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Tonight - Aussie stars get Oscar nods. We are having a heatwave - is there relief in sight? Is our modern world designed to make girls feel they are not good enough. The stars of 'Gangster Squad' - Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. She's an Olympian, a wife and royal to boot. We chat to grand-daughter of Her Madge. This is The Project.

Good evening. Welcome to The Project. Welcome back Gorgi Coghlan, Peter Helliar, and Natasha Excelby. (CHEERING) tasha Excelby.
(CHEERING) .As good as the line-up is, the true star, obviously, Zeebox. You know it. In the news, Friday, 11 January, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has appointed NSW Supreme Court judge, Peter McClellan to head up a Royal Commission into child sexual abuse. The Commission will focus on child sexual abuse in institutional context. An interim report is expected mid next year, with the Commission winding-up in December 2015.I believe our nation needs to have this Royal Commission. Child sexual abuse is a hideous, shocking and vile crime.Families Minister, Jenny Macklin apologised for claiming she could live on the doll dole. She acknowledged how tough it is to survive on $35. Her apology came as protesters demonstrated outside her Melbourne office, over welfare cuts.I can understand people are angry about what I have said. I do acknowledge that my remarks were insensitive. An experienced pilot has been killed when his ultra-light plane crashed nose-first into his brother's vineyard near Beaconsfield in Tasmania. He was the only person on board. A family member witnessed the crash, which is under investigation. And if you have brown eye and a broad smile - you are considered more trustworthy. Scientists think eyecolour plays a big part in who we trust. Female faces are considered more trustworthy than male. That is not news, is it Tash.I have brown eyes, I like to think I have a broad smile.I don't trust anyone with more than two eyes.If you have a third eye, no, back off.You are insensitive, man.Do you have a third eye.It's on my chest.Like a third niple.Yes. An entire person is in there.In other news, there's been a backpacker fire in Sydney. I tell you the happiest man alive is Brett. His apartment went up. Emergency Services couldn't find him and thought he was gone until the media found him.When I left this morning there was no problems, obviously. I don't know what has gone on.Are you the one that they couldn't find?Apparently they thought I might be dead. Good day to be alive.I reckon every day is a good day to be alive. Now, for the last week Mother Nature terrified the continent with some of the worst weather conditions we have seen. As we move to the weekend there's more extreme weather on the way. Intense heat trapped in Australia's centre broke out, heading to coastal areas, bringing more bushfire threats across the country. NSW today was under threat as temperatures topped

45 degrees fires burnt across the state.Victoria is under a total fire ban. As the state sweltered, towns were warned to prepare for the worst.It may well be the hottest summer on record. We are looking at mid to high 40 temperatures across inland Australia and some coastal

Australia and some coastal areas The threat is far from over. As we head to the weekend, heat into the 40s is set to roll on, bringing a national average temperature of 41 degrees. That keeps the risk of fires the same. With blazes in Queensland under control, firies head south to assist in NSW. While the east coast burns, the West Coast braces for tropical Cyclone Narelle. It's to hit Exmouth Saturday night.It's a major cyclone off the coast, category 4, winds close to 250km/h at the centre. A strong cyclone. People need to keep an eye out for it.As wild weather hammers communities, will there be relief in sight? Joining us now RFS Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers in NSW, and CFA Commissioner Craig Lapsley in Victoria. Rob, the heatwave is continuing into next week, is there relief in sight for the firies?I have to tell you we have to get through tomorrow first. We have 100 fires burning in the state - more than 20 are not contained. New fires sprung up this afternoon around the Dubbo area, threatening properties, Cookwell, threatening properties. None of those fires have been brought under control. Tomorrow we have difficult conditions in the southern part of the State. High 30s, low humidity, winds up to 60km/h. There's a suggestion of relief next week. I have to say as far as fires are concerned, that's a long way off. We have to get through the weekend first. Potentially there could be, but we'll have a lot of fire in NSW before we get to that.Craig, to you now. What is the outlook like for Victoria? We had a hotter day across the state.It's been hot across Victoria today. Monday and Tuesday not too bad, but the end of next week it will go back to the 40 degree temperatures in most parts. Next Thursday will be a key day, worse than today, in the sense that temperatures and wind speeds will be there. There'll be a vigorous and strong change. We are not out of it. There's a bit of mild change. Hopefully we got through today well, without disappointing anyone.Rob and Craig thank you for speaking with us. Good luck for the weekend. Now to Exmouth where Cyclone Narelle is said to hit. To the manager of the Novotel, Darren Cossill. How are people holding up? Are they scared?Not scared. A few tourists are apprehensive. At this point in time not too scared. Darren, what is the plan of attack when the cyclone hits tomorrow? Well, if the cyclone comes to us tomorrow, the plan is to, you know, secure all the loose items, get it packed away and prepare our guests as best we can for what is coming; make sure that they are all safe and, yeah, just sit it out.Darren, how have the authorities been? Have they kept you informed of what you need to know?Definitely. It's all done very early in the season. They keep us informed during the day as to what they think will happen. It's pretty well organised.Well, Darren, baton down the hatches and all the best for the weekend. Thanks very much. Bye. (APPLAUSE) . E) .Australia could be heading for an Oscar's bonansa, with Hugh Jackman, Mt Waverley, and Naomi Watts among the nominees. Hack -- and Mt Waverley and Naomi Watts among the nominees. Hugh Jackman joins the big time with a nomination for 'Les Miserables'. Maybe fellow big timers, Naomi Watts, and Mt Waverley, celebrating second academy -- Jacki Weaver can show Hugh the ropes.I'm trying to enjoy it. It's a big deal.Hugh's experience of the Oscars has been as host. Stephen Spielberg's 'Lincoln' tops the list with 12 nominations across the major category types. Hollywood's favourite pastime is handing out awards. The second is bitching about who is snubbed. Despite best picture nods, directors were missed off. 'Bigalo' is considered a big miss. Here is something for conspire asy they areists to think about. The best feature is dominated by cartoons, not a single human actor in site. We go to that movie guy, Mark Fennell. What are the Aussie actors' chances?If I'm being honest, I think Hugh Jackman is the only actor in with a chance. He's in 'Les Miserables'. If you have not seen it, it's amazing. He sings, cries, gets a bad haircut. As for Naomi Watts, the best lead will probably go to Jessica Chastain for 'Zero Dark Thirty', which is about the cap -- for the capturing of Osama bin Laden. And Jacki waver is up against talented people. I suspect it will go to Anne Hathaway. Nicole Kidman didn't rate a mention. Russell Crowe, nothing to say outrage of Ben Affleck not getting a round for best director for 'Argo'. Is there such a thing as an Oscars' snub. It's only an Oscars snub if people expect you to win. In the case of Nicole Kidman, 'The Paper Boy' is a time where she pees on Zac Effron. And as for Russell in 'Les Miserables' - I applaud his choice for singing in a Thai musical. I don't think anyone expected him to win an Oscar. Ben Affleck - from the guy who went from starring in 'Daredelve' and making an Oscar- winning field, it is a snub. Everyone expected him to walk away with a director nomination, Tom Hooper, for 'Les Miserables', the director, not nominated and Kath bring bigga low. Nicole Kidman, and Rusty, not so much a snub.The best film, what will win?For me, at the moment, I think the film to beat is 'Lincoln'. My only problem is it's an hour too long and a little like watching a giant episode of 'The West Wing' played by Aimish people. It has literally every American white actor of the last five years of a television show hiding under ridiculous facial hair.We can't wait to sit back with the popcorn and watch it happen.No worries.I think it's outrageous that 'Battleship' did not get a nod for best adopted board game.'Lincoln' is different to 'Lincoln - the Vampire Hunter' Another obvious omission.A young girl, Quvenzhane Wallis, won best young actress at the Critics Choice Awards, the way she delivered her speech was a changing of the Hollywood guard. Check it out. Here she is. If she wins the Oscar, I believe she'll accept via Skype.Cute.More to come. Back after this. Coming up - with so much attention on the needs of young boys, are our girls being left behind. HG talks about sport, and growing up royal - we catch up with Zara Phillips. With OPSM's exclusive
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Welcome back to The Project. More news - a Californian teacher has been hailed a hero for convincing a 16-year-old to surrender his gun after a classroom shooting, which left a student critically injured. It comes as Vice-President Joe Biden meets with the National Rifle Association to discuss gun control. Police in WA identified a man whose head watched up on Rottnest Island this week. He is from Perth, but his name will not be released until his family is contacted. An 11- year-old girl made the grisly discovery on Sunday. Talkshow host Ellen DeGeneres surprised 400 audience members with a free trip to Australia to mark her birthday. The guests will be treated to a 7- night stay in Melbourne or Sydney. Nicole Kidman was on hand to congratulate the audience, many of whom burst into tears.Exciting. Ellen was asking Nicole Kidman about Australia to get ready. She asked her about the kookaburra. There's a bird there that - what's it called.Kookaburra.How does it sound. Do it.(makes kookaburra sound)I don't know, I don't think it was a good kookaburra.(makes kookaburra sound).She won an Oscar, and I have been to the Logies.I don't know, I think that was the best work she has done in years. Moving on. It's hard enough for an adult woman to ignore expectations of today's world, let alone a young girl. There's concerns that parents are making it worse. It's tough being a girl. Everywhere you look there are message to be thinner, sexier, more caring and successful. Every parent wants to protect their kid from crazy pressures of the wider world. Could it be that we are making it worse.I think a lot of girls get body image from mothers and fathers. We need to look at how we act at home.A leading author who spent decades drawing attention to the plight of boys falling behind says we should be worried about girls. Steve Biddolph says girls are struggling. Girls are underattack. They can't go home and close their doors. It's on their phones, pocket, on the screen.Steve reckons we are making it worse by the choice of toys and skimpy clothes for our daughters. Statistics back him up. A survey of Australia's youth shows every second girl holds body image as a major concern. If it's tough being a girl, is if harder to raise them? Justin Coulson is an author and blogger at 'Happy Families'. You are the family of five girls. How big an issue is this? It's a big issue. There's a lot of pressure on parents, girls, and kids generally. When it's coming from all angles, and we are saturated in society that puts it there, something will give. Research fairly clearly is saying something is giving.I grew up with three older brothers and they played a role in my development - some would say for better, some would say for worst. I know Steven in his books says girls need an army of aunts, a group of role models. Would you agree with that.I think the girls need an army of aunts and uncles. They need positive role models, of both genders, so they can see what it's like to be healthy and happy. Justin, there's an argument that barbie dolls and the Bratz dolls affects girls. Barbie has been around for more than 50 years. What are some of the new challenges that parents are confronting with social media.On the Barbie idea, most experts agree a product selling an objectifyed image, an idea that a girl's appearance matters most will be a problem. That happens with old-fashioned toys, and the new stuff, and in the social media. We are surrounded by images and messages telling girls that all that matters is how they look. It's appearance and nothing else. That is a unique message for girls. Guys don't get the message anywhere near as much.As a parent, how do I get my daughter to focus on her brain, and not her bodyEven her personality and the whole self. As parents we need to get out of the endless cycle of competition and comparison, and never feeling that we are enough. Society promotes the idea that we have to be better, look better, and be something more than we are. If we get out of that and be a great example to our kids, that we are enough, research suggestions that our kids will grow up and they'll feel OK because we feel OK.I have three boys. A lot of parenting is making sure they make the right choices when you are not there. When they are at school and are influenced and challenged by other kids, how do we make sure they do make the right choices? This is a classic question every parent wants to know.Thank you very much.There's a few important things we can do. First of all, be a good example. Secondly, teach them explicitly. Third, when they get it wrong or go through the learning process, ask them questions to find out what they understand. Ask questions to see if they can work out why certain rules or limits apply. It's more affecttive than beating or drumming it into them.Always a pleasure, Justin. Have a good weekend. We had a

Kids look like trouble, guys.Best thing you'll ever do. Time to take a break. Back after this.Coming up - trapped in the ice. Did they make it to freedom? How much does Ryan Gosling rate his co-star Emma Stone. Jessica Robert or Emma Stone.Emma Stone.Tell me why.Va va voom.

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It's The Project. We have feedback from Facebook regarding the trustworthyness of people with brown ice.Let's be clear, there was nothing about people not having brown eyes not being trustworthy, we are fine there. Cameron on Facebook said "I never trust a brown eye, personally." Cameron, some people in production think you are funny, I think you are vulgar. But good on you.Cameron, I think you're funny.Love it. Good work. Extraordinary site for Qantas passengers who watched a python cling to the plane's wing during a Flight from Cairns to Port Moresby. It held on despite 400km/h wings but died during landing.It's a snake though.Yes.He didn't have a name or anything.This could be a whom arch. It's spooky. The director of 'Snakes On A Plane' died two days ago. Maybe a tip of the hat. Sport - a top draw from Lleyton Hewitt and Bernard Tomic at the Australian Open, starting Monday. Lleyton Hewitt is up against Janko Tipsarevic, world number 8. Bernard Tomic could meet Roger Federer in Round 3. Sam Stosur will play Kai-Chen Chang in the first round. HG Nelson is the sports guru to talk about it. Tomic can win, but he's in a feud with Pat Rafter. Can anything be done? Is it time for talks at Camp David? That's not a bad start. In the old days, in the old days, in the politically incorrect days we took feuding partners in a Davis Cup, out behind a shed and knock heads together. This one is going on. It's running on until September. Can I point out that I think it's time to smoke the peace pipe. People are right about smoking the peace pipe. Where it falls over is they don't have a pipe. I have a pipe. It's a large bowl, and I'm having a go anywhere, any time, including The Project 6:30 any week day night and get Rafter and Tomic on to the set there, and we pass the pipe around.HJ, everyone can't wait. Next week Oprah sits with Lance Armstrong. If anyone can get the truth out of Lance, it will be Oprah. Do you think she'll get it? I think she will. She's preparing. Research she is known as, the Queen of research. She's riding a Malvern Star bike from New York to Austin Texas in preparation for the sit- down with Lance. It will be great. She'll get to the bottom. She gets people singing like birds even when they don't want to. (LAUGHTER) .HJ, great news, one-day cricket is back. My hubby is excited. The crowds are down. Have we lost the love?No, we are in the rebuilding phase. Shane Warne tipped a terrific contribution into the bucket. Dirty words were back, thank you. He had him willing. That's where you'll see the love seeping back into the picture. Always a pleasure HG, see you next week.Thanks.Tennis news, Legend Pat Cash was asked about Lleyton Hewitt. I'm not sure which part of Lleyton Hewitt he was talking about. I'm guessing it will be a night match. It will be cooler for the old fella. (LAUGHS) .AUGHS) .And Channel 7 announced there'll be a Lleyton Hewitt old fella cam. Dear. If you just joined us, here is what is making news, Friday, 11 joint enterprise.Fire authorities across the country are preparing for tough conditions with scorching temperatures set to return at the weekend. But in a Western Australian town of Exmouth people witnessed an incredible dust storm ahead of Cyclone Narelle, expected to make landfall tomorrow night. Police in Sydney are confident of catching arsonists described as morons following a series of deliberately lit Grass fires at Macquarie Fields. Two 16-year-olds were arrested and questioned over nine fires, and have been charged with breaching bail conditions. Former Prime Minister John Howard rejected IMF figures showing his government wasted more money than those of Gough Whitlam, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. John Howard claimed his government was the reason Australia dodged the global downturn. Meet Vladimir Franz, who is running for President in the Czech Republic. Definitely one of the more colourful contenders. The tattooed Vladimir Franz has a law degree and works as a drama professor, he's running third in the opinion polls ahead of the elections. Parents would hate him. You know, parents would be saying "No, you can't have a face tat. You could never be President with a face tat." Kids will go "I'll come third".If he spent as much money on his campaign as the tattoos, he'll be home and hosed.Nice to see Avatar kicked on. Locally, there was a robbery at Supre, settle down. It was last week, a police officer was sent to appeal for more information today from the media. I think they sent the wrong constable. Constable Cagey.It was a quantity of money from the cash register. A quantity of money.You don't need to know. He was asked about CCTV footage, and was as forthcoming.We are reviewing it. It's part of our investigation at this stage. No.Cagey. Love him. He's very consistent.Money may not have been a motive.It's hard to say at this stage. They did get away with a quantity of money.Love him. I love him.Love it.Something more serious. The government has announced the terms of renches for the Royal Commission into child sex -- reference for the Royal Commission into child sex abuse. A special unit has been announced into cases of abuse and institutional secrecy.Too many children were the subject of child sexual abuse in institutions. Too many adults that could have assisted turned a blind eye.Six commissioners have three years to investigate Institute responses to child sexual abuse. An interim report is due in 18 months.It will not deal with child sexual abuse in the family. It also will not deal with abuse of children which is not associated with child sexual abuse. Heading up the commission is NSW Supreme Court judge, Peter McClellan. Assisting him will be former Queensland Police commissioner Bob Atkin on. Former Victorian President of the children's court. Jennifer Cote. Privileges Commissioner, Robert Fitz girl. Psych twist Helen Milroy. And former WA Senator, Andrew Murray. They'll look at child sexual abuse, how organisations handle complaints from victims, what can be done in relation to cases of abuse. The commission will not have the power to prosecute offenders. The government says it will liaise with the police.For survivors of child sexual abuse today, we are able to say we want your voices to be heard.I don't know if it will find the answersment victims waited decades to be heard and believed. It's a significant move in people adds lives. We are hopeful that it will create change. Will this Royal Commission lead to meaningful change within the institutions that many feel have turned a blind eye to the child sex abuse of generations of Australians. The author of Royal Commission and public inquiries spoke to us, Scott Prasser. When we spoke to you you were cynical about the government's terms of reference and what they would be. Now that you have seen them, do you expect the Commission to about successful?Yes, I do. There's a big number of commissions. I assume they'll get lots of resources. The terms of reference is fair. They are trying to find out what has happened, why it happened, and how they can stop it from happening in the future.Is it groundbreaking because there's six commissioners. I'm not saying this is not an epic issue, but that's a lot of commissioners.It is. The other royal commissioner had a large number of commissions was the Aboriginal deaths in custody Royal Commission in 1987. That had five. This has six. That is imposing a lot of issues in terms of coordination and making sure that everyone is on to the same sort of page. That is what the chair of that Royal Commission will have to work hard at.Scott, do you think the Catholic Church and other organisations will be nervous about developments?I think all organisations, government organisations, all institutions that had these problems or been looking after children in care or involved in this issue will be, of course, concerned about what this Royal Commission may undercover. That is what a Royal Commission does. It investigates, it exposes. It exposes hidden truths.The Royal Commission will not have powers to prosecute. They'll work closely with police. Is it a toothless tiger.No, the Royal Commission is powerful. They can probe. They can ask questions, make people give evidence, even if it's self incriminating. They can pass it on to the appropriate prosecutional authorities. That's what happened when we had Royal Commissions into the HIH Colals. The Royal Commission exposes -- HIH collapse, the Royal Commission exposes information. Royal Commissions have been important in Australia in exposing corruption, tax evasion. They have been a fundamental breakthrough body, if conducted properly. We hope this Royal Commission will do the same.I'm sure we agree we want to get to the bottom of it. Hopefully the commission will do the trick. Thank you for talking to us.The Royal Commission will be Gillard's legacy. We'll thank her for it down the track.Next - we'll chat all things horsey with Kris Smith and Royal Family member Zara Phillips. Welcome back. On the second anniversary of the Queensland floods lawyers are close to finalising a multibillion class action against the operators of Wivenhoe Dam. They admit court proceedings are years away. The floods claimed 35 lives, and caused billions of dollars of damage. Beyonce revealed she has a temperature controlled archive to hold every show, interview and photo ever captured of her. The popstar has admitted she employs someone to film practically every waking moment of her life.That's interesting. Kanye came out and said Beyonce's climate controlled photo booth is better than Taylor Swift's.I'm a fan of Beyonce. I hate to say this. She may have lost it. She may be getting to Madonna territory. A bit self-obsessed. Am I right.You may be.We'll show another quote. It says "I'm more powerful than my mind can digest and understand". I'm not worried about the quote. The photo is stunning. She can be as powerful as she likes.Moving on. The Gold Coast is gearing up for the Magic Millions Raceday kicking off tomorrow. Two people trackside is Queen Elizabeth's grand-daughter royal Zara Phillips, and project royalty, Kris Smith. You earnt bragging rights. You told your mum that you are hanging out with royalty today? You're kidding me. My mum didn't believe me on my exam results. She's never going to believe this. This is special for me.Zara you dodged the English winter to come into this sweltering Aussie summer. It's not always this hot, but are you enjoying yourself? Yes, I have been asked that question a lot about the weather. But it's good.I thought we were the first ones, I apologise. Zara, part of your visit is to get more women involved in the racing industry. How do you plan to attack that?I'm not sure, really. Excellent start.I'm here. Obviously we are trying to encourage more women to get involved and maybe chat with them tomorrow, meet people and get them to see how exciting it is, as well as drinking champagne and getting involved in the excitement of owning a course.Kris you've been to a lot of racing, courtesy of Myer. I have to say, you have a good jockey's build, have you thought of getting on the ponys. Too big.No fat jokes. This is a New Year. I was a kid in England, we used to have donkey rides on the beach. I don't know if I told you. I was too fat to go on the donkeys. I don't think there's a chance I'll get on a racehorse or a normal horse. I don't think I will.You're too tall.You'll need to be chopped off at the knee.She's a royal. You have to do it.Kris, you are judging the men's fashion competition tomorrow at the races. Are you slightly gutted that there's not a women's competition and that you can't enter the men's competition yourself?There is a women's competition. I'm only trusted to do the heats. When it gets to the finals, they bring in the professionals and I get the axe. I will judge the men's. I don't think I'd do it if I could. I'm not too sure I'd be able to do that. I think you could.One last question. Are you enjoying the heat - one more time?I haven't been asked that yet.You've been good sports. Thank you so much.Thank Zara Phillips, and Kris Smith.Thank you. FYI, my big brother is a horse racing journalist and the horse everyone is talking about is fast- neck Rocket and he is father to 11 horses selling for over $300,000 and has serviced 200 mayors in the last three months.Getting -- mares in the last three months.Getting around.Quade Cooper took part in the media competition, against Stephen Bunting.It's awkward getting that close and looking a male in the eyes. Something I have not done. It's awkward and confronting. Hopefully it's not like that on the night.On the night, eventually he'll hit you in the face.Time to look at what is making news around the world. Several hundred Kurds take to the streets of Paris protesting the murder of three activists, include ght the co-founder of the mill -- including the co-founder of the militant Kurdish Workers Party. It comes amid peace talks. A series of bombings claimed the lives of 115 people across Pakistan, marking one of the deadliest days the country experienced in recent years. One attack targeted a parked Bill yard hall where twin blasts killed 81 people and wounded more than 120. Dozens of people remained trapped after an avalanche engulfed a mountain village in Turkey's south- east. Locals used shovels to clear the roads in and out of the towns. One ambulance was stuck in the deep snow. The wounded had to be carried in blankets to meet a second ambulance. A wind shift helped to break up sea ice that trapped a pod of killer whales near a remote coastal community in Canada. After being stuck for two days, bobbing for air in a car-size hole in the ice, the orcas swum to safety. A happy ending.We'll take a break. Back in a

I told you the audience was real. The Australian Open is close. It's exciting stuff. Trophies arrive by boat on the Yarra River. It's a valuable trophy. There's a particular way it needs to be hammeded.If you notice the two security guards have white gloves. You are not allowed to touch the trophy with bare hands, unless you have won it.Not allowed to. This is about 15 minutes later.Kashi. Pretty sure Kashi has not won the Australian Open. Hundreds of mourners gathered in Melbourne to farewell David Cassai, who died after being assaulted on New Year's Eve. Families and friends remembered him as playful and aaffectionate and a young man who loved to get stuff done. Talk about the one that got away a British Angler has been caught out after stealing a 6 kilo catch and claiming it as his own. A fellow competitor recognised the fish, having seen it at the local aquarium. "I know that fish, I have been there".I thought he'd do community service with criminals. What did you do "Stole a fish from another guy." "I have tattoos." Moving on. This has something for everyone. By everyone, I mean anyone who finds attractive people attractive. We caught up with two spunky stars of 'Gangster Squad', Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone. Think about it, there are more terrific gangster films than you can poke a violin case at. It's the guys. And the gangsters and the molls. Greeting us is a mob scene with an all-star case. It's a violent tail about the LA police squad's bid to keep gangsters out of LA. It features Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone.Of all the cast it was you and Ryan breaking the most. What were you laughing about all the time.Our dynamic formed in this way. It was like "How do I make you laugh?", we did a lot of improv. That's the problem when you are trying to take someone you know in that context seriously.You be Humphrey Bogart.It was disaster being serious. It's a feat in editing that they cut anything out of it.Do you want to make an honest woman out of me?No, ma'am, I was hoping to take you to bed. Love your style. What did you think of your style? I like the fashion in the movie. It was pretty cool. Very gowny. When else do you get to wear gowns like that. When do you wear gowns usually.In Hollywood. Downtown.Ryan Gosling is originally from Canada, which will help make sense of the next question.Were there Canadian gangsters? You never here about the Canadian gangsters. Who runs the streets of TorontoYou never know. You don't want to mess with Canadian gangsters.How are they different to American gangsters. You don't know about them. That's the big difference. They are not lauding gangsterness around.Is it cool to be part of this small club of gangster girls.It's cool to be part of the gangster girl club. Who else is in my club? Jessica Rabbit. That's gangster girl of all time. That's what I'm going ask what is my favourite gangster movie 'Roger Rabbit' you are a genius. You made by day.Jessica Rabbit or Emma Stone.Emma Stone.Tell me why.The girl is 22skidoo, have a, have a voom.Yes. I've - I'm jealous of him. 'Gangster Squad' is in cinemas now. We'll take a break and be back with what is happening in your town. With OPSM's exclusive
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with what is happening in your town.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Metro whip. Paul Hogan, what is happening.The place to be in Perth is the Northbridge Piazza. That is Italian for this area. I'm in the middle of a free Zumba class, Zumba being Spanish for "I made a Mwangi New Year's resolution". We have the Disney films, we play all the favourite. '101 Desalinations' and a tribute to warny and Liz 'The Lady and the Tramp'And Hayden Quinn in Adelaide.Check this out. It's bet -- next to Pearce Hayley Paerson. This is better. The cricket, Sunday, Australia versus Sri Lanka. It will be massive. Hopefully Warnie will keep us updated on Twitter. Tomorrow, you could be in the movies, looking for extras to star alongside Megan Washington. It will be on the website at hermajesty's theatre. And in Brisbane, Leon Murray. They are whack to doing what it does - it's not a place to chuck old microwaves. I'm talking about recreational stuff. Stand-up paddle boarding. I'm with Hayley from River Life. Anyone can do it.Yes. What about Peter Helliar.Maybe not. Sorry about that. If you are in Brisbane, give it a crack. Tommy Little is wearing a funny hat in Melbourne.I'm here for a production of The Pirates' it's interactive theatre. There's sword- fighting pirates, dodgy pirates and a guy selling DVDs. He only sells R-rated movies.Bring the kids. Get down here. Runs for two weeks. We were going to cross to Newcastle to find out what is going on, the generators that runs the camera ran out of diesel. Newcastle, I'm told, is there all weekend. Yes. Newcastle has not gone anywhere. Good news. 'The Living Room - Summer Series' Captioned by

We're on.

(SINGS) # Dom-chi dom-dom dom-dom
# Chi-chi chi-chi chi-chi cha

# Dom da-ba ba-da
# Bow! #


SONG: # I'm gonna make it

# Yeah, I'm gonna make it

# I'm gonna make it... #

It's like digging for treasure.

You don't know what it's gonna be,
but you know it's gonna be great.

Who was that? Was that the killer?
Was it?



# Light up the horizon

# Light up the horizon... #

It's part Shakespeare
and it's part...

Roadrunner cartoon.

# Yeah... #

We try and put back life as it was.

# I'm gonna make it

# Yeah, I'm gonna make it... #

Well, for better or for worse,
it's what we agreed.

We did. I remember.
I remember agreeing that.

We did. I remember.

SONG: # Don't need no invitation
'Cause you know where I am

# No need to call me
'Cause I'm always home

# Oh, oh-oh, oh

# Comin' over

# Comin' over... #

CHRIS: This week in The Living Room
Summer Series -

Barry tries to help rescue a family
from financial disaster...

I feel as though
I've let my family down,

my husband down and myself down.

..Miguel turns milkmaid - you'll
never guess what he's squeezing...

Oh, yeah! (LAUGHS)

..Amanda's home visit
will touch your hearts

as we meet
the two newest Du Boises...

Oh, this takes me back.

Since these guys have come along,
I just think, you know,

"I wanna be here forever."

I wanna see them do this
with their children.

..and I take a step back in time

and naturally oil up
for some good old-fashioned combat.

What sort of freak show is this?

# Oh, oh-oh, oh
'Cause I'm always home

# Coming over! #

Welcome, everybody,
to The Living Room Summer Series.

Now, Miguel, looking at you,

you look like you're really
settled in here.

Happy days, summertime, you know.

This week is a little bit
of a weird week, Chris.

Are you talking about
what you did with these salmon?

No, not talking about the salmon.

I'm talking about you
with extra-virgin olive oil

all over your body,
wrestling with a half-naked man.

That's weird!

It's also a little bit
too much information, actually,

for right now,

but we'll get back to that later.

But right now, what we do have
is a renovation story with the lot.

An investment property
that just won't sell

is threatening to sink
a family's finances.

To the rescue, of course -
it's our Barry Du Bois,

who's teamed up
with our renovate-for-profit guru,

Cherie Barber.

If anyone can rise to the challenge,
this dynamic duo can.

She's a fickle mistress,
the old real estate game.

When it's good, it's great,
but when it's not, it just hurts.

And, unfortunately,
for real estate rookie, Lee,

she had to find out the hard way.

Back in 2002,

Lee bought an investment property
on the NSW Central Coast.

Her plans to make
a quick profit backfired,

leaving her with a money pit
she can't get rid of.

LEE: I wished I never did it
because I can't sell it.

Currently untenanted, this mistake
is costing Lee two grand a month,

and that's on top
of her first mortgage.

My husband works
in the garbage industry,

I work in the funeral industry,

we both do extra shifts,

and that's put a lot of strain
on the marriage and with the kids.

Because we've got two lots of rates
to pay for at the same time.

And then there's the, um...


If I don't sell this property,
I don't want to even think about

what road that we might have to take
as a family.

I just don't want to think about it.
I just need this house gone.


Hello, Lee.
Hi, Barry. Nice to meet you.

Thanks for having me.
You're welcome.

So this is the little house?

I love this street.
I walked up from the water.

Yeah, it is.
It's beautiful down on the lake.

The property has three bedrooms,
one bathroom,

an open-plan kitchen, a deck,

and a small backyard.

Why do you think
this property's not selling?

I have no idea, Barry,
why it's not selling.

When I first came here
when it was up for sale,

there was lots of people in here.

And, um, I thought it must be good

'cause I could hear people

So I thought, "I'm gonna buy it."

And I just offered 'em - stupid me -

offered them
the price they were asking.

So the full price. And I got it.

Lee paid $255,000 back in 2002.

Let's see what it's worth today.

Funny place for a bathroom -

it's right in the front room off the
lounge room, which is quite strange.

Well, this room
is pretty mismatched -

we've got a number
of different paint colours.

In its current condition,

I'd value the property at $245,000.


That's less than what I paid for it.

What are your thoughts?
That's really bad.



The good news is,
we've got Cherie onboard.


We'll get her in here
and see what she can do

about getting you out
of this bad decision.


I can't believe
it's only worth that.

There's a common misconception

that investing in property
is a sure thing.

But post GFC,
there's one thing I'm sure of -

renovation guru Cherie Barber
needs to work her magic...