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Tonight - if Lance Armstrong really did admit to taking drugs, where does that leave him now? Racial tension escalates in a Sydney suburb. Many need it, but there's a huge lack of it - how can we fix our public housing crisis? Want sauce with your pie? That'll be extra, thanks. Plus - the hosts of 'MasterChef: The Professionals', Matt Preston and Marco Pierre White. This is The Project.

Good evening and welcome to The Project. With me tonight - Gorgi Coghlan, James Mathison, Dr Andrew Rochford. ew Rochford.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) And with you every now night, zeebox. Am I right?(LAUGHTER) Please download it.(LAUGHTER) Gorgi, some headlines?In the news today, Tuesday, January 15: Lance Armstrong is believed to have come clean, finally admitting he cheated and used performance- enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France. He reportedly choked up while confessing to Oprah Winfrey during an exclusive tell-all interview to be broadcast later this week. A man has died and another was injured in a shooting at an industrial estate in Sydney's south-west this afternoon. One of the men died at the scene. The other was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound to his arm. Shattered bushfire victims in NSW are taking stock in the wake of a huge blaze still burning out of control in the state's north. The fire to the west of Coonabarabran destroyed 33 homes and could take days to contain. Acting Premier Andrew Stoner inspected the damage first-hand today.The miraculous thing is, despite the property loss, there's been no loss of life. That's not through luck - it's through good preparation and it's through the good work of our firefighters.Support for Labor has risen to its highest level since the 2010 election. The first Newspoll of the year has Labor's primary vote up six points to 38%. The gains came mainly at the expense of the Greens and Independents. The Coalition's primary vote fell two points to 44%. The dlafs Joe Hildebrand is the man who knows everything about the world of federal politics. This is the first poll of the year. Labor has made some interesting gains do. These results mean anything?Look, they mean a couple of things. It's interesting that they come just after there's been a big break for the Government and then Julia Gillard has come back and been very positive. We've seen that in polls last year as well, when the PM has gone overseas, the party's stocks have risen. We know two thing - when Julia Gillard goes away, the polls go up, and Kevin Rudd suddenly appears on television. Labor's gain is the Greens' pain. Are they lost without Bob Brown fronting up? Do they perhaps need some younger leadership?I think so. The Greens obviously have a very young and progressive support base. However it's happened, they've thrown up a leader who very few Greens supporters would have even heard of until she was made leader, and a young gun like Adam Bandt, for example, has been overlooked for the top job.Joe, given that we're an unknown number of months out from the election, you happy to call it yet?Yeah, look, sadly it won't be enough. I think that the rise of this poll was so big that it's clearly either this one or the last one, the 32%, was an aberration. Also, again, it's a nationwide poll and it's just not taking into account those massive swings that will probably happen in Queensland and western Sydney, where I think the Government is still in a lot of trouble. It's good news for Julia Gillard, and good on her. I think keep coming out with those strong, positive messages and stay out of the gutter, and she'll head in the right direction. But don't think it will be enough to get her over the line. We always enjoy your take on things. Thanks for speaking to us, Joe. Always a pleasure. Thank you. Cheers.(APPLAUSE) A new study has found a third of men want hotpants, miniskirts and low-cut tops banned from the office because they're too distracting. The British Heart Foundation also found wearing red is a confidence- booster for two out of five women. Hang on. Sorry. What workplace are people being distracted by hotpants?(LAUGHTER) Are these guys working at Hooters? If they are, you knew what you're getting -- what you were getting into when you took the job.The fact is, two-thirds of men were too distracted to answer that poll. "Sorry, what was the question?" Speaking of distractions, boys, the Queensland commissioner of police today was trying to encourage road safety by identifying another secret danger... About 1,200 of our injury accidents have been attributed to inattention. Avenue one of those can be avoided by people simply being smarter, not texting on their phone, not eating that pie...(LAUGHTER) Yeah, pies. It's they Pies, not hotpants, that are the problem. I've got a Bluetooth pie. Not a problem.(LAUGHTER) That wasn't enough, though, for one intrepid reporter.With eating, is there a discretion between someone having a chocolate bar and someone trying to eat a stir-fry? (LAUGHTER) That's right. When will the message get through to people? Don't stir- fry and drive.The number of times I've been at the lights and looked up at a bloke eating a pad Tye... Constantly.The Queensland City of Logan has been the scene of clashes involving Aboriginal and Pacific island communities for the past several days. Commentators, politicians and the media have had a field day weighing in, but at what cost to the locals? On the third night of street violence in this Queensland town, news crews from multiple networks were on-hand almost before the police were. Across the nation, MPs and journalists are giving their own expert opinions.It's an ongoing feud between two families. It's believed it was all started when cars and homes were vandalised here on Saturday night.How does a neighbourhood dispute get so messed up? The city of Logan's 280,000 residents represent 185 different cultures. Around half the population is under 30 years old. On the Logan home page, those facts are cause for celebration. But in real life, they're also sources of friction.You've got a community here that's the most culturally diverse community in Australia, and yet State and Federal governments don't acknowledge that. State and Federal governments don't provide any infrastructure.The exact cause of this conflict is tough to pin down, with contradictory claims from various sources. Logan Police deny it's racial in origin, saying the ethnicity of the feuding families incidental. But race has been a major feature of media reports, as has Logan's 7.3% unemployment rate. Federal MP Andrew Laming pinned it all on dole bludgers, asking on Twitter last night, "Did any of the mobs tearing up Logan do a day's work today, or was it business as usual and welfare on tap?" Whatever the cause of the violence in Logan, it's not being helped by the media. But is it worse than that to use someone else's tragedy to advance your own political message? Pam Parker is the mayor of Logan. Pam, it must be hard enough set alg dispute like this without the media attention. I mean, we've played the footage ourselves tonight, we're pointing a camera at you right now - that can't make it any easier? The media have benefits as well as negatives. We just hope that The Project comes back and does coverage of the great work we're doing in Logan after we hold a receipt Logan City of Choice summit in late February.But in all seriousness, do you think these riots would have ended soonfer we all didn't pile on and show the footage around the country?I think you may have something to do with that. I think you might be on the mark there. It's two families that are in dispute, and unfortunately they're getting a lot of national coverage.Pam, unemployment is actually going down in Logan. Surely Andrew Laming's tweets aren't really helping the situation?You're absolutely right. We have worked hard over the past four years and we have created an additional 13,400 new jobs in Logan. Andrew Laming's comments are very inflammatory at a very tense time. Outside of kicking the media out of Logan, what other steps are taw you taking to try and end this violence as quickly as possible?Look, we're working collaboratively with the police, and they've done an awesome job with this situation. I've been talking with the Premier. I've been talking with ministers. I've also just come from a meeting with the police -- Police Minister. We've been discussing a future forum we'll be holding - a Logan City of Choice forum, which will be encompassing safety, housing, education and skilling, unemployment and social infrastructure.Well, Pam, obviously first things first - we hope the violence ends, and ends very soon. Thank you for your time tonight.Thank you.(APPLAUSE) It's interesting - hopefully it does pass. I don't think the media is helping much at all. If we have a look at the Federal Member, Andrew Laming's comments on Twitter again:

Suggesting that up employment was possibly part of the cause from this. He backtracked from those comments with a later tweet. That said, his comments about unemployment he retweeted three times during the night to make sure the message got out there. He clearly sees unemployment as something quite blame-worthy. It's interesting. He's the Indigenous Health spokesperson for the Opposition. The fact of the matter is, national unemployment is 5.2%. Indigenous unemployment is at 16%. Unemployment - there's a direct correlation between high unemployment and poor health outcomes for the Indigenous community. I think, as a health spokesperson for that Indigenous community, he should perhaps not be so judgmental of the situation.Mm. Good point, Charlie. Interesting that you can get welfare on tap now, also.(LAUGHTER) That's news to me. It is a dreadful situation in Logan. Things are spiralling there. It has been quite scary for some residents. Here's a local woman who was affected. What did you think when you saw the footage of your fence getting torn up?I was a little built horrified. I looked on the news and I said, "That's my house!"Indeed, it was her house. Unfortunately, that fence is still a little bit dangerous... Ow!(LAUGHTER) Yeah. Funny, 'cause he got hit in the head.(LAUGHTER) James Mathison.Plenty more to come. Don't go anywhere.(APPLAUSE) Coming up - a killer flu is sweeping the state, so -- the States, so could it be heading Down Under? Plus, when it comes to birth, we plan it, prevent it, delay it and assist it, yet when it comes to death, we still shy away from taking control.What's going through my mind when I know that the cancer will kill me is, "How am I going to die?"You're watching The Project. If the costs of your kid's education
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Welcome back to The Project. It's almost business as usual for three Melbourne store owners, after a drunk-driver ploughed had his car into their Brunswick shopfronts earlier this morning. He allegedly blew three times the legal limit, and is expected to face a number of charges. Lavishing our children with too many compliments could ultimately damage their confidence, especially at school. One mental-health expert says comments like, "You're so clever" can make children unhappy because they feel they can't live up to their parents' expectations. I've got to say, I think I agree with that. I think it's about keeping it real. I don't think it's about praising your kids to a point where they are on pedestals and they feel they can't keep up the expectations you have of them.Well, the good thing is I just ignore my children altogether.(LAUGHTER) Basically I'm a great parent. Is that what this is saying?You're both really great parents. You're the best parents in the whole wide world!Stop patronising us... We get it.(LAUGHTER) Change of pace now. Voluntary euthanasia has long been one of the most polarising issues in Australia. Well, it's on the political agenda again this year in one state, and could have ramifications for the whole country. What's going through my mind when I know that the cancer will kill me is, "How am I going to die? Will it be long, protracted and painful? Or will it pee quick and sudden, with dignity?"62-year-old former nurse Kath Ringwood has spent the last 13 years living with an incurable form of leukaemia. It's expected the disease will claim her life within five years.Without euthanasia, the fears that I've got are having protracted and lengthy terminal illness where I lose function gradually, where I become bed-bound, perhaps I become incontinent and people have to clean me or take me to the toilet.Kath wants voluntary euthanasia to become legal so she can peacefully and painlessly end her life when she feels the time is right.I feel that politicians have put me in the position where I have to consider breaking the law in order to have a good death.The thing that scares me the most is seeing her suffer. I mean, that would be awful to have to watch her suffer.Helping someone end their life is currently a crime, so Kath will have to keep any plans from her kids.The current law condemns me - if I want to take my own life - to do it alone without my family. Because I don't want them to be subjected to police investigation. If they took away that law, I could have my kids with me. And I know they'd like to be with me.It would upset me greatly not to have that final time with her, and to have to know that she's alive somewhere, but I'll never see her again.In May 1995, the Northern Territory became the first place in the world to legalise voluntary euthanasia. But just nine months later, the Federal Parliament overturned the law. Today, polls show the majority of Australians support voluntary euthanasia, and the issue will be up for debate again this year in Tasmania, where the Labor Premier and Greens leader are introducing a private members' bill legalising euthanasia.If Tasmania were to bring in such legislation, you really couldn't have other states saying, "How is it that Tasmanians get this option and yet we're denied it?" I think it would be the start of some form of pieces of legislation finally gaining traction in the other state parliaments around the nation.Dr Philip nicheky was behind the Northern Territory push 18 years ago, helping four Aussies end their life while the laws were in effect. Today, he advises sick Australians on what drugs they can legally get their hands on.We're all hoping we never have to use it, but we like to know it's there as a safety net. Opponents believe vulnerable members of society would be euthanised against their will.The problem with euthanasia is that it does send an overt message to society that somehow the quality of life is tied to its futility. As a result of that, it puts at risk very vulnerable people, particularly those disabled and sick, the elderly, and also the depressed.There is very good symptom control for pain available for people these days, particularly in Australia, and so there's really no need to go along that voluntary euthanasia path.Dr Peter Coleman fears funding for paliative care would be cut in favour of voluntary euthanasia - the cheaper option. Paliative care in this country is very well-established. We need more funds. It is the best treatment of people with terminal disease.But Kath, who worked as a paliative- care nurse herself, says the terminally ill need options.Any society eventually gets to the point where they look after their members. This is another form of looking after the members of your society who need help. It is a really tricky one. Obviously the debate will continue in this country. I suppose we're all in the place where we support it. There's so much grey area. It's not whether it's used in the right place or not - in Belgium at the end of last year, there was a case of two twin brothers, Mark and Eddie. It's a controversial case. They were born deaf. Both decided they didn't want to live on when they were told they were going to go blind. The court agreed with them. They were euthanised on December 14. Many people would say they weren't in unbearable pain, they didn't tick all the boxes that most of us want ticked. I think this is a case that's going to make this global debate of euthanasia even more controversial and difficult to find the answers to. But everyone has to agree that somewhere it has to fit. Belgium has a very strict list of safeguards in place. They've had over 55,000 cases of euthanasia. Not a single prosecution for homicide, ever, amongst those cases. Does this blur the lines?It doesn't. It fits inside their laws. So it's not homicide, it's euthanasia. It's just whether we agree with it in that case.We'd love to hear your opinions and thoughts on these topics and the rest of the show.

We'll take a break. Be back in a tick.Mis be-- Miss bits of The Project that everyone else is talking about? Never fear, our website has it all. Like Carrie falling over - never gets old. There's entire episodes to watch, and info on all of our stories. You can chat to the other Project fans with our forums, and we're getting all warm and fuzzy - find out how Aussie you are. The Project - news online, but not as you know it.

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(APPLAUSE) This is, and remains, The Project. Bit of feedback?Yeah, just on the topic of the drawbacks of praising your children. Luke on Facebook says, "Yeah, because on the other hand, you're a massive disappointment and a mistake' would do wonders for their confidence." Good one, Luke.An abnormal spike in testosterone and two female elephants on heat is probably why a baby elephant tried to crush a Toronga Zookeeper three months ago. An investigation has found no-one was to blame for last year's attack, which nearly killed Lucy Melo, who returned to work today. I just want to reassure everyone that I'll well and truly back to work - thank you, Pathi, very kind of you - and I'm looking after these elephants, my top priority. An international study involving 500,000 children and teenagers has linked fast food to an increased risk of asthma and eczema. The study found three or more serves of takeaway a week can make the conditions more severe. It's just not fun being a kid anymore for these poor kids and all these studies coming out!There's good news. They also found if you eat fruit, that's protective against eczema and allergies. No, hamburgers with pineapple rings do not count. I know you were thinking it.It's a Hawaiian burger! (LAUGHTER) Moving on. Experts warn that Australia is facing a serious public health shortage - sorry, public housing shortage. If trends continue, thousands of Australian families face a life on the streets. They mightabout look too flash, but thousands of Australians are waiting, some more than a decade, for the opportunity to call somewhere like this their home. Private developers aren't good at delivering low-cost rental housing. Their job is to sell at high prices. So the Government can no longer ignore social housing.In Victoria alone, public housing is worth $17.8 billion. That's 65,000 property providing a roof over the head of 130,000 Victorians. But while that may sound impressive, public or community housing varies from state to state. And on average, it counts for just 5% of Australia's housing stock nationwide, compared with 15% in similar countries. Right now, 170,000 households are on a waiting list for affordable housing. It was at the end of the Depression that public housing was first built in Australia, when tackling social issues - not stopping boats - was all the rage with politicians. Since the '80s, however, like disco and mullets, the percentage of public housing has been steadily declining.A lack of affordable housing and a lack of social housing effects the whole whole community.Why are we giving up on public housing when we all have something at stake? Heather Holst is the CEO of homegrounds services. Heather, why has -- HomeGround Services. Why has public housing been decreasing in Australia over the past few decades?That's a really good question. I think it came about because governments got out of that provision. For some reason, it stayed well in health. It stayed good in roads. Police. But housing just somehow fell away.Is it possibly because those sectors of the community that rely on housing traditionally don't have as loud a voice within the community?I think that's true. I think once it got past a certain point, the housing did get targeted towards people who've got even less voice. Because any working family would be in public housing some time ago.The depth of this crisis is much deeper than a lot of us understood before now. Is it true people are waiting up to a decade just for public housing?Sure. Unfortunately it is. Even if you are a priority - and you have to have a really bad situation to get a priority - perhaps you've had to leave a violent situation - you can still wait for several years, depending on where you need to live.Putting aside that people have a genuine reason to be in public housing, the concern is they attract a criminal element - drug dealers and people taking advantage of the system. Is that a fair assessment?I don't think that's fair. That's part of the way public housing has been talked down, actually, by a lot of people who've just got that idea. It's certainly true that there's, what, 130,000 people in Victoria in public houseing, so someone at some stage is going to be dealing drugs or be a criminal. That's going to happen, just like it does with homeowners and private tenants and whoever. But I think it gets an unfair focus, actually.With all that in mind, Heather, ideally, what would you like to see happen? Look, I suppose I'd like to see the voices of people who know more about public housing, like the tenants, people who've grownp in public housing, in this debate a lot more. I'd like to see public housing grow.A very important issue. We appreciate you taking the time to speak with us. Thank you. Thank you news. (APPLAUSE) . Conditions have seized in NSW, where a bushfire still burns out of control in the Warrumbungle National Park. It could be days before the blaze, which destroyed 33 homes near Coonabarabran, is contained. Feuding families in the Queensland city of Logan could be relocated by the State Government to prevent more violent clashes. The riot squad had to be called in overnight to control a neighbourhood row between Aboriginal and Pacific island families that's gone on for three nights. We were working together with the Department of Communities, working together with the Council to try and get this matter resolved. A New Year's bounce in the polls for Labor, with voter support at its strongest level since the 2010 election. The party's primary vote surged up six points to 38%, while in the 2-party-preferred, the Coalition still retains a slight lead, 51% to 49%. Maybe zookeepers in Spain are regretting installing a TV complete with an adult channel for Gina the chimpanzee.(LAUGHTER) After a few days with the remote, she can operate the telly with ease, and is now

? The cat might be out of the bag. Shock to anyone. The ASADA report, and any other number of reports into his behaviour over the last couple of years has proven he's a cheat. He's finally realised he can't outrun it. The source for this headline-maker is anonymous, but equally important is this.We have nothing to hide.I have never doped.No way. I would never do that.How many times do I have to say it? I've never taken drugs. Armstrong has repeat -- Armstrong's repeated adamant denial of drug use would make his confession one of the biggest backflips in the history of sport. Lying in court - well, that's called perjury. We won't know anything for sure until the interview airs on Friday Aussie time, but if Oprah's tweet is anything to go by, it's going to make for some compelling viewing. And if he does confess to being a drug cheat, will it be the final disappointment for Armstrong's millions of loyal fans?This is the biggest case of moral bankruptcy in the States in living memory. People believed in his creed and lived by it. It turned out to be a giant lie. For more on Lance Armstrong, we're talking to cycling commentator Matt Keenan. Matt, Lance Armstrong has refused to front up to the US anti- doping agency on drugs charges. So why would he go to Oprah to answer these allegation, and did she pay him?The reports coming out of the US that he hasn't been paid. As for why go to Oprah as opposed to the US Anti-Doping Agency? It's simple - this is a PR exercise. If it was an exercise in ethics and Armstrong wanting to confess to do the right thing, then Oprah is not the place to go. ASADA or WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, is the place to go.Over the last couple of days, we've been placing bets on how far he's gonna go. I've got some money on whether or not he's gonna cry. (LAUGHTER) What's he going to have to do to appease people, to actually make people possibly even forgive him? Firstly, not jump on the couch Tom Cruise-style. That would be a good way to go about it.(LAUGHTER) What's he going to have to do? I don't think he can win certain people back, Charlie. A lot of people are convinced he's a cheat, which he was. The evidence is against him. He won't be able to win them back. There's others who are sticking with him. There's a somewhat group in the middle which are effectively swinging voters. He's going to have to come clean convincingly, given that really he's been lying for close to 20 years. It's going to take a lot to win those people back.The big question isn't whether he's going to cry or jump on the couch, but whether he's going to fess up. If he does, does that mean he's going to jail for perjury?That's what you would expect, based on the Marion Jones case, who did go to jail for perjury. But there are some reports, once again, coming out of the US that the perjury case is no longer an issue for him, that the eight years have passed the, statute of limitation has gone by, so this is why Armstrong is now coming forward.Matt, what about his winnings? All this money that he gained from winning races - if he admits that he's a cheat, cudoes he have to give that money back? It's going to be difficult to get it back. How do you unscramble the egg? In cycling, if you win the tour deFrance, the race winner doesn't keep the money, he gives it to his team-mates, the masseur gets some, the team-mates get it. It would be difficult to try and get that money back. But sponsors and so on, or what about the South Australian Government, who paid him to come to the Tour Down Under? Maybe they'll go looking for their money.If he fesss up, if he's completely honest, can we forgive him?That's up to each individual. Some will. What I won't forgive him for is the continual lying. What we need to have come out from Armstrong is clarification on some of the other allegations. This ultimately isn't just about Armstrong, it's about the system. There's been a lot of allegations that the UCI, the governing body for the sport, actually helped him. If he comes out and gives us that information, I'll start to forgive him a little bit, because that information will help us fix the problems within the sport.We'll all be watching the interview with baited breath. Thanks for joining us, Matt.Thanks. I'll sure it will rate through the roof.We asked what you think:

I'll never forgive him. The damage he has done to cycling makes my blood boil. Keep in mind, though, my blood is dripping in EPO. (LAUGHTER) That may have something to do with it. Look, it is complicated. But we've got an expert - Phil Liggett, a cycling commentator, providing an interesting insight into Lance's main problem.He's got a big ego, and he really believes the world will just go around him and not in him.That was his undoing - once he let the world go in him, all downhill from there, Charlie. Special comments from James Mathison. We'll take a break. Back in a tick. Coming up on The Project - pie with sauce? Baggage to check? Why our world is full of added extras. Kitty explains why January is the best time not to take a holiday. And Matt Preston and Marco Pierre White join us live in the studio. You're watching The Project.

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Welcome back to the welcoming-back part of The Project. Welcome back. (LAUGHTER) Police are questioning a teenager in relation to the brutal attack by gatecrashers on 17-year-old Liam Knight. The teenager reportedly handed himself in to police this afternoon. Liam remains on life support, after he was bashed with an iron bar at a Sydney party on Friday night. Australian troops in Afghanistan could be home well ahead of the 2014 planned withdrawal schedule. Defence Minister Stephen Smith says the handover to Afghan forces is going so well, our 1,500 remaining soldiers could be withdrawn by the end of this year. And it's time to see what's making news around the globe. The UN Security Council has begun talks on the situation in Mali, where France has launched air strikes against al-Qaeda-linked forces. There are fears the former French colony had become a new base for terrorists plotting to attack Europe. A month after the Sandy Hook massacre, the NRA has launched a free gun app for children, designed for ages four and up, the game lets players take aim at coffin-shaped targets using a range of weapons, including AK-47 and M16 assault rifles. After weeks of mild weather, winter has returned with a vengeance in Britain. Heavy snow has fallen in many areas, with parts of Scotland among the worst affected. The snow has disrupted both road and rail travel. Freezing temperatures are forecast for the week ahead. New York has been forced to declare a state of emergency, as a virulent flew sweeps across America. Amid reports of vaccine shortage, the city already has five times as many cases as last year. Nationwide, 20 children have died from the H2N3 flu strain. The good news for us down here is we base our vaccination on what happens in the Northern Hemisphere. In our vaccination, which comes out in about March, we will have the same strain in that. All I can say is go out and get vaccinated. Just 'cause Hugh Jackman got the flu doesn't make it cool.(LAUGHTER) As we saw in the news as well, there's been bad storms sweeping the UK. That's not the only thing sweeping the UK. Of course, the royal pregnancy is big news. Today, there was a stunning development. We can confirm that it is a baby. (LAUGHTER) The Palace say it's a single baby. That's right.Single baby.Unwed. An unwedded baby.At this stage. Not dating another foetus?As far as we know, Charlie, it's a baby. Good to know. We'll take a break.


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This is The Project. Yes, it sure is, Charlie. (LAUGHTER) The biggest thing happening in Australian sport at the moment is the Australian Open. Lleyton lost last night. Obviously a big disappointment. The other big news today was Serena Williams survived an injury scare. The only trouble is, we're not quite sure where she was injured. COMMENTATOR: An ankle problem? Knee problem? Just trying to sort out exactly what's going on here...Ugh, her knee. The knee. You could see the knee just buckle. The physio here will be doing some tests on the knee...(LAUGHTER) Or is it the ankle?Maybe it is the ankle. From that angle, you can definitely see it was the ankle. That's the ankle. Just for future reference. Let's see, however, if Fox Sports commentators Adam Peacock and Wally Masur can help us out. COMMENTATOR: Adam, Wally, what are your thoughts?Not good. We've just had lunch.(LAUGHTER) They're all over it! All over it! (LAUGHTER) If you've made any kind of business transaction over the last week, chances are you've had to pay more than you've bargained. For that's right, I'm talking about those sneaky extra costs we're being forced to pay for almost in everything these days. Sauce - you can't expect someone to buy a pie and not want sauce. So, why do we have to pay extra for it? It's gotta be the most annoying of the increasing number of extra charges we're lumped with these days. But it's by no means the only one. Like your coffee with soy milk? 50 cents extra. A printed copy of your phone bill? $2, thanks. 3D glasses to watch that movie you've already paid to see? $1. Mobile phone tickets to see Keith Urban, the kind you don't have to print out? $5.50 service and delivery fee. What the hell could that possibly be for? You want some potatoes with your steak? In plasome places, you've got to pay extra for that too. It is out of control, and it all started with the sauce.I grew up in the days that the tomato sauce did come for free.So, does the end of free extras spell the end of goodwill? Or is it just a First World problem? No, it's not, Charlie. That would be ridiculous.(LAUGHTER) I don't drink soy milk, but 50 cents extra is outrageous. Milk is milk. I don't know how you milk a soy, but anyway.I've got to defend my husband in the hospitality trade. Soy milk is more expensive than normal milk.Wait. I get esporouso. There's no milk in that. You charge me the same as a latte. I want that money back.That is tough.Can I donate that money to cover someone else's soy, perhaps?Perhaps. What's with sauce on your espresso? Now I'm throwing a big cat amongst the pigeons.Get out!Let's move on. This is juvenile. Time for our next guests.It's a recipe like no other. Take the greatest elements of 'MasterChef: Australia', add international host and acclaimed chef Marco Pierre White, mixed with a cravat, a brand-new state-of-the- art commercial kitchen, 18 chefs at the top of their game and a 120- seat restaurant. What have you got? 'MasterChef: The Professionals'. Why do you think I'm here? I'm here to push you!This crazy cop will see egg -- comp will see qualified chefs from around the country competing in the toughest cooking environment in Australia, fighting it out for an around-the-world ticket to gain experience in some of the best kitchens on the planet. Plus, a cash prize of $200,000. So to cut it down, folks, prepare to be taken to a whole new level. Service over.


Please put your hands together for Matt Preston and Marco Pierre White! Pierre
White! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Very exciting to have you on the program. Marco, you came out recently and said that 'MasterChef: The Professionals' is the greatest television show ever, in the world. Apart from the fact that you're on it...(LAUGHTER) Is that a genuine opinion, or just a bit of hype?Without question, the greatest cooking show on earth. And the reason why is because it does more than teach people how to cook. It takes people on a journey, which is really important.I'm lost in your eyes right now.(LAUGHTER) Very convincing. Matt, tell us about these professionals. Who are they, what have they done?Ageing from 19 to 47. Good professional cooks. Working in kitchens. Working in catering businesses. But with unfulfilled potential. Maybe they're young, maybe they've fallen off the cooking train through drugs, car crash, and they're coming back. Great stories. That's what we really look for with this - guys that have got good stories, men and women. For me, just like the main series of 'MasterChef: The Professionals', it's about the contestants. It's always about the contestants. And Marco, obviously. (LAUGHTER) Marco, there's rumours that you're the man that made Gordon Ramsay cry. But the word is, in this show, you're the one who's crying. Is that 'cause you get a bit emotional? There's a lot of onions? (LAUGHTER) I haven't shed any tears. I've chopped a few onions. Going back to Gordon - he made himself cry. I never made him cry.He made himself cry?Yeah.How do you make yourself cry? Just look in a mirror?You better ask Gordon that, not me. I'm curious to know with you - obviously you're -- you've revered Marco in the past. But you spent a lot of time with him in making this show. A lot of people say, "Don't get to know your heroes, because you might not like them the more you get to know them." Has it been good for your relationship, or bad? He's right here. This is a safe house of honesty.At least this time he doesn't have a 16-inch knife.(LAUGHTER) I think the danger when youven adle is you have a 2-dimensional image of them. The great privilege of this show - the same with the contestants - is spending time with Marco and seeing that third dimension. The manners, the charm - we drink a lot of tea together. We are kind of like a pair of - we are born in the same year, so we talk about punk rock and drinking tea. It's kind of sober back of house. (LAUGHTER) Very civilised and cultured. Doesn't sound like you at all, Matt. Marco's had a great influence on me. Marco, your father and grandfather were chefs. Was it written?I had no option. I did what the old man told me. He gave me 50p and sent me to Harrigan's. The kitchen porter thought I had an appointment, so I was taken to the chef's office. Will your kids become chefs?No. This is where it spends theNo, the line has fished.Because you don't have 50p for the bus?They're not interested in cooking, just eating. You were the youngest chef in the world to receive three Michelin stars. Not lock afterwards, you decided to retire. Why did you want to leave your kitchen?I've done my bit. You achieve and realise your dream. Then you leave home in the morning, your kids are asleep, you get home in the night-time, your kids are sleeping. You can't do it. There comes a time whether you say, "That's it." Hang up your apron, and spend a bit of time with the kids.'MasterChef: The Professionals' kicks off this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 7:30pm right here on Ten. Please thank Marco Pierre White and Matt Preston! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Thank you. Be back in a tick. Don't go

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(APPLAUSE) More news now - talk about a senior moment - a 67-year-old Belgian woman who was supposed to be prick picking up a friend from a Brussels train station ended up in Croatia... (LAUGHTER) Before realising she'd taken a wrong turn. Sabine Moreau followed her that Saturday negative for 1,400km, saying she was simply preoccupied.(LAUGHTER) Every time she stopped to ask for directions and heard a different language back at her, was that not a giveaway?I'd imagine that would have been it, yeah. Literally 1,400km. That's literally going from Sydney, trying to go to Central station, and ending up in Adelaide.Sounds like she was on a buck's weekend. Moving on. Lots of people are back at work this week where, in the past, they might have taken the whole month off. Seems that people have realised January is actually a great time to get some work done. The boss is away, there are less distractions, and every day can be casual Friday. Kitty Flanagan joins us now. And...(LAUGHTER) Kitty, that's an interesting look. Is it a bit of casual Fridaying, perchance?Oh, my God, look how big my head is.(LAUGHTER) I had no idea. Sorry. No, this isn't a casual Friday thing, Charlie, that whole "Every day is casual Friday" thing was doing my head in. I never knew what day it was. I was always hung-over. If every day is casual Friday, every night is Friday night drinks! In Sydney, I've introduced "Dress like a tit Tuesday!" Good fun. Lots of people in the studio and office are getting involved. There's Jimbo. Good on you, buddy.(LAUGHTER) Good to see ya. Look, thanks to you guys on the panel, too - I didn't know they'd told you about my nigh initiative. Thanks for getting on board, you bunch of tits. No, I'm joking. Look, dressing casually is one advantage of working in January. But be careful with it - image consultant Bronwyn Fraser warns that corporate types shouldn't go too far. She says the best way to inject some summer fun into your work wardrobe is with a collared shirt, some knee-length shorts, and maybe a nice shoe you can wear without socks. Knee-length shorts, shoes with no socks? That sure is fun! Next time your kid asks, "Mum, I'm bored!" Say, "Enough of your rot. Put on a pair of shoes without socks, then tell me you're not having fun, you cheeky scamp!" Surely a lot of people still want to take leave in January so they can spend more time with the kids? Mm. That's 'cause a lot of people forget how annoying their kids are. (LAUGHTER) See, I like the parents who are more honest, like the solicitor who was involved and interviewed for this, but wouldn't be named for obvious reasons like his wife might kill him. He says he has three boys under 10, and they absolutely do his head in during school holidays, which is why he works every January. The real benefit of working through January is that most of the other parents will be on holidays, which means you will get a lot more done, because you won't have people stopping by your office every five minutes to show you some video of their can iddoing something really ordinary. Don't people love to film their kids and show it around these days? Where is the quality drol? Remember, people, just 'cause you have an iPhone and you can film it doesn't mean you should. Thanks very much. See you next week. (APPLAUSE) Thank you, Kitty Flanagan. We'll see you again next week. Right now, bump up your -- by popular demand - the top five. Australia is facing a major public housing shortage, with 170,000 currently on the waiting list. Lance Armstrong has reportedly admitted to Oprah Winfrey that he took performance-enhancing drugs. The Queensland city of Logan has been the scene of violence clashes involving Aboriginal and Pacific island communities for the past several days. Voluntary euthanasia has long been one of the most polarising issues in Australia, and looks set to dominate the political agenda again this year. And finally, we look to the extra costs we're asked to pay these days, like 20 cents for tomato sauce for your meat pie. If you'd like to hear our conclusions, please send $20 bucks to Charlie Pickering, care of Channel Ten.(LAUGHTER) Big thanks to James Mathison, Gorgi Coghlan and Andrew Rochford. 'Jamie's 15-Minute Meals' is up next. See you tomorrow at 6:30. Supertext (UPBEAT JAZZ MUSIC) MAN: (SINGS)
# The moon belongs to everyone # The best things in life are free # Stars belong to everyone # They gleam there for you and me

# Love can come to everyone # The best # Best things in life # Are free. #

I'm looking forward to spending

We all want food that's healthy,
gorgeous and super-quick,

so I'm gonna show you a whole
new way to cook.

Amazing meals that you can
do in just 15 minutes.

Time-saving tricks
and multitasking to the max.

You can create
magic in the kitchen.

We're talking big flavours, fast.

And these are great meals without
the guilt - balanced,

tasty and good for you.

Healthy food that you can
eat every day.

It's delicious, nutritious,
super-fast food.

Today, a lovely Italian frittata
with tomato crostini...

..and a kick-ass beef kofta curry.

That is delicious. Home-cooked
curry in under 15 minutes...


Welcome to the 15-Minute
Meal mindset.

If you think you haven't got time
to cook, then think again.

First up, I'm cooking curry in a
hurry with beautiful beef kofta.

Curry is something
that we all love to bits

and so many people think
you can't do it in 15 minutes

but you really can, just follow me,
this is beautiful.

Beef curries can take hours

but the secret here are gorgeous
beef koftas.

Tasty spiced meatballs
that are cooked till caramelised,

then combined with
a fragrant curry sauce.

It's medium spiced and alive
with coconut, ginger and tomato.

All that with fluffy
cardamom-scented pea and bean rice.

Fast, fresh curry for four
in just 15 minutes.

First, I'm cracking on
with my koftas.

I've got 400 grams of really
good quality lean ground beef.

Just get that into a nice bowl
and I'm gonna complement that

with some basic seasoning -

a little bit of salt,
a little bit of pepper

and then some garam masala,

just a really nice heaped teaspoon.

Garam masala's great, I mean it sort
of varies a little bit

from market seller to market
seller, but basically it's

the kind of, well, it's supposed
to be the market seller's mix,

so you've got things like cinnamon,
a little bit of cumin,

fennel seeds, you know, cloves, stuff
like that, it's gonna be gorgeous.

With that as well,
I've got another product here,

this is cooked lentils.

They're really,
really good. If you wanna get

the regular tinned ones and drain

there's nothing wrong with

What I want to do is, with clean
hands, scrunch this together.

And with your hands,
don't just sort of like

"Oh, I'll mix it up" - really get
stuck in, scrunch it up.

You're sort of making
the meat go cakey.

So once you've mixed this up,
divide it into two... that and then
divide into roughly 12 balls,

six each half, sort of I guess just
slightly bigger than a squash ball.

So once you get a ball like that... wanna just roll it
out into sort of cigar-sized pieces.

And sort of the typical thing with
a kofta, if I just scrunch that,

can you see how there's
like the shape of my hands in there?

And that's a really typical
thing with a kofta.

You know, where they would scrunch
it on to the skewer, you'd obviously

get more surface area and, of
course, that equals more crispiness.

Just quickly roll it, don't spend
any time mucking about -

roll, scrunch, pan.
Roll, scrunch, pan.

And you get them done
in no time at all.

At the moment, that pan is dry.

I'm just gonna drizzle about
a tablespoon of olive oil in there

just to kind of get it
really caramelising.

Leave the koftas to sizzle away

and get beautifully gnarly and

Now it's time to crack on
with the lovely fragrant rice.

I wanna guarantee you
light and fluffy rice.

So I got a pan on, full whack, fill
this bad boy up with basmati rice.

So I've got some here,
oh and I want some...

cardamom seeds as well,

and it works out about 300/320 grams
of rice here,

perfect for four people, right.

Get your boiled kettle of water and
fill it up, very importantly, twice.

Two cups of boiling water to one
cup of rice for four people works

every single time and
we call it the absorption method,

which is basically a load of jargon
that means, you know,

when you put lid on here,
by the time it's cooked and boiled,