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Our African zebra milk tart is
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I do hope you've enjoyed today's
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This program is not captioned. Son This programme is captioned live. We begin with the bushfire thread across New South Wales and Victoria. 130 fires are burning in New South Wales. 24 of those foreign controlled. The worst places are at Sussex Inlet on the south coast, Lithgow and near the border with a ACT.

In Victoria, major fires burning east of Ballarat are now under control and there are no longer threatening homes. Firefighters are desperately trying to put out spot fires before conditions worsen again late in the week.

This is the latest information:

Let's get all the details on those places in New South Wales. Our reporter is that one of the hot spots, Cooma, in the States south. 130 fires still burning around the state. What are the main danger areas?The main areas of concern are the area around Cooma, also Yass and the teams gathered fire near Sussex Inlet. The latest information we have is that it is still out of control. There are 27 fire trucks on the scene. 120 firefighters and eight aircraft. It has already burned 4,000 hectares of land. The Princes Highway has been reopened. Authorities are warning that it could close again. The fire will take several days to control. The RFS is asking people to stay vigilant. The situation near Yass is not good either. From there is a large fire burning in the direction of the town. It has already burnt 17,000 hectares of land. At the situation around the state still is not looking good. What is the latest we why now?The conditions have improved somewhat here. That has given firefighters an idea of just how widespread the blazes. We know that over 5,000 hectares have burned and 4,000 of those were actually burned out just yesterday. Evacuated residents are returning to some areas. One home was lost yesterday morning. Fire authorities are saying there could be more property last, but it is most likely going to be machinery sheds or farming sheds. They are saying it is just amazing that there are not more houses that have been lost. They are putting that down to some really great work from the volunteer firefighters. The fire itself is turning into the national park. Authorities say that the deeper it burns into the park, the longer it is going to take to put out. They say the only way to put it out could actually be a heavy rainfall and that might not happen for weeks. On the ground, firefighters are taking the respite from the wind and taking the opportunity to do some back burning and try and control the flames. String thing existing Container Lines and plaguing -- blacking out by edges where possible. With the cooler conditions the fire will tend to settle down a bit. It gives the crews on the ground a far better chance to black out and bring the edges in.The fire authorities here are also warning people to stay vigilant, especially those people are Vivienne areas that are currently in front of the fires of -- fire's front line. We are going to get an update on and out of control place which is burning in Lithgow. A reporter is at the RFS headquarters for us. What is the latest with that place? This place is small but is proving very hard to fight. At the moment there are 50 firefighters on the ground, three water Bombers and also three bulldozers that are trying to contain the blaze. The problem is that the winds are very unpredictable and they are changing Eilat. That is causing headaches for firefighters. Also, the terrain out there is making displays very difficult to fight.It is so hard to believe, given the conditions, but there is some suggestion this fire may have been deliberately lit?It is being treated as suspicious and being investigated. The RFS here says that there are no natural causes and here is what authorities had to say a short time ago.Our investigations today have confirmed our beliefs that this was a deliberately lit fire.It is stupidity to even consider lighting a fire on days like this. It is madness.From RFS headquarters, that's all for now. At least eight homes have been destroyed by a large grass fire in Victoria's central west. A 120- year-old history at Homestead has been lost in the blaze which broke out 30 kilometres west of Ballarat. The fire has been contained, but it has burned through nearly 1,200 hectares. It is believed a spark from a ute may have sparked the blame -- flames. Tony Abbott has joined in the fire- fighting efforts on the New South Wales south coast, driving a tanker to the fire front near Nowra today. We caught up with him and we will have all the details are a little later in the Bolton.

have all the details are a little
later in the Bolton. If you need any information on the bushfires, you can call the fire service. Residents should call the number on screen.

Still ahead: Brisbane bakes in scorching temperatures. We will have the latest on bush fires that have just broken out in the state. Also, how way common cooking ingredient could help treat high blood pressure. And amazing video of a dolphin frenzy.

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This program is not captioned.

To Queenslander, where the residents at Bribie Island have been told to prepare their homes by a bushfire. We go live to our reporter who has the details. What is the latest on the fire situation?The situation has worsened this afternoon and a couple of hours ago authorities issued a watch and act for residents in certain areas of Bribie Island. The spire has been burning for a couple of days, but largely in the State Forest. Today, with the oppressive heat conditions we have had in the south-east and a northerly wind change, it has move towards properties. There are a number of cruise on the ground, as well as water bombing helicopters. When we spoke to the Queensland fire service they said they might not be able to protect all properties. SES volunteers have gone to it a number of the houses that front on to the fire and some people have decided it is better to be safe than sorry and have decided they will evacuate. More resources will be tasked to this place, but we need to emphasise that a watch and act message has been issued for certain areas of Bribie Island. People need to start thinking about preparing the bushfire plan or alternatively they need to start thinking about leaving their homes. Further afield it is not the only fire burning in Queensland. Bring us up to date.That is correct. We have had hot conditions west of the city. Ipswich had close to 40 degrees. In the Darling Downs there is a fire. It is a fast moving plays and though it is not impacting on any properties directly, fire crews on the ground say conditions bad -- other bed they cannot really roll out any potential problems.Our priority is that we protect the houses that we currently have.There will be some respite tomorrow, with some cooler temperatures, but things will start to read up again for the weekend. More high temperatures are forecast, along with that a higher danger. Now to a breakthrough in the treatment of high blood pressure. New research says Gullit can help law blood pressure to a similar degree as frontline medications. -- garlic. Our medical reporter joins us now with the details. Take us through the results.The study looked at a particular type of garlic called aged garlic extract. About 70 people took part in the study and research has found that taking two capsules a day was enough. It was safe and effective that lowering blood pressure. researchers from the University of Adelaide say there is a particular ingredient that is potent enough found in other forms of garlic. I spoke to the Heart Foundation earlier today and what they welcome the results they say people should not be substituting existing medication.It is part of the vegetable family and is important to include in a healthy diet, but we are not recommending that people throw away the medication. The fact is this is an interesting finding, however, more studies would need to be done to confirm the findings. The mild sound effects that were reported in the study included flatulence and brief works. -- side-effects. Many of the participants were over the age of 70, so researchers say there is a possibility to extend the trial. Millions of Australians live with high blood pressure, so this research is vital.This new year, we encourage all those people that have not had a heart health check to do so. It is one of the best things that you can do to ensure that if you do have a problem such as high blood pressure it is being detected.As you have heard, prevention is the key to protecting your heart. A Rudolph and stampede has been captured on video in California. The huge pot of around 1,000 dolphins over -- extremely rare event, with lines of dolphins churning up the water For over a kilometre. The unusual behaviour happens without warning and experts say it something may have frightened them. Still to come: Police search for a group of Smurfs involved in an attack in Melbourne. The latest retail figures are out as major supermarkets/prices. And a giant snake or wakes from his some were -- slumber just in time for a feed. Right now, let's have Tonight - arsonists suspected of lighting fires that have burned dangerously close to homes in Lithgow, and at Barden Ridge in Sydney's south. The emergency isn't over yet - we'll be live with the latest on the fires that are still burning out of control. A car bursts into flames on the M4 at Eastern Creek, threatening to spread into bushland. It was still 34 degrees at midnight in Sydney - and we're set to be hit by another 40 degree day. Bill Pulver, the father of collar bomb hoax victim Madeline, says he's found his true calling as he's appointed to a major new sports role. And Coles unleashes its new round of price cuts - but not everyone's getting a good deal. Join me for Nine News at 6:00pm. This program is not captioned. MAN: The get-together.

It comes in many different forms - the wedding, the farewell...

..the catch-up...

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the girls' night out, the Sunday lunch and the reunion. It's magic bringing people together.
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Another man has been attacked and robbed by a group of men dressed as the Smurfs. Security vision so as the group at a convenience store just moments before the 37-year-old was set upon at Pascoe Vale in the city's north. The robbery happened in the early hours of December 16th and anyone with information is urged to call police. There is more bad news for the nation struggling retailers, with disappointing new sales figures. We go to it our reporter in Sydney. How bad is this news?.It certainly was not the pre-Christmas kick that retailers were hoping for. In fact, of retail sales fell 0.1% for the month of November. Already there are concerns that the sale figures for December will not be any good either. Retailers say that it is the on going rise in online shopping that is to blame.We are certainly hoping that November would have a bit of a Bobbin Head, given that there had been an improvement in confidence figures. -- bumpy in it. People did not buy anything large. This is bad news going into the first part of the county year, because that is always the softest part of the year for retail.The bad news for retailers is good news for shoppers. I have been told they will be plenty of bargains on offer throughout 2013. Meantime the supermarket wars are already heating up for this year. Coles has fired the first shot for 2013, extending its campaign to 100 of its own branded products. These will have reduced prices that are locked in for six months. All -- although the company says it is a windfall for customers, consumer groups are worrying that it is forcing many of the existing products and brands off the shelf. Many of the shoppers I have spoken to say they really do not care about that. What matters to them is quality, taste and price. Rovers have cut their way through five businesses in an overnight crime spree in Brisbane South. They smashed their way into the complex through a back door. A butcher's knife was used to go through the walls of four shops. The thieves stole cash, computers and cameras. Staff at the a stream of top Park have weighed their most famous animal. Atomic Betty tipped the scales at a colossal 139 kilograms. To make kilograms heavier than last year. It takes six keepers to catch and hold the 6.5 metre-long Python. Betty is fed a whole Gould -- whole goat, which she swallows whole. It takes about a week to digest it. Still to come: We will have the very latest information on the bush fires burning across New South Wales. We are also live in Victoria where firefighters are desperately trying to put out spot fires. They eat with heads north - details on the situation across Queensland as the state swelters. And gadgets galore. We will take a tour of the world's biggest electronics show.

This program is not captioned. hundre
Good afternoon, More than one b
hundred and twenty firefighters are
battling a blaze west of Yass. It' thre
crossed Burrinjuck road and has t
threatened rural properties. Around the
twenty fires are still burning in h
the region. A change in the weather re
has helped crews. A total fire ban So
remains in place across all of New leas
South Wales and the ACT until at d
least midnight. We' ll have all the details from 6:30.

This program is not captioned. It's a one stop shop for all the latest and greatest TVs, phones and gadgets. And don't be fooled - the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas isn't just a place for big boy's toys - there's also plenty there to make life a little bit easier. A neon fueled, jostling, rolling crush of electronics and the people who love them - swiping, touching, dancing and staring in awe.

awe. Exhibitors are everywhere. 3,300 exhibitors. Also this size. There are four of them. 45 acres or 18 hectares of exhibition space. 150,000 people aged day going through here. It is mayhem. There is no way I can bring you everything but I have selected a few of the things making the buzz this year. If you want some electronics wow factor you do not have to look further than this. The Samsung jailed UTV. The TV looks like it has to images overlaid. It has two different programs running at the same time. But when you put on these 3D glasses and touch this button, it transmits either one or the other of those images coming through. Two people can watch the same TV watching two different programs listening to different audio at the same time. You can switch between the two by hitting the bottom. This will be a saviour in the lounge rooms of Australia. You have seen these before, you wonder why I have come to an Expo to show you robotic floor cleaners. It is huge. The same people making the floor cleaners for for robots have made this. A wind bopped. This thing sucks on to the window. It plugs into mains power and works out the dimensions of the window and cleans it while you sit there. That makes you a lot lazier and the

That makes you a lot lazier and the
windows You're watching Nine's Afternoon News. Here's what's making news right now. The bushfire crisis is continuing across several states. Right now, NSW remains the greatest concern with 130 fires burning. 24 of them are uncontained. Shattered residents in Victoria have told how they lost their homes in a blaze near Ballarat. Eight properties were destroyed, including an historic homestead. And in Queensland, it's been a scorcher across the south east. Thick smoke is blanketing Bribie Island, we'll have an update on the blaze - and searing temperatures across the state. Fire has claimed one home in the Riverina region despite cooler conditions giving fire crews the upper hand. For the latest, we're joined by Nine's Matthew Snelson on the phone. What's the latest on the fire near Yass? It is very much out of control and going towards the township of Yass. It was 14 kilometres away earlier this morning and it has moved three kilometres due to the strong wind and hot conditions firefighters are facing. Stories of loss are emerging here. In terms of livestock and some property. Behind me, this charred wreckage. It was a historic Shearer's shed. This was a property that has been in the family for six generations. Pretty devastating to see. Down the road, another historic building attached to this property from the 1820s has been charged by the fire that came up over this deli at seven o'clock last night. I'm not sure how started but there was a massive wall of flames. A 30 metre high wall of flames. A short distance away was the house, it came to metres from the house. There are a number of sheep which have died and more they will have to be put down to to infection. One fund lost 600 sheep. Huge financial losses with these fires. The fires at what I contained. Firefighters are getting the upper hand. The finals of Bega is not causing as many problems today. People who had to take refuge have had to go home this morning. This weekend they will be very warm temperatures. Firefighters trying to get the handle on this Yass fire before there warm temperatures and strong wind return. The premier has been in town. What has he said. He has expressed his shock and sadness at the widespread devastation. He had words for the commissioner. He said the threat was far from over. He said it was incredible no homes had been lost. It was after the hard work and dedication of all there firefighters involved in the fire. There are 50 tankers and water bombing helicopters including a huge air crane fighting. And the Premier expressed his desire to see harsher penalties for arsonists who start fires. Some of the fires we have seen across the state.I commend the Commissioner and all of those involved because we did get through yesterday without the loss of life, without the loss of homes and given what we were facing, that is a remarkable achievement.

is a remarkable achievement.And some some residents hearing said news who have been impacted by this fire is a continues to make its way towards Yass. A lot of rebuilding as well. Let's get more details on the large bushfire at Lithgow in the Blue Mountains. Bring us up to speed. What is the latest?It has been very touch and go for most of the day. At the moment, fire crews have the upper hand. The fire is under control. A different story to what we heard earlier today. 20 cruise on the ground and three water bombing helicopters. The fire started at 20 past four this morning. Residents close to the fire were woken by police and dozens chose to evacuate. Many of those people not wanting to take the chance of something going wrong. As crews have been trying to put the fire out. Police have been trying to investigate how it started. It would appear it has been deliberately lit. Police have found three separate ignition points. In have been trying to work out with residents if anyone saw or heard anything suspicious around that period early this morning. No arrests yet, but an investigation is under way. We spoke to the police about the situation earlier. We have spoken to a number of people to today him were involved in Aasen in previous years. Those inquiries are continuing.It is stupidity to even consider lighting a fire during days like this. It is madness.There are disturbing. Especially given the conditions we have seen across the state. This fire is now under control. Fire crews are planning to do back burning tonight. The biggest problem is the unpredictable wind. If any of the embers jump ahead of the fire, it will cause big problems, several spot fires could be a risk. A huge job for firefighters in Lithgow. The damage bill for Victoria's bushfires has already topped $9 million. One small town near Ballarat has been left devastated with at least 8 properties destroyed, ncluding a priceless historic homestead. Police are hunting an arsonist after three fires were deliberately lit in Melbourne's north west overnight. This afternoon, fire authorities confirmed the blaze started just after three o'clock on Tuesday when a you'd caught fire in a Palm paddock. Two men were taken to Ballarat base hospital to be treated for burns. The fire moved fast across grass, it destroyed a times including the historic farmhouse, an old-style homestead it was taken to the ground. The maintenance men picking through the rubble today. He spoke to us this morning.Shocked and devastated. We will start tidying up and up rebuilding.The owners have returned the property and we are devastated. But the one good news is a farm hand took a quad bike and saved billions of dollars worth of Black Angus cattle, pushing them off the property. Similar stories of sadness around town. A meeting in Snake Valley around 1030 this morning, a meeting place for those who have lost times. Earlier we made a couple who decided to leave their property about three o'clock Tuesday afternoon. The fire moving through and destroying the property half an hour later.It has spent the ground. There was nothing left. I have heard people say mum. I've never quite understood numb. I know what it means. I know what it means now. There is just an emptiness. Not the only ones, with eight homes destroyed as the result of this bushfire. The SES are putting out the hot spots around the area. And maintenance teams are putting the electricity back on and taking down the trees that could provide danger to the roads. A lot of work to be done over the next few days especially with a hot day coming up on Friday. Fire authorities remain on alert. Police are hunting an arsonist after three fires were deliberately lit in Melbourne's north west overnight. The blaze threatened several properties and an aged care home. Nine's Chloe Bugelly filed this report from East Keilor. It has been a terrifying night for residence on Melbourne's outskirts. Three deliberately lit fires all in the proximity of this gully. With the strong wind, it did not take much for the flames to whip up and lap at the from fences of homes. At eight o'clock last night, crews called to the first fire near Broome the back road. It burnt 10 hectares of grass and scrub and came dangerously close to a power station. Aasen struck here at East Keilor. A hectic year of grassland. At 130 this morning, arsonists struck at Stirling drive, a very busy residential street. The only thing separating residents from the fire front was a railway line. Residents were terrified as they thought they would lose the Times.The claims were six feet high. Pretty close. We did think there was a good chance she would reach the house.All three fires are believed to have been deliberately lit. Police are hunting for a group of local youths who are believed to be responsible. Anyone with any information is being encouraged to come forward. People are losing properties, people are getting hurt. For someone to deliberately light a fire is gruesome.Given the weather conditions at the moment, the authorities say what happened about the East Keilor euro should serve his a warning to residents living on the outskirts of Melbourne. Grassland is long and try and arsonists can cause a lot of serious damage. 20 Victorian police have joined the search for residents missing. 730 properties have been searched. Chilly conditions around the state have helped firefighters gain upper hand against 30 blazes across the state. Returning to the fire situation in Queensland. A sudden wind change this afternoon is challenging fire fighters as they work to contain more than 20 blazes across the state. North of Brisbane, at Bribie Island, some residents have chosen to leave, and camping grounds have been closed. We have been told to evacuate. We're a bit nervous.

evacuate. We're a bit nervous.
Authorities are warning some residents to prepare for a bushfire. Bill Pulver, the father of collar bomb hoax victim Madeline has been named the CEO of the Australian Rugby Union. The new chief says his whole family loves Rugby - and he's finally found what he wants to do with his life.I have for the last 20 years been a chief executive working in a very diverse range of industries and now I feel incredibly privileged to be able to take those CEO skills and apply them to the game I love.Mr Pulver took the chance to confirm he won't be sacking embattled coach Robbie Deans. Lleyton Hewitt in form ahead of the Australian Open? A tough win for the former world number one over a big-hitting opponent. While Bernard Tomic muscled up at the Sydney International. And the Aussie cricketers hit the road to promote friday's one dayer at the MCG. This program is not captioned.

A new attitude continues to pay off for Bernard Tomic. He remains unbeaten this year after another impressive performance at the Sydney International. Tomic got the better of fifth seed, Florian Mayer, winning 7-6, 6-2. Going into this match, Florian Myer had the wood on Bernard. But Bernard Tomic was ready to tough it out. The shirt change was not so good. Although he had one fan he played up to. But not on his game at the moment, Bernard Tomic has beaten everyone he has played so far this year. At the AAMI Classic, Leyton Hewitt took on a giant Canadian. For Leyton Hewitt a good day in the office. They levelled during the second set and the coach did not like the look of that. But later and you -- Leyton Hewitt beat the world number 15.

Earlier, the French manner showed clear against wonder of opera. But he saw off this challenge. Forever the entertainer, he walked off his world challenge game against Mats the Lander. He just did what the commentators. The French star won the who the competition but lost the match. Missing in action for almost two months, James Pattinson will make his return in grade cricket this weekend. But today he was promoting Australia's upcoming one day series, leading a party bus around Melbourne. The party is getting started ahead of Australia's first one day international against Sri Lanka. It looks good but there. I will go up there and have a DJ sown. What can we expect on the party boss. Some music pumping a few girls dancing. It looks pretty good. We will have some good times and see a few people. Do you have time off to enjoy the bus more than others? I have 20 minutes here and then I have to go back to training. How far away do you think you are with your training?I have eight overs at dander long. I hope I can slot back into the one day team.The have in your problems over the last 12 months, you have to take a cautious approach?Writer Goodes be. -- I am back into the swing of things and things are going well. All are best with that. Let us get the party started. Another cruel blow for one of the AFL's young stars. Fremantle Docker Anthony Morabito injuring his knee at training again. It's feared the luckless 21-year-old will require his 3rd knee reconstruction in two years. Meanwhile, as Melbourne slugged it out in a time trial, a key trio were cleared of any wrongdoing in a boozy day out at the cricket. The club says James Frawley, Jeremy Howe and Lynden Dunn were never evicted from the MCG. America's Dustin Johnson has picked up the first win of the 2013 PGA tour season in Hawaii. The Tournament of Champions was shortened to 3 rounds because of strong winds, although

strong winds, although Johnson still got himself to 16 under par. Marc Leishman was the only Aussie to qualify for the tournament, he was 23rd. The 4th stage of the Dakar Rally finished abruptly for a couple of competitors, with one lucky not be crushed by his Quad in the race across Peru. The stage proved to be one of the toughest so far. France's Stephane Peterhansel finished 3rd to retain his overall lead. Still to come on Nine's Afternoon News - all the finance and the latest weather with Livinia Nixon.

Tonight: Devastating scenes as fire
thousands of sheep perish in the wes
fire still burning out of control ea
west of Yass. And, fears the blaze nat
east of Cooma could spread to the fr
national park. We' ll have reports from the fire zones 6.30 This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: How to make a Domino's
Meatlovers even more amazing - add succulent pork, Aussie grilled beef and smoky bacon rashers. Then top it
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This program is not captioned. Australia recorded its hottest day on record. Maximums where average doubt. Monday was otters day since records began. Gusty hot ones have been generated today by these troughs stretching across the country. He'd has continued to build up through the interior. Temperatures for the south-east have dropped slightly. Maximums have been in the mid-twenties through the south.

Tomorrow tropical cyclone will intensify to a truck called -- category for. Rainfall will be heaviest for the Kimberley. Around the country :

Another of warm day for Sydney.

A warm glow of 23.

No relief from the heat for Alice Springs. On Friday, the cyclone will track over the Perth coast. Heat is building up further. Friday, temperatures in the higher the 80s for Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra.

In finance, the share market has closed higher, bidding goodbye to 3 days of losses. The All Ordinaries was up 17 points. And in currency, the Aussie dollar is worth 105.1 US cents, 65 British pence, and 80 euro cents.

That is it for today. Goodbye. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is not captioned. Hello, everybody, and welcome
to the Millionaire Hot Seat. Tonight we've got six contestants
ready to play for $1 million. Hopefully somebody, though, will win
a big enough chunk of change to change their life. It might be just to pay
off the credit cards, the holiday of a lifetime, the
new car, the school fees - something! That's what we want to give away
tonight. Let's give our contestants
a big round of applause. Everybody give them
a well wish tonight.

Let's meet our contestants -
and they are Natalie Hill... She's appeared on TV before
with a couple of big stars - Agro and Marty Monster. Bridget McLennan's
three biggest fears in life are birds, fish and disco balls. With a win, Adrian Sutherland would pack up and move to Japan
or Broken Hill. There you go! Lachlan O'Brien won a trip to Paris for his pieces of music
on the evolution of life on earth. When Billy Joel asked Alex Faris
for the time, he replied, "Why,
it's 9 o'clock on a Saturday." Simonne Celestine
loves Native American culture and wants to build
a teepee in her yard. There you go.

Ah, good group of people tonight. Natalie Hill's first up.
Let's go, Natalie. Come on.

Buckle up. Welcome aboard.
Thank you. Natalie is 39.
A passionate tupperware merchant. Yes. I get to run my own business from
homeand sell a fantastic product. It is a good product,
the old tupperware. Everyone loves a bit of tupperware. When you get it, it's fantastic. Organise your pantry
and all that sort of stuff... Yep. They've got something
for everyone. Do they still have
tupperware parties? Absolutely. That's what I do. Whenever I go to work, I'm going
to a party. It's good fun. What about these other parties
women seem to have these days? Yeah, I don't know
about those parties. No? You just stick to the tupperware.
That's it. Just good old plastic. David, your husband. Hi, David.
G'day, Eddie. Welcome aboard, mate. Good luck.
Thank you. Natalie, let's go. You've got
Patrick, who's 5, Joe, who's 3. You ready to play Millionaire?
Absolutely. Let's play Hot Seat. Go.


Um...Yeah, I'd be pretty confident
to say it's D, Freudian Slip. Locked in. Correct for $100.



Yeah, very, very important charity. It's SIDS and Kids, so lock in A. Lock in A, SIDS and Kids.
Correct for $200.

SIDS being
sudden infant death syndrome. $300. (READS QUESTION)

It's not taco and it's not tortilla.
Um, and jalapeno... I'm pretty confident it's
enchilada - "the whole enchilada" - so I'm going to lock in C. Lock in C, the full enchilada's
correct for $300.



Yeah, right in my kind of era so I'm again pretty confident
to lock in B, 'Vogue'. 'Vogue's locked in. Did you do a bit of vogue-ing
around the dancefloor, did you? In the '90s, absolutely.
Give me a bit of 'Vogue'. Bust a move for me, Natalie.
Come on, 'Vogue' for me. Come on, you've got to
give me the pose. You know the... That one. You've got to...
Yeah, I'm not a dancer, so... Yeah. Go on, give me something.
(LAUGHS) There it is. That'll do.
$500 - correct.

$1,000. First safe level.


It's definitely in Canberra -
I've been there. So C - lock in C. Lock in C, Canberra.
Canberra's correct for $1,000. (AUDIENCE CHEERS)

The grand prix in the early 2000s
in Melbourne. Yes. You went along.
I went quite a few years. The company I worked for then
had a marquee on one of the... You were told that Jackie Stewart
was coming along. Yeah, I was so excited. I pretended that I knew
who Jackie Stewart was and then later onI went to Dave, I
said, "Oh, Jackie Stewart's coming? "Who is she?" And of course Jackie Stewart is a
very famous male formula one driver. Very famous, yes.
A three-time world champion. The great Scotsman, Jackie Stewart. Yeah. So it was
a little bit embarrassing. That's a lot embarrassing, actually.
Yeah. Hey, Natalie, you're going
beautifully. $1,500 is next and we're going to play for it
after this on the Hot Seat.

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