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21-year-old Bridget McLennan
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This program is captioned live. Tonight - hell on the South Coast. An out of control bushfire leaves people stranded on a road to nowhere. The Premier hits out. Disaster strikes in Lithgow and Sydney's south. Still the fires burn. Families thank the heroes who save lives and homes. Also - the collar bomb victim's father appointed Chief of the Australian Rugby Union.ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Peter Overton.Good evening, it's been long, difficult and courageous work from our firefighters battling to save NSW from a bushfire catastrophe. The promised cool change made things easier, but 23 blazes are still out of control tonight. We are just days away from another heatwave. Tonight our reporters are in the worst-hit areas across the state, and where homes are threatened in Sydney. We begin with the emergency on the South Coast at Sussex Inlet. Fires like these diehard. Superheated baush and farmland - once the -- bush and Farm lands - once the flames take -- Farm land - once the flames take hold it's hard to kill. This is at Sussex Inlet. The midnight change sent temperatures plunging, and the fire danger from catastrophic to high. The wind breathed new life into some fires, turning them to a new front, and untouched trees and grass that were tinder dry and a spark away from detonation. Fresh teams arrived today. At the wheel of one tanker, Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott.It's not like you are sitting in the back, you are driving.The other people have real jobs.Mr Abbott and his volunteer mates from Sydney's northern suburbs were ordered through to the fire line.This containment line runs 4 kilometres. It is critical fire crews secure it today. Otherwise it's a warm westerly wind - if that whips up - there's every chance the fire could jump the line and head towards town.This is the work described as mopping up. It's a pale, thankless description. Dangerous and relentless. Along the South Coast long lines of traffic - people trying to get home to towns from which yesterday they were cut off or had to flee. Many spent the night sleeping in their cars. Others, holidaymakers, were caught on 'The Prince' trying to get back to Sydney. This -- on the Princess Highway tried to get back to Sydney. This family, on holidays from The Shire, was one of many caught up in the chaos.It was scary. We were in an unfamiliar place, fire everywhere. We had to get out. Sarah Harris at Sussex Inlet. What are firefighters facing there tonight?Well, this fire has already burnt through 4,000 hectares of bushland and has a 44km perimeter. The area of most concern is burning south of the Princess Highway. They have scooped up water from dams like this one, to try to slow the fire down. Around the state at this minute here is the stat us. We are looking at 133 fires burning across NSW. -- is the stat us. We are looking at 133 fires burning across NSW. 23 are not in the clear yet.Firefighters are preparing to back-burn at the foot of the Blue Mountains after a blaze burnt out of control near Lithgow. Dozens had to be evacuated U police are certain the fire was the -- evacuated. Police are certain the fire was the work of arsonists. A wall of fire, 3 kilometres from the centre of Lithgow. Flames creating an orange glow over homes.I walked outside, and the hill was bright red.It didn't take long for police to wake residents. The threat was real and serious.Just run. Like I say, we took off.Burning dangerously out of control, the cavalcade arrived. 20 crews, three waterbombing helicopters - all part of the effort to combat a combination of gusty winds and eager flames.The fire progressed up the hill rapidly. Daylight brought confirmation that this was no accident. Police identified three points of ignition, door-knocking residents.We spoke to a number of people. People identified in previous years as being involved in arson.After a morning of air and fire aassaults, fire crews had unpredictable results. Embers could be pushed ahead of the fire, causing smaller spot fires. If that happens - a big job on the hands of firefighters. This is one battle that firefighters should not have to fight.It's reckless and stupid.A firebug could be behind a blaze that burnt dangerously close to homes in Sydney's south. Lizzie Pearl is at Barden Ridge. How close did the fire get?Just metres, Pete. Locals watched as the fire raced up the ridge and was really at their homes, at their Door steps within a matter of minutes. -- doorsteps within a matter of minutes. The RFS was here early and 50 firefighters put a stop to the blaze before it jumped a road. This fire is being treated as arson caused. The location and circumstance is very suspicious.We looked out the window. All we could she was flames above the tree. They had go up through the sky.Now, I'll show you how close the fire got. Here is where the fire stopped. If we look up the ridge, there's a row of houses up there. They were around 20 metres from the fire front. Certainly some very thankful residents in this street tonight. Thank you Lizzie Pearl. Now to Mt Druitt, where three teenagers have been charged with lighting a bushfire during scorching conditions. Dimity Clancey spoke to the family of one of the boys. What did they have to say?They say they are distressed about the charges, and that their 15-year-old boy is extremely upset and sorry. His brother told me that the mates were hanging out in the bushland around Shalvey yesterday afternoon when their fun got out of control.They went out looking for lizards. Someone flicked a lighter, I don't know.Pete, we learnt that one of the boys recorded the incident on his mobile phone. Police have the footage. The Premier says the kids need more guidance.Parents should be responsible for their children. That's part of the obligations of being a parent. So, yes, the families do need to look at themselves.All three teenagers were granted bail and will face court later this month.A fire front causing problems tonight is in the checkerboard of farmland and forest near Yass. The blaze is proving hard to tackle in the thick timber country and devastated rural properties. Sunrice on a moonscape. The charred pad -- sunrise on a moonscape. The charred paddocks in the Riverina. Punctuated across the black hills are the tiny islands saved - the precious farmhouses and sheds.We got through without the loss of life, without the loss of homes, and given what we were facing, it was a remarkable achievement.Amid the relief, a fire entrenched in bush near Yass. This fire here, alone, is in the order of 16,000 hectares. We have a fire ridge still in the order of 50-60 kilometres.The magnitude of their battleground depicted in these photos from the International Space Station. But at ground level each burntout hill or valley comes with a personal story.I'm devastated, shocked. I don't know how to take it in.600 sheep killed on this farm alone. The livestock that survived - left to wander amid charcoal and ash. Most fodder has burnt - along with fences, sheds and machinery. It's estimated more than 10,000 sheep have been killed in the fires across the state. Farmers are the greatest optimists that this country has. Whether it's drought, floods or fire, they pick themselves up and keep going. Reporter Matt Snelson is near Yass. The blaze there still has firefighters worried?That's right. Because the threat to homes is real. As you can see behind me, it claimed property. So much livestock as well - worth thousands. It is out of control. Residents about 10 kilometres west of Yass have been told to be prepared because their homes could be threatened next, as it continues to head towards Yass there are three plumes of smoke and helicopters in the sky - it's a clear indication of how intense the blaze still is.Distant smoke can transform into a fast-approaching consuming wall of flames. Around Cooma several communities were engulfed by bushfires - survival sometimes a matter of pure luck. The flames and the wind. It showed us the power of the fire tearing through the hills around Cooma. Today the blackened Farm land in its wake. Farms be-- farmland in its wake. They were farms near the Numeralla River. Rebecca Croke watched from a neighbour's as her home was swallowed in smoke.We couldn't see what was down here. We knew our place was here. There was nothing we could do.Amazingly the house was almost untouched.This room here, where it caught on the corner, that's my baby daughter's room.Luck was fickle yesterday. A nearby cabin was burnt out. A blessing no-one was hurt.The fire started Sunday. It was yesterday when it took off. In one day it burnt through over 4,000 hectares of farmland and national park.Up the hill where locals sheltered is where the Galvin family lived. Their kids came home today, after taking refuge in Cooma, along with the family pup. They witnessed the flames and towering smoke.It was like a volcano up there.In a day when it proved you are never too old to have a hero.To all the firefighters that helped save your property, what do you say to them? It's unbelievable what they done for us. Yes, incredible.Well, the cooler weather helped our firefighters today. We are not out of the woods yet - with another heatwave on the way. Amber Sherlock joins us. The change overnight couldn't come soon enough.That's right. It's hard to imagine that surviveling heat we lived through yesterday. This was Bondi at lunchtime as the mercury soared to 42.3. Today it was almost 20 degrees colder and it was a different scene. The cool change took its time moving through. At mid-night it was 34. Many still sought relief from the heat. The southerly hit before 2:00am, dropping temperatures. It took longer in the west, falling to 24 at 5:00am. Extreme temperature are predicted for the start of next week. Yesterday the Bureau of the meet yoingy added purple -- meteorology to add temps above 50. It was revised back today, with temps in the mid 40s. Still, very hot. The winds, from the heart of Australia, will reach Sydney by the weekend. I'll tell you when the temps will soar and which suburbs will feel the Blunt of it, later in the bulletin.Coming up -- brunt of it, later in the bulletin. Coming up - the collar bomb victim's dad gets a job in charge of Australian rugby Juneion. We are in Las Vegas, for a -- union. This program is not captioned.

A surprising new career for the father of collar bomb victim Madeleine Pulver. Bill Pulver was announced as Australian rugby's new CEO, beating a field of 50 applicants for the top job. Bill Pulver knows a thing or two about handling problems. He successfully managed the personal and criminal crisis surrounding the nightmarish attack on his daughter. Now he tackles Australian rugby's world of problems - insisting it's his dream job.I'm 53 years old and discovered what I wanted to do with my life.His family will be out there again.My family are rugby tragics. You know, you'll regularly see the pulver family watching rugby.Getting rugby out of the doldrums is a priority. The game languishes behind league, AFL and soccer in crowd appeal.The entertainment value of the game is important. We need to acknowledge that Australian sporting fans have a lot of options.He will not sack embattled coach Robbie Deans.I'm be clear, Robbie Deans will coach the Wallabies through 2013.And former Wallabies's skipper Andrew Slack says the players matter.If the players play well and do their bit, Mary Poppins could run the show and it will work.Bill Pulver says he's delighted to be in charge. His biggest challenge is making it the most attractive game which play here, on Earth. She went to Bali to get away from it all. A member of the NSW Rural Fire Service found herself hard at work last night after this hotel caught fire. Melissa Baker, and her partner Steven, helped evacuate people from the building in Legian. Their efforts paid off. No-one was injured. Mel Melissa no doubt will be busy when -- Melissa no doubt will be busy on her return Monday. Retail sales fell 2.2% in NSW in November. Supermarket spending improved. Today Coles slashed the cost of 100 of its own Coles-brand products.The latest round of price cuts look at what is bought most - cutting the price, saving more.The price cuts put pressure on struggling food producers. Giant TVs, iPad, poty trainers and flexible tablets as thin as paper. It's time for the world's largest electronics expo in Las Vegas. Denham Hitchcock went along to see what the future holds. A neon- fuelled jostling, rolling, crushable electronics and people who love them - swiping, touching, dancing and staring in awe.I heard a new word, the tech gasm.Whatever it was, it was big. 100 inches here, 110 next door.Bigger, thinner, more spectacular.It's all about size with you, isn't it?I think so. High res - and try this - a TV playing two channels at once. With 3D glasses one person can watch one program, the second viewing the other at the same time.It's a game changer. This will save your marriage.There's a fork that vibrates when you eat too fast. A computer you can wear and talk to. Even an iPad poty trainer. One for dad as well. As for cleaning windows.I hate doing that.Dong didn't like it, so he came up with this?Wroo you say you're a lazy han --Would you say you're a lazy man?I think I'm a typical man. More than 1,000 gadgets.We don't need to talk to people, we have gadgets.Time for sport with Tim. Vintage Lleyton Hewitt at Kooyong. Bernard Tomic muscles up at the Sydney International. We have that on the way. James Pattinson ready to get back into the groove of

This program is not captioned.

Lleyton Hewitt has had a rare win against a top 15 player at the Kooyong Classic, and it was a morale-boosting 3-setter against Milos Raonic, as Lleyton Hewitt prepares for a 17th Australian Open. At the Sydney International, Bernard Tomic cruised into the quarterfinals. He's a crowd favourite again and Bernard Tomic has a healthy dose of confidence. When he's fully engaged in a contest - there's no doubt he can match it with anyone. Tomic flexed his muscles against Florian Mayer, who gave him plenty of trouble in the past.

who gave him plenty of trouble in
the past. Tomic stamped his authority in the second set.This is the most confident I have been. It's an amazing feeling, knowing that you are playing well and the work is paying off.Lleyton Hewitt is taking a different route to the Australian Open. He faced up to Milos Raonic at the Kooyong Classic, a fast-serving, hard-hitting beanstalk from Canada.Fired that at the body.It was difficult getting past the world number 15's huge spray. Lleyton Hewitt worked out the dimensions.Lleyton Hewitt is a maestro.There was very little in it. The third set was decided in a tie break. Hopefully it's the first of many victories for Lleyton Hewitt in Melbourne this summer. With predictions of a small crowd, Australian cricketers have been drumming up business for Friday's one-dayer against Sri Lanka at the MCG, with a bus trip through Melbourne. James Pattinson is on the comeback trail from injury. He'll return to club cricket this weekend. Lance Armstrong will give a tell-all interview to talk show queen Oprah Winfrey next week, sparking talk the disgraced cyclist will admit to doping. Today, allegations Lance Armstrong offered a $250,000 donation to the Anti Doping Agency. The organisation eventually exposed him as a drug cheat. Interesting to see what he says. Absolutely. Thank you, Tim.

cheat. Interesting to see what he
says. Absolutely. Thank you, Tim. Bushfires are burning out of control. We'll cross to fire headquarterss in a moment. First, Amber with the weather.We'll enjoy the mild conditions.

from the fire zones 6.30 Next on WI fires
News... The very latest on the C
fires around the region - We' re at is
Cooma and Yass where the situation o
is still out of control. Plus: what arson
one mayor says should happen to arsonists. That' s next. This program is not captioned.

Let's get a quick update on the bushfires. Natalia Cooper is at RFS headquarters. What are the main areas of concern?The fires causing the most concern at the moment is the blaze at Yass, the one at Cooma and Sussex Inlet. The fire at Yass is threatening homes. They are some of the 131 fires that are burning across NSW. 23 of those are still listed as out of control. Firefighters are worried things will get worse, with temperatures set to soar later in the week. Thank you. With more on that, here is Amber.

Thank you. With more on that, here
is Amber. Sydney was cool today compared to yesterday, with overcast skies and fresh and gusty winds, and tops of 25 in the city. It's 17 cooler than yesterday. Despite the relief, there's heat across the country. We have seen seven days above 39 degrees as a national average. A record-breaking heatwave is expected to continue for at least another week. Tomorrow - Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth will have hot conditions. Sydney will have a moderate day.

Looking ahead - Thursday will be cloudy but mild. The hot weather will return on Friday, with warm north-westerly winds moving in from central Australia. We are expecting tops of 33 degrees on Friday. It is the west that will bear the brunt of the heat - temps reaching 41 by Friday and 42 by Saturday. Unlike yesterday's dry conditions, the heat will be humid, making it feel hotter. That is Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have a good evening. From us all, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - T
arsonists. That' s next. Tonight... fir
Thousands of sheep killed, as the con
fire near Yass still burns out of
control. A home destroyed near Coom nationa
- the blaze moving towards a Bungend
national park. And: how these hist
Bungendore residents saved their historic homestead. Good evening, I fighti
m Danielle Post. Four days of st
fighting fires - and the region is still burning. We have two fire tha Y
are out of control, near Cooma and Yass. While on the coast, another i Su
moving closer to communities near a
Sussex Inlet. Residents around Yass
are tonight on standby, as a wall o out
flames moves east, 11 kilometres out of the town. The fire could jum thi
the River. Gabrielle Adams - has A
this report from the fire zone. ha
As you can see behind me this fire upo
has been just ferocious. Paddocks of
upon paddocks scorched - thousands inferno
of sheep have perished in the towar
inferno. And as the blaze races Co
towards the Yass township, the RFS t
Commissioner has labelled it one of 48
the most significant over the past hectar
48 hours. Seventeen thousand re
hectares of burnt-out land, A fire Th
reach of up to sixty kilometres. this
There is a very real threat from
this fire to more properties to mor weat
of the community subject to the c
weather conditions today. if it w
crosses the river, depending on the g
wind. Under a westerly wind it will w
go to Yass under a Southwesterly it Th
will take it up towards Bowning. that
There are hundreds of properties property
that need protecting - Our
property is not far from here and s we' re currently potentially in th line of it, depending how the wind goes so yes we' re on standby. Th with
Mayor able to only briefly meet sh
with the Premier - telling him how she thinks the state should deal sug
with arsonists. She had a great p
suggestion. We ought to bring these th
people down here to districts like
this and have them assist in puttin to death those sheep that have bee yo
injured in these fires because if ev
you did that once, you would never te
ever want to see it again. Up to ten thousand sheep have been lost. t
cost of around one million dollars inj
to farmers. Any number could be go
injured and of course when you' ve will
got a sheep injured by fire they destroye
will have to subsequently be hea
destroyed that is one of the most to
heart breaking things a farmer has outbuild
to do. Remarkably, only an J
outbuilding has been destroyed near thank
Jugiong. The Premier personally volunteer
thanked the hundreds of RFS live
volunteers who are putting their com
lives on the line to defend their
communities. Assisted from the sky Victori
reinforcement called in from aga
Victoria. I want to pay tribute
again to the brave men and women wh not only go out there and fight th thr
fires but those who support them through centres like this. +w i' ou
a land holder and you know you go h
out and help other land holders and hopefully they' ll return the favou hopefu
to you whatever happens which have
hopefully it doesn' t. There wor
have been around 150 firefighters working on this blaze today and the th
will continue to do so throughout ch
the night. They' re not taking any tempera
chances, ahead of the searing
temperatures that are predicted ove the coming days.

Residents in the Kybeyan Valley
near Cooma are unable to return hom spread
tonight, as the Yarrabin fire been
spreads. Evacuation centres have Monar
been set up at towns across the c
Monaro. Firefighters fear the blaze r
could intensify.WIN' s Luke Dufficy burni
reports. This fire has been a
burning since the weekend and there ou
are no signs it' s going to be put crew
out any time soon. Around twenty the
crews are battling the blaze from o
the ground and from the air. So far h
one shed, which was being used as a
home, has been destroyed, and aroun lost.
20 head of livestock have been temp
lost. This afternoon there was a condi
temporary lull in the dangerous streng
conditions, crews used that to however
strengthen containment lines, l
however that relief won' t last for days
long. It' s been a nervous few Val
days for residents in the Kybeyan