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(generated from captions) The Nazi Party Congress
is the real beginning

of what German playwright

"the resistible rise

The devastating new economic crisis
originating in the United States has caused havoc
throughout the world,

particularly in Germany.

One after the other,
factories close their doors

and the number of unemployed

of six million. Out of despair,
many Germans turn to the Nazis

or to the Communists,

who also have

Communists and Nazis clash violently

Hitler provokes disorder

claiming to be the only man

This tactic of blackmail
proves effective. Hitler rallies the small business
owners and homeowners to his cause

by denouncing the threat
of the "Red Plague" -

who also strike fear into the hearts
of the peasantry.

100 elected Nazis

enter the Reichstag,
the German parliament...

Hitler is now the leader of the
country's second political party,

Yet the upper classes, who despise

"To them, power had always been

"the princes, and those
with a university education. "Nothing blinded the German
intellectuals as much as pride

And in the meantime,

In just a year, he comes to dominate
the extreme Right in Germany.

with half a million members,

Behind his domineering posturing,

He has just emerged from a scandal

Rumours of a personal drama He had conceived a passion
for his own niece,

He loved her irrationally,

She was living with him

"My uncle is a monster.

"No one could imagine
what he demands of me."

She wanted to leave him
and now she is dead. A press campaign is launched

and even of having Geli murdered.

Extremely depressed, Hitler threatens

His photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann, introduced him
to one of his secretaries.

She resembles Geli.

She is captivated by the Nazi Party
leader's popularity.

Hitler will make her
his new "shadow mistress."

He declares himself a bachelor
"married to Germany" to gain the sympathy
of female voters.

German women already have
the right to vote,

thanks to the feminist movement.

Eva Braun is above all
a sports enthusiast.

and staring in Tarzan movies
in Hollywood. At her side, Hitler recovers his
combativeness as a political animal

of Germany's president, Hindenburg,
is drawing near.

Hitler is among the candidates
to succeed him in 1932.

Hardly ten years after his attempted
putsch and incarceration,

Hitler is on the verge of becoming Germans are subjected
to an intensive poster campaign. Nazi propaganda chief
Joseph Goebbels says

"Let us be grandiose!"

He devises an ultramodern election

The largest commercial plane
of the time is provided

by the director
of Lufthansa Airlines,

who isn't adverse Hitler, wearing a leather helmet, sets off on a tour
of some 100 German towns,

"We flew in all kinds of weather,
even in storms. "Cancelling a rally
was out of the question. "People ended by losing

"Hitler contributed

He forges the myth
of Hitler the supreme saviour

during these aerial hustings,

carefully filmed and then
projected all over the country.

But Goebbels cannot relax yet,

and the industrial barons are still
wary of Hitler's violent methods. The Nazis must charge everyone
who comes to listen to Hitler

This doesn't discourage them.
On the contrary. A witness, Von Spaun,
describes his reaction... "I suddenly felt Hitler's
eyes on me

"and it affected me



A week before
the presidential elections,

Hitler brings together
100,000 Berliners

who seem incapable
of facing the crisis.

20-year-old Jutta Rudiger is
in the crowd.

"I can't explain the state that

"We really thought that Hitler alone

Hitler becomes a serious candidate
for the presidency.

as the prototype of the political

On the Left,

a half-mad cheater,
a vain charlatan, a fake tough guy with

The outgoing president, although a reactionary monarchist,
is supported by the Left.

This paradox reflects the growing as is hammered home
by his most determined opponent,

Social Democrat leader
Otto Wels:

13 million Germans
have voted for him,

It is enormous, but it isn't enough.

Hindenburg, re-elected thanks
to the Social Democrats, wants to be free of his dependence
on them.

And Hitler,

starts campaigning again.

As he gives five speeches a day,

One of his intimates says

"We were like seconds who have
to get their boxer back into shape

He is carried away
by his own virulence.

the first party to eliminate

The Storm Troopers
are given the task.

They finance themselves, paying for
their own uniforms and equipment.

One of them, Wolf Teubert, He is ready to join his motorised
unit at a moment's notice.

"The humiliation of the Treaty
of Versailles had made me

"a passionate defender of Hitler.

"There was companionship, solidarity,

"We, who were ashamed
of having been too young

"to have fought in the Great War,

"took advantage
of our elders' experience."

Goebbels concocts an idol
to inspire them - Horst Wessel,
a petty crook from Berlin

who became leader
of an assault brigade. Killed by the Communists
a year earlier,

he was made

Speaking at his Goebbels had compared
this man's sacrifice to Christ's. He had these images filmed
to depict Nazism

as a devotional practice

He had original music commissioned

for what he called the last poem
of the dead SA member, and made it the official
anthem of the Nazi Party:

The Red Front
are the Communist militias. They always wear workers' caps
and Russian blouses.

All these militants, men and women,
are inspired by their ideals.

July 1932, the bloody summer

The SA Storm Troopers, provoke street battles
with the Communists. 100 dead and 1000 wounded is
the toll among the Communists. Many Germans,
exhausted by the disorder

The result: 230 Nazis Hitler is now head of the country's

Power is within his reach

Quickly, however,
euphoria gives way to disappointment.

President Hindenburg refuses

head of the government.

"Before God,

"I cannot hand over power to a party

Nevertheless, Hindenburg offers him

but Hitler doesn't consider himself
an ordinary politician

He wants all the power.
To establish a totalitarian state.

In a few weeks, Goebbels, the head
of the vast Nazi parliamentary group,

succeeds in paralysing
democratic procedure.

Now, Goebbels, smiling the malicious
smile of his evil deeds,

announces "It's high time
to dissolve this assembly

"which no longer reflects
the will of the people."

Another election has to be called,

Hitler sees it
as another chance to make gains.

The election's results are a crushing Surrounded by his personal SS guard,

He has lost two million voters

Goebbels says

"Hitler refused

"and the voters didn't
understand why."

With bitterness, Goebbels reads
the foreign press reports.

"Hitlerism as a political force
is dead."

edited by eminent Socialist
Leon Blum, headlines an article

"The End of Hitler." still facing the impossibility
of forming a majority,

finally names Hitler
Chancellor of Germany.

A student in Berlin,

"For an instant, I can physically
smell blood and mud.

"like the big dirty paw
of a predatory animal

To achieve his end, the wolf
disguises himself as a lamb.

Hitler reassures Hindenburg by asking
for only two ministerial portfolios

for the Nazis -

the Minister of the Interior

Hitler advances by subterfuge.

His aim is to show that the most
important ministerial positions have gone to a conservative,
Franz von Papen,

and to the strongman of the extreme
right, Alfred Hugenberg,

Minister of the Economy
and Agriculture,

an aggressive
and authoritarian hardliner.

Hitler calls his government

to make it sound

rather than a predominantly
Nazi government.

This very reactionary body believes

Von Papen makes a costly mistake
when he says to Hugenberg "Hitler is our man,"
to which Hugenberg replies

"We oversee him." That very evening,

and all the other large
German cities,

Goebbels organises

of the Steel Helmet
veteran group, the SS

and prominently, Goebbels declares that a million
people marched in the parade,

but the British military attache

estimates them
at less than 15,000 marchers, made to go around in circles
for hours by Goebbels. They pass under the windows of the
85-year-old President Hindenburg, who, believing himself
in Verdun in 1916,

"Our men are parading well.

Hitler, at the Chancellery,
receives a frenzied tribute.

Louise Solmitz,

She adds "I heard people shouting
Death to the Jews! "Jewish blood will gush
under the knife!"

Goebbels concludes

Hitler delivers his first speech

Absolute power, but by stages.

and Social Democrats
in the Reichstag.

Therefore, Hitler's first move

With this relatively
conciliatory speech,

Hitler continues to advance Goebbels, however,
wants to clarify matters

and violence -

- for the Nazi voter base.

Only two weeks later in Berlin,
the great Reichstag, the German parliament building,
burns down in the night.

Nothing remains of this powerful
symbol of German democracy. The investigation, carried out

incriminates a 24-year-old
Dutch communist

suspected of a heavy record of arson. Quickly found guilty,
he is guillotined.

The Nazis.

Hitler and Goering raise the spectre

Goering has 4000 Communists arrested,

But the Communist Party

For Hitler wishes to maintain

for the legislative elections will consolidate his power.

The Germans, fed up with

see renewed action

to "protect the population

There are over
a million Storm Troopers.

Now armed, they have the status

they take up positions in front of
the headquarters of Leftist parties

while Hitler continues to play
the electoral card to reassure an increasingly exhausted
President Hindenburg. Goering, menacing
in his Gothic-style armchair,

gives his doctored version

In reality, Hitler and his coalition
barely win a majority.

from obtaining
12% of the votes.

At this point,
Hitler tears off his mask

and enters the realm

He invalidates the election
of the Communist parliamentarians

and has them arrested and sent to the
concentration camps of Oranienburg,

which have just been set up These are the first of the 16 camps
that open in the year 1933 alone.

during the first months

Communist student
Klaus Bastian recalls

"and pushed us
into freezing water.

"We always feared for our lives,
night and day."

The Nazi version is that
these parliamentarians,

senior civil servants
and union leaders

are being "re-educated." The baleful shadow of dictatorship
spreads over Germany.

Hitler stages the new parliament
in the Royal Opera House,

surrounded by the SA,

The Communist members are gone,
most of them to the camps.

The 94 Social Democrats who are still

They too will be arrested
and sent to the camps,

441 members from the extreme Right listen to Hitler's long,
rambling speech intended to bolster
the people's illusions.

the end of unemployment,

respect for the law,

by granting Hitler full powers
for four years.

No longer can President Hindenburg

To the sound of cheers,
democracy dies in Germany.

The fact that Hitler, whose power
is based on anti-Semitism,

now leads one of the world's most
advanced industrialised countries,

is seen as a universal threat.

anti-Hitler demonstrations,
like this one in New York,

his obscurantism...

and his anti-Semitism.

All call for a worldwide boycott
of German products.

An amateur film-maker,
with the assistance of his wife,

tests the determination of the Nazis

posted in front of Jewish-owned
businesses. Jews in Germany are horrified to see
SA posters that read

"Not a penny
for Jewish capitalism!"

And "The Jews are the cause
of our downfall!" It is the beginning
of the persecution.

Edwin Landau, owner of a large store
in East Prussia,

writes, before emigrating
to Palestine with his family

"I changed completely in the space
of a few hours.

"whom I had respected

"I was no longer German, "or no longer had the right
to be German.

"I was ashamed of having once
belonged to that nation. "I was ashamed of the trust
I had held in so many people,

"who now removed their masks "to reveal themselves
as my enemies." Anti-Semitism had contaminated
the universities.

Nazism is perverting people's minds,

turning them against modern culture,

imposing an intolerant,
sectarian ideology that will lead the students
themselves to burn books.

With the help of schoolchildren

all over the country,

that reflect what Hitler terms
an "un-German spirit".

On the Nazi blacklist are authors

Stefan Zweig,
and 300 others, mainly Jewish
or Communist writers. 12,000 titles are condemned.

Hundreds of thousands of copies
must be burnt, and the Storm Troopers
prepare the pyres.

In a radio broadcast

Goebbels reads out
the sermon of the Black Mass

for an auto-da-fe
straight out of the Dark Ages.

A young Berliner, Dorothea Gunther,

is present at the auto-da-fe

Her description of the scene -

"The SA and the students shouted out
the book's title

"They stated "a pacifist, a feminist,
or simply a modernist.

"They would recite
'We consign you to the fire'

"and would throw it into the flames. "I was dumbfounded
and deeply outraged,

"since we had read

"that ended up in the fire."

French socialist leader
Leon Blum wrote

"What was needed in Germany

"and the Social Democrats
to fight together."

But the Social Democrats

no alliance
with the Social Democrats,

described as "socio-traitors." Stalin's suicidal orders
were a gift to Hitler.

Hitler suppressed the unions.

he outlaws
the Social Democratic Party.

The German people, for their part,
can go on vacation.

Henceforth, the Nazi Party
is the only legal party. Its anti-Semitic slogans don't seem They are largely indifferent
to the fate

who, after all, only number 500,000,
less than 1% of the population.

Half the German Jews would manage
to emigrate. Gerda Blachmann remembers

"on the condition of giving up
everything we owned."

The poorer German Jews would be
stuck in Germany.

They would be deported
to the eastern ghettos,

then exterminated in the camps.

Opponents to the regime would flee
if they can,

anywhere they can,
especially to France,

where they would later be trapped

Many of those
who cannot leave in time, or who choose to stay
to carry on the struggle,

would be captured

The vast majority of Germans would
accept the totalitarian regime.

Some would begin the day

The others, now that Hitler

would read only Nazi newspapers. Their daughters too
would learn the compulsory salute. Their sons would enter
the Hitlerjugend,

which will hone
their aggressive tendencies. At school, teachers would show pupils
how to handle weapons. Teachers would have to use

in math class, such as A mentally handicapped young person
costs the state 1800 marks a year,

Answer: society can only survive if
its citizens are genetically sound.

The older daughters would join
the BDM, the Bund Deutscher Madel,

It trained girls to be good wives

These would be killed

in the last combat actions
in Berlin. However, the Germans are unaware Hitler is not yet the unchallenged
supreme leader.

he must continue numbing the nation
by his propaganda.

since the taking of power
by the Nazi Party,

Hitler is well served by the talent
of the young director,

Leni Riefenstahl,

who charms him

With clever framing she glorifies the new god
of a new mystique,

of power, and its apostles like the most loyal
of the loyal, Rudolf Hess,

one of the writers
of the anti-Jewish laws.

under whom propaganda
has become an important ministry.

Like Hermann Goering, who will

that this film would be banned
a year later.

Because Rohm, even though
he has been Hitler's accomplice

since the failed putsch of 1923, Perhaps because he is too close
to Hitler,

With two million members,

Hitler, to gain the army's support,

will bring them into line
and eliminate Rohm.

It all begins the next summer

when Hitler travels to Italy

Hitler is impressed by his elder
counterpart, his role model. He is seeking Mussolini's approval
for his plan to annex Austria.

gathering on his borders.

"He makes me think
of a talkative monk."

pointedly starting
with his battleship fleet,

while Hitler has no naval force.

He understands now that

he won't be able
to carry out his plans.

Hitler goes to observe the manoeuvres
of the Reichswehr, the German army,

reduced by the Treaty of Versailles few in number
but very well trained.

he needs generals, admirals,

He's always promised to free the army and to restore its troop
and weapon strength.

and his Storm Troopers, who are
in a position to supplant the army.

He steals the limelight from Hitler.

Industrialists are worried
by his declaration

that "The national-socialist
revolution is not over."

Goebbels says

They have been partners in crime
for 15 years,

but Hitler's decision
is firm,

to eliminate Rohm under the pretext

that he has planned a coup d'état.

Hitler choses his executioners -

Sepp Dietrich, a former butcher
who heads the Fuhrer's bodyguard.

the Night of the Long Knives,

the SS murders Rohm
and 85 other potential opponents

and embarrassing witnesses

With Rohm gone, the Storm Troopers
lose all their influence

as are the industrial barons,

and Sepp Dietrich
is promoted to SS general.

When Leni Riefenstahl directs

on the Nazi Party congress of 1934,

only black SS uniforms are seen

Hitler is now alone
at the top of the pyramid.

A month after
the Night of the Long Knives,

Marshal Hindenburg, Democracy has been dead and buried

Totalitarianism continues

Hitler becomes commander

All the soldiers must

"and the leader of the German people,
Adolf Hitler!"

to enjoy the music of Wagner,
his favourite composer.

The composer's daughter-in-law,

who supported him

welcomes him now
as master of Germany.

Hitler can look back
at how far he has come.

He has achieved the demented dream

to incarnate Rienzi,
his favourite Wagnerian hero,

who sacrifices himself
for his adoring people.

he sets sail on the North Sea
pursuing his fantasies,

accompanied by those who created him

but who can no longer control
what has become the Golem,

who blinds human beings

Hitler will first appropriate
the successes of the Weimar Republic,

such as the famous autobahns,

which will become showcases
of the Nazi regime.

Then Hitler will strike by passing
the Nuremberg Race Laws. He will burn synagogues to the ground

in the Kristallnacht pogrom,

He will violate
the Treaty of Versailles

by re-occupying The weakness shown by the lack
of reaction from France or England

will lead Mussolini to draw closer

a step in what he calls
his mission

to integrate
all the German-speaking peoples

He will intervene in the bloody
Spanish Civil War, sending his bombers to annihilate
the population of Guernica, ensuring victory
for Franco's Fascists

He dreams of a Great Army...

All the while, The Germans, drained by bombastic
speeches and showy demonstrations,

will lose contact with reality.

When Germany is ready, Hitler,
obstinate and ferocious,

into a long night

peopled by the ghosts
of over 50 million dead.

This program is captioned live. Investigating abuse - the Supreme Court judge to head the commission into child sex assaults.We want your voices to be heard. Even if you've felt for all of your that no-one has listened to you. Hot work - NSW firefighters on alert for a grim weekend. SBS exclusive - the wife of Australian man missing in Syria speaks of her grave fears. Someone calls me - family friends - and they say," Your husband has been taken." And not so miserable - Hugh Jackman's hopes for an Oscar. ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. Good evening, and welcome to the program. I'm Mariana Rudan. A Supreme na Rudan. A Supreme Court judge, Peter McClellan, is to head the royal commission into child sex abuse victim groups, religious organisations and State governments all welcoming the terms reference for the 6-member commission announced by the Prime Minister today. Much debated, much anticipated. Finally today, the details of a royal commission that could be one of Australia's most profound.Child sexual abuse is a hideous, shocking and vile crime.Some victims, she believes, will never be able to tell their painful stories, although others may find this an important opportunity for healing. We want your voices to be heard. Even if you've felt for life that no-one's listened to you, that no-one has taken you seriously, that no-one has really cared. Heading the 6-member commission will be NSW Supreme Court justice Peter McClellan. They'll only look at child sexual abuse within organisations and institutions, not families. They'll investigate any public or private organisation involved with children, and wear where systems have failed to protect children. The commission will also have an unit comprising police officers to examine specific cases. Through its Truth, Justice and Healing Council, the Catholic Church welcomed the release of the terms of reference, and vowed to cooperate fully.From our perspective, we're wanting to embrace this openly so that the truth can come out, so that their experiences can be heard and can be addressed and and Christine Foster's two daughters were raped in school by a Melbourne Catholic priest. One died of a medication overdose. The other is mentally and physically disabled as a result an accident.It's fantastic to see this finally happening, and we really look forward to the Federal Government implementing whatever innovations come out of it with a view to really seeing some justice. Others fear that some victims may find it difficult to come forward. Thaifrpblgt need to feel that the people who are in charge of this -- They need to feel that the people who are in charge of this are actually designed to help the come out, and not help the cover-up of the truth.This royal commission doesn't have the power to prosecute individuals, but it can refer individual cases to the relevant state of Federal Police force. It will, though, have the power compel people to give evidence. It could also override confidentiality agreements and offer others immunity. The Government will introduce legislation to help the commissioners take evidence more efficiently.I believe our nation needs to learn these lessons and act on them for the future.The commission will provide an interim report by June 2014, and will wind up within three years, although could be extended if needed. In breaking news - tonight, BBC star presenter Jimmy Savile has been branded a predatory sex offender who abused hundreds children, some as young as eight. An official report released tonight by British police and child protection authorities found the TV presenter may have raped as many as 30 of his victims. Police have now gathered sufficient evidence to record 200 sexually related crimes. There's no let-up for NSW firefighters, with the full force of the heatwave set to hit tomorrow. Total fire bans also remain in place across Victoria and the ACT. With temperatures hovering around 40 degrees in Victoria, concerns from fire authorities were realised. An emergency warning issued for the Blampied area in the state's central highlands. Now, surrounding towns are being told to remain vigilant. Further south, locals from Dunalley were returning to their homes. More than 120 properties have been destroyed or damaged. Crews also working to clear roads and restore power. The Royal Australian Air Force, transporting two diesel Firefighters in NSW are also scrambling to bring several blazes under control, as temperatures climb back into the 40s.There has been new ignitions, and obviously as the afternoon goes on there'll be more and more, and that's why we've now got 18 fires uncontained, as opposed to - I think we started off with 10 or 11 this morning. Fires at Yass, Cooma and Sussex Inlet are among the biggest concerns. But as volunteers brave the flaimds, the NSW government has been accused o-- flames, the NSW government has been accused of putting them at further risk. The RFS association says a decision to slash millions that would have replaced tankers and fire stations over the past year has severely hurt their operation. The NSW Government has denied that the budget was slashed - instead, blaming the former Labor government for accounting discrepancies. They say this year's budget is allocated more than $300 million to the royal fire service - an increase of more than 6%.The reductions by the auditor-general, I'm advised, were due to different treatments from one year to the next for programs like, for example, radio equipment for the RFS, which was simply shifted from one account to another.And the RFS commissioner says their current facilities are better than ever.We have no impediment from a budget sense in relation to doing what we need to do.Some crews are now being allowed to return home, like these CFA volunteers who've been in Tasmania and NSW. But for so many others, complacency is not yet an option.
Pakistan is in mourning tonight for well over 100 people killed in a series of bombings. More than 90 of the deaths were in the city of Quetta, in the restive state of Balochistan. A billiard hall in Quetta hit by twin deadly blasts minutes apart. The second apparently targeting people responding to the first.