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This program is captioned live. On alert with record-setting heat on the way today. We brace for another horror day on the fire front as the east coast sizzles, Cyclone Narelle lurks off the coast of WA. So, what is behind all of this extreme weather? Is our climate undergoing a fundamental change? Here comes Ellen - details of her Aussie visit and how it could have a big impact on our tourism. A croc on the loose on the Gold Coast - how a saltie turned up in Southport. Remember Kony 2012? It was last year's big story, but did it really achieve anything? And is this painting fit for the princess? Catherine's first royal portrait is slammed by critics. (SONG): # It is getting hot in here # So take off all of your clothes # Good morning. It is Saturday, January 15. Good morning, Stevie. It is very hot in here.What is all about this crazy weather. Another scorcher in NSW today. Temperatures heading up to 50 degrees in some parts of South Australia and then Cyclone Narelle sitting off the WA coast.We will update you on Cyclone Narelle and all of the weather around the country. Speaking of the weather, let's take a quick look at what is happening around your place today.

We will cross to our reporter later the show. First, let's a get some news with Davina Smith.Good morning, guys. NSW again is bracing for extreme weather with the mercury set to soar today. Sydney is forecast with a top of 39 degrees with 45 expected west of the city. The extreme temperatures have authorities once again on high alert after a devastating week of bushfires. National parks have again been closed and a state-wide fire ban has been extended across the State today.We are not out of the woods just yet. There is no room for complacency as weather conditions are again becoming worse. These conditions over the next couple of days will see much of the state declared as severe to extreme fire danger.The Weather Bureau says there will be some relief after midday, thanks to a cooler southerly change. Emergency crews in NSW are bracing for another tough day on the ground with most of the State on the brink of extreme fire danger. 95 bushfires are still burning a cross the state, 13 are out of control. A blaze in Sussex Inlet, another at Yarrabin, east of Cooma and a fire near Yas, are still the most dangerous. In Victoria, there should be some relief for crews battling hotspots with cooler conditions expected today. Meanwhile, authorities in Sydney are furious at firebugs who continue to attack the city. Overnight, a fire was deliberately lit at Airds Shopping Centre in Campbelltown in Sydney's south-west. And yesterday, two teenagers, including a 12-year-old, were charged with lighting a grass fire at Eagle Vale. A young man is fighting for his life after a wild brawl broke out at a birthday party in Sydney's north last night. Police say that a group of gatecrashers tried to force their way into the Forrestville house party before midnight. A fight soon broke out between the guests and an 18-year- old man was hit on the head a with an iron bar. He was rushed to hospital in a critical condition. Police have asked anyone with information about the incident to come forward. Firefighters had their work cut out for their in Western Sydney early this morning, fighting an enormous blaze which took hold at an automotive parts warehouse in Blacktown. 60 firefighters from 12 stations rushed to the complex around 1:30 where flames were shooting into the air.We had flames high above the building. Flames were licking two buildings on either side, so great work by the firefighters this morning because this whole complex could have gone up in smoke. Amazing pictures. The blaze was brought under control about three hours later and no-one was injured. Cancer survivors are being told that hitting the gym could prevent a relapse. Researchers from University of Western Sydney have found that resistance training helps to produce higher levels of natural cancer-killer cells. Bone density is increased with lifting waits, which helps those at risk of osteoporosis relateed fractures. British police have released a scathing report detailing decades of child sex abuse by late television presenter Jimmy Savile. The damning findings paint Savile as a predatory sex offender, whose crimes are unprecedented in the UK. A prolific predatory sex offender whose scale of abuse is probably unprecedented. Scotland's yard description of Jimmy Savile will surprise few, but the reach and range of his crimes is simply staggering. Hundreds of victims over 60 years, at schools, hospitals and hospices and on BBC premises. Savile yusd his celebrity status to hide in plain site.He exploited his status as a celebrity and his whole -- this whole sordid affair has shown us what the tragic consequences can be from the collision of vulnerability with power.A cunning serial rapist he fooled the wider public and even managed to hide his evil from most of his own family.I have been screaming it from rooftops and the louder you say it the less people say it.The DJ was so sure he wouldn't be caught he even abused his victims while recording 'Top of the Pops'. He can be seen targeting Sylvia Edwards.There was a camera man there and some man standing next to him. I went over and said - he put his hand up my bottom. He wouldn't leave me alone. He said, "Go away, it is only Jimmy Savile being silly."The police and report doesn't proportion blame to any single institution for not trying to stop Savile it says that the attitude of society at the time were factors that helped the DY get away with his crimes. A tr firing hostage situation has ended in Los Angeles where the swat team stormed a department store rescueing 14 workers who were being held by gun- toting robbers. 13 women and one man were held captive. One was stabbed in the next, another pistol whipped and a third sexually assaulted. A nearby cinema was placed in lockdown for six hours. It was shocking. You come out and you are told, you can't leave because if you go outside there is a possibility you will get shot. Police are still hunting the gunman and are now scouring surveillance video. The first official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge has been unveiled in London. Artist Paul Emsley revealed the work to a private audience which included the royal couple. The award-winning artist worked with Kate during a series of sessions to record the piece.It made me nervous but as an artist you rely on your techniques to overcome these sort of things. It has been a wonderful project all in all.Despite the mother-to-be giving the work her royal seal of approval, there are some critics say the soft-lens robs her of her sparkle I don't know about that, but she's the 'Mona Lisa' smirk. She is all smiling mostly in photos, it is a bit sad she is not in that portrait.We could do with a softer focus early on a Saturday morning! (LAUGHTER) There you go.Beautiful.Stay with us. We will have your weather and your first sports news next.Phil Hughes has achieved something that no Australian cricketer has ever done before. Roz Kelly with all of the details. That is next on Weekend Today.

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Good morning to you, Sydney! Another very hot one on the way. 39 in the city. All the way up to 45 degrees in the west. We will have more on the fire danger that we will bring to you in seven minutes' time.Alright. Time for the sports headlines. There is a lot of good stuff happening. Here is Roz Kelly. Good morning. A wrarkable night for Phil Hughes who continued his revival and he helped the Australian cricketers continue their dominance over Sri Lanka thumping the toufr wrists by 107 runs in the opening one-day international at the MCG. A record century from Hughes setting up the victory. Claims circled of an understrength side as three debutants were handed an opportunity to impress. Usman Khawaja and Finch weren't able to capitalise, but not Phil Hughes. The opener racing past 50, Sri Lanka unable to stop the runs. His century coming soon after, adding his name to the record books. COMMENTATOR: There it is! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) The first Australian cricketer to ever do that, 100 on debut.Yeah, confidence quite high. (LAUGHS) . There have been some great players before me and I suppose to get that, that is something I won't forget.Stand-in skipper George Bailey joining Hughes, the pair putting on 140, Bailey eventually gone for 89 as there was a late cameo.That is his 50.A tough 306 for victory Sri Lanka barely looked in it. Clint Mackay cleaning up the top order before the tourists cleaned themselves up, two balls, two run-outs.Oh, another chance. He got him again! He got him again! Tiramana out for a duck. Sri Lanka limping to 5/128 as Australia pulled out all of the tricks. Mackay finished with four wickets, the hosts wrapping it up with 10 overs to spare.A great team effort for Perth to stand up on the back of some criticism from outsiders and some people who weren't sure if we were up to it. I think hopefully we have put those doubts to bed. Poland's Agneska Radwanska could not head into the Australian Open in better form. The world No. 4 smashing Slovakian Dominka Cibulkova 6-0, 6-0 to take out the Sydney International. Cibulkova hit just two winners in the opening set and the errors continued in the second. Radwanska claimed her second tour title in as many weeks and reduced Cibulkova to tears. Such great tennis and a she deserved to score tonight. Sorry about that.Bernard Tomic booked his spot in today's men's final. He squares off against South African Kevin Anderson after disposing of Andreas Seppi 7-6, 6-4 in their semi.To cope the conference up here and -- To cope the conference up here and I've been playing great tennisAm one match away from winning my first ever title and it will be a big match.Tomic is the first Australian male to reach the Sydney final since Chris Guccione in 2008. On to the A-League and 'The Adelaide Advertiser' has held off a fast-finishing Perth Glory to keep the pressure on ladder leaders Central Coast. An early double from Jeronimo put the home side 2-nil up at the break. Ian Ramsay pushed the margin out to three with a stunning goal in the 46th minute. COMMENTATOR: Ramsey, into the top corner.That is incredible. That is an incredible finish.Perth produced a thrilling finish of their own. Back-to-back goals. It was too little too laid, Adelaide winning 23-2. A big racing on the Gold Coast. It is Magic Millions day and the Queen's grand-daughter Zara Pillips will be there. She is an accomplished equestrian herself, silver medallist at the Olympics. She did a bit of track work for the local riders.Really?She did well, didn't fall off.We are having her on the show.We are. Looking forward to hearing from her. First, let's check in to Jesinta Campbell for the weekend weather. Hi, J erk sinta.Why, everyone. I am here at the Magic Millions on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland. It is the Queensland's richest race with a $3.4 million prize pool. Not only that, it is a unique carnival because it combines the largest yearling sales. So there is something to brag about. We will talk more about that after we take a look at your like weather forecast.

Yes. A is

Now, today here at the jeep Magic Millions over 17,000 people will flock to the trackside to enjoy some amazing activities and today I will be taking you on a mini tour of the track. I will be revealing some top fashion tips for you, taking you on a V IP look at some of the awesome marquees here, as well as how to purchase a racehorse and get it right here to the Magic Millions. Back to you guys.Thank you very much, Jesinta.A hat or fascinator girl?Definitely a fascinator. I don't look good in hats. I have such a fat head and fat face it is exacerbated when I wear it.No-one is going comment on that.(LAUGHTER) Stay with us. We will have much, much more on the heat that Jesinta was talking about. We will also talk to firefighters about how they are preparing for another extremely challenging day out on the fire front. That is next on Weekend Today so don't go away.

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After a very long, very hot week of fighting a number of blazes across the country, fire crews are bracing for another blast of extreme heat this weekend. The worry is that could fan controlled fires or even ignite new ones. Foremore, we are joined by NSW and The Rural Fire Service commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons and in Victoria, the State Control Centre's Peter Appleford. Good morning to you both. Commissioner Fitzsimmons, let's start with you. At the moment we know that 95 fires are still burning across NSW. I men, which areas are of the most concern -- I mean, which areas are of the most concern today?That's right, Sarah. Of those fires, 12 of those are not yet contained. The largest that have been occupied a lot of the tension would be down on the Shoalhaven, down near Sussex Inlet, down furtherer in Cooma, to the east of Cooma there, Yarrabin, a fire, as cry to Yass, another large fire and near Crookwell, they were able to contain a fire last night, but it is still a very hot fire location. Look, we have got bad weather from our upper central west to the Hunter, greater Sydney down to the border. The worst of it is expected down through the Southern Ranges and our Monaro alpine regions and that of course is where we have a lot of concentration of fire already, let alone anything new that might come up today.It will be a really critical day for firefighters here in NSW. Does it concern you that we keep seeing arsonists lighting fires in both NSW and Victoria? I mean, we are dealing with such terrible conditions at the moment. I men, this is just making the extraordinary tough job of firefighters even harder?It makes you furious, Sarah. I mean, that is the polite way to say it. I don't know what else we can do. You have got fire authorities and NSW Police, their intervention, their proactiveness just can't get any better. As I understand it, the last time I read it, we have got the toughest penalties available here in NSW. If you want to do this sort of activity, you can find yourself facing hundreds of thousands of dollars fines, 14 -25 years in jail for the most extreme Kays. What does it take to get the message through when you look at how much destruction and, indeed, damage and ultimately death that can be occasioned by such a reckless, criminal act?Just absolute stupidity. Let's go to Peter Appleford in Victoria. Peter, yesterday was an extremely tough day for firecrews. What are you watching today?We have got three fires we are keeping an eye on today, Sarah. There is one just north of Warandi, kangaroo ground. That is close proximity to houses. It was contained late yesterday evening. It is about a 13-hectare fire. As we move west there, is a fire near Daylesford. That was 100 hectares yesterday, close to a school. The location is close to where schools are and a location where there is dry grass in the area. We will keep an eye on that today. Near Portland there is a fire. Again because of the size of the fire and the fact it has been burning in just some fairly large trees, we need to make sure we keep that contained if the weather changes.Look, crews have another huge day ahead today. They have been doing a stella job over the past week or so. Shane Fitzsimmons and Peter Appleford, thank you very much for joining us this morning. We do appreciate it and hopefully this weather does seem to ease up soon so you guys can get a handle on the fires.New Zealand and more on the weather is coming up next -- news, sport and weather and more on the weather is coming This program is not captioned.

We are running on time to the exact second. It is time for the news with Davina.Thanks, Stevie. A fire ban has been extended across NSW today. Weather experts are tipping the mercury to soar to more than 30deg by 10 this morning, the peak 39 in the city. Suburbs to Sydney's west will top 45 with a high of 47 degrees expected in the State's north-west. Temperatures will ease after midday as a cool southerly change moves through before the return of high 20s tomorrow. And hundreds more firefighters will hit the ground across NSW this morning, as authorities bolster crews in the face of an a extreme fire threat across most of the State. 95 fires are still burning, 12 are still raging out of control. We've got bad weather from our upper central west across to the Hunter, greater Sydney and down to the border. The worst is expected down through the southern rains and Monar alpine regions.Police are warning firebugs that senseless attacks could cost lives. Teenagers and a 12-year-old boy are facing charges for a blaze yesterday. Victorian authorities are investigating almost 50 arson attacks across the Tate in two weeks. Coastal communities in Western Australia are expected to be spared from Cyclone Narelle's wrath as she packed an Almighty punch over the Indian Ocean. She is now at 26 0km/h. Areas between Mardie and Exmouth will be pummelled with 100km winds this morning. Some residents are taking no chances, though.We have got the radio for when the power does go out because it does - it is guaranteed.Tides along the Pilbera coast are also forecast to be higher than normal from early today. Shocking figures have revealed more than 3, 500 drivers were caught drink driving over the festive season. Figures found 300 motorists were found driving under the influence of drugs. The results show authorities breath tested more than a million drivers during Operation Cross Roads over a four- day blitz. At least 7,000 Johnny Depp Cherokee off-roaders are being called across Australia over botched airbag systems. Chrysler said a potential computer malfunction could make the side airbags inadvertently release. More than 200 cases have been reported worldwide. It affects Cherokees sold between 2002 and 20046789 it is not yet typical food group for our furry four-legged friends, but a cat in the UK had to undergo emergency surgery after swallowing a 15cm television aerial. The owner of little Alfie said she'd only had him a few days when he developed a liking for the TV. It could have been fatal for the feline if they hadn't removed it. I know the studio crews have plenty of gags.I don't, but one of our cameraman came up with a beauty. What do you feed a cat that eats a TV antenna? Tuna.(LAUGHTER) I am surprised you didn't claim that one.Tuna.That is very good. It is. To be able to -- you will be able to find that cat on Go cat. C'mon.That was mine.(LAUGHTER) You are ahead, Stevie.That was shocking.Go on, Roz.Sport now. Let's move on. Australia's Bernard Tomic is going for a maiden tour title when he takes on South African Kevin Anderson in today's Sydney International final. The 20- year-old recorded his seventh victory over a top 50 opponent to make it to the tournament decider betting Andreas Seppi, as he rediscovered his hot form.Working on a lot the last few months and my fitness has improved my game all round, my mentality and physical space. I am moving great and feeling great. That is why I can play consistent tennis.In the women's Agneska Radwanska put on a clinic against Dominka Cibulkova in the final. The world No. 4 won 4-0, 4-0 to take home the silverware in Sydney. Still on tennis and Lleyton Hewitt plays later today in the final of the ko yong classic. It is his final preparation heading into a 17th consecutive Australian Open appearance a. Hewitt is in the top half of the draw alongside Novak Djokovic who is chasing an unprecedented third straight title at Melbourne.It would be great, but, as I said before, is a 2wek- long event, a grand slam and all players participating have an extra motivation to do well.In cricket, Phil Hughes has become the first Australian and only eighth player in cricket history to score a century in his one-day international debut. His record knock of 112 guiding Australia to a convincing 107- run victory over Sri Lanka at the MCG. The series heads to the opener's new home ground at the Adelaide Oval for Game 2 and Hughes is full of confidence.I really can't wait to get there on Sunday and hopefully score another big one and hopefully set up - well, hopefully another win. That would be something that we want to do.Hughes picked up Man of the Match with Clint Mackay taring with the ball taking 4/33 off 8 overs. In the A-League Adelaide coach John Kosmina says a groin strain to Bruce Jeetay isn't of concern. The star striker went down after just 80 seconds limping off without even touching the ball. It forced Jeronimo off the bench and a it didn't take long for the Argentine substitute to make an impact scoring a brace shortly before the break. The Reds hanging on to win 3-2 following the back- to-back goals from Perth to the final minutes N the women's cricket league NSW and Queensland will play in the final tomorrow. NSW are into a 17th straight finals appearance. Wow.Australian women cricketers written credible. They go so well. Awesome.Not only here but around the world.Absolutely.Thank you, Roz. Time to get the weekend weather check with ya sin ta Campbell. -- Jesinta a Campbell.Take a look at this beautiful filly. She was purchased two years ago here at the Magic Millions yearling sales. She's raced just one and she won that very race. I want to know what it takes to purchase the perfect racehorse. So, we will be having a chat to Vin Cox who is managing director of Magic Millions and he will let me know how to purchase the perfect thoroughbred. First, let's take a look at your local weather forecast.


Let's look at our satellite and combined chart. There is a cyclone off the WA coast and there is an 'Of condensed coninvestigatetive activity from the area. Cloud if tropical thunder tomorrow activity can be seen over the Northern Territory, northern parts of Western Australia and inner Queensland. Now, I want to know what does it take to purchase the

what does it take to purchase the
perfect thoroughbred?

what does it take to purchase the
perfect thoroughbred?Well, what we are doing is we are selling yerlings, so they are very young horses. It is equivalent of looking at a school of kindergarten kids. You look down the line of the kids, that one there is going to be an athlete, that will be a short, fat kid so he will be a front-row forward. We want to identify the young kids that will develop through and these are the fast racehorses. You are looking for athleticism.Fantastic. You could look at it as purchasing appear man. That is how I take my men as well. (LAUGHS) .There you go.(LAUGHTER) Thank you very much for your chat. Back to you guys in the studio.Oh, you go, girl! Throwing it out there. Stay with us - what is a saltwater crocodile doing on the Gold Coast? Details of the rogue saltie caught in Southport. That is in our next half an hour.And Richard reviews our next Ryan Gosling movie 'Gangster Squad'. That is next on Weekend Today.

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'Gangster Squad' takes us back to the 1940s when the match ya had a stranglehold on Los Angeles. It is based on a true story and it stars Ryan Gosling. It is Richard Wilkins' movie of the week.MOVIE REEL: I am looking to put a squad together. Just a small squad. Five, maybe six guys.'Gangster Squad' is a blast to the past, take us back to the year 1949. A group of brave police detectives have been charged with the duty of shutting down organised crime any way they can. Specifically gang ter mickey Cohen. Heave these at a home.Sean Penn is at his best as the menace aing mobster who has LA by the throat. MOVIE REEL: Los Angeles is my deputy.Is that right?Leading the fight against him Josh brolen, Ryan Gosling and their merry men.We are not solving a case here. We are going war.When I was a kid I was a big Dick Tracey fan and when I read this I thought, I don't know, in some way it kind of reminded me of that.MOVIE REEL: Can I bow you a drink?Seeing as though I am still on duty, you better bow me two.I think that is why I wanted to do the movie. He has an integrity and honour to him I wanted to delve no and see how much I had of that on my own.Wouldn't you know it, a girl is involved. Grace Farraday, a Hollywood wanna-be who fines herself in all sorts of trouble. Are you going to make me an a honest woman?No, ma'am. I was just hoping to take you to bed.Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling reuniting after working on 'Crazy Stupid Love'.That was a big part of the reason I wanted to do this movie was to work again with Ryan.The part of Grace is ficticious, everything else is based on real events that shock the City of Angels in its post-war hey day.You are putting people into fictional events.It is beautiful edited with fabulous sets, costumes, cars and location and it is directed with a real eye for visual treat and stylish affect that gives the film a real gloss and polish. It is also really violent. Catch 'Gangster Squad' at the cinema before it goes out with a bang!MOVIE REEL: If you do this, there is no going back. Looks good, doesn't it?What is it about? I was just looking at Ryan Gosling.Gangsters. You are a gangster, aren't you?So pretty. Isn't he pretty?You can't describe a pretty man. Ellen Degeneres is on the way. We will look at how that will boost our tourism market. That is in the next half an hour. Exiting stuff there. The Most Clicked up next. Watch out, Stevie. Mark Wahlberg is here.TV REEL: C'mon, Ellen. It is 60 degrees just like This program is not captioned. Rodgee! I've got a doubly delicious
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Good morning, Melbourne. A morning shower or two today. You are heading towards a top of 24 degrees. Righto. It is time now to take a look at Most Clicked Items On The Net. First up, an invisible drive- thru prank. Take a look. VIDEO FOOTAGE: Let's see how people react when a car with no driver rolls up to their drive-thru window. (LAUGHTER)

Oh, my God. (LAUGHS) . Oh, my God.(LAUGHTER) Hello?

I am a ghost.Someone in there inI am a ghost. Thank you. That is a beauty. From one drive- thru prank to another, check out the world's fastest order. VIDEO FOOTAGE: Two sweet teas, please. Put that on debit, thank you.Great day.(LAUGHTER) That is a tough act to follow, too. Next up, Mark Wahlberg - watch out, Stevie - he crashed the local weather news in Pittsburgh. VIDEO FOOTAGE: C'mon, Ellen. Get with it. It is sunny, 60 degrees, just like spring with a leaster 43. Mild congestion over there.The red over there.76 over there. We got a slow ride there. Expect about 20 minutes' delay over there. Jen, back toy. Don't say you are working out. If you got to work out, do it. How do you rate that?He can have my job if I can have his. (LAUGHTER) Ellen is on her way Down Under. Here are hur funniest moments, including this one. VIDEO FOOTAGE: Would you like to try this? I will spay it on my leg and you can smell it.Actually, leg me stray it on my leg. It smells so much better.My leg.David Beckham. Smell my leg.(LAUGHTER) It is DB cologne. It is David Beckham's cologne.It is a tough expense. Hello. I am from Australia. Australia.Hello. Can I help you? Hello? Hello? Hello? Lady, would you like to try some?Please, please. Ladies, please.Please, please. Ladies? Please. Lady? Lady? Lady?!(LAUGHTER) (Sings) # Lady in red # Lady in red #(LAUGHTER) That - he would have to be the only woman to turn down David Beckham, I would safe.Well, that's right. If you have a suggestion for Most Clicked visit our Facebook page. Alright. We are going for a ride with Zara Pillips. That is in our next half an hour.Plus, Michele Mahone has all of the gossip from Hollywood. Hey, Michele. What is happening over there?Well, how is Lindsay Lohan on the set of her movie 'The Canyons'? Pretty much as you would expect. Stay tuned.

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Oliver Welcome back. Hollywood gossip with Michele Mahone now. Michele, Ryan Gosling has admitted to handing out gifts. What has he been up to?He walked out of a grocery tore and he saw a table selling Girl Scout cookies. He said that he would take all of them. He winds up with a car full of Girl Scout cookies. He started throwing them out the window to people on the street. He said, "This must be what Santa Claus feels like." Until he pulled up at a red light and started throwing them to the car inside -- beside him. The guy thought he was a creepy cookie guy. (LAUGHS) . We will show Ryan in about an hour's time.We will.Lindsay Lohan has been showing up to work under the influence. What is the latest? Lordy. On the movie 'The Canyons' they had a writer named Stephen Roderick. He wrote quite the article. He said he couldn't believe it. She blew off two days of shooting, she got fired. She couldn't make it. She goes to the hotel and starts pounding on the director's door, crying hysterically, begging for her job back. This went on for 90 minutes. They hire her back because they can't get rid of her. They get a love scene but she didn't want to do it and freaked out and went into the closet and the director stripped down himself to show her it was no big deal. The nude scene. I am sure he was quit impressive, but you know what I mean.Poor Lindsay. I hope she gets her about together soon because she's a great actress. Robert Pattinson is planning to bow something, Michele. What does he have his eye on?A pup. He said that he loves traditional British pugs and he's always wanted to buy one. He doesn't want it to be trendy. He probably won't let people know publicly he owns it because he said that men solving mysterys of the world over a point -- pint puts the great in Great Britain. Booze always solves it. Say pub again.Pub.Very cute.How do you say it?That is a small dog. Thank you. Here are the top stories on weekend weekend. On alert with record-setting heat on the way today. Firefighters brace for another horror day on the fire front. Cyclone Narelle lurks off the coast of WA, so what is behind all of this extreme weather? Is our climate undergoing a fundamental change? Here comes of her Aussie visit and how it could have a big impact on our tourism. A croc on the loose on the Gold Coast. He turned up in Southport. Remember Kony 2012? It was last year's big story, but did it really achieve anything? And is this painting fit for a princess in Catherine's first royal portrait is slammed by critics. (SONG): # It is getting hot in here # So hot # So take off all of your clothes # It is Saturday, 12 January, 2013. Great to have your company today. Thanks for joining us. Here is Davina Smith with the news. Thank you, Stevie. After a week of devastating fires in NSW, the authorities are preparing again for the worst. Scorching temperatures are said to sweep the stake amongst more fears that fires could break out. Now to Matthew Snelson who is in Yass, one of the State's worst affected area. Matt, what is the latest on the fire situation?95 bushfires burning a cross the state, davvaoen tphra, and 13 of them -- Davina, and 13 of them are out of control.There is one east of Cooma. That one at Deans Gap at Sussex Inlet that saw some pretty wild scenes and flames getting close to homes a little earlier in the week. There are three areas today with this extreme heat that have extreme fire danger. That is here in Yass, the ACT and down near Cooma as well. So, a very busy day for firefighters. Here at Yass, this is the biggest fire in NSW. It has been contain two places to either ends basically of the 16,000 hectares burn-out so far. Firefighters were out during the night again making sure containment lines held ahead of 160ks an hour. The fires are contained in two separate gullies at this stage, but the real worry is strong winds may push embers from the burning trees. Many are still smouldering and they push embers to ther areas in bushland that haven't yet been burnt and to propertys that haven't yet been threatened. Another a heatwave in Sydney. Temperatures reaching 45 degrees in the west and that should cool a little bit after midday with a southerly change, but a busy day for firefighters today. It will be one of monitoring - a day of monitoring blazes and threats across the state, Davina. You are right about, that Matt. Thank you very much. 60 firefighters have three hours battling a blaze that ripped through a car park's warehouse in Western Sydney overnight. The blaze took hold at Blacktown around 1:30 this morning with crews racing to stop it from spreading.The fire was burning under the masonry that has fallen down. It is quite dangerous and firefighters can't go into the areas. The good news is they have stopped the fire from spreading to adjoining factories. The cause of the blaze is not known yet. Two years on from the devastating floods, lawyers are saying they are more confident than ever they will be able to launch a legal claim on behalf of thousands of victims. News Limited reports that the lawsuit is on track and public meetings will be held shortly to explain evidence behind the action for those who have signed up to the no-cost scheme. If successful the action could leave the Queensland Government and taxpayers with a compensation fee worth millions of dollars. A crash involving a learner driver has sparked fears of a gas explosion in Melbourne overnight. Surrounding streets were shut down for more than an hour after a 23-year-old woman reversed a car into a gos pump at a petrol station in Kew. The frost of the crash ruptured the 30,000 litre pump causing the LPG to leak.Crews have been disperseed with hose lines and we have been lucky with the wind.The area was re-opened by authorities with air- quality testing failing to record any toxic gases in the neighbouring streets. The woman is expected to be charged with a number of traffic offences. Dragon, Bandit, Blaze and Notorious. It sounds like a new bred of cartoon superheros, but they are actually the unusual names that mum and dads gave their new borchs last year. Lychee, Ace, Batman - you have got to be kidding - and Crystal made the list according to -- Charisma made the list according to to Baby Centre. Amelia, Oliver, Lucas and Lilly were the most popular names last year. I thought the tennis names were hard.I am calling my daughter Beyonce.Have you heard of the one L hyphen A. LaDasha a.Is that what your new bub will be called?I am thinking about it.(LAUGHTER) Poor little thing. I feel sorry for her or him. Thanks, guys. Australia has taken a 1-nil lead against Sri Lanka following a victory at the MCG last night. Phil Hughes was named Man of the Match for his record-breaking knock of 112. Claims circled of an understrength side the team were given a chance to impress. Aaron Finch failed to capitalise, but not Phil Hughes. The opener raced past 50, Sri Lanka unable to stop the runs. His century coming soon after, adding his name to the record books. COMMENTATOR: There it is. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) First Australian team ever to do that. 100 on debut.Yeah, confidence quite high. (LAUGHS) . There have been some great players before me and I suppose to get those, that is something I will never forget.Stand-in skipper Dean Bailey joining Hughes in the run storing. Bail bay eventually gone for 89 as Dave Hussey made a late cameo. Of course he has because he is a finisher and that is his 50.A tough 306 of victory, Sri Lanka barely looked in it. Clint McKay cleaned tup top order before the tourists cleaned themselves up - two balls, two run United Statess. Oh, another chance. Not again-- two run-outs.Oh, another chance. Not again. He got him again. Australia pulled out all of the tricks. Mackay ripped through the tail end as he finished with four wickets, the host wrapping it up with 10 ores to spare.A really great team effort to stand up on the back of some criticism from outsiders and some people who weren't sure if we were up to it. I think hopefully we have put those doubts to bed.In tennis, Poland's Agneska Radwanska has won the final lead-up match before next week's Australian Open begins. The world No. 4 disposed of slovark ya's Dominka Cibulkova 6-0, 6-0 to win the women's Sydney International last night. Cibulkova hit just two winners in the opening set as errors continued to plague her match. Radwanska capturing her 12th WTA career title and reducing Cibulkova to tears.You played such great tennis so sorry about that. Bernard Tomic makes on South African Kevin Anderson after disposing of Andreas Seppi 7-6, 6-4 in their semi.I will keep the confidence up here. I have been playing great tennis and now I am one match away from winning the tournament and my first ever title. It is a big match.Also a big day for fellow Aussie Lleyton Hewitt who play later today in the final of the Kooyong Classic. The Perth Glory remain winless from their last four matches, following a 3-2 defeat to Adelaide United in the A- League. An a early double from Argentine striker Jeronimo put the Reds 2-nil up. Ian Ramsay pushed the margin out to three with a cracking strike shortly after the break. COMMENTATOR: Ramsay into the top corner. That is incredible. That is an a incredible finish!Perth also produced a thrilling finish of their own, back-to-back goals in the daying stages, but it wasn't enough. Coming up in the next 10 minutes or so, a very exciting match race - our reporter versus a princess who took to the track on the Gold Coast ahead of the Magic Millions and had a race. My money is on Evonne, a tough Queensland girl.She knows how to ride.She is a tough cookie.She does know how to ride. But a silver medallist at the Olympics. Yes. We will have to see.Now Jesinta Campbell. Good morning.Good morning. Would you take a look at. This I am inside the Moet and a Chandon Track side Marquee. This took many days to erect with hundreds of crew working around the clock to get it looking tip-top. This certainly gives the Bird join cage in Victoria, and I would know, a run for its money. Guests will indulge in the best of the best when it comes to hospitality and I will give you a little taste of that after we take a look at what is happening around the country.

Here guests will be indulged with 500 beetles of Moet champagne, over 6,000 prawn also be served up and half a tonne of wagu beach from Gerry Harvey's farm. It really is the place to be and I reckon we have the best view here. In the next half an hour, we will be talking about a very, very exciting world-first incentive that starts here at the Magic Millions and it is all to do with women in racing. Stay tuned, back to you Stevie. Jesinta doing it tough this morning. A lot of weather around. Let's find out about the extreme heat and fire danger that will bring. We are joined by the deputy commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service Rob Rogers and in Victoria, the State Control Centre's Peter Appleford. Good morning to both of you. Rob, you first. Which areas are of most concern today with the fires? Hello, Rob? Can you hear me? Let's go to Peter now. Let's have a chat to Peter. If you can hear me this morning, let's find out what is happening in Victoria. Cooler temperatures today. Can you give us the latest?Yes. We have cooler temperatures in Victoria today, a bit of respite from the heat yesterday. We had about 60 fires start yesterday of which most were controlled very early. We have fires we are keeping an eye on today. The one that threatened a school camp yesterday at Glenhyde near Daylesford and the large one near Portland which is at Kentbruk which is about 12,000 hectares inside. We are keeping an eye on the fires and blacking them out to the extent that we can to make sure they don't jump containment lines and pose a threat to communities. It has been a long stretch of hot weather. How are the volunteers holding up?Uhm, the volunteers and the professionals have done a fantastic job to date. There has been a lot of effort for the last few weeks and there is no rain in the foreseeable future. They are starting to tire and we are starting to call on extra resources. They have so far done a fan job and we want to thank them all for the efforts they have put in to diet. Now to you, Rob. Let's get the situation, as it stands this morning from you. Can you give us an update?Sure. We have 95 fires still on our books. 12 are uncontained. The three main areas of focus are the fires in the Cooma area, Shoalhaven and then the Yass. Those fires are still burning. They are in excess of 10,000 hectares in size and the weather conditions that are forecast today, we are obviously quite concerned, particularly around the Cooma area, the Snowy Mountains area. That is forecast for 30s and winds gusting up to 60km/h. We have moved around some aircraft, made sure crews have been rested and brought in other crews where needed. We have got to get through today and then the weather contracts more to the west and then hopefully a bit of a reprieve.So what can we expect to happen as the weather sores today and when will we see this relief? - - soars today and when will we see the relief?People will start to see a noticeable increase in fire behaviour. There will be more smoke, it will be a darker smoke, and those fires will start to become more active. They are likely to throw embers ahead of themselves and start moving a lot quicker than they have been over the last day or so. New fires developing is also a concern because obviously each fire that develops takes more resources, so we want to minimise that number of fires, so we would ask for the community's cooperation and report any new fire that they see that is not attended to 000 immediately because that will help enormously. Look, hopefully into Monday we will see a bit of relief, although it has been suggested that later on next week we will start to see a return to warmer weather again. Alright. Rob in NSW, thank you very much. Peter Appleford in Victoria, thank you very much for your time. Just a reminder, there is a total fire been in place today.Thanks, Steve. The Ellen effect - how could it boost our tourism market? That is in three minutes' time. First, Western Australia is on high alert for tropical cyclone Narelle lurking off the north-west coast. Our reporter is in Exmouth which is already being hit by heavy winds. Good morning to you, Tracey. What is the latest there this morning? Good morning, Sarah. Narelle is tracking south, south-west at around 12km/h. She's about 470ks north, north-west of Exmouth, as you can see. She's already brought in some strong winds. They were building up from late evening yesterday evening and are going bring heavy rain today or over the weekend. She isn't expected to make landfall. They seem pretty relaxed at the moment. As crew can imagine, these cyclones are so unpredictable that she could suddenly change direction. One of the major concerns at the moment is the storm tides. Storm tide warning has been issued so both owners have been told to stay out of the water. The tides could be higher as well this morning or later this evening. So there could be some minor flooding in low-lying areas from those positions as well as the heavy rain. Further north the areas are no longer in danger, but an alert remains in place from Mardie to Coral Bay. We have been seeing those residents making final preparations when they arrived here yesterday. We managed to get into some homes and they were laying down tarps everywhere. We have been covering they could and tying down everything that could run loose. There was also a major dash to the shops, supermarkets for goods and also fuel. Even if Narelle doesn't hit the mainland, they certainly are prepared to see destructive winds there.We can certainly hear those winds whipping up behind you. Vote row vote in WA, thank you very much for the update.Now for a change of pace. Let's lighten a little now. Ellen Degeneres is on her way to Australia.TV REEL: And for my birthday I like to give gifts. Everybody knows that. What I decided instead is everyone here is going to Australia! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Following in the footsteps of Oprah, she is bringing her entire audience Down Under and that could give our tourism market a big Boss. We are joined now by the deputy CEO of the Tourism and Transport forum Trent Zimmerman. Good morning to you. Good morning, Stevie.Why is it so important to have these high- profile celebs vit our country?As we saw from this clip this is gold for the Australian tourism industry. International tourism is highly competitive and we have to chase down every opportunity we can to keep Australia front of mind. To have a global popular, but more importantly a trusted figure like Ellen Degeneres coming here and promoting our icons is something that money can't buy.What sort of effect will it have on money and tourism, do you think?I think what we need to do is convert if attention of many Americans to come to Australia into an actual visit. We know they want to come, we know they intend to come, but a program like this will help them actually go out and buy that ticket to come to our shores.How much money is this likely to generate for Australia?It is really hard to quantify. It is hard to quantify the impact of any single event, but what we do know, for example, is at a time when our traditional markets like the UK and Britain have seen fewer tourists coming, America has grown up and is agreeing. A lot of people have put that down to the impact of the Oprah Winfrey visit a few years ago.There were 500 US travellers surveyed afp that visit and 73% said they booked their Aussie holiday because of Oprah's visit. Can we expect to see the same from Ellen? Do you think tausies care that much about Ellen compared to Oprah?I think think do. 16 million viewers in 61 countries. She's a worldwide viewing. She is respected. While people don't make holiday plans through impulse buying, but it makes sure Australia is front of their mind when they plan their next holiday.Where will she visit?Sydney and Melbourne, it would be great to include Tasmania on the trip. They are suffering pretty badly after the bushfires and we need to send the message that Tasmania is open for business and it is still a great place to travel to. Geelong's Portia de Rossi's hometown so maybe a vit to Geelong as well.A lot of the high- profile celebs have a lot of big writers as well. It costs a bit to get them down here. How much are we dipping into our pockets?This trip is being sponsored by Qantas and Swiss. Hopefully the taxpayer won't see much of a cost at all. Even if it were, can I say that a visit like this, like open prarbgs is unquantifiable in terms of keeping Australia's a image in the minds of people we want to come here for an industry that delivers hundreds of thousands of jobs.Trend, thank you very much. A lot of up side in this one.16 million Twitter followers, so hopefully she puts the word out there that Australia is the place to be. Alright, the Magic Millions has attracted the royal s to mix with commoners. Zara Pillips is happier out of her high heels and in riding boots.In the sport of kins, Zara Pillips has the perfect pedigree - but there is something different and extremely likeable about this popular young royal. (SONG): # I don't care # I love it # (LAUGHS) . I am quite heavy after my Christmas. I don't envy you giving me a leg up.Away from the pomp and ceremony of Olympic demands and the highlight when the equestrian was cheered on by her blue-blood family, Zara is just lick you or me.Gold Coast is a pear town. Have you had a chance to kick up your heels yet? I am not telling you! No. Yes, everyone is friendly.Katie Page- Harvey hand picked the queen's grand-daughter to be the ambassador. She was the perfect choice to attract more women into racing. (SONG): # You want me down on Earth # But I am up in space # You didn't have an outfit or a pick for the main race on Tuesday. Have you managed to sort those out?I have. I have done that for you. I have got Missy Long gin stocking. We did that yesterday - I got some clothes. It was great I didn't have to travel with hat and shoes and a everything.It is nice to see you out of the official get-up and into your horsey clothes. You are such a horsey girl. Do you foal more comfortable like this?Definitely. When we were arriving, it is just much more natural and that is what I do every day, so it is nice to actually come and ride a horse down here.But dressed down in jodhpurs and a cap just won't do for the race day. It will be glitz and glamour and back into the heels. And hats and fascinators.Do you have a hectic day planned?No, not too bad. It is more coming and joining the racing and meeting everyone who is involved in it and I am sure they will be very nervous. Before the big race, Zara was kind enough to make me for a tour of the turf proper. (SONG): # I don't care # I love it #He is a sprinter, he is strong from the shoulders and a big engine on him. He is nice.He wasn't fast enough for me.I wanted to keep going.Now, Yvonne said the only reason she lost the race is because the horse was a little overweight. It is a strange story, a salt water crocodile stalking the Gold Coast. It was only a baby and now it has been caught, but how did it get there? Joining us now is Nine's Marine expert Paul Burt. Good morning, Paul.Morning.Where exactly did they find this crocodile?We are putting in some rapid light transit railway tracks on the Gold Coast and they found it at the intersection of Scarborough Street and High Street in the middle of Southport. I was digging its way around some dirt there amongst the railway tracks and, yeah, they found it just before 4:00 in the afternoon Queensland time yesterday.Do they have any idea of how he got there inAhh, no. No. No, not really. It is only a baby. It is about a foot long, but I guess someone has brought it down from up north. It is hard to bow a crocodile. Obviously someone has -- buy a crocodile. Obviously someone has brought it down. It could have escaped or it could be that someone unfortunately has dumped it in the middle of Southport. It is a two- way situation here, if there is more out there - it is really hot the summer here at the moment. They could grow, we don't know yet.They could grow. We know that Queensland waters have saltwater crocodiles in them, but that is usually much further north, isn't it?It is. Back in the late 1800s, early 19 lungs, a very large saltie was captured in the Logan River about 35-40kms to the north of the Gold Coast. It was a big croc around 6.5-7m long, caught by some Kane farmers, but the majority of crocodiles are found - the Maryborough River, the Mary River, that area there, is the most southern area. There reportedly has been a few crocs seen in that area. But further north you see more inundating the creeks and rivers. You definitely don't want to swim there. We don't need them here on the Gold Coast, though.What will happen with the correct dials? Is it being taken --Well, at the moment, he is just down at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary so there is an area that caters for the wildlife. They have smart teeth so they will basically take him down there and from there they will probably let him go further north. They may keep him here, they don't know as yet. I was talking to a bloke on my radio show this morning and he was saying? The Kimberley 60 years ago fellas would walk down the streets with a nappy sack over their shoulders selling crocodiles for $1. Back in those days it was a normal thing in the west but on the Gold Coast - not something we have seen before.Yeah. Scary stuff. Lucky they caught him when they did. We appreciate that, Paul. Thank you. It is a crock of croc there, Sarah. (LAUGHS) . You only see crocodile handbags on the Gold Coast.I love how he said there coil be more lurking around. Like gremlins, isn't it? Moving on.Kony 2012, remember that?It was a huge story.My T- shirt only just arrived. Did it really have an impact? We will talk to the loading expert on African affairs shortly.Heat in the east and cyclone in the west - is this is a sign that Australia's climate is undergoing a fundamental change? That is all next after news, This program is not captioned. HUMMING SOUND HUMMING SOUND GETS LOUDER CRUNCH! Maltesers. The lighter way
to enjoy chocolate. (Giggles)

This program is not captioned.

One of the greatest guitarist of all time. That is Santana. Hasn't he got some chops on him?He certainly does. He spoke to our very own Richard Wilkins. We will have that very, very cool interview coming up in the next half an hour. Don't go away.He knows how to play. Yes.We are creeping up towards 8:30 which means it is news time. Now to Davina.Thanks, Stevie. Firefighters risk their lives and authorities are stunned at the number of fires that are believed to have been deliberately lit. There have been more than 50 expected arson attacks in Victoria in the last two weeks. Yesterday, dozen of school children were trapped in a campsite in Ballarat. A 12-year-old boy is one of a few teenagers facing charges for arson. Crews are battling at least 12 out- of-control blazes. A birthday party in Sydney's north has ended with a young man in hospital in a critical condition A group of gatecrashers tried to force their way into the house party at Forrestville just before midnight. An 18-year-old was struck in the head with an iron bar as a guest fought with the group. He was rushed to hospital with surgery. Police this morning are hunting his attackers. They are urging anyone with information to come forward. Tropical cyclone Narciso rel is whipping up surf as she tracks Western Australia. Arrests between Mardie and Exmouth will be pummelled with 100km/h winds this morning ahead of a possible 120km gusto night. However, the worst gust, more than 26 0km/h, are being unleashed at sea near the core of the Category 4 system. One of the big four banks has made a sweet prediction for struggling mortgage holders. The National Australia Bank expected the RBA board to make three interest rate cuts that year bringing it to an historic low of 2.25% by September, but the rest of the NAB report wasn't as positive. It -- the banks' experts are expect ago blow to the unemployment rate, predicting the number of Australians out of work will rise by 2013. And forget forking out cash to have your unwanted hair removed, a UK circus has put out a job ad, offering big bucks for a wolf boy or girl. The position is currently filled by a Mexican man, whose entire face is covered with dark hair. According to the application, no fakes need apply. Candidates must be genuinely Shaggy with a minimum of 60,000 hairs agreeing on their face. They might have a hard time finding the right person for the job, though. There is only 50 people in the world who have the condition. I reckon I know a few of them. (LAUGHS) .Who?It is not me. I shaved my legs this morning.You get to that age once you hit 230 you start getting whiskers where you shouldn't be getting whiskers. Where, Sarah?Seriously.My legs could apply at the moment. They are a little be scary.I have got nothing to say. You are doing it all to yourself.You know you are on that downward slope, those really wirey ones.Lucky you have a boyfriend.(LAUGHTER) Too much!He said I looked like a witch!(LAUGHTER) He must be a nice guy.A big day for tennis.(LAUGHTER) You are into the comfort zone, aren't you?It is a big day for tennis. Lleyton Hewitt and Bernard Tomic are both playing finals. Oh, my gosh, Sarah. Lleyton hits the court later this afternoon against Juan Martin Del Potro in the Kooyong Classic while Bernard Tomic takes on Kevin Anderson at the Sydney International, aim fogger a maiden tour title. -- aiming for a maiden tour title.I am trying to increase my physical strength and mentality. I am feeling great and that is why I can play consistent tennis.Agneska Radwanska thrashed Slovakia's Dominka Cibulkova. The Polish world No. 4 won in straight sets 6-0, 6-0. Stand-in Australian skipper Dean Bailey says he hopes last night's 107- run win over Sri Lanka will finally silence the critics. Three debutants were in the new-look one-day side including Phil Hughes, the opener becoming the first Aussie to core a century on debut and he is full of confidence heading into Day 2.I can't wait to get there on Sunday and score another big one and hopefully set up another win. That would be something that we want to do.Hughes finishing on 112 with Clint McKay snareing 4/73 off 8 overs. In the A-League John Kosmina says that an early groin strain on Sarah De Bono -- Bruce Djite unsettled his side in last night's 3-2 win over Perth. The star striker went down after just 80 seconds limping off without even touching the ball. Perth left it right until the dying minutes to launch a comeback but they couldn't find the equaliser. And the Gold Coast Turf Club has been given the royal seal of approval ahead of today's Magic Millions. On the eve of Queensland's richest race day ambassador Zara Pillips enjoyed a gallop on the course.That's what I do every day, so it was nice to come and ride.The royal is tipping Missy Longstocking. The race is at 1pm today, witchy-poo.She is a pretty girl, Zara Pillips.Natural. Remember that campaign that gripped the world, Kony 2012?We will be smart and we will be thorough. The rest of the world will go to bed Friday night and wake up to hundreds of thousands of posters demanding justice on every corner. That was the third-most watched video on YouTube, but did it really make a difference? That story coming up in 15 minutes.First, let's get another hit of the weather with Jesinta Campbell. Where are you, Jesinta?Good morning. I am here on the Gold Coast at the jeep Magic Millions and I am here to announce in a world-first an exciting new addition has been added to this trophy that will be awarded to the first female-owned horse that crosses the finish line. A lot of money has been injected into this exiting new initiative and hear to tell us more about a it is the beautiful owner of Magic Millions Katie Paige-Harvey. First, let's take a look at what is happening in your backyard today.

As I said earlier, I am here with the owner of Magic Millions Katie Paige Harvey. Katie, why is it so important for women to get involved in racing?Jesinta, only 23% of horses are owned by females in this country. And being a champion of females' rights I thought it should be 50%. Then I thought, how do we get women into this quickly, so we put $500,000 on the table and today is pretty exciting because a female could win this race, which means she not only wins $1.14 million, but another $325 a, so she might take home nearly $1.5 million today. Zara and I will be there saying, "C'mon, girls, cross the line!" That is enough for me to think about owning the racehorse.I have got a few horses I could sell you. Come to the sales tonight.Next investment, I think. We are going to be talking about female fashion here trackside at the Magic Millions. Stay tuned.Thank you, Jesinta. Good to have Katie on the show as well. You know what would be enough to make me think about buying a racehorse?What?Money. We could go four ways and get a little hoseshoe.I think investment was a bad description.(LAUGHTER) Yes. Alright. Let's move on to the weather. Cyclones - is this normal or is our weather becoming more extreme? We will look into that in 10 minutes' time.Is this portrait fit for a princess? Critics have slammed the official port trait of Katherine. More on that on Weekend Today. This program is not captioned.

First official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge has been revealed and it received some very mixed reviews. Have a look. The moment of truth - William and Kate entering London's National Portrait Gallery, anxiously awaiting the unveiling of the Duchess's first official portrait. It took 3.5 months to create, so would the painting do the Duchess justice? Take a look for yourself. Kate's -- Kate sat twice tor the portrait, once in May and again in June. Paul Emsley said that he withined to capture her natural beauty and he thought he was originally going to paint her without a smile. After meeting her, he changed his mind.I think actually that it was the right choice in the end to have her smiling because it does - that is really who she is, I think.He also took liberties with her eye colour, changing it slightly to match her blouse. Away from the cameras, the Duchess reportedly described the work as "amazing", adding "I thought it was brilliant." But with this extreme close-up and those bags under Kate's eyes, not everyone's review is so glowing. The concept? What is it? It is like a joint Polaroid. She walked into a photo booth, had the picture taken and she was blown up to a huge size, it would look more or less the same, wouldn't it?Joining us now is 'The Herald Sun' columnist Suzi O'Brien. They have a point. The bags under the eyes, jeeze. Use some night cream. What do you think?I think she looks old and kind of sour. For someone who is known for her youth and her beauty, I think it just doesn't capture any of her vitality. She says she thinks it is brilliant, but she may be the only one who thinks that. I think she had a lot to do with the selection of the artist so maybe she is trying to justify her choice. But she actually looks kind of middle-aged and kind of half dead. I think it is a bit disappointing for someone who is so gorgeous to look like this in their first portrait.There is no sparkle there. She might just be being polite by saying it is brilliant. Suzi, moving on. Pashs are facing hefty costs at the start of the school year. They are being asked to fork out as much as $1,300 for compulsory lap tops for their kids. A huge amount of money for families, particularly if you have more than one child. Shouldn't these things be subsidised more by the government?Well, I any this is often really hard for parents because no-one wants their kids to miss out. But at the same time, a lot of parents wouldn't be able to afford $1,00 for a kids lap top. Schools should be doing the best they can to get good deals for kids and often it to do with the status of the school and not about the basic education o