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(generated from captions) And it's just great to see
the rest of the group, how they're interacting with her, and that level of acceptance within
the group already is great to see. I mean,
the group is so incredibly calm. And you know, you just look
back up at Kibabu and think, "God, he's just done
such a great job again, hasn't he?" (LAUGHS) Moyla is so incredibly relaxed
and she's such a confident mum. You know, it's just so good
to see her. I mean, it's times like this
when it just makes you so glad that you're a part of their lives and you get to be part of
such a fantastic breeding program and, yeah, it just makes it
all worthwhile, it's great.

This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - the latest on the Ballarat fire, where people have been injured
and homes destroyed.

A hectic night in New South Wales as the battle to fight fires there

The bushfire threat
spreads to Queensland, with campers evacuated
from Bribie Island.

And amidst the clean-up in Tasmania,
the fight to save injured animals.

This is Seven News afternoon edition with Robert Ovadia.

Good afternoon. The battle to save lives
and property continues across south-eastern Australia despite cooler conditions
in many areas. One of the most devastating fires
erupted near Ballarat, where seven people have been hurt
and eight houses destroyed - among the properties
burnt to the ground, an historic
multimillion-dollar homestead.

It was an out-of-control grassfire
that sprang up and unleashed itself on the historic homestead
near Ballarat. What started as an ember in the roof soon took hold
of the 120-year-old house. Was a substantial
historical building and it would probably
run into many millions of dollars. Crews were unable to save
another 7 houses and 10 sheds. More than 1,000 hectares
were burnt out. It's believed a farmer's ute
sparked the fire yesterday afternoon. The fire started under
a fairly brisk south-westerly wind and it pushed the fire fairly hard. A father and son were burnt as they
tried to stop the flames spreading. They attempted to fight the fire
themselves and they suffered
some superficial burns. In New South Wales, a grassfire moved dangerously fast
overnight at Jugiong, near Yass. Firefighters battled frantically
to save dozens of homes. They're pinning their hopes
on a cool change. I'm hoping there's a front
coming through and what we're hoping is
when it comes through, it'll turn the fire more northerly
and bank it up against this highway and hopefully we can stop it. A fire continues to burn
in rugged bushland near Cooma, destroying a small cottage. Strong winds up to 100km/h
fanned flames at Bungendore, near the ACT border.

A convoy of crews
attacked the blaze. Many farmers stayed to fight as the fire tore towards
property and cattle. Pretty hairy, and we thought we were
pretty well prepared but our fuel filter's let us down. Kings Highway was closed,
stranding travellers for hours. Yeah, could go any day. Really? How far along are you? About 38.5.

Gives us a chance to stop
and play some guitar. On the coast at Sussex Inlet, families were forced
to sleep in their cars overnight. I've got two in the back,
another one over here. In Sydney,
it was so hot after dark, hundreds flocked to Bondi Beach
for a midnight swim. It's nice and warm but in the water,
it's nice and cool, so it's awesome. Temperatures finally plunged
10 degrees around 4am. The scorching conditions
have now moved north to Queensland. Parts of the Sunshine State face a severe fire threat
and extreme temperatures until the end of the week.

Live now to Brendan Roberts
at Snake Valley near Ballarat. Brendan, what's the latest
on the fire that raged through that area
last night? At this

At this stage, the fire has been contained. While it is still burning, it is an Manny Lynch. But comes as great relief for locals in surrounding communities. At this stage yesterday, it was burning at its most fierce. The most significant of those homes burned yesterday was Carngham Station. An iconic building. Thankfully, no lights have been lost. Seven people, including a father and son, have been taken to hospital suffering burns as a result of this blaze. Brendan, you've spoken to the
groundkeeper at Carngham Station. What did he have to say?

He spoke of the efforts of staff at the station. He also spoke to me about the moment the 100 years of local history literally went up in flames.

When it was burning
from across the road, it was quite serious early on. No visibility and a lot of smoke. But when this place caught up,
it was pretty much calmed down and we thought we were safe and just saw fire start
in one corner of the house and the CFA were here with me and we just couldn't do anything
about it. Obviously the cooler weather
is helping firefighters in Victoria. Are there any other blazes
still of concern?

The weather here has been a godsend for firefighters. Helping to manage this blaze and also to build on the containment line start firefighters worked on overnight. It is the same story in south-west and Victoria, where communities of Drik Drik and Dartmoor came under threat in recent days. That threat has been downgraded, mostly as a result of the chord change that swept through yesterday which brought heavy rain. -- cool change.

There are still more than 30 fires burning out of control
in New South Wales. For an update, we're joined by Rural Fire Service
deputy commissioner Rob Rogers. Deputy Commissioner,
what's the latest on the fire that's burning near Lithgow,
to the west of Sydney? I can report that fire has been contained.

contained. Firefighters worked furiously to about the day to protect properties and they have contained the fire, which is good news.Is the fire near Nowra still out of control?But fire is not contained at all but there is no immediate threat to property. The fire is down there. The fire down at Wagga Wagga and around other suburbs are still burning. There has been some property threats this afternoon but luckily nothing has been destroyed apart from that one property that was destroyed and was mentioned earlier in the Bolton. We still have these dozens of fires to contain before a return to warmer weather on Friday, Saturday and potentially Sunday.One house lost in the fire in Cooma. What was the circumstances?It was only discovered today. It was in a very hidden location and the family reported to police that they had lost that dwelling and fire authorities and police went there and confirmed there was a distraction of the home. I have no further information apart from that it was in quite a secluded spot. Thank you for your time.

Edwina Bartholomew is at
the fire front near Sussex Inlet on the New South Wales south coast. Eddie, hundreds of holiday makers
have been stranded by that fire. Is the Princes Highway open
at the moment? We are on the highway now

We are on the highway now have to Sussex Inlet. This is where the fire crossed over the road late last night. It has been closed for much of the morning and it has been shut down on and off throughout the afternoon. The Deans Gap fire is burning over 4,100 hectares. Early this morning, it was burning over 2,500. It has almost doubled it -- doubled in size. They are throwing everything they have at this. 143 Fire Service volunteers as well as strike forces are out there battling displays at the moment. They have 27 tracks on the same. They have been helped by aircraft. Really tried to get a grip on this fire before conditions worsened towards the weekend. So many firefighters. One in particular gaining attention? That would be Tony Abbott. He arrived driving one of the fire trucks. He has been a volunteer for about 12 years. This is what he had to say.Everyone here today is doing a terrific job by the local community.

The New South Wales
Rural Fire Service - about 70,000 volunteers. Tens of thousands of them
on standby or in action over the next few days.

It has been heard by Rob Rogers this fire is far from contained. No threat at the moment but they are warning residents not to become complacent about this towards the weekend.

The New South Wales Premier
inspected the fire damage in the town of Jugiong. Barry O'Farrell used the opportunity to thank volunteers
for their hard work. Our reporter Alex Hart caught up
with the Premier a short time ago. I am joined by the NSW Premier, who has been meeting some volunteers. He is to wring some of

He is to wring some of the affected areas. What I your first impressions. -- he is making a tour. Estimates of 10,000 sheep killed in one district is a huge impact. What is remarkable is not just the optimism of the farmers but also of the firefighters. I met a volunteer who lost his own property while he was fighting a fire. Great sacrifices made.Conditions have improved today. They are forecast to get worse, particularly on the weekend.We are not out of the woods. We should not turn down our vigilance. Continue to listen to media, continue to obey what emergency services say.You have expressed some frustration and anger at those young accused in Sydney. What can you do?We are talking to the Attorney General to see what we can do. People once convicted have to confront the consequences.

Queensland authorities
are also on high fire alert, with hot temperatures set
to continue over the next few days. Campers have been evacuated
from Bribie Island, just north of Brisbane, as crews battle a serious bushfire. Reporter Chloe Baker is there. Chloe, are any properties
under threat?

The fire fund is burning one, to a behind me. Crews have been battling through the afternoon trying to protect the properties. Authorities have been monitoring the situation throughout the day. By lunchtime, the wind had changed direction. That prompted them to issue an alert to homeowners suggesting they have a bushfire plan in place or potentially relocate to a safer area. Campus have already been evacuated. We were here when homeowners started to show up. Here is what some of them had to save.

Wetting down everything
and packed up all my kids. One Direction stuff,
so you know it's serious. We're just getting everything out. We've got three more caravans,
another two boats yet. People are taking this threat seriously. The fire is burning in a

northerly direction. If it is to impact this area, it will happen roughly within the next 4- 24 hours. For the meantime, Bribie Island is trekking in thick, black smoke and ash as water Bombers continue to fly overhead. -- choking.

Police are using the calmer conditions to search buildings? They had searched through the ruins of more than 800 homes in the bushfire as time. At least 126 are either completely destroyed or significantly damaged. Major bushfires continue to burn out of control across the state, including one fire which has claimed more than 22,000 hectares of land. Police say it is too dangerous for residents to return home. Many animals have also been left hungry or hurt? That is right. That number is expected to be in their thousands. The RSPCA centre in a team of vets this morning into the bushfire area to treat sick animals. Animal hospitals have also been caring for rescued pets who have suffered severe burns. There are fears of many more are still stranded.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - all the latest hi-tech gadgets
on show. And the wedding ceremony
that ran out of hot air.

Graeme's Apia experience, taken
from a real flood claims call. (PHONE RINGS) Hey, Graeme.
It's Ray here from Apia. How you going?
Oh, not bad. Starting to almost feel
normal selves again. (LAUGHS)
Oh, well, that's good to hear. I just can't have
enough praise and admiration for what you've done for us. It's kept us
with our heads above water. Pardon that pun too.
(LAUGHS) If you're over 50, Apia makes home
insurance a rewarding experience. Call 13 50 50 for a chat today.

The future has arrived in Las Vegas as a record number of exhibitors
reveal their latest technological
inventions from around the world. Reporter Mike Amor
is among thousands of people visiting
the Consumer Electronics Show.

Rob, this is a bloke's dream
come true - a 110-inch TV. It is going to be released
in Australia this year. It is not going to be
in my living room anytime soon - not in the least,
because of the price. It is going to be
tens of thousands of dollars. 20,000 new products like this one
will be released here at the Consumer Electronics Show,
the largest tech show on the planet, over the next few days. Like the TV, we are using glasses. You can watch two different shows
all on the one TV, all at once, ending the squabble
over what's on TV at night. Or the smart washing machines
and fridges that can talk to each other - they can send you an email The small screens are also
gaining attention too because they are central
to the ecosystem now - the connected ecosystem
where they are sharing content, we're connecting to other devices, controlling other devices
with our smartphones and tablets. After years of watching
mobile phones get smaller, suddenly, they are going
the other way - they are getting larger. And the so-called 'phablets', the cross
between phones and tablets. Also, this new technology
is suddenly being introduced into cars, so there really will not be any
chance of avoiding this technology for dinosaurs like myself, Rob.

What started out
as a peaceful wedding ceremony on a hot-air balloon, suddenly took a bumpy turn when a gust of wind forced the pilot
to make an emergency landing in a backyard in San Diego. The bride, groom and guests
were told to brace just moments before the crash.

1 out of 14 people
suffered a minor back injury. Friends say the groom was
afraid of heights before the crash,

Next in Seven's 4:30 News -
the latest sport, with Lleyton Hewitt out swinging
at the Kooyong Classic.

Introducing the special-edition
Holden Commodore SV6 Z-Series. It's loaded with more, like charcoal 19-inch alloys, leather-bolstered seats
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system with Bluetooth streaming. And you get more with
HoldenWise Capped Price Servicing. All from just $36,990 driveaway. The Commodore SV6 Z-Series -
at your Holden dealer today.

Time to check the financial markets. The Australian share market
closed higher ahead of a European Central Bank
review. The ASX 200 finished up 18 points.

Sport shortly, but first Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

Hello.. The out of control
Yerrabin fire's engulfed a house.. Hello.. The out of control
Yerrabin fire's engulfed a house..

Yass Valley Mayor Rowena Abbey's
applauded the work of firies.. as they battle to
contain a 17 thousand hectare blaze west of the
town.. which has destroyed hectare blaze west of the
town.. which has destroyed two sheds and a large number
of livestock. She's been protecting her own farm ... as fire
spreads close to properties. A fly over Namadgi National Park
this morning's found it's now bushfire-free. The hunts on for a man
who hit a woman off her bike.. dragged her into grassland..
and started to rip off her dragged her into grassland..
and started to rip off her clothes at McKellar yesterday. v/o 3 men in their 20s've
been charged with growing cannabis. cannabis. Police seized 94 plants
from a Macgregor house in Police seized 94 plants
from a Macgregor house in November. And.. the Capitals hit the
court this afternoon.. as they prepare for their Adelaide
clash on Friday. More 7.30.

Lleyton Hewitt has defied
his ageing legs to produce
a confidence-boosting win at the Kooyong Classic. in three sets. Preparing for
his 17th Australian Open, Hewitt looked sharp
as he took the match in a tie-break. COMMENTATOR:
Just a little shy of two hours and Lleyton Hewitt continues
his love affair with Kooyong. It's a privilege to play
out on this court, and anytime you can get
any kind of win is great. And Bernard Tomic contines
his impressive run towards the Australian Open, demolishing Germany's Florian Mayer
7-6, 6-2 to reach the quarterfinals
of the Apia International Sydney.

The Apia International
continues tonight with the women's quarter-finals.

Cricket Australia has begun
the hard sell in Melbourne as anger grows over the naming
of a second-string one-day squad Every time the Australian cricket
goes out to play, they play to win, and this will be no different
in this series here. Last night, a brutal half century
from Chris Gayle appeared to be enough
to end the Melbourne Stars' hopes of making the finals
of the Big Bash League. But the Thunder imploded
once Gayle departed, the Stars winning by 13 runs
to qualify for the semis.

In a surprise announcement, Bill Pulver, the father of
bomb collar hoax victim Madeleine, has been named as the new boss
of Australian rugby. Pulver takes over from John O'Neill,
who stepped down as CEO in October. The Sydney businessmen says his family is fully supportive
of the decision despite the extra public attention
the role will bring.

He is a gentleman and they are used to public attention. After the break, we'll get the latest
national weather forecast.

Time to take a look at the weather. A cyclone watch has been declared
for the north-west coast. Tropical Cyclone Narelle
is expected to intensify to a category 4 system as it makes its way south
over the next two days. A high over the Bight
is creating clear conditions in the south. Brisbane will be
mostly fine. Cloudy
in Sydney. Canberra
and Melbourne will both be
mostly sunny. Chance of late
rain in Hobart. Adelaide,
mostly sunny. Cloudy
in Perth. Showers
for Darwin. We'll have a special
one-hour edition of Seven News tonight at 6:00 in New South Wales, Queensland
and Victoria. But, for now, that's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Robert Ovadia.
Enjoy your evening. Supertext captions
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Fabulous prizes on offer tonight, so get set, 'cause it's time
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Alright. I just acted like one. Were you a good clown?
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