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Come on. This'll be the last female. There definitely is
only three young in this nest. So four has reduced down to three and, yeah, you know,
that is a bit sad but Mum has done a fantastic job
in producing these three young and raising these three young to some pretty gorgeous,
healthy little animals. This insurance population's
literally insurance for the species. We're taking part here
in pure conservation and when it succeeds, like it is
here and now, it's everything. It's... Yeah, it's the ultimate.

To help save Tasmanian devils, please donate to
the Tassie Devil Appeal.

This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - towns threatened by
a fast-moving grassfire near Daylesford, in Victoria. The battle to control fires
continues in New South Wales.

Children arrested over deliberately
lit fires in Sydney's west.

And preparations continue
in Western Australia for the arrival of Cyclone Narelle.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
afternoon edition

Good afternoon.
We begin with breaking news.

For fire crews after struggling to get on top of 99 fires. There are fears that strong winds will help outbreaks.

Facing a renewed threat firefighters near Shoalhaven
on the New South Wales South Coast work to contain a blaze that has been burning out of control
since Tuesday. It's within 10km
of the community of Sussex Inlet and residents there
are warned to remain vigilant. They simply can't relax
under the current conditions. Having that survival plan
is the key. It's not just people
they're protecting - this cockatoo was found
on the side of a road. Basically unable to fly
so we just picked him up and we'll look after him
for the rest of the day. He's eating out of our hands and
drinking out of a little container so it's all good. Firefighters are facing an even
tougher battle against arsonists. Despite the warnings, nine fires were deliberately lit
in Sydney's west last night... Hey, Dave, where's your hose, mate? ..burning dangerously close
to homes... We saw the fire over there
just start and we came out with the hose. They're very stupid. ..frustrating firefighters
already stretched to the limit. Morons who think it's a big joke to go out and start fires
in the bush. I am very confident that
if you do this sort of thing chances are you will be caught you,
will be arrested, charged chances are you will be caught,
you will be arrested, charged and put before the court
to be dealt with. The public is urged to be on the
lookout for suspicious behaviour. We've already
got these fires burning, the last thing we need is new fires. Inevitably, we will get some but the last thing we need
is the deliberately lit ones. Total Fire Bans were declared in New South Wales,
Canberra and Victoria today as temperatures soared into the 30s. Firefighters quick to respond
to a small blaze burning in the Dandenongs. Weather conditions in Queensland
are also keeping crews on alert. Lightning west of Brisbane
ignited several grassfires after the city sweltered through
its hottest night in eight years.

For the latest on the situation
in New South Wales, we'll cross live
to the RFS headquarters with Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons. Commissioner, I understand there's been
a new fire near Dubbo. That is right.

That is right. As we are going to air, reports of a fast moving grass fire at. It is likely to be threatening at least 20-30 homes in that area. We have a number of units on the ground responding to that fire and at least 3-4 aircraft. It is indicative of these hot, dry and very windy conditions - just how easily and quickly fires can start and spread.The fire burning in Nowra - what is your main concern on that one?The main concern is that it is potentially going to break the container that - - containment lines. The lines are tenuous at best. It is from Sussex Inlet out to the east. If we see a break out of a fire there under these sorts of conditions, they could very easily come under threat in not too long a time. A lot of vigilance and needing to stay alert and aware of what is going on in and around you if you are in a bushfire prone areas.What is the latest advice on the fire near Forcett? -- Yass? Given the forecast, right down to some of the Riverina, the sudden Rangers and into the hydrangeas, we are seeing worse conditions for tomorrow. -- Rangers. There is a real prospect of breaching de containment. That he is to stay alert, stay informed and be ready to act.

And two teenagers were arrested
this afternoon over a fire at Eagle vale,
in Sydney's west. The blaze burnt out
a small area of grassland before it was extinguished. It brings to four
the number of teens arrested over deliberately lit fires
in Sydney's west in the past 24 hours.

Good afternoon.
We begin with breaking news. An emergency warning has been issued
this afternoon for residents
north-west of Melbourne where a huge blaze
is burning out of control. Seven reporter Michael Scanlan
joins me on the phone. Michael, what are the areas
under threat?

Main area of concern is a school

Main area of concern is a school campus. It has about 30 kids inside at the moment. The fire has started directly beside that facility. Luckily, it burned right around it. We spoke to the CFA and they did not have a chance to evacuate the area. The fire was moving too quickly. 30 seconds ago, a tree just caught fire. It is like stepping into an oven here. The wind is incredibly bad. Bad conditions for the fire. They are throwing everything at the fire to keep it under control. Aside from the odd spot fire, it is mainly under control. What is the advice of residence there? Al Fayed Christie have it under control at the moment. Thankfully, there and no homes in the area that are under threat. -- our fire crews. Paramedics have a right and they are treating some of the children. Easing their concerns and treating Beckett -- smoke inhalation. There was one showed that was destroyed in this area. At that point, no homes.

Hundreds of residents in the bushfire-ravaged town
of Dunalley, in Tasmania, have finally returned home. Authorities reopened
the Arthur Highway into the town, where up to 90 homes and businesses
were destroyed. Amanda Abate is at Forcett. Good afternoon, Amanda. Today was always going to be incredibly difficult. Victims

incredibly difficult. Victims have waited one entire week to return to their communities to see what is left. Many for the first time and some did not know what they would be returning to. 170 buildings have been destroyed or sick they evidently damaged by these bushfire has. As many as 300 people have been left homeless. What they do have is an army of volunteers ready and willing to help. Many say they can and will this -- rebuild, despite the devastation.Pretty good nick considering the rest of it. You drive through Dunalley and she is pretty bad.The threat is not over yet?That is right. This afternoon, the winds have picked up. Up to 50km/h in some areas. The Forcett fire remains the biggest concern. Overnight rain provided some relief for firefighters. Residents on the Tasman Peninsula are again being warned to evacuate its conditions worsen. We are expecting more hot and windy conditions over the weekend.

And a pilot died in Tasmania today when his light plane crashed in
the state's north near Beaconsfield. The plane crashed into a field
at York Town. The pilot was the only person
on board.

Tropical Cyclone Narelle is now about 500km
from the West Australian coast and continuing to track
to the south-west. Reporter Rob Scott
is in the town of Exmouth and sent through this report.

The cycling is currently a category four system. She lies about 400 kilometres to the north of X mouth and she is slowly tracking in a south it least -- south-westerly conditions. If it continues

south it least -- south-westerly conditions. If it continues on its current path, it should miss the town by about 300 kilometres. That is very good news for the people there. The beer is warning that the coast could still be hit by rain and possibly 140km/h wings back on Sunday. -- the weather bureau. People stock up on the essentials in case things turn back.Mainly non perishables. The Freeserve - if we lose power - we lost power for something up to three weeks.Oil rigs have also been evacuated, which is probably not surprising when you take a look at these photographs. They were taken on Wednesday, a couple of days before the cyclone got near them. The weather out there was intense. The surrounding communities are as protect -- prepared as they can be. It is now a waiting game to see what this cyclone dishes up. Next in Seven's 4:30 News - three Aussies
in the running for an Oscar. And the dog getting the lion's share
of attention.

Victims of child sexual abuse
will soon have the chance to tell their stories as part of the Royal Commission
set up by the Federal Government. The Prime Minister's announced the
terms of reference for the inquiry, which includes a special unit
to investigate individual cases. It will work with police
to prosecute offenders. We've all got an obligation to shine a light
on what's happened in the past and to learn from it
and to help people heal. New South Wales Supreme Court
Chief Justice Peter McClellan will head the inquiry. It's expected to wrap up proceedings
by December 2015, with an interim report
to be handed down in June next year.

Three Aussie actors
are in the running for an Oscar at this year's Academy Awards. And, of course, there's as much talk
about who was snubbed as there is
about who made it onto the list. US bureau chief Mike Amor
has the details.

It always surprises people when it comes to the Oscars. A pleasant surprise was Jacki Weaver. Three years ago, she was not known in Hollywood. Now she has two Oscar nominations, this time for supporting actress. No surprise when Hugh Jackman was nominated for best actor. Probably favourite, but he does face the Daniel Day-Lewis, who was amazing in Lincoln. Also Naomi Watts - her second nomination for the Boxing Day movie, The Impossible.I am completely thrilled. It was quite a surprise. I was quite certain it was not going to happen. I said I was not going to watch the TV but I was not sleeping so I thought, OK, I will watch it.She was upset that her best friend Nicole Kidman missed out. They are nominated for Golden Globes but their names were not read out today. We also saw the orders and youngest actresses nominated today. The youngest was Quvenzhane Wallis.My mum tapped me and she said, you are nominated. I woke up and saw my name scrolling down.That is a name we will hear again and again. Nine movies nominated for best picture, led by Lincoln, which has 12 nominations. Life of -- 'Life of Pi' with 11 and Les Miserables with eight.

Virginia Zoo in the US has been
bombarded with emergency calls telling keepers one of their lions
is on the loose. Panicked residents called 911 when they saw a golden beast
roaming the streets of Norfolk. 911, what's your emergency? and there's a lion that ran across
the street - a big lion! Luckily what they saw
was Charles the Monarch, a labradoodle posing as a lion. This pooch's look
isn't completely natural, though. He's been shaved
and his mane dyed a golden colour to resemble his role
as his owner's college mascot.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - we'll get the latest finance. Also, the snake that stowed away
on a Qantas jet.

And in sport -
the Australian Open draw and Novak Djokovic
on the rise of Bernard Tomic.

A real-life snake on a plane
has astonished Qantas passengers travelling from Cairns
to Papua New Guinea. A woman spotted it
from her window seat and alerted cabin crew but no-one believed her
until they saw it for themselves. Experts say it was a scrub python - the longest snake species
in Australia.

Unfortunately, it didn't survive.

Time to check
the financial markets - Australian shares finished lower
today - the ASX 200 down 13 points.

Sport shortly. But, first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00, and these are the stories
making headlines.

Hello.. ACT fire fighters were sent
to help interstate crews as they establish
containment lines.. in severe as they establish
containment lines.. in severe fire conditions near Yass today.
Temperatures reached well into the 30s. While.. Kybeyan Valley
residents were told to have their fire danger plans
ready...with fears the Yarrabin blaze could head
towards properties.. as Yarrabin blaze could head
towards properties.. as winds increased during the day. It's as firies rush to contain
this blaze.. 15 K's west of It's as firies rush to contain
this blaze.. 15 K's west of Peelwood. A total fire ban has been
extended in the Territory and New South Wales tomorrow. A team of 6 commissioners led by
Justice Peter McLellan will investigate organisations who've
had sexual abuse claims made against them. The terms of
reference into the Federal Government's Royal Commission
into child sex abuse.. were announced today. Canberra's Rape
Crisis Executive Officer Christina Stanford believes
it'll be an enormous task. And.. Canberra's
Kimberley Wells is over the moon. She won the Women's
Criterium at the National Road Cycling Championships at Ballarat.

Good afternoon. Bernard Tomic is on court in
his semifinal against Andreas Seppi, with the winner
to face Kevin Anderson in tomorrow night's final
at the Apia International Sydney. The world number one expects
Tomic's surge to continue next week in Melbourne. He's definitely Australian tennis's
biggest hope. Djokovic was speaking
at the Australian Open draw. world number eight Janko Tipsarevic
in the first round. Could have been easier but I'm sure he's not wanting to
face me in the first round either. Hewitt plays former
US Open champ Juan Martin Del Potro in tomorrow's Kooyong Classic final. Australia's so-called
second stringers have been making light work
of Sri Lanka's bowlers in today's first
one-day international in Melbourne. Three new caps were welcomed
to the Aussie line-up, including Aaron Finch. He made just 16. Usman Khawaja's debut
was forgettable, run out for three. But Phil Hughes punished Sri Lanka's
dangerman Lasith Malinga. The opener smashed his way past 50.

COMMENTATOR: That is a beauty. Skipper George Bailey
also recorded a half century and both are on track
for three figures.

The Roosters have named veteran
fullback Anthony Minichiello as the club's captain for 2013. Blues hard man Greg Bird
has re-signed with the Titans for four more years. While in Brisbane rugby star Quade Cooper faced off
with his boxing opponent Barry Dunnett.

It's a bit awkward
standing that close and looking another male in the eyes
like that. Everyone in the boxing community
is behind me, put a bit of an end
to the footballer turned fighter. It was another typical day
for Alessandro Del Piero, mobbed before and after
Sydney FC training. Before Sunday's clash
with Melbourne Heart Sydney won't complain about Del Piero being unfairly targeted
by rival players. I don't know,
sometimes my legs say that. I don't think teams go out there and say, "We're going to kick
the crap out of someone." Still undecided about his future
in Sydney Del Piero says his only concern
is winning on Sunday.

He is a great guy. Now I will watch Bernard Tomic's play. After the break, we'll have
all the national weather details.

It's such a natural instinct to want to look after
the ones you love. Which is why Brian and I
are putting a few dollars a week into an Apia Funeral Plan. There's guaranteed acceptance
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Now for a check of the satellite. Severe Tropical Cyclone Narelle
is causing rain and storms off the north coast of WA. That will also generate
some high seas. By tomorrow, a cool change
will affect south east Australia, bringing a few showers to Tasmania. Around the country
tomorrow - Brisbane, fine
and mostly sunny. Partly cloudy
in Sydney. Cloudy
in Canberra. Melbourne will have
a morning shower. Hobart will be
partly cloud. A cloudy day too
for Adelaide. A partly cloudy
day in Perth. Darwin will have an afternoon
shower or storm and a top
of 34 degrees. That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
have a special one-hour bulletin tonight at 6:00. I'm Talitha Cummins.
Enjoy your evening. Supertext captions
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