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Extreme ER -

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(generated from captions) KEVIN FONG:
There are few greater challenges than saving lives
after serious injuries.

FEMALE DOCTOR: You're shot. You have
to go to the operating room.

I want to see for myself

in some of the world's

This guy was stabbed in the chest

I'll be joining ER doctors
across the world

who are amongst the best

from car crashes,
to stab wounds and gunshot victims.

Did you get assaulted too
or just shot?

I've been given special access to get up close
and see these elite teams in action.

To learn the lessons
that might improve our own A&E's. I want to learn the secrets

and how they manage to save lives
that would otherwise be lost. I want to show you
the world of trauma medicine

This week, I'm in one of the busiest

St Barnabas in the Bronx. Gunshot wound,
gunshot wound, gunshot wound,

someone stabbed in the neck,
someone shot in the hip.

Trauma teams battle to save
a young father shot at a party...

..a man who almost He's very sick, you know.
He could die.

..and the multiple victims
of a violent shootout.

MAN: Take some deep breaths.
Breathe, brother.

When you think of New York City,
you think of Grand Central Terminal

and Madison Square Gardens and all of those movie locations
that you see at the cinema.

But most of New York City,
most of the people who live here, live off the island
in these boroughs.

And in that respect, this is much

The Bronx is the grittiest
of New York's five boroughs. Last year, there were more than
16,000 reported violent crimes

The US are pioneers
of advanced trauma care

and I want to find out what makes

For a week I'll be based
in the emergency room at St Barnabas Hospital,
in the heart of the Bronx.

I've been told to find

Hi. I'm looking for Dr Patti,
is he here?

Hi, Kevin. How are ya?

Thanks for coming and hanging out

Thanks for letting me come in. No trauma yet, since I came on
at seven, but the night is young.

It's always young.

So welcome, I have a few things
I'd like to give you.

I think I have them
in the drawer over here.

A bleep.
Oh, the bleep.

What you call them in the UK -
we call them beepers here.

But I love 'bleeper.'

I spent a year training in the UK.

And here's a jacket


in London things don't tend

I don't know
what the equivalent is here.

There's one sure way to find out
what does go on here -

And this is all the patients that
you've had trauma called or...

Trauma alert. So all of these people have been
through the resus bays, right,

In the last year alone, this trauma
unit treated 132 firearms victims, 210 stabbings and 357 assaults.

Ah, gunshot wound, gunshot wound,
gunshot wound, GSW, gunshot wound

stabbed, gunshot, someone stabbed in
the neck, someone shot in the hip.

Assaults, head injuries... I mean, what you know is,
look, that's all the trauma

in the last six months here.

so there's not an insubstantial
volume of patients coming through

and guns are clearly
not in short supply.

This isn't the pattern
that we'd see, even in one of our busy trauma units
in the UK.

Dr Appelbaum explains how their
trauma alert system works.

Now, tell me about this phone.

This is our EMS notification phone
otherwise know as 'the red phone.'

So when we get calls from
the fire department in New York, or our EMS system, that they're
bringing in a critical patient whether it be trauma,
medical notification,

this is the phone

This sounds like all the other

No, it's got that ring.
It's got that ring.

And what is that response
to hearing that? Oh, it's adrenaline,
are you kidding me?

It's, er, it depends the residents, it's adrenaline -
"Oh, we got a good case." I'd say for most attendings
it's a sense of dread - "Oh!"

Practically, how important is it to
have that five-minute anticipation that something bad is gonna
come through the front door. I think...psychologically,
I think it really helps.

Hospital 83.

Now I'm going to see this unit With reports of multiple
gunshot victims on their way,

Dr Patti is heading up the team
in the resus bays.

Put on your costumes. What'd you hear? You hear anything?

WOMAN: Three gunshot wounds
coming in.

Who's got...

OK, I'm just checkin'
we have our airway kit.


The report is that two masked gunmen DR PATTI: We have blood?
Somebody go to get blood?

Three gunshot wounds,
one with unstable vitals,

Multiple, yeah.

Over there?

The first patient through the door Is this just a Saturday night
in the Bronx?

the emergency services dealt with
more than 16,000 violent crimes. We're gonna take off...
Cut it off, cut it off.

The second gunshot victim

There is another full trauma team
ready to treat him.

More than 20 doctors and nurses
have now arrived at the trauma bays.

He's awake, airway, breathing.

The challenge here is to really try
and accurately triage the patients, assess them as rapidly as you can,
decide who are your priorities so you can deploy your resources
to the people who need it the most.

MAN: Got an injury here.
WOMAN: Any medical problems?

With a second wound to his chest, this bullet could have penetrated
several vital organs.

DR PATTI: Take some deep breaths, WOMAN: We're gonna get a line.
We have to get some labs, OK?

Raul's mother is waiting
just outside the trauma bays. OK, I'm Dr Patti.

Let the doctors do what they
gotta do, don't move your arm. Make a fist.

Wiggle your toes.

Minutes later, the latest victim

and a third trauma team Three trauma codes at the same time,
all from the same shooting incident, one patient they've very efficiently
and rapidly assessed

and triaged down a category,
superficial injury with a bullet.

Two others more seriously injured,
one with a bullet in his, ah,

and I'm uncertain of this
patient's injuries, but, ah...

the first shootout victim, Raul,

has escaped serious injury.

The bullet didn't penetrate
his chest.

Little ricochet off the chest the chest is clear, both sides,
belly's clear.

it's now the second gunshot victim,
John, who's causing concern.

So far, the team have discovered
one bullet wound in his side.

Relax, relax, relax.

Then, alarmingly, They found another injury

It could have gone
all the way through the abdomen.

So an exit wound...
Well, I don't know. I don't know if there's two wounds
or one that went through.

John had simply stopped at the deli
to get a snack but found himself
caught up in the shooting. They're gonna take him straight up
to operating theatre,

best way to get information from him Just minutes after arriving,

I'd already seen one patient, Raul,

escape life-threatening

They're in there now
doing a laparotomy,

opening him up
from about here to here

to have a good look
inside the abdomen, to see if there's anything
that's a threat to life.

For Raul, the first gunshot victim
to be treated by the trauma team,

DR PATTI: He's lucky, because he's
been cleared by the trauma service

to be discharged, probably in the next
half-hour to 40 minutes. Well, that's good news.
Yeah, it's good news for him.

His mother's very happy

This is clearly

in an extraordinary place, and my
spell here had only just begun.


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KEVIN FONG: I'm in New York,
embedded with the trauma teams

at St Barnabas Hospital

I want to find out

at treating
the 99,000 emergency cases

that pass through their system

St Barnabas is more than just
a topnotch trauma unit...

and every day it takes on

The Bronx has the highest rate of with almost a third
of the population

To find out what makes
this neighbourhood tick

I'm meeting one of the front-liners,
paramedic Joe Conzo.

Yeah, right here in the projects,

Um, predominately lower income
families, on welfare. After 18 years working the Bronx, Had an overdose one time, you know
this guy was dead, lips blue,

stopped breathing, and we gave him
the magic drug, Narcan,

and he starts breathing and
it's like he wanted to beat me up

I was like,
"Motherfucker, you were dead."

"I just saved your life Joe offers to show me around
the neighbourhood. This is something we did as kids,
you know, throwing sneakers up on the
telephone wire and stuff.

You know, there's urban myths

it's a sign of drug activities

I don't throw my sneakers

It's a sense of power,

Kids today, as young as 12, 13 years They're fighting with guns,
knives and stuff.

I had a 13-year-old tell me, the map" is another word for sayin' "I'm gonna kick your ass,"
or, "I'm gonna kill you."

It would be ridiculous to suggest Still significant problems, huge
problems, but things are changing,

you get that sense

The emergency services, the police

the EMTs, this ER,
they're all part of that change

and part of the solution.

So I feel very lucky to have been on

You couldn't come to New York

and find that out
about the Bronx ordinarily. Back at St Barnabas,
armed with my pager,

I'm following trauma veteran

looking for clues to this unit's
remarkable reputation.

It's not the Third World,
it's the Big Apple, right?

OK, so if the guy's on break,
get his butt back here.

I'm not gonna... I'm gonna tell you I'm on break
during the middle of a trauma,

say, "Hey, you know what?

But it isn't just gunshot victims,

that pour through the doors. This sounds like a very sick patient
who's bleeding very heavily

from his gut somewhere - just not sure where
from what the ambulance crew said. His blood pressure is very low
and from the sounds of it,

which is all suggestive

This potentially could be a very
serious case, a very urgent case,

so, ah, this is gonna
put these guys to the test. The patient's name's is Pedro Gomez,

Does he speak English or Spanish?
Spanish only.

He's got ascites.

A big part of our job is,
like I tell my children at home,

Basically, that's what I am.

You know, what did EMS say?

What did the family say?

What did the scene look like,

were there pill bottles I try to get as much
information as I can. Sometimes our patients
don't give us information,

Yeah, I know.
He could...he could die, you know. Yeah, I know that.
Because of the way he's bleeding.

You know that? Let me know, OK?

You used to get the relatives
out of the room when a patient was very sick,
when you were resuscitating them.

But increasingly now, DR PATTI: His blood tests

If I leave him like this

and then he'll just pass out
and we can't save him.

So what I'm going to do is,
I'm gonna put him on a ventilator,

that helps his body relax

Thank you.
You're welcome.

Whatever you do is for the best. Pedro's clearly very sick, ah,

Dr Patti's had to
divide his attention and talk to Pedro's brother
and provide some clarity,

be honest, and do all of that
with a bit of warmth.

You know, you get a sense of him
and what makes him

a really very wonderful

Pedro is exhausted
and on the verge of dying.

To save his life, Dr Patti

put him onto a ventilator
and get him to intensive care,

and he has to train

Resident Dr Patel is given siting a breathing tube
in his trachea. You need cricoid? I have a little
cricoid, it's too much, you tell me.

he is no longer able

Until that tube goes in,

there'll be no new oxygen
getting into his lungs.

Now do you see it pushing down
into your field of view or no?

OK. Can you see?

I'm gonna hold it right there then.

Dr Patel must thread through the vocal cords
and down into the trachea.

It's a core anaesthetic skill and if
you get it wrong, it can be fatal. Did you see it go through the cords?

Pedro is critically ill
and in danger of dying, but for now, Dr Patti and the team
have managed to buy him some time.

Excellent job. We gotta start him
on a sedative drip, right.

That's what's good is,
you know, we try to work as a team,

we let them try to get their She managed to get it down
first time, so that's pretty good.

With all that blood it's not easy.
No, they're never easy.

Pedro is more stable now,

The fight for his life will go on
in the intensive care unit.

About halfway through the week

and if it's not trauma coming


There's always this sort of stuff You know, the guys sitting
in the middle of that doughnut, in the middle of ED1 just feel like
they're permanently under siege. And those bays all around, all
19 of them, are almost always full. Some of them have two patients
in them at the same time so,

Um...and it is interesting watching
how the doctors deal with that.

A few days later and, remarkably,
Pedro's out of danger.

Alright, senor.

Alcohol had almost cost him
his life.

Like other elite emergency doctors

Dr Patti looks like a man
who can cope with anything.

But once in a while, all doctors see
cases that really do get to them.

I try to keep it in check
and try to keep it under wraps,

only because when I'm there
I'm sort of the captain of the ship,

and if the captain loses it, the
crew loses all faith in the vessel

and its journey,
and you start sinking quickly.

But I have, at some points,
felt that way.

Probably one of the most difficult
cases that I've had to deal with was a young boy, who was brought in
in severe respiratory distress

with what we found out later on I walked around the boy, and his
father grabbed me as I was walking

and he said,

..and I could see superimposed
on his face, my son's face... ..and I continued to do my job -

Th...those kinds of emotions,

And we tried,
but we were unsuccessful.

beautiful as they are, And we're not celebrating just because we've got
the room to celebrate in. we take our sport more seriously

on 26 January.

St Barnabas trauma unit
in the Bronx has more experience

of treating gunshot victims
than anywhere I've seen in the UK.

Hospital 83. It isn't long before that expertise
is once again put to the test. Just had a trauma call,
don't know what it is,

so off to the trauma bay to see. Trauma surgeon

and as chief resident,

P.A.: Trauma code! Trauma bay!

and a member
of one of the local gangs.

So what happened?

Jamel had been out at a party
when an argument turned nasty

Let's get him over, you guys.

I want the blood pressure Right now, the team don't know
if Jamel's been shot once or twice.

but the internal damage caused by Sweetie, did you get assaulted too
or just shot?

Fine. Get the line, please.

I want the blood pressure now.

What's your name, buddy?
I wanna go to sleep.

You're not gonna sleep yet.

(MOANS) Motherfuckers. Stomach.

Relax, relax, relax. Don't move, don't move.
Relax, relax, relax.

On my side or my stomach. Alright, alright.
Look right at me. Look right at me. I need to turn on my side.
No, no, you gotta stay flat.

Keep your legs down, OK?

Up to this point,
Jamel has been conscious,

Look at me.
Look at me, open your eyes.

I'm Dr Reavis,
I'm one of the trauma surgeons. You're shot,
you have to go the operating room.

Tiffany's fear is that
he's bleeding from somewhere unseen,

heavily enough to deprive his brain
of an adequate supply of oxygen. Clear evidence of gunshot injury
to his abdomen,

which may well be life-threatening

so they're gonna get
a quick chest X-ray now, then they'll take him
straight to the operating theatre.

Stay awake,
just till we get upstairs. Take Emmanuel
and get him on the monitor.

Open your eyes.

Keep them open, keep them open. Go. Jamel arrived at the hospital

Now surgeon Tiffany Reavis and her

and find any bullets that might
still lie lodged inside him.

This is called an exploratory
laparotomy and what that means is that they're exploring the
abdomen and the abdominal contents. The important things for them
to identify early here are any life-threatening
haemorrhagic injuries,

that is, injuries that are
causing him to bleed, which would be acutely
life-threatening over minutes.

The doctors just don't know how much

becoming yet another So that's the small bowel
coming out there,

it looks like there's they're now searching through
that great length of small bowel

to see if there are

and then down exploring the other

You saw them identifying several
injuries to the small bowel itself,

um...which they then marked
and they've decided to remove the section of bowel
that contained those injuries.

Um...and all of this We're less than 20 minutes into this
operation and the abdomen is open

and they've identified
several injuries

and they've already
started to address them.

So, all in all

They cut out the injured
section of bowel

and then staple
the healthy ends together.

It came through here, hit part of
the small bowel and large bowel, it came through the front
and the wound that we saw here

was the bullet just underneath

Those two wounds
have been made by one bullet

which passed right through Doctors sometimes compare the trauma
process to a Formula One pit stop.

this is the closest thing I've seen
to that model in action.

So this gentleman's now safely on
intensive care after his surgery.

He's been very lucky,
the bullet passed almost all the way

through his abdomen, but only
injured his small and large bowel. Hopefully,
he'll make a full recovery.

There are these individuals,
usually young men,

who are suddenly and prematurely
aware of their mortality.

Do you see them getting changed They can think that
they are still heroic and can run out of here and have
nothing ever happen to them again,

or they can be in here

Others, definitely, definitely very
grateful for what's happened to them

because it's been an eye-opener,
a life experiencing change,

where they want to better themselves

where they won't be in that

I'd now seen the dealing with some acutely
life-threatening cases,

including victims of
multiple gunshot wounds.

But as a community hospital, who call on the more personal side
of being an ER doctor.

Dr Applebaum is on his ward round

with some of the unit's

This is a nice guy from the He was hallucinating when he
got here last night, thinking...

He's got some whole thing,
like a rat thing,

where he thinks rats
are all over him,

biting him all over his genitals
and all this bizarre stuff.

He says the last time he was here

We have an area over here behavioural disorders
or psychiatric disorders.

Substance abuse issues.

we have a dedicated security guard And they're also within
our field of view. I wouldn't put 'em in an area
where I couldn't see them.


But sometimes, patients manage
to give staff the slip.

We did have one interesting case, she asked the doctor if she can
go use the restroom, and she went into the restroom
and was in there for quite a while.

We look in,
we don't see the patient. So we open the door
and the patient's gone.

So there's no windows
in the restroom

because it's an internal restroom.

and you could see that one of
the ceiling tiles was ajar.

So I walked out here, we walked out,

and we looked and you could see

there were ceiling tiles
that were moving! She had gone into the drop ceiling,
and was trying to escape. I don't know where she planned
to escape to, we said,

"Ma'am, you have to come back,

Sure enough,

we put some mattresses on the floor

and she fell right through the
ceiling that's like 8-10 feet. Landed on the mattresses, promptly,
you know, bruised herself pretty bad

but didn't get hurt seriously.

But that was one of my favourite
stories - a good ending, you know.

is a woman who's been admitted
after a domestic disturbance.

MAN: He's a 58-year-old guy came in
with the chief complaint...

My kids never even
seen me like this! (WEEPS) My kids never seen
my face like this!

Can you just give us
a few more minutes

I said I will.
You know what they did?

They put my hands behind my back

What am I arrested for?

My husband's right there, look, they made him put on
a hospital gown for what? Can you please calm down?
Can you just calm down? Why? Look at my face.
I see...

I gotta go home

Did somebody beat you in your face

'cause you gotta go

There's more to this job than just treating physical illness
and injuries.

I understand.
Take a deep breath, though, ma'am.

We're here to help you.

I'm not here to torture you,

Come on. Come over here.

Come sit over here.

As a health professional, you don't
get the choice who you treat. You don't get to say
who deserves your healthcare

Take a deep breath. Relax, OK? That's what most doctors and most
nurses went into the profession for.

It's because you have that whatever their circumstance,
however they've come to you.

Just hang in there a little bit.

Can you give her
something to drink, please?

No, I don't want any of your -
give me some ice.

No medicine.

What's your name?
You never told me your name.

but you can call me Nisha.

Thank you, Nisha. I'm Dr Patti, OK?
Dr Patti, I know you before.

Were you drinking a little bit too?
Yes, I was, 'cause it's my birthday!

Oh, happy birthday.

No, my birthday's next week, You got an early start on it.

Good. I'm glad you remember
good things. Good.

This is a guy who's been an
attending emergency room physician

He, he...isn't frustrated
by the people who come in. He loves the trauma, he loves
the chaos, he loves being...

..running at 110 miles an hour all
the time, he's not burnt out by it.

You know...

..he's really someone who you like

Taking a walk,

Next day and Jamel,
the gunshot victim from the party,

is out of intensive care Jamel has got a future and is trying
to put gang life behind him.

From what I've seen so far
at St Barnabas,

with the range of injuries
and personalities they have to treat here
on a daily basis.

just how this place
has streamlined their system. How they save lives
that might otherwise be lost.

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I'm coming to the end of my week
at the trauma unit

I have one more day here and want to
pinpoint just what it is that puts St Barnabas in the
US medical system's premier league. You get the sense
that the community here

are very grateful

I mean, as much as this is an
intractably difficult population,

they do appreciate
what we do for them.

They have a unique
way of showing it.

Have you heard of stoic populations?
Ah, yes, I have. Yes.

This is not one of them.
(LAUGHS) The next case was Antoin,
a 44-year-old man

who'd arrived in the unit with
a head injury - he'd been drinking.

I was drinking and I don't know,

maybe I got into

and the next thing you know
we was arguing and I think

I took a glass from the house
and smashed it on my head. This is what happens
when you drink too much

and you don't realise
what you're doing.

(LAUGHS) The cleverest thing to do
is take a drink and go to sleep.

this gentleman
has a relatively minor trauma, he has lacerations to his head
and possibly a head injury.

But he's also slightly intoxicated

and the team will treat him
as they do all trauma patients,

with a very careful examination
to make sure there are no more serious injuries
than they can see immediately.

when doctors discover all he needs

Are you, like, stitching already? You didn't feel it, huh?
No, I do not!

They just wanted to know

Oh, you forgot the doc.

I didn't feel no pain.

Have they looked after you well?

Have they looked after you well,
sorted you all out? Yes. They got me over here, here,
and the head. Everything is great.

I'm ready to put my shit on
right now and leave. I'm ready to, like,
pull shit out and go home.

I'm from New York, you know how it
is, we get rough and rugged.

Thank you. God bless you.
Have a good night.

Cheers. See you.

To me, trauma is like you fix the
hole. Big deal, it's not that hard.

But, the hard stuff is,
you know, that guy who couldn't find a way to get to the fourth

How am I gonna deal with that? Am I gonna carry him on my own back
to the fourth floor?

Before I leave St Barnabas,

I want to get the latest
on gunshot victim John.

He was the 23-year-old New Jersey Hi, John, how are you? I'm Kevin.

I haven't seen you since

Is that you?
That's him.

Oh! I'll let you get that.

It turns out that this time,

One went through to his pelvis
and was removed.

A second hit his left lung

Probably pretty awful evening,

What happened? The guys were
just there at the store or...

He'll definitely be here for

John, it's great to see you
looking so well,

I can tell you want
to get some sleep.

Really glad everything's
working out so well. They've looked after you
well here, I think.

I'll check on you later.

Looking back on my time

every case was a clue to how this

Three gunshot wounds,
one with unstable vitals,

With the triple shooting, several
full trauma teams were on stand-by.

But slick trauma teams is just one side of the story
at this emergency unit.


St Barnabas has to have the ability
to deal with every kind of case.

During those less serious I saw what really makes
St Barnabas so special. It is what it is.
I'm from the Bronx. Peace.

There are kind of
two sorts of hospital.

You know, there are the big that are pushing back
the frontiers of medicine

and making all of our

and they are important and they are

the community hospitals which are

..and doing the absolute best that
they can to meet the infinite demand for healthcare that exists
out there in the community with the finite resources
they have in this environment.

And they do a stellar job. Stellar.

Oh, excellent. Pleasure meeting you.

It's been brilliant
seeing your department.

I hope we showed you
the best of St Barnabas.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for everything,

Thanks for letting us hang around.

And I'll have to look after you
in London sometime. You better return. I'm gonna be
coming to London, definitely.

Listen - being that you came here,
and made the visit to us

and were hanging out with us,

to remember us by, when you're
across the pond back in England. And, ah, I have a special memento
that I like to give

To say that I've been here.

I've been to the Bronx and survived.
Yep. You have.

this hospital is more

31-year-old male. Multiple stab

It's like a living, breathing thing.

It never stops, it never rests,
it is always there. And it tells you about more than
just the heart of this community,

it tells you something

Good evening. Sig sig sig with a World -- Manny Tsigas with a World News Australia update. For years Armstrong repeatedly denied doping allegations. But he appeared to change tack with Oprah Winfrey. The French army has carried out more air strikes in Mali, this time on a town in the West that was -- west that was seized by Islamic militants. The United Nations officially backed the intervention. A Pakistani cleric has told thousands of people to continue protesting in central islad bad -- Islamabad. I'll have a full World News Australia bulletin at 10:30pm.

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NARRATOR: Coppers (SINGS) # Woop, woop
That's the sound of da police. #

PROTESTERS: (CHANT) What a waste

With funding cuts

MAN: Wankers!

I love nicking people.

I'd lock everybody up, let us know
what they really think about us.

You just want to bang people's heads
together and go...

You're not telling me

From dispatch... MAN: (OVER RADIO)
Why can't you just fuck off?

OFFICER: Try and bite me,
I'll break your fucking nose!

If I have to lock a drunk up
who wants to fight with me,

I'll kick him in the bollocks.

MAN: Have we got any bitches
in the house?

Oh, what are you doin'?!

..and the traffic police who pick up the pieces
when we crash our cars...

MAN: VB, further from, uh, 7-0.

I didn't hear that fucking
great Range Rover coming.

You twat.

who don't deserve the right
to have a driving licence.

And you want to grab hold of them and say, "Look, you're driving
like an idiot." Just gotta let her breathe
for a minute.

get it out, point it.

It's like a good woman. You can't just get into bed
and say, "Come on."

It's gotta be wined and dined first.

Sweet nothing, sweet nothing.

The Scope of Love.

NARRATOR: There are
13 police constables

in Team Three,

The thing about road traffic is
it is black and white.

You're either doing it I'm not one for giving
words of advice.

I don't see the point and saying, "You've driven without
insurance today. Don't do it again."

Or "You're on your mobile phone.
Don't do it again."

It's proven -
the only way to hit people

There's a red one here, Wayne.
That's going fairly well.

No, that's him.

FENTON: When I use the LTI 20/20,
aka 'Love Scope',

It feels like holding a gun,
I suppose.

And everybody wants to
hold a gun, don't they?

It's every boy's dream

NARRATOR: Every year, we commit
over 6 million traffic offences.

The off-licence.

Leigh Fenton is on the trail of

driving whilst disqualified.

Was banned from driving
for three years

He's on duty with
veteran traffic office Darren Osker.

Man in a bar

"What a coincidence.
I've ordered champagne too." The man says,
"What are you celebrating?" And the lady says, "Hubby and I have
tried for years to have a baby.

The man says, "What a coincidence.
I'm a farmer. "For years, my hens were infertile.
Today, they all laid eggs."

"Well," the lady says,

And the man says, The lady smiles,
clinks his glass and says,


This is the chap

NARRATOR: They're acting on a that a local shopkeeper
is flouting his ban. Short stint in custody

Right, the van owner is off
for a drive. He's coming our way.