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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Fears of lives lost in Tasmania's bushfire catastrophe.It is a distinct possibility, still. DNA evidence against India's gang- rape suspects. Australians turn their backs on life-saving cancer tests.

A avoid the Test and you put yourself flight risk and that is crazy. And - look what the cat dragged in. The prison puss trained to carry

Good evening, and welcome to the program. I'm Lee Lin Chin. Later, Craig Foster will join me with all the day's sport.

Farewell Mr Cricket - Mike Hussey helps guide Australia to victory in his last Test match.

But first, the Tasmanian bushfire disaster continues. More than 1,000 people have been evacuated from the Tasman Peninsula by boat. Authorities have not yet been able to confirm that no-one has been killed in the fires.

This is the situation across the state,

Two major blazes near Forcett and Lake Repulse have been downgraded from emergency to watch-and-act status.

-- bid has been at upgrade it to an emergency. Another large bushfire near Bicheno has cut off access to the tourist area of Coles Bay.

World News Australia reporter Luke Waters has been following the situation and he joins us now. He is at the state fire headquarters. Luke, it seems like the firefighters are finally getting on top of those bushfires? That correct and it will be a slow process with conditions here improving today. here improving today. The situation has eased on ation has eased on the ground. Emergency services still have concerns for three fires burning outside the line which has the potential to impact several communities. Slightly more favourable conditions have seen fire fighting efforts turn from battling flames like these, to prevention.We are using heavy machinery to push fire breaks in and once the fire breaks are in that gives us a sound edge so that we can burn off that to reduce the fuel loads and stem the fire. Police are scouring homes and out- buildings in affected communities to assess the human cost. There are no guarantees.I know that a lot of people are saying there are no confirmed deaths, no known deaths and that's certainly the casse at this point in time but it is a distinct possibility, still. Fatigued crews in the State's south are now receiving reinforcements from interstate.They are very much looking forward to your arrival and we are all very grateful to you. They stepped up for us in '09, and it's our turn now to return the favour.64 firefighters from Victoria have left Melbourne to help out their colleagues across Bass Strait.All there for the one cause - give them a hand and they give us a hand when we need it. When people are in need everyone wants to do what they can, so I think it's very important we share ourselves around, share resources. At Dodger's Ferry, where the threat remains high, the effort is equally challenging on the water.The main task seems to be getting those emergency supplies into those communities that have no Commercial and charter boats have ferried hundreds of people from affected communities, which are inaccessible by road. Most have now settled in relief centres across Tasmania's south. At Hobart's town hall, 70 people spent the night including Pam McFarlane, who's is unsure if her Mudunna home survived.

It was terrifying. I heard that the front had crossed the canal at Dunalley, then about three quarters of an hour I saw flames and I saw ashes coming.Welfare agencies and counsellors providing support for those who simply took what they could.We haven't actually come away with a lot. A few papers, a wedding album, a dog, a cat. Once the fire's there it is like the brain just freezes. It's really hard to consider what you might need to take.Tourists also made hasty retreats. Victorian Mary Cowie and her family abandoned their car at Port Arthur.People have gone back to their homes and brought blankets and mattresses for the tourists and other people to use and it's fantastic. It's been on-going food and drink. It's fantastic.Donations are coming thick and fast. At Sorell Primary School, community generosity has the small building at near capacity. Tassie spirit, mate. That's what it is. We need some more of it.The Federal Government has announced it will provide $1,000 for every adult, and $400 for every child affected by the Tasmanian fires.

What about the people in the fire affected regions who have not been it yet the evacuated? What is being done for them? So far 1,000 people have been taken on vessels across to safety in Hobart to join and family in community shelters. The process has not been taking place today because of the rough sea and we just learnt that the conditions on the ocean has improved and n has improved and two vessels will leave the Peninsular later tonight to arrive in r tonight to arrive in Tasmania with that those people to join friends and family in the community shelters and people affected here in Tasmania have received a lot of high-level support with letters and messages from the Queen today and the Prime Minister tomorrow will be so Tasmania and she will visit some of the communities affected by the The major fire fears are now further north. Scorching temperatures are expected in New South Wales by Tuesday. In Victoria, fire crews have battled to contain several

One that ripped through grassland and national forest near Mount Richmond has burnt more than 2,700

Authorities in NSW are monitoring nearly 80 bush, scrub or grass fires, with a watch-and-act rating for three out-of-control grass fires in the State's south.

In the ACT the crews are using helicopters to ws are using helicopters to maintain a fire with properties affected and the feeling is one of caution.While we acknowledge the pain and suffering of those affected in Tasmania, is a very important reminder and a sobering reminder to others across the country to others across the country to take careful plans for the hot weather.He Victoria, they worked overnight to fight the fire ripping through grassland and National Forest near Port Fairy and Nelson. Later today the with that by jumping containment lines.The fire crews and aircraft are working and aircraft are working today with that contained by midnight on Sunday, tonight.Near the north of Melbourne, a scare for firefighters when the blaze headed toward some homes and its believed a lawn mower sparked this fire. Crowds gathered at the beach today as the state faced its most dangerous bushfire threat in the years.We have more than 78 by as occupying the attention of firefighters across this state.A total five and is in place and the big test will be on Tuesday with dangerous mix of heat and wind.We are only seeing wind at about 24 km/h and we may see them up to 80 km/h.One of the biggest challenges is not just on Tuesday with those dangerous conditions but also what lies ahead with temperatures remaining eye across the whole week and the message to people with properties in the bushes clear.Complacency can be a killer. If you have not done so you need to make a plan. The Pakistani military is accusing forces from neighbouring India of killing one of its soldiers in the disputed region of Kashmir. Pakistan says Indian troops crossed the border and raided a check-point. India says Pakistani troops initiated unprovoked firing across the line of control and destroyed a civilian home.

Police in India deny taking half an hour to respond to the woman who was gang-raped in New Delhi last month. A court has heard that blood stains on the clothing of the accused men match the blood of the victim.
Another day, another display of disgust over the attack, and another development in the accounts of what happened.

The victim of the crime says he and his girlfriend lay naked and bleeding for 25 minutes until police made an appearance, but a New Delhi police chief says he is

It may also be clarified that vans are not concerned with jurisdiction of police station and are controlled by a control room. They move and respond to distress calls and move victims to hospitals, irrespective of jurisdiction.

He held a news conference to say vans arrived within three minutes and left 12 minutes later, and that's backed up by a GPS system.

Zebra 54 brought the victims to Safdarjung Hospital at 10:55pm. These findings have been ascertained through the logs.

It was revealed at a pre-trial hearing that the five men charged with the crime tried to destroy evidence by burning their clothes. They'll be back in court tomorrow where positive DNA tests link them with the victim.

Authorities are also holding a sixth suspect who will likely be tried in a juvenile

We apologise for the end to that story.
A teen rape case in the US State of Ohio has also sparked global outrage after disturbing video was posted on the internet. Released by activist hacker group 'Anonymous' it shows local teenagers cracking jokes about the alleged rape of a girl by high school football players.

We saw the muck and now we sweep the filth for Jane Doe. In Steubenville, Ohio, appalled residents show their support for a 16-year-old alleged rape victim. Prosecutors say high school football players carried the girl from house to house at a series of drunken parties one night in August and repeatedly raped her. Six months on the teen rape case has gone viral after the computer hackers Anonymous posted this video of local boys joking about the incident.

It's not. That's not cool. It's rape. It is rape. The case has consumed and outraged this small community. Up until now, it had worshipped the high school football players as home town heroes. The teenage girl in question has received death threats but some residents say the biggest victim is the

The thought that everyone in Steubenville is acting or is like the individuals that are involved in this case, the teenagers. That we are a community that is run by football, that is not the case.

Amid social media pressure and allegations of a police cover-up, the town's leaders have launched a website to stop misinformation about the rape.

There could have been a cover-up. Whether there is or not, I think that means more facts have to come out, but I'm glad that there is attention being paid to that. Police say there was no cover up and arrests were made eight days after they received the complaint. After we were made aware of this incident, we obtained this video. I too, as all my officers who investigated this, are appalled by these inept statements made.

Two 16-year-old football players will stand trial on rape charges on February 13th. As hundreds rally for the young girl, anonymous hacker activists believe more people were involved and should be held accountable.

Venezuela's cancer-stricken president appears increasingly unlikely to attend his inauguration this week, sparking further rumours he will not return to the top office. The unopposed re-election of the national assembly leader is being seen as a move to pave the way for a successor to Hugo Chavez. Members arrived at the National Assembly in Caracas for what might normally be considered a political formality, but the absence of President Hugo Chavez posed serious questions. The most pressing - who should replace him should his cancer prevent him from returning to the presidential palace? That man is likely to be Diosdado Cabello, who was re-elected unopposed as national assembly president - a position which constitutionally would make him interim president should the incumbent die in office. But he assured supporters that Chavez will still be in charge, even if he misses his inauguration.

TRANSLATION: Without reservation, I can tell you the 10th of January means nothing if President Chavez is not present.

Opponents questioned whether Chavez can remain leader without being inaugurated. But, Cabello, whose
links with Chavez go back to their army days in the 1980s, maintains he can be sworn in by the Supreme Court whenever he returns. To his supporters, Chavez is irreplaceable.

But he's not been seen for almost a month since he left Venezuela for Cuba for a fourth operation to treat pelvic cancer. The President is now believed to be suffering an acute respiratory infection. Chavez's political opponents have been highly critical of the ruling socialist party for only providing vague updates on his health. That has sparked rumours on Venezuelan social media that the 58-year-old is dying, or already dead.

Now, a quick look at some of the other stories making news around Four people have been found dead following a stand-off with police in Aurora, in the US State of Colorado. The gunman apparently killed three of his relatives before being shot by police. Aurora was the scene of a mass shooting at a cinema in July, in which a gunman killed 12 people.

Police in Northern Ireland have arrested a man on suspicion of attempted murder. He allegedly fired shots at officers during fresh protests in Belfast. The unrest follows a decision by the City Council to limit the days it flies the British flag each year.

flies the British flag each year. A
search has begun in Venezuela are after an aeroplane carrying a fashion designer and his wife vanished. He is the son of the founder of the fashion label. He is the colour of the company with his siblings. Guards at a prison in Brazil have caught a cat with illegal items strapped to its body. The contraband included a mobile phone, charger, three batteries, a memory card and drill bits. The cat was taken to a local animal centre. The largest Christian population in the Middle East is preparing for tonight's Orthodox Christmas Eve mass. But, for Egypt's estimated eight million Coptics, the mood is subdued, with continued political unrest and an Islamist-dominated parliament.

(PRIEST CHANTS).Egypt's Coptic Christians will celebrate this Christmas under a new pope, president and constitution. Highlighting tumultuous changes, two years ago Christians and Muslims rallied together against a deadly church bomb attack, blamed on Islamist extremists. Weeks later, joint pro-democracy demonstrations overthrew Hosni Mubarak. At last year's mass, Muslim Brotherhood members pointedly attended, as if to reassure Christians of their place in a new Egypt, yet the tensions were unmistakable. Now, Islamists are in power, and Islam's role in the bitterly-opposed constitution will be a major issue for Pope Tawadros

Christians claim persecution that's lasted decades has increased since Mubarak's fall.

So, for Copts this Christmas, the mood is hushed and apprehensive.

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Coming up next - why Australians are turning their backs on life- saving tests.

How two towns could be saved by a fly-in fly-out deal.

The balancing act - Australia's struggle to strike the perfect mix of life and

Health professionals are concerned that not enough people are taking advantage of screening tests for cancer. Latest figures show only about half of people eligible choose to take the tests, with Indigenous Australians and new migrants the least likely.

The cricket has been successful at raising awareness of breast cancer.

But, for many it seems acting on that awareness is a whole other game. You're wearing pink have you ever thought of having a mammogram? I haven't, no. Probably should.The latest figures show too few people in higher risk age groups are having

There are only three population screening programs and we'd like to see it above 70%.But, for breast cancer it's 55%. Cervical cancer pap smears 57%. And just 40% use free bowel screening kits - the lowest of all.

Medical experts put that down to the so called sexy cancer phenomenon. People are more willing to listen to warnings about breast and skin cancer than other types like bowel cancer.

There is a 'yuck' factor there which is terribly important. We would encourage people to overcome this and not do the ostrich thing and stick your head in the The Cancer Council also criticises the government for being too slow and sporadic with its campaigns. Groups that aren't screened as high as the population like some of the migrant groups and some of the aboriginal groups there has to be particular messaging to them in a culturally sensitive way.

It's recommended women in their 40s and 50s have regular mammograms. While women over 18 should have pap smear tests If you've had a bad experience before, please go and give another doctor a try. Not every doctor specialises in that area but we are getting better at

If you don't receive a bowel cancer screening kit in the post, you can get one at the chemist, or have a more reliable colonoscopy. The Perth teenager who fell ill after drinking a methanol-laced cocktail in Indonesia has died. 19- year-old Liam Davies had been celebrating with friends in Lombok when he had the drink. He died in a Perth hospital. The toxic chemical methanol is sometimes added to cheap drinks to make them more alcoholic.

Members of a Victorian surf club have called on the government to help them rebuild their clubhouse. Fairhaven Surf Life Saving Club has been operating out of an old shipping container because of severe asbestos contamination. It was knocked down last year to make way for a new building, but decontamination costs have prevented further

More now on Tasmania's bushfire disaster. World News Australia's Luke Waters is outside Tasmanian Fire Service State headquarters in Hobart where he has been speaking with those in charge of the firefighting operation.

I'm joined by Mike Brown the chief officer of the fire service to shed more light on how the fire crews are faring. We heard earlier that you had reinforcements from elsewhere and interstate, what can you tell us about the morale of that by a cruise and the fatigue levels?They have been going very hard since Thursday for many of them. It's right across the State. It is he State. It is a factor we need to look at, the fatigue, some people have worked for very long hours and that's what the many hundreds of volunteers out there and they're providing support for management interstate operations and also the aircraft operating and so with that, I have taken up offers and speak with interstate colleagues and we have specialists and firefighters coming in from Victoria and NSW and they are with a specialist teams from NSW doing assessments. But I fight his and the support teams will be refreshed and they have been briefed and they are getting briefings on the situation and the local beer course here and they are ready for operating first thing tomorrow.One can you tell us about the weather? Will it be friendly?It is not good. We are experiencing very hot conditions with fresh breezes and we have had but low humidity causing strong fire behaviour in the Midlands. e behaviour in the Midlands. The weather predictions are not good. Tomorrow night we will get a change and we may get some moisture but it will only be a few mm and that will not have too much effect. For the week, warm conditions and they are not catastrophic such as last week but there is plenty of challenges for Russ given the many unchecked fires still burning in this state.There you have it from Mike Brown the chief officer of the fire service here. They still have a significant job ahead of them.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad will tonight make a rare public statement on the civil war. His address coincides with a rebel In Hama, there's a severe shortage of medicine and doctors, so victims are getting little or no care.

are getting little or no care. In Syria, nowhere is safe. This was injured when the Government forces shelled a funeral procession. She had gone to pay her respects to those killed in an earlier There are er attack. There are no more hospitals left here. They have been bombed by the President what brought the Army or transfer and into work rebel base. Instead, the injured are taken to a makeshift treatment rooms. They had been set up in homes and basements. These so-called clinics struggled to cope. There are very few doctors and very little medicine. Translation make the most thing is oxygen. All the have here are empty and the patients need oxygen. In terms of sterilisation, we barely had any basics. We have now Col.Here you want medicine and this is it, all empty. And this is empty. Everything is empty. Despite the shortages, the doctors here try to find any way to treat the flow of eat the constant flow of the victims. Pieces of wood a re-used to help those with any broken bones. Bringing the injured into these temporary hospitals is struggle. In this area or of Hamas, there's only one ambulance and it has been stripped of all equipment and it was in need of some help. The rebels say they cannot win the war and less they are supplied with more weapons. For the thousands of Syrians here, the battle with hinges on the supply of something much more controversial, that of medicine. Al Jazeera's Jamal El-Shayyal reporting. Doctors Without Borders says it has three field hospitals in Syria's north.

Fly-in fly-out is the controversial employment method used by many Australian mines. Up to 50,000 people are thought to be on such rosters. Despite warnings of the risks of fly-in fly-out schemes, a new one has recently begun and it is hoped it will save jobs in two rural towns.

Each day Kaamark this man Jones did underground. A rich live from WA, I he is a supervisor at Cobar's Endeavor Mine at wet lead, zinc and silver are extracted.-- where the lead it. I always had itchy feet. For outsiders settling in, it is not always easy.People asked me why I came here.Mining visitors here are reminded that a bomb was discovered in 1870. A handful of new mines could mean a total of six of a town with less than 5,000. While this provides crucial employment for locals, for positions, out of town as are a necessity.We have people coming from all over.The first flights of that unit scheme to bring former gold mine workers from Victoria, arrived in the last week of December. The gold reserves are alert and over 300 jobs could lost. Jobs in Cobar are being touted by the local council. But experts warn on the effects of host towns.It undermines the sense of social life. The way normal communities operate is turned on its head.A booming sex industry, high drug use and violence in towns of large numbers of miners.They become pretty dysfunctional. Almost overnight. Cobar's mayor says she is thinking about her town.Here it is the nature of the beast. It is happening. We have to get on with it.The scheme is coming to towns that have seen lifetimes of mining. The three-part series on mining in Australia starts tonight at 8:30pm on SPS one.

For many people, tomorrow will be the first day back after the Christmas break. It seems they are not happy about it. A recent survey shows people are consistently unhappy with the hours they are working. Sarah Ayoub has a lot on her plate. The 20 6-year-old works full-time in education, is writing her second novel while editing her first, and blobs on top of that. She says her workload has prompted her to cut back her work hours to four days a week.I love my job but it is really hard for me to everything.Her work commitments have taken a toll on her marriage and her health.I am always sick. My husband is always affecting you.Not putting mine in For yourself.She is one of the growing number of people who report their work live is interfering with their personal life. Surveys consistently show that employees won a better work-life balance. That is evident at this time of year when family time is at a premium. Barbara pair but heads off Centre for Work + Life at the University of SA, which publishes the Australian way of life index. - - Barbara Pocock. Shift workers and people who work unsociable hours report being less satisfied with their work-life balance.Working outside a normal 9-5, Monday-Friday retain has a cost for a lot of workers, when so many social and community events are still on weekends and evenings.Industry groups won greater flexibility in work times in the deregulation of business hours, especially over the holiday period.It means more ships and opportunities for people work when they want.But smaller industry associations say that level of flexibility can only if there is a review of existing penalty rates.We are looking for a small reduction so we can bring the balance, improve our services and make our businesses more viable. Trade unions argued that workers due to work weekends and public holidays because of the extra money they will receive.They can't. That is what penalty rates were created for, to compensate for people.It is everyone that is valued by workers because they feel like they are giving some think up.In an increasingly 24-7 at society, is that a valid argument?Not everyone is going to church on a Sunday anymore.The day they tell me that the Grand Final is going to be played on a Wednesday, is the day that I will believe that the weekend's no longer exist.And for people like Sarah Ayoub who are struggling to strike the right work balance, that time with family and friends is still incredibly precious.
Coming up next, Craig Foster with all the day's sports news. End of an era - Mike Hussey says farewell to Test cricket and hello to family life, after Australia's victory over Sri Lanka. And is this the next big name signing in the A-League, with Perth chasing hard for Michael Owen's signature Good evening.




Good evening. Mike Hussey has bowed out a winner as Australia completed a 3-0 series whitewash against Sri Lanka at the SCG. Hussey was in middle as the winning runs were scored, which he said was the perfect finish. Australia didn't get there easily though, losing five wickets five wickets in a sometimes nervy run chase. But in the end Hussey was as cool as ever, to steer team home.

With the overnight lead just 87, Sri Lanka needed runs but it was a comedy of errors in the early stages.

When the wickets eventually began to tumble... It looked like it would be a quick set for the Sri Lankan innings. But the Dinesh Chandimal followed Matthew Wade's lead of yesterday and smashed his way out of trouble. His last wicket partnership past 40. Dr Australians were frustrated. Finally, Bird claimed up. Australia's run- chase was a tricky one for the one. It got even trickier with Dave Warner out on the first ball. -- 141.

The captain looked comfortable.

He was out for 29.

That brought Mr cricket to decrease, one last time. Mike Hussey with the chance to hit the winning runs in his final test. He lost Sachin Tendulkar almost immediately. Australia faltering. -- aired:. He was happy for Mitchell Johnson to hit the winning run. Hussey bowing out on a higher.I did not want to bat at all. It is very nice to be out there when the winning run is here.The 37-year are passing on the traditional singing of the teams song to Nathan Lyon. Jackson Bird was named man-of-the-match, Michael Clarke,

Mike Hussey has been left out of the Australian squad for the first two one day internationals against should Lanka, which said it looking at the 2015 World

We are in the view that the best two wicket-keeper, batsmen are Matthew Wade and Brad Haddin. If something happens and that the then Brad Haddin would come into the side.Michael Klinger years's unbeaten deliveries but the Adelaide Strikers in the box seat in the Big Bash encounter against the Hobart hurricane has. Chasing 163 for victory, Tim Paine was the only batsman to show signs of promise. He's 33 was not enough to save Hobart from winning. Perth Glory is pushing hard to former England striker Michael Pollan. The 33-year-old, who also played for Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Manchester United, could be the 4th high-profile my key signing for the A-League this season. He is reportedly unhappy with the game time he has been getting at Stoke

A patch of yellow in a sea of red and Central Coast visited West Sydney and the hosts started brightly. The Mariners always dangerous from set pieces. Zac Anderson going close before Sainsbury got close to being sent off. A real contest developing between the League's two form teams. Brisbane was coming off back-to- back wins for the first time this season and they dominated early. But as Brisbane pushed further upfield, Melbourne struck with a classic counter. And as Brisbane heads dropped, at the heart began to roll. Mike Moore be with much to more, but in the second half, it was more of the same. David Williams with a rush of blood to put the heart in the red zone before Fred's clumsy challenge day Brisbane a lifeline. Hearts were in Laos as a second was grabbed, but the home side hung on. Last night, the Victory looked to get back to winning ways with Marcos Flores silencing the critics with just his second of the season. The last time the Phoenix beat Melbourne it was courtesy a Marco Rojas goal - how they now miss him, as Wellington slump to eighth. No spare seats in Perth, as Del Piero's Sydney came to town. Janjetovic keeping out former Sky Blue, Scott Jamieson but there was nothing he could do about this.

Sydney suspect at the back but in the second half were a better prospect going forward.

Culina's first goal for FC and didn't he enjoy it. The smiles quickly wiped off, and guess who at the other end.

Danny Vukovic not covering himself in Glory. The Perth custodian gifting Sydney a share of the

Van Persie got of the bench to save Manchester United from an embarrassing exit against West Ham, in the in the FA Cup. There was no real giant killing in round three but plenty of upsets and late escapes. Wolves were beaten by Luton and Macclesfield defeated Cardiff City. Newcastle were knocked out by championship side Brighton, while Southampton were eliminated by the Cup holders Chelsea. Sunderland, Fulham, QPR, West Brom, Stoke, Wigan and Manchester United, will all go to replays. Like the traditional baubles, Man City -- Manchester United are often pretty but fragile.

Tom Cleverly's composure was appreciated by the Beckhams. But they barely sat down before the lead was gone. The delicate defence could not handle this. A goal owed much by the cross by Joe Cole, returning to the club where it all started. He clearly enjoyed the familiar surroundings. In the second half, he tried the second -- same trick again. They kept control, they just needed that third goal to confirm victory. With Manchester United, that is dangerous. They brought on Ryan Giggs and Van Persie. The favourites stayed in the Cup. In Sussex, a riddle - when is an upset not an upset?

Newcastle did not seem too keen in staying in the Cup. This earned him his second booking. Before the end, Brighton got a second goal. Few will fancy a trip to the South Downs in the next round. In tennis news, Andy Murray has continued his build-up to the Australian Open, successfully defending his Brisbane International crown. He beat Grigor Dimitrov. But he was forced to work hard. As world number three and defending champion, Andy Murray had the weight of expectation on his shoulders. Grigor Dimitrov had the freedom to play his shots.

The Bulgarian with set point in the first before and Andy Murray thunderbolt destroyed that chance. A flashing 220km/h face saving the set. With the first-set scare behind him, Andy Murray could not afford to switch off as Grigor Dimitrov kept surging. The US Open champion tried desperately to himself up, and it worked. The 25- year-old scarred a class above, taking the title off an unforced error. Andy Murray's preparation for the Australian Open, right on track.It has been packed every single match and it makes flop great preparation and really Francisco Blake more to play. Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova does everything at her opponent. Slashing cerulean -- serene and it Miriam's -- Serena Williams crashing her opponent.

The barricades bursting the world number three, sealing it in style.

At the Hopman Cup in Perth, Serbia and Spain half-fit the singles. Leaving deep tidal up for grabs in the doubles. Spain serious and Serbia smiling. Novak Djokovic's temperament was soon transition. His service game was broken as Fernando Verdasco went on the attack. The Verdasco and Medina Garrigues winning the first 6-4, before sealing the upset in the second.

Today, at the Sydney International, there was a first round casualty for the 2011 at Wimbledon champion.

Finally tonight to cycling and it's a twilight and night stage in the Jayco Herald Sun Tour. You can enjoy extended highlights tonight on SBS Two from 9:30pm. Just go to the Cycling Central website for more details.

It is still western Sydney 0-1 with the Central Coast. The weather is next. Waste not, want not - Chinese artist Song Dong's newest show reflecting a journey of hardship.

Lachie, hat on. You're slightly just across here.

Backbehind the checkpoint. Done. OK. Done.

with over 20 leading universities

A low pressure trough is generating thunderstorms in western NSW, while another trough is seen storm activities in south-west WA.

Family life is far from a private life for one of China's leading contemporary artists. Two exhibitions of Song Dong's work have opened in Sydney, showing not only images of his loved ones, but also the entire contents of his

My MLS and neat freaks may wish to look away. -- minimalist. 10,000 items from a family home. Song Dong's mother never threw anything away, having raised her family in hardship through the fear and frugality of the Cultural Revolution. Each item is potentially useful and a connection to loved ones. She was convinced to take it all out of the house to create an exhibition.She said if showed that, your friends were know your mother is messy. I said, it does not matter. If I do, I will be famous.So famous, it is exhibited around the world and is considered one of the most important works to come a China in the past decade. What these represent is a portrait of a family, but also a portrait of time in Chinese history. What makes a really personal for audiences looking at the work is that it makes you reflect on what you through your own life.His family travels with him to assemble the Adams.Hoarding Adams at home usually results in something of a chaotic mess. This exhibition has taken this chaos and turned it into something of an organised tribute to a hoarding. A collection of work is based on the traditional Chinese concept of family.Some of the mortar recent work over La contemporary footage of his daughter onto footage that was taken 30 years ago of his father. Connecting generations who never had the chance to named.He makes such specific work. One is of a neon sign a projects to the heavens. It is a message to his parents which say dinner were, we are all well.Using art to touch the in the present. Recapping out top story: The Tasmanian bushfire disaster continues with more then 1,000 people evacuated from their homes. Four austerities had been an able to confirm whether anyone has been killed. -- authorities.

-- unable. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media

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Because in 866 AD,
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turned the place Viking
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and half of England besides,

'the image of the marauding Viking
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'..especially up here.'

What we know, or think we know,
about the Vikings

Even the famed horned helmets
are a modern invention.

'I'm going to find out '..leaving Britain behind
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'and their own mysterious world.'

Even now, this place feels
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'It's going to take me

Do you have a map?

These are Arabic Dirhams,
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'I'll be seeking out some of
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1,000 years old?

'The real Vikings - 'To start my investigation,

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' particular, Bergen, a port
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