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This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. We begin with a massive push fat that is burning out of control in north-west NSW. A -- bushfire. Dozens of homes have been lost. That number could still rise. Rural Fire Service authorities say the blaze was so ferocious they feared that lies would be lost. Our reporter is at the headquarters for us. Take us through what we know has been lost so far. We know that 33 homes had been destroyed and 50 shares have also been lost. Massive stock losses are expected as well. They do not have exact numbers to give us yet. Thankfully no lives were lost. It is lucky considering this blaze was so ferocious. It was enormous and very fast moving. The deputy commissioner said it was one of the worst fires he has seen his 30-year career.The speed at which it developed and moved was absolutely frightening. I had genuine fear for people's lives. I cannot guarantee that we will contain the fire, I simply cannot do that. We will put every resource that we possibly can to do that.It is a pretty dire outlook. How are residents coping? Does that have lost homes close to the fire are absolutely devastated. We spoke to some of them a short time ago.It sounds like 100 freight trains. It had won heavy winds behind it. There will be nothing in front of it.It is random. It does not matter how well you prepare your property, in that part of fire, it is just good fortune if he come out of it unscathed.You have got your house that is under threat, and your husband and your two boys out there as well.It is a lot to handle. But they are good firemen. I know they will be OK.Dozens of people were evacuated. It is going to be some time before they are allowed to return to their homes. For those owners of those 33 times, they will have no home to return to. A 61-year-old Victorian man who lost his life while fighting bushfires in Tasmania has been remembered as a valuable volunteer by his colleagues. Peter Cramer, who had more than 30 years of fire fighting spirits was found yesterday were holding back burn at Taranna, east of Hobart. -- while helping. We will cross live to that a little later. The Australian Workers' Union has slammed BlueScope Steel for shedding 170 jobs at its Victorian plant. Workers were left shocked, many receiving the news on their first day back from holidays. Early this morning workers were called to a meeting at BlueScope Steel where they were told the devastating news. 170 jobs are to go by March. 110 of those jobs are a direct employee jobs, and of the 60 are for contractors. This is the last thing that workers expected to hear. Already they have lost 500 jobs at BlueScope Steel in Victoria over the past 18 months. Most of the employees have mortgages, they have young families, and they are devastated to learn that while -- that they will soon be in walking out the door.They just want to make sure they want to keep coming here and plan the next five-10 years of their lives.Shell-shocked. Union representatives had been on site try to console workers. They are very upset with the way the news was delivered. Some workers have only just returned from holidays.We did not expect the decision to be announced so soon. Most of the people just came back from their Christmas holiday. The company making that announcement today is a bit gutless.A terrible start to the year for workers and their families in Victoria. A father and son had been arrested after two larger drug labs caught fire in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, creating a blaze which destroyed 50 hectares of bushland. The two sides were hidden deep within a national park and were only accessible by foot.We will allege these were the epicentres in the beginning of a fire that then ensured in the Blue Mountains area of.The pair did not apply for bail. We all knew he could do it and once again, Hugh Jackman has not let us down. This afternoon, the superstar took out the best actor award at the Golden Globes for his role in the movie musical 'Les Miserables'. Our US correspondent is there. Good afternoon. What a great result.We have got one. I had done three of these and I usually did through the list of Aussies that had just missed out. Not tonight. Hugh Jackman, he can sing, dance, act, he is tall, a fantastic human being. You almost disliked him if he was not such a great fellow. -- you could almost dislike. He was at the Universal Party. He is clutching it highly, bringing it time for Australia. The floor falls from beneath your feet. It is really amazing. It is daunting, shocking, so exciting. To be sitting there when 'Les Miserables' was mentioned, a surge of electricity goes through your body. We put it on the line for this one.How good is he. It is not all about him. We did have some other Aussies up this year. How did they go?For a small country of 20 million people, we punch above our weight. We had a great line-up. Not all of them made it. Hugh Jackman is the headline. Keith Urban was up for best song, he missed out on that. Nicole Kidman was also up. She was in two categories. It would have been fantastic if both of them had been able to pick something up. It would have been a true Hollywood ending but it was not to be. The other Australian was Naomi Watts. She was there for best actress. She was in a movie about the 2004 tsunami drama. Unfortunately they could not pull it off. But we do have a Golden Globe heading to Australia and doing its rounds around the party. Overall, the night went down fantastically. They say this is the party of the year, the Oscars may be the awards ceremony of the year, but this is where everybody gets right and has a fantastic time. The two hosts did a fantastic job. Only at the Golden Globes to the beautiful people of film rubbed shoulders with the rat face to people of television.Anne Hathaway, you gave a stunning performance in 'Les Miserables'. I have not seen someone so totally alone and abandoned like that since you were on stage with James Ringo as it -- the Oscars. A few of the others that we should mention, best drama went to 'Argo', which is the Ben Affleck film. He also picked up best director for that. He was ignored at the Oscars. This is largely seen as a huge win, a very big victory for him. Our man was back up on stage for best musical or comedy. A bold choice to do a musical adapted to a screenplay. It also picked up some of ports. Our man will be doing the rounds tonight, talking to just about everyone. We will talk to a little bit later about all the fashion. Still ahead - we will speak to the brother of a teenager who is fighting for life after a party brawl. Sam Stosur through to the second round at the Australian Open. Keeping London moving for over a century. The Tube marks a special milestone. This program is not captioned.

Racial tensions between South Pacific Islanders and Aboriginal groups in a Queensland community are escalating. Police fear that more attacks will happen. What exactly is going on?These groups have had a long-standing clash. Now it is out of control. Last night a huge fight broke out involving 40 people. When police arrived, they had to draw their Tasers and use the dock squat to bring it under control. Two indigenous men were charged with public nuisance. -- the dog squad. The night before, a gang used machetes and polls to smash the windows of an indigenous family's home. They claim that they were targeted first by the indigenous people. Both are playing the victims. It is starting to get dangerous.There was a number of us knocked -- locked in a backroom in fear of our lives. They kept driving up and down.At the moment I am worried. I think that both communities have to come together. We understand some of the tension could be related do a person who was killed at a train station last month. But police say that no-one is to blame for that. They held a meeting with indigenous elders to discuss a resolution to stop these revenge attacks from happening. But the question is simply, as both groups are plain the victims, how is it to happen? A teenager is fighting for his life after being attacked by a group of gatecrashers at a party in Sydney's north. Liam Knight was speared in the head with a metal bar as he tried to stop the uninvited visitors at Forestville.Try to be there for him. It is just a waiting game.Described him to ours.He was a very popular, loving friend, brother, and son. He is really sporty. He is into his football, surfing. We really want to see him get better. We really miss his u mac and he smiles. Really praying for him to get better. -- his Umar. He is about to start Year 12 at St Pius College in Chatswood. A bit of Aussie success on the opening day of the Australian Open. It was not quite as easy as we would have expected from Sam Stosur. There was a bit of a shaky start. But Sam Stosur, she is a Grand Slam winner, she knows a thing or two about how to hang tough and grind out a win. She certainly produced all of her fighting qualities. The first set was all over the place, there were breaks of serve before it went to a tie-break. You felt that she gained a lot of confidence from winning it. She was able to take out the second set 6-3. This is a big step for Sam Stosur. Psychologically, it is huge. The relief was all over her face. No matter how good or bad you play, or wing, it makes you feel better. I felt I improved over the last couple of weeks. It is hard to prove that when you are not winning the matches, but I did feel better and that showed it today.It is into the second round for Sam Stosur. Ashleigh Barty has just hit the court. She is in her second Australian Open. The Aussie charge continues tonight with Lleyton Hewitt to faces a tough round 1 against Janko Tipsarevic. Huge crowds have flooded Melbourne Park. It is a really important event for the city. It injects $240 million into the local economy. Organisers are content they will even top last year's attendance record. -- are confident. Coming up - a small cyclone cut a path of destruction through north- western NSW. A celebration of a special milestone for the London Underground. Hugh Jackman's big moment. We will have all the winners from the Golden Globes.

Thanks Amelia, in breaking news - 33 homes have now been destroyed by a raging bushfire in the state's north. Tonight we're live from the firefront near Coonabrabran. We speak to devastated residents who've lost their homes.You couldn't believe the fire, I've got it on me phone and the noise of it sounds like 100 freight trains.And staff from a nearby observatory flee the approaching fire front, leaving their webcams rolling to film the destruction. Also tonight - a father and son accused of starting a bushfire to hide their $60 million secret drug lab near Camden. And Hugh Jackman's special tribute after winning a Golden Globe. Nine News at 6:00pm.

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A savage storm has left a trail of destruction in north-west NSW overnight. Residents say a small cyclone swept through Tamworth and the towns of Boggabri and Wee Waa. Wind gusts of up to 130km/h were recorded as it brought down trees and tour of rips. At the height of the storm, up to 20,000 homes were left without power. There has been a special birthday party in London to celebrate 150 years of the Tube. It has kept the city moving and now carries more than 1 billion passengers every year. It is history, sort of repeating, a steam locomotive at a London station, recreating the first Jennie made 150 years ago. On 9th January, 1863, Metro Locomotive No 1 slowly pulled out of Paddington Station and the London Tube was born. People could not have possibly imagined in those Victorian days what it may look like 150 years later.The Underground has developed itself, its own identity, and it has become a real part of the identity of London.It has survived everything from world wars to terrorist attacks, such as this one in Leicester Square Station in 1939. Most of us will recall the July attacks in 2005. But the system continues to keep London moving. It plays a vital role in the everyday lives of Londoners and tourists. When you have got a rail network that has been running for as long as this one, there are always going to be complaints. People mostly complain about delays and price rises. This is one of the most expensive underground rail networks in the world, but it is also one of the best. The Tube has come so far over the past 100 and D T years, just imagine how it may look in another 150 years. -- the past 150. Still to come - we will get the latest on the bushfire situation in NSW, where 33 homes have now been gutted by an out of control blaze. Job cuts at BlueScope Steel. They axe 170 workers. We go behind the scenes of the Miss America contest. That is next. Wors
Good afternoon, Good afternoon, crews
Worsksafe inspectors and HAZMAT Woden
crews have spent the morning at col
Woden Westfield, after two people be
collapsed from what' s believed to
be a carbon monoxide leak. ANU staf W
are in the north west of New South da
Wales today, after dangerous fires observator
damaged the Siding Springs week
observatory. And, It was a mixed go
weekend for the Canberra Capitals, defeating
going down to Adelaide, but 6.
defeating West Coast. Details from 6.30.

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A new Miss America was crowned on the weekend, with this year's title going to Miss New York, Mallory Hagan. We have a sneak peak at what goes on behind the scenes at one of the biggest beauty pageants in the world.

With their heads high and their shoulders back, the two dozen 13 contestants are in Las Vegas. -- 2013. Loaded with Down's, heels and make-up... They head to their rooms at Planet Hollywood. They are allowed no contact with family or coaches. They only have each other. You look great!They will spend nearly every waking hour together as they SS up close and personal if all of their hard work measures up. -- they SS. The schedule is rigid. It is packed with fittings. Autographs. And rehearsals.We don't know how people will react when competition comes. Backstage, you are ready to go but you never know when the cause will come out. It is the second day and already they seemed overwhelmed. Even a little dazed. But they do their best to stay disciplined and keep a sense of humour. Some make no secret of an extreme need for beauty sleep, catching that wherever and whenever. -- catching sleep. And no rest after rehearsals. Lipstick refreshed, crowns are fixed. This is a contest of stamina. Tonight, the women will be taken to a nearby show.At this stage in the game, how hungry are you?I want mashed potatoes and ice-cream!When I asked them how they are feeling, the conversation takes a turn. Tell the truth. Who is nervous?Excited nerves.I am not because I am always getting some kind of that remark. No matter what, I always feel inferior. -- that remark.The other contest thats are taken aback. Today was one of my hardest days. Another contestant said very rude and unkind things to me. I sat back and thought, we are all here as Miss America. I do not understand why you aren't lashing out.What is coming from behind that? Of New Mexico is counting on the fact that she looks different from the others as just the thing that might give her an age.There are many blondes!When everybody arrived, and it was a sea of blonde hair, how was that?It's a little different. I have been a brunette all my life. I have always felt like brunettes are more beautiful because I see blondes and I feel like the look the same.She may not be dyeing her hair blonde any time soon but that is not because she believes in everything natural. This is a pageant but it is about what makes you feel confident. I have fake teak. I have plastic surgery and I feel great. -- fake teeth.What does the rule books say on plastic surgery?They can do anything they want to enhance their appearance. We leave that up to them. It is their choice to make themselves look as good as they want to look, however they do it. You're watching Nine's Afternoon News. Making news - 33 homes have been destroyed in a ferocious bushfire in NSW, which is still burning out of control near the town of Coonabarabran. There have been emotional tributes for a Victorian firefighter who died battling a blaze in Tasmania. 61-year-old Peter Cramer was working alone at the time. And Hugh Jackman is in hot contention for an Oscar, after picking up the best actor Golden Globe today for his role in 'Les Miserables'.

To the latest now on the NSW bushfire situation. 33 families are trying to come to terms with the loss of their homes in a ferocious blaze, which is still out of control near the northern NSW town of Coonabarabran. Our is at Rural Fire Service headquarters. What are the latest details?As you said, 33 homes have been destroyed and we could expect that number to rise. I am joined by the RFS deputy commissioner. Can you give us an update on the few years?The number is still 33. -- the figures. We are revising that every hour. No discovery of new homes lost yet. But we have not completed the search of the entire area so the figure could still rise. No more update on that at the moment. It is relevant to say that the fire has this afternoon become a fair bit more active again. Some properties to the north-west we are a bit concerned about because the fire is now Burnie into the opposite direction to yesterday. These are properties that have not had any warning. -- now burning. It is not burning with the same ferocity but it is still approaching.What are you throwing at this? What sort of resources.There are 18 or 19 aircraft assigned to this fire. There are hundreds of firefighters. We are basically putting everything we can at it. We will be putting in a camp style accommodation for firefighters, to pull all of the firefighters and emergency workers out of has dealt -- hotels so that displaced people can go in those. That will be in place tomorrow. We are trying to minimise the impact on the community, especially those who have been misplaced. Especially those with families. We are doing everything we can to restore the community to some sense of normality, while we still have a major fire burning.Any idea when the residents may be able to return to their homes?Not until we get some kind of containment on that fire. Until some backburns are planned and they burn-out, the fuel between the fire and the backburn, people will not be able to go back in. There are new fires still popping up to the north of Coonabarabran. There is one in the Pilbrow that is burning quite actively. There are still fires smouldering out there from colliding on Saturday night that will continue to pop up. Thank you for the update. That's all for now. It is relentless. Thank you. These are pictures just in of a grassfire that is burning out of control and, worst of Melbourne. The fire has burned out about five hectares so far. -- west of Melbourne. Fire crews on the ground and have been helped by helicopters. That blaze is not threatening any homes at this stage. Survivors of an horrific accident in Victoria have spoken of their terror, when a ute ploughed into a group of spectators at a mud racing event. Our reporter is following that story. What happened?Good afternoon. You said it was terrifying and it certainly was for those who watched. Yesterday afternoon, at about 4pm at a town in the south-east of the state, the final mud racings were being run. A four-wheel drive was doing a time trial when it left off the final bank, careering into the ground and pinning a number of people beneath it. It injured announced a number of people are a pair of 10-year-old twins. Their father spoke to us this morning, completely relieved. I could not find the ink -- find them at first but somebody had dragged them out.As you can imagine, relief for that family. One of the girls was taken to hospital, where she was released early this morning. All she wanted today was McDonald's. I think she got it. Also injured in the whole affair, a 15-year-old girl. She went to the Royal Children's Hospital and was treated. Work safe Australia are investigating the situation. They will have a look just to make sure all the safety precautions were taken. There is another mud race scheduled in Victoria next month. We will wait to see if that goes ahead.Thank you. BlueScope Steel workers have been left reeling after today's decision to slash 170 jobs. It confirmed 110 employees will go from its Western Port facility, as well as 60 contractors.I guess shell-shocked. Everyone is stunned.Most of the people today just got back from their Christmas holidays. The company making that announcement today is a bit gutless.Production will be scaled back at the plant, casting -- costing BlueScope $70 million. Police are searching for the gunman behind a target to attack in Sydney's West overnight. A man in his 20s was shot in the chest and stomach after answering his front door in Homebush.I heard screaming. It was very frightening. Very frightening indeed.The victim is in a serious condition at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. A man in his 50s has been killed in a head-on collision in Queensland. A B-double truck and a four-wheel drive crashed on the Bruce Highway, north of Gympie. The crash sparked spot fires for 100 metres after the truck burst into flames. The driver is in the Royal Brisbane Hospital suffering burns to his arms and lakes. The man driving the four- wheel drive died at the scene. -- legs. A change of pace and the Golden Globes are of course about honouring Hollywood's finest. But the fashion is always a highlight. Today was no exception. Going back to Denham Hitchcock. This is always your forte, fashion reporting. Take us through who stood out. It is! I have to say, first of all, this is an unusually cold day in LA. Eight degrees is what we are at the moment. The pictures I am about to show you are an indication of how far some of these ladies will go just to get things right. I will run through the best and worst. The guest list, starting with an Australian, Naomi Watts. She came down the red carpet and was with her partner. These guys were looking classy. A long sleeve fitted dress. Backless. With a drop ruby earrings. Fantastic. He was wearing a skinny tie because I like them, I rate that. Nicole Kidman look great. Alexander McQueen, that helps as well. The little gold studs around the shoulder. A bit of an accessory, I think. She may have added that. I have not seen that on an Alexander McQueen. Perhaps an extra creation made. And I can see a see-through black borders. Can you see that?Attention to detail! This is what I am here. I knew he would ask me these questions. Keith Urban gave the thumbs up for his wife. Hugh Jackman is the other one who watch -- who rocked the red carpet. I'd just finished talking to him with his fantastic Golden Globe in his hand. He is with his wife and both look relaxed and super smart. She was wearing a simple dress. Correct me if I am wrong, it looks like an asymmetrical necklines to me. And Hugh Jackman himself has put on a bit of weight since 'Les Miserables'. He is feeling better. The next one I have got, one of my favourite. I yelled until my voice gave out but I could not get her to come over. Megan Fox. A fishtail dress. I did have a little bit of help today from the producers. It's a Dolce and Cabana that she is wearing. Four months ago, she gave birth to a baby. All of the mothers out there... She has got trainers and probably does not work every day but, there you go. Taylor Swift is the next one. She had a high neck, backless dress. Apparently it's a wine coloured dress. Her hair is in a low bun. Those are my topics.She looks very elegant. You had a great position. Who is not getting a good review?This is a difficult category for me because I have to talk to them when they come back and at the next awards season. I have to be careful! But these are some of the once the producers pick out. Not me, the producers. Starting with this one. I am told this was a thumbs-down. The producers are calling it a bread prom dress.Harsh!That is what I thought. -- red. They also said she may have borrowed her mother's curls. Perhaps a bit harsh. This one had a bit of embroidery on the back that they were not happy about. Also, these purple see-through dress - it has made it onto the worst dressed List. Surely it can't be bad, it is see-through! But we may have a bit extra. Do we have that montage?You have given us the very best! Thank you. Enlightening as always. Thank you. If that was not enough, you can see a full wrap-up of the Golden Globes and an exclusive interview with Hugh Jackman tonight. Time for the sports news. A big opening day at the Australian Open? Yes back. The world's best are grazing the courts. Sam Stosur searches for her first win of the year. And the big names are back but who is the surprise inclusion on This program is not captioned. I treat every day
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It wasn't as easy as it should've been but Sam Stosur is through to the second round of the Australian

been but Sam Stosur is through to
the second round of the Australian Open here at Melbourne Park, downing Taiwan's Chang Kai-chen in straight sets. The win on Rod Laver Arena came as a huge relief to the former US Open Champion, as she snapped a lengthy losing streak.

former US Open Champion, as she
snapped a lengthy losing streak. Sam Stosur began her Australian Open campaign on the back of five straight losses and early on, the centre court occasion seemed to overwhelm her.A double fault from Sam Stosur.Facing Taiwan's Chang Kai-chen, the world number nine gave up three consecutive breaks in the opening set. It went to a tiebreaker, where Stosur finally clicked into gear. She streaked out to a 4-0 lead, before finally clinching the opening set after an hour.The whole stadium exiled!Her second set was a big improvement on the first, as her ground strokes began to flow. -- exhaled. This time, it was Stosur's turn to make the breaks. No tiebreaker needed this time, she showed her class to win 7-6, 6-3.

Her first win in six matches in Australia coming in at one hour and 42 minutes.It is nice to get through the first round finally. From here, hopefully I can loosen up a bit and keep playing better and better. Lleyton Hewitt's campaign begins tonight when he faces Janko Tipsarevic. Earlier, Maria Sharapova or thrashed fellow Russian Olga would Cover. She says there is still room for improvement. -- Olga Puchkova.It is tough to feel completely satisfied. You always want to improve on games and work on things that you feel will help you in the later rounds.It took been Venus Williams only one hour to advance in straight sets. Australia is going all out after last night's

Australia is going all out after
last night's disastrous eight wicket loss to Sri Lanka, bringing back skipper Michael Clarke, Matthew Wade and Dave Warner for Friday's

Matthew Wade and Dave Warner for
Friday's third one-dayer in Brisbane. Pacemen Mitchell Johnson and Mitch Starc are also expected to be fit after missing last night's match with injury. All- rounder Moise Henriques was handed a surprise call-up.He has been on the horizon for some years now. This is his opportunity.To get this is fantastic. All I can do is control what I do on Friday.The changes have been welcomed by the rest of the team. They are still hurting after last night's loss but are determined to turn their form around in Brisbane.It was obviously disappointing but, in saying that, that is sport and it is about bouncing back. We are 1-1. Still a lot to be played.It is a best of five series against Sri Lanka. An embarrassed Brian Lake has faced Hawthorn's leadership group after he and his wife were arrested by police for drunken argument in Sorrento on Saturday. He has avoided a club imposed ban and fine but has been told to find ways to assist victims of the Tasmanian bushfires.I have worked hard to get my body right, with the medical staff and fitness staff. They want me to get to my goals. Having too many drinks on a weekend, I have taken a step back.And a shocking injury blow for youngster Alex Woodward, who appears to have reinjured his knee. He ruptured his ACL in last years NAB Cup. Scans later today are expected to confirm fears he will need another operation. Ashley but he is in action on court at the moment. And of course Lleyton Hewitt a night. -- Ashleigh Barty. It should be a great night. All of the weather is coming up. Finally an end in sight to the heatwave?Over the next week, the monsoon trough that is currently over Queensland will move inland and intensify. That will mean an end to the heat wave, which has affected the entire country. More on the weather next. c
south Tonight on WIN News: 3 people suffe
collapse at a shopping centre -
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telescopes in fires in western new about
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Good afternoon. Storms have batted north-west NSW have -- overnight. More storms in WA. The system is steadily weakening as it moves further south. More storms tomorrow but they will be less intense than they have been. Showers also developing in Queensland, as a low emerges with the trough. Rainfall between 25-50 millimetres in central districts. Brisbane should remain fairly dry tomorrow. Just the possibility of a shower. A warm and dry day for Sydney, going from a mild overnight low of 19, up to 25. Warming up in Melbourne tomorrow. Sunni and light winds. -- sunny.

On Wednesday, the remnants of Tropical Cyclone Narelle will simply be a low to the south of Australia. Showers and storms

simply be a low to the south of
Australia. Showers and storms will continue to build over Queens land. That's Nine's Afternoon News for this Monday. Our next major bulletin is at 6pm. Have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - These crazy Blockheads aren't called All-Stars for nothing.All Stars? Don't know why we're All- Stars.In 2013, a Block first. There's got to be a twist.Four heritage homes.Doesn't it sound magnificent?... NoOne Blocktacular nightmare.Here's why. I started out as a young bloke cutting my teeth on heritage houses and I swore I would never, ever do it again.I've got no idea with this stuff.The detail we have to do know is completely differentEvery single one of these lovely tiles has to be as new.I knew there was a chance everything would go out the window.Fan lights, cournices, skirting board, architraves - as new Normally, no one would notice. The heritage bloke will notice Needs to feel like a brand new house, just like in 1910.We could stuff up any style.We didn't really care what type of building it was really.Feel a bit sick about the whole thing.This is your chance to have another crack and take out the big prize.I'd rather win the Block Allstars than a normal Block.As per usual guys, if you make a mistake I'll make you do it again.Meh meh meh.I reckon you're nuts. Totally insane.I don't know if I'm nervous or if I need to poo. $$ YELLOW Yuck. We are hopelessly, hopelessly out of our depth.This is not a standard reno. Go you good thing.Never, ever, ever again.The Block All Stars on WIN.

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Hello, everybody.
Welcome to the Millionaire Hot Seat. Tonight - 15 questions, $1 million. Somebody's going to win
the $1 million some time but plenty of people go close,
no doubt about it. And lots of people
have taken away enough money to change their lives forever -
you better believe it. Let's see if we can do that tonight.
Are we all pumped up, gang? AUDIENCE: Yeah!
Yeah! Let's meet our contestants. They are - Jodie Waugh loves her five kids, she just wants a week in the
Maldives without them, that's all. Steve Keen forgot about
his nudie dance in a London pub until he saw it on YouTube - whoops. And Melitta St Just
entered a competition 200 times and won a 10 kilo
block of chocolate. Mike Fennessy's wife
wants to go to Walmart just to find out if the people
in the emails are real. Luke Collins met
Jean-Claude Van Damme at Dreamworld while waiting to go on
a roller-coaster. And Ester Hookey apologised to
Bob Hawke for stepping on his foot. and he replied, "No worries, love."

Jodie, you right?
Yes. Let's go. Come on, Jodie.

Jodie Waugh...
Hi, Eddie. ..who's 42 years of age. Shh!
Sorry. She's a nurse
at Frances Perry House. I am, yes. That's it,
that's the Royal Women's, isn't it? Yeah, it's the private sector
in the Women's, yeah. My son was born
at Frances Perry House. Was he?
And I was born at the Royal Women's. There you go.
There you go, the daily double. From Greensborough in Victoria.
John's her husband. G'day, John.
Eddie. Welcome aboard, buddy.
Thanks, mate. Hey Jodie, you are a fair dinkum
survivor, aren't you? Uh, yes. You had a tough battle
along the way. Yeah. Survived child abuse when you were
a kid, you've had to get through. You left home when you were 17. You did the whole thing
from Dungog to Melbourne. Lived tough for a while as a
stripper, a topless waitress. Got married young, left that bloke
and then you met this ripping bloke. Yes.
And from there, it's all turned. Good. It's all good now.
All good. It's been a lot of work but... A lot of work but it's a great thing
to get you here this far, isn't it? Yeah. It took some effort. Do you look back now and say, "Wow,
I had to survive a lot of things?" I probably still feel like
I am surviving them sometimes. It's not, like, a completed process,
that's for sure. And the reason you talk about it is
to give a little bit of motivation to anybody out there
who's also under such... Yeah, look,
it's a hard thing to get through but too many people you hear say,
you know, "I fell in the wrong ways
because I had a tough childhood" but you don't have to. No. Just got to struggle through, get
there, you'll be fine in the end. Good on you, Jodie.
Give Jodie a big round of applause. Good on you, Jode.

Married for 14 years, got five kids
between the two of you, is that right? They're all mine.
All yours. OK. Some of them are John's.
Well, they're all John's now. Zoe, Madeleine, Tyler, Shannon,
Eden. Five between 6 and 19. Alright. Come on, Jodes,
let's get into this. 15 questions, $1 million. You ready to go?
OK, yes. Let's go. Come on, Jode.

For $100.


Ooh, jeez, I'm hoping it's D. Lock in D.
D's in. Dog's breakfast is correct
for 100 bucks. $200.


'Slip, slop, slap'
sounds like my cooking, maybe like my husband's driving
and my brother's ski holidays but I'll lock in A
for skin cancer awareness, please. Skin cancer's in. Correct for $200.

Slip on a shirt, slop on the
sunscreen and slap on a hat. OK, $300.


Oh, I loved this when I was a kid. It was my favourite. I used to
read it and read it and read it. So we'll lock in D,
hummingbirds, please. Hummingbirds is locked in. We've got partridges,
we've got geese, we've got swans - no hummingbirds for $300.

We've six geese a-laying,
seven swans a-swimming and one partridge in a pear tree.