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Good morning, we start with the latest on the bushfire crisis. Conditions along the east coast are becoming severe, as hot temperatures bring a renewed fire threat. This is the

This is the situation right now.

Authorities warn more homes could come under threat as temperatures rise throughout the day. The main concern for the Rural Fire Service are Sussex Inlet, Yass and Cooma. The CFA is set for new conditions as a new fire breaks out east of Melbourne at Gembrook.

as a new fire breaks out east of
Melbourne at Gembrook. Crews in the Southern Tablelands of NSW are preparing for severe fire conditions today. Bring us up to speed on the situation there. A nervous wait with the conditions that are set to hit later on today. There's some very good progress made on this fire here at Yass overnight and yesterday. The fire is burning at both ends of the fire ground, which has a perimeter of about 100km. Here at the RFS Control Centre it has been a busy morning as they plan for the conditions, coordinating the aerial attack and the crews on the ground, probably about 12 choppers in the air again today, water-bombing 150 people on the ground, strengthening the containment lines and about 50 tankers on the ground as well. There was a community meeting yesterday where the RFS told residents about the threat. Just to be prepared for what is to come, very hot already out here. Temperatures of over 30 already. So quite a big threat and it has been a huge effort to get this fire within containment lines. Some great work by the RFS and the volunteers. Let's listen to what the RFS had to say this morning. They're weary. Their spirits are high. They are keen to ensure the fire stays where it is. They are dedicated volunteers. A lot of these guys are farmers, who have been burnt out.How confident are crews heading into the warmer conditions? Well, definitely, they have been buoyed by the progress made last night with the containment lines and throughout the day yesterday. The fire slowed as it moved down some very steep hills and cliffs. They got the upper hand. But 37 today, the top. 25km/h winds and worse tomorrow. The temperatures are about the same, and winds much stronger. So a very big threat. It is a telling day today. We will know whether or not firefighters really have the upper hand on this blaze or not. Can it be as simple as something like an embre from a tree that burned a few days ago, blowing off in these strong winds before a whole new range of properties, and a whole new area would come under threat. So still very risky conditions out here. For the moment, good progress from the RFS. Around NSW there are still more than 100 fires burning. 14 of them are out of control. We will go strait to Natalia Cooper at RFS Hawks for an update. What are the other areas of concern?The other two main fires that are burning are the ones at Sussex Inlet and the other blaze at Cooma, where there are about 250 firefighters on the ground. Now, the big concern today is the return of that very hot, very dry weather. They're concerned that the blazes will flare up, and once again threaten homes in the areas of Cooma and at Sussex Inlet. Now, if the winds do pick up, the town of Wandandian is the one under threat in the Sussex Inlet area today. It is the strong winds, the return of those nor westerly winds, the worst ones which firefighters have to face, and the RFS is very concerned about their return today. Let's hear from the Deputy Commissioner.There's northwesterly winds bringing warm air mass across the landscape into NSW, really high temperatures, and freshening winds. The winds are not expected to be quite as strong as they were on Tuesday. But given how dry it is, and the number of fires we have, we're still quite concerned about the coming days. Natalia, with a total fire ban, what is the members of the jury for residents and property owners?The RFS is saying for residents not to become complacent, even if they have not experienced a fire in their area, it could happen today. Things could get worse. They want people to stay alert. You can head to the RFS website. Listen out to the radio and social media as well. Also, what they are saying is that if people have a bushfire survival plan, that is what they want - they are available from the RFS website. I will be keeping a close eye on everything here at RFS headquarters if anything flares up.Thank you. Well, a new fire threat is unfolding in Victoria with authorities battling a fresh blaze at Gembrook, east of Melbourne. This is what authorities were concerned about today. What is happening there?Well, this fire broke out a short time ago. The pictures are coming in. This is in Gembrook, an hour east out of Melbourne, near the Bunyip State Park. Now, it broke out in some hey bales, threatening to go into a grass fire. Under the conditions today, it would be extremely dangerous. T thankfully, CFA crews were quickly on the scene, controlling that air. So that is good news. These conditions in Victoria today are extreme. In the city, we will get up to 37 degrees. It is already at 29 degrees. But in other parts of the state, the mercury is going to top 43 degrees, but that is coupled with some very strong winds, some northwesterlys gusting up to 50km/h. Of course, combine those two and that provides ideal conditions for fires to start. Of particular concern are two districts in Victoria - the north central part of the state and also the Wimera, which are under extreme fire danger. The rest of the state is under severe fire danger. It is a complete fire ban statewide today. Fire crews are also just trying to contain a couple of blazes that have been on the go for about a week now. One out in the state's south-west in Kentbruck and in Wimera. They have a big job today, as temperatures go into the high 30s and low 40s.What is the latest on the arson attacks across Melbourne? Well, this has really been compounding this fire threat in Victoria. A spate of arson attacks that we have had over the past fortnight. Authorities say a dozen fires have been deliberately lit. The latest was in Sunshine North yesterday at an industrial estate. It is infuriating authorities. One fire chief has said that it has got out of control. The Acting Premier Peter Ryan has described the fire bugs as "absolute idiots". Let's listen to what the CFA's representative has had to say.The key issue - we should not tolerate it. They are potentially killers. It is something that we just don't need. You know what? We know arsonists - it will be your uncle, your brother, your sister, your cousin, neighbour. They would have had a history with fire, and will continue to play with fire. It is a mental health issue to make sure we help them to make sure we stay safe. A total fire ban across Victoria today as we face these extreme conditions. Well, in Tasmania, residents of Dunalley are preparing to return to their homes, almost a week after bushfires devastated the town. An information and registration session was held throughout the day yesterday. Authorities say residents will be escorted along the Arthur Highway, which is not yet open to the public. If the devastation was not enough. Tasmania Police are dealing with a number of thefts from refuge shelters. Handbags have been reported stolen and fuel has been siphoned from cars. A bushfire on Bribie Island north of Brisbane continues to burn but crews now have it under control. The blaze is still creating a huge smoke plume that drifted south and impacted the city. The haze helped keep temperatures very warm overnight. Brisbane sweltered through its hottest night in seven years. The smoke is expected to remain over the city for the next few days. Emergency crews in Sydney are also having to contend with reckless fire bugs who sparked nine separate blazes in the city's south-west overnight. Firefighters were called to a grasstrack near homes at Macquarie Fields.It was lit by unknown persons at this time. Information is that the persons had decamped off after lighting the fires. Police are following it up with the fire brigade units.Two 16-year-old boys have appeared in court charged with breach of bail. Please contact Crime Stoppers. Communitys in WA's north-west are bracing themselves for severe thunderstorms and heavy rain as Tropical Storm Narelle heads towards the coast. Seen here from a NASA satellite it has strengthened to a category 4 system, with winds up to 250km/h. A blue alert has been issued for coastal and inland communities who should take precautions.It has slowed down slightly. But we could see gales develop along the West Pilbara coast.Cyclone Narelle has created a wall of dust and water. The incredible pictures were taken 250 nautical miles north-west of Onslow. Cyclone Narelle is estimated to be 570km north of Exmouth and 515km north-west of Karratha, moving south-west at 16km/h. Taking a look at the rest of the country:

Plenty more to come in Nine's Morning News Hour - including residents battle to put out a blaze on the Gold Coast after a boat goes up in flames. A horror crash claims the life of a man in Queensland. And the race against time to save a pot of killer whales trapped by ice. This program is not captioned.

Residents in luxury Gold Coast suburb have frantically tried to help fire crews battle a blaze which erupted on board a boat last night. Take us through what happened. Well, Amber, emergency crews were called to Runaway Bay on the northern end of the Gold Coast last night following reports that a boat that had been moored there was on fire. Now, the 9m luxury fibreglass vefl was well alight by the time that fire crews arrived and water police were called in as well. One resident said that he had seen the boat drifting along the canal, bumping into pontoons and heard loud explosions as the boat, engulfed in flames, made its way down the waterway. It is believed no other property was damaged. Now, neighbours tried to help firefighters as they battled the blaze. They had a very difficult job on their hands, trying to secure the boat before covering it in foam to put it out. Now, they contained it after about an hour, but the boat actually caught alight in the early hours of this morning again. But it was quickly contained. Libby, do investigators have any idea of the cause yet? Well, at this stage, Amber, investigators are still at the scene. We know water police are at the scene as well trying to piece together exactly what happened. But at this stage, that fire is being treated as suspicious. Thank you. Well fire has erupted in Sydney at a historicet to el. The Landsdowne at Broadway at Broadway in the city's CBD has gone up in flames. Four firefighters attended it, as smoke was seen coming from the side of the building. They quickly brought the blaze under control. No-one was hurt. Another blaze broke out at a wield shopping centre in the city's south-west overnight. Shoppers ran from flames that ignited from a cinema candy bar. It was at a complex in Liverpool.No-one knew what was happening. It was alarms, and somebody said, "There is a fire." The centre has heat and water damage after the sprinklers came on. Luckily, noib was injured. A man has died after a horrific crash in Queensland overnight. The driver lost control of his ute and veered off the road in Mutdapilly just south of Ipswich. His car rolled and smashed into a street sign. The accident happened at around 1am this morning. Fire crews and paramedics rushed to the seen but could not save the life of the driver. There's been a race against time in Canada to save a family of killer whales trapped by thick ice. The pod was sharing a small hole to breathe but after a desperate rescue mission they have finally been freed. Bobbing for breath. A family of killer whales trapped under a thick layer ice in the frigid waters of the Hudson Bay. The pod of around a dozen ork kers had been stuck for days. They swam into waters north of Quebec. There were fears the ice would simply close in around them. Struggling for air, they were forced to frantically bob up and down, taking turns breathing through a single hole. Local villagers had planned a rescue to widen the hole. But mother nature stepped in, a wind shift pushing the ice way. The whales face an icy amaze as they face ware Thai out to open waters. Still ahead on Nine News - the desperate search for a fisherman swept off rocks by a giant wave. The Oscar nominations are out, find out which of our Aussie stars have been given a nod. The snake on a plane - the dramatic footage taken by passengers on a flight from Cairns. This program is not captioned. A light plane has crashed in northern Tasmania. Tasmania Police say they are attending the incident at York Town, north of Beaconsfield. No further details are yet available. We will bring you more information when we get it. Police divers are continuing their search for a fisherman swept off rocks in Sydney's south-east the 60-year-old was thrown into the water by a giant wave at Little Bay yesterday afternoon.We were in the air within three and a half minutes and on scene within another 30 seconds. T even by that time, the man had disappeared. Rescue crews are urging fishermen to always wear a life jacket. Prosecutors in the US say a man associated with a notorious arms dealer has been arrested in Australia. Richard Chichakli is accused of conspiring with Viktor Bout to smuggle weapons to violent regimes involved in conflicts as well as money laundering in Africa. Bout is currently serving a 25-year prison sentence in America. A movie starring Nicolas Cage was written about the pair. Chichakli identity was uncovered during a background screening test when he applied for a job as a protective services officer in Melbourne. Washington will file extradition papers before a hearing next week. A gunman has been taken into custody after a shooting at a high school near LA. Two people were injured when the shooter opened fire at the school in the town of Taft. Police and paramedics rushed to the scene after receiving phone calls from terrified students hiding in classroom cupboards. The shooting comes week weeks after 26 people, including children, were shot dead at a primary school in Newtown, Connecticut. The Oscar nominations are out and Australia's Hollywood royalty have been given plenty of opportunity to shine at this year's Academy Awards. Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts and Jacki Weaver have all got nods. Another great day for Australian actors. Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts and Jacki Weaver all get to walk the Oscar red carpet. And then go inside with fingers crosseded. Although Jackman in particular, a real favourite with Oscar voters after his well received hosting of the show four years ago, has some seriously tough competition, and one movie legend in particular. Daniel Day Lewis in 'Lincoln'. Naomi Watts, whose career goes way back to TV's 'Hey Dad', gets her second nomination for her role in 'The Impossible'. She was caught up in the natural disaster of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand in her movie role.Yeah, I couldn't not be thrilled. A movie I care about. I play a woman who I deeply care about. And there's a story - it is so important, I think.As well as Jessica Chastani, and Jennifer Lawrence, the Naomi and the other leading actress nominees have a very new and very young opponent. This is the youngest Bez Actress nominee ever, she is 9.Jacki Weaver, another nomination, this time for 'The Silver Linings Playbook'.MOVIE REEL: The court said yes.Jacki Weaver's entrance into Hollywood came late in her career, making today's achievement all the more spectacular. When she was nominated for 'Animal Kingdom' she was a relative unknown here. Now with this, another gong for Jacki.She is kind of like Geoffrey Rush a couple of deckeds ago, vast experience in Australia and virtually unknown here in the States and in Hollywood.Bez Picture - 'Argo', 'Les Miserables', 'Lincoln', with 12 nominations all up and 'Zero Dark:30'. We return to our breaking news and a man has died in a light plane crash in northern Tasmania. The aircraft came down on private land at York Town north of Beaconsfield. The incident happened just after 10am. Fire crews are at the scene. Passengers on board a Qantas flight from Cairns to Papua New Guinea have had a shock. Like a scene from the movie 'Snakes on a Plane', a 3m python was spotted on the aircraft. Luckily, it wasn't inside. The snake was seen poking its head out from the wing.Now it is coming into Port Moresby, we could not believe it. Now it has gone through minus-12 degrees temperatures, 400km/h an hour. Qantas staff said they had never heard of it happening before. Even the pilots took turns to come back and check on the animal. Still ahead - we have the latest on the bushfires as soaring temperatures threaten to stoke the fire threat. The Royal Commission gets its own specialist abuse unit as the terms of reference are released. Residents of a WA fishing town prepare to evacuate their homes to shelter from Cyclone This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. You are watching Nine's Morning News Hour. These are the top stories. Authorities on high alert as soaring temperatures bring a renewed fire threat. Fire crews are busy backburning, a total fire ban is in place across NSW, the ACT and Victoria. The Prime Minister announces the details of a Royal Commission into sex abuse, as a specialist unit is set up to bring paedophiles to justice. A funeral is held for David Cassi, the 22-year-old Victorian fatally backed during a brawl in Rye. Let's get the details on the bushfire threat first. Now, this is the situation right now.

bushfire threat first. Now, this is
the situation right now. 104 fires are burning across NSW, 14 unstaind. More homes could come under threat as temperatures rise throughout the day. The main concern for the Rural Fire Service are the fires at Sussex Inlet, Yass and Cooma. In Victoria, the CFA is set for severe conditions, as a new fire breaks out east of Melbourne at Gembrook. Now to the growing bushfire near Sussex Inlet in the Shoalhaven region of NSW, which has destroyed more than 8,000 hectares. Dimity Clancey is near Sussex Inlet. What is the latest on that fire?

Clancey is near Sussex Inlet. What
is the latest on that fire? .Well, Amber, it is a bit of a watch-and-wait situation here. Volunteers are still backburning, have been for most of the night. The nor-westerly wind will come through the area. Tom Tate from the Rural Fire Service joins me now. What is expected in the next couple of hours?We are supposed to see the fire front impact on 12 Mile Road. Crews are backburning to strengthen the containment lines put in place last night. At this stage, we are likely to see that these containment lines will hold the fire. We won't see any further spread further south.There are a couple of coastal villages that you are watching very closely. What should residents in the areas be doing right nowThy should have the bushfire survival plans ready to activate if required. We don't see they will be likely to have any embres coming down their way.If the fire jumps the containment line, what will the conditions be like? The conditions are expected to decrease. The winds are supposed to pick up and temperatures will rise. We will see an increase in fire behaviour. Containment lines have been identified further south. If those containment lines are needed they will refer back to those.How are the volunteers faring?Quite well at the moment. The crews have been well rested through the time. We have tried to keep on top of fatigue management.It is an anxious couple of hours ahead for the Shoalhaven district down here. Residents are being told to watch, to wait, to listen to the advice and have that bushfire survival plan in place. Volunteers on the ground say it can be a matter of saving your life and belongings. Well, let's get the latest on the other fires in NSW, which is under a total fire ban due to very hot and dry conditions. Nine's Natalia Cooper is at Rural Fire Service headquarters for us. Natalia, take us through the other danger spots for firefighters today. Hello, sorry, it is Natalia here at RFS headquarters. We have the Yass and Cooma blaze causing concern along with the one at Sussex Inlet. I'm joined by Inspector Ben Shepherd from the RFS. Can you tell us about the other fires causing a lot of concernWith all the fires still over 100 across the state, but all the fires are around the Yass and Cooma area, we will start to see the containment lines come under pressure over the next few days. Any trees left burning close to the containment lines have potential to throw embers and see an escalation of the fires. Especially that Cooma fire, which has the potential, under these strong winds, to even potentially start moving towards the BegaLGA. We are doing what we can today. What are you telling residents? What is the main advice to them today with these conditions expected to be so bad?Look, stay prepared and start to - stay up to date. Make sure you have a battery- powered radio as well. You need to keep yourself up to date. We have the potential to still send emergency alert text members of the jurys but don't wait for the members of the jurys. We have seen fires over the -- don't wait for those messages. Make sure you're prepared, know what you are going to do. Keep yourself up to date.Hopefully, we can get through this without further loss of homes or lives. This is a massive job for NSW firefighters. Can you tell me how many resourcious are throwing at thisRight across the state, thousands of volunteers are either working on fires or stepping up in anticipation of more bad weather. Hundreds of aircraft ready to go as well, predeployed, not only just on fires but in identified areas as well. I know that this morning strike teams have been identified in the northern part of the state and mobilised, ready to respond into areas if we get new outbreaks. So we are as ready as we can be. It is ensuring that the public is as ready as they can be. Tonight, if you have not done the bushfire survival plan, complete it today or tonight - have a look around the property and do the preparation. It is not just over the next few days but next week could be difficult in a number of areas around the state. Thank you very much foror time today. Good advice there. Well, Victorian authorities are battling a fresh fire outbreak east of Melbourne, as the state swelters through yet another day of extreme temperatures. Let's cross to Nine's Christine Ahern. What is the latest on the blaze?This is the first real test today for fire crews. This blaze broke out in Gembrook, about an hour east of Melbourne in the Bunyip State Park out of hay Bales. It would have been extremely dangerous. CFA crews were on scene quickly and have managed to control the fire. As I say, today is extreme conditions in Victoria. It is a complete fire ban state-wide. We have temperatures in Melbourne in the city up to 37 degrees. It is already 31 here. But in other parts of the state, the mercury is going to climb to 43 degrees. Now, couple that with wind gusts, northwesterly wind gusts of up to 50km/h, creating ideal conditions for fires to start. Of most concern in Victoria is the areas of the Wimera and North Central Districts, under extreme fire danger. For the rest of the state, we are under severe fire danger. Complete fire ban here today. The threat is not being helped by fire bugs, is it.Yeah, that's right. There's been a real spate of arsonists that have struck in Melbourne over the past fortnight. The CFA says a dozen fires have been deliberately lit. The latest in Sunshine North, just yesterday, targeting an industrial estate. It has prompted one fire chief to say that the problem has got out of control. Our fire services commissioner is pleading with the public that if they do know someone who is lighting fires or they do see something suspicious, to contact authorities immediately, particularly in these extreme conditions today. Thank you. Two teenagers have been charged following a string of deliberately lit fires in Sydney's south-west overnight. Dan Nolan reports.This is one of the spots in Macquarie Fields, where nine separate fires were lit last night. They're not - none of them are particularly big in size. But it is their proximity to homes here that cause the most concern, all the way down the street. There were small spotfires rith, burning fences. Some residents had to come with garden hoses to put them out. Fire crews were able to put them out without incident. Police then pursued a group of males. They arrested two 16-year-old males. They've been charged now with a breach of balee, not with any arson offence. Police say there were a number of other people in the area who fled at the time. It is obviously a big concern for not only police but also fire crews that that kind of thing would be happening during this particular fire danger at the moment.In Tasmania, residents of Dunalley are bracing to discover whether their homes are still standing almost a week after bushfires devastated the town. Police say all areas of the peninsula will be accessible from midday. Authorities say residents will be escorted along the thur Highway, not yet open to the public. Some fires are active in the area, with crews working to clear roads and restore power poles. Details of the much anticipated Royal Commission into child sex abuse will be announced by Julia Gillard shortly. But already, a great deal of information about how it will operate has been leaked. John O'Doherty is following the story. What do we know?Already, Attorney- General Nicholas Roxon has announced that the Royal Commission will be headed up by not one but six commissioners, which is how many will be needed to deal with this mammoth task. It follows Julia Gillard's announcement last November that the Royal Commission into sexual abuse would be established. We are finding out the finer details of how it will operate, who the six commissioners are and the terms of reference - that is, the scope of the investigation. Nicola Roxon is stressing that the Royal Commission itself does not have the powers to prosecute individuals. The Royal Commission will provide recommendations to the Government. But that said, the commission will be working closely with police, who, of course do, have the powers to prosecute.Just how long is the Royal Commission expected to take?The commissioners themselves are being appointed for three years. But they will be required to hand down an interim report within 18 months. That will allow the Government the chance to start implementing some of the recommendations as soon as possible. But the Royal Commission itself will not have a fixeded time frame. The Government has said all along that what is ultimately more important than setting a fixed deadline is getting it right and it doesn't matter how long it takes. Well fire crews have been kept busy on the Gold Coast after a boat went up in flames last night. The blaze erupted in Runaway Bay just after 8 o'clock, totally engulfing the 9m long vessel. Residents helped put out the fire, which was brought under control within an hour. Forensic teams have returned to the scene to determine the cause of the blaze. WA is bracing for Cyclone Narelle. The category 4 system continues to move closer to the mainland, expected to lash coastal areas as early as this afternoon. Tracy Vo has landed in Exmouth, which is on high alert. We understand residents there are already preparing to evacuate their homes?Yeah, good morning, amber. Parts of the Pilbara coast is under blue alert, which means that residents have to start preparing. Cyclone Narelle has been upgraded to category 4 this morning. It is tracking 500km north of Exmouth. Gales with gusts of up to 100km/h are expected to develop in the coastal areas between Win Creek and Exmouth later this afternoon. Residents are packing up and leaving the area. It is affecting a mining - Rio Tinto ports have been shut down and additional flights have been scheduled from Karratha to evacuate workers here. So conditions at the moment in Exmouth, they are overcast, slight winds. Everything is pretty calm at the moment. We are expecting a pretty rough afternoon and night ahead.Tracy, ahead of the cyclone, we are seeing some spectacular pictures of another storm in the region?Yeah, that's right. It is a sight to see. We are off the coast of Onslow, north of ex-mouth. The Bureau of Meteorology said the red waves forming off the coast were caused by wind and rain from a storm, and it was dumping sand and dust taken from the land. It was around 700km south from the cyclone system, so it is is not a direct result of Narelle. But it is a sight to see for people on the water there.It certainly is. Thank you. The political stoush over life on the dole is heating up again, with former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd now entering the fray. It kicked off on New Year's Day when lining minister Jenny Macklin claimed she could live on $35 a day. She has unsuccessfully push pushed for a $50 a week in cabinet. Mr Rudd has urged action. I'm not going to get into the business of supporting a one option or another. I think we need to show a bit of heart and do more. Former minister Joel FitzGibson says an across-the-board dole increase is a lazy response. The young Melbourne man allegedly fatally bashed on New Year's Eve will be laid to rest at a funeral service this morning. David Cassi was a very popular young man, and today hundreds of family and friends are gathering to say their final goodbyes. The 22- year-old was killed on January 31 in the holiday resort town of Rye. He and his mates were walking back to their holiday house when they became involved in a violent brawl with five other men. David Cassi was punched and knocked to the concrete. He died of critical head injuries. Three men have been chargeded over the bashing. One, 18-year-old Dylan Clster, has been charged with the fatal one punch. He is due to face court again in April. Family and friends have focused on demonstrating David's young life. -- celebrating David's young life. Labradoodles can get hairy if they are not trimmed but they can hardly be mistaken for a lion. But in the US, a pooch on the loose sparked panic.I'm driving down the street right before the zoo. And there is a lion that ran across the street - a baby lion!A lion on the loose! Frantic 911 calls flooding Norfolk emergency operation centre in Virginia on Tuesday with rare and frightening sightings.I saw an animal that looked like a small lion.One call after another!He had the mane and everything. I thought to myself, wow! It will be a very interesting day! Obviously, we were on alert and we wanted to be sure that there is no wild animal or no animal on the streets. Norfolk Police put in a call to the local zoo to make sure one of its lions had not made a daring escape. The zoo said that all of the lions are accounted for, they are where they should be.It turns out it wasn't the king of the jungle on the loose! No! It was this particularly quaffed3-year-old labradoodle, Charles the Monarch, who is a popular pup.I had to make everybody -Now this king of canines has gone viral! This morning, Charles has more than 11,000 likes on his Facebook page! His gleeful grin splashed all across the internet leading him to ask one of hundreds of new Twitter followers, "Can I give you my paw- tograph." And the draw for the Australian Open has been announced?It has sure. We are about to close live to Ayrton Wooley. Bernard Tomic continues his match towards a maiden ATP final in Sydney. And the Scorchers smash their way into the Big Bash record books. This program is not captioned.

Good morning. The Australian Open draw has just been announced, and our only seeded player, Sam Stosur, has been gifted a relatively easy first-round opponent. Now, Nine's Ayrton Woolley watched it unfold. Good news for Sam?Certainly is, Clint. Great news for Sam Stosur. It is an important time ahead of any tournament. No different today. 128 names learning their fate. All Australian eyes were on Sam Stosur. She has drawn Taiwan play. She plays Zie in the second round. Sam has avoided Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka. Azarenka arrived at the draw by boat, along with her trophy. She has had troubles in recent times with a toe injury from the dodgy pedicure. But she says she is over that, and looking forward to going back to back.I don't look at last year of saying that I have to do exactly the same. I have the same results. I just felt like this would be the best for me. That is why I chose that. Bernard Tomic has pretty good news, playing Leonardo Mierer from Argentina in the third round, who is also unseeded. But in the third round, he plays Roger Federer, and he was knocked out by Roger Federer in the fourth round of the Australian Open last year. Lleyton Hewitt was get his test later. He plays Janko Serasic. Novak Djokovic has avoided Andy Murray and Federer in his half of the draw. He plays a French player in the first round and is confident he can make it three in a row.? I'm glad that I have a team that help mess to improve every year and maintain the focus and focus the commitment to the sport.It is important to me and I'm glad to have them around. Of course, the only man that has troubled Djokovic in recent times is Tomic, who has continued his charge at the Sydney International. Bernard Tomic began the night in the defending champion's shadow and earlier on Jarrko Nieminen had an answer for everything that the Aussie threw at him.I had no doubt, I think, I was going to win the match the whole way.The Fin took the opening set in the tie breaker before a tiny invader brought proceedings to a halt! COMMENTATOR: Come on, Bernie, man up! Flick it off!A ball boy with a towel came to the rescue, the cockroach providing the world number 64 with a chance to get his rhythm back. From there, Tomic controlled the rest of the match and by the third had well and truly eclipsed his opponent. This is a big chance for me to do well here and, you know, hopefully I can keep going.He has won 17 of his past 19 matches on home soil and remains unbeaten in 2013.It is a big match. The next match, and I will do everything I can to win tomorrow.A maiden ATP final beckons. He has to get past Italian third seed Seppi, who he beat at the Hopman Cup a few weeks ago.To get the chance to play the first final and do it in Australia will be unbelievable. Still in Melbourne and Phil Hughes, Usman Khawaja and Aaron Finch will all make their one-day International debuts today when Australia takes on Sri Lanka at the MCG. Despite the rookies, Australia's skipper George Bailey says it is not a B-grade team. There is is an air of excitement in the group. There is no doubt that the side has been picked with an eye on the World Cup in 2015. And, of course you can catch all the action right here on Nine, coverage from 2pm. Check your local guides. The Big Bash - Perth has secured a home semifinal following a 98-run thrash oingtf Adelaide Strikers overnight. The Scorchers posted the tournament's highest total. Shaun Marsh top-scoring with 89. He and Herschelle Gibbs put on 95 for the opening partnership. They provided plenty of entertainment for the sellout Adelaide crowd. The Strikers needed 190 to win but never came close, crumbling to 5/39 for one stage. Ryan Coulter Nile and Alfonso Thomas both snared three wickets each. Soccer now and Bernie Abini is the latest Marner to leave the Central Coast, heading to Belgium. Adelaide's depth has been tested with John Kosmina handing a debut to a 17-year-old after a string of injuries.I was - he has earned his chances and performances in the youth team. He gives a lot of speed and X factor.The Reds sit in second spot on the A-League ladder and the tackle the Perth Glory tonight. Matt Scott is the latest Origin star in Parramatta's sights with Cowboys' front rower reportedly meeting with Eels coach Ricky stwurt. Greg bird is on Parramatta's radar, offered a deal worth almost $700,000. The Blues enforcer is being scouted by the Dragons and the Knights. He has met Barack Obama, now Aussie college football star Jesse Williams has come face to face with Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Well, sort of! I understand the American food is not taking your fancy. Did you need me to send anything for you?Oh, yeah, everything!Everything! Williams won the American College Football title with Alabama last week and is tipped to score a million-dollar NFL contract later this year. Well, still to come on Nine's Morning News Hour, finance and all the latest weather. This program is not captioned.

Taking a look at the weather now. On the sate liet, tropical Cyclone Narelle is directing bands of high winds and high seas around the coast

coast of WA.

That's Nine's Morning News Hour. We'll have more updates throughout the day. I'm Amber Sherlock. Thanks for your company.
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