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(generated from captions) change will move through at around 4pm. A hot and dry day in the west, in Sydney. Warm and humid in the east. Despite the heat, the beach will not be a great place to cool off, with dangerous surf conditions expected along the coast. A total fire ban will be in place across his of Wales. We are expecting the top of 41 degrees in Penrith.

Looking ahead:

Very humid on Saturday.

Next week is looking very warm, with possible showers.

Thank you. That is Nine News for this Thursday. Enjoy your evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Tonight ... Firefighters relying o blaz
aerial attacks to slow down the f
blaze near Yass. A packed community the
fire briefing told to prepare for stay
the worst And: tourists urged to tem
stay away from the south coast as temperatures climb. Good evening, I in
m Danielle Post, What were raging infernos, are now fires being douse region
by a co-ordinated attack. The th
region' s firefighters are winning the battle against mother nature. I could be short-lived. West of Yass
the fire is now being fought mainl te
from the sky as it burns in rough fear
terrain. If conditions turn, the River
fear is, it could jump the Yass burnin
River. Hard to reach terrain Y
burning just ten kilometres west of one
Yass. Under control for now - but breaki
one strong wind gust away from "Things
breaking containment lines. can
"Things like cow manure, the wind i
can pick it up and roll it out when th
it' s smouldering and get out into the grass and start a fire." Deep t
inside this valley, fire is burning T
through trees, grass and shrubbery. evide
The blackened hills aroun evidence in.
evidence of where the blaze moved ai
in. The ground access is minimal -
air attacks the most effective tool the
"What' s concerning the RFS at the moment is that flames could jum dozen
the Yass River. That could put the
dozens of homes in this valley or hil
the hume tourist resort over that ar
hill under direct threat." There
are two active fire fronts, one nea Harde
Devils Corner the other in the Ri
Harden Shire near the Murrumbidgee be
River. A number of out-houses have s
been wiped out - thankfully at this stage, no homes have been destroyed Righ
"G' day mate, you happy? Yep. Th
Righto, you lose anything? Nup." Thou
The big loss has been livestock. or
Thousands of sheep have perished - t
or been so badly burnt they' ve had
to be put down. "Look it' s reall a
tough because a lot of these sheep are super fine Marino wool and they ve been developing the genetics fo generations." Late this afternoo pa
more than three hundred residents -
packed into the Yass community hall expec
- desperate to find out what to temp
expect over the coming days. Hot
temperatures and unpredictable wind opp
are forecast - today a window of i
opportunity to prepare. "Today is ideal for the fire itself to get ri an
of all that stuff that' s unburnt do
and stuff that' s burning will die regi
down." Strike teams from other the
regions will begin to arrive over fi
the next day or two - giving local ne
firefighters and volunteers a much needed break before the weekend.

And late this afternoon on the Hum bu
Highway closer to Goulburn, a car bush
burst into flames causing nearby hig
bush and grass to catch fire. The highway was closed near Boxers Cree for around half an hour. No-one wa injured. In the Kybeyan Valley nea for
Cooma, the threat has also eased the
for now. Nervous residents packed v
the Nimmitabel town hall, and they' cata
ve been told to prepare for more danger
catastrophic conditions. s any th
danger - - Today may have been were
the calm before the storm. There conditi
werelight SE winds and cooler firefight
conditions which have meant containmen
firefighters to strengthen warni
containment lines and lower the
warning level for residents. Howeve co
the blaze is still burning out of control and the RFS is expecting th c
conditions to deteriorate over the eeril
coming days. Wind. It was T
eerily quiet near Carlaminda today. but
The immediate danger has subsided
but there were glowing reminders th w
threat wasn' t gone. Potentially we are going to have trouble holdin dete
this fire if weather conditions Yarrabin
deteriorate much more. The throu
Yarrabin fire has already burnt hectare
through more than 10 thousand shee
hectares of trees and grass. 400 was
sheep have been lost. This shed i
was being used as a home and so far destro
it' s the only structure to be
destroyed. Inside you can see debri rem
scattered around and the charred eve
remains of a bed inside scattered living
everywhere. Luckily the people could.
living got out when they still blaz
could. Today crews battled the Kybey
blaze deep into the bush of the e
Kybeyan Valley around 20 kilometres o
east of Cooma. Fairly rugged sort fire
of country there is not a lot of where
fire trails that type of things gr
where we can get crews in onto the
ground. The RFS fears - the threa Ex
hasn' t yet reached its peaked. Expected weather to warm up Saturda te
Sunday and then back to, they' re cond
telling us, extreme catastrophic pred
conditions Monday. A change is hours
predicted to hit in the next 24 kilometre
hours. NW winds of up to 60 fir
kilometres an hour could turn the af
fire back towards Nimmitabel. This cramme
afternoon around 100 residents t
crammed into the town hall top hear vigilant
the plan of action. Remain
vigilant, you have to be responsibl seen
for yourselves. +w I haven' t seen one like this in this area. It b
s pretty scary. The community is graze
being told to move livestock to worst
grazed land and prepare for the and
worst. The wind can come fairly it
and change quickly and next minute remai
it' s time to get out. Locals As
remain upbeat and ready to help.
As long as we are not evacuated fro an
Nimmitabel we will stay open here su
and hopefully be able to take some on
supplies up to the firies that are can
on the front line as well. We ev
can stay in the village if we want t
every bodies good here, we all band together. It' s a good community. exp
With those north westerly winds tomor
expected to hit late tonight or li
tomorrow, locals are being told to
listen to the RFS crews and to leav before there' s any danger.

People heading to the coast this aga
weekend - are being told to think a
again. More than 130 RFS volunteers near
are fighting fire, and the clock clo
near Sussex Inlet, as flames edge Fla
closer to an old bombing range. provi
Flames metres high - an inferno fro
proving difficult to tame. On the t
front line crews have worked around ba
the clock for three days, waging a
battle against a mighty force. Clos b
to six thousand hectares have been th
blackened, as firefighterscontinue contro
the hard-fought battle to take enormous
control. We don' t have an w
enormous amount of time those winds st
we had earlier on in the week will fa
start to pick up so we' re under a do
fair bit of pressure to get things util
done. Every volunteer is being weather
utilised. Today' s cooler co
weather aided the effort, allowing Tryi
containment lines to be built. gi
Trying to deepen that back burn to wh
give us as much depth as we can so
when we' ve got those more difficul we
conditions on Friday and Saturday we' re able to prevent the fire fro lines
jumping across our containment c
lines and perhaps threatening other th
communities on the eastern side of this area, those coastal communitie movin
east of here. With the blaze volunt
moving in multiple directions, fronts
volunteers are fighting on all n
fronts. Also concentrating on the v
north western side of the fire. We' lines
ve got to get some good control this
lines in there if we can to stop furthe
this fire eventually coming in west,
further towards Nowra. To the disu
west, fire is edging closer to a N
disused bombing range in the Morton in
National Park. If the flames cross cho
inside, firefighters will have no r
choice but to stand down and let it stringent
rage unabated. We' ve got if
stringent procedures in place that w
if the fire encroaches in that area dange
we don' t put our own people in
danger should the fire get in there ordinen
mainly because of unexploded ordinents. The Princes Highway ha b
been intermittently closed as fire li
burns on both sides. We' ve been liaising with the highway patrol an es
they' ve been very good, they' re escor
escorting residents through and unde
escorting holiday makers through p
under controlled conditions, so the vis
police are making decisions about visibility. We really thank the It
public for their response to this. people
It' s very, very difficult and w
people just need to understand that intermit
we are going to have further
intermittent closure of the highway in
We' re also going to have further intermittent closures of main road. near
The RFS is confident the blaze contained
near Bungendore will remain temperatu
contained - during the high weeke
temperatures predicted over the a
weekend. Forty-one firefighters are edg
aggressively working to black out
edges, and looking for hotspots tha may flare up. We' re working ver g
hard on trying to make sure we' ve be
got that fire as quiet as possible deteri
before the forecast conditions deteriorate over the coming three o
four days. Earlier this morning the Kings Highway re-opened betwee Bungendore and Braidwood. The spee kilometre
limit is reduced to eighty an
kilometres an hour. During tonight and into tomorrow morning - the sit will be heavily resourced. hotte f
weather coming and going and winds near
from the North West but no where last
near as strong as what they were A
last tuesday which we encountered And, tomorrow another total fire ba and
has been declared across the ACT t
and all of New South Wales. As more con
than one hundred and thirty fires Wal
continue to burn around New South Wales this evening - in some areas, a
the clean up has began. The Federal
and State Governments have announce assistanc
they will provide disaster c
assistance funding to thirty- seven -
council areas. Burnt-out farmland pa
- properties ravaged by fires. The th
past four days have seen more than consumed
thirty-six thousand hectares ou
consumed by horrific blazes around f
our region. Most of it - belongs to t
farmers. Their livelihood - reduced stag
to this. It' s estimated at this liv
stage around ten thousand head of shee
livestock have perished - mainly request
sheep and lambs. We will be
requesting, having to request fodde be
in the future those requests will th
be coming through once we finalise Wales
the assessment. The New South pr
Wales and Federal Governments will t
provide natural disaster assistance i
to thirty-seven council areas. They Mu
include the Cooma-Monaro, Goulburn Ya
Mulwaree, Palerang, Queanbeyan and
Yass Valley. That will then unloc assistanc
assistance to individuals, assista
assistance to small business, w
assistance to council that can help LG
with the clean up exercise. More fu
LGA' s may be declared - following several
further assessments.There are t
several grants that are available - tho
those include disaster relief for ho
those who have lost their home and hu
household items.Loans of up to one f
hundred and thirty-thousand dollars busin
for primary producers and small T
businesses and grants for councils. governmen
The Premier stressing local clea
governments are essential in the co
clean up. They' re going to have assess
costs so they can assist us in Gover
assessing the costs that is the wi
Government is committed to working
with local Government to ensure tha the
we do what we can to try and get running
these communities back up and running.

Canberrans, woke this morning, to Emerge
smoke blanketing the city. The co
Emergency Services Agency says the is
community not to be alarmed. There burn
is thick smoke coming from fires travellin
burning around the region - Capital
travelling into the Nation' s
Capital. There is no fire burning i the ACT. Today' s smoke is believe in
to be from Deans Gap fire burning Canbe
in the Shoalhaven. Teenagers in grassfir
Canberrra, caught lighting a edu
grassfire this week, will face an cour
education program instead of the yea
courts. The thirteen and fourteen thr
year olds, lit a blaze that burnt T
through a grassed area in Lawson on Poli
Tuesday during a total fire ban.
Police are opting to put the pair i c
a program, teaching them about the lighting
consequences of deliberately ch
lighting fires. They have not been charged. We' ll have the rest of th
day' s news after the break. A loo positi
at childcare places - as more h
positions are created. And, ... The this
health program - that' s changed this woman' s life. This program is not captioned. be
this woman' s life. Three men have M
been granted bail, appearing in the the
Magistrates Court, in relation to
the cannabis ' grow house' uncovere seized
by police in November. Police Macgrego
seized ninety-four plants at stree
Macgregor which had a potential thousan
street value of three hundred arrest
thousand dollars. The men were arrested yesterday, after detective house
executed a search warrant on a reappea
house in Charnwood. They will he
reappear in court in March. A free
health program could be reducing th G
burdon on the ACT health system. ' Get Healthy' is a confidential phon mont
service and over the past three seeking
months - the number of people move
seeking help has tripled. With believ
moves like this, it' s hard to y
believe Carol Harvey is sixty-eight years old. A little more than a yea spright
ago - she wasn' t feeling as w
sprightly. I was getting older, I acce
was gaining weight so I was just
accepting that and then I thought n decisiven
no no it has to go. That Healt
decisiveness led her to the Get confidential
Healthy service. A free, confidential telephone program that eighteen,
s available to anyone over somebo
eighteen, in the ACT. it was somebody a complete stranger who wa actually interested in you and tha Thro
helps knowing somebody cares. Carol
Through the six month program - her
Carol lost ten kilos, and changed
her outlook on life. It works to se partici
realistic goals - and change te
participants lifestyle in the long cha
term, maintaining weight loss and exerc
changes in attitude to food and m
exercise. We' ve seen people make major changes in their lifestyle an c
that' s ended up being significant on
changes in their weight. So people half
on average have lost three and a be
half kilograms. +w The program has t
been running since two thousand and conditi
ten, to reduce chronic health
conditions caused by obesity. Tha hear
includes arthritis, it includes e
heart disease includes diabetes and co
even cancer can be things that can come from people when they' ve obes l
so every kilo we can get people to bette
lose as quickly as possible the better. Over the past three month ta
- numbers have more than tripled, fou
taking participation to more than
four hundred. Anyone wishing to joi website
the program should visit the website.

Canberra will welcome more then tw hundred new child care centres thi Schoo
year. Franklin Early Childhood hundr
School is opening, creating one B
hundred and twenty new places while eig
Barton will receive the remaining Canb
eighty eight . This will provide tho
Canberra families with over eight posit
thousand two hundred child care positions across the territory. Gre to
with sport is next ...And changes Yes
to the Brumbies leadership group. h
Yes Danielle...Christian Lealiifano
has been called up. Coach Jake Whit -
will explain after the break. Plus fo
- Surgery rules Lauren Jackson out for the season. This program is not captioned. Capitals
for the season. The Canberra an
Capitals are hoping they can reach t
an agreement, with Lauren Jackson - pl
to change her schedule, so she can Opa
play in the next WNBL season. The
Opals captain has been ruled out fo h
ten weeks, after having surgery on her hamstring. It' s been bubblin confirmation
away for months. Today, f
confirmation Lauren Jackson is gone mi
for the season - with not a single colours.
minute game time in Capitals
colours. she is going to be out o a
action probably eight to ten weeks at a minimum exclude WNBL
exclude her for the rest of the WNBL season. On-going treatment o e
her hamstring wasn' t healing fast option.
enough - surgery was the next option. Basketball ACT defending th opti
timing. Surgery was always an confidentl
option, um but the doctors iden
confidently as I said, couldn' t the
identify the scans previously and allow
therefore their methology as to A
allow the body to heal naturally. than
A deal rumoured to be worth more f
than three hundred thousand dollars he
for no return. Basketball ACT says b
her contribution off court has been been
beneficial and say they haven' t g
been pressured from stakeholders to Gr
get her on the court. Coach Carrie Graf taking a positive approach. communi
Great news for the Basketball supe
community that one of the worlds pl
superstars who happens to live and
play in Canberra will be back to th it
game at some point, unfortunately it wont be for this season Surger Jackso
was carried out in Melbourne. fa
Jackson is now recovering with her family, in Albury. She' s relieve a
now that they' ve found everything rehab
and it' s fixed and she can get to
rehabbed now. Talks will be held st
to try and convince the veteran to f
stay in Australia season. Otherwise 2014
fans will have to wait until the will
2014 15 campaign. We certainly mana
will open to discussion with her abo
management when the time is right a
about what the best plan for Lauren Canber
and what the best plan for the t
Canberra Capitals are over the next three seasons.

Christian Lealiifano says he was Brumbie
shocked when appointed, joint
Brumbies Vice-Captain, by coach Jak White. He' s in good company, alon Pocock.
side Stephen Moore and David th
Pocock. Captain Ben Mowen has kept h
the top job. Christian Lealiifano and
has been rewarded for his loyalty vice-capta
and on-field-talent. Named versa
vice-captain, in a new look and Christi
versatile leadership group. have
Christian is a Polynesian boy, I k
have a massive amount of Polynesian ear
kids in this team and to have his ear with the Polynesian kids and
have him you know as a role model. The 25 year old' s season came to L
premature end with a nasty injury. Lealiifano says he didn' t expect t be named a vice- captain. Nah no j
at all, me, I just like to sort of r
just play low key and do sort of my back
role, behind the scenes with the surprising
backs and what not, it was p
surprising. He' s a really good know
players for us on the field, you role
know, that' s reflected with his Wall
role now as vice captain. With joinin
Wallabies captain David Pocock sa
joining the club, Coach Jake White han
says he didn' t feel pressured to
hand him the reigns at the Brumbies he
He wants Ben Mowen to finish what he started. Part of his brief las d
year was to create the culture and develop the culture together for th hone
next couple of years. To be it
honest, I wasn' t concerned, about c
it, whether I was going to have the t
captaincy or not, it was more about thoug
the end result and whoever Jake
thought was going to be the bloke t get us there to get the end result W
I was more than happy with that. preparations
With leadership sorted - s
preparations for Darwin are in full momen
swing. There' s a fair bit of i
momentum and hopefully get involved the
in the next few weeks and roll in
the trial games. Expectations hav been cemented - White isn' t shy o wan
being blunt. To Win. To win. I can.
want to win every single game we can.

To Futsal, And the ACT men' s and
women' s open teams will play off i grand finals tomorrow. After a slo fini
start, the men' s bounced back, finishing in third place, at the en r
of the regular matches. Both teams Hal
recorded wins at the AIS Training Sou
Hall today, with the men thumping s
South Australia six-nil. The women' Th
s decider gets under away from 3pm will
Then the men' s. Both our teams, will face off with Victoria.The wai Prim
will be over tomorrow, when the announce
Prime Minister' s 11 team is W
announced, for their clash with the week
West Indies, in just under three K
weeks time. Federal Sports Minister
Kate Lundy will do the honours . On includ
local cricket players will be annu
included in the line-up, for the Westo
annual fixture, at Manuka Oval. U
Weston Creek, Tuggeranong and Wests battl
UC are the local cricket teams, hono
battling out it out for Twenty20 team
honours this weekend. All of the of
teams will be under-manned because
of interstate commitments. I thin a few of the teams are like that w c
are as well, nineteens and country championships away we' re a couple th
of our stronger players so we feel Cree
that as well. Underdogs Weston T
Creek say they' re better suited to w
T20. It probably is at this stage g
we' ve got some guys who can really a
grab the ball by the horns straight fo
away and ran with the ball. +y The
fourth team making up the finals, i p
Albury, who have a wider selection diffic
pool. It' s going to be very difficult, they' ve got a mixture o w
everyone from everywhere you know, an
what I mean. And Raiders great had
and Blues coach Laurie Daley, has had Willow Park in Junee, renamed i his honour. Thanks Greg We' ll hav brea
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This program is not captioned.

break. Temperatures crept back up
around the region today- In Canberr aft
it reached a top of twenty-nine, overnigh
after dipping to ten degrees sittin
overnight. At the moment it' s sitting on a warm twenty-six. Takin T
a look around - On the Tablelands, Ya
Twelve to twenty-eight in Goulburn Twen
Yass reached a top of thirty-two th
Twenty-six in Braidwood. Moving to reache
the coast, Nowra and Bega both Twenty-th
reached highs of twenty-six On
Twenty-three in all other centres. degree
On the Mountains, Twenty-seven It
degrees in Cooma and Bombala today P
It dropped to freezing overnight in Nine
Perisher, climbing to twenty-two
Nineteen in Thredbo Taking a look a lingeri
the satellite map, Low cloud a
lingering east of the NSW ranges in a low pressure trough is generating Th
a few showers Moving to the chart, th
The sky is generally clear west of under
the ranges and in the far south Thing
under a ridge of high pressure. Things will get even hotter around to
the region tomorrow and there is a the
total fire ban in all centres. On
the Coast, Fifteen to thirty-four i twent
Bega Moruya Heads is expecting twenty-nine degrees Ulladulla shoul Tablelands
reach twenty-eight on the thirty
Tablelands tomorrow, Twelve to expec
thirty-six in Braidwood Yass is hot
expecting a top of thirty-seven A Mou
hot thirty-six in Goulburn On the
Mountains, A late shower possible i Thred
Bombala, thirty-five Storms in Pe
Thredbo, twenty-one Twenty-four in Perisher Cooma, thirty-four degrees fi
And in Canberra tomorrow, a total to
fire ban is in place. It will soar dippin
to thirty-seven degrees, after a
dipping to thirteen tonight. Taking S
a look ahead, Thirty-seven again on Saturday, a bit cooler with a chanc de
of a shower on Sunday, thirty-one Mond
degrees, twenty-nine and rain on of
Monday. Finally tonight, The story Canbe
of a poor orphan boy returns to w
Canberra- The production ' Oliver!' an
will hit the stage tomorrow night, a
and tickets are selling fast. The aft
all-time favourite is back. For stat
after some consideration, we can
state consider yourself one of us. g
Oliver, the story of an orphan who traine
gets caught up with a group of thr
trained pick pocketers- is retold local
through the song and dance of a
local Canberra production company. songs,
People love it, they love the the
songs, everybody can sing most of m
the songs or they at least know the Oliver
music. Taking on the role of Burge
Oliver is thirteen-year-old Ben n
Burgess, who is excited for opening r
night. They' re all pumped, they' ha
re ready, I reckon we are going to P
have an awesome night tomorrow.
Pleas Sir I want some more. More?! Pr
Featuring a cast of more then 50- b
Producer Justin Watson says it will biggest
be Ickle Pickle Production' s firs
biggest ever show. To hear the first two shows are sold out is jus u
fantastic. It' s obviously telling really
us that the Canberra community th
really wants to come along and see Ho
this show. Food glorious food! re
Hot sausage and mustard! While we' custar
re in the mood, cold jelly and t
custard. The production kicks off
tomorrow night at Belconnen Theatre is
and with the talent like this, it is not one to be missed.

And that' s WIN News for this Post...
Thursday Night. I' m Danielle Post..... Good night.

This program is captioned live.

Hello. I'm Cameron Williams. Welcome to A Current Affair. Coming up - health alert - the new aspirin warning for senior Australians. Just because you can buy aspirin over the counter doesn't mean it's harmless. First - the couple who claim a photographer botched their wedding day. They wanted their beautiful day captured forever, but now there's a bitter dispute over images they say they can't bear to look at.

images they say they can't bear to
look at.I know personally that I could do a better job on $150 camera.This is the first time in my 42 years of legal experience that I've come across a case that centred around the length of a kiss. The newlyweds Jarrod and Sheree Mitchell - their wedding day was all they'd hoped for. But the lasting memory of their happy day