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This program is captioned live. Tonight - death line to disaster. And you heatwave is coming. Exhausted firefighters battle to be ready. We go inside the fireball as the state faces a total fire ban tomorrow. Also, a man trying to escape police drowns in a Parramatta River. An important warning from a family whose son was poisoned by a drink. And white Keith Urban and Miranda Kerr are together. -- and why. Good evening. Breaking news. A four-wheel drive has exploded in flames on the Hume Highway. A father and his three sons were returning from a camping trip when the car caught alight.We were travelling on the highway and all the sudden the vehicle started to smoke. Very rapidly, it caught fire. We pulled to the side of the highway and got out very quickly. We could only get out through one door because the fire was rapidly engulfing the vehicle.The faint -- flames quickly spread to nearby bushland as other drivers pulled over to help fight the flames. The family from Hunters Hill lost everything in their car but they escaped without injury. A state-wide fire ban has been declared for tomorrow, as soaring temperatures bring another threat for firefighters. They spent the day desperately trying to control 100 fires burning across the state -- across the state. First to Dimity Clancey. It is as friendly as fire can get. In pitch black, crews ignite the bush. They are backburning, desperate to short circuit round two of the heatwave. -- short cut. The volunteers quickly become silhouettes against the backdrop of a burning wall of fire. It looks, acts and sounds as dangerous as the real thing. But it is a risk only taken when a break in the weather allows firefighters to be on the front foot. They worked through until morning, taking advantage of the favourable conditions. Volunteers like this man know how important it is to keep going. He joined the team after losing his home in the Canberra bushfires of 2003.Had to start all over again. It is important. People work their butts off to get what they have. We need people to help them out and keep their communities say.But that very work is making it hard for drivers to get around. Smoke from the fires cutting disability, repeatedly forcing the closure of the Princes Highway. At bushfire headquarters, the Premier promised more money for those who have suffered so far.It's a matter of the weather and that is not something anyone can control.He with more than a dozen fires across the state still out of control, there is much more work to be done. The teams are doing a tremendous job, working hard and still on the job tonight?That is right. In about one hour, there will be a crew changeover and the volunteers will work through the night. The concern is that down the road there is an Old Bar army -- an old Army bombing site. Firefighters can't water on that area and can't enter on fought so they are working extremely hard to make sure it does not spread there. -- water a bomb. The state-wide fire ban kicks in again tonight and will stay in force for 24 hours. I am told the fines are not cheap. One yesterday was $1,100. Thank you. Two Rural Fire Service volunteers in the south-west were injured after their truck rolled near Temora. Tell us what happened.The two men had been baffling ablaze that had been floated -- threatening homes at Tarcutta off. One suffered a broken collarbone, the other escaped the crash with bruising. Both are spending the night at Wagga Hospital. In Yass, it has been another hot and busy day for firefighters but they are finally getting the up -- the other hand. The This was the blaze at its worst. Chaotic moments captured by a Rural Fire Service crew, racing to stop the flames from claiming a home. It was unpredictable. Trees exploded and thick embers swirled in the winds. An historic shearers shed could not be saved. It stood for 92 years and fell in minutes.What is my training? And making sure the crew is confident. -- what my training.Devils Gully, Yass, living up to its name. The hellish front line on the out of control, rolling blaze. The third day of a desperate fight took place in the most testing terrain. It moved closer and closer to homes. 11 teams swooping and bombing between the gullies, directed from a control centre several kilometres away. Crews were standing by homes in case a sudden wind change brought a new threat.70 or 80 feet flames coming through.16,000 hectares burned so far. Property, livestock, Hill after Hill. The fire continues down that family to move that way towards dozens of properties. Further south, near Cooma, locals came to hear the latest the old fashioned way. Straight from the Rural Fire Service.If it gets there, rain is the only thing that will put it out. And then some good news. The blaze near Yass slowed as it moved towards a creek bed. Police have begun arson investigations into a number of deliberately lit fires of west of Sydney. Life to the Blue Mountains. What happened at Blackheath? -- live.As unbelievable as it is, three fires were deliberately lit here last night, not far from the dry bushland here and metres from the back fences of these homes in back with -- in Blackheath. Crews arrived quickly. Police research uncovered an excellent wrapped in a sock. They believe that started one of the fires. This is the third time in a couple of months that fires have been deliberately lit in the area. Residents are understandably very angry.They should be somehow made accountable for what they do.They should be charged with something like attempted murder. We saw yesterday how quickly the fires can get out of control when an arsonist strikes. Crews in Lithgow were back burning there and they say that is the best defence, given the hot and dry conditions they are expecting over the next couple of days. The firebugs are unbelievable. Thank you. The Red Cross says Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have made a significant donation to the Tasmanian Bushfires Appeal. The royal couple visited the state in November, marking the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. With the temperatures soaring again from tomorrow, how worried do we need to be? Amber Sherlock is with us.The Bureau is forecasting temperatures in the mid-40s in some parts of the state tomorrow, with even higher temperatures forecast by the weekend. In Sydney, Saturday will feel the heat. On Tuesday, we reached 42.3 degrees. That was felt throughout the city. This new wave of hot air will send temperatures in the western suburbs into the low 40s on Saturday. But towards the city and coast, it will be not quite as hot. Temperatures in the mid-30s. But the high humidity will make it feel several degrees hotter. Firefighters can expect wind strengths of up to 50km/h across the state. Not the 100km/h gusts we saw earlier.We are not expecting conditions like to stay. The worst conditions in many ways that we have seen in the south Wales history.So the air and some extreme fire danger ratings are expected. There is a total fire ban across the state tomorrow. I will tell you later when the heat will heat and how hot it will get in your suburb. Thank you. The 31-year-old man is dead after jumping into the Parramatta River this morning to escape police. Officers say no weapons were fired but a critical investigation is under way. Something about this white BMW roused the suspicions of police, who found it abandoned on routine patrol in Ermington at 3:45am. They will not confirm if it was stolen or linked to any crime but their suspicions were realised 30 minutes later when officers stopped a taxi in the same street. A young couple fled from the cab. The man was heading for the Parramatta River, followed on foot by two police. Officers lost him when he hit the water. His body found less than an hour later, 1500 metres downstream. It is always a tragedy. We now have a family who do not have a son or brother.This woman woke as the drama unfolded.The taxi driver looked very stressed.Police say the man was known to police. His female partner was interviewed today.The link between the car and the occupants of the cap will be a major part of the investigation.No tasers or guns were fired but a critical investigation will refute the police response. Live to the Parramatta River. Do police know why he drowned?Not yet. As you can see on the riverbank, it is incredibly rocky along here. The earlier when it was low tide, you could see even more rocks lurking below, extending well out into the river. Police say it was incredibly dark when it happened for it was not a good combination for somebody to jump in.Thank you. Police say it was a horrible coincidence that a woman's partner was shot in the head on the same day her father drowned at Woolgoolga. Officers do not believe the two incidents are linked. The 32-year-old man is in a stable condition, while a 20-year- old man has been arrested over the shooting. In a fairly flat property market, it is often hard to know where to find the homes that will be strong investments. The experts have now named the Sydney suburbs about to boom. They are the Sydney suburbs set to go gangbusters and residents are about to cash it. Property prices are predicted to soar in Summer Hill, Marrickville and Enmore, close to the city. Maroubra on the beach. And the more affordable right now is Blacktown in the west, where an average house costs $378,000.They are on the cusp of change. They have got good transport, cheap housing by comparison.Blacktown real estate agent Bree-Anne Carroll says homes that can be renovated are in hot demand.They have potential.She has sold so many properties in recent months and has got almost none left.Many people are looking for houses that they can renovate, build granny flats, dual income. Also putting these busy boom suburbs in the spotlight - coffee shops and restaurants. Helping to transform the old into the new.It is just not keep -- cheaper for people to buy there.Already people are noticing a change.It is buzzing and lively.It is definitely more upmarket.Just like by a Scot in the early in Balmain, the trick is to get in before it is too late. -- buyers got in. With property up 4% in Blacktown in 12 months, that may not be far away. It is going very fast. In the news ahead - the boy who died from a drinking Lombok. Why the commute is about to get faster for drivers on a major see the motorway. And what has brought Keith Urban and Miranda Kerr together? This program is not captioned. To breaking news. A body has been found in a reserve in Bathurst. A passer-by made the discovery in a creek that a short time ago. The crime scene is being established. The parents of a young man who drank a lethal cocktail at an Indonesian ba has spoken out to prevent a similar tragedy. 19-year- old Liam Davies drank vodka or laced with methanol. His condition was misdiagnosed by hospital staff in Indonesia. Liam Davies was just another young Australian tourist excited to travel the world.He was a regular 19-year-old, working hard and loving life. He was excited about the future.He ordered a drink at this bar off Lombok. They looked like legitimate bottles of vodka and lime but the contents was laced with methanol. Liam became violently ill but hospital staff in Indonesia misdiagnosed his condition as a brain aneurism. By the time he was flown to a Perth Hospital, doctors trying to remove the deadly toxins -- tried to remove the deadly toxins but it was too late.In the early hours of the following morning, with us and his two brothers by his side, we turned off Liam's life support and said our final goodbyes.His family want Indonesian authorities to thoroughly investigate the incident. This could happen to anybody. Your partner, your teenager for anyone. -- or. Another family shattered, adding to the tragedies tainting the holiday destination. Good news for commuters using the M2 mac with the new on and off ramps at Macquarie Park to open next Thursday.It has the potential to save up to 40 minutes a week in travel time and will also relieve congestion on Epping road and many of the other roads around the area. Atoll off to a dollar 70 will apply to cars and motorbikes. Award season is in full swing in LA and it is not just the locals getting excited. Keith Urban, Miranda Kerr and a raft of stars are gathering for the weekend's G'day USA celebrations. It is an Aussie invasion of the US that will only grow in the next couple of days. Miranda Kerr is working for Australia, though her baby is still very much on her mind. He does love Vegemite on toast. Tonight, in swanky Beverly Hills, it is the first of a dozen events to celebrate all things Australian. Guest of honour tonight - Keith Urban, who has this advice for Americans wondering what to do when the get to his homeland.You have to go to the beach. That is crucial. It is also designed as a springboard for Australia businesses into the US. But on a night like this, add a bit of celebrity and you can't go wrong. With the Australian dollar so high, Americans are finding a trip there a lot more expensive than ever. More reason to get the word out, but despite that Australia remains a must-see for US tourists.We want to be as upfront and as wild and spirited as oz -- as the Australians.On Sunday, even more bleak names will light up LA. Hodges, Nicole, Mel and Hugh. The sort of star power that will get plenty of attention.

It is going to be big. The sport is next. Lleyton Hewitt is in hot form at Kooyong and he is not the only member of his family showing impeccable technique on court. Also, the Australian B team? Skipper George Bailey's response next.And what do the Dragons think of clay - - Craig Bellamy possibly coming to town? We are expecting This program is not captioned.

Lleyton Hewitt is staying out of the feud between Bernard Tomic and Pat Rafter but he hopes they sorted out for Australia's sake. He is into the final of the Kooyong Classic after a surprisingly straightforward win. Forget the Hewitt of old. This is happening right now. Lleyton proved again he can mix it with the best, finding gaps in Tomas Berdych's game.Great chip from Lleyton.It was Czech mate in less than 1.5 hours. Berdych didn't have a chance. That's wonderful stuff.Lleyton wasn't the only Hewitt showing good court speed. Mia and Cruize are helping dad keep fit. They'd even had a hit earlier in the day and the technique looks pretty good in slow motion.Who's on babysitting duties? They've been unleashed.Now it's my turn. I think Bec thinks once I stop playing, I've got to take over.At the women's final, things have been decided. Dominika Cibulkova upset Angelique Kerber and Agnieszka Radwanska knew she had knocked out a top player in Li Na. Sam Stosur would prefer to be still playing in Sydney. Instead, she is soul searching on the practice courts ahead of the Australian Open. She did have a welcome distraction from a joey, while Venus Williams now calls herself a snake charmer. Australian one day Captain George Bailey is not happy his team is being labelled second rate. They will have a point to prove when they take on Sri Lanka tomorrow at the MCG. Selectors have come under plenty of fire for resting key players for the MCG clash. But suggestions this is a B team clearly annoy Captain George Bailey.It is still the Australian cricket team. I am sure Sri Lanka will not be taking it as an Australian B team.The top three in Australia's batting order, Hughes, Finch and Khawaja, are all making their one-day debuts. But Bailey says this group have an opportunity to cement their places for bigger games ahead.There is a real air of excitement within the group. There is no doubt that the sides have been picked with an eye on that world cup in 2015.And how is this for starting the Big Bash with a bang? Englishman Alex Hales touched down in Sydney yesterday morning. A few hours later, he was belting the Sydney Sixers all over the SCG.That is huge! On the roof! 89 from 52 balls, including 25 from one over. The Sixers title defence over, the Renegades are into the semis.

Dragons playmaker Jamie Soward says talk of Craig Bellamy coming to the club has not had any impact on the players. The Dragons are back in training after their Christmas break, preparing for a round one clash with the Storm.

One day cricket is starting tomorrow. Thank you.

Thank you. A look at the finance. The All Ords closed 15 points higher.

The weather is next. Thank you. A heatwave is on its way. I will tell you how hot it will

We' ll have more - 6.30. Next on WI scen
News... We' re back at the fire relying
scenes where firefighters are relying on aerial attacks near Yass pr
Plus , community meetings told to M
prepare for the worst this weekend. away
More on the fires - just moments away.

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This program is not captioned.

It was again mostly cloudy day with light to moderate north-easterly winds. It reached the top of 25 in the city.

We are looking at warm temperatures across the country tomorrow.

For the cricket tomorrow, it will be hot and sunny. A gusty cool change will move through at around 4pm. A hot and dry day in the west, in Sydney. Warm and humid in the east. Despite the heat, the beach will not be a great place to cool off, with dangerous surf conditions expected along the coast. A total fire ban will be in place across his of Wales. We are expecting the top of 41 degrees in Penrith.

Looking ahead:

Very humid on Saturday.

Next week is looking very warm, with possible showers.

Thank you. That is Nine News for this Thursday. Enjoy your evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Tonight ... Firefighters relying o blaz
aerial attacks to slow down the f
blaze near Yass. A packed community the
fire briefing told to prepare for stay
the worst And: tourists urged to tem
stay away from the south coast as temperatures climb. Good evening, I in
m Danielle Post, What were raging infernos, are now fires being douse region
by a co-ordinated attack. The th
region' s firefighters are winning the battle against mother nature. I could be short-lived. West of Yass
the fire is now being fought mainl te
from the sky as it burns in rough fear
terrain. If conditions turn, the River
fear is, it could jump the Yass burnin
River. Hard to reach terrain Y
burning just ten kilometres west of one
Yass. Under control for now - but breaki
one strong wind gust away from "Things
breaking containment lines. can
"Things like cow manure, the wind i
can pick it up and roll it out when th
it' s smouldering and get out into the grass and start a fire." Deep t
inside this valley, fire is burning T
through trees, grass and shrubbery. evide
The blackened hills aroun evidence in.
evidence of where the blaze moved ai
in. The ground access is minimal -
air attacks the most effective tool the
"What' s concerning the RFS at the moment is that flames could jum dozen
the Yass River. That could put the
dozens of homes in this valley or hil
the hume tourist resort over that ar
hill under direct threat." There
are two active fire fronts, one nea Harde
Devils Corner the other in the Ri
Harden Shire near the Murrumbidgee be
River. A number of out-houses have s
been wiped out - thankfully at this stage, no homes have been destroyed Righ
"G' day mate, you happy? Yep. Th
Righto, you lose anything? Nup." Thou
The big loss has been livestock. or
Thousands of sheep have perished - t
or been so badly burnt they' ve had
to be put down. "Look it' s reall a
tough because a lot of these sheep are super fine Marino wool and they ve been developing the genetics fo generations." Late this afternoo pa
more than three hundred residents -
packed into the Yass community hall expec
- desperate to find out what to temp
expect over the coming days. Hot
temperatures and unpredictable wind opp
are forecast - today a window of i
opportunity to prepare. "Today is ideal for the fire itself to get ri an
of all that stuff that' s unburnt do
and stuff that' s burning will die regi
down." Strike teams from other the
regions will begin to arrive over fi
the next day or two - giving local ne
firefighters and volunteers a much needed break before the weekend.

And late this afternoon on the Hum bu
Highway closer to Goulburn, a car bush
burst into flames causing nearby hig
bush and grass to catch fire. The highway was closed near Boxers Cree for around half an hour. No-one wa injured. In the Kybeyan Valley nea for
Cooma, the threat has also eased the
for now. Nervous residents packed v
the Nimmitabel town hall, and they' cata
ve been told to prepare for more danger
catastrophic conditions. s any th
danger - - Today may have been were
the calm before the storm. There conditi
werelight SE winds and cooler firefight
conditions which have meant containmen
firefighters to strengthen warni
containment lines and lower the
warning level for residents. Howeve co
the blaze is still burning out of control and the RFS is expecting th c
conditions to deteriorate over the eeril
coming days. Wind. It was T
eerily quiet near Carlaminda today. but
The immediate danger has subsided
but there were glowing reminders th w
threat wasn' t gone. Potentially we are going to have trouble holdin dete
this fire if weather conditions Yarrabin
deteriorate much more. The throu
Yarrabin fire has already burnt hectare
through more than 10 thousand shee
hectares of trees and grass. 400 was
sheep have been lost. This shed