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Good afternoon. A total fire ban has been declared for NSW tomorrow as scorching temperatures, low humidity, and high winds are set to return. More than 100 blazes are still burning across the state, with desperate efforts underway to contain out of control blazes. Let's get the latest details from Natalia Cooper at Rural Fire Service Headquarters. Natalia, another total fire ban, clearly big fears among fire authorities about the next two days? You're right. Another total fire and up for tomorrow. We had just been told by the Roar that the nor their and western parts of the state are going to be in severe fire danger tomorrow. They're expecting temperatures up into the 40s. It will be very hot and dry. It will also be windy. That is a big concern. What they're trying to do is get as many blazes under control as they can today and tonight ahead of that change in the weather that is expected tomorrow and on Saturday. What are the main areas of concern this afternoon? How they being fought? Aziz said, about 100 fires still burning and around 15 or 16 I'll on contained. The main

or 16 I'll on contained. The main
ones that we have been talking about they are still be concern in ones. Berwick Yass, Sussex Inlet, Cooma and one

Cooma and one new Goulburn. They think it may flare-up over the next couple of days as the temperatures warm up. We have been told that there are still 1,200 firefighters on the ground. 360 trucks and 70 aircraft. They are throwing everything they have at the spires and hoping that they can make some in wait this afternoon and this evening. Let us hope so. Will tick in the later. Firefighters in the Shoalhaven region of New South Wales have used today's calmer conditions to try and control an intense bushfire, ahead of more extreme weather tomorrow. Live to Nine's Dimity Clancey. Dimity, talk us through the fire fighting efforts there today? You can see the fire-fighting effort that is happening right he behind me. These volunteers from the Roar had been working through the night. What they're doing is taking advantage of the break in the weather and some cooler temperatures today. They are burning around five kilometres of a national park. What they're doing is making -- tried to make this a containment line. Their theory is that when temperatures top 39 degrees tomorrow they fear that the fire that is about four kilometres from here is going to travel through this big, dense bushland, full of biofuel, and reach here. This back burning is a containment line it to say that this fire he in the Shoalhaven from reaching a dangers. Tomorrow. Holidaymakers have also been caught up in the emergency today. Unfortunately because of the now -- a matter back Benning that is happening today, you can see just how smoky this national park is. There is nothing that the firefighters can do about that. Unfortunately, it means that the Princess Highway down here, just south. We have just been told to move down. They are still back burning. It means that the Princes Highway has had to be shut several times today. They have been some long delays for drivers. Most of them have been understanding. Safety is the number one priority. Plenty happening there. Plenty for the update. A blaze near close to Yass near the ACT border is one of a handful of out of control fires that firefighters are focusing their efforts on. Nine's Kerrie Yaxley is there. Kerrie, how are crews managing there? The caller temperatures have certainly given them an advantage. It is quite still at the moment. It is still quite hot. This fire has already burned a significant amount of land. You can see behind me it has bared all the way through the hills and the valleys just around back corner there were the fire fronts is. We know it has poured through 14,000 hectares of land. So far there has been at No Property last, but a significant amount of livestock have been lost. You have to feel for the farmers in this situation. In this area they have lost up to 10,000 sheep. As far as firefighters go, they have been getting a lot of praise. Authorities are saying that it is a surprise that their houses have been lost.Is a concentrated effort to particularly on pushing the fire it back into itself. We have had a lot of support from the air attack and the volunteers. The volunteer is absolutely superb. They have done a wonderful job, working hard day end night.We are hearing a lot about those conditions flaring up again tomorrow. How much concern is their way you are about what is ahead? There is a lot of concern. I guess they are hoping that we do not see a repeat of Tuesday's conditions. It is going to be hot and dry and it could be very windy. That is why the air that is really focused on containment while they can. The firefighters, they are 90 on the ground, they have 20 trucks, they are attacking the blaze from the air with the 11 water bombing helicopters. They also have bulldozers in are trying to build fire breaks. Everyone around she is hoping that the situation it stays as it is and does not get worse with those hot temperatures. Fingers crossed, think you very much. Still in New South Wales, two firefighters have been injured after their truck rolled over in Temora near Wagga Wagga. They were on their way home from fighting a blaze in Tarcutta. One of the men has a broken collarbone, the other was treated for bruises. As mentioned earlier, New South Wales is set to swelter with temperatures soaring over the next two days. The RFS has warned it could reach the mid 40s across the state's west on Saturday. The Bureau of Meterology says the heatwave has broken national records. Sydney is expected to hit 35 degrees on Saturday, with 42 degrees in the city's west. Fire crews in Queensland also pressing for this weekend with high temperatures forecast. Chris Scott the upper hand on a blaze at Bribie Island today. After a very tense a yesterday on Bribie Island there is some good news for residence. The fire that had burned out of control and friend Heinz is now under control of a concerted effort by fire crews. There are still a large number of firefighters as well as water bombing helicopter on the islands to undertake at Benning operations to give themselves some security against any strong winds that that may pick up later this afternoon. While the immediate threat has diminished, live on the island is still quite difficult with a large plume of smoke hanging over the top. Residents have been told to shut their doors, windows, keep the air conditioning on, particularly for people with respiratory problems. The smoke is impacting the greater part of Brisbane. A Slamet haze is visible across the city. And a strong smell of smoke in the air.Those who do have chronic lung diseases such as asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, should be aware that when the southerly breezes come in this afternoon, which we are expecting, and the smoke comes through the city, it may trigger their conditions.Condition is today have improved. There is a forecast average of 32 degrees. It will get hot in time for the weekend. We are expecting temperatures to get up to the mid-30s and nudged 40 degrees in Ipswich on both Saturday and Sunday. With those high temperatures will come difficult by conditions. It is likely to be another tense and watch all weekend for fire crews around the state. Will Davison breaking news now. Grave is a hell for a fisherman who is missing off Little Bay, south of Sydney. Crews from the rescue helicopter a family searching for that man. We do not have much more information at the moment. We will bring you that as it comes in. Authorities in Melbourne are on the hunt for firebugs responsible for lighting a series of blazes two nights in a row in the city's north-west. Nine's Emily Rice has the latest. Authorities in Melbourne on the hunt for serial firebox targetting those in the north-western suburbs. Six fires in the last two that have been lit. The latest way in sunshine of, an industrial precinct we two cars were set alight, a bacon at -- Baker lot, and a storage area. On Tuesday night, three fires were lit in six hours. They came dangerously close to homes. Police and fire authorities a desperately on the hunt for these arsonist.These fires pose a huge risk to the Victorian community in terms of potential loss of life and a loss of property.The fire or authorities and police are calling on anyone who knows anything about these fires to please come forward. Particularly as it is going to be very hot in Melbourne tomorrow. Residents in the fire destroyed town of Dunalley in Tasmania, will begin returning to their homes tomorrow. 800 properties across the state have now been searched by New South Wales and Victorian police. 32 fires are still burning, just the one at Fawcett is out of control. Still ahead this afternoon - Victoria launches a new bushfire warning system as residents lash out, furious they didn't receive enough information about a blaze that destroyed eight homes. Cyclone Narelle rapidly developing off Western Australia, while the Nine News chopper helps rescue a stranded boatie. And Hugh Jackman gets another nod for his standout performance in Les

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Oh, well, that's good to hear. I just can't have
enough praise and admiration for what you've done for us. It's kept us
with our heads above water. Pardon that pun too.
(LAUGHS) If you're over 50, Apia makes home
insurance a rewarding experience. Call 13 50 50 for a chat today.

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The Country Fire Authority has defended its bushfire warning system following claims by residents in fire-ravaged parts of central Victoria that they received insufficient advice before the blaze tore through. As Nine's Andrew Lund reports, it comes as the Government launched a new signalling system today. The past few days has seen intense focus on Victoria's fire warning system which many people complaining that they have had trouble accessing the website and mobile warning applications. The government says it has now moved to address those issues and to today unveiled a pilot project for another warning system. It is pretty simple. Sirens at 23 communities at the Jeddah nonce will sound when there is danger. Science of these locations already sound for up to 90 seconds to summon Brigade volunteers are to the station. The idea is that when people hear the siren sounding for five minutes they will get the message that they need to seek more advice about what is happening close to them.We see this as being another stage in being the import and development of what is needed to keep people armed appropriately so that they can look after their welfare when these emergency situations arise.The system will be trials here for the duration of the fire season and the government says it ultimately wants to expanded to include hundreds of more fire stations across the state. It could be put into use as early as tomorrow with more hot weather being forecast. This will potentially bring a more difficult by conditions for authorities. A severe tropical cyclone off Western Australia's north coast is intensifying and residents have been urged to prepare their homes. Nine's Tracy Vo joins us now on the phone with the details. Tracy, how is that cyclone tracking at the moment? It is around 700 kilometres north of Karratha are. It is moving at about 10km/h. The intensity of the higher the cyclone it is around 195km/h and it is rapidly intensifying. We're hearing that Cyclone Narelle could kill up to a category for cyclone by tomorrow afternoon or evening. That is going to bring winds of up to 100km/h along the Pilbara coast. That includes the major area of Karratha. Authorities believe that I will not hit the coast but coastal towns will fill the effects of the outer layers of the cyclone. Coastal areas around cyclone watch and residents are preparing to their homes and themselves for if and when this cyclone hits. Elsewhere in WA, some incredible pictures from the Nine News helicopter. That is right. The helicopter was on his way to Rottnest Island, flying from Fremantle, the pilot noticed something very strange in the water. He had no idea what it was initially. He thought it could have been a while. As he got close say he noticed that a boat was spinning out of control, in circles. He basically thought that something had happened. At a closer look he saw a man in the water. He then called air-traffic control. They alerted water police. He was not sure that how long the man was in the water. He was concerned because it looked as though the man was struggling. He took a risky drop, quite low to the water, and dropped eight life vest for this fellow. He was obviously very relieved to see our helicopter. He was hovering above this man for several minutes. That is when a private buyer came and rescue him. An incredible story. Amazing pictures and one very lucky boaties. A police critical incident team is investigating the drowning death of a man who fled from officers who'd stopped a taxi at Ermington in Sydney's west. Police had been investigating the dumping of a BMW when the taxi was pulled over. But the 31-year-old ran off and jumped into the Parramatta River.Any time you have someone who loses their life, do something so meaningless, it is always a tragedy.A woman who also fled from the taxi has been questioned by police. Police say there is no link between a drowning on the New South Wales mid-north coast and a shooting just 20 kilometres away, involving two members of the same family. The body of a 57-year-old man was found in surf near Coffs Harbour yesterday afternoon. Soon after, his daughter's 32-year-old partner was shot in the head nearby. A 20-year-old man has been arrested over the shooting. This is what police had to say earlier.There's no link between those two particular events. However, I can say a female that was in a vehicle that was shot at yesterday is the actual daughter of the deceased man from Woolgoolga. From our initial inquiries it appears this family is just subject to a number of unfortunate circumstances of events and the drowning is not related to the shooting.Hugh Jackman has been nominated for a BAFTA for his role in Les Miserable.' He's up for best leading actor, while Steven Spielberg's biography of President Abraham Lincoln received the most nods, with 10 nominations, ahead of Les Mis' and the latest Bond movie.

Bond movie. It is bulldozed its way into the history books by becoming the highest grossing British film of all time, enjoying both widespread critical and commercial success. At this year's awards despite eight nominations, including Best British Film and many nominations, it has been blown away by the biopic of all intent -- Lincoln. It is not surprising that Lincoln has gotten be significant nominations that it has. We took that the difference between 10 and eight nominations, the defence is not a great. I think they're both pack leaders. Just because something has the most nominations does not mean it is going to win the most awards. It is the pack leader as far as nominations are concerned. It does not mean it will be the winner of. Les Miserables got an impressive nine nominations including best film and best British film. Tom power pole was a surprising omission for best director.

At least they are in good company, Steven Spielberg's Lincoln did not get a director's not. They must be some link in the air. In many ways, every nomination is the director's nomination, without him or her in all of these cases, is that none of these crops or actors do this job. If I am doing a fake movie, it is going to be a fake it.BAFTA have nominate -- notice some of the industry's biggest names. Tomorrow, the focus news from London to Los Angeles for the Oscar nominations. And we will find out with a Hollywood agrees. The Aussie invasion has begun over in Los Angeles with some of our biggest names arriving for the G'Day USA gala. Flying the flag - Anthony Lapaglia, honorary Aussie John Travolta, and Miranda Kerr. Australia has given me a tremendous success, with Verity is with movie or airlines and tourism, it just works.Tonight I'm going to have a good time, it sing a few songs get everybody get big Leon. It will be a good night.The gala is a day is a celebration showcasing Australia's talent in the US. Coming up on Nine's afternoon news - an empty kayak on a Melbourne beach sparks an intense manhunt for its missing owner Chaos in Manhattan after a commuter ferry ploughs into the dock. And honouring the King. Thousands of Elvis fans make their annual pilgrimage to Parkes. Right now though, here's a look at what's happening in though, here's a look happening in tonight's news

Thanks Amelia. Tonight on Nine News - two Rural Fire Service volunteers injured, after their truck rolls over near Wagga. We're live across the state, as firefighters work against the clock to bring dozens of blazes under control, before another heatwave moves through. From Penrith to Bondi - we'll tell you when the extreme weather will arrive, and where it will be the hottest. Also tonight - the bizarre death of a man who jumped into the Parramatta river during a police chase. A critical incident investigation is underway. Property hotspots - we tell you the next Sydney suburbs set to boom. And Hugh Jackman on his way to Oscar glory after another award nomination for his role in 'Les Mis'. Join me for Nine News at 6:00pm. This program is not captioned.

Tomorrow - Oscar nominations are announced. Will he Jeddah receive another one. And Stephanie Rice will tell you how to get into top shape. A former Navy Seal has told Nine News how he abandoned his sinking kayak and swam to shore off Melbourne last night. Nine's Alexis Daish has the story. The father of two let sending home beach in his Carr at about 8pm last night to go for a fishing port blog Bay. He is experienced on the water, and despite the rough conditions he did feel confident going out alone. He got into trouble after piling out about 800 metres. He is not sure why at the kayak started sinking. He decided to abandon the kayak say he jumped out and started swimming back to shore. He says that he thought the kayak had completely sunk after three minutes.You wake up this morning and I've got two boy is, one of them looks set to answer is I knew something was going to happen. I left from the beach and then came back in because of the swell and an incoming tide and then it came in on this will be the wind.There are a large amount of people using these kayaks on Port Phillip Bay and around Victoria, so it is important for us to get the message out at all times and in all weather conditions you need to be wearing a lifejacket. The last night there was strong south-westerly winds there were creating waves of up to 1.5 metres which water police say is relatively rough conditions for this part of the bay. That is why it is lucky that he was fit enough and experienced enough to be able to swim the whole 800 metres back to shore. The water police did say that these sorts of things I exactly why people should know the conditions before heading out onto the water. They said that the bay at this time of year is a popular spot for Kayakers and if they're not experienced and do find themselves in this sort of situation they might not be as lucky. A very fortunate outcome for him and his family and a valuable reminder for other people who to be on the water. Almost 50 people have been injured in New York after a commuter ferry crashed into a dock during rush hour. It's believed the boat, from New Jersey, hit the jetty at speed as it arrived into Manhattan. No-one yet knows what caused the vessel to pay our rent to the dockside. The enormous cash in its hold solstice summit about the speed and force of the collision. The accident happened at 8040 5am. The ferry had been packed with commuters. Around 340. Many had been waiting to disembark. The impact threw them into the air and on top of each other. One likened it to wait car crash. Another said it sounded like a bomb had gone off. Soon, stretches of patience or on the East River. It took emergency services well over one away to attend to everybody. Some could be treated on the dock, others had to be taken to hospital with serious injuries.I was standing at talking to a gentleman and the next thing I knew I open my eyes and I was on the floor, six or 10 feet away from where I was standing.Michael Bloomberg has already been down to inspect the damage inflicted on the privately owned ferry. The National Transportation Safety Board has also sent investigators to be seen to establish what happened. The stage is set for another huge Elvis Festival in central NSW, with organisers expecting a record crowd. Fans of the King of Rock piled onto the Country Link Elvis Express from Sydney this morning. It was a case of a little less conversation, a little more party on the way to Parkes.# Viva Las Vegas. Viva Las Vega. #35 years since Elvis passed away, more than 18,000 fans are expected to gather and celebrate his birthday. Still to come on Nine News - desperate efforts by firefighters in New South Wales ahead of dangerous conditions forecast tomorrow. We'll get an update on the situation. And communities across Queensland reflect on two years since the horrific 2011 floods.

This program is not captioned. eas
Good afternoon, The fire burning Fi
east of Cooma is being controlled. secure
Firefighters will work hard to fo
secure containment lines, before a fi
forecast wind change tomorrow. The controll
fire near Yass is also being Temper
controlled, but not contained. are
Temperatures in the high thirties
are again forecast tomorrow for fir increasing
affected areas- winds are increasing to up to 25 k' s an hour
Details in the best hour of news i the country from 6. This program is not captioned. Chilling pictures have been released to the family of an America hostage. The former FBI agent vanished five years ago. It's believed he is being held captive in Iran.

Even now the photos of the 64-year- old in the prison jumpsuit with a long beard and a grey hair are extremely distressing to his children and his wife.It very difficult to look at. Some of the daughters were crying to me about how upset they were. There are five different photos and each has the disturbing reference to Guantanamo Bay and it is suggested he is being held by al-Qaeda but the US officials suggest he is in Iran under a cruel grip of captives.It looks like tie if life has been tough for him. It's very depressing to look at him that way.He to almost six years since that former FBI agent disappeared on the Iranian Ireland, travelling there as a healthy and well groomed private investigator. In sharp contrast to how he looks here. The only sign of life there as he has diabetes comes in this video posted on the internet one year ago. Please help me, get home.The family says it held off posting these new photos for fear that his fate may turn into a campaign issue. Now his wife says they're through waiting for the politicians to act. I would not say that drop the ball but I believe that more can be done and we need people to pay attention every day.You're watching Nine's Afternoon News Here's what's making news right now. Another state-wide total fire ban has been declared for NSW tomorrow.

107 bushfires are still burning.

15 are uncontained. We'll update you on the latest on the bushfire situation across other states.

A sharp contrast to two years ago - Queensland marks the anniversary of the devastating 2011 floods.

Let's get the more details on that total fire ban in NSW for tomorrow. Natalia Cooper is at Rural Fire Service Headquarters.

What are the main danger areas ahead of the forecast tomorrow? It is those locations where the fires are already burning and they are run contain. We are joined by the commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons. Tell us about the areas of concern. We have 100 fires in NSW with 15 remained UN contained. The ones we are looking at closely are Roma south coast near Sussex in late and the fire is not a contained. The highway has been reopened. We will need close that sometimes because of the fire and for the safety of firefighters and that will be

Focus of concentration tomorrow.

Focus of concentration tomorrow.

Also at Cooma, we have a fire burning their and that's about 9008 Des and it's a very problematic fire and difficult to access and it has every possibility of breaching the containment. Further in the west near Yass, a large fire where we saw a lot of loss of livestock and we see the fire and air about 16,008 s with a lot of work on that buyer trying to consolidate that one. As an indication, that fire is just under 100 kilometres did it a round and it it's an enormous challenge and nothing but praise for the firefighters and the work they have done under these difficult conditions and certainly we have some concerns for tomorrow.

As we mentioned, a total fire ban tomorrow and a large portion of the state is in extreme fire danger. That is right. Over the next few days it is best sustained height by danger across much of NSW. Tomorrow, so be it fire danger up near the Queensland border and on the northern ranges throughout the central west of NSW down to the southern border. Extreme fire danger in the river 'Rena' and that will continue across the ranges through the Hunter Valley throughout and Sydney area and throughout the sudden hike country. A very large tract of land will be affected by the weather tomorrow. It is a state-wide total fire ban tomorrow. Also given the amount of current bio activity throughout the state.It's a very concerning 24-48 hours for the firefighters. There is no reprieve. A total fire ban has also been declared across Victoria on Friday. Temperatures there are tipped to hit 42 degrees with winds of up to 40 km/h. Fire crews are confident they'll be able to keep the Kentbruck and Chepstowe blazes under control. Meantime, in Queensland, properties are no longer under threat at Bribie island. Firefighters have strengthened containment lines and are monitoring wind changes.

Today marks two years since floodwaters devastated Queensland, killing 19 people in the Lockyer Valley. Nine's Michael Best joins us from Brisbane. There have been low-key commemorations in the south-east. They have been. In communities like Grantham who were hit so hard there were some offers to have a fault ceremony but the residents wanted to pull together in private today to reflect on those terrible events two years ago. It seems incredible that its two years since the water swept down right through the valley. For some lucky ones there that managed to scramble onto the roof they were winched to safety but still, in Grantham, 12 people were swept away to their death. There's a lot of pain and anguish and the council has a land swap deal when they can move from the low-lying areas to higher ground. The local mayor said there is still a long way to go with the rebuilding.We have got some infrastructure to be repaired and some of the bridges and the roads are serious issues. We have a lot of private work. Within 12 to 18 months most of that should be completed and the Valley will be back on track and we will have new people moving in.The pictures do not lose their impact. Two years on Sunday for Brisbane? That's right. Brisbane has seen some big floods in 1890 and 1974. 2011 was the most destructive with thousands of homes underwater and billions of dollars worth of damage. Most of the signs of that flight have now been a race to. The building is back on track. Infrastructure has been rebuilt and most of it has been. In many suburbs, there is still a lot of people trying to cope with that the damage from that flood and it would they will remember that on the weekend. There is plenty to reflect on. The family of Liam Davies, the teenager who died from methanol poisoning after visiting Indonesia, has broken its silence. Liam was initially misdiagnosed in Indonesia and his severe illness only discovered once he was back in Australia.

We have decided to speak today, in the hope that by sharing the tragic death of our son, we may be able to warn others and prevent this hideous crime from taking another life.

They've also called for international authorities to aggressively investigate their son's death.

One month after falling in, Hillary Clinton is


The Queen has stepped in to ensure that Prince William and Kate's baby will be titled 'Royal Highness' regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl. Previously, only a first born boy would automatically become a prince. But, with moves to overhaul the laws of succession, Her Majesty highlighted the importance that if she has a great grand-daughter, she would be born a princess.

An Englishman is making his way in Sydney with The Renegades recruit hitting the sixes and all the details ahead of tomorrow's big match between Australia and Sri Lanka. Lleyton Hewitt hits out before the Australian Open. Too much to handle as they start for This program is not captioned.

The Ashes might still be a few months away, but already an Englishman has terrorised our bowlers. Renegades' import Alex Hales last night took the Big Bash by storm, and he's declared his best is yet to come.

Nine's Ayrton Woolley spoke with him earlier today. Things are heating up in at the Big Bash only a few days away and The Renegades will play a big part in that staring at top spot after a big win over Sydney last night. The man at the moment is Alex Hales the new import coming in. He's back to 89 from just 52 balls including eight sixes which were some of the biggest.As soon as you can make you know it has gone. It was a good feeling to do that last night.He is always feeling that she used on Australian duty set to play a Sri Lanka on Friday. It's an all-new top three along with Bill Hughes and Khawaja.It's certainly all three having learnt their places there in the domestic record is outstanding. But two Twenty20 games they played at being good.My arches made of the team selection with selectors saying it will act as an audition for the upcoming tours in India and England. They have declared the mines from the job.It is still the Australian cricket team. I'm sure Sri Lanka will not take that as the B team. The match will be at the MCG tomorrow afternoon. Bernard Tomic's five-match unbeaten streak goes on the line tonight as he faces off against Jarrko Nieminen for a spot in the semifinals of the Sydney International.

In Melbourne, Lleyton Hewitt turned back the clock, advancing to the final of the Kooyong Classic. Hewitt disposed of world number-six Tomas Berdych in straight sets, 6-3, 6-2. The Aussie's trademark determination on show - breaking the Czech's serve four times to take the match.

Oh, that's wonderful stuff.

That's vintage Lleyton Hewitt, right there.

While in Sydney, world number-four Agneska Radwanska defeated China's Li Na 6-3, 6-4, to secure her spot in tomorrow's final.

Two days after Lionel Messi was proclaimed the 'world's best footballer' his great rival Ronaldo has responded in style, scoring a hat-trick in Real Madrid's 4-0 win against Celta Vigo.

Jose Mourinho could hardly contain himself as his side eased into the quarterfinals of the Copa Del Ray.

Meantime, Swansea has stunned Chelsea 2-0 in the first leg of their League Cup semifinal. Both goals coming from errors in the Blues backline.

Oh, that's a bad back-pass.

That's two really bad mistakes from Chelsea.

The Welsh outfit now hoping to seal the tie in the second leg at home in two weeks time. Still on soccer and Matthew Ryan's controversial trial




Two of cycling's big names say they're looking forward to what Lance Armstrong says when he opens up to Oprah, next week. 2010 Tour de France winner Andy Schleck and German sprint king Andre Greipel arrived in Adelaide today ahead of this month's Tour Down Under.

arrived in Adelaide today ahead of
this month's Tour Down Under. But, the hot topic remained a possible confession from Armstrong. I'm excited to see it. He may win some more support from the fans.He should know what he says and if he says what he has to do. He should do it. Greipel is aiming for his third Tour Down Under title in his sixth year competing in the event. It seems Black Caviar indulged bit too much over the holidays. The super-sprinter is 30 kilos overweight, reportedly having troubles squeezing into her specially-designed compression suit. The 6-year-old is now racing the clock to be fit for her first race of the year. Unbeaten from 22 starts, she'll line up in the Black Caviar Lightning Stakes at Flemington on February 16.

It's good to see her back. Still to come on Nine's Afternoon News - finance and the latest weather with Livinia Nixon.

Tonight: The RFS relies on aerial ver
attacks as the Yass fire burns in comm
very hard to reach terrain. And, prepar
communities near Cooma told to W
prepare for the worst this weekend. We' ll have more - 6.30. This program is not captioned. The south-east has been warm and calm due to the high pressure and tomorrow the hot wind will dust across the whole south-east. There's a drop over the east. The tropical cyclone well-directed rainfall over the Western Australian coast. All than 25 millimetres in Pulborough. Bury her the new Port Headland. As a total fire ban for the whole of NSW, Victoria and South

Melbourne will heat up tomorrow.

It will warm up in Sydney tomorrow.

Similar in Brisbane.

More storms forecast for the north and Alice Springs will be hot and cloudy. It will be the hottest day for nine years. The tropical cyclone will track south-west. More storms and high seas on Western Australia and coast. Showers in the south-west. Heavy rain in the Pulver.

More storms for the top end for Alice

That is the news for to date. The next bulletin is at 6pm.

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We don't have to tell you

but we do need to remind you
that they can be unpredictable.

and always swim between


This program is not captioned.

Let's get cracking.
15 questions, $1 million. That's the name of the game,
isn't it, gang? Are we gonna give away $1 million? (AUDIENCE CHEERS)
Yeah! Alright. Let's meet our contestants tonight,
and they are...

is going to get a tattoo
of the Channel 9 logo. Dionna Roberts' mum used to make
her dress up in a chicken suit and dance on stage. In another life,
mental health nurse Gareth Daniels was a go-go dancer in Kings Cross. While studying in Michigan, Rachel Savio lived in a share house
with 53 other people. Keen surfer Paul Craig
was once knocked off his board by a very large seal. And Bo Li is one of the very few
people in the world There it is.

Eva Borkowski, you've got him
covered as far as that's concerned. Oh, yeah. You've got every letter he's got
in your name three times. 'Alphabetski'.
Is that right? Come on, Eva. Let's go.

Hello, Eva.
Hi. You're a housewife
from Bayswater North in Victoria. 48 years of age. Radoslav is your friend.
Hello, Radoslav. Good to see you. Give me a look at your tattoos.
What have you got? They sort of keep going and going.
Whoa! When did you get all these? Oh, after my mother died, 'cause
she would have killed me before. (LAUGHS) When was that? She only died three years ago. I went in to get my parents'
initials and I sort of kept going. Kept going. So you got the initials
to start with... Got that and that and then...
ended up with horses and eagles, and went to Japan
and got that one done. Yeah? What's it say
on your leg there? Oh, that's Latin.
Yeah? It's the motto of the Hussars, which
are the winged soldiers, cavalrymen. Do you know what it means?
Oh, of course. I hope so.
(LAUGHS) What have you got?
"The Fatherland is our law." Oh, OK. What else have you got?
Oh, my God.

A Polish eagle.
Yeah. OK, yeah - Borkowski, Polish. What's the one on your forearm?
What's that one? Oh, that's a World War II battalion
from the Warsaw Uprising. My grandfather was
one of the leaders in that. OK. Yeah? And he died during the war,
so, Uprising. What about the inside of your arm? My brilliant tattooist did this
from a little statue about this big. It's a statue in Warsaw and it represents the children
that fought in the Warsaw Uprising. And where else...?
Do you have tattoos on your back? Oh, no - only in places
I can show publicly. Fair enough.
(LAUGHS) Don't worry,
I wasn't gonna ask to see 'em - I just wanted to know
if they were there. Eva, you said you're gonna
get the Channel 9 tattoo if you win some money tonight. Yeah!
Where are you gonna get that? Oh, I don't know.
I'll find somewhere. You'll come up with something. Good on you, Eva.
Welcome aboard, OK? Thank you. Well, sort of, yeah. It was back in the days,
in the early '70s, where you didn't have one stop
to get to... You had, like, six or seven. And my mother, in her wisdom, took a 10-year-old and a 4-year-old
on this major track, and I was a precocious little child
who decided, instead of getting on the bus
with everybody else

what the undercarriage
of the plane looked like. Of course. Why wouldn't you?
As you do. But, you know,
the security wasn't that crash-hot. So, I walked under there and suddenly I found myself
getting shoved in the car, and I thought, "Oh!
This is wrong."

Got this limo - it was a big,
white limo - and I found out later