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(generated from captions) but it looks like Beyonce and her girlfriend destiny's Child they will be with her at the Super Bowl. They just released their first

single. They got a greatest hits album coming up so Beyonce will open the show, the girls will come up and Beyonce will close the show. She said I don't know about all this talk about equality and men and women and pay because I am not getting paid as much as the men. It is

is time they get paid the money they are due.And I bet the other girls don't get as much as she does. Brad Pitt, car salesman, what is going on in your head?We all know Brad got about $6 million to push Chanel No 5 perfume well now he has signed the deal to be the face of cadillac cars in China. China only commercials, print ad. A cool $3 million. Hey, he has six kids he has to put through colleague. If you can do it on the down-low in China, good for you, Brad. Call me!!Richard Reid with all the goss and the scuttle buttJust beginning. And the highlights of G'day USA coming up.And it is great to have Richard Reid back. It is like putting on a old show. Coming up later today. Australia's biggest observatory extraordinary pictures. Today, the stars as we just heard hit the red carpet for the G'day USA gala ball in Hollywood.Right now it is 6 o'clock and that means Deb night has the news.A very good morning to you.Here is what we know this

Meanwhile the fire threat has eased at a massive fire burning near Collarenebrie in the north-west. More than 170 fires are burning across NSW, 50 uncontrol. Authorities have worked through the night battling a massive out of control fire in the Warrumbungle National Park. Conditions turned catastrophic forcing evacuation of more than 100 residents from Coonabarabrean and Bugaldie. There are fears for one of Australia's biggest observatorys. Staff fled as the fire front closed. The full extent of the damage will not be known until later.I understand that the observatory is painted with a special paint to try to prevent damage from this sort of activity.An emergency alert was downgraded for the region with a watch-and-act in place and the rural fire service says properties are no longer under direct threat. Further north near the Queensland border, the fire threat has eased around the town of Collarenebrie. A warning was issued overnight an locals were urged to find shelter after a grassfire made conditions too dangerous for people the flee. Despite the advice being down graded authorities warn the fire is still burning out of control. The body of a 0-year-old Victorian firefighters has been discovered in Tasmania. The man believed to be from Gippsland was preparing to perform backburning but did not make a scheduled calling yesterday. It is believed he may have died from natural causes. We will keep you updated on the late quest on the fires and shortly we will cross to the rural fire service headquarters to speak with the commissioner. SES volunteers have been working through out the night after a powerful storm swept through a number of towns in NSW. A caravan was flipped upside down and a silo torn apart as wind of up to 130km/h buffeted the towns at 5.30. The storm destroyed with the SES answering more than 200 calls for help. There are fears that Sydney's gun wars are about to erupt again after a man was gunned down in the city's west. Sylvia is at the scene. What can you tell us about this shooting?This one unfolded late last night when police were called at Homebush before 11am. They found a man in his late 0s with gunshot wounds to his chest and stomach. Officers swept the property before allowing paramedic toss get to the victim. Who was stretchered out of here and taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. He has undergone surgery and his injuries are not life-threatening. A short time ago we saw three people return to the property under police escort. Police did set up very large crime scene last night but that was taken down about one hour ago.A snake hand her has crashed his car after being bitten by a venomous snake he helped to capture. The pan was called to the NSW mid-north coast and thought he had caught a green tree snake. He had actually picked up a highly venomous snake.He was driving along the road when the snake escaped and bit him twice on the hand. As a result the snake catcher passed out and while driving car and the car collided with a tree.He was treated with anti-venom and remains in hospital in a serious condition. The finance figures now

Lleyton Hewitt and Sam Stosur are nine Australia on show at the Australian Open in Melbourne. Sam Stosur will hope to reignite her game against her Taiwanese opponent while Lleyton Hewitt and Tomic could not be in better formWe are it willing well but both unseeded. We had higher expectation in the top 10 in the world seeded at the majors years ago. Ashleigh squares off with Dominika Cibulkova. Australian coach Mickey Arthur has defended his side's costation. Johnston became the second fast bowler to be injured as many days with Usman Khwaja being rested.The example is Black Caviar. When he run as horse race they do not feel 100% right, they do not release it. We have done that with our bowlers. I'm sick and tired of talking about it and seeing some of the articles going around in the media at the moment. Australia was smarpbed last night. Sri Lanka squared the series with an 8-wicket victory in Adelaide.21 -year-old Luke Durbrige has become the first cyclist since 1999 to win the road and time trial double as the Federal Government releases its findings today into a review of Cycling Australia following Lance Armstrong's doping scandal. I think we are all waiting for Oprah's interview with Lance.Friday 1 o'clock our time.A lot of pressure on Oprah as well as Lance Armstrong because a lot of people are asking she had better can the tough questions.Her producers have spoken staff a lot of the team- mates who dobbed Lance in. They have defended the interview before it has even before taped. She says she has done all the background work so wait and see.We will pre- view that later. The late chest on the evacuations in NSW as authorities try to contain two massive fires. We meet the baby pandas now the star attraction at an American zoo. Then all the detailss on the favourites for this year's Golden Globe. Richard and Richard are live on the red carpet! Time to say a very good morning to Emma. We are waking up in Sydney and it is a beautiful day. A fair bit of rain over the last 24 hoursthat. Provided some welcome relief if the heat that has been experienced but also people have been trickling back to work over the last few days. Well, today is D day. We expect a full work force back at it by 9am. As a result Circular Quay should be buzzing with activity all throughout this Monday. We will look at the weather and see what is expected at your place.

A mixed bag over the weekend. The fire threats affecting NSW and also Tasmania. There has been pretty ferocious storms in NSW particularly in the Tablelands over the last 24 hours but that heat was very persistent still in Queensland and in South Australia particularly in Moomb where it was 49.6 degrees, Australia's hottest maximum temperature day in over 15 years. Later we will take you to Birdsville where it got to 49 yesterday. Here is a little stat for you. While it is hot in Birdsville they make the best lamington in Australia in my opinion.That is always controversial. Cream in the middle or no cream? No cream. Any jam? Yes, jam and the chocolate and the coconut.? Don't start it! You can challenge it. Great to see you. Coming up - the hunt for a new housekeeper for Prince William and Kate. Right in next, we will take a trip to one of the hottest places in all of Australia.

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Just imagine coming across this face during your morning swim? This 500 kilo whopper was caught off the Sunshine Coast. Later we will fine out what is being done to protect swimmers this summer.He is a big boy or big girl.Let's get the latest on the fires threatening two towns in northern NSW A massive blaze in the Warrumbungle National Park National Park has destroyed two homes and damage add world class observatory. In a moment we will get the latest from the RFS Commissioner but first, I'm joined on the line from Coonabarabrean by Kevin who manages the bowls club. I believe a lot of people are seeking shelter there?Yes, we are the evacuation centre here and we had last night 110 people register as

Yes that grassfire is down. I'm not sure they have it contained but it is being brought uncontrol and they will be doing a lot of mopping u up but the threat has eased. Tragic news from Tasmania with the death of a Victorian firefighters yesterday afternoon. It remind us just how dangerous the job can be. I saw some pictures of you going out to greet some of the troops. How is everybody holding up?Very well. As someone in the fire business, you hope and pray that every one of your firefighters when they finish your shift gets to go home. All I can say Isabella Robinson spoke the my colleagues in Victoria last night and the thoughts and prayers are certainly with the family of this fallen firefighter and and it is a absolute tragedy.

Birdsville is famous for two things - the races and the heat. So far this year Birdsville has experienced nine days above 45 degrees and as Lauren Ellis found out, this January the locals are hoping to take out the Australian record. At 48 the heat is almost unbearable but locals have a sunny disposition. Not only are they proud of their title as Queensland's hottest town, these sun bakers want the National record. Currently held in South Australia. Look out! It would be nice to be in the record books.What is another few degrees and another record? In charge of checking temperature is a Senior Constable. What is the hottest you have seen?Four days after I got here it was 48.7 and I thought "Gee it is hot here in quoteThere is an understatement. Waiting for the mercury to rise, watching dust blow in from the Simpson desert, here is another one. Like everyone else in town, but the trouble is for the past five years the only pool in town has been off limits. Own by the Government but for school use only. But this past week that has finally been sorted out. The only problem now is how to get there. This time last week when we had all these people here I was standing watching thinking finally it has come to fruition, yeah, been a lot of work.After a luxury dip as the sun set it was time to head back to the air conditioned pub for the big temperature check.Righto, the moment of truth. Did we beat the record?Kim, 48.6 at 2.40. Maybe tomorrow!We can wait another day I guess.But they did bake Birdsville all-time January record which is some consolidation for a town that really likes it hot.

We had a temperature check yesterday and I can tell you the mercury in Birdsville hit 49 degrees so they still have not got the record yet but that is the town's hottest day ever.The beer tend to help on days like that. Most clicked next. Have rediscovered Australia's next cricket superstar?Haddin goes long. Is the way to go here at Adelaide Oval. Is a one-hander in the crowd! This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Quitting smoking
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We hear it could be the end of Kylie's singing career. Say no! We have all the details coming up for you in 20 minutes time!A possible acting come back. Will she go back the Neighbours?No!For the most clicked items on the net.Take a look at this incredible one-handed catch in the crowd. This is from a Haddin mega-hit in last night's one-dayer between Australia and Sri Lanka. The young gun in the crowd is a promising AFL hopeful Peter Spirling. He made the catch with anised coffee in one hand and two burgers in the other. How did he do it? 16 years of age! Look at it. That is one hand above the head. He looks down to make sure it was there then high fives all around for the young bloke. If anyone has his phone number email us. We want the talk to you!If you are watching Pete, give us a call. Number 2t Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have advertised for a housekeeper to attend to the Royal household when their baby is born. The successful candidate must polish silverware and glassware and for ever remain loyal to the couple at all times. They must undertake various messages like the preparation of basic meals, in house laundry, driving and caring and exercising dogs. For those interested it is a 37-hour week working from 8.30 to 5pm Monday the Friday and only 15 people have applied so farSounds like a great gig.Silver wear is not easy to polish. Animal lovers at the zoo in California got a special treat when a giant baby panda cub made his public debut. Wanted to play with mum but she was too focused on the food, as you are. The 5 month old cub was allowed to go outside by himself after he showed he was strong enough. Before that people could only keep an eye on him at the panda camera. The cute factor! News, sport, weather next. We are back in a moment!# Spinning around, move out of my way... This program is not captioned. Australia, two years ago, Coles brought you no added hormones in all Coles fresh beef. Now we have two more great things
to tell you. One, all Coles delicious fresh
100% Aussie pork is now sow-stall-free. And two, all Coles-brand eggs are now cage-free. No-added-hormone beef,
sow-stall-free pork and cage-free eggs, because at Coles, when we promise
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We are going live the Angola red carpet.

Authorities hope that better weather will help them today after two major fires in NSW amid catastrophic fire conditions. Here is what we know. Lives and properties were under direct threat around the Warrumbungle National Park National Park west of Coonabarabrean overnight. An emergency alert as downgraded early to a watch-and-act two homes have been lost and the observatory has been in the line of fire. More than 100 people fled the townships of Coonabarabrean and Bugaldie A massive fire is burning near Collarenebrie in the north-west. More than 170 fires are burn are burn evening across NSW. 50 are uncontrol. Let's turn to the out of control fire burning in the Warrumbungle National Park National Park. Authorities worked tirelessly to protect lives and homes as the fire bore down on surrounding community. Fuelled by the catastrophic conditions the blaze forced the evacuation of more 1700 residents from Bugaldie and Coonabarabrean. It destroyed at least two homes and badly damaged the popular observatory.Overnight that fire was running in atrorb yus condition. It has grown to something like - - atree shufplts you are talking about a fire run that went to west to east, 20 kilometres. A emergency alert was downgrade add few hours ago. Brisbane will get a reprieve from the heat with a southerly change due to hit the city this morning or early this afternoon. Though the maximum is still forecast to peak at 31 degrees. There is no let-up in Birdsville in the state's west which soared to a record 49 degrees yesterday and is in for another scorcher today. It is so hot even the bitumen is melting.Once it hits 40 you do not tell the difference between 40 and 45, it is just hot. It is dry but at least I'm not melting. If 40 fires burn evening across the state are all contained. Alarming figures show Australians own as many guns as they did at the time of the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 despite more than million firearms being band.The gun trade has grown in Australia over the past decade even though handguns are now harder to import into the country. Researchers say the laws were life- saving reducing risk of an Australian being killed by a bullet by more than half. Just weeks after the gang rape and murder of a student sparked outrage across India, six men have been arrested over the rape of a woman on a coach in the country's north. The 29- year-old victim had boarded the bus to her in laws home on January 11 when she was abducted and driven to a building where she was attacked before being dropped the at nearby village. Police are still looking for a 7th suspect. Hundreds of survive cors and victims relatives have mashed the first anniversary of the Concorde cruise ship disaster returning to the site. Foghorns blew as wreaths were late for the 32 people who died when the ship hit a reef off the coast of Italy. Rescuers were remembered at a mass in the town where many south refuge. The captain who is accused of manslaughter and abandoning ship remains under house arrest. Let's look at the finance figures now

A curious cat has trekked 300 kilometres across the US after becoming lost on a family holiday. The cat fled after hearing fireworks. After a two-month journey Holly showed up just a kilometre from home.He opened up the cage and Holly climated out and just went into his arms and just cuddled with him. Vets are hailing journey as miracle. They say Holly has probably used up all her nine lives.I dare say so. Good to see her home.Michael Clarke, ander and Matthew Wade will make their returns when selectors name their side for the third and fourth one- dayer against Sri Lanka. It comes as Australia slumped to an eight- wicket loss last night. Haddin has limped off with a ham strong. - - hamstringNovak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova and Radek Stepanek are some of the top seeds in action on day one of the Australian Open. Sam Stosur begins her campaign on Centre Court. Lleyton Hewitt takes onto the court later demit. Two late goals have lifted Sydney off the bottom you of the A-League ladder and kept their slim finals hopes intact. The Sky Blues scoring a 2-1 victory. Grant was the match- winner. While in Wellington, Western Sydney handed the Phoenix their third straight defeat. The Wanderers winning 2-nil. Manchester City has kept the pressure on Manchester United defeating a 10- man Arsenal side 2-nil. The Red Devils consolidated top spot hanging onto beat Liverpool 2-1 at Old Trafford. This is a very creative sign on a recent trip. I had to Simon an his poise who crafted this sign of their parents old book shelf for the show. Some beautiful - the cloud formation, nothing quite like a beautiful cloud formation.Lease a took a shot in the sky she claims is the bets ever but everybody I know has beaten it. All of the inside gossip if the star-studded G'Day USA gala ball..What will Kylie do next? The latest on the song birth's reported move back to acting. Later t massive 500 kilo shark found off a popular Sunshine Coast beach. Have a look at the size of that!

Waking up where the giant cruise ship has docked. 297 metres in all her glory and 250 peacekeepingerless have a wonderful morning here in Sydney going for a walk and getting a couple of coffee for the start of the week as well but we will look at the play around to see what is happening with the weather.

weather. There is a bit of debate go go on. The great temperature tussle all about. Who can record the highest temperature ever across Australia. Record is Hedin South Australia at 50.8 in 1960 but later we will look at who might be getting close to the top temperatures.Birdsville hopes so. Richard Wilkins is in Los Angeles. We are here live on the red carpet with the Bomb Squad checking place out t Angola here later in the day and just at few hours time but all the security measures are in place. Coming up, we will take you to last night's G'Day USA 10th anniversary black tie gala. It was quite a night. All the high lights coming up! This program is not captioned. BALL: Uh-oh.
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Greetings from the Beverley Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles t venue for the Golden Globe. Awards season is in full swing and it is fabulous that there are Aussies nominated in five categories tonight. Four Aussies, five categories. Hugh Jackman leading charge for his fabulous performance in 'Les Miserables'. Hugh up for Best Actor.

We will catch up with them win, lose or draw. Those are the Aussies up for Golden Globe. We will run through the other nominees later. All four were last notice at the 10th anniversaryy gala ball, G'Day USA. A gala opportunity for Aussies and Americans to catch up, forge business ties, promote tourism and generally have a pretty good time. We were there. Here are the highlights! It was an all-star turn out of Aussie A listers, Oscar winners, Grammy winners, movie stars, sports stars, Aussie icons. Senior politicians, dignitaries, business leaders. What a turn out, all dressed to the nines and looking forward to a big night out! And on such an occasion, plent of pomp!# 'Advance Australia Fair'... How good was this? Then it was show time with a very special guest as co-MC. Elle Macpherson.Yes, we have a fabulous evening planned for you guys, so stay tuned. With G'Day USA celebrating its 10th anniversary it was a chance to recognise some of the past oneers. Toni Collette, Luke Wrongly, Air Supply, Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, Simon Baker, Olivia Newton John.An Hugh Jackman.# I still call Australia home!Hugh with the job ever introduce thing year's first person honoured.The Australian icon award to a man who has helped strengthen the deep connection between the to countries that we all love - Paul Hogan!A lot of Americans here are ignorant of our history. Australia started out as a penal colony, that is penal.Great speech from Hogan. After a meal prepared by chef Curtis Stone Jessica blew the roof off the joint. What a performance, and what a room! It seems everyone had something to celebrate.I'm a bit grinny. I'm a serious actress!Two Oscar nominations in three years? How good is that?Amazing. Amazing. (LAUGHTER)..Do you still have to pinch yourself when people say "Oscar nominee"?Not every day, every hour. I can't believe it. Then over to Glenn Close who had the pleasure to introduce her Damages co-star, Rose Byrne.. I hope tonight you will think of me as your Aussie sister or grandmother. I love you Rose.I'm so honoured to be here thin room with the actors who I admire and paved the way as young Australians growing up in Sydney.Nice speech from her too. Who better to introduce the final person of the night.Please welcome the stage my good mate, John Travolta.I will love you, always love you an I thank you for that amazing introduction. Hot a lovely moment. A night like this would not be complete without a grand finale. # You should be dancing, yeah...

It was an absolutely great night. I have to say our Buddy David Campbell was terrific too. He did songs performed there over the years. Jessica Mal boy, fantastic. Ellee did a wonderful job. It was a special night and a good time had by all A move that has shocked the entertainment industry - Kylie Minogue in the wake ever celebrating 25 years in the business has split with her long time manager Terry Blamey. Terry Blamey was there right if the beginning 25 years ago. They were together a few weeks ago when Kylie was the creative person behind the fireworks over Sydney Harbour. They were together, we spoke to them, knowing link there was a split in the wind. But Terry Blamey as released a statement confirming fact that they have parted company. "Kylie has decided to pull back slightly from the pressures of her career and devote more time to herself and to her acting career".

I have to say I'm very surprised by that but I suspect Street Kyley has dough sided to take a different course. I do not think there is any bad blood. They have had a fantastic run. They have both done very well over the years but it is a shock so there you go. Plenty go on in the world of entertainmentWe have photo, I do not know if you can see sit in Los Angeles, this is Richard and Elle entering room. A bit 007. It does look a little bit like James Bond! Daniel Craig has been on the phone an is not happy, he wants his tux back, Dickie!She was fantastic.I'm sure you were wonderful yourself.They called upon the big names to do that. We will come back later. After 7, Lance Armstrong could face jail time after the tell-all interview with Oprah in the next few days. The 'Star Wars' fans petitioning for the construction of a real death star. Our song of the day, of course to mark Kylie's move back into acting... Charlene and Scott's wedding on Neighbours. Come on! You love it. Admit it. We will be back soon.Give me tissue.I don't! # I never dreamed that I would find...

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This program is not captioned. Happy Monday morning to you. Good luck if you are heading back to work today. You are watching the Today Show. We are ready for some gossip.We are. What is going on over there.There is plenty going on over here. The red carpet starting to heat up a little bit. Look at those photographersAre they all waiting for Adele?Hello, it is all about Adele tonight. She is in Las Vegas, she arrived just the other day. She is nominated for a Golden Globe for 'Skyfall'. She said, "I feel like bloody Meryl Streep I am so excited shrats. She has also taken advantages of of the low US prices. She has bought a bunch of clothes for her little baby. It will be her first public appearance since she had the baby. It is big to me.I hope she is going to sing. Is she going to sing?It is dicey, I have been asking around but we don't know.Is Ashton Kutcher going to make an honest women of Mila Kunis?I think it will take a lot of work to make her an honest woman!! There are wedding bells in the very near future, we are talking April. Sources say that Ashton took her home to meet the folks around Christmas, seal of approval. He has filed for that divorce, finally. No word on what Demi thinks but I think when they were down in Australia that that is when he may have popped the question.He popped down on his knee.Among other things.And popped the question!! Britney Spears split from her guy. Yeah.Her fiance guy.Jay Extra, exactly.We have -- Jason Extra. We have heard plenty of ex, explanations. What is the reason? People have said a lot of things like she wanted more kids but the real thing is that he got tired of baby sitting here. She is a handful. He is just exhausted. Good luck. What is next Britney, that is what I want want to know.That is what we both want to know. We have done some dodge ji things in our formative year, even vampire boy, Robert Pattinson.A boy has to make a quid. Back when he was 16, OK - Going on 17.He took it all off and posed in his underwear. He was an underwear model. We found these photos somewhere, you know my late- night Internet searches. We came across these photos. In an underwear campaign in China.I don't want to know what you were trawling the web -You don't want to know and don't touch my computer because you might catch something!! Oh!! (LAUGHTER) Richard Reid, welcome back from holidays.Thanks Dickie.Wow.What about those photos.The socks with the undies.The long socks and scarf.Richard Reid was Googling naked vampire, isn't that weird. Wow. Not that weird.No wonder he is wearing blaszs.Here are the top stories on Today. Bushfire tragedy - a Victorian firefighter dies in Tasmania while a blaze damages a world-class observatory in NSW. Cleaning up cycling - the report into doping in Australia is released, as disgraced hero Lance Armstrong tells Oprah to bring it on. The half-tonne monster caught off a holiday beach - is enough being done to keep us safe from sharks? Hot favourite Hugh leads the Aussie invasion at the Golden Globes - we're live on the red carpet. And Kylie quits singing for a return to acting - so will Charlene be making a comeback?

Charlene be making a comeback?
SONG:# I only dreamed that I would find ...#Yes, miracles do come true. We can only hope that happens. Let's check the news. Good morning to you. First, the bushfire emergency has taken a tragic turn, with the death of a firefighter in Tasmania. The 60-year-old from Victoria died during back-burning operations on the Tasman Peninsula. Elsewhere, more than 170 fires are burning across NSW - 50 of them uncontrolled. A huge blaze in the Warrumbungle National Park has been downgraded to a watch and act. Two homes were destroyed, and the Siding Spring Observatory damaged. And more than 100 people have been evacuated from Bugaldie and Coonabarabran. In a moment we'll get the latest from RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons, but first Today's Christine Ahern joins us from Melbourne. Good morning. What do we know about this firefighter who lost his life?Well, Ben, this is tragic news coming out of Tasmania this morning. This firefighter with the department of sustainability and environment was a man in his 60s from gips land. What we know is that he was doing some back burning down on the Tasman peninsular. He was about 3km from the fire front when he has tragically passed away. We don't know the exact circumstances surrounding his death, whether he was working by himself or whether he was alone, but the department of sustainability and environment say that they are investigating. The police are also reporting - preparing a report for the Coroner but they are not treating his death as suspicious. Of course he was one of 60 Victorians that went over to Tasmania to help in the bushfire emergency. Tragic news to his family this morning. Also a reminder for the men and women who are fighting these fires of the dangers involved. Have we heard anything, yet, from his colleagues?Well, this is not only of course severely impacted, Ben, all of the Victorian firies that knew him and worked with him but also the Tasmania fire service have sent their condolences to the family and also thanked him for his survivors, coming down to Tazzie to help and the Tasmania Premier has also released a statement. She says on behalf of all Tasmanians, "I exexpress my deepest condolences to this brave Victorian's loved ones. I hope that his family can gain some comfort from the sincere gratitude we feel for his willingness to assist us during this bushfire crisis. I thank them and our thoughts are with them at this most tragic of times." as is everyone, their thoughts with this Victorian's firefighters family after he passed away yesterday just helping out in this Tasmania bushfire emergency. Thank you very much. To Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons now. A reminder, a bloke from Victoria fighting fires in Tasmania but firefighters right around the country will be thinking about this bloke today.Absolutely. The fire industry you hear it often said but it is a big family. Men and women working shoulder to shoulder in some of the most arduous condition, some of the most awful circumstances. They do things tough together. They form a very unique bond and when they hear the tragic loss that is being reported this morning it hurts each and every one of them. In so many ways the sort of work that was going on there with back burning and mopping up and containment, that is some of the most dangerous business when it comes to fire fighting and as I said before, our thoughts and prayers are certainly with this fellows family and loved ones, but also the broader firefighting community and all of his colleagues. Speaking of that dangerous business of fire fighting, how are things in NSW this morn?You wrapped it pretty much. We have 170 fires burning across situation. 50 of those are uncontained. We have had a significant amount of lightning again through NSW last night, predominantly up in the north and north-west areas of NSW. So I am confident we will see a number of new fires detected today as the sun comes up and flights get out there and have a lookment. We have this most significant fire of course that has been burning out near Coonabarabran as well.Thank you so much for your time this horning. Thanks Ben.Shane Fitzsimmons there for the latest and Nine News will keep you up with the latest throughout the day. There's been another night of violence on Sydney's street after a man was gunned down in the city's west. Today reporter Sylvia Jeffreys is at the scene. What Sylvia - what can you tell us about this shooting?It is a fairly unusual one. It unfolded late last night last night. Police were called here to Homebush just before 11pm. When they got here they found a man in his late 20s with gun shot wounds to his stop itch and chest. Police officers swept the homewareing bulletproof vests before allowing paramedics to get anywhere near the victim but eventually has was stretchered out and taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. We are told that his injuries are not life threatening. There is fingerprint dust on the front door of this home which suggests that the shooting took place inside the house. Neighbours have told us that they heard up to four shots fired and that children do live inside that home. What has been happening there at the scene this morning?There was a very large crime scene set up last night. That was disadamanted at about 5 o'clock this morning and a short time after that we saw a man and a woman return to the house where the shooting took place under police escort. Now, they left the property again about half an hour ago, both in separate vehicles. The man covered his face as they drove past our cameras. As far as the investigation goes at this stage we are told no arrests have been made, no charges laid and police are still waiting to formally interview the victim in hospital. Of course they would like anyone else with any information to come forward.We will leave it there for now. Thank you. Over to you, Deb.Thank you. Six people are recovering in hospital this morning after a horror crash at an event in Victoria's south-east. At least four children were injured when a ute ploughed into the crowd at the four-wheel drive mud racing championships near Wonthaggie yesterday. A 40-year-old-man was also taken to hospital with several fractures. Another mining tax deadline is about to slide by, without a single payment from the resource giants.

resource giants. A recent surge in iron ore prices hasn't been enough to lift profits to the level needed to activate the tax. None of the big miners BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Xstrata - will make the payments which are due next week. Labor had forecast $2 billion in revenue from the tax, this year alone. There is more bad news for Victoria's manufacturing industry. This morning there are claims that Bluescope Steel is set to axe as many as 160 jobs. Company bosss are right now meeting with the AWU with an announcement expected to be made later this morning. It is still not clear with Blue or white colour jobs are on the line but the union says it is a horror start to the new year. We whether bring you more information on that breaking story as we get it.Ben, over to you. Thank you, Deb. Cycling back in the spotlight this morning. The report into the doping scandal is due out today. This comes as Lance Armstrong prepares to tell all - so he says - to Oprah Winfrey. His first interview since he was stripped of his titles. Let's go right now to cycling commentator Matt Keenan. I am going to put you on the spot - is he going to admit it or not?I think we will see a partial confession. The big question, Ben, is perjury, so obviously he has a lot of legal advice as to whether a confession results in jail time. That is probably the critical thing for him to consider. I know a law Professor was quoted this morning saying be fairful if you confess to this you will ends up behind bars.That is the big consideration for Lance Armstrong. A lot of people are saying that he will lose a lot of money but the guy is worth reportedly $100 million and he can get with that back. The most valuable thing that Armstrong has is his reputation so that is what he is trying to rebuild by going on the Oprah show. The perjury scenario, with the potential to go to jail, you would have to be pretty confident that you are not going to go to jail if you are going to come out and confess. What about the report into Australia and cycling in Australia? I understand it is due out today. It only started in November I think this investigation. Is that enough time to get to the bottom of everything?It is actually behind schedule. They thought that it would be released just before Christmas. I think it is a good thing that it has been delayed so they can get it right. I am intrigued to see what they actually have to say. This comes on the back of the Armstrong investigation, the confession from Stephen Hodge who was a board member of Cycling Australia and the confregs from Matt White as well. It will be interesting to see what they come up and what the response is from Sign will Australia because it is in a position where it any sides to rebuild its reputation. So the Lance Armstrong, can he do it with a sympathetic interview possibly with Oprah?I am looking forward to hearing what Oprah actually asks. That will be be one of the critical things. What questions does she ask? When she did the interview with Marion Jones she was really sympathetic towards her. Will she be harsh towards Lance Armstrong? He has said, and she the classic PR machine, bring it on. No wholes barred. It will be intriguing to see which way it goes but Armstrong I think we will see a partial confession but how far will he go by comparison to the reports that we heard, I am not sure how far he will go.We will talk to you overcomeing days it will be a big one. Thank you so much.Thanks Ben. As soon as there is a preview with that interview with Oprah that she has recorded with Lance Armstrong we will bring to it you straightaway.It will be a ripper, isn't it. Well, the summer of tennis heats up today with the Australian Open getting underway. World number one Novak Djokovic, last year's runner-up Maria Sharapova and Agneska Radwanska are just some of the top seeds in action on Day 1. Aussie Sam Stosur begins her campaign on centre court this morning, while Lleyton Hewitt takes on Janko Tipsarevic later tonight.He certainly is it looking forward to that, Tim. The Golden Globes are just a few short hours away. Richard Wilkins is on the red carpet.Thanks yes, the award season is officially in full swing here in LA and tonight the first of the really big awards takes place - the Golden Globes award, the 70th annual with four Aussies in contention. Red's remind ourselves who is up for for what.Welcome back to the Golden Globes. The hold Foreign Press Association splits the awards in half. Up for best motion picture drama, Ben Affleck's 'Argo'. 'Django Unchained' and lie of pie. Steel berg's 'Lincoln'. Either the momentment you cannot have both.Save me, sir, it is done. And 'Zero Dark Thirty'.We are spending billions of dollars. We are still no closer to defeating our enemies. In the best motion picture comedy or musical category, we have the best exotic marry gold hotel, the epic 'Les Miserables'. The whack y 'Mine rise kingdom", a film about salmon fishing in the Yemen and the fabulous silver line, play book. Best actra drama and Daniel Day- Lewis looks like a certainty to win for Lincoln.I am the President of the United States. You will procure me these. In the best actor, comedy or musical category, our Hugh is in there for 'Les Miserables'. His main threat, I reckon, Brad Cooper for 'Silver Linings Playbook' but Hugh the favourite to win. So the actresses, and in the dramas it is Naomi Watt carrying the hopes and dreams of the nation for 'The Impossible'. Her biggest threat - Jess chas chas for 'Zero Dark Thirty', or maybe Helen Mirren.We shouldn't wait for halfway through, kill her off in 30 minutesAnd then what a lineup, Emily Blunt, Judi Dench and Meryl steep steep with the youngest of the lot, general fers Lawrence tipped to win. Other notable nominees, Nicole Kidman out for best supporting actress in their role of the paper boy.We just wanted to sit in your parking lot for a little while.What for? His daddy is in there and we wanted to send him good vibrations.She is always up for a TV series. Rounding out the Aussie contingent, Keith Urban is up for a best song in a movie 'For You', in 'Act of Valour'. And it all comes down to the wire in just a few hours at the 70th Annual globes. It is very exciting, isn't it. Hour Hughy is the red-hot favourite. Do you think he is going to walk away with a Globe today?I would love to see him win. If you have seen 'Les Miserables' you will know what a wonderful performance it is. I can't see how he can be beated. He is fantastic. Hugh in his self-depricating way he thinks that Brad Cooper is going to get up for 'Silver Linings Playbook'. They are the two favourite but Hugh I don't know how you go past him. I think he is our best chance to win a Golden Globes award tonight. Fingers crossed.We have everything crossed back here. Thank you very much.Thank you very much Alicia. Were you one of the 25,000 'Star Wars' fans who signed that petition asking the US government to build a real-life Death Star? If you were I have some sad news. The White House has responded and the news ain't all that flash. Not long ago in a hotel ball room not that far away, an idea was born. We are launching a new online tool called we the people to allow the Americans to directly me tissue shh tun White House.It was a noble concept, the kind of thing that Obi1 or Obama might have thought of. Help me Obi One.Go to the website and create a petition for change and if 25,000 citizens agree, the administration would respond. But faster than a light saber people began petitions for string things - everything from recognising ping- pong for school sport and deporting Piers Morgan. But the most popular idea of all -I have a bad feeling about this.A petition Queensland to secure resources and funding and begin construction of a Death Star by 2016." The reason: to spur job creation and strengthen our national defence. Nearly 35,000 people went online and agreed the and the White House, true to its word, responded, saying that intergalactic domination is probably not the best idea in the universe. First the price tag. Second, the administration does not support blowing up planets. And the best logical argument - why would we spent countless tax paper dollars what a Death Star with a fundamental flaw can that can be exploited by a one-man star ship? All politics aside, they do have a point.There will be a lot of upset people this morning.President Obama, don't upset 'Star Wars' fans. What is on the front pages of our newspapers this morning, Thank you for that.Here in 'Daily Telgraph', who would hurt my Liam. The mother of lime Night who is fighting for life said she found out her son was hurt when a police officer answered his mobile phone. 'Sydney Morning Herald' say that gun amnesty have failed to cut the number of firearms with Australians owning as many guns now as at the time of the Port Arthur massacre. And shop the you drop says the 'Courier Mail'. Queensland small traders association have reversed its opposition for a push to allow retailers to open when they want. Let's get a look at all of the weather now. It is a very good morning to Emma Freedman.Good morning to you, Deb. A lot of people down here in Sydney this morning going for a morning stroll, maybe a run as well but also heading off to work which is for some of them the first time in 2013. Pretty grey in Sydney today and that was a continuation of last night's storms. We will tell you a little bit more about that straight after we take a look at your capital cities and see what is happening at your place today.

happening at your place today.
There was a pretty severe line of storms that affected much of NSW tonight, in particular the table lands district between Narrabri and Tamworth. Those storms created quite a few lightning strikes and showers but the wind was the main talking point. At Narrabri they reported their strongest wind gusts in 7 years at 120km kism. They have cleared out of the system at the moment but there are still a few showers to affect Sydney for the rest of the day.Tim Gilbert will have all of the cricket.That is OK, I don't know I am here either. One of the highlights we have coming up next in most clicked is the catch of the night didn't happen on the ground - it happened in the stands!!There he goes!! That is a one-hander in the crowd!! This program is not captioned. JENNIFER GARNER: Why can't sunscreen
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This program is not captioned.

That is a one-hander in the crowd!!
Welcome back, more action from the Golden Globes red carpet in just a moment but right now the Most Clicked item tonnes net. Have a look at this. This incredible one- hander. It was a screamer. Brad Haddin hit into the stands and it is hard to see on first sight but you will see in the replay, the bloke in the crowd is a 16-year-old rising star of AFL. He is a big fella. He has a couple of burgers and an iced coffee. Being Adelaide you have to have the Farmers Union iced coffee. Look at it, left hand. We are trying to track down Peter spurling as we speak so stay tuned. Hopefully we will get him on the phone.If anybody knows Pete tell him to give us a call. At number two, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have advertised for a housekeeper to attend to the royal household when their baby is born. The successful candidate must polish silverware and glassware and remain loyal to their Royal highnesses at all times. They must also undertake various errands, like the preparation of basic meals, in-house laundry, driving, as well as caring and exercising dogs. For those interested, it's a 37-hour week, with the post-holder working from 8:30 to 5pm Monday to Friday. Apparently only 15 people have applied so far.There you go.Good gig.Could be good, I'm not sure. Light hours.Now, at number three, animal lovers at the San Diego Zoo in California got a special treat when a giant baby panda cub made his public debut. He wanted to play with mum, but she was too focused on food. The 5-month-old cub was allowed to go outside by himself after he showed he was strong enough. Before that people could only keep an eye on him via the zoo's panda cam. P Oh!!There is a panda Cam?Where do you think we get all of our material from?Fuels our bulletin. Nothing like getting someone. Have a look at this. It is called the trust fall. Trust fall, ready. Set, go!Oh, no! (LAUGHTER) Got her.Fell the wrong way. Oops. Finally, at number five, we have a clever magic trick, let's check it out.

What?Woah.The cat doesn't look too happy. If anyone can translate those subtitles please let us know. I want to know whore the cat came from. The monster shark, speaks of animals, this is fierce one. Caught off the Sunshine Coast, you are watching Today. This program is not captioned. If the costs of your kid's education
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The Schoolkids Bonus. If you receive a family
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Good morning, Sydney, looks good. You can expect a shower or two,000 with a top of 24 degrees and right now it is 18 degrees.It is 7:30, so let's get another hit of news. Let's get into it. A very good morning to you. A couple and young baby has escaped a horse-float, TAKE:

TAKE: The threat to lives and properties has eased in fire ravaged NSW after catastrophic conditions fuelled two major blazes overnight. Here's what we know this morning:

As we've just heard, catastrophic conditions fuelled a massive bushfire burning in NSW central west overnight. Police door-knocked residents, forcing the evacuation of more than a hundred people from Bugaldie and Coonabarabran, near the Warrumbungle National Park. Fire crews worked tirelessly throughout the night to contain the blaze but were unable to save at least two homes. One of Australia's biggest observatories, the Siding Springs Observatory, was also badly damaged as the fire front tore through the facility.You are talking a very large fire that has covered a huge geography and impacted on a lot a lot of people through that part of the world.The threat to lives and properties eased this morning, following a drop in temperatures and a rise in humidity. And cameraman Brian Harvey has seen first-hand the devastation caused by the massive blaze, and joins us now on the phone. You flew over the area yesterday and again last night. Tell us what the scene was like. Well, it was just an ocean of ebmers. I have never seen anything like it before and we were at 6,000 feet above the ground and it was just an amazing sight. Terrible news that we are hearing this morning of at least two homes last and the Siding Sping Observatory damaged. This is going to be devastating for locals.Yes, it will be. We hope - apparently I am only half an hour from koon barn at the moment and I am looking at over the southern tip of the Rangers and it looks to me like we could see a thunderstorm coming up shortly. We will leave it there. Thank you for your time this morning. Meantime, further north near the Queensland border, the threat from a grass fire has also eased around the town of Collarenebri. Locals were urged to find shelter under an emergency warning overnight, after a flare up made conditions too dangerous for them to flee. Crews are this morning still working to establish containment lines around the blaze. Emergency crews in Tasmania say the death of a firefighter has come as an immense blow to the men and woman still battling blazes there. The body of the 60-year-old was found after he failed to make a scheduled call-in while conducting back-burning operations. Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings has sent her condolences to his family. Bluescope Steel workers are facing an uncertain future this morning, with claims up to 160 jobs will be slashed from the Victorian plant. Company bosses are currently in talks with the AWU, with an announcement expected to be made at 9:30. It's unknown whether blue or white collar jobs are on the line, but the Union says it's a horror start to the New Year. We will be speaking to the AWU in the next half an hour about those blue scope cuts. A couple and young baby has escaped a horse-float, moments before it ignited on a Melbourne freeway. They had been travelling along the Mulgrave Freeway, in the city's south-east last night, when smoke began pouring from the engine. The quick-thinking couple was able to rescue the 9-month-old baby and two horses, before the vehicle exploded. When we arrived it was a fairly chaotic scene with the truck totally involved with flame.Four lanes were closed as emergency crews worked to clear the wreckage. No-one was hurt - the horses also escaped injury. Just days before US President Barack Obama is officially sworn in, a practice parade has been held in Washington. The full dress rehearsal came complete with first family stand- ins. Obama will take the official oath of office at a private ceremony next Sunday, before the public inauguration on Monday.

public inauguration on Monday.
Almost 6,000 people have pelted their way into the record books, taking part in the world's largest snowball fight. Primed partakers rugged up in their winter woollies for Seattle's annual Snow Day, hurling more than 73 tonnes of snow at each other. But there was one casualty, with a woman knocked unconscious by an icy projectile. It is an annual event, everyone gets in on the action.It is all fun and games until someone gets hit in the eye by a snow ball. Timmy, what is happening.My mum said the same thing. Selectors are expected to recall Michael Clarke and Dave Warner this morning when they name their game for third zest against Sri Lanka. Brad Haddin limped off with a hamstring problem. Mitchell Starc and Mitchell Johnson both pulled out before the game with injury. Sam Stosur begins her Australian Open campaign earlier this morning. Fresh after his success at Kooyong, Lleyton Hewitt plays world number 8 in tonight's first match in centre court.You know, see if I can put myself in a position to be there in the second week. You never know. Strange things happen with draws and stuff opening up.He is still only 31. Bernard Tomic has to wait until tomorrow for his first-round match up. Sydney FC has kept a slim finals hope alive in the A-League, they scored two late goals to steal a 2- 1 victory over Melbourne heard while in Wellington, the Wanderers won 2-nil. I have had an email through from Ed our foreign editor upstairs, talk about the rich getting richer. An English Premier League player has just won £125 ,000 in the lottery and he wants to remain anonymous to avoid stick. We will see if we can find out who it is. Coming up on Today, we are live on the red carpet. We have the one and only Richard Wilkins and the one and and Richard Reid. The Golden Globes, all of the tips on the hot things happen thereing there. And later on this morning, are we going to see a reappearance of Charlene. And then this, Aussie heatwave, Birdsville is vying for Australia's hot place, I can't believe it.Thongs are melting. Speaking of Australia's hottest place, Birdsville might have some stiff competition. We will talk about that a little bit after we take a look at today's capital cities.

Take a look at where our jeeps are hitting the streets today with plenty of great give aways.

plenty of great give aways.
There has been a lot of heat around the country over the last couple of weeks but over the course of the weekend it was the centre of the country's turn, particularly up - are we having this music keeping going? - in the north-eastern parts of SA where the mercury topped 49.6 degrees. That is their highest temperature recorded anywhere right around the nation in the last 15 years. So Birdsville, definitely got a bit of competition, but once you are over that 45 degrees mark, it is anyone's guess, it probably all feels the same.Exactly.Thanks Em.You are looking a picture this morning.Doesn't she. A great back drop as well.Time for gossip. Thanks Dickie.Thank you very much, here we are on the red carpet outside the Golden Globes. Four Aussies nominated. We will run through those and take you to last night's party, it was a big one. The 10th anniversary of the G'day USA gala party. All the highlights coming This program is not captioned. ('ANYTHING YOU CAN DO'
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coming up.
Good morning, Australia - we're live from Beverly Hills in California for the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards. This is the first big award ceremony of the year and four Aussies are in contention this year. Huge jack jack leading the charge nominated for best actor for his fabulous performance in 'Les Miserables'. Naomi Watt dominated for best actress for her terrific performance in 'The Impossible'. Nicole Kidman up for two awards. And her hubby, Keith Urban also nominated for writing the song and performing the song for the movie act of value our. Four Australians nominated for five awards at the Golden Globes tonight. Fingers cross. I reckon huey is our best chance. We will be running through some of the other categories later in the show but all four were last night down town LA for the annual celebration of everything Australian, forging closer economic relationship, promoting tourism and all that sort of thing. It was tenth anniversary of G'day USA black tie gala. It was an all-star turn out of Aussie A-lister, Oscar winners, Grammy winners, movie stars, sports stars. Aussie icons. Senior politicians. Dignitaries, business leaders. What a turn out, all dressed to the nines and looking forward to a big night out!! And on such an occasion, plenty of pomp and pageantry. SONG:# Advance Australia Fair.How good was this?You will come a waltzing Matilda with me. MtsThen it was show time with the co-MC, Elle Macpherson.With vee a fabulous evening for you guys.With G'day USA celebrating Is tenth anniversary it was time to honour some of the past honourees.

some of the past honourees.
And Oscar and BAFTA and globe nominee - Hugh Jackman. SING: # I still call Australia home!#Hugh with the job of introducing this year's first honouree.Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honour to present the Australian icon award to a man who has helped strengthen the deep connection between the two countries that we all love - ladies and gentlemen, Paul Hogan. A lot of Americans here are ignorant of our history. Australia started out as a penal colony. That is p, e, n, a, l.A great speech from Hoges and after a male by chef Curtis Stone, Jessica Mauboy blew the roof off the joint. I can't hear it. What a performance and what a room! It seems everyone had something to celebrate.I am a bit griny, aren't I. I am a serious actress. Two Oscar nominations in what - Three yearsHow good is that?It is amazing. It is amazing.Do you still have to pinch yourself when people say Oscar thom knee?Every hour. Not every day, every day. I can't believe it.Then it was over to Glenn Close who had the pleasure of introducing the next honouree, her ''Damages' co-star, Rose Byrne. So I hope that tonight you will think of me as your honorary Aussie sister, or grandmother. (LAUGHTER) I love you Rose.I so wanted to be here in the room with the actors who I admire and really pave the way as a young Australian growing up in Sydney.Yeah, nice speech from her, too. Who better to introduce the final honouree of the night than Olivia Newton-John? Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage my good mate, John Travolta.Olivia, I love you, I will always love you and I thank you for that amazing introduction. Yeah, congratulations, John, what a lovely moment.And a night like this wouldn't be complete without a grand finale.You took me dancing, yeah.# # Dancing,

# Dancing, yeah.#I got to say David Campbell, Jessica Mauboy, the Qantas choir, the performances were fantastic. A good time was had by all. The tenth annual G'day USA black tie gala. A move that has shocked the entertainment industry, Kylie Minogue has split with her long-time manager, Terry Blamey. She just wand up her 25th year of the business of her musical career and she political with Terry. It seems to be amicable. Terry has released a statement which says that Kylie has decided to pull back slightly from the pressures of her career and devote more time to herself and her acting career. "this is not to say she will be retiring from music, just taking a bit of a break." It was of course just two weeks ago that Kylie was in Sydney as the creative person behind the fire works display there. She and Terry were there. No hint, certainly from my perspective, that there was any rift between the two. I guess she is just taken stock of where she is at and decided to change direction a little. Certain they will is a move that will surprise a lot of people in the entertainment business. Kylie and Terry who were as close as that for 25 years, no longer in business together. So, there you go. Ben nee, and Alysha, plenty going on in the entertainment world.Thank you so much. Will she be back on Ramsey Street?We can only hope.Or could she go to Summer Bay. I think they is bigger than that these days. There is Craig in there, and Guy Pearce.Very accomplished acting stock amid that.Could she end up on 'House Husbands'?Now you are talking. You are an ideas man.I think Tim knows what is coming up. Coming up, job cuts expected at Bluescope Steel. We will speak to the AWU shortly.And also the hunt for a royal servant. How you could apply for a job in the Duke and Duchess's household. And later on, a monster shark caught on the Sunshine Coast. It is a real-life This program is not captioned. ('ANYTHING YOU CAN DO'
# Anything you can do WOMAN: # I can do better # I can do anything
better than you # No, you can't
# Yes, I can # No, you can't
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