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(generated from captions) saying that, these Graz are not going anywhere any time soon. It will take a sharp alarm to go off to try and get these people are to the water. There is no threat of that.They are loving it. Thank you. A man accused of running over a Queensland detective has handed himself in to police. The 27-year- old are assaulted his former partner at Ipswich before fleeing in his car.He came up and burst into the door. My brother came up and started smashing game.He then fled, hitting a policeman who tried to fight him down. He was caught on camera a short time later driving off from a petrol station. He will appear in court tomorrow. A young cleaner who was bashed by thieves who broke into a supermarket has spoken exclusively to Nine News about the terrifying ordeal.They tied my hands behind my back. They tried to be around the back. They put Dutch take over my eyes and started kicking and punching me. The men and two other workers were that tied up. The robbers escaped with a few $1,000 and cigarettes. Still ahead the latest on the three bushfires raging out of control in New South Wales, including the blaze threatening homes in the Wagga Wagga area. Fire is also impacting communities in the Bega Valley near Brogo. And fire has surrounded properties in Yarrabin, just east of Cooma.

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This program is not captioned. Welcome back to our special coverage of the bushfire emergency across the country. This is the situation right now:

And emergency warning is in place for many towns in the Shoalhaven region.

People are being urged to leave now.

40 fires are still and contained in NSW. -- and contained. How close is the fire coming to hands?Very close. We are just we're -- in the east of Cooma. Fire has burned out to a House. A spot fire also broke out next to the house. Firefighters tried to extinguish it in the track. They accord in a helicopter water bomber. This is a rural area. A farmers in this area are very worried about the flames. They say it is very unpredictable. They are doing everything they can to protect their livestock.How worried are you?Getting worse as the days go on. I am frightened that this would turn and come back. It started here and they are has gone around, and the like a circle. Their role fire service say they do not know how big the fire is at this stage. -- Rural Fire Service. Wings are at 70km/h. They are freshening up to 30 properties. There are no reports of properties being destroyed at this time. Dear Rural Fire Service say it is too early to confirm there is no damage. Thank you.

We will go to the NSW south coast where but a dozen homes are under threat from a grass fire in the Bega Valley. Superintendent John Cullen joins me on the phone. Kenya bring us up to date on the fire?At this stage, we are getting a little bit of a relief.

We are reluctant to take any warnings off because there are suddenly changes as well. It could put pressure on homes across the river and other areas adjacent to this fire.How are you going in terms of resources? Do you need more?A big day, enormous conditions as far as heat goes.

We have had two helicopters working on this. We are about to change careers very shortly.We understand you are waiting on that wind change that is expected. What is the advice for people living in the wider Bega area?Adjacent to this fire, we have other fires in the valley which are contained. They were jumped on quickly by the brigade. This fire at Brogo is in steep country. There is a potential change that will take you down the river. Everything is holding at this stage.Thank you. Now to the bigger picture to the fire dangers around the estate. Bring us up to speed.The latest is there are 140 fires burning across NSW. 40 of those are out of control. The wines the headquarters is most concerned about is in the Shoalhaven area. It is a very aggressive fire. Firefighters are concerned about many areas as well. They have called for help in Victoria. The Princess highway has also been cut off. 140 fires are burning. Other big fires are at Tarcutta, near Cooma, and the Wagga Wagga area. There are so many firefighters are concerned about. What is the outlook?Firefighters are expert -- are expecting these conditions to continue. The threat is not over. They are expecting a cooler change to come through but the winds will still be strong. The fire may go in the other direction but still be as bad. Towards midnight, those conditions are expected to cool off. The fire for it will be less tomorrow. But there will still be a total firebrand state-wide in place for tomorrow. Thank you. The temperature is soaring across Sydney this afternoon. Right now it is 41 degrees. Temperatures are expected to peak in the next two hours. Experts are urging people to:

For the Ladies information on the bushfires, you can call this number:

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Welcome back to our special coverage of the bushfire emergency across Australia. Here is the latest information:

An emergency warning is in place for a number of towns in the Shoalhaven region. A large bushfire is burning dangerously close to many areas in that region. It is moving fast. Suddenly we change is expected later in the afternoon, pushing blazes closer to properties. People are being urged to leave now. Properties are being impacted in Tarcutta, near Wagga Wagga. Residents are being told it is too late to leave their homes. More than 140 Blazers burning across NSW. 40 of those are and contain. Very serious situation around the state. More information on the fire burning in the the central west. It is believed at least 10 properties are in immediate danger. Authorities say it is too late to evacuate. We adjourn reports that around a dozen people from Tarcutta have gathered together at the local club. 300 locals are still believed to be in the area.

Aegean highway is closed in both directions because of that have fire. -- the Hume Highway. The fire for focus remains in the south will -- In Victoria, the firefighting focus remains in the state's south- west, near Portland. Hundred of firefighters have been battling to contain blaze

contain blaze at Drik Drik, which almost doubled in size overnight. Nine's Laura Turner has the details. From the back burning we saw here last night, it is in daylight eking appreciate the true extent to the effort that went in here. Hundreds of firefighters back burning hundreds of hectares. This is the front line of protection between the bushfire, and people's homes. We are conducting a blackout operations. We're making sure these logs are out.This is day five of this fire. Firefighters are getting weary. Many residents fled the area out late yesterday when the wind whipped up and made the situation quite dangerous. They have had some respite over at night. But the wind is working -- whipping up again. The forecast is not looking good. More strong winds heading into this area, hence the big effort to put out spot fires and stop those Anders from spreading. We are expecting more hot temperatures in this region. Coming up: More breaking news on the bushfire crisis. The rest of the day's news, including a man had under way in Melbourne after a terrifying siege. A warning about jellyfish, after more people are stung on Queensland's coast. He here

Tonight on Nine News - we're live from the bushfire zones where homes are under threat and roads closed. A huge blaze is bearing down on properties near Cooma. A fire is also burning out of control at Brogo, near Bega. Firefighters are keeping a close eye on the dangerous wind gusts. Police hunt arsonists over a fire at Mount Druitt. Sydney's scorcher - temperatures pass 40 degrees from the beach to Bankstown, Campbelltown and our northern suburbs. Parramatta pool is packed as Sydneysiders try to get some relief from the heat. And surf lifesavers keeping a close eye on the huge crowds at Bondi Beach. Our reporters are right around the city with extended coverage on Nine News from 6:00pm. This program is not captioned. The sensitive ones.

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Welcome back. You are watching the extended coverage of the bushfire crisis across the country. The situation is most dangerous in NSW, where more than 140 blazers are now bearing. This is what we know right now:

Residents are being told to stay indoors, it is too late to evacuate. An emergency warning is in place for many towns in the state's south coast. A blaze is raging in catastrophic conditions. Another huge fire is burning out of control in Brogo. It is moving to the south-east, and quickly. Residents are advised to relocate to Bega.

Melbourne police have launched a full scale manhunt for an armed robber who held up a gaming venue in the city's east this morning. Nine's Justine Mackenzie has the latest. The road here has just reopened but for the past five hours, heavily armed police had saturated this area, searching for that armed gunmen. It is alleged he and an accomplice committed an armed robbery at a local hotel at 10am this morning. His accomplice was caught and arrested by police.He was running down the road. A cop car came up here. He just jumped on the ground very suddenly.But the gunman, as we understand, still remains at large.Extremely dangerous. He needs to be caught. We need public information to help us.Two just moments ago, our cameras captured police finding what appeared to be a pistol. Ever since they've made that front -- made it to the front yard of one of the houses, this area now has opened up again. Perhaps there are comfortable that they are found the weapon the arm was believed to be armed with. More details in the Melbourne bulletin. It is now believed seven holidaymakers have been stung by Irukandji off Queensland's Fraser Island, within the last week. The latest victim, an 8-year-old girl from the Gold Coast, was airlifted to hospital late yesterday afternoon. She was suffering severe pain, nausea and cramps. The tiny, venomous jellyfish are usually only found off the north Queensland coast, but have been known to travel south, if the water temperature is warm enough.

Still ahead: The very latest on the bushfires burning across NSW. Plenty of hands are under threat. Sydney-based as the temperature tops 40 degrees. We would tell you how the city is coping. People flee their homes as another fire flares in Tasmania. This program is not captioned. so
Good afternoon. The Yarrabin Fire Nu
south east of Cooma has jumped the a
Numeralla River. The RFS has issued
an emergency alert. In the Territor hotsp
- the RFS is monitoring twelve detec
hotspots discovered by infrared Par
detectors in the Namadgi National cr
Park. The fire risk is extreme. 21 Sou
crews are ready to respond in the are
Southern Ranges, where conditions are catastrophic. Stay with WIN, we
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The accused's gunmen in the Colorado cinema massacre has appeared in court. 12 people were killed and 50 others injured when James Holmes opened fire during a screening of 'Dark Knight Rises'. Our correspondent has more. Today's appearance was a preliminary hearing. Eventually a judge will decide whether this goes to trial before a jury. That is expected to happen. The accused is facing a total of 166 combined charges. His hearing is expected to last a week. Today, the first witnesses were the police officers who gave dramatic testimony about how when they first arrive at the scene, they thought James Holmes was a officer. He offered no resistance and a seat under the influence of something. He was, they say, completely relaxed and detached. Police gave graphic descriptions today of one of us like to enter the theatre. They drove many of the victims to hospital in their own cars. They made many trips. One policeman carried out a badly winded couple. He said they told him to leave them and find their daughter. She was found by another officer but had died. James Holmes sat quietly in the court. His lawyers will try to prove that he is mentally unstable. Many people who saw him in court today thought he was well aware of what was going on.He looked like a were married human beings. That is why is so hard to take was of -- and ordinary human being.First there was this, then just prior to Christmas there was the massacre of between six students in Connecticut. It did not surprising that after this attack in the theatre there was no higher level call for toughening up of gun laws. There is the way it has been with a poor the previous massacres. The murder of the schoolchildren has at long last spurred some action. We hear that the presence is likely to win mounts a plan to bring a halt to the gun madness in the next week or so. Sadly, it is taking many more lives to be lost before we have any action. You are watching extended coverage of the bushfire crisis. 140 blazers are burning across is that Wales, including one which is impacting homes with smoke and Anders. -- across the NSW. A blazes burning in a Brogo. More committees around the path of a destructive Tasmanian bushfire. I have been told it is too late to evacuate. We will get the latest on what is happening across NSW. This is the situation. Catastrophic conditions

situation. Catastrophic conditions
have seen a number of fires break contain its lines in southern parts of the state. An emergency warning is in place foreign number of regions. A large fire is burning dangerously close to those areas. We're told it is moving fast. In Brogo, a fire is expected to impact properties within the hour. People are owed to leave now. -- urged. Properties are also impacted at Tarcutta or near Wagga Wagga. It is too late for residents to leave. There are more than 140 fires burning across the state. 40 of

There are more than 140 fires
burning across the state. 40 of those I get to be contained. We cross like to Kerrie Yaxley. Good afternoon. What is the situation there?It is incredibly windy here. Gusts of up to 75km/h were predicted today. We have seen up to 85km/h. The front of the fire is extremely long. The fire service cannot say exactly how long it is. It as birds out at least 3,500 hectares of land and 900 hectares of farmland. There were no reports of property damage. We know that 60 firefighters are on the grounds now fighting the blaze. They using six helicopters and three other aircraft. Farmers in the area are worried that even though it is moving away from their farms it may swing around with their wings changed. How worried are you? Getting worse as the day goes on. I am frightened that this will turn and come back. It started here and has gone right around.We are expecting a change to start coming through very soon. That'll mean temperatures will drop. Tomorrow, the forecast is looking pretty similar to today. Strong winds and high temperatures making it difficult for firefighters.Thank you. Will now go to the fire situation at Brogo near Bega. We spoke to a fire commander earlier he said they have had a huge job. What is the situation?It is continuing. They have issued another warning saying that they expect this fire will impact on or isolated properties within the next hour. There is a huge team of firefighters on the ground. They are battling to stop them being impacted by two fires. The first started at

impacted by two fires. The first
started at 10:30am. A car caught fire and suffered a grass fire. It turn into Webb bushfire. The embers were sent flying around eight kilometres ahead. It started a second fire. Firefighters also have to worry about a

second fire. Firefighters also have
to worry about a change at 5:30pm which will change the direction of the fire and possibly much more homes at risk in this area. There are a number of residence here trying to find out whether their properties are going to be OK. None has been in Pack did this date. It is taking a huge impact -- a huge effort from these firefighters. The job that has been going on for eight hours now is not over. It is still an anxious wait for the residents here. A tough fight for the firefighters on the ground.We will check in with you throughout the afternoon and evening. We will go to Tasmania, the state is being in a bushfire emergency for the past five days. Finally, a change in the weather there 4G it has been a very significant change.It is only about 12 degrees. Along with the change in some intense wind. Predictions of went up to 100km/h. This afternoon there was a red alert warning for people to start moving and leaving their homes because there was a fire of racing toward their properties. Firefighters raced up there. I had helicopters with them. We found the firefighters sitting in the caverns of the track Cork the heavens opened up. He started to rain. When you look at them sitting in their truck, it was the first time they have smiled in five days. Having listened to the relief when they realise they could have a break Faure few minutes.Anything for me from the standard is not a ash makes a smile. Bass like anything falling from the sky.This is most welcome. It has been a tough few days will stop this is making a major difference. One Ouray go weak heard it would be back again. There was the weather changed expected with 100km/h wind. Typical Tasmanian weather.The rain was not enough to put out all the fires. It took the heat out of the fire France. That has given them some breathing space and has stop the fire is moving ahead. The next thing they have to deal with is the insurance issues. They're waiting for insurance assessors to start arriving to give people a bit of knowledge about where they stand with their claims and how fast they will be processed. The damage bill will run in excess of $100 billion. That business, although they may get a pay-out, has run with a family's history.Thank you.

family's history.Thank you. The Red Cross has set up an appeal to help those victims of the disaster. Keeping data through their website or by calling the number on the screen. A -- you can donate through.

or by calling the number on the
screen. A -- you can donate through. Firefighters have just extinguish a fire that threatens a dozen homes in Melbourne. We are following developments. We afternoon. What is happening?It is over to fire investigators. They all tried to get to the bottom of how the fire was started. A serious situation. It burns quickly. It destroyed around 20 hectares worth of grassland, including a farmhouse and a calf. It required a further 20 trucks to put out the blaze. A lucky escape for those living in the housing development. The flames got as close as their back fences. Fire authorities say it is a real warning to those who live a grassland.It certainly came very close to some houses. This fire is probably a good reminder to people who deliver housing estates, is that area backs onto open grassland or Bush led, you can have a wild fire at dawdles to are very quickly. It is almost unbelievable. Investigators are treating the fire as suspicious?Based certainly are. The random nature of her -- random nature of how the fire started has led to would be considered suspicious. They will try to find a link between other fire is lit in the past few days. -- other five years.It is extremely hot this afternoon. If the temperature is edging closer to the expected top of 43 degrees. The beach would be the pick of this was to be today. If there is anywhere to be today as the temperature gets towards 43 degrees to pass to the rise here on the beach. A few thousand people have had exactly the same idea. They have been coming down here since early this morning, staking a spot on the sand. Obviously the water is the best place rather than on the sand. Some people have had some good ideas. A lot of cold drinks and sunscreen. And ice-cream truck has been going nuts. Whatever it takes to keep you call is the way to go. At the moment it is currently 41 degrees at Bondi Beach. The temperature is expected to rise closer to the 43 degrees we were talking about as the afternoon goes on. It would need to be hotter than 44.1 degrees to beat the current record in Sydney. We may see temperatures higher than that. I have spoken disordered people have been down here on the beach today. Taken listen to what they had to say today.It is amazing. A great day to be on the beach.I keep going into the sea every two minutes.Not too hot?Claim from the UK. Any bit of sun iron out. You cannot complain.Absolutely slaughtering. It is fantastic. A nice breeze. A lovely setting. Good to be here.How have other parts of Sydney been keeping call?As you can imagine, they have been a lot of people taking refuge anywhere with air-conditioning. Shopping centres and cinemas would see Bega numbers. We have seen a lot of people try to keep cool. Fasta Pasta cool.

Animals were headed icebox at the zoo. -- were handed icebox. Hopefully it worked for them. They have been some concerns about the safety of people in these kinds of conditions, especially the elderly and children. The key is to stay hydrated. We are not expecting temperatures to drop down too far. Temperatures could remain in the high 30s as late as midnight. Try and be careful and stay out of the Sun. I do not think we will see any of these people heading home from the beach anytime soon.Banks mac will cross to some breaking news. Three teenagers are under custody after a fire. While rates were called to the fire which took two hours to bring under control. This on a day when temperatures reached over 41 degrees. The trio has been arrested. Clint Stanaway joins us now with sport. Clint, where to now for Sam Stosur? She'll have no more match practise before the Australian Open after a shock defeat at the Sydney International. Some of the stars are already here in Melbourne Jo- Wilfred Tsonga getting a lesson from the ball kids. And is it the end for Shane Warne? The suspended superstar talks about his future for the first time.

This program is not captioned.

The Australian Open gets underway in less than a week and today Jo- Wilfried Tsonga got to know some of the ball kids. Lleyton Hewitt and Roger Federer had a hit on Rod Laver. Federer hoping to improve on last year's result where he was eliminated in the semi-finals. Last year's champion Novak Djokovic was also on court today.

Two Aussie men will go head to head tonight at the Sydney International - Bernard Tomic taking on Marinko Matosevic. John Millman advanced to the next

the next round defeating Spain's Tommy Robredo in straight sets. Sam Stosur will head into the Australian Open on the back of two straight first round defeats, after a shock upset to China's Zheng Jie.

It was supposed to be a routine first-round rout for the world number nine. But there were still plenty of problems.It is another loss. To be honest, I feel a lot better than last week. I feel like added better things.Taking on world No. 42 Zheng Jie, there were plenty of missed opportunities for both players. Sam Stosur saved the second in a tie-breaker. But a three match points proved too much. The last leaving her with just two matches under her belt, heading into the first Grand Slam of the year.I feel really good out there. It is a matter of playing better. The 2011 it US Open champion showed signs of per winning form. It is those moments giving her hope for Melbourne.If I feel like I have some control over what I am doing, and play well, it will be good for me. If I can do all of those things, I have a good chance of winning matches. Shane Warne may have played his last game of cricket. The suspended spin king needs the Stars to defeat the Sydney Thunder tonight to stay alive in the Big Bash. Warne was taking part in a charity tennis day ahead of the Kooyong Classic and spoke to Corey Norris. If Melbourne does not go through tonight, is that they do so we have seen the last a Shane Warne?It has been disappointing. We are lucky we still have a chance, if we can win tonight. That is the main thing. I want them to have fun and enjoy themselves. Just play well for themselves. Every can make that semifinals, hopefully we can put the right.Had the thought about next season?No. It is about winning the game and playing well. We will see what happens. We were just wait and see.Have you spoken to Marlon Samuels?We have asked to see him. No-one likes to say that sort of stuff. Hopefully he will be OK. That's all the sport news. Thank you. Let's get an update on the extent of the fire threat right around the State from our reporter Natalia Cooper at Rural Fire Service headquarters. Good afternoon. What is the latest? We have had an update from the Rural Fire Services. They said one of their priority Rural Fire Services. They said one
of their priority fires is the one in Shoalhaven. They say it is burning towards the Princess highway. People are being told to stay in place and shelter in their homes. They are in danger. 13 tracks are bare and 60 firefighters, plus three aircraft.The other major concern is Tarcutta. The town is being threatened by that major fire. There are a number of fires burning. 140, 40 are out of control. What advice is being given?Indeed danger areas, they are being told to pay attention. He can go to the bedside. Those emergency warnings have been issued. There are different advice in place, they maybe told to stay and shelter, or they maybe told there is time to evacuate. They need to go to the website and find the information for that area. If you are in a danger zone, that has been labelled catastrophic, keep an eye on the warnings. Listen to the radio and stay informed. Things are changing very quickly.Thank you. There is a state-wide total fire

very quickly.Thank you.
There is a state-wide total fire ban across a NSW tomorrow. Conditions continue. Hundreds of fires burning across the state. Thousands of fire crews are on the ground. Dangerous conditions expected to continue into the evening. Continuing coverage on the news. We will have the latest weather after the break. Northerly winds we should to call a southerly is around midnight tonight. The forecast mayor is looking a lot more pleasant. This program is not captioned.

Could it afternoon. Scorching temperatures across and not of the country. The Outback in sweltering through a 10 of a heatwave. The hot winds is pushing into NSW, bringing hot and dry and windy weather. Perfect conditions for

Perfect conditions for bushfires. In the south is, another warm and mild day. This cold front is directing cooler winds into NSW. The trough is moving further north, bringing a much colder map day. More rain in the north-west. Rain for will be healthiest in the Kimberley. -- heaviest.

Thank you. Before we go, we will bring you an update on the bushfire crisis unfolding across NSW:

Enders are being blown for kilometres ahead of the fire front. Smoke affecting parts of the Princes Highway. Emergency warnings in place for a number of towns in the Shoalhaven region. And out of control fire is impacting properties east of Cooma. More than 140 blazes across the state. 40 are and contain.

-- uncontained. More coverage of the bushfire crisis later. That is it for us. Goodbye.Supertext captions by Red This program is not captioned. Hello, everybody. Welcome to
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Hello, Wesley.
G'day, Eddie. How are you?
Good. Wesley Kington. 29, from Chipping Norton
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