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(generated from captions) and all the best and have

Oh, I will.
Well done, Linda.

You've always stuck up for us.
Oh. Thank you.
Oh, that's nice.

I've got to say that I've had a lot
of happy memories over the years

and I will be sad to move on, but

and there's lots of things
I want to get on and do.

I think they're gonna miss me
quite a lot.

And I hope they don't go on
about that too much

because I want to leave
that world with no tears.

I'm trying to be really up-beat It's been that job and the people
in it that have kept me going.

About six years ago
I lost my husband suddenly.

And again. Big cheesy smiles.

When I first went back, I wept
every day. But they wept with me.

They were the ones
that saw me through.

I realise just how lucky
I am to have that. Some of those women have shared good

It's the kind of friendship

They are an extension of my family,

Thank you. Supertext Captions by
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This program is captioned live. The eve of the heat - firefighters doing what they can before tomorrow's temperature jump.We've got to remain focused. We've got to be prepared. It's legal - Venezuelan judges back the delay to Hugo Chavez's inauguration.
From war to freezing winter - the worsening nightmare of Syrian refugees. And mind the gap - 150 years of the London Underground. Good evening, and welcome to the program. I'm Mariana Rudan. New South Wales is bracing for the return of the Temperatures predicted to reach the forties in some rural areas, 33 in Sydney. And if you're thinking of heading for a well-earned rest shortly, spare a thought for the firefighters. They're working through the night to avert a bushfire disaster, and have brought most of the blazes burning in the state under control. SBS's Greg Navarro's report begins in one of the danger zones - Sussex Inlet in Shoalhaven. Just to sell off Sussex in that, firefighters used fires to keep a bigger one from spreading.We are doing the back burner.6,000 hectares have been scorched since wind and thick smoke, the weather is co-operating.Not too bad. We have not got the heat.The concern is the at.The concern is the heat and increased wind expected over reased wind expected over the next few days, making the work more urgent. Three hours to the West, near the town of Yass, small fires burn where a huge bushfire has here a huge bushfire has consumed 12,000 hectares. To give you an idea of how powerful these fires trees are still smouldering two days after fire raced through the valley. You can feel and see the heat which is quite intense. Firefighters want tense. Firefighters want to get as much fun as possible. Graders are helping to build containment lines has firefighters struggled to get the upper hand.We're not out of the woods yet. Until we meaningful rainfalls across NSW we must remain on alert and remain focused and be prepared.Water bombers are pared.Water bombers are protecting a property while firefighters doused the scorched land to prevent flare-ups. Farmers take stock of the damage to a lifetime of work. Some managed to a state, but 21,000 animals have been lost around the state and the threat of more across the state is far from over. In Queensland, crews are trying to contain bushfires on Bribie island north of Brisbane. With black smoke billowing, those with respiratory problems are advised to stay indoors. A warning for residents to stay alert remains in place but there are no properties under threat. In the Nothern Territory, a fire east of Alice Springs is under control. Easing wind conditions have lessened the danger. The blaze at Ross River is believed to be a result of an out-of-control back- burn. But temperatures are forecast to top 40 degrees in coming Residents of Dunalley in Tasmania's south- east are due to return to their homes - or what's left of them - tomorrow. 20 fires continue to burn around the state. The fires have destroyed 130 properties and burnt 110,000 thousand hectares of land since they began last week. And Victoria's Acting Premier Peter Ryan has used that state's fire crisis to launch a pilot warning program. Sirens across areas of the Dandenong Ranges and Steel's Creek North East of Melbourne will now be linked and can be activated remotely. If successful, the scheme will be rolled out across the state, to be used to warn of any emergency, including flooding. And go to SBS online to find out how you can help the people affected by the bushfires. In developing news, a co-founder of the militant separatist Kurdish Workers Party is among three female activists found dead with gunshot wounds to the head, in Paris. The bodies of Sakeem Sansiz and two others were found in the office of the Kurdish Institute. Hundreds of Kurds rallied in protest at what France's Interior Minister dubbed an "assassination". The killings follow recent reports that the Turkish government has begun talks with the party's jailed leader, Abdullah Ochalan, to end the three- decade insurgency that's claimed tens of thousands of lives.

tens of thousands of lives. It is a very precise and probably targeted killing. Three bodies, three shell casings is all the police found when I arrived at the same. All the people, all the three women had gunshot wounds to their head. Sakeem Sansiz was one of the founding members of the organisation. Two others who worked at the National Congress of Kurdistan were also killed. They were last seen at midday on Wednesday. By mid-afternoon on Wednesday, the institute was up. The bodies were found at 2 am. We have heard through sources that one of the boyfriend of the victims was worried that he could not find her that she had not come home from work he alerted the police. When they got to the Institute, they found the three bodies. An explosion has been reported in a car near the Israeli Defence Ministry in Tel Aviv. No details at this moment. To the constitutional crisis in Venezuela now. The country's supreme court has ruled the inauguration of President Hugo Chavez scheduled for tonight can be delayed. Mr Chavez is desperately ill in Cuba with cancer. But the judges' decision has drawn the ire of Venezuela's opposition. A highly anticipated announcement reaffirming the Venezuelan government's position. The constitution will period begins on January tent, but a new swearing-in ceremony is not necessary for y is not necessary for Hugo Chavez. There no interruption in the exercise of his duties.For weeks, government and opposition had been debating constitutional articles which says one needs to happen at the President is not backed by Jan 10. The court stipulates that swearing in is a formality that can be delayed until he recovers. The last 10 years, the Supreme Court has traditionally sided with the government. The latest ruling came as no surprise. On Wednesday, also said it is not necessary that a medical commission verify the health of the President. Some in the but Opposition has been demanding for a long time. The ruling came a day after the National Assembly authorised he could remain in Cuba indefinitely. Under reckoned inundation of his medical team, dation of his medical team, the vice-president announced in a letter that he would not be able to return in time for there is day inauguration. The government maintains he left country with authorisation from the National Assembly and his victory in the nd his victory in the last presidential made him the legitimate to take the time he needs. Analysts say the government is buying time.He government is right when they say he is the legitimate president nobody's questioning back. What has been questioned is the process. process that would reveal he is not fit to roll. I think they are buying time.They will not be any inauguration ceremony on Thursday. The government has asked for rally in solidarity with the cancer-stricken leader. Christians about if and when will return to Venezuela or remain unanswered. Coming up, after the break - executive action - the White House threatens to by-pass Congress on gun control.

The horror of the Syrian war has been brutally underlined tonight. A human rights group says snipers have killed psychiatric patients, fleeing a mental hospital destroyed by bombs, in the city of Aleppo. For refugees fleeing the fighting, a cruel winter has worsened their plight. The brutality of war compounded - by the weather. At the Bab al Salam camp on Syria's border with Turkey, refugees brave harsh cold, rain and mud. Food supplies are inadequate, shelter is limited - and still they come.

The misery of the Syrian conflict is now layered by a brutal winter weather system that has gripped the middle east. This Jordanian camp grows faster than authorities can cope - and icy water is destroying what little the residents manage to gather. There were children sleeping inside, he says. See what happened. The UN says a lack of money means it can do little more. About 20% of the population is under the age of 4. We're getting children 5 days old, 9 days old, 10 days old. We knew this was coming. We knew that the weather was going to get worse and it's not going to be the last of the wet weather and snow, unfortunately.The fighting, of course, continues. Here, an attack by rebels on Taftanaz airport in Idlib. These unverified pictures appear to show rebels attempting to take an important target. But some diplomacy is being conducted. 48 Iranians held hostage by rebel fighters in Syria since August have been freed. After months of negotiations, they were released in exchange for more than 2,000 prisoners held by the Syrian authorities.

But at the same time, UN peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi despairs - describing President Bashar al- Assad's latest plan to end the conflict as more sectarian and more one-sided.The government will not win and the opposition may win in the longterm. By the time they do, there will be no Syria anymore. What kind of victory is that. Lakdhar Brahimi perseveres, though - he'll meet top Russian and US officials tomorrow for fresh talks on how to end the bloody conflict. Australian troops are a step closer to ending their tour of Afghanistan, with work under way to dismantle one of their bases in province. Engineers from 7 RAR have been working around the clock for the past two weeks pulling down forward operating base Hadrian. They expect to have it dismantled by the middle of the year.We have been pulling things down, the rest of the time we have been building things.Some bases will be kept by the Afghan National Army when they assume control from Coalition forces over the next two years. Any they don't need, like this one, will be dismantled to render them unusable by the Taliban. Saudi Arabia has beheaded a Sri Lankan maid, convicted of murdering a baby in her care in 2005. Rizana Nafeek was found guilty of smothering the infant after an argument with the child's mother. But Human Rights Watch says Nafeek later retracted her confession. And it says according to her birth certificate, she was actually just 17 at the time.It is outrageous that Saudi Arabia continues to execute who committed a crime when were still children themselves. There is also responsibility on the part of the Sri Lankan government to make sure that recruitment agencies are not false of find the documents of migrants and allowing children to my great instead of adults.Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse had appealed for the maid's life to be spared, and has condemned the execution. The Parliament in Colombo has observed a minute's silence. US president, Barack Obama, has threatened to cut Congress out of the political process, by using executive orders to push through tougher restrictions on gun ownership. The White House has set a deadline of the end of the month for agreement on a deal, with vice-president Joe Biden, today putting the 'hard word' on Congress.20 heartbroken families lost a child in the sandy hook school shooting, I know how much it hurts.Nearly a month after the event many term a game-changer for US gun laws - and the polar opposites in the debate continue to bombard the airwaves.When will you have the political courage to stand up to the gun lobby?That lobby, no less vociferous.1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms.Vice President Joe Biden has met pro-gun control groups and victims of firearms violence for input toward policy recommendations he'll put to President Obama and Congress by late January. No mere photo opportunity, he says.I am convinced we can effect the well- being of millions of Americans and take thousands of people out of harms way if we act responsibly. Tomorrow he faces a much tougher crowd - including the politically- powerful National Rifle Association which advocates armed guards in all schools. But the White House is making clear it mightn't need Congressional approval to move.The President is going to act. There are executive orders, executive action that can be taken. Overriding the extreme political sensitivity of this issue, the threat to use the power of the president's office shows how politically difficult getting gun control laws through Congress will be. Among the White House actions being considered, re-instating a ban on assault weapons. Prosecution for gun buyers who lie on their background checks. In New York State, governor Andrew Cuomo wasn't waiting for Federal action - proposing some of the countrys' most restrictive bans on assault weapons. His is among seven states with some bans already - but with laws he says have "more holes than Swiss cheese."No-one hunts with an assault rifle! No-one needs ten bullets to kill a deer!He's proposing background checks for private gun sales and tougher penalties for those who buy gund illegally.

Here, the quest for insulin- dependent diabetics to become needle-free may be one step closer. Australian researchers have helped discover how insulin binds to cells. That finding could pave the way to the development of new types of insulin - which don't need to be injected. Now thirty, Kelly Rossman was diagnosed with type one diabetes when she was three. She has to prick a finger to test her blood up to six times a injects insulin four times. Which means she endures around 10 needles every day.40,000 and counting.So the prospect of not having to inject is an exciting one. That may now be one step closer. Australian researchers helping to discover how insulin binds to cells.They hadn't had a picture of insulin binding to the so-called receptor on the surface of cells. We've got that picture now for the first time and i think we'll see that impact on the development of new insulins over time.It's been shown both insulin and its receptor undergo a re-arrangement as they interact. A piece of insulin folds out and parts within the receptor move to engage it in a kind of molecular handshake. Experts are watching-on with quiet and cautious optimism. The holy grail of type one diabetes is to do away with injections for people with type one and to do that we need a replacement for insulin. At the moment, we don't have one. Diabetes is a growing problem in Australia, with alarming rates especially among the indigenous community. The discovery could also help benefit developing countries with the potential development of insulin less likely to degrade when not kept cold. Needle free treatment not only good for adults but also for children.It would be really helpful for the young, but mum and dad and the child fulland if anyone knows that, it'd be Kelly! Former U-S governor, Richardson and Google CEO Eric Schmidt have arrived in Beijing following their controversial private mission to North Korea. Eric Schmidt urged North Korea to loosen its grip on the internet. Saying it risked further isolation and economic decline if it didn't. The pair also urged it to end nuclear and missile tests, and to free an American national who's been detained. A defence lawyer has accused Indian police of beating confessions out of five men, charged with murdering and gang- raping a student on a New Delhi bus last month. The case has prompted outrage in India. Not likely to be lessened by some of the lawyer's comments. He said he'd never heard of a "respected lady" being raped in India. He claimed her male companion was 'wholly responsible", as the unmarried couple should not have been outside at night.

as the unmarried couple should not
have been outside at night. The market finished higher up after investors Jia gher up after investors Jia to trade from China which smashed all expectations.

News Corp rose and the big four bangs all gained ground. Asian markets joined in the celebrations is the world's number two economy seems to have woken from the

A better-than-expected start to the US reporting season. The Australian dollar is at a too weak high against the greenback. It is up against all of the major currencies.

against the greenback. It is up
against all of the major currencies. Gold is down but will it is higher. Coming up - down the Tube - the dodgy American behind a British icon.

Graeme's Apia experience, taken
from a real flood claims call. (PHONE RINGS) How you going?
Oh, not bad. I just can't have Pardon that pun too.
(LAUGHS) If you're over 50, Apia makes home Call 13 50 50 for a chat today.

It is as iconic as there double- decker bus. It is rumbling along carrying 4 million passengers a day. In during a test of time and still as much love as it is hated. Out of the tunnel into the lightat a top speed - under central London - of about 50 kilometres an hour. So many cities - over 150 of them - now have metro underground systems. We forget that London was the first - in 1863. It remains one of the busiest - up to 4 million passengers a day - the equivalent of half London's population. But let's step back in time. Imagine it before the first Tube map was drawn. And so much transport was horse drawn. And the traffic congested. The solution was to dig just below the surface and bring in steam trains. This is - believe it or not - the only surviving steam engine from the London underground from the 1860s. It dates from 1866. And it's known simply as number 23. Just imagine what it was like to travel on it. All that smoke. All that sulphur.' like breathing crocodile's breath' as one passenger put it.

passenger put it. This is substantially a Victorian underground. The arch - and some platforms at baker street - are pretty much unchanged. The underground system was launched by competing railway companies - line by line.. In time, it was electrified in the early Strangely enough, the companies were unified - the system made whole by an American - a financier and convicted embezzler from philadelphia, charles tyson yerkes. He was almost a crook. He was responsible for the development of large parts of the network. He instituted the cars.We all know the diagrammatic London to put Mac, much imitated London design classic. But the first one in 1931 was not even Commission. An electrical draughtsman drew it up and his own time. For most Londoners and visitors, it is the mental map. That does tal map. That does not go staff of the We all used his map.To mark its 100 and 50th birthday, it is celebrating with a special poster exhibition. Londoners moan about the true, the overcrowding and the heat and the delays as much as they do about the weather. But they cannot get around quickly without it. It has transformed the city. Helped its bread and tripled its population in the last 150 years. It is 150 years. It is thought to be the third largest metro system in the world in terms of kilometres after the Beijing subway and the

Metro. The hai Metro. The weather, lows are directing hot northerlies are over NSW Victoria and Adelaide. A trough is bringing storms to Queensland and more than territory. A cold front is causing showers to SA and

A few showers for Wellington and tie ET. Fine for Christchurch. South East church. South East Asia, fog for Bangkok. Under for Singapore. Drizzle for Shanghai. Partly cloudy for Hong Kong and Tokyo. Rainfall Wet for Bay route and Cloudy for Baghdad and Islamabad. Snow for Moscow. Showers easing in happens. Player B four bn and London. Rainfall Paris and Rome. Fine for nd Rome. Fine for Cairo and Casablanca. Showers for allergies and for Johannesburg. South America, find full Santiago. Funder for Rio de Janeiro. Although America, for New York and Toronto. Showers for Los Angeles. Rainfall

for New York and Toronto. Showers
for Los Angeles. Rainfall Chicago. Before we go an update on the bomb in Tel Aviv. Police say it was a crime related settling of accounts not related to militant groups. That is it for today. Goodbye. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

WOMAN: As the country
enters a double dip recession, it seems there's one thing
we can't do without.

So just goes to show Order yourself something
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it's probably no surprise

this business is getting
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Not long ago, getting your hands
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would have involved backstreet shops
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Now they're on the high street

with sales increasing year on year.

People who have the best sex lives
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I'm like Mother Teresa
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We've spent six months
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with ambitious plans to expand

as Britain clearly demands
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Chances are
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..and this warehouse. Good morning, Lovehoney.
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