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This program is captioned live. Nine News Now this is Nine News with Amelia Adams. Good afternoon. We begin with breaking news from Sydney where there are reports two people have been shot at a business in Wetherill Park in the city's west. This is a depositing story. We don't have a lot of details at the moment but we will bring you updates as information coming into the newsroom. Now to the bushfire crisis unfolding across northern NSW. While crews battling a massive blaze near Coonabarabran have been taking advantage of easing conditions today, a wind change tomorrow could fan the flames towards homes. Live now to RFS Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers. Thank you so much for joining us again. Firstly, bring us up to date on that fire burning near Coonabarabran.Well, that fire is still 40,000 hectares, 100km perimeter. It is still flaring up in different spots, particularly in the south-west at the moment where there is some main utility repeaters, so obviously we are concerned about that. There isn't containment on it but they are trying to get containment lines on that fire, but it is going to take literally days before we get containment on this fire because of the sheer size of it. So, the other thing I would mention is that we have the confirmation of the 33 homes and 50 sheds destroyed. We do expect that number to rise. We are getting some figures shortly on that so we will be able to give a revision, but inevitably that will rise. North of that the fire is still going. The Newell highway is closed, no threat to property but crews are batting to contain that fire as well as fires in other areas and Tamworth. As the days go go on during this week the temperatures will rise and reach a peak on Friday.It sounds like it is relentless. It must be putting hue pressure on your crews. How are you going in terms of resources?We are faring pretty well. Different areas of the State are getting a lot of fires at different times, so obviously the southern port of the State last week was very busy and now they are relatively quiet because it was pretty quiet the last few days so they have had a rest. Now it is the turn of the north and I think the peek of the weather on Friday is going to be returned to the south of the State, so we are sort of like on this you you principle of moving from one end to the other, so different crews are getting rested at different times.Our thoughts are with them. They are doing a great job. Thank you so much for the update, we appreciate it.Thank you, Amelia. And the state's Acting Premier Andrew Stoner has this afternoon toured the fire-ravaged region. In a media conference just a short time ago, Mr Stoner said it's a miracle that no lives have been lost. Take a listen.Can I say it is absolutely amazing that there hasn't been more property damage as a result of this fire. It is absolutely obvious that this was an extreme fire, that the heat, the ferocity and the rapidty of this fire caught everyone pretty much unawares. But the miraculous thing is that despite the property loss - and there have been 33 residences destroyed - there has been no loss of life. Well, it has been a very tough day for residents in the fire zone returning to what's left of their properties. Nine's Sarah Harris took a wander through what was a family home.Well, what you are looking at is the Mazlan family home - what used to be any way. As you can see it is all gone. Even the kitchen sink has been burnt right through. Have a bit of walk down here, you have to be careful, but it is nothing but a mound of mangled tin. Not much has been salvaged from this blaze. Dave Mazlan who owns this home told me that there was absolutely no way he was able to defend his home from the fire, it was simply coming too fast, it was too hot and coming from both sides. I was coming from across the road, it actually jumped the highway, and if you turn around and have a look at that mountain there, it was actually running down that mountain at one point as well. So, he said that the only option he had, really, was to grab a few belongings and get out. This used to be the bedroom. Walking through here now, the fire place is still standing but barely. And look, to give you an idea of just how hot this fire was, have a look at this. These are glass bottles that have been melted. It is unbelievable. Through here, the verandah, a place where he and his wife, Dave and his wife would sit. They were in their retearment. They have grandchildren. This was really supposed to be the twilight of their lives but, as you can see, everything has gone. Then you look at something like this - a gas bottle. That remains completely untouched. You wonder how something like that could survive. Now, I have spoken to Dave and he says that, look, he will rebuild. He says he is thankful that he has managed to save a car and a couple of tractors which will basically help him clean up this mess, but he says when he does rebuild he is most likely going to do it right next to a dam so he can stay and defend his property next time round. We will go to some breaking news now and violence has erupted in Logan once again today. Michael Best is there for us. What is happening at the moment?A short time ago there was a developing confrontation here in Douglas Street. At the moment indigenous residents are cordoned off at one end and the Pacific Islander at the other. A car is driving around and which have Pacific Islanders in it and indigenous people have opposition to that. The police officers have stopped the car and are speaking with those gentlemen now as we speak. It is yet another small confrontation of something that has been simmering here for a few days. It all began on Saturday with a confrontation between two families in this Street where a number of cars were smashed up and since then it has just escalated. Last night we saw scenes of violence here in Douglas Street, just before 6:30, where costs of men ran with each other with - dozens of men ran at each other with whatever they could find. It was the action of police who inserted themselves between the two groups and managed to prevent any injuries in that case. Alright, Michaelal Best, we will leave it there for you. Thank you for brings us up to date on that situation. A drink driver has smashed through three shop fronts at the busy Brunswick shopping precinct, in Melbourne. Nine's Laura Turner has the details.The damage here on Sydney Road is extensive, this driver mashing into the front of three separate stores. Police say at 4:30 this 24-year-old driver has lost control, veering on to the footpath, smarning into a cake store, hairdresser and a bridal boutique, Mariana Hardwick. He has caused tens of thousands of dollars of damage. Let's have a listen to some of the shop owners this morning.My fiance heard a bang and hear the alarm going off and wonder what is going on. Not the best thing to hear the first thing in the morning.The driver of the car was breathalysed here at the scene and he blew a reading of 0.154 and amazingly him and his passenger were not injured. He is going to be charged with careless driving, speeding and drink driving. It is not just the damage to stores here he has caused. There are dozens of brides who may have been affected by this, many of them today having to pick up wedding cakes from the storey behind me and wedding dresses and who have hair and make-up at this shop on Sydney rode. There could be costs of bride who have had their wedding plans thrown into disarray. It might not last long, but the Gillard Government is riding high in the first Newspoll of 2013. Support for Labor in this election year is at its highest level since the last election. Let's cross to Lane Calcutt in Canberra for the details. Afternoon. An early morale boost for the government?Yeah, a big boost for Labor and the Prime Minister herself as you say, the first poll of this election year coming in with the same result as the last election in 2010. It comes after Labor dropped that promise of a Budget surplus. Now, if you look at some of the figure, Labor's primary vote has soared to an extraordinary 6 to 38. The coalition is down two to 44 and that is a return to the trends that we saw during last year. After preferences, Labor is still behind but it within striking distance - up 3 to 49, the coalition down 3 to 51. As for the leaders, Julia Gillard has increased her lead for the preferred Prime Minister over Tony Abbott to 45 to his 33. Here is some reaction firstly from minister Mark butler and then the coalition Greg Hunt. It is not particularly useful to look at one particular poll in isolation but I think what the trend of the polls over the last six months have shown is a couple of things there has been a 10% list in Labor's primary vote, but more importantly and more noticably, there has been a substantial shift in the ratings of the Prime Minister and more importantly of the Opposition Leader.It will be tough, there will be massive new spending programs from the ALP now that the Budget is blown. There will be major new taxpayer funded advertising campaigns our alternative is to live within our means and give the people a sense of possibility in their lives and that will be the choice.We should point out Labor's gain has come at the expense of the Greens - their vote is actually down two suggesting there has been and will be a shift back to the major parties. It is going to be an interesting year in Canberra. Lane, thank you. Still ahead this afternoon - extra police called in as a race-fuelled conflict escalates in south-east Queensland. Also - the killer flu virus that's headed our way and what you can do to protect your family. And a bit later we'll hear from the Taronga Zoo keeper This program is not captioned. I treat every day
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caused the elephant to attack. To some developing news now. Fire crews have just contained a fire burning in scrubland along the banks of the Barwon River in Geelong in Victoria. Earlier another grass fire broke out in nearby South Geelong. Residents were placed on alert as smoke was visible from across the city. We'll have more details live from the scene shortly. Now to some news making headlines around the world this afternoon. There are reports that Lance Armstrong has confessed to using banned drugs during his cycling career. Nine's US correspondent Denham Hitchcock has this special report. We do know that Lance has completed that interview with Oprah at the moment and the headline is he has admitted or they are saying he has admitted to using performance enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France. Of course there are a lot of questions that follow from this and hopefully they will be got to in that interview. How many times did he take them? Was it for all seven wins? Was it just in training? Was he part of a larger program within the American team? A little earlier today he met with the staff of his charity organisation Livestrong and he apologised to them, you can only assume the same subject, he apologised to them and he choked up and some staff members broke down and cried and he did sorry for ruining the reputation or part of the reputation of that charity organisation. He has got a lot to answer for if this is indeed the case. He has already been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and he always denied taking those drugs of course, but the Doping Agency came out with a stack of evidence against him and when he looks over all of those past interviews it whether probably be pretty embarrassing.I have said it for even years, for longer than seven years I have never doneed. That is crazy, I would never do that, no way.I just want to make sure your testimony is clear.If it can't be any clear n than I have never taken drugs...My case I came out of a life threatening disease, do you think I am going to come back into a sport and say, OK, Doctor, give me everything you have got I just want to go fast? No way, I would never do that. The interview with Oprah will air Thursday here, Friday Australia time. In terms of the cost it could cost him tens of millions of dollars and most of that is in lawsuits. People are stacking up against him to take him to court, people from team-mates to sponsors. One of the sponsors is trying to recover $7.5 million that they give him in bonuses. The statute of limitation means he can't be done for perjury in that court case in which he deniedtor taking drugs but he is still serves a life time ban, a ban that could be reduced to eight years depending on the apology and if he names names. I suspect at the moment what he is trying to do is at least save the reputation of his charity live strong were which does deal with cancer sufferers. But plenty more on this to come. Australian health experts are monitoring the spread of a deadly flu virus sweeping the US amid fears of a local outbreak. The H3N2 strain has already claimed 20 lives - all of them children. Let's go live to Nine reporter Natalia Cooper for more details. Good afternoon. What more to do we know about this flu?As you said, it is the H3N2 strain of the flu virus and doctors say it is the most dangerous kind. 20 children have already lost their lives in the US. Hospitals have been overwhelmed and here is a pretty frightening stat - 7% of all deaths in the US last week were due to flu or pneumonia. This killer flu is coming to our shores and it could be here within a matter of months. Doctors are concerned that there could be a mini outbreak when children go back to school. What can we do here to protect ourselves, what is the advice? Doctors are saying to vaccinate and to do it as early as possible. Normally they recommend some time in May but this time they are saying get it done as early as March. Particularly if you are elderly, chronic illness, pregnant women and children, they are the groups that are most at risk from this flu. Even healthy people can suffer as well. We did speak to the AMA President earlier today.We are saying to people with chronic discease, the elderly, the very young, pregnant ladies to come in early and get their flu vaccines. They should be available in Australia from March.Look, the other advice is pretty simple stuff - basic hygiene like washing your hands.It is good advice. Thank you for that. Still ahead this afternoon - why Coca-cola is pushing a new health message. And we'll have a look at the Winter Olympic torch and uniform. Here's a look at what's happening in tonight's news Thanks Amelia. firefighter protecting his
neighbours' homes near Coonabarabran while his goes up in flames.We built this.A bushfire emergency in Sydney's west - a blaze comes dangerously close to homes at Rossmore. Reaction to Lance Armstrong's admission that he used performance enhancing drugs. Elephant attack - a Taronga Zoo investigation reveals why Pathi Harn turned on his keep. A court told of deranged screams coming from a luxury city apartment moments before a woman's body fell from the balcony. And the palace goes public about Kate's baby. Nine News at 6:00pm.

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Here's Gazza the ambo
who's pulled an all-nighter. Nan and Mum with the anklebiter. Stevo from Paddo
on a break from a reno having a chinwag
with the visiting rellos. Back from the Murray
are Hoddy and Vinnie, with pav McFlurries Hawko and Simmo in a ute
that's chockas. Best behaviour, fellas.
These two are coppers.

Yep, there's Jimbos and Bennos
and Raches and Ackas, but there's only one place on earth

This program is not captioned. Here's Gazza the ambo
who's pulled an all-nighter. Nan and Mum with the anklebiter. Stevo from Paddo
on a break from a reno having a chinwag
with the visiting rellos. Back from the Murray
are Hoddy and Vinnie, with pav McFlurries Hawko and Simmo in a ute
that's chockas. Best behaviour, fellas.
These two are coppers.

Yep, there's Jimbos and Bennos
and Raches and Ackas, but there's only one place on earth

This program is not captioned. -- news tonight at 6.
Tomorrow right here on Today, two of the Queens of Australian showbiz. That is right, Elle Macpherson on life and love and Rose Byrne is going to join us live. Great. Now it is back to the afternoon news. Thank you, Ben. A fresh reminder of just how quickly a bushfire can erupt after a man in Sydney's south-west accidentally started a fire while using an angle grinder. He was working on his property at Rossmore this afternoon, when sparks from the machine ignited a grassfire. Within seconds, the blaze had spread.A few sparks went on the grass and it went alight and by the time I walked out I heard the crackle of grass burning and I tried to put it out but it was just too big for me.The fire scorched one hectare of grassland. Coca-Cola has launched a new ad campaign after mounting pressure from health advocates in the United States. The soft drink giant plans to blitz the airwaves to share a new anti-obesity message.Ice cold Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola in 1961 advertising the original Coke as a diet beverage. There is no waistline worry with Coke, you know.Most studies say that is not true, so today a new ad from Coke claiming to be part of the obesity solution, not the problem.We now offer over 180 low and no calorie choices.Coke buying a table ad blitz tonight reacting to an assault on sugarry sodas that include school bans, proposed taxes and an awful mocked New York City effort to eliminate large sizes.Oh, no, I am on the run from Johnny Law!!Many feel it is no joke. After all, the average American gets 45 gallons of sugary soft drinks a year - that is 1.5 barrels of soda pop. In fact, they are the single largest source of calories in the American diet. This has six sugar cubes in it, the regular size, 14 sugar cubes and the big gulf some 42 sugar cubes. They are not the ordinary calories either, they are empty of nutrition and do not tell the body they are full.With the beverages we will deprining the calories and then consume more calories on top of that.For the world's largest soda worker today, it is no Coke and a smile. Excitement is building ahead of next year's Winter Games, with Olympic organisers showing off the official torches and sports wear. 15,000 torches will be made - one for every person taking part in the relay. The Winter Olympics will be held in February next year at the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi. Still to come on Nine News - we'll cross live to the bushfire zone for the latest on the crisis unfolding in NSW. The new controls to tackle home-grown terrorism in Australia. And the amazing story of a 7-year- old surfer and his lost camera. This program is not captioned. being
Good afternoon, Two people are t
being questioned after police found wi
two teenagers, cable tied, and hit hom
with a baseball bat at a Bonython bucki
home. The NRMA says Canberra is a
bucking the national trend, and has
avoided a six cent rise in the pric Cavalry
of petrol. And, The Canberra si
Cavalry will field a full-strength again
side, in their must win series, Thursday.
against Sydney, starting on Thursday.Details from 6.

Lachie, hat on.

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The Golden Globes are done and dusted for another year but it doesn't mean all thuwards have been handed out. Here is a look at some of the golden moments. Here are the real winners for behaviour during the long ceremony. Best audience participation - Glenn Close.You get out of here.Worst audience participation - Tommy Lee Jones. Most emotional, honest and open - Jodi Foster.I am single.Cruelest joke -I haven't been following the controversy but when it comes to torture I trust the lady who has spent three years married to James Cameron. Meryl Streep is not here tonight. She has the flu and I hear she's amazing in it.Worst reference -I beat Meryl.Most presidential - Daniel Day-Lewis. Also nominated - Bill Clinton.An exciting special guest - that was Hillary Clinton's husband.Clooney, Clooney and Clooney was best dressed. Most beautiful - Tina Fey. Best acceptance speech bia new mum who, let's face it, done get out much these days - Adele.Oh, my God. Oh, my gau.You're watching Nine -- God. You're watching Nine's Afternoon News. Incredible stories emerging from the busefire near Coonabarabran. -- bushfire near Coonabarabran. Lance Armstrong has come clean to Oprah Winfrey - finally confesing to doping. Abnormally high testosterone levels likely caused an elephant to crush his keeper at Sydney's Taronga Zoo. Lucy Melo returned to work today and we'll hear from her shortly. Returning to our breaking news now - these pictures have just come in of a shooting in Sydney's south- west. One man has died at the scene. A second has been taken to hospital with a wound to his arm. And we will have full details on this story for our Sydney viewers at 6 o'clock. OK, now to the bushfire crisis gripping northern NSW. Wind forecasts for tomorrow could change the direction on a fierce blaze which is burning near Coonabarabran, pushing the flames directly towards homes. Sarah Harris is there for us this afternoon. What's the latest on the ground?Well, thankfully these much cooler conditions have allowed firefighters to get a real handle on things. Still, though, 33 homes have been confirmed destroyed and close to 50,000 hectares of bushland completely engulfed by this firestorm. Tomorrow is really going to be the day of worry. Forecasters say the wind could change direction and the fire could turn 180 degrees. And the flames could start roaring back towards the town, putting homes that have already survived the first big fire back into firing line. So very worrying -- in the firing line. So very worrying indeed. Many people don't know whether or not their homes were still standing. There was a huge community meeting in the centre of town today. We saw a lot of frustration as locals said to community leaders they were angry and they weren't allowed to be back inside. The reason why - the roads are still closed and there are lots of powerlines and trees all over the roads. It's hairy driving into these sections of Coonabarabran. They want to know what's happening with their homes instead of reading about it in the newspapers or seeing it on television.There's a bit of confusion here. Firefighters are allowed to go back to their houses that are standing but their wives aren't allowed in.Why can't they be escorted out to find out if their homes are there or not? You've met with residents today and had a good look around the whole region - how bad is the damage? What can you say? It is absolute devastation. We took a huge drive and the whole bushland which used to be the Warrumbungles is totally black and not even leaf litter exists on the ground anymore. It is just grey. You drive down roads into properties and you have some families who have been lucky enough to see their homes for the first time since the fire swept through. It's gut-wrenching to watch them coming home. Piles of tin where their homes used to be. I'm standing in front of Dave's house now. They lived here for 10 years. Behind us, all it is is twisted tin and melted bottles. This was the place where they wanted to basically spend their twilight years and have the grandkids over. All of this is gone. They have no insurance. So it's really hard for people like this family, one of just a number of people who have lost their homes in this fire.When you look at this, I mean, is there any chance of saving your place? Nup. There was no saving. Not with that bush.

Remarkably, Dave says he will rebuild. He's not moving out of the area. He loves it too much. His family loves it too much. Next time round he plans to build near a dam. If this ever happens again, he can stay and fight the flames. Incredibly resilient. Thank you so much for that. Sarah will have all the details on the situation in NSW at 6 o'clock. Crews have contained a grassfire in Victoria that broke out near Geelong. We'll go straight to Chloe Bugelly. What's happening there now?Good afternoon. Well, just before 2 o'clock this afternoon, two separate grassfires broke out along the banks of the Barwon River, right near a train line. Right near Tucker Street. It's spread to this reserve here off Barwon Heads Road. They were burning very quickly through very long grass and reeds. It was frightening for a lot of people in Geelong who said ash was falling on the CBD and lots of heavy smoke was seen billowing across the suburbs of Marshall, Geelong, Breakwater and Belmont. Crews were able to contain the blazes within about two hours. They were burning near a train line and dollar were disruptions to two V-Line services. I'm told trains are back up and running now. The cause of these two fires are under investigation. Early indications show they may have been caused by sparks from a train.This comes after a spate of deliberately lit fires there? That's right. There's been a frightening spate of dozens of fires in the past week. We've seen 23 fires that are believed to have been deliberately lit on the outskirts of Melbourne. This is very, very concerning because on Thursday the mercury is tipped to hit 39 degrees. And there's a real concern that firebugs will be back out on the prowl. Firefighters say they're simply sick of putting their lives on the line buzz of arsonists. The Victorian Government -- because of arsonists. The Victorian Government says they're on top of it. There's concern from researchers here down at Monash University who want a Western Australia profile. Police in Victoria are saying they're doing all they can to track down and prosecute firebugs and they're urging anyone who witnesses any suspicious behaviour, particularly in the coming days when the weather will heat up, to contact police immediately.We'll leave it there for now. Thank you for that. New measures are on the way to help prevent home-grown terrorism in Australia. The Government wants tighter controls on the sale of every day chemicals that can be turned into deadly bombs. They're the every day chemicals that in the wrong hands can be deadly on a massive scale. You can get them at pharmacies, hardware and gardening stores, even your local pool shop. That's just the beginning.Truth is, a lot of ordinary products can be used to make explosives. We need to make sure we're very careful about the way those products are sold. There are 96 chemicals of concern, 11 pose a high risk, because they can be used to create powerful bombs. The Government wants retailers to closely monitor who is buying them and report suspicious behaviour.So we can minimise the risk of any home-grown terrorism and home-made bombs being able to be constructed here in Australia. Pharmacies already closely monitor potentially risky sales.Any of the requests for those types of products, they have to be referred to the pharmacist.The Government hopes new guidelines will encourage other businesses to be equally as careful. The reason the Government is worried is because we're not talking about products you'd never come across. Many of these are chemicals nearly everyone can get a hold of with very little difficulty. The risk is real. It was hydrogen peroxide available at pharmacies and hear salons that waw used in the 2005 London terrorist attacks. They were home-made explosives of readily available chemicals and made significant damage and killed a segnificant number of people. Along with -- significant number of people. Along with thebally bombings, the Government hopes scenes likethality will never be repeated -- like that will never be repeated here. Lance Armstrong has revealed all to Oprah. The interview wrapped up earlier this morning with the talk show queen tweeting the disgraced cyclist came ready.The worldwide exclusive. Oprah, Lance Armstrong - no-holds barred. Oprah's next chapter. Oprah's interview will air in Australia on Friday. A spike in testosterone is the likely reason our popular elephant calf almost crushed his keeper to death at Sydney's Taronga Zoo. The findings into the inquiry of the near-fatal incident were released today. Good news - Lucy Melo isback at work full time.She's doing incredibly well. It was only three months ago the elephant calf turned on her, crushing her and breaking her ribs and sending her into cardiac arrest. But she's back to full-time keeper duties today. She's working again with all her beloved elephants. Elephants here at Taronga Zoo are amazed by her speedy recovery, as well as the emotional and physical strength she's shown since the attack. In return, Lucy Melo says she's grateful for all the support she's received.I wanted to personally thank everyone for their ongoing messages of support. It's meant so much to me and has truly helped me in my recovery. I want to reassure everyone I'm well and truly back to work. And looking after these elephants is my top priority.It's great to see her in good health. What did the zoo investigation find?It found no staff or the zoo policies were at fault for the incident. And the elephant itself didn't intend to hurt its keeper. It also found the elephant had unusually high testosterone levels around the time of the attack and there were two female elephants nearby on heat. That's most likely the reason he turned on Lucy Melo.It was Lucy's idea in hospital to test his testosterone. She was pretty sharp from the moment it happened. We'll be monitoring his testosterone. He's the fastest-developing elephant we know of worldwide. Experts say such high levels of hormones in such a young elephant is unusual. It suggests he's developing much faster than other young elephants.A boy from the Sunshine Coast has had his video camera returned two weeks after he lost it in the surf. In a strange twist, the device was still recording when it was discovered on the beach. Let's go live now to Ashley McDermid for more. Good afternoon. Take us through what's happened here?This camera has gone on quite a little adventure. It has recorded every second of it. It was a combined present for young Jakeb. He is seven years old. It's one of those increasingly popular cameras that are water-proof and can be attached to anything. He and his dad took it for a bit of a spin when they went surfing in Noosa. Another surfing wiped him out. Despite frapbtsic searching by -- frantic searching by his dad, it was swept out by the current. It washed up on the beach about half an hour away and was picked up by a foreign tourist who - good on him - handed it in. When police couldn't find the owner, they had the novel idea of sending a still frame of the video to the paper and it worked. The family started getting calls early in the morning from friends saying, "You're in the news. Your camera has been found."What have they had to say about all of this?They're stoked. I didn't think I'd ever get to saythality word on air. But they -- say that word on air. But they are. They thought it had been washed out to sea or picked up by someone else. Jakeb thought Mum and Dad would buy him another one. But his parents weren't that happy.There was a strong current going. We were pretty convinced it was gone. He doesn't remember what dad said when the camera was gone. Dad and the gentleman who rang over the surfboard had a bit of a discussion. The final bit of the mystery is who was the foreign tourist? They want to say thank you to him. He didn't leave his name or contact details with the surf life savers. -- lifesavers.Let's hope they track him down. Clint, it's been a busy day at the Australian Open.It has been here at Melbourne Park. Two Aussie mates go head-to-head and an injury scare for Serena Williams. Breaking news on the future of This program is not captioned.

Good afternoon. Bernard Tomic will hit the court here at Melbourne Park later tonight when he faces Leonardo Mayer in the first round. In action so far today - a scare for Serena Williams. It happened early on in her match. She hit the court quite awkwardly and looked in quite a lot of pain after twisting her ankle. This is the ankle that caused her so many problems in the past. It is heavily strapped for all her matches. You can imagine the stress she was in. There was quite lengthy treatment before she got back to her feet. She disposed of her opponent 6-0, 6-0. It was quite a recovery. That injury is still a bit -- big concern. It will take something extraordinary to stop her.I'll be out there. I mean, unless something fatal happens to me. There's no way I won't be competing. I'm alive. My heart's beating. I'll be fine.Lots of action on the outside court this afternoon too. Most notably an epic match between two young Aussies. Ben Mitchell and Duckworth are best mates. They're squaring off in a grand slam. Duckworth took the first two sets before Mitchell hit back hard, taking the next two and forced a fifth set. The match now four hours long. A real epic. The current score 5-5 in the fifth set. Life was a lot easier for Andy Murray. Novak Djokovic has to be taken seriously. He was clinical, winning 6-3, 6-1, 6-3. A real message of intent. On centre court, a treat with Roger Federer. The Frenchman was fighting a losing battle. The Fed Express home in straight sets. Breaking news from Penrith - Michael Jennings has today announced he will be moving to the Sydney Roosters. He has signed a 4-year contract and will make the move immediately. Australia's cricketers have touched down in Brisbane ahead of Friday's one-dayer against Sri Lanka. The squad has been reshuffled and they're ready to bounce back from Sunday's shock loss in Adelaide.We have the three big guys back - Warner, Wade and Clarke. Good to have them back in the team. No excuses this game.The 5-match series is tied 1-1. Lots of action here at Melbourne Park and we can't wait for Bernard Tomic tonight. Thank you. See you next time. We'll have all the latest weather for gu
Tonight on WIN News: Police seize up
guns, after finding two teens tied pi
up and bashed at Bonython. See the card
pictures of the man accused of a evac
card skimming scam. And hundreds Phillip.
evacuated from a building at Phillip. That' s tonight. This program is not captioned. Where is my other sock?

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Good afternoon. Showers and storms have affected the south-west and north of the country today. A severe storm warning is current for Central Queensland. Showers will clear in Perth as a low slips further south. The south-east will have another dry and mostly sunny day under the high. Showers and storms will develop further through the north. The rain system over Queensland is expected to produce more than 50 millimetres of rain over the next 24 hours. While in Brisbane it will be mostly sunny with just the chance of some showers and 30. Another partly cloudy day for Sydney - 28. Similar conditions again in Melbourne tomorrow - mostly sunny and a top of 26.

Thank you. That's our news for today. Our next bulletin is at 6 o'clock. Thank you so much for your company. Have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is not captioned. Hello, everybody. Welcome to the Millionaire Hot Seat
tonight. Let's get straight into the action because I want to give away
$1 million. If not the $1 million, then a whole lot of money
to change somebody's life in the next half hour of fun
and frivolity and tension and drama right here
on the Millionaire Hot Seat. We all ready and pumped to go, gang? (CHEERING) What about this side of town? Yeah? (CHEERING)
Alright. Let's do it! Tonight, in seat 1, Alan Maher's uni friends
partied on their holidays. He had a triple bypass operation. Caroline Ruddick had the honour
of watching the US open next to Steffi Graf and Jim Carrey. Steven Cross is the lead singer
of a metal core band. Also dabbles in some fashion design. Mercia Myers
was envied by her friends. Her mum used to keep her home
every time it rained. Causing confusion everywhere
he goes, this is Sir Edward Ho. Yeah! Physio Chelsea Riviere
spent a summer volunteering in Cambodia
with disabled children. Well done, Chels. Great job.


Let's go. Alan, you ready to play? I certainly am. Well, get up into that hot seat. Go!

Welcome aboard. Alan Maher is 74 years of age,
from Hampton, a retired sports administrator -
what were you doing, Alan? Well, I had the responsibility for the shooting
at the Sydney Olympics, Eddie. Yeah, what'd you do? Well, my title was
the competition manager but it embraced
everything to do with the... When I went there, the shooting
centre was a vacant paddock. When I left there,
it was a $40 million... Fantastic. ..complex, which I didn't build, but I was responsible for making
sure that it met the requirements. And, of course, Russell Mark and... A magic day. Just a sensational day.
Magic. Good on you, mate.
They were queuing up to get in. Alan, your grandson is Joe. G'day, Joe.
G'day, Eddie. How are you, buddy?
Good, thank you. Is he going to win some money
tonight? Yep, certainly is.
That's what we want him to do. Now, Alan, I like this -
you're an old-timer, mate. In 1951, you left school at 15 -
sorry, 14 years of age. And then at 65,
you decided to go back to uni. Did a masters degree. And what happened during term break? Well, I had a... I went in for a check-up and 10 days later, I was back at university
having had a triple bypass. So, the others all went surfing,
you went and had a triple bypass. Yeah, I won the prize for the
most interesting thing in a break. Exactly. Now, come on, mate.
Let's go. I tell you,
you're in good nick for 74. 75 this year. Good on you, mate.
Thank you. That usually happens after 74.
(LAUGHTER) Appearances can be deceiving
but I'm pretty fortunate. Good on you, mate. Alright, mate.
Let's go for $1 million. That's all you have to do -
answer 15 questions. Just the $1 million.
Just one. I'll give you one, OK? Ready to play?
Certainly am. Let's play Hot Seat. Go!

For $100.


(LAUGHTER) Well, quiet time in the shed
is pretty good. I couldn't let the fellas down.
It'd have to be blondes, Eddie. Lock it in. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes... Correct for $100.

Starring Marilyn Munro in the film. $200.


Well, I've got a brother
at the moment and he is suffering pretty badly
with shingles, so I'll have to support him
and I'll go for A, Eddie. Lock in A, shingles.
Lock in A, shingles. Who would've thought your brother's
discomfort would get you $200? Congratulations.



Well, it's...'s not Persian, Chinchilla
or Tabby, I don't think, so I think it's Siamese
so I'll lock Siamese in. Lock in B, Siamese. Of course,
Thailand used to be known as...? Siam.
Siam. It is. Siamese is right, for $300.

Alan, can I just get you
to drop your hand, mate? You're covering your microphone up
there... I'm a bit nervous, Eddie.
That's alright. But if you don't move your hand,
we'll have to throw you off the set. (LAUGHTER) After the million-dollar question,
that's fine. 500 bucks.