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This program is captioned live. Good morning. Fire fighters in New South Wales are facing a race against time today with a number of large bushfires still burning across the state. Crews have been working desperately to control the blazes ahead of another heat wave tomorrow. This is the situation right now. 128 fires are still burning across New South Wales and 18 of those are uncontained. In Queensland, meantime, the fire threat at Bribie Island has been downgraded. Fire crews have controlled that fire and are now strengthening containment lines. All fires in Victoria are under control, including the blaze in Snake Valley which destroyed homes. In Tasmania there is a watch and act alert for one fire, while 800 properties are being searched. For more on the bushfire threat in New South Wales we will go straight to Natalia Cooper at Rural Fire Service headquarters. What is the extent of the fire threat today?As you said, 128 fires still burning and 18 of those are out of control. There were four fires that fire fighters were keep alg very close eye on and were concerned about. They are the blaze at Cooma, Sussex inlet, Yass and Badgerey's Point. They had that one under control but are keeping a close eye on it. As to Cooma, cool conditions helped firefighters overnight but they are expecting conditions to deteriorate tomorrow and on Saturday. The blaze in Sussex inlet - fire has burnt three homes there - or close to those homes and crews are back burning. The blaze at Yass is out of control and flair-ups are expected today. The perimeter of the fire is a massive 94 kilometres. So a big task ahead for firefighters there. Premier Barrie O'Farrell was at RFS headquarters earlier this morning and he was getting a briefing from the commissioner, here is what Shane Fitzsimmons had to say.To be able to come through at this stage with no loss of life and no widespread loss of homes is an extraordinary accolade to the coordinated effort of the firefighters, the emergency services, all the arms of government and importantly, a very responsive and a very decisive community that have listened and that have taken action T makes a big difference.They have another tough task ahead of them today. It's crucial given those conditions forecast for tomorrow?Yes, thaerts. Conditions are expected to get worse tomorrow and Saturday. They are expecting very hot, dry and windy weather. Terrible conditions for firefighters. They are warning residents not to be complacent, to stay alert and keep lis yep together advice for their area. As you said, they are trying to contain as many of those blazes as soon as possible. So it's a bit of a race against time.Thank you for that. We will get updates throughout the day. Now to the fire situation in Queensland - a blaze is still burning at Bribie Island. Nine's Joel Dry is following developments. What is the latest from authorities there?There is good news for the people of Bribie Island. After a stressful day yesterday fire crews seem to have the upper hand on the blaze. A watch and act mess yaplg has now been cancelled but a bushfire alert remains in place. 16 crews worked throughout the night to strengthen containment lines, yesterday afternoon as temperatures dipped and humidity rose crews could get stuck into back burning efforts in preparation for the rise in temperatures today. That meant that some home owners who legislated to evacuate yesterday were able to return to their homes. Conditions are still reasonabley unpleasant on the island thanks to a thick smoke plume hanging over the top of bribey. Residents have been warned to keep doors and windows closed and keep the airconditioners on, particularly those who suffer respiratory problems. It's affected a large part of Brisbane. There has been a visible plume of smoke over the city. For people like myself who aren't fortunate to have airconditioning if you tried to open a window to make sleeping easier it was a particularly unpleasant evening in Brisbane. What are the forecasts like for the rest of the week?It's forecast to be 32 in Brisbane. A little hotter in Ipswich as always. In Ipswich, 36 today. It will ramp up for the weekend. Temps are forecast around 36 for Saturday and supd. For the people of Ipswich it will unfortunately nudge 40 again for them. People are encouraged to enjoy what is effectively milder conditions today because it will be reasonabley difficult on the weekend. With that of course comes a heightened fire danger. Another difficult weekend ahead. No doubt. Meantime, residents who lost their homes in Victoria's Chepstowe fire have lashed out at the Country Fire Authority. They say they weren't given sufficient warning to escape the inferno.Residents in the area voiced their anger at a community meeting yesterday. Many saying they received little to no warning that they were in the path of the on coming inferno. Many said they didn't receive any SMS warning or if it did it came two hours after the fire started. Other residents say they couldn't access the CFA website to get vital information about the on coming fire. This blaze started on Tuesday afternoon at about 3.30 in the afternoon. It's not suspicious. It was started by a spark from a ute but it spread very, very quickly, ripping through 1,100 hectares, taking with it some 8 homes and injuring 6 people. But when you talk to residents and their hear stories of escape from the fire it is remarkable that the toll was not far higher.I'm just so glad that we went into town. Yesterday. Because I really don't think we would have got out.We didn't get any communication whatsoever. We were as they say kept in the dark virtually, because there was no power.The CFA has defended its alert system, saying that on the whole it worked well and said while the website was slow during the emergency it didn't go into meltdown. The acting Premier, Peter Ryan, also said on the whole the system worked well. However there will be an investigation into specific complaints. It is vital that Victoria gets this alert system right, because we are facing extreme conditions over the next month with temperatures in the high 30s, low 40s, coupled with strong winds over the next five weeks. Life is slowly returning to nor national Tasmania, after bushfires devastated much of the state. Residents affected by the fires in Dunalley may be allowed to return home later today. Authorities, with the help of Victorian police, have now searched more than 800 properties in the worst affected areas. They are confident the fires haven't claimed any lives. A tropical cyclone is developing rapidly off WA's north coast. Cyclone Nare electioning will e could impact communities over the next few days. Residents in the Pilbara and Midwest Gascoyne regions are being asked to prepare for the category 3 system. The weather bureau says gales up to 100k an hour could hit some communities by tomorrow morning. A Nine News helicopter has been involved in a dramatic rescue after the pilot spotted a boat in trouble off the coast of Perth. The sailor was struggling in the ocean between Fremantle and Rottnest as his vessel spun out of control.Late afternoon, calm seas and the Nine News helicopter is suddenly thrown into rescue mission.Request water police assistance as soon as possible. I have one person in the ocean..The chopper was halfway between Fremantle and Rottnest Island when the pilot called air traffic control for help.We're likely to throw in this guy a life jacket..He watched on as the man- made several a- attempts to reach his spinning boat with no luck. Romeo, the gentleman is inside the boat and safe.You could see the relief on his face. He threw his head back and he was happy to see us there.What did you think initialy?I thought it was a W, hale. It looked really strange.The rescued man is said to be fine, grateful the Nine News helicopter was flying over at the right time. Every time you go up you could potentially be a hero. FpblgEvery time we go up, up and down the coast, the possibility is always there. To have a machine like this is ideal.

Let's look at the weather for you around the country. Brisbane and Darwin, storms. Fine in Sydney, Canberra and Hobart. Blue skys in Melbourne, 26. Adelaide, sunny and 33. Sunshine also in Perth.There is plenty more to come in Nine's Morning News Hour, including a man dies after fleeing police and jumping into a river. Our reporter has the latest next. Close encounter, an asteroid passes within just a few million kilometres of the earth's atmosphere. And Hugh Jackman gets anothered This program is not captioned.

A man has drowned after fleeing police who had stopped a taxi in Sydney's west. Dan Nolan is at Bankstown police station for us. Good morning, Dan. What happened? Good morning, Amelia. At about 4.20 this morning police were patrolling an area in Ermington when they stopped a taxi and a male and female fled from the taxi. Police chased a man who jumped into the Parramatta river. His body was located a short time later in the river. Because he died during a police chase a critical investigation has been launched into what went on. Police are not giving out any other information because of that. Other than that, the man was 31 years of age. Police seem to be focusing on a white BMW that's behind police tape. It's unclear whether he hit his head jumping in and it's also clear why they stopped that taxi in the first police. We're expecting more answers during a press conference to get under way in 20 minutes. Police say it's too early to tell whether there is a connection between a discovery of a man's body on the mid New South Wales north coast and a shooting 20 kilometres away. A man's body was retrieved off Woolgoolga around 4.30 yesterday afternoon. A man who witnessed the recovery was later shot in the head while sitting in his car.There is an intersection down the road. That's where the man was shot. He made it to a residence and was taken to hospital at this stage with superficial injurys from the gunshot wound.A white ute was seen speeding away from the scene. An asteroid is spasing - passing close to the earth this morning. The space rock is closest to us now and - a mere 114,500 kilometres away. Called Apophis and spanning 325m, it's due to return in 2029. Some believe it could return in 2036 and smash into the planet. Hugh Jackman has been given another nod for his role in 'Les Mis'. He is up for best actor at the BAFTAs. The film received Nine nominations in total including best film and best supporting actress for ian hath way. There is some controversy with Steven Spielberg missing out on a bis direct a bis direct for his film Lincoln. Still ahead - traffic chaos in Brisbane after a semitrailer rolls off the road. Dozens seriously injured after a boat crashed into a New York jetty. We will cross live to the US for the details. All aboard the Elvis train, thousands of fans and impersonators head to This program is not captioned.

festival. There is a big clean-up under way on Brisbane's inner city bypass after a semitrailer rolled this morning. Main arterial roads including the Clem7 could be closed for most of the morning causing major traffic jams. The driver escaped with minor injuries. Motorists are urged to avoid the area. More than 80 are thought to have been injured after a packed comuter ferry struck a docq in New York during the morning rush hour. Take us through what happened?The accident happened in peak hour. The ferry was pack with people going to work this Manhattan. The number of injured has been growing. We now hear at least 85 people were injured when the ferry came into the wharf too quickly. The impact threw a lot of people over. 55 people had to be taken to hospital and four are in a critical condition. There are over 300 passengers on board so it could have been worse. A lot of those passengers injured fell down the stairs. The boat has been holed but thankfully didn't sink. No word on what caused the incident. Was it human error or a mechanical problem that didn't allow the captain to throw it into reverse as it neared the dock.The captain called out, screamed, call 911, get ambulances here. It was really scary. I take this boat every day.Just doing my usual morning routine sipping coffee when there was a tremendous impact. My head just slammed into the seat in front of me.Rob, it's been a busy day for emergency crews there, with another incident and more injuries?A bad day for accidents in the Big Apple. Not long after the ferry crash a giant crane came tumbling down. More ambulances were needed there as well. The local New York company has had a bad record as far as crane accidents are concerned. This is the third accident in the last five years. We're now hearing four of the workers were injured, no-one that seriously. But the authorities will be investigating this company now because one of those incidents in the past - people died when the crane came down. So they will be looked at thoroughly by the New York safety organisation.Meantime in the US Hillary Clinton has gone back to work after being hospitalised with a blood clot on her brain. The US Secretary of State is resolving unfinished business beforehanding the keys of her office to American Senator John Kerry - John Kerry. Another Dreamliner 787 flight has been cancelled due to brake problems, the third incident in three days. A fuel leak was discovered on the aircraft before takoff. 40 litres from the aircraft spilt from the plane in Boston. The stage is set for another huge Elvis festival with organisers expecting a record crowd. Fans of the king of rock piled onto the Country Link Elvis spris this morning. It was a case of a little less conversation a little more partying on the way to the annual festival in Parkes. (SINGS) # Viva Las Vegas...35 years since Elvis left the building, more than 18,000 fans are expected to gather to celebrate his birthday as they do every January. Still to come this morning - we will get an update on the bushfire situation. There are still plenty of fires burning across New South Wales. Also, the latest on the situation in Queensland, where temperatures are expected to rise. And the hunt for arsonists in Melbourne. More property has been destroyed in deliberately This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Matt's way. Sam's way. Claire's way. Jim's way. Casey's way. Or your way.

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deliberately lit blazes. Welcome back to Nine's Morning News hour. These are. These are our our fighters in New South Wales are desperately trying to control more than a dozen bushfires ahead of another heat wave tomorrow. Residents in fire ravaged parts of central Victoria are furious, claim they go received little to no warning about a ferocious blaze. Arsonists have struck for a second night a row in Melbourne, destroying cars and a storage yard. Let's get the details now. This is a - the very latest information for you. 128 fires are burning across New South Wales. 18 of those are still uncontained. In Queensland, the fire threat at Bribie Island has now been downgraded. Crews have controlled that fire and are strengthening containment lines this morning. All fires in Victoria are under control including the blaze in Snake Valley which destroyed homes. In Tasmania there is a watch and act alert for one fire, while 800 properties in fire affected towns have now been searched. One of the hot spots in New South Wales today is at Yass, near the ACT border. Kerrie Yaxley is there. Good morning. How serious is the threat there today?Amelia, this morning things have got a little bit better. The temperature has cooled down and the winds have eased. That said, in the last hour it has got considerabley hotter and the fire itself is still burning out of control and it's moving very quickly. There are concerns about further flair-ups. Just to give you an idea of how quickly it's moving - yesterday it was 14k away from Yasss, today it's just 11 kilometres away. It's already burnt over 14,000 hectares of land. Fire authoritys are estimating the edge of the fire is around 94k. The situation here at the moment is OK but there is potential for it to get much more serious.It's a huge fire front. What is the priority for fire crews snod.Those cooler conditions that I mentioned won't last. It's set to get hotter tomorrow and even hotter over the weekend. We are expecting 37 tomorrow. Firefighters are trying to take the chance while they can today to contain this fire. They did some back burning last night. They have 80 fire fighters on the ground and 20 tankers working to contain it. They are also attacking it from the air. There are 11 water bombing choppers up there at the moment. The other priority of course is protecting homes. So far they haven't lost any, which suggests they are doing a remarkable job. But they have lost considerable amounts of livestock. It's estimated 10,000 sheep have been killed by the fire in this area alone and many more need to be put down. Firefighters are telling farmers to move their sheep to safer land ahead of warmer conditions on the weekend. We will return to Queensland now, where fire crews are gaining the upper hand oop - on a blaze at Bribie Island. Nine's Joel Dry is in Brisbane for us. Finally some good news for residents and fire crews there?That's correct, Amelia. After burning out of control for a number of days fire nows now seem to have contained that - crews now seem to have contained that fire after yesterday it forced the evacuation of a large number of homes. It was a scorching day yesterday but a drop in temperatures late in the evening and a rise in humidity enabled fire crews to gain the upper hand and reduce the watch and act message to the lesser bushfire alert. A number of crews remain on the island. We're also expecting a water bombing helicopter to the tasked to the threat, primarily to under take some back burning operations to give them security should the winds pick up and fan any blazes. While the direct threat has reduced it's still reasonabley unpleasant. There is a large smoke plume hangover the island. Residents are hold until there is a change in the wind direction, all they can do is close their doors and windows. The smoke haidz has been impacting the greater part of Brisbane and causing angst for anyone in the city who went outside or opened a window - there was a strong - there was a strong and ing smell of smoke in the air.Looking ahead, what is the outlook for the weekend?Today there is a respite in the heat so it's a good opportunity for fire crews around the state to get the upper hand on the currently 7 fires burning in Queensland. There is a forecast temperature of 32 in Brisbane. Closer to the weekend it will get up to the mid 30s and in Ipswich it will nudge 40. That's nothing compared to the poor people in the far wis of the state. Spare a uthought for the people in Birdsville. They have just come off 7 consecutive days of 40. The forecast for Saturday and Sunday is a very unpleasant 48. If it gets there it will equal their hottest ever January day. There's a record the people of bird vil will happy - be happy to say remain in place.S The bushfire threat in Victoria subsides there is growing anger among residents of Chepstowe who say they didn't receive enough warning before a ferocious blaze tore through the area on Tuesday. But the Country Fire Authority has defended its warning system.We trust in the system. We know we need to keep working it and improving it and getting it right. But we are doing that and we are confident that we can work with communities to make sure we are fire ready particularly with the fire weather we are facing this time of the year.Fire authorities say an investigation will be launched into specific complaints. Meantime firebugs have struck again in Melbourne, lighting a blaze at a storage yard in the city's west. Emily Rice joins us from Sunshine North. Take us through the latest attacks.Last night around 1 am firefighters were called to an industrial precinct in sunshine north for a spate of fires. The first started on a vacant lot. It was a grassfire. They were soon called to another fire and the storage yard where timber and tyres were set alight. At streets nearby two cars were set alight. 35 fire fight jurys put out the blazes quickly but their concern is these fires have been deliberately lit. Here is what the fire Commander on scene had to say last night.Nobody in their right mind lights fires when it's like this. What the fire authorities request is that anybody who sees anything suspicious or people wandering around late at night and fires start later, please contact the local police or Crime Stoppers.Disturbingly, this follows a string of deliberately lit blazes?That's right. On Tuesday night at Keelor East a few kilometres away, three fires were lit within six hours. The worrying thing about the fires is they were just near homes and went right up to the back fences. Residents were terrified. In tow tall, six fires over the past two nights in Melbourne's north east that are believed to be deliberately lit. Police and fire authorities are on the hunt for some serial arsonists. They are worried because tomorrow will be a very hot day in Melbourne, the worst time to deliberately light fires.Moving on to other news now - a 20-year-old man has been arrested in Victoria over the alleged murder of another man in South Australia this week. 23-year- old Navarone Hutchins's body was found on a dirt track near the town of Keith on Tuesday after being reported missing last week. Police will now attempt to extradite the 20-year-old accused to South Australia in coming days. Insulin injections could soon be a thing of the past for diabetics. Scientists in Melbourne have worked out have worked out how how s to the insulin receptor and say it could lead to more effective treatment for diabetes and potentially eliminate the need for insulin injexs altogether. It's estimated up to 1 million Australians suffer diabetes with more than 1,000 people diagnosed every year. In Washington now - high level talks are taking place on now deal with the escalating gun violence. Politicians from all sides are involved in the discussions as more high profile personalitys join the call for change.The White House is speeding up efforts to reach a consensus on new gun legislation. A task force headed by Vice-President paiden will meet this week - victims groups and organisations today and the NRA on Thursday.It is not a problem that can be solved by any specific action. It's a problem that encompasss issues of mental health, education and access to guns.With the one month anniversary of the Conneticut shooting fast approaching Washington is pressured to take meaningful action. Former congresswoman Gabby Giffords is taking a prominent role in the gun debate, launching an effort to spur Congressional action on mental health, high capacity magazines and background issues on purchases of a gun..I bought a gun at Walmart recently and I just went through a background check. Why can't it be more difficult?The shock over the shootings has led to many communities offering buy back programs.If we can prevent one child or innocent bystander from being the victim of a random accident it will be well worth our time and effort.But at the same time gun stores say their merchandise is flaiing - flying off the shelf.People want the option to protect themselves.One major opponent to America's gun laws is CNN television personality Piers Morgan. He has had an explosive on air clash with a gun advocate who is fighting to have him deported. Alex Jones started a petition to force the British journalist out of the US after calling for tougher laws in the waking of the Conneticut school massacre.1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms. Doesn't matter how many lemmings you get out there on the street asking for our guns to be taken.He challenged Morgan to a boxing match after the show. New video has surfaced online of a man who was taped to the seat of a plane. Cabin crew were forced to gag and restrain the drunk passenger after he began attacking other travellers.The unruly passenger can be seen in this newly released cell phone video screaming out. Fighting against the home made du consider, t tape restraints around his chest, feet and mouth. Passengers on board the flight from Iceland to New York say it started Thursday when the passenger downed an entire bottle of duty free alcohol during the flight before growing more agitated. The airline confirms the man began accosting and hitting people on board. Passengers say he tried to choke the person next to him screaming the plane is going to crash. Somebody who is completely out of control needs to be restrained. I have seen numerous times specially since 911, passengers jumping in and making sure people get restrained when they need to be. You can see them cutting off sections of duct tape. This photo shows the man's wrists bounds are his legs scrapped together with a plastic tie. In a statement Iceland Air land Air man was restrained he was monitored for the remainder of the flight. The plane landed without incident and the man was taken into custody. So far authorities have not pressed charges, despite complaints from passengers that they were scared enough to take matters into their own hands.Chilling new pictures have been released to the family of an American hostage. The former FBI agent vanished five years ago and authorities believe he is being held in Iran.Even now the photos of the 64-year-old father of 7 in a prison jumpsuit with a long beard and wild grey hair are extremely distressing to his children and wife Christine.They are very difficult to look at. Some of our daughters were crying to me over the phone about how upset they were to see them again.There are five different photos, each stage people involved in the case say the pictures with references to quantity mow are designed to suggest he is being held by Al- Qaeda although US officials are certain he is in Iran under the control of a cruel group of captors. He looks miserable. He looks like life is tough right now. It's depressing to see him that way.It has been almost 6 years since the veteran FBI agent disappeared on an Iranian island, travelling theres a healthy well groomed private investigator, in sharp contrast to how he appears here. The only sign of life in him came in this hostage video posted on the internet a little over a year ago.Please help me get home.The family says it held off posting these newly released photos for fear his fate would turn into a partisan campaign uissue. Now his wife Chris seen says they are through waiting for the politicians to act.I want say dropped the ball but I believe more can be done. We need people to pay attention every day.The Queen has stepped in to ensure that Prince William and Kate's baby will be titled royal highness regardless of whether it's a boy or a girl. Previously only a first born boy would automatically become a Prince, but with moves to overhaul the laws of succession Her Majesty highlighted the importance that her great granddaughter be born a Princess. The Queen's official proclamation extends to all future children of the eldest child of the Prince of Wales. Now it's time check in on all of the latest movies with Nine's entertainment editor Richard Wilkins. First up a film about famous film director Alfred Hitchcock.I need something fresh, something different nasty little piece of work. That's what I'm looking for.There is a project out there waiting for you, I promise you.The film was set during a specific period in the life of the acclaimed British film director and focuss on the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock and his long-suffering wife.It was the knife thank moment later cut off her scream and her lead. Charming. Doris Day should do it as a musical.Helen Mirrin is superb as Alma, Anthony Hopkins inheriting the role of Hitch.All of us harbour dark recesss of violence and horror. Fascinating. The film is based on the book Alfred Hitchcock and the making of Psycho and follows the trials and tribulations of getting his most famous movie made.Just Just have to go it alop, my dear and finance it ourselves.While the two leads are both brilliant the supporting cast is also bang on. Scarlett and James as Janet Lee and Anthony Perkins, the two stars of Psycho. So I'm reliving the past. Repeating a ritual with her?Don't ask me, I'm just a man hiding in the corner with my camera watching.If you've got anything more than a passing curiosity about the life of one of motion pictures' most colourful characters you will be enthraled. If you just want to see British acting royalty strutting their stuff it's a must-see movie. Hitchcock, it's a thriller! Four stars.More anger!Also out today, another trip to the past to LA in the hit year of 1949 where a group of brave police detectives were charged with the duty of shutting down organised crime any way they can, specifically gangster Micky Cohen.It won't ever happen again? I swear to God.You're talking to God so you might have as well swear to me.Shaun Penn is at his best as the menacing mobster who has LA at his throat.We're not solving a case here. We're going to war.And of course along for the ride, their families.I have to finish this. And wouldn't you know it, there is a girl involved. Grace Far remarks day ing a Hollywood wannabe who finds herself in all sorts of trouble.Want to take me away from this and make an honest woman out of me?No, Ma'am, I was just hoping to take you it bedment frblgs the character of Grace is fictitious, everything else is based on real characters that shook the city of angels in its post war hey day. It's skillfully shot with fabulous cars and locations and directed with a real eye for visual treats and stylish effects that give the film a real gloss and polish. It's also really violent. Three and a half stars.Who are you working for?Them!Time for the sports news now. One day cricket is back?High. Sure is. We cross live to the MCG ahead of tomorrow's opening one- dayer between the Aussies and lapbgia. Also, an English recruit lets loose for the renegades. Could a weight problem spell the end of Black Caviar? This program is not captioned. You Good morning. Australia has enjoyed a low-key preparation ahead of tomorrow's opening one-dayer against Sri Lanka here in Melbourne. For more we're joined live by niep's Ayrton Woolley. The Aussies are just wrapping up their final training session?That's right. A solid three-hour session for the Aussies down at the MCG morning all under the watchful eye of coach Mickey Arthur and the Chairman of selectors. No secret that this series will act as an audition for the upcoming tours of India and The Ashes. There are 8 batsman all fighting for one spot at the top of the order alongside recalled keeper Brad Haddin. Mitchell Johnson is also hoping to book his ticket ace broad which is remarkable considering 12 months ago he missed the whole summer of cricket with the t,0 e injury. While he says he never doubted his ability he didn't know he would be back in Australian colours so soon.I wasn't sure if I was gonna make it back this year or last year. But it was really exciting to be called up in the first test and then to have the form I have had, it's been a big bonus for me. Hopefully I can continue to get better.Tomorrow's match against Sri Lanka will also be a big day for George Bailey. Australia's T20 captain set to skipper the one-day side for the first time in the absence of Michael Clarke. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say about the criticism of the side, that perhaps we have picked a B side with the likes of Dave Warner and math Warner and Matthew through. That later this afternoon.Thank you very much to Ayrton Woolley live at the MCG. Still an - on cricket. The Sydney sixers Big Bash title defence is over going down to the renegades by 29 runs. The renegades brought in English man Alex Hales for the injured Marlon Samuels with spectacular results, 89 from 52 balls.That's on the roof!It left the sixers chasing 17 for the win but it proved all too tough - all out on the final ball of the match. Lleyton Hewitt and Marisa Tomei return to the court today with the Australian Open four days away now. - Bernard Tomic return to the court today.I spoke to him, I was have I clear, I don't think we will be in contact till September. And then from there we will see. That's all I can say..Tomic is five from five this year after downing German Florian Mayer in straight sets yesterday. AFL now - while the pre- season grind continues the year is already over unfortunately for Anthony more toe. The 21-year-old will need a third knee reconstruction after a training mishap in Perth.It's obviously a concern with Anthony's history. We are a Football Club that can list him with that no matter what he goes through..More toe has played just 23 matches for the Dockers since joining the club in 2009. A day afterly nor Messi was proclaim the world's greatest footballer, Rinaldo has responded in style in a night of brilliance as Real Madrid eased into the quarter finals of the Copa Delray. Maurinho could hardly contain himself on the sidelines after the 4-0 win. Rinaldo had do well to beat his tally from last year. Still on soccer - the Central Coast keeper is expected to arrive in glass could he last week after turning out for the mariners in their clash against the victory on Saturday. NBL star Ben Magin has avoided a suspension for throwing a chair at a referee. The boomer is currently the top scorer in the NBL. And the holidays haven't quite been too kind for Black Caviar. She has returned 70 kilograms overweight. Can you believe it? And is struggling to be fit in time for her first race. Unbeaten from 22 starts they will line up in the Black Caviar Lightning Stakes at Flemington. Black Caviar has been indulging a little bit too much over the holiday period.Haven't we all. Still ahead, the finance and latest weather. This program is not captioned.

Let's take a look at the weather for you now. Glop stkpwhrop a broad trough over the east and north is causing hot northerly winds and storms. A high over the bite is causing the odd shower in south- west Tasmania. Tropical cyclone Narelle is tracking towards the coast. It's not expected to make land fall but will cause some severe weather conditions. Brisbane and Darwin, thunderstorms, fine in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Sunny and 33 in Adelaide. Hobart and Perth, sunshine. Tomorrow, fine in Brisbane and Sydney. The mercury will heat to 36 in Canberra. Melbourne and Hobart, showers. Sunshine showers. Sunshine in in lis. 31 in Perth and more thunderstorms for Darwin.

lis. 31 in Perth and more
thunderstorms for Darwin.

lis. 31 in Perth and more
thunderstorms for Darwin. The All Ordinaries has dropped by two points. The Australian dollar is stronger against the major currencies. That is Nine's Morning News Hour. Wendy Kingston will be here with Nine News at 3 o'clock and the panel will be debating a controversial issue today. An author of a children's anti- vaccination book claims the measles view vaus good thing. We want to know what you think. Head to our Facebook page and join the conversation. Thanks for your company. See you at 4.30. Supertext Captions These crazy Blockheads aren't called All-Stars for nothing.All Stars? Don't know why we're All- Stars.In 2013, a Block first. There's got to be a twist.Four heritage homes.Doesn't it sound magnificent?... NoOne Blocktacular nightmare.Here's why. I started out as a young bloke cutting my teeth on heritage houses and I swore I would never, ever do it again.I've got no idea with this stuff.The detail we have to do know is completely differentEvery single one of these lovely tiles has to be as new.I knew there was a chance everything would go out the window.Fan lights, cournices, skirting board, architraves - as new Normally, no one would notice. The heritage bloke will notice Needs to feel like a brand new house, just like in 1910.We could stuff up any style.We didn't really care what type of building it was really.Feel a bit sick about the whole thing.This is your chance to have another crack and take out the big prize.I'd rather win the Block Allstars than a normal Block.As per usual guys, if you make a mistake I'll make you do it again.Meh meh meh.I reckon you're nuts. Totally insane.I don't know if I'm nervous or if I need to poo. $$ YELLOW Yuck. We are hopelessly, hopelessly out of our depth.This is not a standard reno. Go you good thing.Never, ever, ever again.The Block All Stars on WIN.

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This program is not captioned.