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Danielle Post.....enjoy the rest of your evening, Good night.

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Hello, I'm Cameron Williams. Welcome to A Current Affair. Tonight - we take you inside the Tasmanian fire storm. With never before seen exclusive video shot by the firies themselves as they fought that terrible blaze in Dunalley. It is terrifying, and it also fills you with admiration for the men and women who place themselves in grave danger to fight nature's fury. You have heard the storys of great loss and great courage. Now you will feel it as

and great courage. Now you will
feel it as they felt it.

Is that you, birchy? You have broken up. I'm at Dunalley.

If there really is a hell on earth, this is it. It is like - it is hard to describe. It is like a holocaust.One minute you could see, the next minute, pitch black.Day became night as howling winds pushed the firestorm across the Dunalley township. Many fled but some stayed to defend their homes alongside firefighters. Volunteers, mainly, and most whose own homes were under threat.For me, it was like being in hell. It is pretty much how I could describe what you saw, what you heard - the heat, the sky was such a red, and then it would go completely black. You would come back out and, you know, where we were one minute, you know, probably an hour later - sorry, time stands still in those moments. It might have been two hours later or three, whatever. A bit later we went up the street and it was total devastation.The big problem we had was that the winds were so strong. It was blowing debris, horizontal - like being in a little mini-tornado.An you Skelly was on the first fire truck to reach Dunalley. He saw at close quarters what few others would be able to contemplate. How many houses did you see go up personally?I stopped counting. That many?Yeah.To me, it is the panic. Just the sound of the fire. What is going on around the environment. It was a huge amount of embers falling. Our main concern was to get the people out.Ollie Torneus was at the fire front when it hit the Tasman Peninsula.It is like a holocaust. Everything goes dark. It is just amazing, you know, in the time they've been in the fire service, I have never seen anything like it. I hope that I never see anything like it again. There goes our house burning - videoing it. Never thought we would see this day, darling.Seeing people's things that they have loved and cherished for however long - just disappear before your very eyes. Yeah, knowing that you cannot do anything to stop it.Cindy Walker is a mother of three, and a volunteer firefighter. Why do you do it?Why wouldn't you? You know, someone is in trouble, you help them. It was a beautiful place to live. Now it is just torn apart.

It was horrible. I cannot even describe it. Especially your friends' houses, my brother's house, all the relatives' houses. T because we are so small, we all know each other, it was horrid.The school. The saw mill. The bakery. And the homes. So many simply gone in the blink of an eye. One house catches on fire, and you try to stop that, and then the next one would catch on fire. Then the next one.One of the few buildings left standing was the local pub, which quickly became a safe haven for those left with no other option. We just watched houses burn.One by one. More than 1,700 locals and tourists fled, and for many refuges along the peninsula were their only means of food and shelter.I have lost my home. I've lived there for 30-odd years. It has gone. There's a lot of people here whose homes have gone. The volunteers, the firemen - everybody, the police have been wonderful. I reckon they are doing an excellent job.I'm the mayor of this municipality from Dunalley Down. I'm sorry that most of you have been stranded.But the strain was starting to show. This is Jan. I'm the Mayor of this municipality, and I'm here to ask you if you are only staying here for a car and you do not live here, go on the boat and go. Whilst I'm talking to you right now, my house is probably burning down. So if you are just staying here for a car, arguing with me, because I've had a lot of arguments, I want you gone, please. Sorry! We fed you! We fed you for days! We have loved you, cleaned the freezers out. Now we have to look after ourselves. For the frustrated and the fed up, it was too much.I pay good money...ListenTo me, are you saying in a motel?We cannot. We are stranded.Listen to me...For you to get up and stay that stuff in front of all these people, that is bleepz you might as well leave now. -- (Bleep). I'm in as bad a situation as you, and everybody else thinks you should be sacked as the mayor. I have been through...ItIs not your personal tragedy. It is the ones that are stuck here. We feel sorry for you. We go home...ThisIs my personal tragedy. It is my personal tragedy... For those who had a choice, ferries transported hundreds of people around the clock to Hobart. How long since your saw your daughter or spoke to her?On Thursday, that morning when we left. Three days. Craig and Joanne Mackenzie were among the anxious families waiting to be reunited with their loved ones. Well, I was at the hotel. Then we looked up at the mountains and the hills. You could see the fire and everything. You could see it coming down.What did you do?I was on the phone to my brother, crying. I was alone. The relief of being safe once again, overwhelming for some.

They went all the back of our house, and then all of a sudden the wires came down and they had to move. Then they came back later on and they apologised to us. Sorry... For not being able to do more. Not being able to stop and protect it properly. In Tasmania's time of need, there's no doubt it was the brave firefighters who were the pillars of strength. Many walking away from their own homes under threat, to protect their neighbours and friends.We can rebuild houses, buy cars and buy boats - we cannot rebuild a human life.Volunteer Firefight of 23 years, Rick Birch knows no other way.We had a job to do, let's do it.It is helping the community. Crikey, if you can do that a little bit, sometimes it is nowhere near as much. Friday was nowhere near as much. At least we did our bit and we can say that we have done as much as we can to help you.

have done as much as we can to help
you. They are amazing people. Nick Coe is in Dunalley. A powerful report there. We saw how the tension is getting to people. How are they coping tonight?Well, Cam, here, most people have been offered an opportunity to come back and at least check on the properties. As we know in many cases, when they came back, the news was only all bad. Those who have decided to stay, who don't have relatives nearby to live or move in with in the meantime, many are sheltering tat local pub. The pub can has opened his freezer and fridge to all the people left, including volunteers. He is maintaining some sense of community in a place where, as you can see, it is obvious difficult to do, given the events of what happened on Friday. So life goes on here in Dunalley. There is a lot of rebuilding to be done. It is not just the physical scars that we can see, but the mental scars of what happened here last week.Yes, Nick, so much has happened. The danger is is not over? It is not over. In fact, just in the last half hour, Cam, the Tasmania Fire Service has declare tomorrow a day of total fire ban. It is interesting, the top temperature expected in Hobart tomorrow is only 25. There will be a strong wind change later in the day. The TFB has been called as a result of giving these fire crews some sort of respite. Many of the fires are burning, generally dormant. They could flare up. But the last thing the firies need is to battle new blazes tomorrow will be a total fire ban in Tasmania.If you are concerned about family or friends in the areas you can call

you are concerned about family or
friends in the areas you can call a special police hotline.

You can donate to the Red Cross to help victims of the disaster.

Now, the armed gangs targeting bottle shops, monsters staff and customers - A Current Affair has obtained chilling new security vision of these robberies, as police hunt the bandits before they strike again.

.These are very random and brazen attacks. Bush butcher-type knives, kitchen knives, meet cleavers. Taking the next step, and gone into a public environment. It is the moment innocent customers were caught up in one of the most chilling crimes caught on camera. They worked together, targeting cash registers with the till ripped from the register, all whilst the blade of one knife is menacingly thrust in the face of the young female attendant with. Their objective achieved, the group separate to target frightened customers. One man is pushed to the floor, his wallet stolen. He can still be seen lying face down as the thief in the grey hoodie attempts to snatch a handbag off another woman standing nearby. The group struggled to claim a final cash register before fleeing on foot. It is brazen, aggressive, and it is over in 60 seconds. The most armed robberys have a degree of organisation. But they've done a bit more than your typical armed robbery.Detective Acting Sergeant Jason Stewart is in charge of the investigation and studied the hold-up at every angle.They go above and beyond - if I could the word - 'typical' armed robbery to intimidate customers. At times, they extremely property from them. It is not a one-off - three weeks later, the group strikes again. This time, the Dan Murphy's is in Melbourne's east. The trio turn on the young attendant, forcing her to empty both registers. The bandit in the white hoodie acting as the conductor, orchestrating the ordeal, and it is over in 60 seconds.What shocks and surprise mess is the brazenness in which the offenders are going about the robberies. Danny Baldwin is woort's Loss Prevention Manager, and is beefing up security.It may be security guards, a low amount of cash, a lot of training for the team members, and for staff to ensure that it if it does occur, they will stay safe. He hopes that by releasing the vision, they will stop the attacks. We will report it to the police and the police will do their job and track the guys down. Just yesterday, police arrested eight people outside this gaming venue in Melbourne. They will allege this group is responsible for a spate of crimes across the city. It is also part of a growing trend of generation next bandits. Gong are the days of the binge bang heist. Smaller venues mean smaller profits, which means more crime.

These people are not just stealing money. They are stealing people's sense of security. They are stealing their careers. They are stealing their joy in life.He did threaten my life. It made it harder. Armed robberys are increasing because of the accessibility of knives, a the ease of zieblt and the mind set of the offenders. Criminology psychologist sandy Rae, anyone can get a knife, it is aggressive and intimidating. The victim has little power to return or respond if someone holds a knife at them. So far, the gang's victims have been left helpless, like this man, confronted by a cleaver at a Subway fast food restaurant. Police believe these people are responsible for the Dan Murphy's attack.There is a level of cowardice. They are always in groups.Incredibly, some do resist. Watch as the woman on the right of screen takes a chance, pouncing on her exposed wallet with a bandit metres away. It is a high-risk play that police don't recommend.I would not ask anybody by themselves to take on three male offenders. They're armed with weapons.Always cooperate and stay calm. Don't ever resist. Just follow the instruction of the offender. Number one priority is to stay safe. So far there have not been physical injuries but the trauma of the attack remains for years.These victims suffer from hypervigilance. They will suffer from hyper-arousal, watching people, who can coming out of the shops and homes. They are suffering from anxiety and reactive depression.There is this comfort, though.The police put a lot of investment in resource into catching these offenders.

investment in resource into
catching these offenders. If you think you recognise any of those armed bandits, call

those armed bandits, call Crime Stoppers.

those armed bandits, call Crime
Stoppers. Arm robbery is bad enough, but what if the thief was your own child? That is the heart breaker allegation made by pensioner Mary Douglas-Crandley against her daughter, Kim. As a great-great grand mother, Mary has give an lot of love to her family, but alleges Kim decided to take all her money as

Kim decided to take all her money
as well: at 82, Mary Douglas- Crandley should be enjoying her retirement, but her life savings have gone, allegedly at the hands of her own flesh and blood.I didn't think that anybody would ever do what she did. But just... I mean, who would think that a daughter would do that to their own mother?Mary claims her daughter, Kim Wind, has taken her money to build a luxury development in Fiji. How much money was taken out of your accounts? About $270,000. All up, with everything she has, around $300,000. The Saga began when Mary signed a legal document giving Kim power of attorney.The power of attorney is given to somebody to use if I wasn't well enough, and she was doing things under my instructions. I did not think they could go off and use it to do what they liked. Mary had forgotten all about it until she was hospitalised in August,. When she got home, her daughter was gone and her bank accounts were drained.She went to the bank and told the staff that I had am meez ya, and she needed the money to -- that I had am need ya and she needed the money to continue building me a retirement village in Fiji.Mary has not seen her daughter since. These photographs taken by Woman's Day' show Kim and her husband, Gerry, at a building site in Fiji, building luxury hill top villas there.When I rang her, all I got was nonsense, saying the money was not going back. Kim says one of the villas will be for her mother's retirement. But Mary insists she never agreed to that.I had no intentions of ever retiring, and she knew that. I could never live in Fiji. My life is here, all my family is here. Mary has told her story to police, who are determining whether Kim's actions amount to fraud. At this stage, no charges have been laid, but it is still an open investigation.You must trust implicitly the person you are trusting.Lawyer Sam Macedoni says when you give somebody power of attorney, you give them full and total control over your financial affairs and it all comes down to trust.Now if you think that that attorney is starting to act outside the bounds that you want the attorney to act, you can revoke the power of attorney and stop that power. However, if you don't find out until it is too late, it is a bit late to revoke something when the damage is already done.It is very - be very, very careful. I would have - if they do make out a power of attorney, have a solicitor as a cosigner as well. But don't give it to anybody under circumstances if you can help it. Mary has been told if she takes legal action, it could take years before the case is finalised. By then, the money will most likely be gone. Do you think you will see Kim again?No. I can't see how you could go back and face your mother with what she has done. I couldn't sleep at night. Could you?

I couldn't sleep at night. Could
you? No, you could not. You have to be very, very careful with power of attorney. If you have been involved in a will dispute, we would like to know about it. Send us an email or give us a call. Still to come - how 'The Voice' star Mahalia Barnes has become an inspiration to women everywhere. I'm doing it for me, for my child, my family. This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. Great to have your company. These days popular singer Mahalia Barnes hitting all the right notes on and off the stage. The busy mum has decideded 2013 is the year to expand her career and shed the unwanted kilos.

the year to expand her career and
shed the unwanted kilos. I'm doing it for me. I'm doing it it for my child, my family. # I tell you # Rollin' # Rollin' on the river #2012 was a life-changing year for Mahalia Barnes. # Take my tears # And that's not nearly all #The daughter of legendary rocker Jimmy Barnes became a star in her own right, with the breath-taking performance on the hit show 'The Voice'.I've done a big tour, and it has been crazy. All this, while juggling the demands of being a working mum to 3-year-old Ruby.Oh, use those muscles!Now she has a brand new project. Mahalia has signed on as a WeightWatchers ambassador.The way that I feel is amazing. And, you know, I'm not even halfway there. A misconception is that you have to deprive yourself of the things that you love. The beauty of WeightWatchers is that you don't. I wouldn't do it if I did have to. I love food!Mahalia stars in the new television campaign. Daughter Ruby also has a role.I don't want to miss out. That is why I went with WeightWatchers.She wrote the song with her music husband, Ben and recorded it for the commercial. # I've been going through the motions # Pull it all on the line #In the lead-up to the announcement, she has been quietly following the program with the support of family and friends, including Joel Madden, who coached her on 'The Voice'.He is supportive, been in touch a few times when he has come back. I'm sure he would be proud of me that I'm looking after myself. You have to.But her biggest inspiration is Ruby.I want to have the energy to be able to go and spend the time with her, and run around at the park and not, you know, pick her up and carry her up the stars and nearly have a heart attack.She is seeing results since starting the program 10 weeks ago - she has lost 9kg.Now that I've made the changes, and I'm on the weight loss journey, I can feel the difference onstage, which is great. You know, there is nothing better than having instant results. A foodie at heart when she is not travelling, Mahalia's happiest in the kitchen.It is my relaxing time, when I'm not on tour, when I get to be at home. I love to be in the kitchen. I could be in there all day.What is for dinner tonight? I'm throwing together some little tacos, soft tacos, salsa, some chicken, spices. It is all. Simple. Salad.It doesn't have to be complicated, does it?No. I think that people are intimidated by cooking with new greebts or going out of their comfort -- ingredients or going out of their comfort zone. There are a lot of great recipes that are easy and quick to follow. Her WeightWatchers leader Kate Russo is on hand.I'm proud of her, and I know she's happy. I'm amazed how well it is going for her, and how it fits into her busy life. Kate says that Mahalia will make an ideal WeightWatchers ambassador and inspire others to join her.She is a really great person, busy young mum, great career, warm, friendly and real.Are you surprised by how quickly you saw results?I started losing weight from the first week. Yeah, amazingly easy!What is your goal?It is to be - I want to get to a healthy weight range for my age and for my height. I'm heading in that direction first and then we will see what happens from there. Go Mahalia! She looks fantastic, doesn't she? Why don't you send her some encouragement on Facebook or Twitter.

some encouragement on Facebook or
Twitter. After the break - the battling family of 10, forced to live in their car. I feel like I've been abandoned by my country. This program is not captioned. Hey, sweetheart?

Could you download one of those
Bush Fire Survival Plans? It would be good to sit down
and see what needs doing. Yeah, can we do it later?
I'm just in the middle of stuff. I'll tell you what, I'll print one
off sometime this week at work. Righto, sweetheart.
Let's do it then.

This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: How to make a Domino's
Meatlovers even more amazing - add succulent pork, Aussie grilled beef and smoky bacon rashers. Then top it
with a sizzling $7.95 price. Domino's new BBQ Pork Meatlovers.

This program is not captioned.

Tomorrow night, the human faces of Australia's housing crisis. The family of 10 forced to live in their car.We have nowhere to live. We live in the van.On A Current Affair, the Aussie battlers eating and sleeping in their van.I feel like I've been abandoned by my country.How did things get this bad?Every night, they scream or cry. That special report tomorrow only on ACA. Look forward to your company then. I'm Cameron Williams. Goodnight. This program is not captioned.

NARRATOR: Tonight, on RBT... So you're telling me
that this is 100% accurate?

A carton? Mate, this is a test for the
presence of any prohibited drugs. I don't take amphetamines.
That's something I do not touch. It was only when I saw the flashing
lights, and I was like, "Damn!"


One big breath and blow through. Why did you swap drivers? (SIRENS WAIL)

Stay there. Don't move. Stop, stop! This time,
I'm gonna place you under arrest.

The city's biggest street party,
the Mardi Gras, is one of the busiest nights
for police, and when the party's over,
RBT units are out in force.

24-year-old Song
decided to risk the drive home. Mate, at this stage,
you're under arrest, OK? So jump out of the car for us.


So when was your first drink

Seven? When was your last?

Just bourbon and all that?
Yeah, just bourbon. How many did you have?
I only had about three. Yeah, something's not right here. Song has blown
over twice the legal limit, but he seems convinced
that police have made a mistake. You just going to wait with the car?

Honestly, I don't think I'm drunk.