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This program is captioned live. Total fire ban - eastern states are on alert for the return of scorching temperatures. We're not out of the woods yet. Uncertain future - Venezuela's court allows Chavez to indefinitely postpone his swearing-in. Winter misery - thousands of refugees appeal for help as freezing rains hit. And - going it alone - suggestions Barack Obama may bypass Congress to change US gun laws. The President and I are determined to take ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. Good evening. I'm Anton Enus.And I'm Kathy Novak. Also tonight - Hollywood celebrities weigh in on the raging gun control debate in the United States.We have to look at everything, every aspect of it has to be look at, rather than just one thing.And - the Arab revolution hits the stage. The Sydney Festival gets set for world premiere inspired by the Middle East uprisings. We'll get to the fire threat in just a moment. First, opposition has criticised a Supreme Court ruling which delays today's scheduled presidential inauguration. It won't go ahead until Hugo Chavez is well enough to return from Cuba, where he's had cancer surgery. opposition says the government has to be more transparent about the President's health. A highly anticipated announcement, reaffirming the Venezuelan government's positnezuelan government's position. TRANSLATION: Although on January 10 a new constitutional period begins, a new swearing-in ceremony is not necessary for President Chavez as re-elected President, by virtue ewe of the fact there is no interruption in the exercise of his duties.For weeks. The opposition and government had been debating two constitutional articles that say what needs to happen if the President is not back by January 10 the the court's decision stipulates that Chavez's swearing-in is merely a formality that can be until he recovers. For the last 10 years, the Supreme Court has traditionally sided with the government, so the latest ruling came as no surprise. On Wednesday they also said that for now not necessity that a medical commission verify the President's health, something that the opposition has been demanded for a very long time. The ruling came a day after the National Assembly asked the President to remain in Cuba indefinitely. On the recommendation of the medical team, the Vice-President, Nicolas Maduro,announced in a letter that Chavez would not be allowed to return in time for scheduled inauguration. Chavez the country with authorise ation from the National Assembly. His victory in the last elections gave him the time he needs. Analysts the government is simply buying time. TRANSLATION: The government is right when they say that Chavez is a legitimate President and nobody is questioning that. What is being questioned is the process. A process that would reveal that Chavez is not fit to rule. I think they are buying time. While there won't be any inauguration ceremony on Thursday, the government has called for a rally in solidarity with the cancer-stricken leader. Meanwhile, the questions about if and when Chavez will return to Venezuela remain unanswered. 'Al Jazeera's Teresa Bo reporting. Back home, emergency crews work desperately through the night across NSW to bring fires under control before tomorrow's predicted extreme conditions. Firefighters have managed to control most of the more than 120 blazes in the state but about a dozen are still uncontained. Crews have been building containment lines and back-burning in preparation for another wave of scorching weather. Just south of Sussex Inlet, firefighters used small fires to keep a much bigger one from spreading.Basically just put in back-burn.More than 6,000 hectares have been scorched here since Tuesday. Despite the winds and thick smoke, the weather today is cooperating.It's not too bad, actually. Um, we haven't got the heat, so this is pretty good. concern is the heat and increased winds expected over the next few days, making the work here even more urgent. Three hours to the west, near the town of Yass, small fires burned, and the smoulders were a mass as bushfires were consumed, more than 12,000 hectares of the landscape. To give you an idea of just how powerful these fires r these trees continue to smoulder, two days after a fire raced through valley. You can not only feel the heat, which is quite intense, you can also see it. Which is why, under these conditions today, firefighters want to get as much done as possible. That's graders are helping to build containment lines as firefighters struggle to get the upper hand. We're not out of the woods yet. Until we see some meaningful, decent rainfallsmeaningful, decent rainfalls across large areas of NSW, we've Gotye gotta remain alert and focused and be prepared. Nearby, water bombers are protecting a property, while firefighters douse up the scorched land to prevent flare-ups. Farmers take stock of the damage to a lifetime of wofrpblgt some livestock managed to escape, but around -- work. Some livestock managed to escape, but around the state, 20,000 animals have been lost. It's far from over. And SBS reporter Greg Navarro joins us now, live from Sussex Inlet, which is just south of the Sydney. Greg, we saw some of those dramatic visuals in your story there. give us a sense of the scale of these fires?Yeah, it's really tough to wrap your head around it, unless you consider this. If you were driving in a car around the perimeter of the fire here, you would cover more than 70 k's. If you were in Yas, as we mentioned about three hours to the west here, if you drove a car around perimeter of that fire, about 96km. Remember, these fires continue to move. They are massive fires. fact, the one here, we're told, will take some time before they are able to get it under control. Pretty challenging there. Any assistance on the way from neighbouring states?We're told that firefighters continue to come in from neighbouring states. ACT and Victoria will help men and a will help these men and women who, are putting in these very long shifts, a bit of a rest, a bit of break, because they have been working nonstop since Tuesday, since that initial heatwave. One thing that's easy to forget is the conditions they have to work under. We were in an area where some back-burning was place. We were only there for a short time, but with all the protective gear on, it was extremely hot. Thick, heavy smoke made it tough to breathe and it was very tiring. These are the types conditions that firefighters are working in for 12 hours in a shift. And it is understandable that they could use a bit of a break when they need one.Greg, I'm sure local residents would like to know if there's any indication how long it's going to take to put these fires out?Well, that's a great question. We have been told here that we've been hearing the weekend is a real critical point, because of those temperatures and winds again. But you have to keep in mind this - the fire here in the Shoalhaven area will continue to burn for weeks, if not longer. The biggest challenge for firefighters here is to make sure that it stays in the path they want it to and doesn't veer into those more populated areas. And I should tell you there is one more threat here tonight and it has nothing to with the weather. We're told the edge of the fire here in the Shoalhaven area is 1km to 2km away from the old bombing range, a former defence site last used in the 1970s. The problem, the ground there is littered with unspent artillery. The threat to firefighters is so great they have been told if the fire reaches that site not to go anywhere near it. Thanks, Greg. That's reporter Greg Navarro, updating us live from NSW. Let's take a look now at bushfire situation in other of the country. In Queensland, fire crews are trying to bushfires on Bribie Island, north of Brisbane. As black smoke billows across the area, those with respiratory problems are advised to stay indoors. A warning for residents to stay alert remains in place, but there are no properties under threat. Firefighters have controlled a bushfire east of Aalst Springs. Easing wind conditions have helped to contain the flames. The blaze at Ross River is believed to be a result of an out-of-control burn. Temperatures in the red desert are predicted to stay above 40 degrees in coming days. Residents of Dunalley, in Tasmania's south-east, are expected to return to their homes tomorrow. 20 fires continue to burn across the state, but there's no under threat. The fires have destroyed 130 properties and burnt 110,000 hectares of land since started last And Victoria's Acting Premier, Peter Ryan, has used that state's fire crisis to launch a pilot warning program. Sirens across the areas of Dandenong Ranges and Steels Creek, north-east of Melbourne, will now be linked and can be activated remotely. If cancel, the scheme will be out across the state and can be used to warn of any emergency, including flooding. And head to SBS online to find out how you can help the people affected by the bushfires. UN peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi has expressed his regret over a lost opportunity at ending the widening conflict in Syria. His comments are in reaction to President Assad's newest plan for his embattled nation, announced earlier this week. At the same time, the humanitarian crisis also deepens, made worse by a brutal winter. The brutality of war compounded by the weather. At the camp on Syria's border with Turkey, refugees brave harsh cold, rain and mud. supplies are inadequate, shelter is limited and still they come.

The misery of the Syrian conflict is now layered, by a brutal winter weather system that has gripped Middle East. This Jordanian camp grows faster than the authorities can cope. Icy water destroying what little the residents manage to gather together. There were children sleeping inside, he says. "See what happened." The UN says a lack of money means it can little more.About 20% of the population is under the age of four. Like, we're getting children five days old, nine days old, 10 days old.We knew this was coming. We knew that the weather was gonna get worse and it's not gonna be the last of the wet weather and the snow, unfortunately.The fighting, of course, continues. Here, an attack by rebels on an airport in Idlib. These unverified appear to show rebels attempting to take an important target. But some diplomacy is being conducted. Iranians held hostage since August have now been freed. After of negotiations, they were released in exchange for more than 2,000 prisoners held by the Syrian

But at the same time, UN peace envoy Lakhdar , UN peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi despair, describing President Bashar al- Assad's latest plan to end the complict as more sectarian and more -- conflict as more sectarian and more one-sided.The government does not win, and the opposition may win in the position may win in the long term. By the time they do, there will be no Syria anymore. So what kind of victory is that? Lakhdar Brahimi perseveres, though. He will meet top Russian and US officials tomorrow for fresh talks on how or fresh talks on how to end the bloody conflict. And coming up - the remarkable story of a man rebuilding his life after escaping a Syrian firing The United States has called on India and Pakistan to calm tensions between the two nuclear states. The conflict intensified when Indian authorities accused the Pakistani army of beheading one of two Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir. India summoned Pakistan's envoy to New Delhi to formally complain. Pakistan denies its troops were involved. The Indian army paying tribute to the two soldiers killed while on duty in Kashmir. The territory is divided by what's called a line of control. India says Pakistani soldiers took advantage of bad weather and low visibility to launch an attack on the Indian side of that border. It's caused a diplomatic crisis and raised concerns over relations between two countries.I think it's very important that we make sure that whatever happened should not be escalated. We cannot and must not allow for an escalation of a very unwholesome event that has taken place and I hope that message has gone home.And to make that message clear, the Pakistani Ambassador to India was summoned to the exterioror ministerty and spoken in what was described as very strong terms. The Pakistani has released this statement in response to demands for investigation. "Indian authorities were informed that Pakistan has carried out ground verification and checked and found nothing of this sort happened, as being alleged by India. It is mere propaganda bip Indian army." In the capital of Pakistani Kashmir, the incident has had little impact on daily life. But people are aware of diplomatic dispute that's brewing. TRANSLATION: We condemn this incident, regardless of which side started it. s of which side started it. Both countries should try forming cordial relations and focus on better ties across the border.The sentiment is in contrast to public anger from some in India. This is an anti-Pakistan protest. Opposition parties have been calling for retaliatory action, but the government is taking a cautious approach. In recent India and Pakistan have tried to improve relations through a friendlier visa regime and much- publicised cricket matches. But it still hinges on finding a solution to Kashmir. It's an issue that is crucial for between the two countries. That's 'Al Jazeera's Divya Gopalan reporting. Now to look at other stories making news around the world - police in Pakistan have arrested five alleged Taliban suspects over the murders of five polio workers. Gunmen in the southern city of Karachi shot four female health workers and one staffer during a vaccination drive last month. Bombs and explosive materials were also uncovered during the arrest. Almost 60 people were injured when a peak-hour ferry slammed into a New York City dock. Two of the injured are in critical condition with head injuries. Witnesses claim the ferry was going too quickly when it approached the pier. And a pod of killer whales is trapped under a large stretch of sea ice in north-eastern Canada. Around a dozen orcas have gathered around a single hole in the ice in a desperate bid to get oxygen. Officials have been sent to assess the situation, following calls from locals for an ice breaker. US President Barack Obama is considering bypassing Congress and using executive orders to clamp down on gun violence. The Vice- President flagged the move as he opened the first stage of high- profile talks on the issue. Joe Biden has an end-of-the-month deadline to frame a national policy. 20 heartbroken families lost a child in the Sandy Hook shooting. I know how much it hurts. Nearly a month after the event many term a game-changer for US gun laws, and the polar opposites in the debate continue to bombard the airwaves.When will you find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby?That lobby no less vociferous.1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!Vt Joe Biden has met pro- gun -- Vice-Captain Joe Biden Joe Biden Joe Biden has met with many for input to messages he will put to President Obama.I am convinced we can affect the wellbeing of millions of Americans. And I take thousands of people out of harm's way, if we act responsibly. Tomorrow, he faces a much tougher crowd, including the politically powerful National Rifle Association, which advocates armed guards in all schools. But the White House is making clear it might not need Congressional approval to move.The President is going to act, there are executive orbgsd executive action that can be taken.Override --Executive orders, action that can be taken. Overriding the sensitivity. The threat to used the power of the President's shows how difficult getting gun control laws through Congress will be. Among will be. Among the White House actions being considered, reinstating a on assault weapon, and pollution for gun buyers who lie on background checks. In New York state, Andrew Cuomo wasn't waiting for presidential action, proposing some of the country's strictest bans on assault weapons. He says laws have more holes than Swiss cheese.No-one hunts with an assault rifle! No-one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer!He's proposing background checks for private gun sales and tougher penalties for those who buy guns illegally.
And later in the news, we'll look at whether gun violence in the movie affects real

You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next - no more daily needles. A scientific discovery provides hope for diabetics. Shortly - escape from a Syrian firing squad - one refugee's amazing tale of survival. And later - 'Skyfall' snub - BAFTA love for the office phenomenon.



Well, here's some good news for insulin-dependant diabetics. The quet to become needle-free may be one step closer. Australian researchers have helped discover how insulin binds to cells. That finding could pave the way to the development of new types of insulin, which don't need to be injected. Now 30, Kelly Rossmann was dying nodes with type one diabetes when she was three. She has to prick her finger to test her blood up to six times a day and inject insulin four times, which means she around 10 needles every day.I have equated it to about 40,000 that I have taken in total, for my whole life.And counting?Yes. Exactly. So, the prospect of not having to inject is an exciting one. That now be one step closer. Australian researchers helping to discover how insulin binds to discover how insulin binds to cells.So, having had a picture of insulin binding to a so-called receptor on the surfaces of cells. We've got that picture now for the first time. And I think we'll see that impacting on the pharmaceutical development of a whole set development of a whole set of new insulins over time. It's been shown both insulin and its receptor undergo rearrangement as they interact. A piece of hey interact. A piece of insulin folds out and parts within the receptor are moved to engage it, in a kind of molecular handshake. Experts are watching on with quiet and cautious optimism.The Holy Grail of treating type one diabetes is to try to do away with insulin injections for people with type one. And in order to do that, we need a replacement for insulin. At the moment we don't have one.Diabetes is a growing problem in Australia, with alarming rates, especially among the Indigenous community. The discovery could also benefit developing countries, with the potential creation of insulin that is less likely to degrade when not kept cold. Needle-free treatment not only good for adults, but also for children. adults, but also for children.It would be really helpful for the young, both for Mum and Dad and the child.And if anyone knows that, it would be Kelly. Former Greens leader Bob Brown has waved off the final ship as part of Sea Shepherd Australia's Operation Zero Tolerance. Its mission is to defend at-risk whales from Japanese whalers in es from Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary. The ship is on its way to join the rest of the Sea Shepherd fleet in the Antarctic. Belfast's streets remained free of violence overnight as the Union Flag was raised, then lowered, at City Hall. It's the first time the flag has been on display since the council's decision to limit the number of days it can fly from the building. The ruling has sparked clashes between Loyalists and police. Just before 8:00 this morning, as the city was coming to life, the Union Flag reappeared on Belfast City Hall. It's flying because it's the 31st birthday of the Duchess of Cambridge. She's been to Belfast City Hall before. She came here just before her wedding. This is the first of the 18 designated days that the flag can fly. It will also be tpwhron on St Patrick's Day and other royal birthdays. It used to be here every day, but the decision was taken last month to only fly it on special occasions. There have been protests by Loyalists ever since. Many of them have turned violent. This was last night in East Belfast. But the trouble has been localised and the numbers are falling.Northern Ireland has matured. Significant numbers of people may be annoyed at the flag coming down, yed at the flag coming down, but them certainly not come out in the street, as they would have done in previous generations. There are two societies - one that's progressive and moving on and one regressive, still haunted by the past.But the question is - what about the future? This is the main university in Belfast. Most of the students here are too young to remember the troubles in Northern Ireland. But have recent events made them think twice about staying here?You would rather just be living somewhere maybe in England or Wales, aybe in England or Wales, or even down in the Republic, to not have it going on. Gareth is studying history. He says he's happy to stay in Belfast.This is annoying. You just live with it. It's nothing like the old days, at least.His friend, Sam, is from Birmingham. He feels safe in Belfast, but his family are worried. I've had phone calls from my mum, my nan, just asking, "Are you OK? What's been going on? Does this affect you?" on? Does this affect you?" And I've had to reassure them. ve had to reassure them.Back at Belfast City Hall, the flag remains up all day. And it became more than a plol symbol. It turned into a tourist -- than a political symbol. It turned into a tourist attraction. That's the BBC's Mark Simpson 22 months on and there is no end in sight to the war in Syria. More than 60,000 deaths have reported, with both sides accusing the other of unimaginable Once a vibrant hub of trade, the city of Aleppo is now the scene of some of the worst atrocities. Agents of Assad's security apparatus are allegedly torturing and executing civilians. The story of how one Syrian refugee escaped from a firing squad horrific. He told it to the BBC's James Reynolds. Mohammad Ali works at a petrol station in southern Turkey. Customers barely notice him. But the man selling crisps has one of the most astonishing stories of Syrian conflict. Mohammad tells me that he was stopped at a pro-government checkpoint in the Syrian city of Aleppo in August. The militia men mistrusted his village, so they took him away.

TRANSLATION: After three days with no food or water, they told me and the other prisoners that they were taking us to another station. They put us in a car and then stopped at a deserted area. (GUNFIRE)
This was Aleppo at the time. Rebels, filmed here by the BBC, go suspected pro-government militiamen. The men are accused of carrying mass killings. A single refugee had a little way of proving his account. Words and scars have to do. TRANSLATION: They put us all on our knees, all 21 of us. They firing. I fainted when they shot at us. I woke up after 15, 10 minutes and saw the gunmen's car leaving and I saw that everybody around me was dead. I was hit by five bullets. One in my shoulder, one of them is in my ear. Two in my leg and one in my hip.Governments and rebel forces still fight for control of Syria's biggest city. Aleppo produces no winners. Only refugees. Some people might say that it was a miracle that you were the only survivor? TRANSLATION: I don't know. I don't know. Perhaps it's because I was able to withstand the gunfire. In Islam, we believe that no-one dies before their time. Perhaps wasn't my time to die. From his small bedroom at the petrol station, Mohammad reflects on what to do with his second life. He trained as a tailor and may go back into the business, but not back home. That report from the BBC's James Reynolds. Well, to one of our other main stories tonight - the gun control debate in the US. The question of whether violence in movies and video games is a factor is once again at the forefront. Hollywood action blockbusters are built around on-screen gun use, but does that influence real-life behaviour? Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, no stranger to wielding weaponry in his movies, believes guns are part of the entertainment. But others aren't so sure. Explosions, gore... ..and gunshots. Violence on screen is the bread and butter of the blockbuster machine. And blaming the industry for inspiring real-life tragedy is as old as Hollywood itself. But in the wake of the shooting Newtown, Correct cut, looked for answers, the head of the NRA directly linked the tragedy to Hollywood.There exists in this country, sadly, a callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry that sells and stows violence against its own people.Action star and politician Arnold called that accusation simplistic and inaccurate.We have to look at the gun laws and we have to look at everything, every aspect of it has to be looked, rather than just one thing.Some stars came together after the Newtown massacre for an anti-gun public announcement.For the children of Sandy Hook.Demand a plan.But the contradiction between Hollywood's steady diet of on-screen shoot-outs and the gun control message in the PSA has brought out a backlash of critics. This YouTube remix of the ad ridiculing the celebrities involved, matches some of them with film clips where they are using a gun. The video has been seen and liked on YouTube by hundreds of thousands of people.Newtown. (GUNFIRE) But one actor in the PSA doesn't want people jumping to conclusions about what he believes personally. It's important for me to do and it's an honour to do. I'm for guns. I own guns. And I don't think, you know, I don't think guns kill people. I think people kill people. Much deeper issues into it.What's clear already is the most recent mass shootings have m in Hollywood thinking differently about their professional choices. Ben Affleck is one of them.Yeah, I think filmmakers do have a responsibility. I don't permit my children to watch a lot of things. I'm on it as much as I can. But as a filmmaker, you also have to ask, "Where's my line?"The man who played Rambo thinks what's seen on the screen can spill over to reality.Do films have an impact on people? Yeah.He says he would hope movie violence comes with an underlying moral, but concedes that's not always the case. If you're going to do a film like that, that has that kind of violence, there has to be a certain morality - the good winning over evil. And that it's not random. Like, so many times you see in action films, a guy runs in, he's afr the bad guy, but four -- after the bad guy, but four other people get killed r other people get killed on the subway and we never even look at them. Oh, yeah, I have done it myself. Boom.The soul-searching in more genuine this time, but the question is - will it really have any impact on the kinds of movies that are being made? And director Quentin Tarantino, known for his violent movies, has joined the debate. In a radio interview, he said there's no link between screen violence and life killings. Thanks. Well, staying with the movies, the short list for this year's BAFTA Film Awards is out and it's left fans champagne and stirred. That's because the -- shaken and stirred. That's because the latest Bond film, 'Skyfall', hasn't made the list, despite becoming the most successful movie in British box office history.I can't end this war until we cure ourselves of slavery. This amendment is... . This amendment is...Daniel Day Lewis's Abraham Lincoln, the American president that campaigned against slavery, in a performance that has earned him a place on the leading actor short list.It is a self- evident truth that things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other.One of 10 nominations, for Spielberg's 'Lincoln'. Although, Spielberg himself is a surprise omission. Quentin Tarantino made the list for 'Django Unchained', which also deals with slavery in 19th-century America. Two other movies short- listed for Best film are Ben Affleck's 'Argo', and 'Zero Dark Thirty'.I want you to know that you're wrong. This is it. Hollywood loves history lessons that reassure itself that America is great and America is basically on the right track. And I think that the BAFTA, from the evidence of today's nominations, is singing from the same thing. (SINGS) The British-produced 'Les Miserables' has nine nominations, including a leading actor nod for Hugh Jackman, and one for Anne Hathaway in the supporting category. The film was also short- listed for its sound. The barricade scene was shot here at the Old Royal Naval College, with the actors singing live, as opodsed to miming and recording the soundtrack at a later date, which is the norm. That was a risky and innovative approach, which has since been praised by the critics and now recognised by baftyafpltIt was such a huge team had over 200 in the cast. Over 1,000 people involved in making it. For all of them, today is a happy day.Two Danes have been short-listed. Helen Mirren for playing Alfred Hitchcock's long- suffering wiefplt and Judi Dench for -- wife. And Judi Dench for her role at M in 'Skyfall'. The 'Life of Pi' did, and if it wins, it will be the first 3-D movie to do so. The BAFTA Awards take place on February 10. And the nominations for this year's Academy Awards will be unveiled just after midnight tonight, Australian Eastern Time. Well, from the screen to the stage, and the Arab Spring is coming Sydney this week in the world premiere of n the world premiere of 'In the Eruptive Mode'. Created by Arab-British Theatre Company Sabab. The show responds to the promised hope of the uprisings in the Middle East. Voices from the Arab Spring. Voices exploring the state of the Arab world in revolt, through theatre. Revolution! It's that young voice of non-aligned, education, civically minded cation, civically minded youth that have been marginalised by the events on the ground.First, uprisings in Tunisia, Libya and more. At least 60,000 dead more. At least 60,000 dead and the war in Syria continues. Kuwaiti writer-director Sulayman Al-Bassam says theatre allows for the freedom of expression that many of these young people are fighting for.One of the consequences of change in the region is also the need to look for new forms of expression. A new form that is also open to the other. it was important for us that local performers be parliamentary part of this piece.The important thing about making it a really human story now, when you have these three people on stage that you can really connect with, then you get into see this is really affecting people in their homes, at their work on a day-to-day basis.'In the Eruptive Mode' tracks the lives of four Arabs and two outsiders in the turbulence and of change, sweeping the Middle East. So, revolution is a complex concept. And revolution in Tunis is different from the revolution in Egypt, in Syria. We are not spokesmen for any party and we're not spokesmen for any state.Sabab, the name of Sulayman's theatre company in Arabic, means to cause or trigger. He hopes this new work will do so precisely. Or, in his word, keep the revolution alive. This is very much dedicated to the people for - who really led the way. After its world premiere in Sydney this week, emiere in Sydney this week, 'In the Eruptive Mode' heads for Europe.

Coming up next - Craig Foster all the day's sports news. Including - European champions Chelsea left red-faced in the English League Cup semifinals. Also - do these men have the right stuff to cope with a mission to Mars?

Well, some encouraging news about China's economy, with exports soaring by 14% last month. It suggests the world is demanding more goods from the globe's most populous nation. And in good for Australia, Chinese imports increased by 6%. That's a sign the country is regaining its strong appetite for Australian commodities, such as iron ore. And that news helped to propel the share market to a stronger finish.

Whitehaven declined after the ASX said rules preefpted it from cancelling trades -- prevented it from diseling trades made after the recent hoax media release on a key project.

Building approvals for the month of November rose by almost

Well, time now for sport, with Craig Foster. sport, with Craig Foster. And facing more trouble? Hep certainly is. Legal have indicated the disgraced cyclist may face a jail term if he admits to allegations of during next week's television interview with Oprah Winfrey. The 41-year-old is set to finally break his silence over the scandal, which led to the loss of his seven Tour de France titles and a life-long ban from the sport. There's been a deafening silence since Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, but now the Texan is ready to Oprah Winfrey's interview with Lance Armstrong will air next Friday, with her network promising it will address accusations of cheating and whether he lied. Armstrong has r he lied. Armstrong has always denied of doping. ys denied charges of doping.I can emphatically say I'm not on drugs.French media say he will try to use the interview to restore his battered reputation.

If he confesses, he could face perjury charges and action.There is an ongoing brought by SCA, which is an insurance company, in Texas, which paid him $7.5 million for a number of his gold medals for having won the Tour de France. And they will certainly be in a much stronger position to claim that as a result of his lies.Armstrong's also been accused of trying to make a donation to the US Anti-Doping Agency, worth about $250,000 in 2004. Last October, USADA announced Armstrong was involved in the most sophisticated doping program sport had ever seen, involving steroids, human growth hormone and blood transfusions. Two weeks later he was stripped of his Tour wins and banned for life by the UCI. An admission of guilt next week would serve as a sorry chapter to an already tarnished career. Swansea has produced the second surprise English League Cup semifinal result in as many days, after defeating Chelsea in their first-leg clash at Stamford Bridge. Swansea's victory came as a result of errors from Chelsea Branislav Ivanovic. In-form Spanish striker Michu opened the scoring in the 39th minute, while Danny Graham's stoppage time effort sealed the 2-0 win. The Hungarian Football says it will appeal a FIFA ruling, forcing it to play its next World Cup qualifier in an empty stadium, after fans shouted anti-Semitic slogans at Israel in August. The federation says it has FIFA of its decision to file the appeal by the mid-January deadline. Bulgaria was also ordered to its next World Cup qualifier behind closed doors and pay fines their fans hurled racist chance at opposition players and supporters. The Hungarian side says it plans to protest outside the stadium during a qualifier against Romania in March.

Should further racist incidents occur at games, FIFA has indicated it may go as far as forfeiting a match or disqualifying offending nations from a competition. To tennis - former Davis Cup captain John Newcombe is backing Pat Rafter to settle his rift with Bernard Tomic. Rafter recently banned the 20-year-old from next month's Davis Cup tie in Taiwan due to an attitude problem, e to an attitude problem, with Tomic now saying he will skip the tie in April. Agnieszka Radwanska meet Dominika Cibulkova in the decider after both posted wins today.
Earlier, in the mends draw, South African Kevin Anderson set up a final four showdown against Julien Benneteau. Tomic faces Jarkko Nieminen in the quarterfinals tonight. But at the Kooyong Classic, Lleyton Hewitt recorded his second win in as many days against tier players. The world number 82 needing under 90 minutes to Czech number six Tomas Berdych 6-3, 6-2. Lleyton Hewitt will meet the winner of the match between Juan Martin Del Potro and Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis in Saturday's final. Well, four months ago, Rachel Neylan was a virtual unknown in the world of women's road cycling. since her silver medal performance at last year's World Championships, her international profile has soared. Neylan will be among the favourites in this weekend's road race at the Australian Championships in Ballarat. It's a situation the 30-year-old relishes. It can be painful preparing for biggest race of the domestic year. But Rachel Neylan is happy to make the sacrifice.For a one-day race, you know, you've gotta be prepared to go physically deeper than you've ever gone before.Neylan unlikely hero when racing to World Championship silver medal status last September. She continues to finetune a physique she hopes bring more of the same this wefpbltdIt's just a progression -- This weekend.It's just a progression. Really excited to put that energy and focus and that new- found confidence that I have for racing now straight into this race. Training with her male from South Australia's Institute of Sport may prove vital. In Saturday's women's road race in Buninyong. But Neylan has no illusions. She will be the ride tore beat onto the challenging course.Rachel would have taken a huge amount from getting a silver medal at the Worlds last year. How can she not? She now knows she has the ability against the world's best. I think Buninyong, with a few of the climbs, are quite similar. I think we might see her attacking in a similar way.What my result tells me is that anything is possible. That's the biggest lesson I have learned.Securing the green and gold verzy as Australia's newly crowned queen of the road is all she needs. That's the day in sport. Thanks. Coming up - the weather. And - the lessons learned from the mission to Mars which never got off the ground.

These holidays, Would you rather:

Should you: Too often I see the trauma Choose wisely.

Now to the Middle East, where the fiercest winter storm in years has hit.Snow fell over many parts of Jerusalem, covering the ancient city's historic walls, with streets still flood from days of record rain. The West Bank and Gaza have also been inundated with rain.

rain. The West Bank and Gaza have
also been inundated with rain.To the forecast - lows are directing hot northerlies into South Australia, Victoria and NSW, leading to high fire danger. A trough in the east is bringing storms to Queensland and the Northern Territory, while a cold front is causing showers in South Australia and Tasmania. In the major

Well, the initial findings are in on the mock Mars mission that ended in November. The experiment saw six would-be astronautseriment saw six would-be astronauts locked in a pretend spaceship in Moscow for over 500 days. Studying the results, scientists have found some serious drawbacks to long-haul space exploration. 520 days cut off from the outside world. In a space mission that went absolutely nowhere.ission that went absolutely nowhere. In 2010, the crew of 'Mars 500' entered what can only be described as another reality. One that measured just a few metres wide. The aim - simulate what aim - to simulate what it would be like to carry out a trip to Mars. The team was confined to a tiny capsual. It had no windows and the crew had to endure recycled air and dehydrated food. Mars is millions of kilometres from the earth, but the would-be astronauts were never very far from were never very far from the scientists monitoring them in a Moscow hangar. They even carried out a spacewalk in a sandpit. What was impossible, though, was to mock up the weightlessness they would experience on a real journey into space. A mission fo to Mars is still decades away and scientists will have to design a that can endure such a long journey. What the experiment was trying to find out is what the impact might be on e impact might be on the human mind and body. (APPLAUSE) When the men emerged from the copsual almost a year and a half lfrt going in, there were for the camera. But the study certainly took its toll. Within weeks of the mission starting, there were changes in some of the men's sleeping patterns. Several started sleeping more and became less active. What is telling, though, is while the capsual and men didn't really go anywhere, they did complete the experiment, determined to do the groundwork for future space travel. 'Al Jazeera's Emma Hayward reporting from Moscow. Firefighters in the eastern states are building containment lines and back-burning in preparation for another wave of scorching weather expected tomorrow. They will work through the night to try and bring a number of fires still burning under control. Venezuela's opposition has criticised a Supreme Court ruling to delay the presidential inauguration of Hugo Chavez. He is recovering from cancer surgery in Cuba. And - UN peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi has expressed regret over a lost opportunity to end the conflict in Syria. It comes as a brutal winter deepens the humanitarian crisis. That's the world this Thursday. Our next bulletin is at 10:30 on SBS One.And you can get awful tonight's stories on SBS online. We have rolling headlines if you just follow us on Twitter. Goodnight. Goodnight. ter. Goodnight.
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HESTON BLUMENTHAL: I taught myself
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I'm going to go back to basics,

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It's one of nature's miracles,

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The secret to a great boiled egg The problem with boiling an egg
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