoo experts say the 2-year-old calf, Pathi Harn, formerly known as Mr Shuffles, developed at a faster rate than most elephants. Keeper Lucy Melo resumed full-time work today. The Federal Government bounced back the latest opinion poll, putting it within striking distance of the Opposition. Labor's primary vote surged ahead after faltering month. For the Gillard it's a very happy new year. In the first poll of the year her support soared.Labor had a bit of headwind in September with the Ashby affair, the AWU affair. These things fell apart at the end of December. Labor's primary vote rebounded, jumping six points to 38 - the highest since the

highest since the 2010 election. That's at the expense of the Coalition and greens - both parties' support slipping.The polls reflect a lack of confidence that the Australian community has in Tony Abbott as a

Minister Labor narrowed the gap on a 2-party wed the gap on a 2-party preferred basis, with the Coalition ahead by two There's a tightening because it's an election year.We expect the polls to come closer together once people realise ogether once people realise we are in election mode.Martin O'Shannessy believes the Opposition is the favourite to win the next election, even if doesn't.It will be tough in an election year to change the government. It was always going to be tough, always going to be tough, and I think that is the history of Australian elections. What about the Greens? Does the poll suggest their vote might have peaked?They had a role in government and run in every seat for the first time last time around. They may have reached their potential. They may have more potential in them. The Greens increase their vote closer to an election.The polls suggest Labor's decision to slash its promise has not harmed its popularity. If anything, it helps the government. It makes it easier to implement education and disability reforms.We have a good track record for making room for spending priorities. Budgeting is about priorities.With tax revenue falling, Labor is flagging deeper spending cuts to pay for the programs. This summer's record heatwave and devastating bushfires will become more frequent. That's according to the United Nations Climate Science Panel. The scientists say that there's an unmistakable trend to extreme weather events around the world. The lead authors of the Climate Science Panel's next major report gathered in Tasmania and are advocating immediate action. Smoke haze was barely visible over Hobart, but little more than a week ago Tasmania endured record temperatures and destructive fires. These events will be increasingly more common, and temperature records set will go up with each passing decade.Earlier that message was echoed by the UN panel chair, Dr Rajendra Pachauri.We are seeing many more extreme events. These are going to become more frequent, more intense. The world has a short window of opportunity. Dr Rajendra Pachauri praised Australia's decision to price carbon but believes more needs to be done globally. Without decisive action some cast doubt over Australia's cropping productivity. By the middle of the sent your eye, without action, Australia -- century, without action, Australia could go from being an exporter wheat to an importer of wheat. That is a turnaround. We feed the world. There are fears less developeded but important trade partners may be unable to adapt.Our agriculture is an export dependent industry. What happens in the rest of the world matters to our finals. The UN panel of scientists is months away from releasing a report in five years. It's essential for planners policy makers looking to the future. Contrary to a News Limited report t will warn of a sea level rise -- report, it will warn of a sea rise linked to climate change.The quote is inaccurate.Worst predictions are for a rise of 110 sent metre by the year 201 -- 2100. Port Adelaide in South Australia, and parts of the NSW mid North Coast are said to be among the worst affected. According to case modelling from Australian government scientists, these beachfront homes a few kilometres from Melbourne's CBD would face flooding. The panel declined to confirm the extent to which it predicts the sea level would That is prejudging what the safety of our report will be. I'm not at liberty to say -- what the assessment of our report will be. I'm not at liberty to say that. The United Nations panel report will be released in September.It's one month since the Sandy Hook massacre in the United States. It's not the only shooting Americans are coming to terms with. Five months ago a gunman entered into a Sihk temple in Wisconsin and shot six dead before taking his own life. The Oak Creek community rebuilding their lives and will let the tragedy define them or their region. In a place where past event cast shadows, they offer something new. The Sihks of Oak Creek celebrate the newborn. A ceremony to ward off evil. In August last year six innocent people died when a self-confessed white suprem sift walked into the temple and -- supremici, is it walked into the temple and started shooting. The agony of that day is brought back.We ban wanted to run away. -- we wanted to run away. We worked through it. We know what the victims are going through. one part of the temple that is untouched and unchanged - a reminder of the day that will never be forgotten here. The people of Oak Creek are trying to rebuild and move on. They are 5 five months into a process that Newtown will have to follow.I'm sure families getting together when there's a problem, discussing with them, definitely makes it easier.After the shooting Oak Creek's Mayor promised to stop the tragedies.We can do better.Part of that is a public meeting to make communities safer. He said it's obvious things have to change.I don't want to get calls saying "What's your thoughts on the shooting in Portland or New York or new tune?". It's upsetting. I wouldn't -- or Newtown?", it's upsetting to Pardeep Kaleka's second died in the shootings. That day changed his idea of what is normal. Now he doesn't want to go back.I hope nobody ever forgets. The community now is stronger than Oak Creek found in dark places that brings sad and hurt and anger - the future can bring a light and a hope. Al Jazeera's Alan Fisher reporting. The son of a victim of the Sihk shooting, Pardeep Kaleka, whom you saw at the end of the story, a national campaign to address gun violence. Up to 11% of genomes of some Aborigines can be traced to India, according to a German study. It compared genetic material from a range of populations across Southern Asia and Australia. Results suggest a wave of migration from India 4,000 years ago. Australia was believed to be one the world's most isolated landmasss. A new study from Germany backed another theory.There'd been suggestions that there may have been contact from India to Australia - that our study has the power to address this in more detail.Researchers found gene flow between India and Australia, suggesting a wave of migration around 4,000 years ago. Around 60,000 years ago a population mig rated out of Africa, to -- mig rated ute of Africa to east Asia. It split into two groups. It traces a second flow of migration believed to be from India. Material from Aboriginal Australians were compared with people from Papua New Guinea, India and Southern Asia.We analysed genome variations, liking at lots of genetic markers across the genome. Australians and other populations were used, to learn more.They found 11% of these genomes could be traced back to India. A common origin was found between the Australian, New Guinean and Filipino population. The study is limited. Samples were only from northern Australia. Coinciding with the migration, the appearance of dingo fossils and tools. Richard Cosgrove, archaeologist expert says it's unlikely the population introduced the new technology.What we have as archaeologists is dates from 15,000 and 30,000 years ago in Queensland, for the small tools.The researchers say that in the future better technology will allow them to get a clearer picture of the past. Soft drink giant Coca Cola is under pressure over the health consequences of sugary drinks. A new advertising campaign hopes to convince the public that the company is part of the obesity solutions. Experts are not buying it. Coca Cola in 1961, advertising the original Coke as a diet beverage. Most say that is not true. Today a new ad from Coke, claiming to be part of the obesity solution, not the problem.Of more than 650 beverages, we offer over 180 low and no calorie reacted to a full-fledged on sugary sodas - including school bans, taxes and an often-mocked New York City effort to eliminate large sizes. Many feel it's no joke. The average American gets 45 sugary soft drinks a year, 1.5 barrels of soda pop.Sugary sodas are the single largest cause of calories. The regular soda, has 27 sugar crews. And the big Cup, 38 sugar cubes.Critics argue it's ordinary calories. They are empty of nutrition and do not tell the body that it's full. contain calories, then you consume more food.Exercise programs are promoted to work off what you drink. For the world's largest soda maker, it's no coke and a smile. The Australian arm of the Coke empire, Coca-Cola Amatil raked in there 4 billion last year. Coming up next - all the day's sports news with Rob Grasso, including the big backfire on Day 2 of the Australian Open. And a new model with a familiar name - a relaunch of the

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Barack Obama says he won't change his position on raising the debt ceiling. Republicans are insisting an increase should be tied spending cuts. US President gave in to that demand in the last savage battle two years ago. This time he's warning Republicans will not collect a ransom in exchange for not crashing the American economy. Apple shares have taken a tumble falling blow $500. Investors see the slashing of demand for the latest iPhone. The company facing strong competition from Samsung, which is increasing its market shares. It comes as shares in computer company Dell surged an 8-month high, on reports that it is preparing to go private. Let's look at the Australian share It closed lower. Resource stocks were weaker. Rio Tinto declined after lifting production by

after lifting production by 4% to a record of 253 million tonnes last year. Billabong surged on the back of a takeover bid from a US consortium, which wants to split the company.

Now, time for all the day's sports news with Rob Grasso, and Aussies continue to fall at Open.That's right. No less than eight of the nine Australians entered on Day 1 have been eliminated - Lleyton Hewitt among them. On Day 2 Serena Williams progressed, despite rolling her ankle. Victoria Azarenka advanced, the top seed, and 42-year-old Kimiko Date-Krumm knocked out 12th seed Nadia Petrova. In the men's draw there was no problems Roger Federer, and Andy Murray. Last night Lleyton Hewitt slipped outside the world 100, despite promising signs in the lead-up to the open.Grant Boyden by his victory in the -- buoyed by his victory in the Kooyong Classic, Lleyton Hewitt was looking to make it a winning Australia open. Standing in his way, youngster Janko Tipsarevic, in red-hot form. The Serb powered through a first set tie break before Lleyton Hewitt broke twice early in the second.A double break now.It was as good as it got. Janko Tipsarevic with all the shots, arevic with all the shots, as the Serb powered home in straight sets. With hopes rapidly falling by the wayside, a sure-fire way to get an Aussie in the second round as two wildcards squared off. James Duckworth taking the first two sets, but Ben Mitchell responding, winning a marathon fifth game. The young Queenslander glimping the third and fourth -- clinching the third and fourth sets as temperatures rose. In an epic fifth set James Duckworth was - a bittersweet victory over his close friend. Few problems for Roger Federer, as he accounted unfancied Frenchman Benoit Paire. The Swiss master maintained his record of never losing in the first round at Melbourne Park. Andy Murray safely through, past Dutchman Robin Haase in over 90 minutes.Nothing wrong with play from Robin Haase.The world number 3 in cruise control - leaving plenty in the tank for the later rounds. A first-round scare for Serena Williams, her ankle buckled, leading to injury treatment. It didn't affect her on the score board, 6-0, 6-0 as the 5-time winner hobbled on. Initial concerns for former world No.1 Caroline Wozniacki - dropping the first set to German baseliner Sabine Lisicki - but came out firing in the second. Sabine Lisicki broke early in the third, setting up a nervey finish. The daip won 6-straight games, power -- -- Dane won 6-straight games, powering her way through to the second round. As we heard earlier, it's believed disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong confessed to using performance enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France. According to an unnamed source, Lance Armstrong, who was stripped of seven tour titles has allegedly admitted to doping during a pre-recorded interview with Oprah Winfrey, which will be telecast Friday Australian time. Former team-mate Patrick Jonker, a long-time support erts of the 41-year-old, was a-- supporter of the 41-year-old, was amongst those expressing his surprise.All of us were blown away. It was a good thing he came out. The whole Lance Armstrong-Oprah Winfrey interview would have been a had he not came out. Armstrong previously denied wrong doing for over a decade, despite accusations by US officials, he engaged in the most sophisticated doping program cycling has seen. To golf and Rory McIlroy has been unveiled as Nike's new brand ambassador in one of the richest sponsorship deals in sporting history. It's believed the 23-year- old has signed a contract worth up to $100 million, a deal that could see the northern Irishman earn around $50,000 a day. He's the world's No.1 golfer, a major winner, and a fully-paid up member of sports super-rich. At 23 age, Rory McIlroy's new multimillion pound takes him to another level altogether.Any questions?What have you got?It's going to be like that, huh.It's worth more than Nike's contract with Tiger He was once the biggest brand in golf. Perhaps times are changing. Rory McIlroy insists the money is not his driving force.The money it's - you know, I don't play golf for that. I play to try to win major championships and tournaments. I think I'm passed the stage. Yes, I mean I just want to play the best I can. I feel like this is the best company to help me do that.The riches will increase the pressure on Rory McIlroy to add to the two major titles he has already won. He's moved to America, and has a base there in America. So, I can see him full-steam ahead. There's no time in his life to ease off because he's reached the big-money contract and all that kind of That's the time you have to start working harder.Today's deal will put Rory McIlroy on a financial par with sporting resulty like LeBron James, David Beckham and Roger Federer. The sport will hope it shed its image by having him in their line-up.Golf is a hugely popular sport that is growing like mad in Asia and certain parts of the world. There's a huge amount of money in clubs, golf clothing, selling houses around golf so it's a lucrative sport.It certainly is mo Rory McIlroy. The question is whether he -- certainly is for Rory McIlroy. The question is whether he can produce the titles to match the millions. That report from BBC. That is the day in sport.Coming up the weather. A revved up fan ready to go. latest models on display at one of the world's most important car

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Russia's remote Siberian residents are feeling the cold - temperatures dropping to below minus 40 and minus 50. The cold snap froze machinery. Schools are closed. It's been put down to the Asian Anti Cyclone that hits Russia and parts of Asia. To the forecast now. Former tropical cyclone Narelle is generating cloud over the western part of WA. Cloud associated with the monsoon trough is off the north coast of the continent.

Luxury, style and horsepower, it's on display at the world's most important annual car industry event in Detroit. Determined to past back from the economic slowdown, more than 50 new models debuted at the show. It's the younger buyers that they are hoping to wow. This year's Detroit autoshow features a comeback from a rare source. Detroit - the Northern American car of the year is North American.The car of the year is Cadillac ATF. Chevrolet's Corvette unveils a new model with a familiar name, Stingray. Fuel efficiency is up. Cadillac, known as your grandfather's car, is winning over younger Mercedes and BMW drivers. We are seeing a lot of new customers, skewing toward youth. The man who threw Ford back into the black said the first automaker is profiting from painful lessons. We resized industry to the demand. As you know, we had so much over- capacity, in the United States especially. All of that is gone. People are operating with a lot more discipline. You can't and not be profitable and continue to operate.This is all about low price, high fuel efficiency and technology. The annual show is a blend of every day. Muscle cars and a few mysteries will also be unveiled over also be unveiled over the course of the show. Manufacturers are slimming down, carbon fibre used in race cars is being used. The tough economy is putting a premium cost. This little car has a price of $12,500. Europe put the brakes on sale. Ford expects $3 million the next few years. Fuel efirmcy falls short.Well done, efficiencies false short. Well done. I can't wait to see what happens next year.Detroit appears to be back in year. Good-looking cars there. Recapping top stories. Armstrong may have come clean about using performance enhancing drugs. Two US news agencies report that he made the admission in an interview with talk show Queen Oprah Winfrey, due to be screened Friday.The UN Security Council backed France's military intervention in African troops are set to join French and Malian forces Islamist militants.The most destructive bushfire for a in NSW may take days to bring under control, say authorities. It's a battle against time with hot and windy weather expected by the weekend.Australia is to complete its formal troop withdrawal from Afghanistan by the end of this year. The government had set 2014 as the date of handover of power. been moved forward to the end of 2013.That is the world this Tuesday. Our next bulletin is at 10:30 on SBS1.You can get all the stories online and follow us on Twitter. Goodnight. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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'Cause, um, with having done
as little rehearsal as we have?

I'm not sure. (Sings) # Somebody's singing
like he knows... #

When people say,
"What made you become a singer?" or, "Why are you interested
in the arts?"

I wanna know what sort of people,

what motivated
them that came before me?

And then hopefully understand

why I'm so, um, busy getting
somewhere, going somewhere, I mean. And I feel, at the age of forty,
that's something I can do.

I've just, you know,

and so ahead of myself
for so many years.

Time to just sort of stop and look and hear my relatives
and the ancestors

see if there's anything they might
like to tell me about myself.