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This program is captioned live. Catastrophic danger - soaring heat and strong winds push scores of bushfires across NSW. Homes in peril - dozens of communities at risk in the eastern states, as conditions Yeah, look, I've been freaking out all night last night. And exhausted crews - firefighters battle, as blazes flare again on the Tasman Peninsula. Pretty busy, mate. We're getting with her, though. ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. his is World News Australia. Good evening. I'm Kathy And I'm Anton Enus. Tonight - a bushfire emergency is sweeping the east coast. The predicted scorching temperatures have been realised, producing conditions that range from dangerous to catastrophic. Hundreds of battling out-of-control blazes in three states. Our reporters are standing by to bring you the updates from some of the worst-hit areas. Greg Navarro is Shoalhaven area on the NSW south coast. Manny Tsigas is in the Riverina in the south of the state. And Luke Waters is following developments in Tasmania. We'll be talking to them shortly. But first - a summary of the day's main events. Around 140 fires are burning in NSW. The worst are in the south of the state, near Cooma, Nowra, Bega and Wagga Wagga.

the south of the state, near Cooma,
Nowra, Bega and Wagga Wagga. Tasmanian firefighters are battling around 40 blazes, some communities. While in Victoria, an emergency warning is in place for Chepstow, outside Ballarat. We begin in NSW, where scorching temperatures are still being felt. There are currently eight emergency warnings in place across the state. Several are in the region, including a 2,000-hectare blaze east of Cooma. There's fire at Oura, 14km from Wagga Wagga. In brogueo, residents have been urged to evacuate to nearby Bega, as a 900-hectare as a 900-hectare blaze rages. Smoke billowed from a fire east of Cooma, rising high in the sky the foot of the Snowy Mountains. -- Snowy Mountains. Across the state, more than 1,000 firefighters were called into action to deal with several catastrophic fire warnings as the state played host to some of the worst conditions in its history. As one fire at Oura, near Wagga, was dealt with, another down the road in Tarcutta flared. Firefighters even dispatched from Victoria, as police shut the Hume Highway to traffic. Families here threatened for a second day in a row.Just a bit worried, because there's paddocks around that haven't been burnt out around the house. So, yeah. Very anxious.Some of the worst fires were to be found on the coast south of Sydney, as temperatures neared 40 degrees by midday. The heat has been rising steadily since early this morning, and it hits you in the face like opening an oven door. The biggest change within the last hour or so has been the wind, which has really kicked up, not only raising the possibility for he possibility for even a small fire to spread quickly - but also raising the level of concern. I've been freaking out all night last night and today.Watching smoke rise up at the horizon, a time to get priorities in Principally, if anything gets too close, I'm off.Every national park in the state was shut amid a total fire ban. Emergency Services faced with a battle.Earlier this morning, we had over 100 fires burning throughout NSW. Over 20 of were yet to be controlled.With wind gusts hitting 100km/h in parts of the state, major fires threatened property right along the south coast to the Victorian border. In Sydney, a truck fire on the M4 near Silverwater quickly spread to the grass verge, before it was controlled but the suspected case of arson causing a grassfire at Sydney's west - police are on the watch.Police are out there to minimise arson activity. We peace in the field as we speak conducting surveillance on these type of people.The relative relief of a cool front unlikely to set in for only parts of the state until late in the That's Greg Navarro In Tasmania, exhausted firefighters are continuing their battle - around 40 fires are burning across the state.Of greatest concern is the Tasman Peninsula, where the blaze at Forcett is still out of control, threatening the small bayside towns of Eaglehawk Neck and Pirates Bay. Further north, a fresh fire has broken out near Holwell, and there are dangerous blazes too in the north-west. Exhausted crews battle spot fires around Eaglehawk fires around Eaglehawk Neck and Peninsula.Yeah, been pretty busy, mate. We're getting with her, though.Locals on alert, as winds whipped up, fanning flames and fears.Don't know, with the wind change. It's so fickle, isn't it, really?A few days ago, a fire came down into the bay there, changed direction, went straight across the bay and hit Tarina. That's what the problem is That's what the problem is on the other side of the bay.Burnt-out areas resemble eerie moonscapes. Homes and large trackers of land laid to waste. A man has been charged in relation to the blaze at Lake Repulse.A 31- year-old man pulse.A 31- year-old man has been charge would what we call a simple offence of failing to take proper care in relation to a camp fire. He will face the courts in due course.From the air, the extent of the damage in fire-ravaged areas is clear. More than 400 insurance claims have so far been launched, with around $42 million in losses. Infrastructure has also been hit - burnt and weakened power poles a new danger along roads. Police escorts are needed in sum some areas, as sum some areas, as people move into and out of isolated communities. As authorities continue to search for people still listed as missing, extra resources are being brought in from interstate and overseas.As of yesterday, I put in a request for additional personnel from Western Australia, South and as far away as New Zealand. We've got some remote-area team specialists coming in. They should all be with us by tonight, ready to put into operation in the field. We've been overwhelmed by the generosity of not only Tasmaniaians, but all Australians.Some fire- weary locals now turning their attention to the simple things in life.Showers.I haven't had had a shower, as you can probably see, for about three days.The helping people get through. Luke Waters joins us now live fire headquarters in Hobart. With him is chief officer Michael Good evening, Anton. The temperature here in Hobart certainly reduced significantly today but, on the firegrounds across Tasmania, the fight goes on in earnest. Mike Brown, thank you for your time. Can you give us an update on the situation across the state?It's been another busy day here in Tasmania. We've had many crews out there in the field - some 300-plus still, as I speak. It certainly has been cooler, but one thing we've experienced has been against us today is very strong winds. We've had winds gusting up to 100km/h up to the point where we couldn't take off with water- bombing helicopters. So that both restricted our ability to do too much aggressive firefighting for short period of time, but I say, I'm confident that we've made some significant progress on some of the major fires so far as getting some containment in. We have had emergency alert messages out for Kelevee, Methina, and Helliar Beach. Helliar Beach still remains in emergency warning at the moment. We've got the fire there with some potential to impact on places like Detention River, Crayfish Creek, and those areas up in the coastal part to the north the area where the fire started from. A lot of potential there at the moment. We've put out emergency warnings. We're asking people to relocate to a friend's place away from the fire-affected area, or relative's, or indeed community fire refuges are open at both Wynyard and Stanley at the moment. That's the advice there at the moment. We're expecting some conditions to be milder tomorrow, which should give us a chance to get more containment lines created tomorrow. So that should help us. When you say milder condition, are you still expecting a few of these showers and lower conditions? If so, how do nditions? If so, how do you deploy your crews and resources in that instance?Not so sure about the showers. One thing I can say is we have had a very small amount of rain here in the south today. But we did receive some useful rain at Bishino. That's helped out with the fire there. We've had about 5mm of rain in the far south-west. So the big fire way down in big fire way down in the far south-west in the remote areas has received some rain now. That will probably ease fire situation there quite a bit, and we should wake up to a day that's not quite so smoky in Hobart tomorrow, hopefully. But by Friday, we would expect that to dry out.We heard earlier that you've got some specialists from interstate and also from overseas. Can you tell very briefly what they add to the effort?Look, of the 300-plus people we've got in the field today, we've got the Victorian and NSW teams working with us. We're adding that to that -- adding to that tonight - we have South Australian and Western Australian incident management specialists. They're here to help us with our planning and incident prediction modelling. As of tomorrow night, we're going to have some remote area team specialists from New Zealand with us.Excellent. Thanks very much, Mike Brown. Mike is the chief officer with the Tasmanian Fire Service. Anton. manian Fire Service. Anton. Thanks, Luke. Luke Waters from Hobart. aters reporting from Hobart. Parts of Victoria and South Australia also continue to burn as the heatwave drags on. Near the border, a fire that started at Kentbruck is causing trouble for the rural communities of Drik al communities of Drik Drik and Dartmoor. Extra resources have also been sent to the north of the state, with hot winds crossing the NSW Burning since Friday, more than 7,000 hectares has gone up in smoke near Dartmoor in Victoria's west. pine plantation and bushland left scarred, firefighters attacking blaze from the ground and air. Burning in largely inaccessible terrain, the fire is big and slow- moving. Fire authorities issuing an emergency warning yesterday. Locals today urged to watch and act.The incident prediction modelling does not indicate that the fire will have a direct impact on Dartmoor. However, Dartmoor is on the of alert.This afternoon, strike teams from as far away as Melbourne were enlisted, adding to the 400 personnel battling the blaze. South Australian firefighters and plantation experts also lending a hand. Spot fires that could burn for weeks of particular concern. Locals remain on alert. People within the community will just continue to monitor what's going on and, as I say, they will make their decisions, their personal decisions, and they know what they need to do.Rain fell this afternoon, but authorities claim there needs to be a lot more to help douse the flames.

Now for an update on the situation in NSW, Greg Navarro joins us live from fire headquarters in Nowra on the south coast. Greg, a busy day for firefighters. What are they telling you?It's been a very busy day for firefighters. The one thing that we're expecting any minute now is a cool change to blow That southerly breeze will bring some much-needed relief to the scorching temperatures we've experienced here, as well as around the state. The problem, though, for firefighters - the bad news out of all this - they're not how sure how the change in wind direction will actually impact the existing fires, including the one we showed you a short time ago about 30 minutes to the south here. That's why they will continue to watch this fire, as well as firefighters around state, very closely. Kathy.You're still waiting for that southerly breeze to hit where you are. Watt what are the conditions like where you are now?The conditions - it actually feels a little bit cooler, but it's deceiving because the wind has been gusting. When it's really blowing, it just whips that hot air around that just hits you right in the face, as I mentioned. At the moment, though, because there's a little bit of cloud cover, it does feel like things are starting cool down. Another thing we should mention is that they're beginning to set up evacuation centres, particularly in the areas near where that fire continues to burn 30 minutes to our south. That's good news for people who chose to stay and ignore the order -- the requests to leave and not face what they could face at the moment. Kathy.Greg, that area is popular with summer holiday-makers. Are those people also being told to evacuate?Yes, Sussex Inlet is very popular, the region about 30-35 minutes south of us. Very popular, and very crowded at this time of the year. The problem - firefighters and police have been going to homes, caravan parks, day long asking people to leave and telling them about some of problems that could happen if they decided to stay. Well, the problem for those who chose to stay is this - that police have closed a section of the Princes Highway which cuts off that area from rest of the state. So those people who didn't leave who are still there now need a place to go. Fortunately, as I mentioned, they've set up evacuation centres for those people who can use some help at this hour.Thanks for that update, Greg Navarro in Nowra. Let's go live now to Rural Fire Service deputy commissioner Rob Rogers. Rob, 130 bushfires, 40 out of control, with strong winds and extreme heat. Have your worst fears about a day like today been realised?Certainly we've plenty of fire in the landscape, particularly in e, particularly in the southern part of NSW, but I think from the fact of residents reacting properly, fire crews doing a great job of responding to fires quickly and protecting properties, we look like we're coming out of this pretty well, but we still do have some hours to go yet. The potential for the day is still there, but so far, so good. But it's going to take us absolutely days to try and get sort of containment on these fires, assuming we get through the evening without, obviously, any further threats to property. The other thing I would mention is the battle then turns to the northern part of the state tomorrow, where we've got severe fire danger from the Hunter area right up to the Queensland border. There'll be a state-wide total fire ban again tomorrow, and I guess the battle will be continuing in the south, but also in the northern part of NSW.Can you say specifically what are main areas of concern right now? The area around the Shoalhaven, which would have been the Nowra area - around Sussex Inlet. We've got fire at Harden that's causing problems. There's fires at bungender that's closed the Kings Highway. There's a lot of fire in the Wagga area, parks - all of those fires have required us to issue emergency alerts lrtd messaging to residents in those areas either advising them to leave the area or to take shelter in their properties. There's been quite a few activations of that system, which is a system of last resort to make sure we tell exactly what's been going on. There have been more than 10 activations of that today. It's been a pretty serious day. But at the end of the day, people have done their job. The community has played their part. And we've just got to keep battling through until this southerly change comes through and cools conditions down. We can then take stock start looking at how to actually extinguish some of these fires. As I said, that will take some days. Rob, are you expecting that southerly change to offer some respite tomorrow?It should, tomorrow, but it will be early tomorrow morning be early tomorrow morning before it gets - it's coming up the coastal areas earlier, but those inland areas, particularly west of the ranges, it's going to take until early tomorrow morning before it comes up. Once it comes up, we should see cooler conditions. The difficulty we will have - we will literally have hundreds of kilometres of fire line that we'll have to work out how we to work out how we extinguish - and all before the end of the week, where we to see a return to hot weather again. There'll be a bit of a battle on to deal with new fires in the north, extinguish the fires in the south, before we return to bad weather again on the weekend.Huge job ahead. Thanks very much. That's Rural Fire Service deputy commissioner Rob Rogers there. Let's go directly to SBS reporter Manny Tsigas rter Manny Tsigas at the command centre in Oura in the Riverina. Manny, what's the latest you can tell us about that Tarcutta fire and the threat to Oura?Good evening, Anton. It's been a hectic day, to say the least. A lot of activity here today, which is why I've taken a lot notes, so bear with me. More than 100 firefighters have been here the outskirts of Oura putting out several spot fires as massive winds have been sweeping through the area. At 1:00pm, a fire broke up in Tarcutta, as you mentioned. That caused many of those units to head over to that fire, including aircraft. That fire continues to be the biggest concern of the Rural Fire Service today. Since then, conditions have improved. The winds have eased. The temperatures have dropped a bit. And a highway that was closed once that fire broke out has since been reopened. There's still a lot of work to do, though. The Rural Fire Service is still throwing everything that they have at it. It's being contained, very much still active. Anton.A pretty frenetic day, by the sounds of it, for firefighters there, Manny. What are some of the other trouble spots they're looking at? Actually, while we were here in Nowra, we -- in Oura, we noticed a massive plume of smoke happening in the distance as well. As the fire in Tarcutta started to pick there was one in Alfredtown, near the corner of the Stir Highway. Luckily, that one was contained just before it got too serious. It was actually heading towards a property, but there was no damage as a result of that. One of the latest to pop up after that was in Henti, between Albury and That one was - there was 80 hectares burnt around that area, and the powerlines were believed to have been the cause of that one. There was one home under threat at the time, but that one has since been rescued as well. The Rural Fire Service is still continuing to monitor that one too.We're told, Manny, that you can expect a cool change tomorrow - presumably very welcome news for emergency workers? Yeah, it certainly is, Anton. The mercury isn't s, Anton. The mercury isn't expected to rise as high as it did today, but it's still going to be lingering around the 30-degree mark, which is still plenty for the fires to work As you heard earlier, about 130 fires are burning throughout the state, so it is still going to be a very busy day for firefighters tomorrow, especially at that Tarcutta blaze. Thanks, Manny. Manny Tsigas from Oura, just outside Wagga Wagga. Later in the bulletin, Manny takes us along as he follows the firefighters on the front line. Bushfires, of course, flared in other parts of the country - in Northern Territory, for instance, where a major resort and an Aboriginal community have been evacuated. And in Queensland, eight bushfires are burning, but they don't pose a threat to property at this stage. Go to SBS Online to get real-time information on the bushfire and feeds from fire agencies on our

You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next - Barack Obama's controversial picks for America's top Defence jobs. Shortly - firefighters share their stories about work on the front line. And later - the Chinese government challenged by the power of the press.

Barack Obama has picked another fight with the US Congress - this time over his revamped national security team. The President has nominated Chuck Hagel as the new Secretary of Defense, and John Brennan as head of the CIA. But both men come with baggage. Barack Obama described them as men America needs to meet the challenges of their time. Chuck Hagel, a time. Chuck Hagel, a decorated Vietnam vet, was once a maverick Republican Senator. The President said he'd be the Secretary of Defense that American troops deserved.He understands that sending young Americans to fight and bleed in the dirt and mud - that's something we only do when it's absolutely necessary.Mr President, I will always give you my honest and most informed counsel. Mr Obama needed a new CIA head when retired general ead when retired general David Petraeus resigned over an extramarital affair. John Brennan has 25 years experience in intelligence, as the President's chief counter- terrorism advisor for the last four. If confirmed as director, I will make it my mission to ensure that the CIA has the tools it needs to keep our nation safe. CHANTING: Hey, hey, what do you say? No Brennan for the CIA! neither confirmation is guaranteed. Brennan was up for the same job in 2008, until questions over his views on the enhanced interrogation techniques used on suspects during the Bush administration forced him to withdraw. ation forced him to withdraw.Chuck Hagel is not a responsible option!And TV ads opposing Chuck Hagel's appointment began appearing when his nomination was still a rumour. Republicans remember when he voted for military involvement in the Iraq war, but later called it...The most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam.Before retiring from the Senate, he broke ranks and supported Obama's first bid for ama's first bid for the presidency. And he's also complained about the power of the Jewish lobby.Quite Chuck Hagel is outside the mainstream of thinking, I believe, on most issues regarding foreign policy.And so the President is bracing for a tough confirmation fight. Former Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi says he won't stand for his old job, even if his party wins next month's election. controversial leader says he might take the role of finance minister, but he's refused to say who would lead his party. He says decision will be made once election is won. Silvio Berlusconi appears to have given up on his bid to lead Italy for a fourth time, after striking a late-night agreement with the far- right Northern League party, led by this man, Roberto Maroni.

Under the agreement, Berlusconi will be the leader of the new centre-right coalition, but he won't be put forward to lead the

But some observers find it difficult to believe that Berlusconi would be happy serving another leader. Despite all the talk about finance Berlusconi has not explicitly ruled himself out of another tilt at the premiership. Instead, he's just said they'll make that decision if and when they win the election. That has some commentators saying he's just biding his time. Others say he doesn't need to be prime minister to get what he wants politically.This is the fig that Berlusconi and the alliance had to put in order to make this new alliance a possibility. He couldn't come out and say, "I'm the new leader. I'm going to run for prime minister again and the Northern League n and the Northern League is going me."To observers outside of Italy, it would seem almost inconceivable that voters would re-elect the 76- year-old just months after he was convicted of tax fraud. But inside Italy, opinion polls have his party running a close second to the centre-left Democratic In Colorado, police have described the nightmarish scene of last year's movie-theatre shooting the. First responders had tears in their eyes as they described the floor slick with blood. It's the first day of a preliminary hearing against the gunman, which may give an indication of his mental state. Veteran Aurora cops broke down in tears on the stand today, recalling unimaginable horror.I got running out of the theatre. They're shot!Officer Justin Grizzle found motionless bodies everywhere in the theatre. He drove six victims to the. The in his patrol car. "I knew I needed to get them to the hospital now. I didn't want anyone else to die." Officer Jason Oviat found Holmes at the theatre's back exit, dressed in body armour but unusual a calm. "He was very, very relaxed. He seemed very detached from it all." Today, Holmes again showed little emotion, even as victims' relatives looked on.He looked like an ordinary human being. He really did. And that was what's so hard to take.The hearing is the first clear glimpse of the prosecution's case - an opportunity to answer lingering questions about Holmes's possibility motive and state of mind, and how many people around him saw warning signs. Holmes' attorneys suggest he is mentally ill and may have tried calling his psychiatrist nine minutes before the shooting started. Earlier, the once-promising neuroscience student reportedly told a psychiatrist he had fantasies about killing a lot of people, and mailed her a that may contain details about the attack. Holmes has not yet a plea, and it's not clear if he'll mount an insanity defence. This hearing will last about a week, and then a judge will decide if there's enough evidence for Holmes to stand try trial - something legal experts say should be easy for the prosecution. The hearing is expected to continue for a week.

The devastating bushfires this week are of course taking a huge toll on residents, but in emergencies like this one, those on the front line can sometimes be forgotten. There are more than 1,400 firefighters working around the clock in three states. In in three states. In NSW alone, 600 of them are battling the more than 140 bushfires. Today, they're working in scorching temperatures to ensure homes and people are kept safe. SBS reporter Manny Tsigas spent the day with some gas spent the day with some of the fire crews as they battle to control blazes burning at catastrophic levels. In the early hours of this morning, volunteer firefighters begin their 12-hour shift putting out spot fires on the outskirts of Oura. For them, today's objective is simple. Just make sure it's safe.They're just some of the 100 fireys working tirelessly, as brutal conditions begin to move into the area. Winds of up to 70km/h and rising well into the 40s. But as one fire goes out, several others still linger. They all jump back into their truck and barrel towards another spot fire nearby. Around 900 hectares of grandless across multiple properties have turned to black, and thrithere lies the threat.It will keep going until there's nothing there.In between fires, the trucks rush back to base to refuel their tanks - and of course, everyone on board. RFS volunteer Graham White has involved in firefighting for 30 years. He says today's conditions are without doubt among the worst he's seen.Just trying to keep the edges blacked out, the trees blacked out, attend to any trees that are flaring up, and hoping an edge doesn't get away on us.While the fire has been contained the, danger that's posed by spot fires like this is still very real. Embers could rise from that fire and spread to other areas which have yet to be affected by blazes, causing an entirely new front. Alan has been working for days to make sure that doesn't happen at his property. He says, without the help of family, friends and water- bombers from the RFS, a lot more properties would have been affected but he says no matter how much you plan ahead, nothing can withstand such drastic conditions.My old dad used to say, "Always remember Australia is an island, and it will stop when you get to the coast. So don't put yourself between it and the waves." That's the advice I give some of the young blokes. We can rebuild things and buy more sheep.Many of today are from Oura, a village of around 200 people. Conditions like this, they say, show the worst of Mother Nature, but bring out the best from the locals. Volunteer fireys travelling from nearby areas to make sure every community, no matter how small, is covered. They're pretty good. They know they have to do this. If it was another area, we would be doing the imis a thing as well.On the town's outskirts is a symbol of unison, the local fire brigade buying a run-down tractor which could help play a central role the fire season. Ron Wood has faced plenty of fires in his 18 years in Oura, but says he wouldn't live anywhere else.Love it. Love the community that we live in. It's a wonderful communityive in. It's a wonderful community. It has a community spirit that's not found in cities.And when disaster every helping hand counts. It's certainly not over yet - to gauge what conditions lie ahead across the country, I've been speaking with Alasdair from the Bureau of Meteorology. There's quite a significant change approaching from the south, but it is taking its time moving northwards. It's not expected to be in Sydney up till probably two or three -- 2:00 or 3:00 tomorrow morning. Until then, very, very hot conditions continuing ahead of cool change. Very strong and west to north-westerly winds, and low humidity. Unfortunately, the extreme bushfire conditions look set to continue for a few hours yet.What about in the coming days - what's the long-range forecast for conditions?We're expecting to see this cold front push northwards through north- eastern NSW during Wednesday, but probably not reaching the far north-east corner until Wednesday night. That may generate -- that is expected to generate a very hot day for south-east Queensland Thursday. Brisbane is expecting a maximum temperature of around about 37 degrees. Then we'll see winds ease off following that, and return to relatively mild conditions for NSW and Victoria for Thursday, with relatively light winds, afternoon coastal sea breezes. The coast being tempered by the sea breezes. But then, unfortunately, on Friday, a return to hot conditions, winds turning northerly again, and once again, we'll see hot air moving into south-eastern Australia, hot conditions returning to the western suburbs of Sydney, for instance, where temperatures may reach into the 40s once again.Of course, it is summer, but these conditions are quite extreme. How unusual are they?Yes. We have broken temperature -- average maximum temperature record for Australia set back in 1972, so it's a running record that's more than 40 years now that that record has stood. We've also recorded six days in a row over 39 degrees, and that beats the previous record of four. All up, we're really looking at almost an unprecedented heatwave. We've got to go back a long way the records to find anything similar.Alasdair Hainsworth from the Bureau of Meteorology. Plenty of people, I'm forward to that cool change reaching their areas tonight, Thank you. In China, hundreds of people have attended a rally calling for press freedom. Almost 100 staff members from the Southern Weekly went strike after the newspaper's New Year's message New Year's message was changed by officials. It's a rare public protest against censorship, and is being seen as an early test of the country's new leadership. They laid flowers outside the newspaper's office... And sang support of the journalists... (SINGING) It's the first walkout by staff from a major Chinese newspaper in more than 20 years. But a new generation is challenging the old way of doing things. Many want greater freedom of expression. This woman says the demonstrators share a common cause with the journalists - "If we don't support them, no-one will speak up for us when something goes wrong," she All Chinese media is censored. The Southern Weekly has a reputation for pushing the boundaries, making it China's most respected newspaper. When propaganda officials last week changed an editorial calling for political reform to one praising the Communist Party, journalists said it was the final straw. In an open letter, they said more than 1,000 stories were censored last year, making for an endless routine of unjustifiable censorship. The unrest at the newspaper is an early test for China's new leader, Xi Jinping, who's facing calls for change just two months into the job. Xi Jinping's administration is interested, possibly, in liberalising certain aspects of the economy. But we haven't seen a single statement from any senior leader or anyone in a position of power about any intention of liberalising the internet and the media.How will the dispute at this newspaper be resolved? Will there be repression or decision is likely to give us a -- give us the clearest sign yet of how China's new leaders will run this country. Petitions signed by prominent scholars from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong are calling for the local propaganda official to step down. Coming up next - Craig Foster with all the day's sports news, including four in a row for marvellous Messi - 91 reasons why the Argentine is the world's best footballer. Also - Australian gridiron star Jesse Williams gears up for his toughest test yet.


Hey, babe, we gotta go over that Um, I'm kind of busy. Uh, why don't we just
do it tomorrow some time? Yeah, alright, I'll pencil it in. Thank you, sweetheart. (FLAMES CRACKLE AND ROAR)

The man behind the ANZ hoax email which saw more than $300 million temporarily wiped from the value of Whitehaven Coal yesterday says he's prepared to suffer the consequences. Anti-coal protester Jonathan Moylan sent a fake ANZ press release saying that the bank had withdrawn critical funding for one of the coal company's newest projects - the corporate watchdog is now investigating the matter. It was business as usual for Whitehaven Coal, after its shares entered a brief trading halt yesterday. They slumped almost 10%, before rater recovering when this letter was issued to journalists. It looked like an ANZ official letterhead, which claimed the bank had pulled a $1.2 billion loan facility to help develop a mile. ANZ quickly confirmed it was a hoax. Financial commentators say the signs were there.The release should have come from Whitehaven to say the loan has been withdrawn. That should en withdrawn. That should have been made to ASX skpwhr.. The release was sent by 24-year-old Jonathan Moylan, protesting under the banner Line Action on Coal. He's been camped that Leard State Forest for almost six months, near where Whitehaven is set to develop a coal operation.There were a lot of big investors and shareholders who money, and certainly that wasn't our intention. Our intention was to get the ANZ bank to change their minds. The real victims in this are farmers who are being pushed off their land.The Securities and Commission is now looking into the matter.ASIC's initial inquiries will focus on whether there was a breach of the Corporations Act, transmitting false and misleading information to the share market is a criminal offence and carries a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in jail and a maximum fine of almost $500,000.Jonathan Moylan is no stranger to controversy - seen here in a public photo on Facebook page from 2009 dragged by police following climate change demonstrations.I went into this eyes wide open. I realise there are consequences and, I also realise that no great change throughout history has ever been made without people taking risks.For burnt investors, though, experts say they need to be responsible for their own decisions.If people are really going to be playing the share market and dumping stock on the basis of a press report of a fictitious press release, then really they ought to wonder why they're in the share market at all. It's not the first such to hit the market - both Jones and McMahon Holdings received unfounded takeover approaches last year. Straight to the figures now - the Australian share market ended cautiously lower in line with pulling beon global markets overnight.

Gerry Harvey declared Christmas period sales had been reasonable, if not great.

Joining us now with sport is Craig Foster. What more can we say about Lionel Messi? The man is a phenomenon.Quite amazing, Anton. Barcelona's Argentinian ace has been named the world's best footballer for an unprecedented fourth straight season. The 25- year-old's remarkable haul of 91 goals in a calendar year made him a runaway winner of the coveted Ballon d'Or in a ceremony dominated by Spanish football. Already regarded by many as the greatest footballer of all time, this was just further evidence... Lionel Messi.(APPLAUSE)

By claiming a fourth Ballon d'Or, Lionel Messi surpassed the record he jointly held with UEFA president Michelle Platini. Despite a rare season in which they failed to win the La Liga or Champions League title, he had six more goals than the record from 1972, making the Argentine's case simply irresistible. He poll -- polled over 71% of votes, a quarter voting for Cristiano Ronaldo.

After helping the US claim Olympic gold in London, Abby Wambach became the first American in a decade to win the women's World Player of the Year. On ayer of the Year. On the back of Spain's 2012 triumph, Del Bosque was named Coach of the Year.

Spanish football undoubtedly the big winner in 2012, with Atletico Madrid striker Falcao the only player outside Barcelona or Real Madrid to be included in an all-La Liga Team of the Year.

Still with football - Everton has eased into the fourth round of the FA Cup, after thumping League Two club Cheltenham 2-1.

Leon Osman added a third shortly after the break. Coleman grabbed Everton's fourth, before the hour mark. And Filaney rounded out the scoring in the 89th minute. To 10 - heatwave conditions have threatened play at the Sydney International, with competitors made to brave sweltering conditions on court. A short time ago, Bernard Tomic was closing in on a straight- sets victory over compatriot Marinko Matosevic.

With the sun searing overhead, fans relied on fans and turned to simple tricks to stay cool in sizzling temperatures. While before noon on centre court, world number four Agnieszka Radwanska did to escape the sun, shading her opponent in 70 minutes.A for effort, but in the end...

opponent in 70 minutes.A for
effort, but in the end... It's just after midday, and already 35 degrees at Olympic Park. On court, the surface and air temperature is even higher. And with temperatures climbing, the tournament director had the opportunity to suspend play. John Millman sealing his upset win before that decision was made. Needed just one of the three match points.Voskoboeva had her energy drain would 41-degree temperatures, with the heat shimmering across the surface.Even the air-conditioning is struggling today.Ben Cousins and Caroline Wozniacki were give an 12-minute break between the second and third set, the Russian emerging more refreshed from the break. Beautifully judged lob.In the night session, ob.In the night session, temperatures dropped, the initancyty didn't. Bernard Tomic breaking countryman Marinko Matosevic to take the first. Bernard blasting early in the second.The big forehand... In motorsport, Qatar's Nasser Al- Attiyah has won the third stage of the Dakar Rally, moving to within 6.5 minutes of the overall lead. The Qatari started the day in seventh place, but attacked the 343km third stage from Pisco to Nazca to launch a challenge on Stephane Peterhansel. In the bike category, Francisco Lopez claimed his second stage win in three days. Defending champion Johnny Depp finished third to hold onto the overall race

Now to Brazil, where a Kenyan runner was the victim of a bizarre attack by a member of the public. Edwin Kipsang Rotich was leading the Kings Race in Brazil's Midwest when a spectator ran from the crowd and tried to tackle him to the ground. Police immediately stepped tine assist the Kenyan, who apparently was unfazed by the incident, managing to keep hold of his lead, and also to finish in first place. Guys, updating the tennis - Tomic is through to round of the Sydney International after beating fellow Aussie Marinko Matosevic in straight sets. Just a quick word on Lionel Messi there, Craig - you're, of the Australian judge for Ballon d'Or. Tough decision?Ah, not at all.(LAUGHS) It won't surprise anyone to know that I voted for Extraordinary year. Cristiano Ronaldo also brilliant. So quite close, but I think it's likely that he's the greatest player ever to pull on a boot. Extraordinary. Well-deserved, then. Thanks, Craig. Coming up - the weather, and a college football title young Torres Strait Islander.

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(ALL LAUGH) Backbehind the checkpoint. Done. Done. with over 20 leading universities and TAFEs in one place. Call today on:

Sydneysiders should expect today's hot temperatures to last well into the evening, with a cool change not expected to blow through until tomorrow morning.rough until tomorrow morning. The city hit a near-record peak of 41.8 degrees, and it's likely to stay in the mid-30s until

stay in the mid-30s until around midnight. Troughs are keeping inland Australia very hot and dry. A front is causing winds to strengthen in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South well off the north coast of Western Australia is intensifying.

It's not a game usually associated with Australians, but an Indigenous gridiron player is making a name for himself in the US.

gridiron player is making a name
for himself in the US.An estimated 25 million people watched Jesse Williams score touchdown after touchdown at the college football championships. Despite an injury, the 22-year-old played a key role, handing victory to the University of Alabama. Pulling into the Miami Gardens in Florida to a superstar's reception, it's obvious the BCS national football championships are the epitome of big-time college sports. As eager fans began trickling into the venue, the empty Sun Life Stadium wouldn't take long to fill its 72,000-seat capacity. With the cheapest tickets going for just over $2,000 each and lower-level seats selling for double that, college football is big

seats selling for double that,
college football is big money. Fans turned up in their droves to see Alabama, in red, take on Notre Dame for a shot at the championship. Wearing number 54, Australia's link to the game would come in the form of Torres Strait Islander man Jesse Williams. Williams plays defence for the Crimson Tide and, standing at 6'4" and 320 pounds, it take long for a man of his to make his mark on the game.Great vision there by Lacy. Te'o expecting the run, but big Jesse Williams in there.With that, the Crimson Tide were on the but Williams showed he was getting started.Look at the Alabama defensive line. Jesse Williams, the nose guard who bench presss over 600 pounds, manhandling the front.The luck of the Irish didn't count for much, as the Crimson Tide piled on touchdown after touchdown, after touchdown. Notre Dame would post two touchdowns later in the game, but Alabama was too far out in front by that stage - the sea of red fans cheering home the Crimson Tide 42- 14.

14. Exciting stuff. Liddle reporting. Let's recap our top stories now. Around 140 fires are burning across NSW. The worst are in the south of the state, near Cooma, Nowra, Bega and Wagga Wagga. Several emergency warnings are in place across the state, many across the state, many in the Shoalhaven region. Tasmanian firefighters are battling around 40 blazes - the greatest concern is the Tasman Peninsula, where a blaze at Forcett is still out of control. That's the world this Tuesday. Our next bulletin is at 10:30 on SBS Plenty more fire coverage at SBS Online. For the latest headlines, follow us on Twitter. Goodnight. Goodnight.
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