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Live This program is captioned live. Counting the cost - eevak wees wait to see if their homes are still standing as a massive bushfire burns out of control in New South Wales. Pain at the pumps - the biggest jump in petrol prices in seven years. We will find out why we're paying more. On the edge - alleged race riots threaten to spiral out of control in Brisbane. And Hugh the Hollywood hunk shows us his Golden Globe. Out of the pool and into the kitchen, Olympic superstar Stephanie Rice shows off her secret talent. That's right. From Stephanie Rice to Hugh Jackman we have an action packed program this morning.We have a couch of winners coming up.A couch of winners - that's a huge rap. Good morning.Morning. Lleyton Hewitt went so well in Kooyong, but out of the Australian Open.We're all behind Bernard Tomic even more. Poor Ashleigh Barty as well.The couch of winners is going well! Looking forward.It's Tuesday, 15th January 2013. Hopefully we will have some weather winners for you today. The chance of a late shower in Cairns - not a good start - mostly fine in Brisbane.There you go..Some winners. Over cast in Sydney, what are you doing, Sydney? Over cast in Canberra - fo a change. Late shower in Perth, sunny in all springs and a storm in Darwin. Our thoughts with everyone affected by bushfires this morning. We better check in with the news.Bushfires dominate our bulletin this morning. Good morning. The bushfire emergency continues in New South Wales. We have reporters in Coonabarrabran and also in Victoria where authorities are hundreding a firebug following a huge grassfire there. But first to Coonabarrabran in northern New South Wales where an enormous out of control fire has changed direction prompting a fresh emergency overnight. Sylvia Jeffreys join us. A very anxious night for locals in the region? Anxious indeed. No doubt a sleepless night for many residents out here and another exhausting evening for our firefighters as well. This fire has already destroyed 33 homes around Coonabarrabran, making it one of the worst blazes the state has seen in many years. Last night the emergency situation escalated, changing conditions pushed the fire front towards Coonabil. Firefighters feared dozens more homes were under threat. But thankfully conditions eased in favour of firefighters and that situation was downgraded to watch and act level. But the fire service is making it clear that the situation far from over, that the fire in the Arrambungle National Park is still out of control and has a 100 kilometre perimeter. More than 100 firefighters and 18 aircraft will be back out there today. This morning at headquarters at Coonabarrabran they are preparing to change shifts. A lot of exhausted firefighters here tonight. Moral has been boosted somewhat knowing conditions have improved slightly today.What about residents? Many of them fled the fire front during the emergency Sunday night. A lot of them are unsure whether their homes are among the 33 destroyed. Are residents able to return home yet? They have been told they can't return home yet. The situation is still very unsafe for them. Our cameras went into part of the destroyed area last night to see some of the homes. Those pictures say it all. Homes completely destroyed along with everything inside of them. Tragically, for many families that's all they will have to return to when it's safe to do so. A lot of destruction. This fire moved at a phenomenal pace, according to firefighters. We're not just talking about homes. It's also the Siding Spring observatory. Accommodation buildings have been destroyed or significantly damaged. But thankfully the telescopes including the main telescope have been unscathed. That's some good news for the people who work there. It will be several days before they can return to work, with roads cut leading to the observatory. We're also talking about sheds, machinery, livestock. That the point there is no way of knowing how much livestock has been lost out here. It's clearly having a very big impact on wildlife out here. As we heard firefighters describe this as a ferocious blaze. Animals have been defenceless against the fire. Such a devastating blaze. What is the latest on the fires burning right across the state?Of immediate significance for people around here - there is another fire burning in the area. It's known as the red bank fire. It's alright cut the road between Coonabarrabran and Nrrabri but at this stage it's not posing any threat to homes. That will be monitored throughout the day. The aircraft will be water bombing that fire as well today. But still across the state there are 122 fires burning, 29 of them are uncontained. So firefighters here have their work cut out for them. Anyone still needing to evacuate their homes - there is only one evacuation centre officialy set up still at Baradine at the tats stalls club. There is an emergency line set up as well. 1800679737.All of the information will be on our website. Let's turn to Victoria now. Authorities are this morning searching for the firebug responsible for a large blaze south-west of Melbourne. Christine Ahern joins us for more. This fire caused a lot of concern yesterday for residents. Tell us what happened?It burned through more than 350 hectares in Little Rife, about an hour out of the city, on the way to Geelong. It was a fairly fast moving fire. We're fortunate it was mild conditions but the grassfire was moving north westerly. At one stage it was causing spot fires some 2 to 3 kilometres ahead which was proving a problem for CFA crews. It was stoney ground and they had trouble getting their tankers in. There were 40CFA crews, aircraft and the Elvis air crane brought in to try to get the blaze under control. Because it was mild conditions it was a bit better for crews and they managed to control that at just after 7 last night. No towns were under direct threat. But a watch and act was issued for several towns as the fire moved steadily towards them. Luckaly fire crews managed to control that just after 7. Police do believe the fire was deliberately lit. It is the second fire in the area in about a week that has been deliberately lit. Firebugs causing a lot of trouble for authorities here in authority at the moment.Certainly are. Lucky the weather was on their side. The overall fire threat has eased in Victoria for now at least. Authorities though are bracing for more extreme conditions later in the week?.That's right. We're on a four-day cycle. Once again on Thursday we will have temperatures again in the high 30s. And low whos. A severe - 40s. A severe fire danger is predicted for central, north central and south-west part of the state. Once again that's provening authorities to urge people to have a fire plan ready and to be prepared to enact it early.To other news now - for the third night in a row violent clashes have erupted in Queensland between warring families. Take us through what happened in Woodridge last night?Deb, racial tension erupted between Indigenous and Pacific islander familys that resulted in a brawl around 6.30 pm in Logan streets last night. After yelling threats the two groups ran at each other with anyone weapon they could find. Some people grabbed fence pailings off nearby fences and others picked bricks off the ground and ran at each other. About five police officers put their bodies on the line to intervene and break up these two groups. That did happen and a police blockade was formed at either end of Douglass Street. But these were very ugly scenes indeed. Take a look.

We can see how volatile that situation is. It has gotten worse over the past few nights. What sparked the violence in the first place?.It's believed it was sparked when a Pacific islander family thought their car was smashed by the Indigenous family down the road. They retaliated by smash the windows of the house and the calf that Indigenous family. According to Indigenous leader it is all started simmering after Jackson's death at Logan Lea. Police are trying to organise a meeting between Indigenous elders and leaders of the Pacific island community to help put an end to the violence quick smart.Labor is kicking off the election year with a healthy boost in the polls. The first Newspoll for 2013 shows the ALP's primary vote has risen 6 points. Both parties are neck and neck on a two party preferred basis. The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is surging ahead as the preferred Prime Minister, climbing two points to 45%. Still in Sydney - a man has died after he was badly burned in a suspected drug lab explosion in the city's north-west. Neighbours called for help after seeing smoke are pour pouring from the Rhyde home. Police later seized 7 kilos worth of drugs, about half a million dollars in cash and firearms from the home. A woman has also been charged. A woman will face court next month charged with deliberately setting fire to an historic inner city hotel. Police say the 23-year-old woman lit the blaze at the Lan democracy owne hotel following a fight with other tenants. The fire tore through the third floor with flames leaping from the balcony. No-one was injured. The woman has been charged with several offences and has been granted bail. Taronga Zoo has released its findings into last year's elephant attack. The 40- year-old spent 12 days in hospital recovering from life threatening injuries, saying afterwards she did notice the elephant's behaviour had changed a few days before the incident. The zoo's life science division is expected to detail its findings this morning. If you've filled up at the pump in the past 7 days you have probably noticed a big dent in the pocket with petrol prices recording their biggest rise in 7 years. It's the largest increase since September 2005. Melbourne prices rocketed 11c. Sydney and Brisbane went up by 10. Adelaide rose by 9. Economists say the hike was most likely due to retailers recovering their losss from the recent discount cycle. To the markets:

The Royal family's new addition will arrive in July with sain James palace issuing a statement on behalf of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Kate is believed to be around 14 weeks pregnant. William and Kate were forced to announce the pregnancy last month when the Duchess was hospitalised with severe morning sickness. Since then the palace has said Kate's condition has conditioned to improve. They really did have to announce that early on when it was touch and go. So it's good she is on the mend.I think it's a girl. You do?The Queen has already made sure if it is a girl...She will be named a Princess.You might have to explain that to me later. A July baby. Royal baby. Can't wait. I can see how excited Lisa Wilkinson is already. Let's look at the national fly around this morning.

If you didn't get a chance to see Lleyton Hewitt in action last night, don't be alarmed.We have a plethora, a gamut, a heap of sport. Mixed fortunes for the Aussies. Lleyton Hewitt0 out in This program is not captioned. MAN: The get-together.

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Good morning, welcome to Tuesday morning. Let's look at the newspaper front pages. The bushfires in New South Wales lead New South Wales lead papers. The Sydney morning herald says 33 homes and 40,000 hectares of land have been destroyed in the state's worst blaze in a decade.In the Daily Telegraph, a fire captain epitomised the plight of firefighters yesterday, sadly his home was burnt down while he was out saving others..And Wayne Swan has conceded his controversial mining tax is not raising revenue it was meant to, which is hurting the government's bottom line.And principals warn parents could face new fees for internet access next year..And Lleyton Hewitt's hopes of a 17th straight Australian Open were dashed last night when he was ousted by Janko Tipsarevic.And a pumped up Sam Stosur has thrown aside the yips that have be devilled her Australian summer - with a win for Sam..And tourism chiefs have urged Tasmanians to return to fire affected areas and urge social media to do the same. And Hugh Jackman's hopes have been boosted of an Oscar, awarded a Golden Globe for his standout performance in 'Les Mis'. Some of the chat with Richard Wilkins later. Sport now.Lleyton Hewitt's hot form has come to an end crashing out of the Australian Open in the first round last night. Hewitt was no match for the world number 8, Janko Tipsarevic.Walking out for a 17th straight time on to Rod Laver Hewitt had never looked in such good touch and he wasn't about to lose his grip.Oh, that was genius. What a shot.Nothing could separate the pair, going game for game as the Serb took a page out of Hewitt's book.He did what Lleyton has done so many times.And the Aussie took out the first in a thrilling tie breaker. Early in the second it was all Hewitt, racing out to a 3-0 lead. Tup tip just as pumped, winning 7 off the next nine. Breaking Hewitt's serve to secure a 2-0 lead. It was the Serb this time taking a 3-0 advantage in the third. But as we've seen so often Hewitt wasn't going down without a fight. Janko Tipsarevic sevening for help as Hewitt again let the umpire know. He looked straight to you, mate. The big serve breaking the frustrated Aussie before serving out the match in just over three hours.Put in all the hard yards and do all of the right things and I feel like I hit the ball reasonabley well for the match. I didn't play a poor standard match. He just played too well on the big points.Tom Mitchell, Nine News.A few other results - Baghdatis was pushed to five sets. Ivanovic won 6-2, 6-1. Sam Stosur the only winner out of the Aussies. Ashleigh Barty went down in three. Madison Keys too good for Casey. Matt Ebdon fought out a five-set battle, eventually going down. And Moses Enrikuez has earnt a call up. He has scored 314 runs this summer for an average of 78 and is hoping to impress in the international colours.I have never played an ODI on Australian soil. It will be a massive honour.Game 3 at the Gabba on Friday. New Hawks recruit Brian Lake has avoided serious punishment from the club after he and his wife were arrested after a drunken stoush with his wife over the weekend. He has been ordered to found a way to help victims of the Tasmanian bub fires.I have taken steps to gain the respect of players and etch involved at the clubment I see this as a step back. More pain for the Hawks after Alex Woodward went down with a serious they injury. The club injury. The club conunder go his second knee reconstruction.What about Brian Lake - arrested with your wife?At a new club as well.Good to keep things in the family, though.Maybe in a nicer way.Have you and Kane of been arrested?.No, not yet. Yes?Not yet.Still time.We shouldn't laugh, but we are.You are!Gossip time now.They are outraged!The Golden Globes last night, it was a big wild night. Have you got it covered?I did. There are a lot of sore heads and hurt hearts. Mainly Taylor Swift, not a happy camper after losing out to Adele, the queen of This program is not captioned. To renovate your house,
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That is a good song.Good flash back.Hi boys.Thank you Benny.We have the morning after the globe globe, a massive night. Everybody talking about Jodie Foster's amazing speech. What did she USADA gain?I thought you knew. She was talking in riddle after riddle but I know this Jodie Foster has come out as a lesbian, worst-kept secret in Hollywood. She has come out loud and proud. She says "I value privacy but it is time to move on - an yes, I'm single, I have to redheaded kids and no I'm not retiring" and I say this is her direct challenge to Hollywood to say "Try ignoring me now". Barely understood a word!Listen, Taylor Swift, not happy Jan?No, no, no. I would say the sky fell on her dreams, yes, that is right. OK, you know she has been on a winning streak but when you come face-to- face with adole you are going to lose Honey. I'm sorry, that is that way. When the camera panned to her face, soul Sally, someone did a lemon, it was not good. The two kept their distance throughout the parties. Taylor was not exactly her happy self but that could be Harry Styles dumping her as well.Miranda and Orlando, rumours swirling, say everything is OK, please! Everything is OK. You told pre to say it and I am. They were the King and Queen of the red carpet last night. Miranda, showing a lot of leg, Orlando, fabulous, having a great time. Hopped to all the parties a beautiful night. I'm telling you, they welcome in Hollywood any time. Put those rumours away. I did.That is a hit of what happened at the globe globe. Huey and all the highlights.You are in fine touch. Let's check the news -Towns in northern NSW were again under threat over notice after the large blaze burning in the work work changed direction sparking a fresh America - the fire started to move northwest of the National Park fanned by strong wind. Residents were placed on high alert but the threat the lives and property has eased. Meanwhile, it will be some time until the full extent of the devastation near Coonabarabrean will be known with locals still not able to return home. Authorities have confirmed that 33 homes were destroyed after the blaze for through 40,000 hectares of land on Sunday night. Livestock an wildlife has perished. 122 fires are still burning in NSW, 29 of those are out of control. Coming up - we cross live to our reporter Sylvia Jeffreys in Coonabarabrean for the very latest. Victoria is once again on high alert bracing for an extreme fire danger later this week as authorities hunt a fire bug believed to have deliberately it will a large blaze southwest of Melbourne yesterday. Let's cross to Christine Ahern with the latest. It took a lot of man pow were to control this fire. Take us through what happened there.40 CFA crews and four air craft, including the Elvis water bomber, were brought into battle this grassfire in Little River an hour out of the city on the way the Geelong. It burnt through 350 hectares and it was a large fire front. At one stage it caused spot fires some 2 to 3 kilometres ahead which was proving a real concern for crews. They had trouble getting tankers into some of the locations because of the stoney ground but it was mild conditions yesterday so thankfully after this fire broke out at 3.30 yesterday afternoon, they had it under control just after 7 o'clock. No homes were under direct threat, yet some watch-and-acts were issued to several tunes as the fire moved steadily towards them. Police do believe that this fire was deliberately it will. It is the second fire in the Little River disstrike in a week that has been deliberately it will. Fire bugs proving a big problems for authorities in Victoria. The weather is on their side. What sort of conditions is the state expecting later this week.Once again on Thursday we will have extreme conditions in Victoria and Melbourne. It is tipped to go to 39 degrees, over 40 in other parts of the state and some strong wind, so once again, CFA crews will be on red alert later in the week as we could be battling more fires here in Victoria. Racial tepblgss have again boiled over in a Queensland street with police struggling to break up two warring families last night. Lauren Ellis joins us. Frightening scenes in Woodbridge overnight. What can you tell us? Racial tension boiled over between Indigenous families that ended up in a ball on the streets of Logan at 6.30P after yelling threats at each other the groups grabbed anything they could the use as weapons which included palings if the fence and bricks from nearby areas. There were five police officers who put their bodies on the line to intervene and help stop this violence and thankfully that worked. About 10 to 15 minutes later the two groups were separated and police formed a blockade at either end of the streets to keep the two warring families apart. It is believed this started when one of the Pacific Islander family's cars were smashed and they retaliated by smashing the car and house windows of the Indigenous family they believed was responsible. It has been simmering for a long time, since the death of Jackson doneian killed in Logan Lee by attain after he jumped the track tosses scape three men where they had a brawl while the train was passing. Travelling is up to 250 or more different ethnic groups in the Logan area so it is a very diverse population out there. Police are meeting with Indigenous elder and leaders from the Pacific Islander families today to try to resolve this tension.Very ugly scenes there in Woodbridge. Police in Western Australia say they have confirmed the identity of a head found washed up at Rottnest Island but they will not release a name until the family is notified. Local media is reporting remains belong to understand world figure Stephen Ray months Cookson due the face court on Friday for drug offences. The 54-year-old reportedly had a full beard, moustache and missing several teeth. The same description released by police when they were trying to identify the remain. A court has rejected Silvio Berlusconi's bid to have his under- age sex trial suspend until after next month's elections. The woman at the centre of the scandal arrived at a Milan court as the final witness to testify. The judges no longer required her testimony saying her written statement detailing wild parties would be enough. Deliberations are underway and a verdict could be reached as soon as tomorrow. Finance now

Bernard Tomic will head into tonight's first round match against Leonardo Meyer. Lleyton Hewitt lost to Serbia's Janko Tipsarevic in straight sets tfplgt world number 8 with plenty of praise for Hewitt. It is really amazing. I mean the guy had so many injuries and he is turning 32 this year and the balls he is making, you play just to finish the point. Hewitt became the 8th of nine Australia to but out on the opening day.Sam Stosur a winner. Mariners coach Graham Arnold has been ordered to leave the field for making offending comment to an e on fishal in Saturday's 1-all draw with the Victory. He later apologised saying he was frustrated with his side's first-half performance. It means he cannot have any contact with the the team two hours before this weekend's match before Newcastle and not for another hour after it finishing. Cycling laws establish an ethics panel as coaches and riders sign anti-doping declarations. 16 recommendations were handed down in the report including harsher punishment for drug cheats and more stringent testing. Lance Armstrong will break his silence on Friday in an

Empire is direct from Broadway and it is going to be an incredible visual feast and who to welcome us in - Oscar. One of our MCs. Can we go in?I have a lot of things in store. A naughty but nice morning Ben and Alicia. You are in good company there. Coming up - the new junk food warning for kid with asthma. But next - what a catch! The Adelaide team who knocked the crowd for 6 at the cricket.

This program is not captioned. Ahead we have all the fashion hits and misses from the globe globe's - let's get the latest from the NSW. Sylvia is at the RFS headquarters in Coonabarabrean. This blaze has claimed 33 homes making it the most destructive fire in NSW for a decade. This is heart breaking for those who have lost their homes. How are people coping?It is tough out here. People are still really nervous about what is still to come from this fire and also what it has destroyed. 33 homes as you said already lost and dozens of sheds, livestock. No one really can explain how people are feeling out here better than Bob who I'm joined by who has been with the rural fire service for more than five decades and has been out there fight thing blaze since Sunday, despite losing his own family home. Bob, when you set out to tackle this blaze on Sunday, did you have any idea your own home would be lost?I was very confident our house would stand because it is well prepared, plenary ever water. Could not believe it would be gone. When did you realise?Late on Monday night we were able get back along the road just checking homes and our house was only just going up then. Perhaps if we could have got back earlier. It was a long time after the fire passed that our house actually went up. Where did you move to with your wife? On Sunday, when we knew things were desperately serious, we had no fuel, we were low on fuel, so I raced into tourpbgs as I came the town I brought a caravan to town. So at least our caravan was seefd. I shot back out then to do what I could. This has been described as one of the worst blazes we have seen in NSW in many, many years. How is it out there for you? Have you ever seen anything like this? Never ever. Not when it is jumping sort of more than 15km/h. Never seen anything like it. You had a very close call trapped in your truck the other day. Tell us about that?We were trying to protectt the house which we were very confident - the fire was not even close and we laid the hoses out around it, were putting water around and cleaning up, it just exploded all around. Fire was from every direction, not just from the the approaching direction but on a 360 degrees and we could not get out then. House is still standing, yeah. And you are still back out here ready to go. One of your mates has decided... I do not think he will come back today. I think it was too much for him yesterday. He had enough. Enough is enough, yeah. The conditions are easing a bit and that said to have boosted morale a little bit, but how is among you and the other firefighters out there? How is morale?The morale among the firefighter is pretty good. Comoon case, what I have experienced has been wonderful and the teams have been great t conditions are not great.Bob, you have been labelled a hero this morning. We think that is pretty spot-on.I don't think so. We do we think that is how everyone across the country is feeling right now. Plenty of people grateful for your support and the support of all the firefighters who are still out there tackling this fire that is far from being control at this stage.I will be heading back to it very shortly.Good on you, Bob. Fire is still uncontrol. It has burnt through 40,000 hectares and the rural fire service is still saying it is not safe for people who have evacuated to return to their homes yet. Frightening times ahead Our thoughts very much with Bob phone Wik and his wife and all the other families waking up to the news they have lost their homes A24-hour information line has been set up. For more information on the bushfires you can call 1800679737. Hard to watch a bloke like that, a grown man crying. No doubt he will be getting a big hug from Sylvia right about now. You will remember yesterday we showed you a fan's incredible catch Attaullah laid's one-day international. We put the callout to try to find him, was it a fluke, a talent? We sent Jessica Stanley to find out.It is the catch that stunned the nation.I was walking back the my feet, getting food from under the stand then I looked up and the ball was coming at me. With an ice coffee, pie and hotdog in one hand t16- year-old managed to do the impossible, catching 6 off Haddin's bat, much to the delight of the crowd.Pretty unbelievable. I do not know how I actually did it but I suppose I just caught it. No one more surprised than his best mate. Jy thought it was going over our heads into the seat behind us but Peter plucked it. The only highlight in a match most fans are trying to forget. Pretty memorable for me but not most Australians. It steams the rest of the country disagrees. The spectacle quickly going viral.1,000 hits, guys. Heaps of Facebook messages, everybody is calling me up. Pretty exciting stuff. His hand works kept the cricket community guessing COMMENTATOR: Hopefully he is in the South Australia under-18 team. He feels more at home on the footy field. I'm not very good at cricket, better at footy. It is this talent his coach believes helped him real in that 6.I have no doubt hand-eye coordination is superb.So much so he has been handpicked for the AIS AFL academy.Hoping to get drafted, that is a dream.He has the talent and the ability so hope it works out for him?Skill or a fluke? One way to find out. Here, catch! You have to test him out.His mate said he is Go Go Gadget. Most clicked coming up, including the baby who could not wait for a cold one. Check its out.

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Here is some more of the glamour on the red carpet. We are going to have all the gossip from the night with our boys over there shortly. Right now it is news time. Very good morning to you. It has been another tense night for residents in parts of fire-ravaged NSW after the massive bushfire burning in the wurgwurg National Park changed direction and headed north-west. Residents were placed on emergency alert at 7 o'clock last night but easing weather conditions saw the warnings down jaded at midnight. Authorities fear the number of homes lost near Coonabarabrean could rise after the blaze burned 40,000 hectares of land on Sunday. So far, 33 homes have been confirmed destroyed. Large numbers of the region's wildlife and livestock were also lost. Up to 40 people armed with sticks, metal bars and brick have been involved in more violent clashes in Logan in Queensland's south east. Police were called to break up the fight last night, between a group of Pacific Islanders and Indigenous people who live in the same street. Both sides claim the violence began three nights ago when a number of cars were vandalised. Premier Campbell Newman and other community leaders have called for calm with police taking a zero tolerance approach to the violence. With an election looming Labor has stormed out of the blocks starting 2013 on a high in the year's first Newspoll. Support for the Government has now risen to its greatest level since the last election. The ALP's primary vote has climbed six point while the Coalition has dipped two. Both parties are almost neck-and- neck on a two-party preferred basis. Labor at 49 to the Coalition's 51. Prime Minister Julia Gillard is surging ahead as better Prime Minister climbing two points to 45%. Virgin says delays on its flights could last for a week after rolling out a new booking and reservation system. Passengers were delayed for 40 minute across the country yesterday due to technical glitches. Virgin says it has boosted its staff numbers by 30% to handle any backlogs. Tkpwh the airline is urging passenger toss check in an extra half hour early. An out-of- control driver has destroyed three shop fronts after vierpbg off the road at Brunswick in Melbourne's inner north - - veering. Emergency crews were called the the cake shop, bridal shop and hairdresser at 12 o'clock. He as three times over the legal limit. The driver is expected to face charges of careless driving, speeding and drink-driving. Health experts are cautioning against panic with reports that a deadly flu outbreak in the US could be on its way to Australia. 20 children across the US have died if the H2N3 virus. Doctors say the flu season in the US is often an indicator of what we can expect her and have urged people to get an early vaccination A specially formulated vaccination will be available in March. Not even a nifty smart phone app could have prevent an out-of- control car ploipbg into a crowded Apple show in Chicago. Police say the elderly driver suaved to miss something but smashed into the window. No one was injured. Finance now

A host of former White House residents have spoken out about America's fascination with first families. While President Obama's two girls are preparing for another four years in the public eye, other children of former US leaders say it took some time to get used to extra attention, especially from the world's Mead yafpltswfrpblgts the Secret Service difficult just fine. I made a deal, you know - you do not tell on me, I will not tell on you. Wise move. While they admit election night was a tense time in the household, they did help to bring the family together. Good to get some insight from the children of the Presidents.Not a bad little place to grow up. Timmy, what is happening? George W's girls got up to some mischief. Bernard Tomic and Sam Stosur begin their Australian Open campaign. It was a poor start for the hosts.Sam Stosur is through to the second round but the same could not be said for Lleyton Hewitt losing to Serbian Janko Tipsarevic.I felt like I came in on the right balls. His scrambling shots and passing shots were exceptional. Roger Federer, William and Murray are all in action. Finch says he is disappoint after being dropped for games three and four against Sri Lanka.I think we knew whoever took their chance first would stay win Clarke and Wade coming back in, not a lot of room. Finch will line up for the Renegades against Brisbane.In perhaps a sign of things to come, Lance Armstrong has apologised to the live strong charity. AP Sports tweeted the news minutes ago. He addressed 100 staff personally taking responsibility for damage he caused them. Lance Armstrong will city down with Oprah later today and it will be aired later this week, so is this going to be opening up, opening up for Lance? Let's get some. The signs happening. Bella gives us one in the lovely weather. Thanks to mum Louise. A big hello to Clem enTyne playing golf at the Red Cliffs Golf Club near Mildura. Karl as there for Christmas. Her dad took this picture of her. These are Victorian policemen in the Solomon island. Coming up in five minutes t big winners at the Golden Globes. Then the ball was reveals when the Royal baby is due. We go live to London for the detail. Later - Stephanie Rice joins us in the kitchen to cook the healthiest snack you can imagine for this summer. She has some good tips.. How to eat like an Olympian. Now time for your best local forecast. Here is Emma.

local forecast. Here is Emma. This is a visual feast. This is a Mir John tent, a great German tradition. All the mirrors around the elsees of the tent. 70 30 seats and any where you sit you will have a great view of all the action on that stage. Speaking of which, we have our first act straight after we look at the national fly around to see what is forecast for your place.

Here at the entertainment sewn her we have Oscar and Fannie looking lovely, but... What is going on there? A quick change. That is one of the little tricks you can expect here at the Spiegel Tent. Do not do that to my Oscar, because I do not have think change e underneath!See you soon.There is plenty coming up developments with Lance Armstrong who is about to take that interview with Oprah.He has finally apologised. He has apologised to LiveStrong staff t charity he set up tfrplts details dripping out minute-by-minute by people in the room, there were about 100 in the room and Lance Hasina Patel apologised to those people in person and the room was filled with tears, so it has taken him a long too many to come the table but he has done that the charity ahead of the cat with Oprah. Definitely a pointer. You would assume he is about to confess to Oprah.Let's head back to Hollywood.It was a big night a funny night a wild night, a great night if you just so happened to be in a movie called 'Les Miserables'. All the highlights next. This program is not captioned. Australia, you know what this means -
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They were out in force hitting red carpet as award season roared into 'Top Gear' as the Hollywood foreign percent association had its celebration of film an television. There were plenty of huge names at the 7th annual Golden Globe Award. It is an afternoon of glamour on the red carpet that quickly turns into an evening of fun...Only here do the beautiful people of film rub face was the rat-faced people of television.Tina and Amy kicked things off with a bang. Anne Hathaway, you gave a stunning performance in 'Les Miserables'. I have not seen someone so totally alone and abandoned like that since you were on stage with James Franco at the Oscars. She does not need to worry about hosting the Oscars, she is a red hot favourite to win one, after being named Best Supporting Actress for 'Les Miserables'.Thank you for this lovely blunt object that I will forever more use as a weapon against self doubt. The first of many for 'Les Miserables' also been named Best Picture, comedy or musical. Hugh Jackman, comedy or musical Best Actor.I really thought I had bitten off more than I could chew. My wife talked me off that cliff like she talks me most days. Baby, I'm going to say it now in front of the entire world - thank you for always being right, babyTwo big award Argo, Best Picture drama and Best Director to Ben Affleck.I do not care what the award is, when they put your name next to the names you just read off it is an extraordinary thing in your life. These nominees are exceptional talents. A former president brought everybody to their feet, while Daniel Day Lewis was named Best Actor in a drama for playing 'Lincoln'. Once again the Globes were not without controversy. No laughs for Jennifer Lawrence for this.I want to say I beat Meryl. Jody Foster's speech going viral. I'm just going to put it out there loud and proud, right? I am single! If you had been a public figure from the time you were a toddler and had to fight for a life that felt real and honest and normal against all odds, then maybe then you too might value privacy above all else.To television, the terrorist thriller Homeland scooped three award. Damien Louis Best Actor.To have picked up a bit of treasure along the ais a great perk. Claire Danes Best Actress and best television series drama.I wish you all could s seen Claire Danes 8 months pregnant holding a steel pipe being chased down a Dane average tunnel by Abu Nasir at 3 o'clock in the morning over and over again take after takeGrammy winner Adele picked up her first Golden Globe for 'Skyfall'.I have come out for a night out with my friend Ida, we are new Melbourne Cups. I was not expecting this thank you so much. My God. It is very strange to be here. Thank you so much for letting me be part of your world tonight. It has been amazing. We have been (Expletive) ourselves laughing. She is a gift. The wonderful Adele. Just love that song. Sadly no Joy for Nicole, Naomi and Keith. I caught up with Hugh Jackman after the show. We will have that interview after 7 o'clock. I had the pleasure of sitting down with the fabulous Elle Macpherson where she talked about her proudest achievements, her two boys.The main thing in my life are my sons and I have a 15-year-old and a 10-year-old who is a born entertainer. They are very grounded boys. Despite what people would think, they are very supportive and today I got a text from him. I text him at school saying "How is it going?" he says "I'm campaigning for people to follow you on Twitter. How many do you want? Didn't you want a million by 2014?" and he said he was campaigning for people to follow you on Twitter and my heartacheed and I thought "You are so beautiful" Plenty going on this side of the ditchYou have been a busy boy. Good to see you, Dickly, looking fantastic.Lance Armstrong has done it - finally apologised to his charity workers as speculation mount he will admit to doping. We will talk to Phil soon.Sam Stosur leads the Aussies through the second round of the Aussie Open. Doing well. Get your dancing shoes on for our song of the day - this hit state at number 1 on our charts for seven weeks in 1979 and for good reasons. Sing along. We will be back next.# Video killed the radio star...

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over 100 more
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Melbourne a top of 29. Right now it is 13. Thank you for your company. Breaking news out of the US ahead of Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah. We hear he has apologised to LiveStrong, his foundation, a meeting of about 100 staff members. There are plenty of tears in the room.Need to clarify - we do not know why he has apologised. We are guessing because he is acknowledging he is a drug cheat, although just following the letter of what is coming out of the room, nobody has said why he has apologised but he has said the words "I am sorry". And he wants to rebuild the reputation which suggests it was as a result of him...There is a feeling he will rewrite history because he was so strong in his denial. The interview recorded with Oprah, it will be interested.Our cycling coming enday for and a legend, he commentateed so many victories of Lance Armstrong and had his heart so close the Lance Armstrong's career. So we will talk to Phil on the 'Today Show' after 7 o'clock. You do not want the police that. Let's get a hit of gossip.Yes, we continue to dissect every more sell of the awards last night. So many to chew on. Hugh Jackman interview is worth chewing on, don't worry about that. A big night for J low, you could say it was a excellent night.There were plenty of exs afoot. Ben Affleck, said "I'm so proud of Ben" but get this she and her new toy boy coming face-to-face with her old man toy P Diddy, known as Puff Daddy. Apparently J.Lo touched his cheek and said coats 'Hi baby, how are you?" and this is my new man". 20 years between those two, something like that! It is always the Golden Globes when old lovers meet new ones. A big night for Jenny on the Block. Badly Cooper has cleared up some relationship issues? Yes, Bradley is old enough to be Jennifer Lawrence's father! OK? Yes, they have chemistry, yes they are hot together in Silver Lining bus they say they are the new couple, they are both single. But he says "I'm no one's daddy, I would never go near a 22-year-old" but she is good-looking, isn't she?She is great.Is she going to get the Oscar?I think so. She is great. Best Supporting Actress. Or Best Actress. Lead actress.. Anne Hathaway will win best supporting for sure. Kim Kardashian gets some support from an unlikely source you would have to say? Jen has not said anything in a while. Saint Jennifer has said "Give Kim Kardashian a break. A girl has to make a buck. Everyone has bills to pay! I would never do what she does, I would never have a reality show. I like to entertain people the old- fashioned way, but come on, give the girl a break". Was that a backhand compliment?Was she flicking her hair.O h Kim!Listen, a Britney bust-up. Seems we will not here from that ex of hers any time soon.More like never time soon! I have found out that Jason, Brit any's former fiancees signed a confidentiality agreement. It will not be a tell-all.I was looking forward to that.That means I have to go digging around trash cans for another six months to get any scoop on Britney.She keeps you at work. Tkphr that is all we V Having way too much fun. We will go through the frocks later. For now here are the top stories on the 'Today Show'. Counting the cost - people wait to see if their homes are still standing as a massive bushfire burns out of control in NSW.Pain at the pump - the biggest jump in petrol prices in seven years. We will find out why we are are paying more. On the edge - police fly to Brisbane suburb as alleged race riots threaten to spiral out of control. Hugh is the man! Australia's hottest Hollywood hunk, shows us his Golden Globe. Out of the pool and into the kitchen - Olympics superstar Stephanie Rice shows off her secret talent. We will get the latest on the fires in a moment but breaking news out of the US - Lance Armstrong, winner of seven Tour de France titles, has apologised in the last hour. The disgraceed star has made an emotional apology to staff members of his life strong charity. This was the charity set up by Lance Armstrong after he battled cancer and it was a private meeting, but details of it have come out from somebody inside that room. You can see here a tweet that came from AP Sports

Sports - It was an emotional meeting with tears in the room and joining us is our cycling commentator. What is your reaction of the breaking news out of the US this morning, Phil?I am delighted that Lance that taken this step. As you say, we do not know what he has apologised for but he has a great feeling and that was his biggest love t Livestrong Foundation. I know a lot of people at the head staff foundation how sincere they have been and they fought for Lance all the time, insisting he has not taken any drugs so I'm delighted he has chosen to apologise to them first. Although we do not quite know what the apoll device is just yet. He is on his way the that interview with Oprah. Some cynics are suggesting this is just at ploy because they did not want the face criticism after the interview, but that he had chosen to give that confession on television before doing to it the people who are intimately involved with that charity.Lance is a real thinker and he does nothing that is not premeditated which is the way he runs his life. We do not know what he will say to Oprah. He will either say "Yes, I did it, I repent. I'm sorry to everybody around the world" or he will make it a reasoned decision which was what was put against him and say one or two small things about why he felt he had to go that way to cycle or he will say, "I never did it". But the fact he has gone to LiveStrong and apologised to him before the interview, I think we must assume now his going to confess.It is hard to reconcile some of the behaviour displayed by Lance Armstrong, just even in the last few months after the story engulfed him. Only a few months ago Lance Armstrong tweeted a photo of himself laying back on a couch at home in front of

What are the questions that you would like Lance Armstrong to answer?All I would like Lance to do now as he has led us all down the garden path since 1998 toys tell the absolute truth, tell his reasoning behind it. As with the case of the former Australian top cyclist and Matt White. Stephen was not on the statement team as Lance but Matt was. They felt obliged to take their job toss simply keep their job. If did not perform they would not be in the first team to ride the top races which has become apparent so I would like Lance to tell the truth. Above all to go and tell the dope agencies exactly how he did it, how the money paid his way, who the crooked doctors were. Because at the end of the day he got through every test he took and that really is a little bit of an indictment on the drugs agencies as well, because they could never catch him. Should he hand back the prize money? In theory, yes, he should. It will be a complicated mess because you know in cycling you do not keep your prize money from the Tour de France, you give it to your team that whelmed you win the race so in theory he gave the money away anyway. Your money is made in sponsorship deals afterwards. Direct son sores? Win or look they have had a very good run backing him even though it has turned out he has cheated his way through the races.The worst bushfire in knew for a deck ais still burning out of control. Firefighters are battling to stop any further destruction tfplgts blaze in the National Park has so far burnt through 40,000 hectares along a 100 kilometre perimeter. 33 homes and 50 sheds have been destroyed across the state. 122 fires are still burning with 29 of those not contained. Sylvia Jeffreys is at the RFS headquarters in Coonabarabrean. Morning again to you, sill see yafplt what is the situation on the ground at the moment?

moment? It has burnt through 40,000 hectares and has burnt through many home. It is still a dangerous situation as crews continue the tackle it. More than 100 people have evacuated their homes. They have been told they cannot return the their homes until it is safe to do so. Is fire still out of control?Yes, things escalated there for a while. There was a emergency alert issued for the area around or towards Coonabarabrean as conditions changed. The fire front actually shifted directions and there were fears that dozens more property one under threat but thankfully conditions did ease overnight. Things are going more in favour of the firefighter as we speak at the moment. Although it is still burning out of control. The rural fire service want to make that very clear - e is still burning out of control and a 100 kilometre fire front so it is a very dangerous situation and people need to be careful driving around that area there are a lot of trees down and a lot of powerlines on the road so a very take cuss situation. What about the other blazes burning else where in the state? There are numerous fires still out of control, I understand?That is right. There is one not too far from here know as the Red Bank fire which has cut the road between Coonabarabrean and also Narrabri but it is not posing any threat to homes. There are 122 fires burn evening across the state, 29 of them are uncontrol so still a long way for these firefighters to go. You can call 1800679737. Meantime authorities in Victoria are hunting a fire bug responsible for a massive blaze southwest of Melbourne. The fast-moving grassfire for through 80 0 hectares of land around Little River north of Geelong. Firefighters battled for four hours to bring the blaze under control with crews on stand- by throughout the night to prevent any flare-ups.There were no losses. There were no stock or buildings in the area our priority was the stop the fire at Argoona Road and our crew haves done a great job the achievethat. Had the fire crossed over that road it could have travelled for some considerable distance and there were possible topbgsly as quotes that were a threat. Police and fire authorities have confirmed the cause of the blaze is being treated as suspicious.Labor is enjoying a surge in support in the first Newspoll for the election year but it still would not be enough to get the Government over the line if an election were held now. The ALP's primary vote has climbed six point while the Coalition has dropped two. Both parties are almost neck-and- neck on a two-party preferred basis. Labor is at 49 to the Coalition's 51. Prime Minister Julia Gillard is surging ahead as better Prime Minister. Climbing to points to 45%. To Queensland now - police are keeping a heavy presence on the streets of Logan after silence between Indigenous and Pacific Islander families broke out. Lauren Ellis joins us now. Can you tell us what sparked the trouble in the first place?It is believed it was all started when cars and homes were vandalised here on Saturday night between the two warring families. As you can see behind me, there is still a huge police presence on the scene. At least seven police cars are here and many more officers, after brawl erupted on the sets the at 6.30 last night. It was very ugly scenes indeed. The two warring families grabbed whatever they could to use as weapons, including fence palings and bricks as they ran at each other. Police were here at the time and they managed to intervene but they were putting their bodies on the line in order to save these families from fighting. Eventually a blockade was set up as the two families were separated, but it was very ugly scenes indeed and many are calling for calm, including the Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman.Quite incredible pictures. We understand that Federal MP Andrew Lamming has with Wade into the situation.He has caused a Twitter frenzy saying "Mobs are tearing up low began tonight. Did any do a day's work or business as usual on welfare tap?" it sent Twitter into a friend zirbgs many slamming him saying it was a disgrace the public office and others were saying hat many of us were thinking. Logan does have the highest unemployment rate in the country and Indigenous elders did tell Nine News that they think boredom may be to blame, because there is such a high unemployment rate among Indigenous youth here in Logan. But, as I said, horrible scenes last night and the mayor is calling for a no tolerance approach to stop the violence. Let's hope authorities can stop this from escalating.Have you filled up the car this week? Because drivers are feeling pain at the pump. The biggest weekly price spike for seven years. Christine Ahern joins us from Melbourne the details. An expensive start to the new year? Yes, certainly it is. You have to go back the September 2005 to get a one-week price hike like this. It is the discount fuel cycle coming to tend. On average fuel price haves gone up by 6.3 cents to 144.9 cents a litre. Here in Melbourne fuel retails for 143.2 cents a litre, slightly higher in Sydney. Canberra is 149 points. 8 cents a litre.The Commonwealth Bank says that unleaded fuel has been selling well below the wholesale price for the last few weeks and that discount fuel, super cheap fuel cannot last. They say the wholesale price of fuel has remained steady over the last few months. This price hike is fuel retailers simply getting their losses back over that discount cycle. I do have some good news, however, for motorists over the next few weeks W prices expected to ease by 2 cents or 3 cents, but certainly a lot of painful you a filling up at the pump this morning.They say prices are rising more in metropolitan and city areas compared to regional areas. Unusual! Australia's very own golden boy Hugh Jackman has bagged the biggest prize of his career - a Golden Globe Award for his role in 'Les Miserables'. Dickie, what a special moment for Hugh?Sure was. Yeah, Hugh has described it as the best role of his career and it is certainly hard the imagination a more demanding part the play than that of Jean Val Jean. The much-loved musical set in the French Revolution, singing, acting and aging in an epic production. Hugh was nominated for an Oscar and a BAFTA and last night he won a Golden Globe. I caught up with him and director Tom Hooper after the ceremony. Congratulations. You thanked me before I said it. What is the one word? Relief, excitement, jubilation? Not just for me but for the film, for Annie, I'm so thrilled. Honestly there is no way I would be having this without this guy, so the whole thing has been bizarre. You know how it is. Musicals are so easy to screw up, mate. This means a lot. There are 1,000 way this could have screwed up, Tom.Can I make it clear - we would not have made the film if Hugh Jackman existed. There was no one else. My short list was one and I cannot think of who else I can s cast. This guy is extraordinary.He is way too talented. We all knowthat.What does this mean Inca rear terms. You have won an Emmy, a Toni?. I have waited my whole life to did a movie musical. I never thought it would be 'Les Miserables' or with such an amazing mafpblt I does mean a lot. I'm struggling to hear out of this ear because Deb screamed so loud when I won.Did you expected to hear your name called out?No, you cannot expect it. By the way as Tom said, it has been a pretty wild, amazing year for film A lot of different films. So it is - you never take anything for granted. Mate, good to be invited to the party.A tough year too. Bradley Cooper Silver Line ins getting nominated all over the place. Now at the Oscars up against Daniel Day Lewis.Who is that?An Irish guy, a thing about some American President!(LAUGHTER)Look, mate. The thing - someone said to me, "You know, are you - what about the Oscars?" and I said here is the thing - "I'm so proud to be part of this movie, I do not want anything to take away or make me disappointed. Whether we are nominated or win or if we do not" I do not know how we did not get nominated for an Oscar but the people are seeing the movies an is all good, manYou do not make movies to win award but...Yeah, yeah we do!Can I touch it! T are quite heavy?What do you do with it?Replace it to the gym. Replacing a 5-pound dumbbell with my Golden Globe. I'm kidding!On behalf of your friends and fans in Australia.Thank you, Richard. Thank you every one at home, Chang you Channel 9Hugh tweeted this picture from inside the after party saying "My beautiful wife at the Golden Globes". Don't they look happy. A night to remember. Good on him. Congratulations. Int a great start for our Australian hopefuls at the Aussie Open with Lleyton Hewitt crashing out. Sam Stosur proceed through the second round which was great news. We are joined by Australian Fed Cup champion Alicia Molik. How are you? Brilliant. Pleasure to be with you. Great to have you. Hewitt soundly beaten by Serbia's Janko Tipsarevic. Your thoughts? It was unfortunate. I'm not sure about "Soundly beaten". Unfortunately for Lleyton Hewitt he has spent a bit of time out of tennis and he does not have a top seeding. He will run up against guys like Janko Tipsarevic in the first round. He is brilliant, they played a similar style. I think Lleyton Hewitt, let's cross our fingers, he will be back for plenty more Australian Opens. I still think he has a few left in him. He played aggressive tennis but could not do newspaper. Sam Stosur, a good win for her? I was pleased watching Sam. I thought she played brilliantly. Only two weeks preparation. She had surgery in the off-season. And for her to go out to per form well, get the first win under her belt - she had the big smile afterwards. Served incredibly whole. Used her kick forehand t kick serve. It was all happening so I think a lot of pressure now is off Sam. She can really relax and settle inBernard Tomic is unbeaten in 2013, on court today?Yes, he is. We have seen what he can do with his tennis. I had the pleasure of watching him a lot during the Hopman Cup. I thought he was amaze. He is carrying himself well. No question he can continue to carry that throughout this year. He has proven he can beat the greats. He took down Novak Djokovic already this year. A brilliant talent. We wish him the best. Sam Stosur and the other Australians still in the drawYou are heading to the 25th Fed Cup foundation breakfast with the the stars. Tell us about that! It will be fantastic. The Minister for sport, sponsored by Australian Made and I'm proud to be the amount as door. We take so much time inform watch the tennis at Melbourne Park but it would be great if everybody spent a few minutes to invest in Australian futures. They sponsor the Foundation Cup as well. It is all about. Giving young Australians the opportunity in tennis and in life. We did not quite have the time to talk about Ashley Barty who was outstanding. Tennis is on the up and up. All the best with the the breakfast.Thank you. Enjoy the tennisWe will and we will enjoy the weather with Emma.We are enjoying our time at the Spiegel Tent at the entertainment centre. These girls are one of the fee tour acts in Empire and they perform an act called Tree l trio Bingo. They are from the Ukraine and very flexible and very strong indeed. They have a history in gymnastics and can perform all kind of death- defying tricks. That takes an immense amount of strength in your could arms, legs and flexibility and focus. This act is sure to set this tent on fire when you come to see Empire at the Spiegel Tent. They have something very special after the weather.

Here we go. One final trick from the girls. That is how it is done - a back tuck, I believe that might have been, with the support of these girls. Then a lovely split jump to finish your morning off. These girls are very talented and pretty good-looking as well.A great way the start the morning. If only we could all do that!Later! Coming up - footage of a young Karl in Most Collisioned. Stay tuned!

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Let's look at the Most Clicked items on the net. Check this out - a very musical skier. ( Theme to 'Star Wars' plays)This is a pit too high-prow for me.All in the one!Many could on!No.What happens if...? Just watch this - the smartest cat in the world. This is the winner today.Let's play a game.

So relaxed.Check it out. (LAUGHTER).Whatever!