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custard. The production kicks off
tomorrow night at Belconnen Theatre is
and with the talent like this, it is not one to be missed.

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Hello. I'm Cameron Williams. Welcome to A Current Affair. Coming up - health alert - the new aspirin warning for senior Australians. Just because you can buy aspirin over the counter doesn't mean it's harmless. First - the couple who claim a photographer botched their wedding day. They wanted their beautiful day captured forever, but now there's a bitter dispute over images they say they can't bear to look at.

images they say they can't bear to
look at.I know personally that I could do a better job on $150 camera.This is the first time in my 42 years of legal experience that I've come across a case that centred around the length of a kiss. The newlyweds Jarrod and Sheree Mitchell - their wedding day was all they'd hoped for. But the lasting memory of their happy day has turned sour: I was devastated when I saw the photos. Initially, only some of them were even sent to us. They were so disappointed with the snaps, the Melbourne couple refused to pay the outstanding amount, lodging a claim against George Ferris of Studio Edge & Multimedia with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, claiming he failed to capture some of the most special moments, including their first kiss as man and wife. He left us no choice. We weren't comfortable being in the same room as him.The couple found the photographer on the internet and booked him because they liked the photos on his website.Just after we'd got our photos back from him and noticed they weren't of the same quality...The dispute has gone on for more than 18 months, and they have since had a baby. These are some of the photographs from the day?That's correct. These are just some highlights of some of the major flaws that we found in the images. The lens hood is a thing that goes over to protect it from light. It's actually visible in the corner of the images.In court, the Mitchells were seeking $6,400 - or the cost of restaging the wedding photographs. Studio Edge & Multimedia counterclaimed for $5,700, including $60 for a meal for the photographer that wasn't provided. But in this case, there were no winners - the photographer was ordered to pay Jarrod and Sheree $710 for failing to honour his contract, while the Mitchells were forced to fork out $60 to cover the cost of his dinner. To be honest, we actually did have a meal for him, and I did state that. Look, I saw it as, you know, the sort of thing like, "We'll give you something, we'll give him something." If that's what they were going to give him, I can liver with that to have it over and done with, but certainly I did provide him with a meal, and he chose to leave.How out of pocket would you estimate you are?We'd estimate we're probably out of pocket somewhere around $2,300.The couple still received pictures from the photographer, but say it upsets them to have them on display. Today, Mr Ferris made this statement:

I think, now that if you want certain things recorded, that you have to make sure they're nominated in the contract. For instance, the kiss, the signing of the wedding certificate, the first bridal dance, the cutting of the cake.Lawyer Sam Macedone.There's certainly no legal definition of how long one has to kiss, so maybe we need an Australian standard to indicate that a kiss has got to be 30 seconds long so that anyone who wants to record it can take a photograph.For me, I would have made a joke of it and said, "That was the fastest kiss I've ever seen," and get them to do it again. Renowned wedding photographer Sean Weidemann from Danner says, like anything, when it -- from Dansk Photography says, like anything, when it comes to photographers, you get what you pay. ForEveryone thinks they're a photographer when they can buy a nice camera. We have weekend warriors working part-time on the weekend. You can't get the best quality and service for the cheapest price. You've got to have one or the other.As for Jarrod and Sheree, they just want to put the ordeal behind them, but warn other couples to be wary when planning their big day.Just be wary. Shop around. Do your homework. Sheree and Jarrod are now considering having their wedding photos reshot. I'm sure they'll hold the kiss a little longer this time. Aspirin - most of us have it in our medical cabinet, and a lot of older Australians rely on it. Many of them regard aspirin as a kind of miracle drug. But here's a story to make you think twice. Just because aspirin is over the counter doesn't mean it's a benign therapy that won't hurt you.I believe it's been very beneficial in my wellbeing.

A lot of people would not know about the risks.Mummy, mummy,!It was hailed the wonder drug of the 20th century.Aspirin enters the stomach as a shower of tiny flakes. The painkiller claiming to not only ease headaches but also lower the risk of heart attacks, strokes and even some cancers. But according to cardiologist Dr Ross Walker, the humble aspirin could be doing more harm than you think.Abdominal pain, major gastrointestinal bleeding, peptic ulceration, bleeding in the government, chest pain, reflux oesophagitis - it can make things like asthma works.Dr Walker's late mother started taking the drug without doctors' advice.I hadn't seen her for nine months. She was very short of breath. Her blood count had dropped by half.After some simple tests, he soon discovered what was wrong.I found out she was taking aspirin. We get a gastroscopy done where we look at the stomach from her throat. She stopped the aspirin. We put her on iron therapy, and her blood count returned to normal within about three months. But she was in trouble for a while there.He says these reactions are often the result of self-prescribing or mixing medication.I didn't know it could be so dangerous.86-year-old Dawn Kagan started taking the drug 10 years ago. The arthritis sufferer was shocked to learn her daily dose could be putting her health at serious risk.My GP told me, if I kept taking as propro- clear in conjuction with my anti- inflammatory, which I have to take, that I would be in danger of gastrointestinal bleeding.It's a problem becoming all too familiar among older Australians.It's ignorance. The public are ignorant about these things. If they don't go to the doctor, they're likely to suffer.According to medical experts, anyone with a history of significant bleeding, bruising or suffering from peptic ulcers, dyspepsia or bad reflux can be at risk of side effects. It's not all bad news, though.Aspirin has been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease - heart disease and stroke - by about 25%. Reduce common cancers by about 30%. Reduce chronic liver disease by about 40%. So there are enormous benefits for aspirin in, probably, about 70% to 80% of people.Dr Walker says, if prescribed correctly, the drug can be extremely beneficial.It's my strong belief that all people over the age of 50 should take 100 milligrams of aspirin every day unless there's a reason not to. That reason should be determined by the doctor, not by you.If you have been given the all clear by your doctor to take aspirin, just remember it's always important to take the correct dosage, as different pills vary in their strength. 65-year-old Roy Smoother began taking the drug 30 years ago. After having my first heart attack, it was advised to me to take an Aspro Clear dissolved in water per day. And I would need to do that for the rest of my life.He believes it saved his life on more than one occasion.I was told many years ago that they call aspirin the wonder drug. I believe it to be quite true, because I have been at times when I haven't taken the aspirin. I did notice a difference that I was a little bit slower, a little bit more weary of what was going on in my body.In Roy's case, the drug is used to help thin his blood, therefore minimising the chance of clotting and possible heart failure. Dr Walker says it's important to always consult with your GP before starting any new medication.Aspirin by itself is not a benign drug, and it really should be prescribed by a doctor and shouldn't be something you take over the counter just as a health prevention. Yes. Certainly ask your GP about it. It still could be the right thing for you. More details on our website. Even if a woman worked all year without a holiday, in many job sectors, she would not catch her male counterpart in terms of pay. It's a gender gap that grows wider every year. Why? Women have to work 8.5 weeks more than men to get the same amount of pay.There's no good reason for us to be paid less.A skillset is a skillset, whether you're a male or female.We should be equal to the blokes.So much for pay equality between sexes in the workplace.The gender gap still sits at 18% for women.It turns out Aussie women are worth less than their male counterparts - in some cases, up to $14,000 a year less.I think it's reasonable to expect nothing less than same work, same pay.But it's hard to find an occupation where women don't earn less than men.Why are women being discriminated against in Australia?!Nurses, office workers, childcare staff, managers, mining staff - from university graduates to employees with years of on-the-job training. I work in publishing. I experienced it myself in my own workforce.Some of these disadvantaged women are responsible for looking after our most vulnerable, and yet historically, they've been the victims of the largest gender pay gap compared to their male counterparts.Community sector is over 30%. In sectors like nursing, well over 18%.Jennifer Thomas is a spokesperson for the Australian Services Union.We look after social and community service workers. Out of all of our industries, it had the most women in terms of working in that industry. It has 80%. Our workers work in offices. They're managers, they're professionals. It was glaringly obvious that they had significantly lower pay.This is totally a gender tax!Radio commentator Prue MacSween.I'm furious about this, because you've got to worry about your daughters. We should be outrage. We should be marching in the streets over this. In a landmark case, the Australian Services Union took up the fight for its low-paid female workers - and won. A Fair Work Australia decision awarding pay rises of up to 40%.Everyone assumes that, since the '70s, we've actually had equal pay. When we start doing the research into our workplaces, people very quickly discover that it doesn't exist. We want professional wages. We deserve professional wages.United Voice represents childcare workers like lead educator Zara Lucker. It's also calling for better wages through its Big Steps to campaign. To keep my job role, I have to keep educating myself as well, so I can educate our children. I'm a professional. You've given me a professional title. Why not reflect that in our wages?These particular childcare workers have a really important role to play.Most of us women do have small kids as well, and use these facilities. So we want to see those women also try and achieve real wages.The latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows the top three male occupations out-earn the corresponding jobs for women.I reckon they should be on equal pay. It's previously been argued that these discrepancies can be accounted for because women often take time out of the workforce to have children and there's a greater need for part-time work. But this argument has recently been refuted by the release of figures which show a large gender pay gap, even in graduates who have the same level of work experience. Women Lawyers' Association president Kathryn Finlayson.A lot of my generation of women expect same pay for the same work. We don't expect there to be a discrepancy, particularly at such a low level of experience in the workforce.However, as a new mum to baby Hannah, Kathryn dedoes acknowledge taking time out from the workforce to have children can affect a woman's overall earnings, no matter what sector you work in. I think we expect, perhaps, as we make those other decisions and perhaps take time off to have children, like I am now, it will result in a change in salaries, but not at the beginning of your career. The Workplace Gender Equality Agency shows the gender pay gap more than doubled in graduates last year. Women earn more than men in just 7 out of the 23 occupations examined. Only education, humanity and medicine had the same. Julie Brown is from the Queensland Teachers' Union.Every year that the figures come out about the gender gap, I'm shocked with Australia's sense of fairness - equal work, equal pay.I believe women should be free to do the same things as men and have the same chances.The community needs to step up to the mark. The governments, the organisations. They want this work carried out at a certain level. It means we have to pay. The teachers have got it sorted and, the nursing sector is next in line to campaign for better wages. Good on them. They deserve it. Tell us what you think about it on Facebook or Twitter. Last night, we told you about the low act against volunteer firefighter John Dickson. Dick o's car was stolen while he was out risking his life to save others. Well, we've had an overwhelming response to our story, and what you're about to see couldn't happen to a nicer bloke. The plan is, today, to tidy all that up.Excuse me for a sec. Um, Dicko, can you come forward for a minute, please? G'day, mate. Our viewers saw your story last night about how you were on the fire ground here and your car was pinched by some low life. You've still got no wheels. I assume you haven't replaced the car?No, only with this thing.See that white vehicle there? It's all yours, mate. (BLEEP).(LAUGHTER) Thanks for that!Chrysler donated that car for you to replace the wheels you had stolen while you were out fighting the fires.Man, that's an amazing car. I think I'll be pretty pleased with that! I'd like to thank your viewers, and Chrysler especially, for that. I've always seen myself in a Jeep is. Have ya?It suits the lifestyle!

That's a life spent for the last 10 long, hot summers saving other people's lives and properties, like those of his Wellington Brigade mates near Geelong, south of Melbourne.Anyone know how to start these things? I think I've got 25 crew members that will expect me to drive them to work for the next six months. Unfortunately none of the other others can drive the truck, so they'll be driving it home.Thrs there's the key.Thank you.Her partner -- his partner nearly fell over when hearing the news.I'm standing in front of a Chrysler. A dealership in Melbourne donated me a brand new car. I love you.Tamera Weston is from the very generous Fiat Chrysler group.We appreciate and recognise the hard work and bravery of all the CFA volunteers. We're happy to help John continue protecting society with a Jeep.We owe them all a debt of gratitude. And if a set of new wheels can help, well, it's a pretty small price to pay to let our unsung heroes know how much they really count. What you people do for us for no pay - drop everything, leave work, leave your family, come out, save other people's homes... It's nice to know that people appreciate it to this extent, and there you have it.I mean, that's what we do. That's what we train to do. That's what all do. Every man and woman on this strike force do it.Yeah.That's funny.Spun out?That's amazing. Great stuff! Those new Jeeps are awesome. He'll have a ball in that, Dicko. Big thanks to Fiat Chrysler, who acted very quickly to make that happen. One woman's fight to help save the life of her best mate. Lorna Jennings says it's heartbreaking to watch Navarone Hutchins, who tips the scales at more than 200kg, -- Paul hutchings, who tips the scales at more than 200kg, eat himself to death. So, she contacted us.I'm going to stop.When did you notice that his health was starting to deteriorate?Six years ago. I'll being a voice for him because he needs help.Lorna Jennings is going in to bat for a mate she's known her entire life.I'm walking...A bloke who's as close as a brother who can barely walk the length of a cricket pitch without collapsing in a heap. Paul hutchings weighs as much as three men. Who's to blame for you being 200kg?I am. I'm not blaming anybody else. I'm blaming myself. I got lazy.But his nearest and dearest can't bear the thought of losing him. Is this really the last roll of the dice in terms of him getting his weight under control, do you think?Yep.How does the thought of that make you feel? He could be gone.Then I don't have a brother.

Paul was a motor mechanic until eight years ago, when he could no longer support his own weight.I can't jump on a normal set of scales. My stomach sits on top of the read-out. I jumped on a set of scales and broke them.That was when Paul weighed 200kg. But by his own admission, he's gained a lot more since. You realise you're gaining weight.Yes.But you've done nothing about it.I know.Why? You could die. This could kill you. Yes, I know that. I don't know what to do.What would you normally eat, in a regular day?Breakfast, I have my porridge, and for lunch, I might have a meal, like my rices, which I keep here. Then I go for tea - I may get a -- go to a club, have a chicken parmigiana or I may order a pizza.Lorna's watched Paul's health nosedive ever since he left the workforce.He was eating at night, not doing any exercise, then sleeping in the day. It's like, fried this, fried that. Heaps of potatoes. Doesn't matter.You're out of breath?I'm out of breath, yeah, from standing up. Yes. But what can I do?These days, Paul's got few transport options. Except driving himself around - which, when you're this size, isn't all that comfortable. But it's better than sitting around the house.I wake up every morning... "I'm alive. I didn't wake up dead."You wake up every morning saying you're alive. Most people don't do that. Are you thanking whoever that you're alive because you don't know whether you'll see another week, another month, another year?Yeah. It doesn't bother me. I don't know why. It just doesn't bother me anymore.

But it does bother those who are closest to him.I need to get some more mineral water and soda water. No, you don't. You need to drink water.Ugh!Look how big it is! Today, Lorna is taking Paul to a fruit and veg market which is literally at the end of his street. I don't know what half this stuff is.It's here that you start to get an idea of how Paul is like a fish out of water when he's surrounded by fresh fruit and veg.If I need to eat vegetables and salad, I go to a restaurant.But just walking the length of the street to a place like this is what Lorna says might just save her best mate's life - if only Paul could believe it himself. The damage is done. My legs can't support me anymore. Someone said, "I bet you're depressed because you're fat." No. Am I suicidal? No. Yeah, I'm fat. Big deal. If I die tomorrow, fine. I've had a good life. I'm happy. Come on, Paul! Lorna cares about you, mate. You obviously need a hand. If someone thinks they can help him, please give us a call.

hand. If someone thinks they can
help him, please give us a call. Still to come on A Current Affair - the search for the best new Aussie snag.Customers can actually come up with their own recipes and blends for their own sausage.

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Tomorrow on 'Today' - Oscar nominations announced. Will Hugh Jackman receive a nod?Let's hope so! Olympian Stephanie Rice will show you how to get into top shape.

so! Olympian Stephanie Rice will
show you how to get into top shape. I know Hoges got us onto the prawns, but you just can't beat a snag on the barbie. If you've got a classic homemade sausage, this next story is for you.

# Let's get it started # Let's get it start in here How good does it smell!Nothing is more Australian than a few snags on the barbie, and there's no better way to draw a crowd.Definitely the sizzling. Definitely.You can't walk past it, can you?That's right. Gorgeous.There's no doubt Aussies love a snag.Attention, shoppers. At the front of our store, we're having a free sausage sizzle today. It's the sort of thing you do on an Australian summer day.With Australia Day fast approaching, Woolies is asking all of us to create a new flavour. A sausage to beat all sausage.It's a simple competition - going onto the Woolworths Facebook page,ing the page, following the link to the apps, and customers can come up with their own recipes and blends for their own sausage.If you're really serious about this competition, think about the things you really love to eat. Some of the takeaway foods you might even like to eat - Portuguese-style chicken... Rob Carrat from Woolworths.We have 40 different lines of sausages at the moment. There's always somewhere different you can go.I quite like a pork sausage with a slight Italian flavour, bit of garlic, bit of chilli.I'd like to see oregano and chicken, actually. If you were starting from scratch, what would you put in a sausage? Probably mince. Mince would be a start.Pork saucage with a bit of spices. That's all. Pork is the best. Lamb and pork.In that state where the winning entrant comes from, we'll put that sausage in that state for a limited time. If our customers deem that's a great product and they want it, we'll launch it nationally.Cooking a sausage well still needs technique. Who better to teach the dos and don'ts than celebrity chef Janelle Bloom.You turn the heat down to low. Sausages will burn over high heat, and the skins will burst and all the flavour will come out. Cut the sausage where they're all joined because it makes them easier to turn.

When you're cooking sausages on the barbecue, they should be turned regularly. That's why guys love cooking them. You shouldn't piece the sausage, because all the flavour will run out onto the barbecue. You'll be left with dry, tasteless sausages.

What's your new flavour? I'd like to see a bacon-and-honey snag. If you'd like to enter that competition, go to our website. We'll be back with more of ACA in This program is not captioned. We've added
a little bit of summer. SONG: # In the summertime... # Introducing Hungry Jack's
Tropical TenderCrisp. # That is where I'll be... # It's just made for summer.
# Whoo-hoo! # The burgers are better
at Hungry Jack's.

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The weather looks alright for the cricket. Before we go tonight - a reminder. If you have a video story or an issue in your area, let us know via email, or just give us a call. That's our program for tonight. I'm Cameron Williams. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Your favourite Block-heads are coming back. None of them have taken out the top prize. And incredibly, they're lining up for one more shot at the title. Get ready for The Block All Stars!

It's all happening again.

All Stars? I don't know why we're All Stars.We're doing The Block again because we're crazy.We were kind of the worst renovators on the easiest series. We came last, the first time we did it and we want to do better than that this time. We're taking the kids with us, 'cause we didn't want to be apart from them. Nobody thinks that we're going to win but we've got a few ideas up our sleeve and we want to prove that we can do it. We've learned a lot in the last ten years and we want to win. All Stars? I don't know why All Stars. We're coming back for more punishment, I can't believe it. I think we could pull out a few surprises. We know what colours are in this time. I think the others better be scared. Look out.That's right, yeah, we're coming to get you.We're here to win. All Stars? I don't know why we're All Stars. We must be crazy but we definitely feel like we have something to prove this time. We won the most rooms on our season but we definitely didn't win The Block. We fought a lot and we survived it, we got married.And we are going to have a red-hot crack to try to win. All Stars? I don't know why All Stars.As hard as it is, you love it.Sometimes last season, we didn't see eye-to-eye. I wouldn't mind winning the title, just to walk away, to say that you're the All Stars winner. That's pretty big. In a Block first, we're back to where it all began. Welcome to Block-tastic Bondi. This time, we're in charge of the entire build. We've pretty much gone from renovators to builders.I'm nervous and I need to poo.

To win the All Stars, you've got to be all in, all the time.I think we can win, Scotty.There you go!Go you!Who will win?

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