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This program is captioned live. We begin with the unfolding bushfire crisis around the country. The real danger at the moment is in NSW, where virus -- fires have lead of around 14 kilometres from the city of Wagga Wagga.

city of Wagga Wagga. I firefighter has also been injured. There are currently

currently 90 bushfires burning across the state.

And we have some breaking news, is that correct?Yes. Good afternoon. One volunteer firefighter has been injured at a place in Downing. -- Gunning. An ambulance is on the way to assist. That fire has burned through 100 hectares of rural properties. In Wagga Wagga, the fire has struck and a rural properties are still under threat. Waterbombing aircraft are still in that area trying to fight that fire. That is, and 88 fires right across the state. -- that is among 88 fires across the state.And conditions will only get worse?If that is correct. Tomorrow will be one of the worst fire danger days that NSW has ever seen. Temperatures will be in the mid-40s and there will be a very strong westerly wind. A terrible day for firefighters. Earlier, we spoke with the are at best commissioner. -- the Rural Fire Service commissioner.We will bring that interview shortly. Thank you for the update. Our correspondent is in Wagga Wagga and we will speak with her shortly. As authorities search for missing residents in Tasmania, two major bushfires continued to rage out of control. Residents enforce it and Lake Repulse are being told to remain vigilant. -- in force at -- Forcett.I am in Dunalley, which for the full brunt of those fires. The pictures we have been able to obtain are absolutely extraordinary. They were taken by the Country Fire Authority volunteers who have given their time so generously. What they did was go directly towards extremely dangerous conditions while everyone else was trying to get out. We will be able to hear from them. This footage was shot from the point of view of their trucks.This looks like a tornado. (BLEEP). Get everybody out!Many residents are still stuck in refuge centres today. How are they coping? They are and was bowled quite a bit of time there in Port Arthur, where many people are still stranded. -- and we spent quite a bit of time. Those recovery centres are still operational. Most roads are still closed and we do not know when they will reopen. Very dangerous conditions. Authorities do not know if the 10th trees will collapse. That is the last thing they want for people trying to get off the peninsula.People will come back or they would come back. It depends. They will make their minds up. I am not going anywhere, I am staying. The three old ladies of the road, they lost their houses.Everybody understands. The house there, the fires give to the house but took his shed. Next door, they all went up.That is exactly the way it was. There are many stories like that as well. It will be interesting to see how long it takes this community to rebuild. Before cast for Tasmania is deteriorating. Not so much tomorrow but for the later end of the week -- the weather forecast. Temperatures will increase and it will be very dry. The Tasmanian Fire Service remains on full alert. We have amazing footage tonight on A Current Affair. Thank you. That is at 6:30pm. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has told Australians -- called on Australians to give cash donations to help those who have been affected by the bushfire. She was clearly moved and she visited the worst-hit town of Dunalley, visited a refuge centre and was briefed by fire authorities.I have heard stories of people who raced to get into the water, to escape the fire. Obviously, it burned with incredible intensity because we can see just huge pieces of metal absolutely twisted and destroyed. Incredibly hot. We have been at the local pub and they are providing free food to help people out. Amazing community spirit.The Federal Government is also offering emergency funding to bushfire victims of up to $1,000 per adult and $400 per child. You can donate on the Red Cross

You can donate on the Red Cross

In Victoria, the fire commissioner says the state will face severe or extreme fire danger for the next five

extreme fire danger for the next
five weeks. 73 fire trucks are fighting and out of control blaze in bushland near Kentbruck. 5,000 hectares have already been destroyed. Authorities are fighting to extinguish the

destroyed. Authorities are fighting
to extinguish the flames before they threaten Hames. And an emergency warning has been issued for a push fire burning near Drik Drik in Victoria. It is burning out of control. Homes and lives are at risk. Residents should follow their bushfire survival plans. If SA is also in danger. Warnings in place across that state as temperatures hit the 40 degree mark. It is the fourth hottest day on record for Adelaide. The Country Fire Service is warning residents not to become complacent. An 18-year-old charged with the manslaughter of Victorian main David Cassai has been granted bail with strict conditions -- Victorian man. David Cassai died after being bashed during a fight in Rye on New Year's Eve. Dylan Closter is one of three men charged over the attack. We will have more details later. Shane Warne is never far from controversy and last night was no exception. He has accepted his suspension and fine after a heated clash in the big batch. -- Big Bash. It was looking ugly and threatened to become visible. Today, Shane Warne faced the music, slapped with a one-game suspension and a $4,500 fine. Many would expect him to take that punishment.I am disappointed with some of my actions last night but I am also disappointed with the severity of the penalty.He and Marlon Samuels were charged for their altercation last night. A frustrated Shane Warne through a ball at Marlon Samuels, who, in turn, through his cricket bat. The exchange had to be defused by cricket players and umpires.I take a very dim view of breaches of our code of behaviour where players are found guilty. That is the position that I have been entirely consistent with and I continue to be consistent with that today. I will not condone behaviour that sees players fined or suspended. Marlon Samuels will answer is two charges after he is well enough. He had to go to hospital. He was released this morning with what we believe is a fractured eye socket. Thank you. Still to come - the creams you should not wear in the sunshine. Two men face court in Victoria over the murder of a 13-year-old boy. Naomi Watts gets an award for her new movie about the Boxing Day Introducing the special-edition
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A teenage boy is recovering at Royal Adelaide Hospital after using a popular face cream. He suffered severe burns after his at the medication reacted with the Sun. -- acne medication. Hospital is no place for a young boy to spend his school holidays. But that is where Lachlan has been these last few days. He was severely sunburnt when he went fishing. He had been wearing sunscreen but the actor the medication he had been prescribed made him more sensitive to the sunlight -- acne medication.It just got worse and worse.You think you are doing the right thing by helping them treat acne.Doctors say acne treatments can make skin hypersensitive and most have warnings about exposure to sunlight. Go out in the late evening or the early morning, but not in the heat of the summer Sun.Lachlan will be discharged from hospital today but it is too early to tell if he will suffer any scarring. He hopes his story serves as a warning to other teenagers to be extra careful when out in the Sun. Two men charged with the murder of an autistic boy in Victoria have been remanded in custody. They are accused of killing Timothy O'Brien on Saturday. The 14-year-old was bashed on the head in a fight involving a number of men and his father. The two men will appear in court again in June. Prosecutors 6th -- requested an extension to the usual remand period while police gathered more evidence. A violent ambush by armed robbers at a Gold Coast supermarket have left three people injured, one in a serious condition in hospital. The manager was checking a broken window when two cleaners arrived. He told them it was OK to go in and that was when it happened.All three were assaulted and tied up. One of the cleaners was attacked with an iron bar. The robbers escaped with $2,000. Naomi Watts's role in 'The Impossible', a film about the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, has earned her a best actress award at the Palm Springs International Festival. Some say that her performance is worthy of an Oscar nomination.Those six weeks, we were in these gigantic water tanks and we were being thrown around. Tom thought it was fun and that it was like going to a fantastic theme park. That has put me off seemed parks for life.'The Impossible' is based off a true story about a family torn apart when the tsunami hit Thailand. New research. How being beautiful can get you more money. Prince Charles shares his thoughts on becoming a grandfather. Nicole Kidman photographed on the set of her latest film.

Thanks Amelia. Tonight, Sydney prepares for a potentially deadly heatwave - temperatures to hit 43 degrees, creating catastrophic bushfire conditions. We'll take you inside a crisis meeting being held between firefighters and the military. Plus - we are live right across Sydney with everything you need to know to prepare. We have breaking news from Wagga Wagga, where an emergency warning has gone out to residents. And we're with the PM as she meets with bushfire victims in Tasmania. Dramatic video of a semitrailer that's rolled at Holsworthy in Sydney's south-west. And Shane Warne suspended and fined over the fiery Big Bash clash. See you for Nine News at 6:00pm.

This program is not captioned. Be inspirational 9-year-old girl who lost 30 kilograms to put an end to schoolyard bullying. Peter Slipper has been charged by Federal Police over allegations of travel fraud. He will appear in a Canberra court in February over three charges of causing risk of loss to the Commonwealth. It comes after a sexual harassment case brought against Peter Slipper by his former staffer James Ashby was dismissed last month. Police are searching for body parts after what is believed to be a human head washed up on a beach in WA. They visit and made the gruesome discovery at a cost -- popular holiday spot at Rottnest Island.Never heard of anything like that happening.Frightening. This always feels like such a safe place.Residents were warned that Porpoise Bay had been closed. A forensic team from Perth has been examining the remains to confirm if it is in fact a human head. It seems looks matter if you want to make more money and attractive men are bringing in more money compared to their plane their counterparts. -- plainer. Forget the university degree. A chiselled jaw, baby blues, a six pack and a full head of hair may be all a man needs to make it in the work place. New research shows for men and a good salary, looks count far more than we once thought - around $32,000 more.We see good looking men both more likely to have a job and then if they have a job, they're more likely to be earning higher wages. In the first Australian study on the link between pay and looks, more attractive men were found to earn $81,750 a year compared $49,600 for their less attractive brothers.You're good looking. Are you paid well?Well, look, my wife doesn't think I'm good looking. She doesn't pay me.Do you get paid well?No. It should be all on merit, right?And boys, if you weren't at the front of the line when the good looks were being handed out, it's not the end of the world. There are ways to fake it.Maybe take out the earrings or cut your hair. Make sure personal hygiene is correct, shoes are clean.Let's face it. For most jobs in Australia, it doesn't matter how spunky you are. It just matters whether you can get the job done. Still there's a lot of value in face value. Prince Charles has given a candid interview on British television, opening up about family and the year ahead. He has spoken about his son, Prince William, and William's wife, Catherine, about their first child.They have put in a lot of thought into environmental damage and climate change and everything else. In a sensible world, you don't want a hand on an increasingly dysfunctional world to our grandchildren. I don't want to do something so horrible to my grandchildren. Having a grandchild makes it even more important. To try to make sure that we leave the future generation something that is not a poisoned chalice.Having one of your sons on the battlefield must be a constant worry to you. It does mean you can certainly empathise with other families in the same situation.If you are a parent or relation, and someone is a wave like that in these incredibly dangerous and challenging circumstances, you worry all the time -- and someone is away like that. Certainly, I lie awake at night worrying. But he loves doing what he is doing. He loves protecting our troops on the ground. But I constantly meet with the families of those who have lost their loved ones, sons, husbands, brothers or sisters. I have some understanding at least of what they go through. Nicole Kidman has gone back to work after her break in Sydney. She was seen on the set of her latest film in Paris about the life of Grace Kelly. Wearing a large hat, she bore an uncanny resemblance to the actress. Princess Grace of Monaco was killed in a car crash in 1982. Still to come - more information on the bushfires situation in Tasmania. Authorities are searching for dozens of people still unaccounted for. A teenager faces court over the death of a Melbourne man fatally bashed during a New Year's Eve fight. The Queensland police force gets its biggest shake-up in decades. And a Kangaroo catchers Melbourne Airport by surprise. found
Good afternoon, A man has been Wat
found dead, after a house fire at exp
Watson. Neighbours say they heard Firefigh
explosions during the blaze. fir
Firefighters are working on small w
fires in the Namadgi national park, of
which could become dangerous ahead degrees
of tomorrow' s forecast of 38 kilometre
degrees with winds up to 45
kilometres an hour. And, the Cavalr a
is charging towards the ABL finals win
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Authorities in South Africa are working to reduce a disturbing trend in pregnant women. A large number of mothers to be, are drinking heavily during pregnancy to damage their unborn babies and claim disability benefits when they're born. Mary is six months pregnant and but deliberately drinking heavily. She does not want to kill the foetus growing inside her, but she does want to harm the baby so that the child qualifies for the disability benefit. Mary is not her real name. She only spoke to us if we did not identify her. She already has a four young children and lives here with eight other family members. None work. Most of the adults appear drunk at eight in the morning. Each child means a 250 rand per month in state benefits to Mary. That is around £20. If her unborn child is not healthy, the disability grant she would get is nearly five times more. This is the life that she could be choosing for her baby. 75% of the children at these a charity of the foetal alcohol syndrome because of their mothers also drank heavily during pregnancy. They are slow learners, some with limited speech and some with physical problems. All have lifelong challengers.They are not capable of handling a workload and they become drop-outs. They have our minds. Crime sets in.Alcohol abuse is read it here. Those who have little to spend on food hand over their few rand to illegal brewers who make highly addictive and highly dangerous who made drinks. The police have multiple challenges here, where crime and unemployment are equally high. Closing down the legal drinking houses is an endless task.They have small babies and children. They are intoxicated every day. You can come here from Monday to Monday and will find them here.These are not huge businesses. Most of the brewers are also add X, scraping out a living in sheds and shacks and hidden rooms. -- addicts. They will not admit what the addicts -- ingredients are that they have found East and battery acid in some. You're watching Nine's Afternoon News. Here's what's making news right now: Homes are under threat from a fast moving and out-of- control bushfire burning north of Wagga Wagga in country NSW. Meanwhile in Tasmania, the search continues for locals missing since devastating bushfires swept through the township of Dunalley and other areas over the weekend. And an 18 year old man has been granted bail despite facing a manslaughter charge over the New Year's Eve death of another young man in a brawl in Victoria. Let's return to our top story now. The New South Wales city of Wagga Wagga is under siege from a bushfire. We are joined from the ground. Bring us up to date, what is the situation? We have some breaking news. They had managed to get the fire under control. Locals are breathing a sigh of relief. They were worried only half an hour ago. They told residents at to stay with their homes because the road was too dangerous. There were also beginning a back-burning operation which seems to have done the job. The hills now, almost 100 hectares have been burned out. A lot of smoking areas. It has come close to the houses in the townships. It is around 100 people about 14 kilometres north of one or there. The fire has been contained across the road from the township. There are still fire crews that a mopping up because there are a lot of smouldering areas. Because of the horror conditions expected tomorrow, they want to stop any more smouldering. In case it begins anything worse. They are now considering reopening the road back to the township. They think that they have this under control.That is some good news. It sounds as though they are not in the clear yet. Tasmania remains in the group's other massive bushfire disaster this afternoon. Residents are still stuck in evacuation centres as two

this afternoon. Residents are still
stuck in evacuation centres as two blazes burn out

stuck in evacuation centres as two
blazes burn out of control. We go live to the scene. Good afternoon. Bring us up to speed. A short time ago, the Tasmanian fire service are upgraded their warnings. In the north of the state there is an emergency warning that his current. Other locations have watch and active situations in place. This means that if you see the fire original home, you need to get out and start getting a fire plan in order. Those are the important areas, up in those spaces. The Tasmanian fire service has just released those warnings. It is now time to start moving. The wind has started to swirl and turn a little bit in some of the mountain areas. It is starting to come down. It is burning in the under control areas in isolated pockets. They cannot get on top of it until it comes out of the bush. You had been there for a few days now and had the worst of the devastation. UN has an amazing stories. Share some with us. The people were prepared and ready to move and act. They thought that they had three hours to get away. It suddenly came down over the top of a mountain range in came towards the homes in three or four minutes. It caught them by surprise and they had to flee for their lives. We spoke to one man. He was defending his home. He had a very good fire plan set up. He had irrigation systems. He had pumps. This fire bomb hit his home and he had no option but to jump in the dam. He's sitting in the dam and then he thought, hang on, maybe I have made a mistake. Listened to what happened to him there, surrounded by the dam.When I got in the damn, I thought it was the right thing to do. It turned out to be the worst thing I had ever done. The fireball and the wind and speed were like a tornado. I could not look up and that could not breathe the air. I had to keep my nose about one millimetre above the air and the air still burned my throat and lungs and eyes. I do not know how I survived. I'm surprised. I thought I was gone.Joe was still shaken today after injury that on Friday. He doesn't know where to turn at the moment because he does not want people to make the same mistake that he did. He's hoping that the rule fire services across Australia will hear his lesson and adopted it to some of their procedures. And actually show to people what happens when you think they have a damn and think that there will be your salvation and it became the worst thing that he could do. He was very lucky and it sounds like there are still some tough days ahead for people in that area. The Prime Minister has toured the areas of Tasmania devastated by bushfire, thanking emergency workers and comforting victims. Julia Gillard standing where Dunalley primary school once stood. If this was the local school room, it would be hitting you pretty hard. She considered students.It is sad to see a school like this.The school is the second home, so you would feel a loss like this.All of the things in a classroom and the art that you made and the memories. She was impressed by the stories of unity spirit.We have a great nation.We do. You see some amazing things, what people will do for each other. People are pulling together and there are heaps of donations of food and toiletries.Generosity is that the Prime Minister is keen to match. She announced that that donations to bushfire appeals about tax deductible.For Australians away thinking that they wanted to do something to help, make a cash donation and come tax time, you will be able to see some of the benefit of doing that.She promised to help support anyone who have lost their home, business, workplace, or a school. The Federal Government would give adults $1,000 and $400 per child.We are thinking of you in these moments of grief and despair. We will be working with you in the days to come.Bpm praised the emergency services for their tireless efforts on the frontline, in the devastated communities, the evacuation centres and in the control rooms.They queue for everything.She thanked those for -- who have come into state. Such as the Victorians who returned the favour. After the Tasmania's helped out in the 2009 bushfires.I think that they are showing great Australian Nature that during what is an incredibly difficult time.With the state still on fire alert, she urged Australians to remember that it may not be over.We need to remember that this fire emergency is not yet over. Fires are still being fought and depending of what it happens with temperatures and wind conditions in the next few days, we could see fires once again destroying things in Tasmania. The message is to keep the police listening to local announcements. The same warning applies to people across the country as temperatures are set to soar off. An 18-year-old charged with the manslaughter of 22-year-old Melbourne man David Cassai in a New Year's Eve brawl has been granted bail with strict conditions. 18-year-old Dylan Closter will have to meet strict bail conditions but a day in court we heard for the first time his account of what happened in the early hours of January for a first. The court was told that the 18-year-old told police that he was at a carnival on the foreshore for drinking with his mates at a nearby park. He then said that he ran into the victim's group, including David Cassai when he crossed the road use and ATM. He told police that he had seen one of the men from David Cassai's group rip up a street sign so he yelled out, what do you think you're doing? It was then that the fight erupted. Homicide squad detective told the court that he was very vague about what happened next. He claimed that he was punched and kicked to the ground and that when he got up he saw someone standing over him so that he lashed out. Police are alleging that the CCTV footage shows no evidence of Dylan Closter being Palm straw cake by anyone and only show the attack on David Cassai. Dylan Closter's defence lawyers claim otherwise. They described him as a victim as well.He indicated to the police during his interview that he was kicked and punched when he was on all fours. The gravity of the outcome certainly over balances the situation.As we reported earlier, the Belle -- bail conditions are strict. He will lead to report to police three times per week. He has put up a $50,000 charity. He cannot leave Victoria and is due to leave quartic -- returned to court in April. More than 300 police and support staff face the axe in Queensland in a shock attempt to cut bureaucracy and boost frontline officers. How do you cut police numbers and boost the frontline?The theory is that that by trimming the fat out of the Queensland police services, it will enable them to add some frontline muscle. Over 100 senior commissioned officers such as Superintendents, chief Superintendents, inspectors, will be cut as well as over 200 none sworn police staff. In announcing this raft of changes, the new police commissioner also detailed a streamlining of Queensland producing regions. The state is currently split into eight regions. That will be cut down to five regions. That will cut down regional offices and administration and ultimately cut costs. That is what this is about. About $5 million is the target. They believe that there will enable them to add 50 more junior officers are to frontline policing. The commissioner said that he understands that this is going to hit the police ranks hard. He said that their aim is to basically increase and improve the police service. He conceded that the bottom line was also at the forefront of their mind.Our focus is to stop crime, to make the community safer and to build relationships every day. We will be the centrepiece of throughout this period and into the future. Our focus is about ensuring that every dollar of the Community money and a government money is spent in the most appropriate way. Value for money has been keep to this restructure.When that these cuts likely to take place? The commissioner says that 1st July is the date for the restructured to take place. Most of these jobs are will initially go as a result of a voluntary redundancies. They are not sure how many of those will be taken up. After that point, they will start swinging the axe. There is no provision inside the police force for forced redundancies. It is a job for life and has always been that way. They will have to read legislated to enable them to forcibly remove people's jobs. This is going to be unprecedented. -- People's'. This is going to hit the police Braveheart. Usually the only big kangaroos hanging around airports are on the tails of Qantas planes. But today, a real-life version caused mayhem at Melbourne airport. There was no need for tourists to venture far from the airport to see the national icon. It came to them. It was nice to have a kangaroo visiting us. Maybe it will hop on a plane?The 3-year-old Eastern male grey kangaroo became disoriented and lost on the car park. It played a game of hide and seek with police and security staff, much the amusement of onlookers.They are a lot of people for one kangaroo.And wildlife officer was eventually called in to sedate the animal. Judging from his nail where, he has been hopping around on bitumen for some time. He has done damage to his feet and he has been in pain. That was to our benefit, it prevented him from panicking and jumping over the railing.He was physically exhausted, his nails bleeding.The level of pain in comparison to having your nails ripped out.Kangaroos are no strangers to the chaos of the airport car park. Last October, another eastern grey made it to level five. It was captured and eventually released back into the wild.It is a case of attempting to ensure their safety. So that they do not get displaced and end up in areas. We do not want them to be here, they do not want to be here. The latest jet setter has been taking for monitoring and will be given pain relief for his injuries until well enough to return to the wild. Sport now - and an eventful day for Shane Warne? He's been found guilty of breaching cricket's code of conduct following that heated exchange with Marlon Samuels in last night's Big Bash. We'll have all the details next. And Australia's new breed of tennis talent hit Sydney.

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Shane Warne says he won't appeal his one-match suspension for last night's fiery outburst with West Indian all-rounder Marlon Samuels. It means the spin king will now miss the Melbourne Stars crucial match against the Sydney Thunder tomorrow night. A calm and composed Shane Warne. Good morning.He wasn't quite as polite last night.You want to grab some more people? (BLEEP) you mate! Warne fronting a hearing earlier this morning, found guilty on three of the four charges he faced for breaching Cricket Australia's code of conduct.I am disappointed in some of my actions last night. I am also disappointed in the severity of the penalties. That was pretty harsh.As well as the one-match ban, he was fined a total of $4,500. His original spray prompted by Marlon Samuels earlier grabbing Dave Hussey between wickets.It was absolutely ridiculous what he did. It then got more ridiculous later on.Warne throwing the ball at Samuels and the big West Indian firing right back.What is going on? But that is thrown.It may've been Warne's last Big Bash with the Stars needing to win without him tomorrow night to make the finals. I heard about the Big Bash. I'm not too happy.Wade was one of four test omissions from Australia's one-day squad, but that hasn't phased the keeper.I'm more than happy to rest. Will probably win the first match and then I want the other blokes back.The Test side still on cloud nine after their 5- wicket whitewash of Sri Lanka. Even more special - sending Mike Hussey out a winner.A pretty sacred area in the dressing room after the game. A pretty special thing. Hoping for some valuable match time before the Australian Open, Sam Stosur is preparing to take the court in round one of the Sydney International.Earlier, fellow Aussie James Duckworth blew his chance against Denis Istomin, losing in three tough sets. Eighth seed Nadia Petrova has been the big casualty so far today.

No way!Italy's Roberta Vinci had luck and form on her side, winning 7-5, 7-5. A minor shoulder injury has forced the Central Coast's Matt Ryan to postpone his trip to Europe to trial with Scottish side Rangers. The Mariners have opened up a 4- point buffer at the top of the A- League, after a 2-0 victory over the Western Sydney Wanderers.

Daniel McBreen scored twice, his second coming in the dying stages of injury time.There will be no offside here, it is a back pass! And the Melbourne Heart are into the top six, hanging on to beat the Brisbane Roar 3-2. Still on soccer, and a controversial goal from Luis Suarez has literally handed Liverpool an FA Cup win over Mansfield. The 2-1 result puts the Reds into the fourth round of the competition but Suarez could face suspension over his actions. While Swansea has forced a replay with Arsenal at Emirates Stadium, Danny Graham scoring the equaliser in the 87th minute for a 2-2 draw.

minute for a 2-2 draw.
We have some breaking news for you before we go to the break. The NSW government has closed all parks and because of what could be catastrophic fire conditions tomorrow. All Hunt -- Ole hundred parks and reserves are off-limits tomorrow. Anyone can pin is being urged to leave as soon as possible. The news of Wales government has urged -- closed all national parks for tomorrow. For tomorrow, we hear they will be a scorched across his of Wales? Hot westerly winds will raise temperatures in most areas to 40 and a Barbour. A total five than it is

is in place for the entire day. The court change is not expected to arrive until after midnight. He wins it will shifted to south- This program is not captioned. Everybody is looking to save money
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This program is not captioned.

A series of blows had generated thunderstorms in the north and west today. A high over the Tasman has kept the south-east are dry. It has been a warm day across the country.

A tropical cyclone is expected to form of the north-west coast tomorrow. It will generate gusty winds and as much as 50 millimetres of showers in the south-east. In the south-east a trough will drop temperatures in the southern parts of Australia and Victoria while directing hot winds of unease of Wales.

The hottest day on record was set in 1939 and it will be above that.

I mostly sunny day in Brisbane.

Ante mac.

And that's Nine's Afternoon News for this Monday. Our next major bulletin is at 6:00pm. I'm Amelia Adams - thanks for your company. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is not captioned. Hello, everybody. Welcome to the Millionaire Hot Seat
tonight. We've got a ripping crowd
here tonight. Everyone's up on their toes,
ready to go because we've got $1 million
to give away if somebody's good enough. Six contestants ready to do it. 15 questions -
we all know how it all works. Hopefully tonight
somebody will win enough money just to change their life
in a positive way. All ready to go tonight, gang? AUDIENCE: Yes!
Alright. Let's meet the contestants. Over here we have Michael Houston. He wanted to skydive
in his underwear, the instructor said
"Put your pants on." Flight attendant Elisha Boon
accidentally mixed up her words when offering a passenger
spatchcock - oops! Mark Oraniuk
adopted three children from India who have embraced Aussie culture,
especially footy. Trish Skehan
pretended to be hypnotised on stage so she didn't ruin the show. Good stuff, Trish. Thomas Gainsborough painted
Kate Vella's relatives. The painting now hangs
in the Louvre. And at one of his gigs, Mike Bromley
was lucky enough to meet the Wild One,
Johnny O'Keefe, and his wife. Yeah!

Alright. Let's get ready to rumble.
Michael, you ready? Yeah, I'm all good. Let's do it.
Let's go, come on.

How are you, Michael?
Very well, Eddie. How are you? Welcome aboard. Michael Houston is 21 years of age, he's a psychology and marketing
student at Monash University. He's from Camberwell in Victoria. Ben is his mate. G'day, Ben.
Hi, Eddie. How are you going? Are you at Monash University
as well? I am, yep. At the Clayton campus. That's the way. Good to see you
both wagging school today. That's fantastic. 15 question, $1 million.
Michael, are you ready to go? I'm ready. Let's do it.
Let's do it. Go!

Here we go, Michael, for $100. Go! (READS QUESTION)

I've got a fair feeling
it's D, pants. But I don't like the silence,
so I'm going to pass.

I'd have a good look again
if I was you, Michael. Socks? What do you want to do? Quick.
Socks. Lock in socks. Socks is correct for $100.
Pull up your socks.


You're familiar with all of these,
I'm sure. I'm not the biggest car person.

I don't think it's B. Don't think it's D. A or C, I'm not too sure. Three seconds.
I'm going to pass, Eddie. Going to pass?
Yes. Good on you, Michael.
Catch you later.

Hello, Elisha
Hi, Eddie. How are you? Elisha Boon. I'll ask the obvious question,
any relation to David? No. No relation. Daniel?
No, neither. Just call me Boony, though.
Boony? Good on you, Boony. Got the Boony doll going?
Yes, yes. Elisha Boon is 35 years of age, originally a flight attendant -
or still a flight attendant - and studying a graduate diploma
in aviation management. From Niddrie in Victoria,
Alan's her partner, g'day, Al. Welcome aboard, buddy.
Hi, Eddie. Thank you. OK, let's get
this one out of the way. (READS QUESTION)

Well, I don't know much about cars, but I know enough
to know to check the oil. Which is with C, the dipstick. Dipstick is locked in,
and correct for $200.


Well, I'm not familiar with any...
Come on, work it out. No.
Who came in from the cold? Six seconds. I'm going to take a stab in the dark
and say A, spy. Lock it in. Correct for $300.