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(generated from captions) Stkpwhrr This program is captioned live.No let-up - it was a moving blazes on to burn across Tasmania. Crazy, out of control stuff.Braced for danger - large parts of the mainland are parts of the mainland are also on alert. Tomorrow is probably going to be the worst fire danger day parts of this state have experienced in the history of New South Wales.Rare speech - the Syrian President's tough talk rejected by opposition groups.And anger rages unawe debated in India as the - unabated in indeda as the gang rape accused face court.Good evening.Bushfires dominate the bulletin again tonight with firefighters across the south-east battling hundreds of blazes.There are warnings of catastrophic conditions in some areas tomorrow with high winds and temperatures the mid 40s forecastmentWe have reporters live on location in the danger zones. Luke waters is Hobart where teams are ferrying aid to Tasmanian bushfire victims by boat. But we begin with a summary of the day's main developments. Fires continue to burn in Tasmania but police say most of the people unaccounted for have now been located. Julia Gillard has visited the worst affected areas paying tribute to the way communitys have come together to help.More than firefighters are battling an out of control bushfire in Victoria's south-west tonight. Another, moving grassfire near the New South Wales town of Wagga Wagga remains out of control but the threat to homes has eased. But first, Tasmania - a total fire ban has been declared for the entire state tomorrow. The Prime Minister flown to the island state to see the devastation Residents are slowly learning the extent of the destruction. There are 20 fires still burning the state. The largest between Forcett and the Tasman Peninsula and at Lake Repulse continue to burn out of control.For people like Tony Young live are life will never be the same again.It breaks your heart. It's everything, you know. Can't be replaced.It's a story repeated across fire Tasmania. Harvey Hogg loosing his livelyhood. What does this mean for your business, mate?It's gone.And, and... The Prime Minister into the heart of the devastation to see first-hand just how it has fractured lives.You just do wonder how hot the centre of the fire was to devastate as much as this. Authorities are now going door-to- door in the fire zones trying to account for people still It's quite a complex process to identify exactly who is unexpect accounted for and who isn't.Tales from the firestorm are chilling.It was crazy out of control stuf. It was burning down this way and then the wind turned.The blazes leaving communities cut off, stocking up on fuel and food.Just a bit of milk and coffee and stuff like that, yeah.The people trapped near the fires - finally some relief. Yesterday they cancelled all the ferrys. We were gonna do that yesterday. We were gonna get out but the ferrys were cancelled so we were here for another night. Tasmanian Premier defending the state's response.We're still in dangerous circumstances which been part of the problem of getting resources down to the Tasman Peninsula. My understanding is a convoy has been successful in taking resources down to the people on the Tasman Peninsula who have been isolated.Julia Gillard was also keen to see how the state coordinated the fire fight, Hobart meeting and thanking those involved including personnel Victoria.Hi.We're here to help. That's fantastic.We're returning the favour from Black Saturday when these guys helped us.The Prime Minister hailing mateship.I have come to Tasmania today for one purpose, to say to the people of Tasmania that the nation is standing with them at this very difficult time.On leave, the opposition leader tweeted thoughts saying it's good the government has responded swiftly with assistance. Amid the gloom some good news.We is have no indication that any of the fires we have been dealing would have been deliberately lit.You've got to be positive otherwise you fall apart. It's that positivity that will people through.SBS reporter Luke Waters joins us now live from Hobart. How are things going there, Luke?Good evening. are still burning across the but there are three causing most concern to the as it main tkwra fire service - the first in Forcett, the second the Lake Repulse fire. Earlier today the fire breached containment lines on its northern flank and is now burning out of control through a National Park and is expected to keep burning for days or possibly even weeks. The third fire causing the most concern is in the north- west of the state called Montoomana. The big problem tomorrow is the forecast. It's not the temperature, which will hover in the high 20s. But wind gusts tomorrow are predicted at over 70k an hour which could present fire crews with real problems.Luke, as you were saying the crisis is several days old. But hundreds of people remain on the Tasman Peninsula. How are authorities coping with that?It's not just the authorities. Tasmania's recreational fishing and boating communities are banding together, using social media and Facebook to spark an incredible relief effort. The Peninsula is inaccessible by road so the only way to ferry passengers and deliver goods into and out of the communitys is on the water. The boating community and recreational fishermen are banding together an extraordinary effort. We will have more details just before 7. Luke Waters reporting from Tasmania. Victoria and New South Wales also facing fire danger. Authorities are warning people across both states to monitor the situation from several different sources including social media. They are warning residents not to underestimate aggressive fire behaviour.Victoria's fire service is dealing with more than 20 bush and grassfires. Most have been contained but a blaze west of Melbourne is still causing concern. More than 70 firefighters are trying to control that fire, burning across 4000 hectares of bushland N New South Wales, temperatures are set to top 40 tomorrow. Fire crews are fighting nearly 90 blazes with warnings it could turn cats trofbg. Lightning sparked storms overnight. A fire near Wagga Wagga remains out of control. But the threat to the town of Owra has eased. worsen so too does the level of concern.In those people in New South Wales need to do what so many in as it main extra have been doing over the past few days - staying alert, listening to local authority warnings, thinking about what they would do, their bushfire plan.Authorities say they won't hesitate to evacuate communities if needed, specially holiday makers in areas they are not familiar with.Don't just think tomorrow is another bushfire danger today. Or tomorrow is another summer's day. Tomorrow is probably going to be the worst fire danger day that parts of this state have sperpbtsed in the history of New South Wales.We are going to have a pretty awful day across much of New South Wales.Already the heat is being felt. Roads melted near Griffith. National Parks have been closed across New South Wales. Farmers are doing what they can to protect their crops from the heat wave.We're seeing some minimal damage at this stage. That damage may become worse as it develops it will depend on how much more of the hot weather we get.A break in the high temperatures is not expected until the weekend.As heard, residents in the village of Owra in southern New South Wales have been told to remain alert, even though the threat has World News Australia reporter Manny is there and joins us livement is the latest there?Good evening. What you can see behind me are the remains of the biggest fire that New South Wales crews would have had to deal with today. There were 90 blazes across the state. There were around 550 firemen trying to put all of those out. About a dozen were started overnight, lightning strikes from Bourke to Broken Hill. The cause of the behind us hasn't been determined as yet but it has since been put out. Fire crews are patrolling the area to put out spot fires and making sure a new front doesn't generate with any wind changes. Because of that, with the temperatures set to reach well beyond 40 tomorrow, obviously all measures are being taken and as many fires as possible are being contained.So what preparations are being made?The RFS prepare for something like this all year. You go up to them today and say, "What are the plans for tomorrow?" And they say it's a matter of sitting and waiting. Obviously they are pulling out every measure and bringing out every volunteer they can muster and trying to warn as many people as possible about fire plans. But obviously there is tremendous risk involved with what these firies are going through at the moment. There was one fireman who was injured. He was burnt very badly inside his fire truck just north of Canberra around Gunning and had to be airlifted to hospital. There is a huge risk in the state. A total fire ban has been issued and that will come into effect from tonight. Tomorrow will be a wait and see approach, hoping that the fires that are currently burning don't get too out of control tomorrow with the high temperatures and strong westerly winds.Thank you.Over the past five days the national daily average temperature was 39. Conditions are expected worsen tomorrow. There are warnings of catastrophic conditions various parts of the country. Emergency serviceshe country. Emergency services in the ACT declared a 24 hour total fire ban from midnight. Hot wind also fan bushfires already blazing in central Australia and people in the New South Wales south-west are being warned of sweltering heat. Joining us now live from the New South Wales fire service is commissioner Shane fits Simmons. Commissioner, good evening. It's looking pretty horrific tomorrow. What is your advice to the public We're in for one of the most significant fire weather days New South Wales' history tomorrow. Large tracts of New South Wales, extending from the Victorian border region right up through our central west, across the ranges and certainly we're expecting the worst of conditions to be into the Cats strofbg range throughout the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and southern ranges of New South Wales.That's in broad terms. Are there specific communities that you are particularly concerned about?It's right across that fire weather area, Braidwood, Goulburn, through kangaroo valley, out to Nowra and the Illawarra and shoal haven regions. That information is being circulated on our website and we're issuing alerts to those at communities. While we need to focus on those catastrophic rated areas, we need to be mindful that much of New South Wales including the Hunter, greater Sydney, central tablelands and all sorts of areas through the central west and Riverina will be experiencing severe to extreme fire danger ratings. We have statewide total fire bans from midnight tonight for the duration of tomorrow.Go to SBS online for a list of state and territory bushfire related emergency services.Now to other stories in the news around the country - Australian Federal Police say former federal parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper will face three charges of dishonesty causing risk to the Commonwealth. Last year James Ashby claimed Mr Slipper misused cab charge dockets. He will appear in court next month. Forensic tests are being carried out to determine whether the gruesome discovery by a girl in Rottnest Island is a human head. Police have yet to confirm if the discovery is human remains.A trainee pie trainee pie lost a wheel midair north of Melbourne landed unscathed. The 21-year-old Chinese national spent nearly four hours circling the airport to burn up fuel before making the landing. Efforts the only person in the plane.Now to news in the rest of the world - Syrian President Assad has delivered his first public speech in six months to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters in Damascus.He labelled opposition forces puppets of the west, drawing shorp criticism from both within and outside the country.Unlike previous rallies held in the country's President, Assad used the Damascus Opera House to hand picked audience of supporters and he acknowledged his international supporters for their role in keeping him in power.

In an hour long speech he was interrupted several times by shouts of we will give our souls and blood to you. He offered dialogue but not with Syria's rebels, whom he calls

Opposition groups described the speech as meaningless.He spent the first part of his speech saying there are no partners for any political solution. Then he offered what he called a political solution that calls for crushing the opposition.Nationally the US, Britain, Germany and Turkey all rebuked Assad.

Australia's Foreign Minister joined the criticism.The Assad speech gave no impetus to the movement towards a cease-fire.He had this warning for He had this warning for Australian Nationals contemplating joining the fight. It's against the law as an Australian to go into a foreign place and to do battle there.Up to 100 Australian citizens are believed to be fighting in Syria, with three reported rueb, World News Australia.Five of the six suspects accused of raping a woman on a New Dehli bus have appeared in court for the first time. urt for the first time. Outside there has a row over the broadcast of the victim's identity.A British newspaper claims the father gave permission for the publication of the girl's name but Indian media are reporting no consent was The anger on the streets of India shows no sign of stopping.I don't know how much the security will come in. But I hope in the minds of some people awareness will come.A British paper has identified the 23-year-old student who was gang raped0 on a moving bus. Her father is quoted as telling the Sunday people that unday people that the family wants the world to know who she was. But Indian media reports say he didn't allow her name to be published and only wanted her identity made public if the government uses it for a proposed anti-rape law.It's illegal to identify rape victims India, even after death. And in another apparent breach, police have launched an investigation into claims broadcasting laws were broken by the television station that aired an interview with the victim's friend. Fuelling more interest in a case that has outraged a nation.This movement has touched everyone. It's not only the university students or college students, it's also parents with daughters, with daughters in law, young female members in the family. Young men s in the family. Young men who have sisters or girlfriends or everyone in the city.It's been reported that two of the alleged attackers have applied to be witnesses against the other four. In an attempt to escape the death penalty teefplt but there are doubts the strategy will work.The public anger is so intense and so strong that attempts to be to any of these six people is going to be very unacceptable to the people of India.The five suspects have also been charged with kidnap, robbery and conspiracy over the

You're watching World News Australia on SBS - up next, happy orthodox Christmas, believers flock tos flock to celebrations around the world. Shortly we travel to fire ravaged Cremorn in as it main why ya. And later, India and Pakistan lay down their


Orthodox Christians around the world are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ today.January 7 in the old Julian calendar is the equivalent of December the 25th. But for some countries politics isn't ever far away from religious occasions.The night before Christmas and the sounds of midnight mass filled Moscow's main cathedral. It seems many in neighbouring Georgia are harking back to their Soviet past. The President expressed st. The President expressed concern Christmas crowds seemed subdued.We have seen worrying signs of trying to bring back Georgia to negative realities but I think it's temporary.Apprehension politics is there too for Egypt's minority Coptic Christians today they also celebrate a new religious leader who urged all to take part in the evolving democracy. While for many Australians the festive season is over and they are back to work today, for eastern orthodox Christians it's one of holiest days of the year. Young Serbian Australians broke bread together in Sydney and received a lesson in the Christmas spirit. It's not about presents. It's about having your family around and being together.Not all in the community, though, could make it. The Bishop was disappointed some orthodox Christians were refused leave. However he had a message for the faithful, present or not.They need to have trust. Trust is for us a constant source of tension, because it asks something of us, we have to do something, we have to give. Coptic Bishop told Christians to pray for all Australians.And also for our loved ones back home that the Lord made protect them and there may be between all gipgss.This year - Egyptians. There year there was a special present - items that belonged to the late Coptic Pope. And Barack Obama says he nominate a Republican to be the next US secretary of defence. Former Senator Chuck Hagill. Some Democrats and Republicans even claim he licans even claim he is not a responsible candidate. That's in response to comments he response to comments he made about Israel, as outside of mainstream American foreign policy.Hillary Clinton is said to return to work on Monday. She has been off for a month because of a series of health scarce. Her first engagement will be a visit for the visiting - dinner for the visiting Afghan President.And heavy fog has caused a Chinese airport to set down. More than 180 flights have been delayed. Airport personnel are working airlines to provide support for those stranded.The man accused killing a dozen people in Colorado movie theatre last year expected to appear before a judge this week. 25-year-old James Holmes faces more than 150 criminal charges including murder. His appearance comes as more US law makers vow to tackle the controversial issue of gun control. Laws for 25-year-old James Holmes are expected to argue their client was insane when he entered a Colorado movie theatre last year armed with an automatic weapon and opened fire killing 12 people.They are gonnire killing 12 people.They are gonna say he wasn't crazy, he was crazy like a fox.Holmes' court appearance this week comes as the town of Aurora struggles with the impact of les with the impact of another shooting last week that claimed four lives.This is a fight that the American people are going to have to going to have to stand stand spine.Senator Diane fine Steen is one of a dozen law makers who of a dozen law makers who have proposed plans to limit certain weapons. Hers focuss on banning assault weapons. A presidential task force is reportedly considering a much more comprehensive plan which the Washington post says includes universal background checks for all gun buyers. But there seem to be two things that stand in the way of serious gun control efforts. The first is the shear number of already out in public. For example ban the sale of this weapon, the AR15 semiautomatic weapon, the AR15 semiautomatic rifle and the national shooting ifle and the national shooting foundation says there would still be more than 3 million of them in private hands. The second private hands. The second opposition is the db - problem is the overwhelming opposition to gun control.We came down here to get everything we before its illegal.To Washington where the NRA is prepared to fight any gun control measures.The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Senate minority th a gun. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell says law makers have to deal with other problems first. Spending and debt.That means serious debate on gun control is still months n control is still months away.Returning now to our coverage of the Tasmania bushfires. Social media has sparked a significant relief effort from the state's recreational fishing and boating community W many of the affected communities on the Tasmania Peninsulas on the Tasmania Peninsula cut off by road, boats are the only way to transport supplies in and ferry passengers out.Carton after carton is loaded on to dozens of boats lined up at Cremorne jetty. Rations, food, toil trees and blankets for those stranded in fire affects communities.Tony and Archie spend most weekends fishing for tuna in Tasmania's southern waters.I had a phone call waters.I had a phone call from a mate last night asking me to help out with me boat. You do as much as you can. But to understand what they have gone through. You know. To help the community. Roll your sleeves get into it, feels good.This privately owned boat is one of many ferrying stranded residents the Peninsula for days. Approaching by water, the impact of the fires soon becomes evident. We're a kilometre and a and a half off the beach. You can see where the fires ripped through vegetation. Over there a spot fire is still burning. I could not imagine Dunalley with the houses missing.Here goods are willingly unload and taken to the local football ground makeshift relief established. The club rooms cater for hundreds. The community effort is remarkable.It helps to not realise the situation that we're in, to be busy and help other people. Their fight is our fight. We won't give up until it prevails The fact is we will keep ongoing. At the jetty many queue for a ride back to Hobart.We first anybody who is sick, they get priority. Women and children next. The elderly next. Then anybody over 18 if we can put them on - they going on the ferry.For Cody and Archie there will be plenty more voyages in coming days if the seas remain calm.Joining us live is the Tasmanian Premier. Good evening, Premier. We have seen authorities and local communities respond to this crisis. What more is your government doing to help those affected?Obviously you will have seen we have community available that have a place for people to have a roof over their head. We're receiving donations from across the community of food and basics such as toilet paper. The government also has cash available to assist those affected those affected the Commonwealth government too. We are now interviewing people to give those who are directly affected access to some immediate cash, around $750 from the state government to assist them in the next few days.Other states are offering a helping We understand that tonight WA has offered $250,000. Will you be taking up those kinds of offers? Absolutely. In fact we very much welcome the donation from the Western Australian government. We have also had support from the South Australian government and support from across the nation. Both cash donations are very welcome because they assist us in helping people get through very difficult time particularly those families that have lost their homes and all of their possessions. For those who do want to support the Tasmanian victims of the bushfires we urge you to donate to the Red Cross. We would gratefully accept any cash donations.We saw you out and about with the Prime Minister today among the local people there. How would you say they are coping with the crisis? It's amazing the resilience that is amongst these people. There were people I met today who have lost their homes but they are still out there working in the community, wanting to ensure they are doing everything they can for other victims as well as be out there helping to fight fires even though they have lost their own homes. What is important here is the fires are still active. Our concern is what will happen over the next couple of days.In fact, what we know is that the forecast is that conditions will worsen tomorrow. What is your government's advice to people?We would advise people stay in touch with the information that's being provided by the Tasmanian fire service. Also to continue to listen to local ABC radio that has advice broadcast as well and make sure you heed that advice of the fire service. If you are going to stay with your property you need to make that dirgs early and be prepared fight a fire. Otherwise you need to pack up early and evacuate when advised to do so. We are most concerned about the fires around Tasmania but particularly in that Forcett, Dunalley area where we have seen devastation lrd.

A tough day ahead for the people of the south-east.Let's go overseas again - the cricketing rivalry between India and Pakistan is one of the fierceest in world sport. Since the Mumbai attacks in 2008, relations between the two countries have been particularly fragile. But now for the first time in five years Pakistani fans have been able to cross the border to support their side.The journey begins here in the Pakistani city of Lahore. The trip is just across the border to India, but the divide the two nations has been so vast not long ago this would have been inconceivable.The supporters are going to support Pakistan and Pakistan will definitely win. We are very hopeful.It's an overnight train ride but it's taken years to get to this point. It's the first time the Indian and Pakistani governments have eased travel restrictions since relations broke down after the 2008 Mumbai attacks. This is the first bilateral series to be played in India since then.A lot of people complain about our permitting Pakistani players to come here and play cricket with us. But you can't restrict the relationship and potential growth of the relationship through only the unwholesome elements of that relationship.But no-one here in Dehli is complaining about the visitors as fans queue up for final match of the series. INTERPRETER: I'm an Indian so I'm supporting India but I'm also supporting Pakistan as they come here after a long time and we're lucky to view this match. Cricket has long been a point of rivalry for both sides. There is a sense of goodwill with both Indian and Pakistani fans telling us they hope it will set a precedent and they will soon be able to travel more often across borders to mass. The Pakistani cricket Pakistani cricket sending a psychologist to help them cope with the tour. It's the latest what have is known as cricket diplomacy, the tradition of using the subcontinent's favourite sport to mend relations.What is important, how you are coming here. You are coming to see a match.It's not just cricket that's drawing them here.So far we have eaten a lot of food, Indian food. We have visited a lot of places. We love the country. We love the metro. It's great. It's been a great experience and we would like to come again and again.Despite the optimism, the relationship between India and Pakistan is still fragile. While cricket is doing its part to mend ties, the responsibility ultimately lies off the field the politicians.

Up next on World News Australia - Craig Foster with sport, and Big Bash bust-up, tempers boil over as Shane Warne and Marlin Samuels spice to the Derby. And a stellar US cast prepares

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US federal agents say a man and his family pumped more than a million dollars into cash registers America.It's believed the man used an ordinary printer to print counterfeit bills and glued together.It look it's real but the $100 bill is funny money. authorities say in most crooks are using every day office equipment. Scanners and inc.It's easier and faster today copyers and the sow fist indication in different inking systems.In Atlanta they busted a graphic artist known in criminal circles as the Printer. Prosecutors say they produced more than a million dollars in counterfeit bills. Printing the front of one bill on one sheet and the back of the on another and gluing them together. There are a flood of how to guides on the internet. Police have arrested this man who used a chemical soup to rub off the ink on 5 dollar bills and turn them into 100s. The government says new security features do help.If you take the note and tilt it back and forth you will see that the $100 in the right corner shifts from copper to green.They say now is a good time to take a closer look at the money in your pocket.Another problem - this time a fake release saw shares in Nathan Tinkler's Whitehaven Beach coal stump by 10% today. The note was distributed by an anti-Cole activist with an ANZ letterhead saying that the ANZ had withdrawn its loan facility to the company. Both companies confirmed that the statement was a hoax but not before $314 mission x but not before $314 mission was wiped off the value of white haven. It's shares were place ad trading halt but recovered the losses by the close of trade.The Australian market finished the session down following 7 straight weeks of gains. Investors took profits on miners. Rare earths miner Linus surged on expectations it will be producing finished products from Malaysian mine within weeks.

Both gold and oil are Joining us now with the day's sport is Craig Foster. The Melbourne Derby sees the Big Bash league almost live up to its nameIt certainly did. Stars captain Shane Warne has been suspended from his side's find match after firey clashes with Sam Sam last night. Warne and Cameron White Mr Fined by Cricket Australia with Sam always also facing fines.It was the moment the Big Bash almost became the big brawl. The spin king took exemption to Sam always grabbing Hussey's shirt. And he exception and d he took exception and didn't hold back.

Things got physical in the following over as the two clashed again.The bat is thrown. What is going on? It's completely lost out here.Warne was found guilty of three offences including inappropriate conappropriate contact tact seen language.I'm very conscious of the image of the game. I'm disappointed in some of my actions last night but I'm pretty disappointed with the severity of the penalties too.It's not a great thing for the game to see an altercation between two players on the ground.Cricket Australia mindful it's an incident everyone is talking about.This sort of incident only inspires greater rivalry between the renegades and tween the renegades and the stars and greater interest for the league.Samuels suffered a suspected fractured eye socket and retired hurt.And Suarez is at the centre of controversy following the reds latest win. There was a clear handball that ended Mansfield's fairytale run. A late equaliser for Swansea ensured a replay at Arsenal. For some the FA Cup has become a distraction. For vepbga it represented the chance for much needed silverware. But this year's options looked But this year's options looked to be narrowing until after the break when the star striker was brought on. Arsenal's passing finally had purpose. But they needed a goal and with 10 minutes left they were obliged.

With Arsenal you should never jump to conclusions. Often formidable in attack, forgetful in defence. Dannii Green equalised and an amazing tie goes to a replay. Mansfield it was a day to say, "I was there" or just outside. The conference side were hosting Liverpool and keeping them waiting. The Reds weren't held up much longer. Mansfield were not to simply Hong on - hang on. They started to enjoy things. The Premier League side needed a hand. Over to Suarez. Despite the touch of an arm, this goal stood. Mansfield channelled their sense of injustice. The coal they worked for came from Matt Green. It doesn't enough to keep them in the cup. They exit with no regrets but plenty of questions.In tennis news d Sam Stosur will be hoping to give her Australian Open preparations in - a boost at the Sydney international. A moment ago she was trailing 5-3 in the first set. Fourth seed ly nar won her match. It was a bad day for the men with Ebdon and Duckworth both bowing out in their opening matches.Hoping to overturn a less than impressive home record Stosur came out with an impressive start but was unable to capitalise early. Ly nar had a start. Na won the first set 7-6, the Chinese world number 7 was pushed in umber 7 was pushed in the second before sealing victory to set up a second round clash against Japan. Australian Matthew Ebdon looked good early on. The tournament wildcard's approach saw him take the opening set. Two early break notice gave the Australian a chance to take the match. But the world number 10 clawed back. Forcing match into a decider, which he eventually took. James Duckworth also took the first set against his more fancyed opponentist man. But he couldn't keep it up. With world number 34 looking to improve on his semifinal defeat in last year's tournament.Finally in cycling - Australian Calvin Watson has become the youngest winner of the four-day sap sun Tour in Sun Tour in Tasmania, celebrating his 20th birthday in style.At the start of the third and final stage of the Jayco 'Herald Sun' tour the top three riders were separated by just 17 seconds. Finishing at the top of Arthur's Seat, the race saw a break away group of 14 build up a lead of 1 minute, 14 seconds. But the break 4 seconds. But the break was caught on the first descent of Arthur's seat. The second time up the climb the race flowed exploded and Nathan Earle scam peexploded and Nathan Earle scam pered ahead of the field for the biggest win of his career. But the major battle was for the yellow jersey. Watson, who was also, who was also sell sell birthday, claimed the overall honours.What a better way to cap off my birthday of course. Thank you so much to the Jayco boys. They were phenomenal. All of the boys did their job fantastic. In the 60th edition of the race Watson joins the Jayco 'Herald Sun' tour's prestigious honour roll.Just updating tennis, Sam Stosur has dropped the opening set. That's the day in sport.World game tonight. What have you got?Good show tonight. We look at the A-League where are phenomenal at the moment. A couple of sell louts - sell outs. And the Western Sydney Wanderers are talking about their debut season.Coming up, the The three of us together...US screen legends take to the stage for driving

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While most Australians are dealing with sweltering heat, residents north India are trying to beat a winter chill sweeping the region. The cold weather and foggy conditions caused chaos with dozens of trains delayed across the country. To the forecast now:

of trains delayed across the
country. To the forecast now: Lots of cloud over the far north and to the north-west, marking a developing low. In the major centres, showers in Hobart, very welcome, I'm sure, windy and not Canberra. Darwin can expect thunder, clear skies and not Sydney. Further

Angela Lansbry is known to Australian audiences as the writer who solved murder miserys in murder she wrote.Not slowing down at all, at 87 down at all, at 87 she is here to play a different role o play a different role as long with her colleagues on the screen.Not one but three members of Broadway royalty here for a new stage production of driving Ms Daisy. In the title role, Angela Lansbry. It's a new role for me. I'm going into it hoping to bring something to the play. It may be a different than up to now.The legendry actress a drawcard even for her co-stars.She has no greater fan e has no greater fan

on so much.Things change but they ain't changed all that much.I feel that driving Ms Daisy is an opportunity for you to see a woman who always says all the way through the play, "I'm not prejudiced. You know I'm not prejudiced." But the point is she was whether she realised it her she realised it or not.James Earl Jones place Hope, always diggifyed in the face of oppression.That's particular man. Particular man that's difficult to portray these days, I guess, when young disadvantaged boys specially look for some pay back time. them the actors have over 10 Tonys for excellence on live Broadway. They bring their talents Australian stages in a gruelling tour that will take in four cities in as many months. Showing fans who know her for her TV role and Jones as the voice of DarthVader, a new side.Not to be missed. Recapping our top stories now - 20 fires are still burning across Tasmania. The largest between Forcett and the Tasman Peninsula and at Lake Repulse are still out of control. A total fire ban has been declared across the een declared across the state tomorrow. Authorities in Victoria and in New South Wales are also residents to monitor the fire situation tomorrow. Temperatures are expected Temperatures are expected to soar across both states.That's the world this Monday. Our next bulletin at on SBS1.You can get all of the stories online and news around clock at our website and follow us on Twitter. Goodnight.Good Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is captioned live.The 2013 Summer of Cycling began with the Mitchelton Bay Criterium Series. Melissa Hoskins took out the women's race in scorching conditions around the streets of Williamstown. Was a waiter in the series. A second year road for Melissa Hoskins. Today's elite should finish overall as well. A great result for Melissa Hoskins. Mitch Docker took out the men's stage, but it was Caleb Ewen who went into the history books. Mitch Docker has had a perfect day out. Greg Henderson takes it. Caleb Ewen crosses the line in fifth place. That is good enough to win the