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(generated from captions) lost, some properties destroyed.And the assessment of all of that will be undertaken in the course of the next couple of days.I have with me Don Kelly, who was the regional controller yesterday, and Don may want to add a few more comments to what I have had to say.And then we are both very happy to take questions.Thank you. Just on behalf of CFA and DSE, to say to the community that the losses have been minimised, we will work with you to see where the operational improvements we can make, but in general although it has been Perth fire has been very well managed -- the fire has been very well managed.Any questions from anybody?Will there be any extra assistance from the state from those who have lost homes or property.We will see the assessments made as they occur over the course of the next couple of days and receive those reports but certainly in the first instance we will be looking to make emergency grants to people who are in actually in need of them. Should it be that we can establish that there are folk there who are desperate now to have personalised support. In terms of rebuild of private assets, we need to see what insurers are going to do in that regard. And as a matter of general course the insurance industry will look after the sorts of losses which have been suffered by the people who have lost their eight properties, the extent of damage to fencing and the like again we need to see the extent of all of that. And once that whole process is complete over the course of the next few days or however long it might take, we can then make an assessment as to the totality of the position.We had some residents say they didn't receive a text alert until two hours later. One lady was actually staring at a fire in her backyard for two hours. Do you consider that a well working system?I consider the system at large worked very well. The vast majority of people confirmed as I understand it at the meets this morning that they did receive the -- meeting this morning they did receive the alert. I do understand there was a lady particularly concerned in the way you have outlined and it may be subject to where she was situated when the alert was actually issued that she was not within the parameters of the alerts. But they are matters that will be checked in the review that's undertaken about the response, to the event just as Don has indicated and we will be able to tell more about that specifically once that work is done.Considering this was a recommendation from the royal commission and it's one you tick ed off on do you think you will untick it and actually pay more attention to it?I think the implication of that question is the system didn't work. The vast majority are saying the system worked and worked very, very well.That was reflected, again I understand in the course of commentary from the meeting this morning, and so therefore if it is that for whatever reason there was a person who did not receive the alert, there will be an enquiry conducted about all of this and the response to it just asdon has indicated -- as Don has indicated and that matter will be dealt with.Will are reports the CFA website crashed. That's the second time in less than a week. Is that concerning at all?The reports as I understand are confined to the maps. So the access to the site worked fine but there were issues at one stage in relation to the maps.And so being able to access the maps and so again that will be looked at very, very carefully.And imminently I might say.We want to make sure as Craig Lapsley has said in his role as the fire services commissioner that both the website and the app do function properly. They of course have been separated on to individual servers and the system has been working very, very well.Since that initial problem last week.So this again, that will be something that will be carefully examined.What are areas that you would like to see improved?Well the main areas that we are always concerned to ensure are the response, which is made by the agencies at the time, and in this case that would appear to have been absolutely first class, we want to make certain that the issues of interoperablity which have become a foundation of which we fight the fires function properly and without a doubt that's gone very well here between the CFA and DSE. 9 communications issues in the sense of the issues of the alerts have worked very well with the cave yalt that the lady to -- caveat to the lady you have radiotherapy of referred has expressed -- the lady you have referred has expressed concern and that will be checked out. Broadly the way people have engaged with the way the alerts have been issued have cuttinged themselves accordingly -- conducted themselves accordingly and we have been able to keep them safe. The primacy of life is the first and foremost issue. That was the fundamental point to which the recommendations of the commission went and thank goodness, and by the great efforts of many, many people, including the public at large, no lives have been lost. When you said there would be an enquiry into the alert system when can we expect a response on that?When I say an enquiry into the alert system, the one instance that of the lady who expressed concern, and this other issue about accessing to the maps, that will be something which will be undertaken immediately by the CFA. The principal thing about this is that on an ongoing basis as the season continues, we of course need to make sure as best we conceivably can the technology is appropriate to our needs. We took 12 million hits on the site in 12 hours last week, which was when it froze. It didn't crash. It froze. It was slow. But by the same token of course we want to address these issues. I think the other point to come out of it is there are various other avenues where bi-if people do have a particular difficulty in a particular time they can access the information they need. But that said we want the website and the app to work as advertised. And an enormous amount of effort has gone into addressing that since the problems arose last week.Considering this is technically the beginning of fire season and we are getting hotting from here on in are you worried this is going to happen again?We are always concerned to ensure that the systems in place work appropriately.So each time we have an event such as we have seen over the past 24 hours they are the subject of review, and we make sure if there are learnings out of that we apply those learnings and make certain we address whatever shortcomings there might beAnd as I have outlined that process will take its course. We want the website and the app to work as advertised, to function in a way which provides the sorts of warnings to people in the manner that we have indicated will be the case.But I do say again, should it be that a problem of that order arises, there are the various other avenues to be able to access information, but be that as it may, we do want the system to work. Many people didn't have access to removes last night, because of the power blackout. They were concerned that once they were evacuated from their homes that they weren't able to - weren't being kept well informed when they could go back to their home s or what was happening what could be done to improve that thank?The loss of power, for those who are running on 2 40 vault systems or variations, which therefore lead to Roos not being able to work -- Roos not being able to work -- radiois not being able to work, I would say that is of course a probable outcome of an event such as this. You have to allow for the fact the power is going to go off and I think it reasonable to say this is part of the basic planning associated with having a fire plan, putting it into operation because the probability is the power will go down.So you do need to have other means of being able to access the sort of information that you are require to keep yourself safe. You said the CFA's response was really good today. In terms of the resident s - is this a warning to them. What's your message to them. Not residents in this area.I'm not sure the two points necessarily connect. My observation was that on what I know to date the response by the CFA was first class, was the term I have used and I think that's so.In terms of people at large, across the state of Victoria who have seen on the television screens what has happened over the last 24 hours, I simply say that this is an absolutely clinical example of what we have been talking about over these part weeks and -- past weeks and months. The prospect this season is of fast running grass fires and that is what happened yesterday. This thing took off because a yut drove through a paddock -- a ute drove through a paddock. It sparked and the fire started. And away it went. And in a blink it was on top of this community, and 1200 hectares have been burnt out. Now, this is exactly what we have talked about and so when we are - when you ask me what is the message in this for the public at large, I simply say everybody must take care, take appropriate care, of the way in which they conduct themselves in their respective environments, do not put yourself in a position on a day such as we had yesterday, let alone one which is coming on Friday, where anything you are doing is likely to create a spark which in turn will start a fire.Because you see around you now, the probable outcome of any such event.Thank you.

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