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This program is captioned live. Bushfire crisis - New South Wales still fighting dangerous bushfires despite a cool change.We've still got many many hours of very difficult conditions being faced for NSW.Not over - emergency crews battling on in Tasmania to keep the flames under. And the heroes of the hour - the volunteer firefighters coping with a daunting task.Just make sure we get the job done and make sure it's safe.Good evening, and welcome to the program. I'm Mariana Rudan. It's the bushfires, of course, dominating our bulletin tonight. And the good news, a southerly change is already bringing much relief and much cooler temperatures to southern parts of NSW. Amazingly, no lives have been reported lost, despite the horrific conditions and near- record temperatures. But firefighters are still faced with a mammoth task coping with what remains an extreme emergency. In a moment, we'll go to SBS reporter Manny Tsigas, at emergency control headquarters Of the fires burning around the state, there's special concern in five locations, among them Deans Gap in Shoalhaven. Over 140 fires are burning in New South Wales, 30 of them uncontained.

The Deans Gap fire has crossed the Princes Highway. And that cool change isn't expected in Sydney until 4 am. Now to Manny Tsigas at emergency control in Wagga Yes, the rural fire service has given a news conference tonight, emphasising tonight that this is still a dire emergency. They've praised the extraordinary efforts of the firefighters, who've managed, so far, to avoid any reported loss of life in the state.

of life in the state. The danger is still very real.The break in the weather welcome, but this remains an ongoing crisis. On the South Coast of NSW, thick smoke rose from the bush as firefighters struggled with one of the state's catastrophic fire warnings south of Nowra. With the day's heat soaring past 40 on the mercury. Neighbours were putting in the hard yards to prepare their properties. The thought of leaving, too much for some.I won't - I didn't leave last time. I got power, water, a car. Others more willing to admit defeat. If it gets that bad, I am just gonna leave.As the evening wore on, fires were thought to be burning in many locations across NSW - emergency warnings slapped on at least five of them. Despite a cool change moving in, authorities say the danger is far from over.We've still got many many hours of very difficult conditions being faced for NSW, as this southerly change moves northwards, we can expect some intense and erratic, erratic

behaviour.At Tarcutta near Wagga, a fire had burnt throughout the day. The Hume highway was reopened after earlier being shut. Near Cooma, firefighters were set to work through the night - every national park in the state remaining shut amid a total fire ban. Hot wind gusts have been hitting 100kmh - but despite it all, no lives reported lost in the state so far. In Sydney, a truck fire on the M4 near Silverwater quickly spread to the grass verge before it was controlled. While three youths were arrested after a grass fire in the city's west. Authorities keeping their eyes on firebugs across the state.Most of them are lightning caused over the last few days but some of them have been targeted for fire investigation. So far only one home is reported to have been destroyed. To give you an idea, tomorrow's conditions are expected to be around 26 degrees with and getting to 20kph. That is drastically lower than today. With 135 places across the state, a lot more work state, a lot more work to be done. is in the 40s but no reports of deaths or major property losses? All things considered, it has a very productive day for fire crews in and around this area. The victory was tipped to reach 42 degrees and o reach 42 degrees and the wind manage to up to 80kph if not more. One fire that broke out in Alberton was believed to have been caused by embers from that huge fire that happened in the country when 900 hectares was blackened. The water bombers were called away from blaze to ten to this one and managed to save a few lines from been damaged. We are not out of the danger zone yet?Unfortunately not. There are a few firefighters around tonight trying to tackle the car in tell Carter. 600 hectares has burned. 40 tankers and 130 people trying to put it out. The cause of the blaze is yet to be As I said, at least the way and then temperatures will be down drastically tomorrow as they were fought

have done today is extraordinary. take my hat off to all of them. You have firefighters from national parks and forests and RFE his volunteers they have all worked shoulder to shoulder. They have responded and Dow with fires under some of the most atrocious conditions that we have not seen in New South

New South Wales. Or New South Wales, the battle began in earnest today. For firefighters in Tasmania, it's just the latest stage in a long and exhausting campaign. Around 40 fires are burning across the state. Of greatest concern is the Tasman peninsula where the blaze at Forcett is still out of control, threatening the small bayside towns of Eaglehawk Neck and Pirates Bay. Further north, a fresh fire has broken out near Holwell. And there are dangerous blazes too in the north west. Exhausted crews battle spot fires around Eaglehawk Neck on Tasmania's peninsula.Pretty busy, mate. Getting with it, though. Locals on alert as winds whipped up, fanning flames and fears.You don't know with the wind change.It's so fickle, isn't it? A few days ago, fire came down here, changed direction and went across the Bay. That's all the problems on the other side of the Bay.Burnt-out areas resemble eerie moon-scapes. Homes and large tracts of land laid to waste. A man's been charged in relation to the blaze at Lake Repulse.A 31-year-old man at New Norfolk who has been charged with what's been called a simple offence of failing ot take proper care in relation to a campfire will face th courts in due course.From the air, the extent of the damage in fire- ravaged areas is clear. More than 400 insurance claims have so far been lodged, with around $42 million in losses. Infrastructure has also been hit. Burnt and weakened power poles a new danger along roads. Police escorts are needed in some areas as people move into and out of isolated communities. As authorities continue to search for people still listed as missing, extra resources are being brought in from interstate and overseas.As of yesterday, I put in a request for additional personell from WA, SA and NZ who've got some remote area team specialists coming in. They should be on the ground by tonight ready to be put into operation in the field.We've been overwhelmed by the generosity not only of Tasmanians but all Australians. Some fire-weary locals are now turning their attention to the simple things in life.No showers. No showers for three days.Laugher helping people get through. While temperatures across Tasmania eased today, winds gusting up to 100 kilometres per hour restricted the use of water bombing helicopters. On the other hand, a little has been welcome.We did receive some use full rein. We have had five millimetres in the far south- west. The big fire on the far south-west in a remote area has received some rain. They will probably ease the fire situation and we should wake up to a day that is not so smoky for Hobart tomorrow. We expect that to try out by Friday. OfThat was Michael Brown, the Chief Officer of the Tasmania Fire Service. And Victoria and South Australia have also been coping with hazardous bushfire conditions. Near the border, a fire that started at Kentbruck is causing trouble for the rural communities of Drik Drik and Dartmoor. Extra resources have also been sent to the north of Victoria. Burning since Friday, more than 7,000 hectares has gone up in smoke near Dartmoor in Victoria's West. A pine plantation and bushland left scarred. Firefighters attacking the blaze from the ground and air. Burning in largely inaccessible terrain, the fire is big and slow moving. Fire authorities issuing an emergency warning yesterday. Locals today urged to watch and act.The incident prediction modelling does not indicate the fire will have a direct impact on Dartmoor but it's on the highest alert.This afternoon, strike teams from as far away as Melbourne were enlisted adding to the 400 personell battling the blaze. South Australian firefighters and plantation experts also lending a hand. Spot fires that could burn for weeks of particular concern. Locals remain on alert.People within the community will just continue to monitor what's going on, and make their personal decisions and they know what Rain fell this afternoon but authorities claim there needs to be a lot more to help douse the flames.Later in the bulletin, there'll be a closer look at the challenges facing the emergency workers, and the longer range weather outlook, but coming up, right after the break - courting controversy - Obama's choice to succeed Hillary Clinton.

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Barack Obama has picked another fight with the US Congress - this time over his revamped national security team. The president has nominated Chuck Hagel as the new Secretary of Defence, and John Brennan as head of the CIA. But both men come with baggage. Barack Obama described them as the men America needs to meet the challenges of their time. Chuck Hagel, a decorated Vietnam vet, was once a maverick Republican senator. The president said he'd be the Secretary of Defence that American troops deserved.He understands that sending young Americans to fight and bleed in the dirt and mud, that's something we only do when it's absolutely necessary.Mr President, I will always give you my honest and most informed counsel. Mr Obama needed a new CIA head when retired general David Petraeus resigned over an extramarital affair. John Brennan has 25 years experience in intelligence, serving as the President's chief counter- terrorism adviser for the last four. If confirmed as director, I will make it my mission to ensure that the CIA has the tools it needs to keep our nation safe upsot protest Hey, hey, what do you say, No Brennan for the CIA But neither confirmation is guaranteed.Brennan was up for the same job in 2008, until questions over his views on the "enhanced interrogation techniques" used on suspects during the Bush administration forced him to withdraw.

to withdraw. And TV ads opposing Chuck Hagel's appointment began appearing when his nomination was still a rumor. Republicans remember when he voted for military involvement in the Iraq war, but later called it.He most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam. Before retiring from the Senate, he broke ranks and supported Obama's first bid for presidency.And he's also complained about the power of "the Jewish Lobby".Quite frankly, Chuck Hagel is out of the mainstream thinking, I believe, on most issues regarding foreign policy.And so the President is bracing for a tough confirmation fight. Former Greens leader Bob Brown is to spearhead the next Sea Shepherd anti-whaling protest in the Southern Ocean. Controversial founder Paul Watson has stepped down after 35 years at the helm, due to legal action against him. He's wanted by Interpol after last year skipping bail from charges relating to a high-seas confrontation a decade ago. He says he'll remain on board a protest vessel as an observer. Former Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi says he won't stand for his old job even if his party wins next month's election. The controversial leader says he might take the role of finance minister but he's refused to say who would lead his party. He says that decision will be made once the election is won.

once the election is won. The man behind the ANZ hoax email which saw more than $300 million temporarily wiped from the value of Whitehaven Coal yesterday says he's prepared to suffer the consequences. Anti- coal protestor Jonathan Moylan sent a fake ANZ news release saying that the bank had withdrawn critical funding for one of the coal company's newest projects. The corporate watchdog is now investigating. It was business as usual for Whitehaven Coal after its shares entered a brief trading halt yesterday. They slumped almost 10 per cent - before later recovering - when this letter was issued to journalists. It looked like an official ANZ letterhead - which claimed the bank had pulled a $1.2 billion loan facility to Whitehaven - to help develop a mine. ANZ quickly confirmed it was a hoax - financial commentators say signs were there.

signs were there.So the release should have come from Whitehaven to say that the loan had been withdrawn and that should have been made to The release was sent by 24- year-old Jonathan Moylan who is protesting under the banner Front Line Action on Coal.He's been camped at the Leard State Forest for almost 6 months near where Whitehaven is set to develop a coal operation.There were a lot of shareholders who lost money - that wasn't our intention - our intention was the get ANZ to change their minds - but the real victims of this is the farmers who have been pushed off their land.The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is now looking into the matter. ASIC's inital enquiries will focus on whether there was a breach of Corporations Act. Transmitting false and misleading information to the sharemarket is a criminal offence - and carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail and a maximum fine of almost half a million dollars. Jonathon Moylan is no stranger to controversy - seen here in a public photo on his facebook page from 2009 - dragged by police - following climate change demonstrations.I went into this eyes wide open. I realise there are consequences and I also realise that no great change throughout history is without people taking risks.For burned investors experts say they need to be responsible for their own decisions.If people are really going to be playing the sharemarket and they are going to dump stock just on the basis of a press report, a fictious press release - then they really need to wonder why they're in the sharemarket at all. It's not the first such email hoax to hit the market - both David Jones and McMahon Holdings received unfounded takeover approaches last year. Let's check the figures - and the Australian share market ended cautiously lower, in line with a pullback on global markets overnight. Miners, led by Rio Tinto were the big losers - traders saying a correction could be due, after a monster rally for iron ore prices. Three of the four major banks were lower. But Harvey Norman rose, as founder Gerry Harvey declared that the Christmas period sales had been reasonable if not great. Asian markets drifted down with the Nikkei responding to a strengthening Yen Markets in Europe are mixed in a slow start to their trading day. Wall Street closed weaker in hesitant trade, on the eve of another corporate earnings season. The Australian dollar is steady against the greenback. But is consistently lower across all the major

Gold is lower but the oil price is up.

Coming up - the volunteers giving up their time to keep the blazes at

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As we've been reporting, fire chiefs have been full of praise tonight for the heroic efforts of those, on the bushfire front line. 2000 have been working around the clock in three states. 600 of them in New South Wales. SBS Reporter Manny Tsigas spent the day some of the fire crews. In the early hours of this morning, volunteer firefighter Robert begins his 12-hour shift putting out spotfires on the outskirts of Oura. For him, today's objective is simple.Just keep together and make sure it all gets done.He's one of more than 100 firies working tirelessly as brutal conditions begin to move in to the area. Winds of up to 70 kilometers per hour and temperatures rising well into the 40s. But as one fire goes out, several others still linger. Robert and his mates jump back into their truck-and barrel towards another spotfire nearby. Around 900 hectares of grassland across multiple properties have turned to black. And there lies the threat. Some of the embers could float into other properties, In between fires, the trucks rush back to base to refuel their tanks and of course everyone on board.RFS volunteer Graham White has been involved in firefighting for 30 years. He says today's conditions are without doubt among the worst he's seen.We are trying to keep the blacked out.While the fire has been contained, spotfires like these still pose a very real danger. Embers from those fires could float into neighbouring properties that haven't been affected by flames, sparking a whole new fire front. Allen Mulholland has been working for days to make sure that doesn't happen at his property. He says without the help of family, friends, and water bombers from the RFS, a lot more properties would have been affected. But he says no matter how much you plan ahead, nothing can withstand such drastic conditions. My old dad told me Australia is an island, and a fire is always going to move towards the coast. So it's going to stop there, and it's your job not to get in its way. I think that's alright, we can always buy new sheep.Many of those volunteering today are from Ouraa village of around 200 people. Conditions like this, they say, show the worst of mother nature-but bring out the best from the locals. Volunteer firies travelling from nearby areas to make sure every community-no mater how small-is

covered.We help each other out, because that's what they'd do for us.On the town's outskirts is a symbol of their unison. The local fire brigade buying a run down tractor and raising funds to help rebuild it-so it could play a central role in preparing for the fire season. Oura resident Ron Wood has seen faced floods and plenty of fires throughout his 18 years in Oura. But he says he wouldn't live anywhere else.You get that community mindedness you don't get in big cities.And when disaster hits, every helping hand counts. The cool change moving up the east coast will bring temporary relief. It will be a slow change and will not last long.We expect to see the cold front pushed northwards through north-eastern NSW during Wednesday. Probably not reaching the far north-east corner until Wednesday night. That may generate a very hot day for South East Queensland for Thursday. Brisbane is expecting a maximum of 37. Then we will see when he's off following that and llowing that and returned to relatively mild conditions for NSW and Victoria for Thursday. With relatively light wind and afternoon coastal breezes. The coast will be tempered by sea breezes. But on Friday, a return to hot conditions.

tempered by sea breezes. But on
Friday, a return to hot conditions. Not just the eastern states and Tasmania facing dangerous weather. A front and trough are drawing hot gusty to South Australia and parts of the Northern territory, leading to extreme fire danger. A southerly change is making his way out the coast of NSW, pushing hot weather to the north-east.

Wellington can expect rain. Partly cloudy for Partly cloudy for anaemia. South-East Asia, Bangkok can expect foggy weather. Rain for Jakarta and thunder for koala Lumpur. Showers koala Lumpur. Showers for Shanghai, Beijing will be fine. Drizzle for Hong Kong. Cloudy over Tokyo. Showers for Manila. Rainey for Baghdad and Beirut. Fine weather for Maugham by and weird. Fine Jerusalem, cloudy can expect clear skies. Showers. Crime. Moscow is Cherie and drizzle four bn. Africa, showers for Cairo.

Cloudy for Casablanca. Rain for love pars, cloudy for Lima, a few showers for Caracas. Fine weather for Bogota. Partly cloudy 4 Showers for loudy 4 Chicago. Showers for Dallas. Fine for New York and Los Angeles.

Showers for Dallas. Fine for New
York and Los Angeles. Cloud over Miami. The latest on the bushfires, despite horrific conditions in temperatures in the 40s, no lives have been lost for NSW tonight. A cool change is heading up the east coast. It should reach Sydney by 4am. More on the bushfires at our Supertext captions by Red Bee -

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(GLASS SMASHES) Do you want a cup of tea? (FLAMES CRACKLE AND ROAR)