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(generated from captions) heatwave is expected to continue for at least another week. Tomorrow - Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth will have hot conditions. Sydney will have a moderate day.

Looking ahead - Thursday will be cloudy but mild. The hot weather will return on Friday, with warm north-westerly winds moving in from central Australia. We are expecting tops of 33 degrees on Friday. It is the west that will bear the brunt of the heat - temps reaching 41 by Friday and 42 by Saturday. Unlike yesterday's dry conditions, the heat will be humid, making it feel hotter. That is Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have a good evening. From us all, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - T
arsonists. That' s next. Tonight... fir
Thousands of sheep killed, as the con
fire near Yass still burns out of
control. A home destroyed near Coom nationa
- the blaze moving towards a Bungend
national park. And: how these hist
Bungendore residents saved their historic homestead. Good evening, I fighti
m Danielle Post. Four days of st
fighting fires - and the region is still burning. We have two fire tha Y
are out of control, near Cooma and Yass. While on the coast, another i Su
moving closer to communities near a
Sussex Inlet. Residents around Yass
are tonight on standby, as a wall o out
flames moves east, 11 kilometres out of the town. The fire could jum thi
the River. Gabrielle Adams - has A
this report from the fire zone. ha
As you can see behind me this fire upo
has been just ferocious. Paddocks of
upon paddocks scorched - thousands inferno
of sheep have perished in the towar
inferno. And as the blaze races Co
towards the Yass township, the RFS t
Commissioner has labelled it one of 48
the most significant over the past hectar
48 hours. Seventeen thousand re
hectares of burnt-out land, A fire Th
reach of up to sixty kilometres. this
There is a very real threat from
this fire to more properties to mor weat
of the community subject to the c
weather conditions today. if it w
crosses the river, depending on the g
wind. Under a westerly wind it will w
go to Yass under a Southwesterly it Th
will take it up towards Bowning. that
There are hundreds of properties property
that need protecting - Our
property is not far from here and s we' re currently potentially in th line of it, depending how the wind goes so yes we' re on standby. Th with
Mayor able to only briefly meet sh
with the Premier - telling him how she thinks the state should deal sug
with arsonists. She had a great p
suggestion. We ought to bring these th
people down here to districts like
this and have them assist in puttin to death those sheep that have bee yo
injured in these fires because if ev
you did that once, you would never te
ever want to see it again. Up to ten thousand sheep have been lost. t
cost of around one million dollars inj
to farmers. Any number could be go
injured and of course when you' ve will
got a sheep injured by fire they destroye
will have to subsequently be hea
destroyed that is one of the most to
heart breaking things a farmer has outbuild
to do. Remarkably, only an J
outbuilding has been destroyed near thank
Jugiong. The Premier personally volunteer
thanked the hundreds of RFS live
volunteers who are putting their com
lives on the line to defend their
communities. Assisted from the sky Victori
reinforcement called in from aga
Victoria. I want to pay tribute
again to the brave men and women wh not only go out there and fight th thr
fires but those who support them through centres like this. +w i' ou
a land holder and you know you go h
out and help other land holders and hopefully they' ll return the favou hopefu
to you whatever happens which have
hopefully it doesn' t. There wor
have been around 150 firefighters working on this blaze today and the th
will continue to do so throughout ch
the night. They' re not taking any tempera
chances, ahead of the searing
temperatures that are predicted ove the coming days.

Residents in the Kybeyan Valley
near Cooma are unable to return hom spread
tonight, as the Yarrabin fire been
spreads. Evacuation centres have Monar
been set up at towns across the c
Monaro. Firefighters fear the blaze r
could intensify.WIN' s Luke Dufficy burni
reports. This fire has been a
burning since the weekend and there ou
are no signs it' s going to be put crew
out any time soon. Around twenty the
crews are battling the blaze from o
the ground and from the air. So far h
one shed, which was being used as a
home, has been destroyed, and aroun lost.
20 head of livestock have been temp
lost. This afternoon there was a condi
temporary lull in the dangerous streng
conditions, crews used that to however
strengthen containment lines, l
however that relief won' t last for days
long. It' s been a nervous few Val
days for residents in the Kybeyan
Valley. Most had heeded warnings an left the area early. Lisa Kobold' he
property is on Kybeyan Road. With Victor
her brother Sean visiting from in
Victoria and five children staying cha
in the house, they were taking no haven
chances. You go their clothes cloth
haven' t you? Yeah, I got their conditi
clothes. With unpredictable conditions, the evacuation centre a Nimmitabel was the safest option. to
Car driving off Made a decisio re
to sleep here the night cause we' doing.
re not sure what the winds are a
doing. +w Lisa' s husband Andrew is Annalis
a firefighter, their children Annalise and David waiting for Dad What
to come home safe. JOURNALIST: w
What do you have to say to your Dad t
when he comes back? CHILDREN: + s the
time of need. The main thing is
the guys are safe first and then we ll assess the situation. We' v inj
had one fireman with a bit of an bee
injury with ash in his eye. He' s ou
been taken to Hospital and checked very
out. Other than that, no, we' re
very lucky that way. The fire i directio
moving in a north- easterly W
direction toward the Kybeyan Range. Winds are likely to pick up tonight extremel
and the RFS is expecting an The
extremely dangerous day tomorrow. Wadbi
The blaze is heading toward the crews
Wadbilliga National Park, where ra
crews fear it could take hold, and race through the dry bush.

Near Bungendore, crews have manage kilomet
to contain a fire burning 13 yester
kilometres from the town. Late contro
yesterday the blaze was out of overni
control but a concerted effort hou
overnight has reduced the risk to Highway
houses in the area. The Kings direct
Highway remains closed in both Co
directions tonight. Reporter Gemma Spo
Coombe was in the region today. on
Spot fires and flare ups like this one near Bungendore is what kept th The
Rural Fire Service busy all day.
The conditions did ease dramaticall handl
overnight, helping crews get a H
handle on the fire burning at Sands sou
Hill. "It stopped moving to the night.
south which was a concern last cons
night. We' re actually trying to arse
consolidate the edges now." An arsenal of aircraft - helped do tha t
- half a dozen helicopters dousing the flames from above. "Now while there are still flames out here nea
Bungendore, they' re not of concer Ser
at the moment for the Rural Fire Service, what they are worried abou High
is that they' ll jump the Kings b
Highway and spread to nearby areas, condition
but at the moment, the wind blow
conditions are favourable, it' s back
blowing the flames and the blaze back onto the already burnt ground. news
Amidst the continued efforts, S
news out of the RFS Headquarters in Sydney, a farm manager from the are contact
was missing. He hadn' t made hours
contact in close to twenty four loca
hours. Just after midday, police Around
located the man safe and well. ar
Around the same time, relief crews fig
arrived to give those who' d been ni
fighting the blaze since late last
night, a much needed break. "Abou would
ten or twelve tankers and that 70
would have amounted to about 60 or Road
70 crew." "This is Hazledell
Road and it' s one of the areas tha Th
the RFS was most concerned about. this
There are about 6 properties off fir
this road and as you can see, the remark
fire approached on both sides, remarkably, all of them were saved. Hazled
This property at the end of The
Hazledell Road was built in 1840. defend
The owners stayed all night to Pala
defend their home and a piece of Palarang heritage. This pump down b t
the creek - most likely the reason
the house is still standing today. "We were always going to stay. And We
this is where we were going to go. We were heading down here about 5 o 6 last night. We had put the final cred
thing in the safe, which was the thre
credit card I think. "w The fire m
threat may have eased for now - but predi
more challenging conditions are predicted for Friday and Saturday. do
"Stay and keep doing what you' re P
doing cause it' s been really good. goi
People have been aware of what' s going on."

To the east of Bungendore - fire i o
still threatening the coastal town firefi
of Sussex Inlet. More than 120 confr
firefighters are on the ground, forty
confronted by an inferno with a t
forty-four kilometre perimeter. A fire
towering inferno, boring down on treachero
firefighters as they battle treacherous conditions. Strong wind Prince
send embers flying across the flames
Princes Highway, spreading the pr
flames through bushland, closer to
property. The fire broke containmen yesterday,
lines at Dean' s Gap late I
yesterday, and raged towards Sussex reveale
Inlet and Wandandian. Morning Blac
revealed the devastating extent. f
Blackened bushland, metres from the front door of this family' s home. a
When the big front came through we he
all had to stand back. The radiant prep
heat was just too strong. Well the
prepared, family members defended hou
their property for more than four
hours. Together with RFS volunteers was
they kept the blaze at bay. It k
was a family effort definitely. The st
kids wanted to stay so we let them w
stay and fight. I felt fine the that
whole time. Just waiting for it, wa
that was the scary bit but once it unde
was here the fire brigade had it under good control. Commuters wer yo
stranded - We knew about it but go
you don' t really think that it' s cau
going to jump the road and we got lo
caught out. There' s been some a
local people handing out cold water
and soft drink so that' s real swee it
of them other than that just wait I
it out. With no way out of Sussex Inlet, the local bowling club becam level
a place of refuge as the alert status.
level was raised to emergency nu
status. Among them, residents of a f
nursing home, forced to evacuate by four
fire authorities. About ninety
four residents all up. Lots of staf helped, it was excellent. The staf r
done a terrific job and it all ran really smoothly. For those riskin we
their lives, a helping hand. So we just whipped up some pizzas and pies
we scrounged around and got some co
pies and we heated them up so they new
could have a bit of a feed. The and
new day brought another volunteer
and a welcome weather change. Vastl winds
cooler temperatures and easing winds gave those on the front line an
reprieve. More than one hundred gr
and fifty volunteers remain on the throughou
ground today. Having worked homes
throughout the night to protect containing
homes, the focus is now on large
containing what is still a very Hav
large and threatening bushfire. Pri
Having only opened at midday, the o
Princes Highway was again closed at P
one pm as smoke reduced visibility. unders
Police guarding the road. We i
understand there' s a fire there so
it' s fine, it' s alright. All the
want to do is go home During ma
the day and in upcoming days there close
may be further need to open and close toads as the fire progresses. cooperatio
Authorities thankful for to
cooperation ask people in the area de
to remain on guard. This fire is i
definitely not over. We are heading
into hot dry conditions again at th nee
weekend and into next week so we Mic
need people to remain vigilant. Michaela Gray, WIN

Firefighters, barely had two
hours rest, when they were called t cabin
a blaze at Sutton overnight. A H
cabin caught fire at the Eagle Hawk Lucki
Hotel - on the Federal Highway. T
Luckily - it was contained quickly. There is nothing left of the cabin and the blaze also destroyed a car s
ACT Fire and Rescue personnel were listened
sent to assist. Horse owners ...evacuat
listened to the warnings - stay
...evacuating to EPIC where they stayed overnight. Fifty-seven horse at
and ten dogs, were in the stables fi
at exhibition park. For some - the t
fire threat was very close, and for live
them, the decision was easy. I to
live on my own and I was listening
to the radio and spoke to police an rat
made the decision because it was lik
rated catastrophic to leave early pleas
like the TV was saying. I' m so pleased I did because you would jus everythi
be worried all the time. So th
everything I cared about was here,
the dogs the horse, so we' re safe. Murrumbate
Horse owners from around wo
Murrumbateman came into Canberra - worried about the fire west of Yass Many of them also left early in th ni
2003 fires. I decided late last t
night to bring the horses in rather m
than try to have to evacuate in the middle of the night. Next on WI indecently
News ... A female cyclist n
indecently assaulted in Canberra' s north. And, ... Strong winds - lead he
to more than one hundred calls for help. This program is not captioned. relat
help. Arrests have been made in house
relation to the cannabis ' grow Macgreg
house' uncovered by police in d
Macgregor in November. This morning
detectives executed a search warran a
on a house at Charnwood. Three men tak
aged in their early twenties were expe
taken into custody. They' re all cultivati
expected to be charged with o
cultivating a traffickable quantity tomo
of cannabis, and will face court poli
tomorrow. In the raid last year, potent
police seized 94 plants with a hundr
potential street value of three
hundred thousand dollars . Bail wil bee
be opposed. A female cyclist has atta
been rescued after a frightening Reporter
attack in Canberra' s north. T
Reporter Luke Dufficy has more. bike
The woman was cycling along this bike path next to William Slim Driv in McKellar around 8:50 last night beh
Police say her bike was hit form fe
behind by a male cyclist. She then in
fell to the ground and was dragged
into nearby grassland by the man. sexually
A male person attempted to Lucki
sexually assault the woman. cy
Luckily for the woman, another man The
cycled by just moments later. along
The male cyclist who was riding scr
along was alerted by the woman' s help.
screams for help and went in to o
help. When the offender saw the
other man he fled, getting back ont C
his bike. The woman was treated at injury
Calvary Hospital for minor arm injury, but was otherwise unharmed. mo
The description we have at the between
moment is your male offender, three,
between about six and six foot ridin
three, and he was last seen Belco
riding a BMX-style bike towards w
Belconnen. Cyclists, especially
women, are being urged to be carefu the
when riding at night. Police say clo
they should wear high- visibility alo
clothing and should not be riding alone. Anyone with information abou Crimest
this incident should contact Crimestoppers.

As we told you earlier, there has fir
been a cool change today, helping
firefighters across the region - bu G
it will be short lived. With more, B
Gemma Coombe and Kenn Batt from the We'
Bureau of Meteorology. Gemma: weathe
We' ve had a real mixed bag of Yeste
weather over the past few days. Yesterday we reached a scorching to rea
of 38 degrees and the winds were really strong. Over night though it today
s dropped off dramatically and 28
today the top has been around just e
28 degrees with more of what we can j
expect over the next few days. I' m
joined by Kenn Batt from the bureau wh
is what we have experienced today which has been a lot milder going t ha
to continue? Kenn: Heaven sent it temperatures
has been. Look Gemma the p
temperatures are expected to slowly S
pick up to reach a maximum of 37 on pi
Saturday so 30 tomorrow, Friday we pick up to 36, 37 Saturday so it' s Gemm
just a cyclic process we are in. real
Gemma: So only a slight reprieve unfo
really?Kenn: Slight reprieve yes th
unfortunately but on Saturday even e
though we' ll have 37 the winds are they
expected to be lighter then what to
they were yesterday when we got up
to 38, so that will be our savior. ligh
Gemma: What about in terms of stor
lightening can we expect anymore storms over the next few days? Kenn chanc
Sunday and Monday we do have a forecas
chance of some showers on the chance
forecast, so there is a slight around
chance that we may see a storm ma
around. And that be the case there that.d
may lightening associated with
that.dry lightening can be the issu wh
particularly with starting a fire a
which we don' t want. Gemma: No not so
at all Kenn thanks for joining us, k
so no doubt a lot of people will be ov
keeping a close eye on the weather over the coming days.

Wind picked up in Canberra late
yesterday - causing damage to homes tr
Large branches were snapped off - re
trees. This one in Parkes. The SES help
received more than 160 calls for wer
help. Some homes in the Territory pick
were damaged. The wind has again sp
picked up this afternoon Greg with r
sport is next - And Canberra United back
record a big win. They found the back of the net with ease Danielle callin
that' s next. Plus - Scotland calling for Tom Rogic. This program is not captioned. hott
calling for Tom Rogic. He' s the soccer
hottest prospect in Australian se
soccer, and Canberran Tom Rogic is
set to be snapped up overseas, afte being linked to Celtic in Scotland w
It' s a trial for the 20 year old, Rea
whose also received interest from League
Reading in the English Premier League. Rogic made his debut for th Central Coast Mariners last season f
and also made his first appearance for the Socceroos. Wallabies skippe B
David Pocock will be a part of the Su
Brumbies leadership group for this
Super Rugby season. Coach Jake Whit tomor
will name the leadership group i
tomorrow, Where incumbent Ben Mowen job.Steph
is set to remain in the top job.Stephen Moore and Pat McCabe ar vice-captains,
also likely to remain The
vice-captains, along side Pocock. agai
The Brumbies first trial game is against the Western Force, in Darwi are
on February one. Canberra United aft
are on track for W-League finals, We
after a dominate five nil win over in
Western Sydney Wanderers. Now back l
in finals contentions the girls are crown.
looking to retain the W-League
crown. s done. - - Back in the to fe
four- finals contention has never n
felt better With a demolishing five McKell
nil win over Western Sydney at Un
McKeller Park last night. Canberra Just
United' s biggest win at home. foot
Just really showed what style of w
football we really can play. It neede
was a pretty big win for us, we th
needed it and we need to win again g
this Saturday. With last weekends res
game abandoned thirty minutes in- Uni
rescheduling to Tuesday played to ou
United' s favour. Hayley Raso took
out player of the match highlightin fin
Canberra' s performance. A grand compet
final rematch will wrap up the B
competition Canberra need to defeat a
Brisbane Roar on Saturday to secure t
a finals spot. We know they' re a tough team and so we are just going th
to play our game and hopefully get
that win. +y Today the girls were a Mpowerdo
the Futsal Championships at Mpowerdome Supporting the young one i
coming up through the ranks,in the ve
indoor version. Cheering. I' s
ve actually played in these, so it' look
s always good to come and have a g
look and watch some of the boys and
girls I use to play alongside. Th fro
Futsal Championships hosts teams hundr
from all over the country- With eage
hundreds of kids out to impress, it
eager to show the United girls how it is done.

Meanwhile, In the open women' s tabl
futsal, the ACT is on top of the
table, despite mixed results, at th two-on
AIS today. They made up for a def
two-one loss against Victoria, to two-nil,
defeat New South Wales Metro AC
two-nil, this afternoon. While the ACT Men' s are on track for a final V
berth, after a one-all draw with a So
Victoria. They face the struggling c
South Australians tomorrow. Cavalry coach Michael Collins is calling fo
his troops not to drop their guard straight
as they chase their seventh leade
straight series win. The league th
leaders travel to Brisbane to meet cause
the Bandits, who are looking to an
cause an upset. Top of the table and aiming for seven straight - lif is good as Canberra Cavalry coach. a
Good place, swinging the bat well kno
and they' re working together you wel
know, top of the order is working well, bottom og the order it turnin go
back to the cops so it just keeps Ad
going around. Player of the week peaking
Adam Bushini is perfect form, only
peaking at the right time - with It'
only three rounds until finals. rol
It' s going good right now we' re together
rolling, everyone' s playing
together as a team and it feels goo to win definitely. Canberra want t
to keep up the tempo but will have backyard.
to do it in the Bandits own g
backyard. We' ve got to make up a thr
game, we got almost five games in tough
three days so it' s going to be a
tough, they play tough they' re got players,
a good team, play good, good t
players, good coach, so it' s going
to be a good series so we' ve got t pla
come out swinging pitching good, lo
playing good defense. There' s a we
lot at stake for both teams. Big can
weekend for them as well, if they i
can win a couple that will put them t
in contention so we' re out to stop fee
that. Collins says they' re not th
feeling any pressure despite being the ABL team to beat and heading in favourites
to all their games as firm
favourites. It' s always better t someon
be chased rather than chasing someone else so you know we' re in ther
good place right now at the top weeks
there, like I said, a couple of weeks are really important for us. Boldy declaring at the start of th g
season, they have what it takes to th
go all the way, despite taking out Ca
the wooden spoon, last season. The wal
Cavalry talked the talk - and are se
walking the walk. Absolutely, we a
set out to win and put ourselves in now
a situation where that can happen r
now and we' ll continue the way we' re going and see what happens.

Canberra Capitals Guard Nicole Hun to
says the team will do everything, los
to avoid notching up ten straight I
losses, in the WNBL this weekend. t
It' s not a position any of us want look
to be in, but we are and um just ll
look forward to the next week, it' an
ll be good to get away as a group, g
another tough week coming up. Two games in two days from Friday Night starting with Adelaide, then Perth y
We' ll just look at the tape and the
you know, I think probably handle Adelai
their pressure a bit better. tea
Adelaide will welcome back former Final
team mate Suzy Batkovic. Just Alex
Finally - Canberra tennis player ro
Alex Bolt is through to the second qualifyi
round of the Australian Open went
qualifying singles. Nick Kyrigos Gre
went down in straight sets.Thanks aga
Greg - The mercury is set to rise th
again, a look at the weather after the break. This program is not captioned.

the break. Temperatures cooled righ th
down around the region today - In tw
the Capital it climbed to a top of C
twenty-six after sixteen overnight. s
Currently, it' s clear outside, and Taking
sitting on twenty-one degrees. twent
Taking a look around,Sixteen to i
twenty-six in Goulburn A bit warmer twen
in Yass, twenty-eight Braidwood, t
twenty-five degrees. Much cooler on a
the Coast today, Fifteen the low in Ull
all centres, Twenty-four in Nowra reach
Ulladulla and Moruya Heads both T
reached highs of twenty-two degrees Mou
Twenty-five in Bega Moving to the Coom
Mountains, Nine to twenty-two in
Cooma Perisher only reached a top o O
thirteen Thredbo, sixteen degrees. On the Satellite map, A cloudband i troug
crossing northeastern NSW in a st
trough, bringing a few showers and storms. and on the chart, High clou uppe
in the southwest generated by a Ta
upper trough is not bringing rain. forecast
Taking a look at tomorrow' s coast,
forecast, Partly cloudy on the high
coast, Twenty-seven the expected i
high in Bega and Nowra, Twenty-four
in Moruya Heads and Ulladulla On th Tablelands, Nine to twenty-seven i of
Braidwood Yass is expecting a top twent
of thirty-two degrees Eleven to twenty-nine in Goulburn A cool nigh twenty-six
on the Mountains, Five to twenty-six in Bombala Thredbo shoul d
reach eighteen, Cooma, twenty-nine Thirt
degrees. For Canberra tomorrow, to
Thirty-one degrees is the expected Th
top, after dipping to ten tonight.
The UV index is 13 which is extreme days,
Staying hot over the next five thirty-se
days, thirty-six on Friday, poss
thirty-seven on Saturday, before And
possible showers early next week. this
And that' s he WIN News hour for P
this Wednesday Night. I' m Danielle night
Post.....please take care. Good night.

This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Cameron Williams, welcome to A Current Affair. We begin with a story to make your blood boil. John Dickson is a firefighter, risking his life to save others. What does a low-life mongrel do when he's protecting us? Steal his car. Unfortunately, Dicko is not the only one.It shows we are dealing with someone that has little regard for the rest of the community.To do that to a volunteer fireman - you couldn't get a lower act. When John Dickson steps into his fire truck he knows he's protecting the community.I have been here since dawn. We have a long fight ahead.The volunteer