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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - police search for bodies, warning a Tasmanian
bushfire death toll is likely. The fire threat far from over despite cooler conditions
helping crews. A fire warning for Sydney with temperatures hitting 43 degrees
this week. A horror crash leaves
a female driver fighting for life. And Sydney fans farewell Mike Hussey as Australia wraps up the test
against Sri Lanka. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Chris Reason. Good evening. Police fear lives have been lost
in the Tasmanian bushfire disaster with a number of people
reported missing. They're searching the ruins
of more than 100 homes destroyed after Friday's blaze. A fire's still out of control at
Lake Repulse, north-west of Hobart, and the Tasman Peninsula remains
cut off by the Forcett blaze. Paul Kadak is on the peninsula
at Primrose Sands. Paul, do police know
how many people are missing? Chris, they say up to 100 people
are still unaccounted for - locals and tourists who haven't yet made contact
with family or authorities. But it's still too early to
say for sure They are now checking every home, including, in the last hour,
in this neighbourhood, fearing the worst.

In the ruins of Dunalley, police are searching
what's left of each home. They're warning locals
to prepare for the possibility this disaster has claimed lives. I don't want to unduly worry
families or friends who might not have contact
with people or heard any news. The fire threat is far from over. Here at Rosegarland,
north-west of Hobart, crews today were still fighting
to protect homes.

still testing fire crews. 200m away on
the other side of the road. Elsewhere, conditions have been
a little more forgiving. Lower temperatures and lighter winds have allowed firefighters to
start putting in containment lines. The Forcett fire
has now destroyed 20,000 hectares. Containing it could take
exhausted crews another two days. about getting fire vehicles
into the Tasman Peninsula to work more on protecting
properties and protecting assets. But there was no stopping the blaze
on Friday night. This was the community
of Connellys Marsh being engulfed. MAN: Jim's place, that's gone. Seen by locals who fled by boat and watched homes burn
from the water. MAN: The dark spot is our place.
I hope that we are safe. The flames reached
right down the water. But some places would be spared. Roger Sparrow just thankful he got
his two 9-month-old daughters out. It was like Usain Bolt,
just...(WOOSH) Dot Lloyd-Bostock's home survived but neighbours either side
have lost everything. This bit was the worst for us,
all the houses going up there, because it just went
in about five minutes. The destruction is everywhere. Around half the homes in this
community have been wiped out. Now comes a heartbreaking clean-up for this little piece of paradise
by the water that was visited by hell. It's what these people
have all been through too. Hundreds of locals and holidaymakers
cut off by the fire, left stranded near Port Arthur, finally evacuated to Hobart by ferries that ran
through the night. All the town's basically gone.
There's nothing really left. Most family and friends
that we know are safe, just not their houses.

Many of those residents
who fled their homes are frustrated they can't return
to see what's left of their lives. Roadblocks remain in place
since the fire storm on Friday. On the Arthur Highway, dozens of residents are turned away
from the police roadblock. Most are trying to access their
homes just a few kilometres away. They're concerned about
their livestock and pets going without water. But authorities say
it's still too dangerous. Arthur Orchid doesn't know
if his home survived the fire. Came up on Friday and haven't been able to
get back since so I don't really know
what's happened to my house. I hear they're OK there. Others who stayed and fought
the flames have been told if they leave,
they won't be allowed back in. We'll need fuel, we've got
bloody people out there that - elderly people and everything. We've got a fire back there
up our arse that, if we get a wind change,
it's gonna come straight after us. Annie Johnson was desperate
to access Dunalley. She hadn't been able to contact
her husband since Thursday. She doesn't know
if she's lost her house, she can't find her husband
and her dog. She eventually made it in. Locals confirmed David was safe. But their home was
1 of the 60 properties destroyed. Shocking and, um, I used to live there
a couple of days ago and it's just completely gone. Further down the road at Murdunna, more than 20 homes
have been burned to the ground. Volunteer firefighter Luke Millar's
property was one of them. There's only so much you can do when the wind is that strong
and the heat. I knew there was
a fair range of trees in the local properties
around our area. Aside from rebuilding, one of the central issues
for fire-affected communities is replacing damaged power poles
and getting electricity restored. At the moment, even simply charging
a mobile phone is a major problem. This morning, work crews moved in to begin the huge job
to repair infrastructure. It will take a month
to erect the 2,000 power poles needed to restore electricity. For now,
residents are relying on generators and donations of food and water. But not all supplies
could be salvaged - many stores are now being forced
to throw out their perishable goods.

Michael Scanlan is at Murdunna. Chris, the Arthur Highway
into this area remains closed, which means many of the homes here
will stay abandoned until their owners are allowed
back into the area and that could still be a few days. It was another hot one here today. The wind did cause
a number of flare-ups and kept fire crews extremely busy. And another hot day
is predicted tomorrow. The Bureau of Meteorology
is forecasting temperatures to nudge 30 degrees. Chris.

More than 1,000 people
are in evacuation centres after fleeing their homes. Amanda Abate
is inside City Hall in Hobart. Good evening, Amanda. The Prime Minister
will visit Tasmania tomorrow? Chris, Prime Minister Julia Gillard
will arrive in Hobart in the morning to see the devastation firsthand. She'll spend the day
meeting volunteers and also touring relief centres. The government has announced
emergency payments of up to $1,000 to those affected by the fires. It's important for people to know that they've got that support
if needed. Of course, we are very mindful that our
emergency relief organisations do swing into action
very quickly here. And, Amanda, the Queen has sent
her support to Hobart. What did she have to say?

Chris, the Queen sent a statement
to the Tasmanian Governor earlier today.

A fairly brief note but definitely
a heartfelt message, Chris. OK, thank you.
Amanda Abate there in Hobart. Sydney firefighters are preparing for their own bushfire emergency
this week. Temperatures are forecast
to hit 43 degrees in the city and western suburbs
on Tuesday. The Rural Fire Service says it will be the worst conditions
for fires here in decades. If you thought today was hot,
just wait until Tuesday. You've got to go back 30 or 40 years before you can find any conditions
of a parallel. There are around 70 bushfires
burning across the state tonight. Firefighters say those
living in bushfire-prone areas must have their gutters cleared
and an evacuation plan in place. Know what it is you're going to do in the event that you're impacted
by fire. It can make the difference
between life and death. Tuesday is shaping up
as this week's hottest day with both the city and Penrith
heading for a searing 43 degrees and winds of up to 70km/h - perfect weather for bushfires. Look at the forecast. If you are travelling,
talk to your family and neighbours, make sure you activate
your bushfire plan now. All indications are there'll
be total fire bans in place for the majority of New South Wales
on Tuesday with firefighters
facing the awful combination of extremely high temperatures and strong and dry
north-westerly winds. Health authorities say it's
important to check on the elderly and try to be somewhere
with air conditioning. Just remember first of all to drink
more water than you normally would, try and stay indoors
during the heat of the day, avoid physical activity. Doctors are also concerned
for asthmatics. It's really important that people
with asthma are aware that hot temperatures
can be a problem. While surf lifesavers are warning
beachgoers to know their limits. If you're hot and you're sweating, it's time to rehydrate
and find some shade. Witnesses have described
the terrifying moment they heard a car crash through trees
and into a power pole in Sydney's inner-south
this morning. The young female driver
is fighting for her life as police repeat the message
to slow down. How anyone
could have survived this crash has dumbfounded police
and shocked witnesses. Oh, this one is the worse
I've ever seen. The Honda CRV was unrecognisable - the 21-year-old woman
behind the wheel critically injured. We just tried to pull her out
from the vehicle. The car crossed to the wrong side
of the Princes Highway, hit a median strip,
returned to the southbound lanes, rolled over and struck two trees. When we first heard the sound,
the house shook, like, twice and there was a very loud bang. The carnage
of the Christmas-New Year break is still failing to hit home
as families return from holidays. In Liverpool, police caught
an unsupervised learner driving a baby
in an unrestrained capsule and a 3-year-old without a seatbelt. In Sydney's south-east, police are appealing
for the public's help in their investigation
into a hit-and-run which has left a 40-year-old
woman seriously injured. The occupants of the car
have decamped. We believe there would up towards
four people in the car. Surgeons at St Vincent's Hospital spent today trying to save
the victim's right foot. Public transport fares
went up from today. The cost of a weekly train ticket
has increased by $1 TravelTen bus tickets
have increased by 80 cents. Ferry passengers
will cop the biggest hike, with TravelTens increasing
by $1.60. The rises are less than those
recommended by the pricing tribunal. The State Government says it could only justify increases
in line with inflation until service improves. Still to come tonight
in Seven News - a breakthrough in the search
for a Sydney mother missing for a week. Also, why a man wanted to come
face-to-face with a polar bear. And the great grandmother
who hit the road to celebrate her 100th birthday. She's next.

Welcome to Australia.
The guy we came to see. The cricket master.
He's the guy. Have you ever been
to a cricket game before? Uh, no.
We need to see how it's done. (CROWD CHEERS) What was that?
We gotta appeal. You gotta go like this -
HOW'S THAT?! You gotta do that. (SCREAMS) WHY?! Check your eyes! HOW'S THAT?!
HOW IS THAT?! Yeah! That was amazing, bro. (AUSTRALIAN ACCENT) Amazing, bro. I feel like I could get out there
and play - I really do.

A Sydney woman who went missing from
St Vincent's Hospital last weekend is being assessed by doctors
after she was found safe last night. Belinda Burcham left the hospital
in Darlinghurst last Sunday without medical clearance
and with no shoes, phone or money.

and a large-scale search
by police and friends in Sydney's eastern suburbs. The 40-year-old mother was found
at a home in Paddington. Loyalist protesters have
attacked police in Northern Ireland with fireworks and stones as new riots erupt in Belfast. Around 100 people
stormed the streets following a decision by the council to stop flying the union flag
over City Hall every day. Smoke bombs were thrown,
cars were set alight and one man was arrested
after shots were fired. Riot police were forced to use a
water cannon on some demonstrators. It's the third day of unrest. Four people have been shot dead
in Aurora, the same Colorado town A gunman barricaded himself
inside a home with hostages. One woman escaped before the gunman opened fire
on police. And then he came to a second-storey
window with the gun and fired upon us a second time, shots were fired back
and he has been pronounced dead. His three hostages
were already dead. This feline felon
didn't get very far when it was caught slipping
through a prison gate in Brazil. Security staff found
a mobile phone, a saw and drill bits taped around its body. The cat was apparently raised
by the prisoners and had often been spotted
going in and out of the jail. All the inmates are all now suspects
in the smuggling attempt. A wildlife documentary maker has got up close and personal
with a polar bear during a daring and dangerous stunt
in arctic Norway. Gordon Buchanan
sat inside a Perspex box as the hungry beast
put on an incredible show. This was the terrifying moment a wildlife cameraman
came face to face with one of nature's
greatest predators. (WHISPERS)
She's coming closer and closer, Oh, my God...she's enormous. And hungry.

One of the most powerful animals
on the planet, one of the most intimating animals
on the planet and one of the few animals
that actually see us as food. Gordon Buchanan
does this for a living, putting himself in harm's way
to get the perfect shot. The only thing protecting him
from this 3m-tall polar bear is a Perspex pod dubbed
the 'Ice Cube'. It's the on-ice equivalent
of a shark cage. But it's not fail-safe. My scent is strongest
at the weakest point - the door. For the next 40 minutes,
he sustained an all-angles attack. It was a strange mixture
of terror and comedy because it just felt like
a monumentally stupid thing to do. But he says this close-up
was worth the close call.

A Brisbane great-grandmother
has put on the leathers and jumped on a motorbike to
celebrate reaching triple figures. It's been 50 years since
Kathy Cousins had her own bike. Today, she got back on one
to mark her 100th birthday. I don't know what all the fuss
is about today. What's all the fuss about? Kathy has kept active
in her golden years, working as a lollypop lady
until she was 73 and line dancing well into her 90s. Sport now with Matt Carmichael and it was almost the perfect end
for Mike Hussey. Chris, not the winning runs but he was there to see Australia
to victory. Coming up - the fitting farewell
for 'Mr Cricket' but why has he been dumped
from the one-day side? Plus, Serena Williams
in fearsome form before the Australian Open. And Del Piero delivers
in a gutsy fight-back by Sydney FC.

(HEAVY MUSIC) All the pulling power you want...

..then a bit more.

The technology and space
you need...

..then a bit more.

All the toughness
of the competition...

..then a bit more. The 147-kilowatt Mazda BT-50. Because more is more.

Rodgee! I've got a doubly delicious
treat for you! VOICEOVER: The combination
of a crunchy shell... (BARKS)
..and the meaty centre... Oooh! ..makes Schmackos Marrobones
double the fun. SONG: # Dogs go wacko
Dogs go wacko for Schmackos! #

Michael Hussey's test career
is over, ending with one more unselfish act after he guided Australia
to victory over Sri Lanka. Chasing just 141 to win, Australia's batsmen
made it hard work A series sweep, but this was
Michael Hussey's moment.

The crowd support and support in general has been overwhelming and it is a bit embarrassing to be honest.

There was tension in the air
from the start - a gift run-out blown by Matthew Wade who lobbed the ball
over Mitchell Johnson's head. Both sides had words mid-pitch. It was ugly, but no appeal and Herath survived...
for a few minutes. Oh, got him! Yes, he has! Jackson Bird and Johnson
going back-to-back. Oh, bowled! Sri Lanka's lead just 99 but with one wicket in hand,
there was resistance at last. Chandimal, has he found a gap? He has - that's beautiful. Dinesh Chandimal doing
what his top order failed to do. He gave Sri Lanka a fighting chance,
unbeaten on 62 when the tourists were all out
with a defendable lead of 140. Dave Warner's first-ball duck
was a great start. That's exactly
what Sri Lanka needed. But by the time Clarke departed,
the Aussies had 104 on the board. That brought Mike Hussey
to the crease for the final time. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) 'Mr Cricket' took control - nothing fancy as he chopped away
at the small target. But the Aussies showed a few nerves
as Sri Lanka fought to the end. Five down, Mitchell Johnson
tried to give Hussey the winning run but Hussey wouldn't take it. Oh, Hussey takes it.
That's not Mitchell Johnson's fault. It's a test match win
and the crowd aren't happy. And he finally revealed
the new leader of the team song. I'm handing the team song
on to Nathan Lyon. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) I think I know the words. So...test it tonight, though. Australian selectors are under fire for axing Mike Hussey
from the one-day squad and ending his international career. George Bailey will captain
a new-look side for the first two games
against Sri Lanka with Michael Clarke, Dave Warner
and Matthew Wade rested. Hussey was denied a farewell tour
of Australia as selectors plan
for the 2015 World Cup.

It would have been nice to play but I totally understand where the selectors are going so no worries.

Brad Haddin will be 37 by then but he's in the squad, because if Wade gets injured, Haddin will return as keeper
on the India and England test tours. Selectors also defended naming
a second-string side, accused of ripping off cricket fans. I think this is
a very attractive side and how will we know about
players of the future if opportunities are not vested
in some of these players. Tim Paine's 33 wasn't enough
for Hobart to beat Adelaide in the Big Bash last night. Strikers paceman Kane Richardson
took this screamer on the boundary, one of the highlights
of the competition so far. before his first-round match with Aussie number one
Marinko Matosevic at the Sydney International. Tomic says he's now unstoppable as he targets his first entry
into the world top 10. Australian Open Junior champion
Luke Saville hit with Roger Federer
at Melbourne Park where 4-time Sydney champion
Lleyton Hewitt skipped his traditional
warm-up event for practice. But Bernard Tomic is in Sydney and agrees that he's favourite
to win his first-ever title. He's not just gunning
for the world's top 10, but even higher. The way now I've been playing,
there's no stopping me and I can do really well. Caroline Wozniacki conquered her
fear of heights at Sydney tower. I'm a competitor, so I thought, "OK, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna
prove to myself that I can do this." Then the former world number one
beat the heat and Urszula Radwanska, avoiding a repeat of last week's
first-round loss in Brisbane. UMPIRE: Game, set and match,
Wozniacki, two sets to love. Russian glamour girl Maria Kirilenko
hit one serve into the crowd but beat young Aussie
Olivia Rogowska in straight sets. Andy Murray defended
his Brisbane International title, beating Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Serena Williams showed off
her 47th career title today. And now my goal is to do well in... Melbourne
in the Australian Open so we'll see. Despite one stumble, Williams steamrolled
Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in 50 minutes. COMMENTATOR: Serena does it. UMPIRE: Game, set and match,
Williams, two sets to love. Serena showed some smooth moves
with the trophy, then went to a karaoke bar
to celebrate her victory.

We hope Sam Stosur is in tune
against Zheng Jie at the Sydney International, on court at 5pm tomorrow. Live coverage begins on 7TWO
from 11am. Western Sydney are hosting
the first-placed Mariners with a big crowd
at Parramatta Stadium to will on the Wanderers. It was a gutsy effort
from Sydney FC last night, coming back twice
against Perth Glory to snatch a 2-2 draw, Alessandro del Piero
setting up the Sky Blues' second.

have equalised, Seb Ryall! What character from Sydney FC! The Newcastle Jets recorded
their first clean sheet in 15 games in a scoreless draw against Adelaide but they lost star import
Emile Heskey with a quad strain at half-time. It's been an exhausting weekend
for the Sydney Kings. Last night, they beat the Adelaide 36ers
86-82 at the Kingdome before travelling to Melbourne and backing up for a clash
against the Tigers just 16 hours later. League leading scorer Ben Madgen
was lucky not to be ejected for throwing a chair at a referee.

COMMENTATOR: Loses control,
cameraman's there, chair's there. Just see the frustration. A 3-point loss
didn't calm them down.

Thank you and congratulations to Mike Hussey. He has been a great man for an Australian sport.

to enjoy chocolate. (Giggles)

We had another hot day
across Sydney, although temperatures were
slightly cooler than yesterday. The city reached a top of 28 after a very warm overnight low
of 22. Right now,
it's 24 degrees in the city. It was a muggy evening and
the warm weather continued today. Penrith was again the hottest suburb
with a top of 36 degrees. Richmond hit 35, Liverpool 33. The north-easterly sea breeze kept it about 10 degrees cooler along the coast. Around the
country tomorrow - Canberra will again
be very warm with a top of 36 degrees. Adelaide will top 40 and Hobart will be fine
with a top of 29. On our waterways:

Tonight will be fine and warm again with a low of 20

and a high of 27 tomorrow. Homebush will hit 30 degrees.