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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Bushfires rage across the as temperatures break records. They're going to have at least a week of these conditions.Rape and murder charges over the crime that outraged India. An emotional return - Sandy Hook students go back to school.A lot of them are happy to see their friends that they haven't seen in a while.Home is where the heart is and the taxes are lower. Gerard Depardieu ditches France for Russia.

Good evening and welcome to the program. I'm Kathy Novak. Later, Michael Tomalaris will join me with all the day's sport. Australia's batsmen make a start but fall short of centuries in the third test. First - bushfires are burning across five states tonight. There have been tonight. There have been scoring temperatures across southern and eastern Australia. Hobart sweated through its hottest day on record. Forecasters predict some temporary relief from the heat tomorrow but for many areas, temperatures are expected to remain high, with heat wave conditions continuing well in to next week. Some of the fires causing most concern is South Australia. And Karen Ashford joins us live from Mount Lofty, east of Adelaide. What's the latest information you're hearing?The mercury topped 45 degrees here in Adelaide, and even higher in some country areas. It's meant several areas have had catastrophic ratings declared. Kangaroo Island, the south-east and here in the Ranges. The most serious fire to date is about 70 kilometres south-east of Adelaide. It's burnt 300 hectares and continues to rage out of control. It's posing a serious risk to lives and property. There are more than 170 firefighters on the ground and four aircraft trying to contain that blaze. There are concerns a forecast wind change could push it towards a township. They're working very hard to try to get that one under control.What preventtive measures are authorities taking?-- preventative measures are authorities taking? The police are activities of about 230 known artnists and have paid personal -- arsonists and have paid personal visits to some of the most serious candidates. There won't be any real easing for either the police or any other Emergency Services as typeed to rise again next week and stay there for foreseeable future. Fires are burning ipTasmania. Two homes have been lost there. -- in Tasmania. Two cloplz have been lost there.-- homes have been lost there.For many Australians living away from the coast, there will be no let-up in sight to the heat wave that's sweeping across much of the continent.Temperatures well into the 40s right through the weekend, meaning they're going to have at least a week of these conditions. So very, very hot for a long period of time.Creating even more dangerous bushfire conditions. In the heavily populated and densely vegetated outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, residents have become accustomed to a permanent summer fire watch. Victorian authorities say the State's crisis response services are in better shape than before Black Saturday.We are ready to go. The agencies are well prepared. We've had a lot of preparation coming into the season. In that regard, there is some good news from the Weather Bureau. For those fear agrepeat of the fires that killed 173 Victorians.The period before the 2009 heat wave, we had 10 years of drought. The fuels, although they're drying, are not as dry as that.With many predicted scorching days ahead this summer, fire agencies have reasons to be alert and alarmed. With temperatures in Melbourne still around the 40 degree mark, thousands have headed to the beaches in an effort to cool down. Gareth Boreham has joined the crowd down at St Kilda. When will you see the temperatures drop?It's still sweltering here in Melbourne. The city topped 41 degrees today. It's the city's hottest day in three years. It continues to hover in the high 30s. And I can tell you you could feel every degree of it down here at St Kilda Beach, particularly those of us who aren't in the water. There is some relief on the way, albeit it a weak change that will sweep through Victoria later on this evening. That will provide some ing. That will provide some relief to Melburnians but for those north of the Great Dividing Range both here, Victoria and other states, there will little respite. Places like Mildura are expected to endure temperatures of more than 40 degrees for the next four to five days.Some people behind you seem to be enjoying that sunshine a little too but there oo much there but there is a serious side - what does all this weather mean for the bushfires in the coming days?Well, as you can see, the winds are picking up here and the temperatures are continuing to soar. The fire risk is only intensify. Vegetation here in Victoria has benefited, I guess, in recent years from mild summers and heavy rains over winter. But it is drying out and it will continue to dry out very quickly with these high temperatures continuing. So with the memories of Black Saturday still fresh in the memories of Victorians, it makes for a tense situation. That wasn't helped when the Country Fire Authority's website, its emergency application crashed as dozens of blazes broke out across the Thank you, Gareth. Let's go live to the NSW Fire Rural Service. What fires are causing you the most serious problems in NSW at the moment? Frplgt we've still got more than 30 fires across NSW and 300 firefighters out across fire ground. The fires of note closest to affected communities would be on the North Coast of NSW, in Campsie area, the Forster Area and on the South -- area and on the South coast near Sussex Inlet. There will be a lot of back-burning from the back of properties and out in those areas. People need to be mineful of what's occuring. A busy day for firefighters and a busy night ahead as we continue to these hot, dry conditions. You expect those conditions to hinder you across the weekend?It's to be challenging across the weekend. We're expecting to see this hot air mass dominate. We're going to have very high conditions indeed. We might see severe weather conditions in the north- west over the weekend in to Sunday. In NSW, we're particularly mineful of the risk being presented for Tuesday where we can see much of NSW, including the Metropolitan regions and the coastal areas affected by severe or above fire danger rating. Preparation is the key. People living in these areas need to have a plan, prepare themselves, their property, know what to do now and in the event they're affected by fire.Busy days ahead. And to find links to warnings, fire bans, incident updates, hotlines, smartphone apps and social media services, just head to our website. A court has charged six people with the rape and murder of a 23-year- old student in Delhi following national outrage. The hearing will be held in a new fast track court. The accused could face the death penalty if found guilty. The protests go on over the gang rape that's shaking India. It was lawyers this time with a fast track court hastily set up to handle this case. None of them prepared to defend the five men now charged with raping and murdering the year-old student.The crime committed by them is very heinous. As a mark of our respect to the girl victim, and as a message that we want to send to society, that we want our city to be safe. And such criminals will not get representation from our side.No- one's at home at the small shack where the accused bus driver and his brothers were living. New details have emerged the gang's brutality, with the juvenile suspect allegedly committing the worst violence. The now labouring under a cloud of shame. Undeserved, they tell me, because attitudes towards women need to change.

"The problem is with men and their bad intentions," says this woman. After boarding this bus last month, seen here, the young medical student was repeatedly raped for an hour and later died of her injuries. It sparked days of protest India's treatment of women, with the authorities accused of overreacting and being out of touch with changing attitudes. The of this crime is almost incomprehensible. It's dangerous to draw too many conclusions. It has highlighted a growing cultural clash in India between those want greater equality for women and those who want to keep them in their place. And those trying to prup oat greater equality -- promote greater equality admit there's a long way to go.It is very difficult to change human mind. We are trying our best to change the human mind.The first test for women will be the trial of this gang rape, with the next hearing this weekend. Campaigners say several Indian politicians accused of rape should be brought to justice next. Because the suspect is a juvenile, the maximum penalty, if foun guilty, would be three years in a reform facility. - - found guilty, would be years in a reform facility. Nine people have been killed in another attack in Damascus. Large numbers of people were queuing for fuel at a petrol station when the bomb exploded. This is a second attack on a Damascus petrol station in as many days. Syria is in the grip of a chronic fuel shortage. Motorists are now targets of terror. This latest attack was a car bomb in the city's north. It's not yet clear who was behind the blast. It comes about 24 hours after an air strike on another petrol station that killed dozens. Just outside city, more carnage. This video purports to show the aftermath of an air strike. And this on the residential town where activists say 10 people were killed. continues to rage at a military air base in Idlib Province. Rebels proving no match for Assad's air power. The latest violence adds to the already staggering death toll of 60,000. ring death toll of 60,000. Foreigners are warned to stay out of Syria or risk getting caught in the cross-fire. A world away in suburban New Hampshire, the parents of missing US journalist James Foley plead for his return. He was kidnapped north-west Syria more than one month ago. His parents have heard nothing since.I appeal to the people who have Jim, to let us know where he is and to help us secure his release.US troops have arrived in Turkey to man NATO-supplied Patriot missiles. They were sent on Turkey's request to bolster border security. Turkey has spent close to $500 million on Syrian refugees in the country. It now totals 150,000 people. The country's PM says the Assad regime' days are numbered. The US Congress has sworn in the members who won their seats in the November election. There's no shift in the balance of power. The Democrats continue to hold sway in the senate, while the fractured Republicans control the House of Representatives.You're now a member of the 113th days after the 100 12th Congress pulled America back from -- 100 12th Congress pulled America back from -- 112th Congress pulled America back from the edge of the fiscal cliff, the 113th have come in.For those of you who are returning, who have walked these aisles before, maybe it's time get a little awe-struck again.Just how different is this Congress? There are nine more house Democrats in the 113th Congress but with 233 members, the Republicans still control the House of Representatives. Though, not all of them voted for John Boehner. He's retained his speakership with 220 votes. His is a powerful office because the speaker is the central deal-maker between the Republican Party and the Democratic President. He needs to deal with the Tea Party Republicans51 fifrbgally conservative house members who are still Republicans but like all Congressman are not bound to vote on any piece of legislation.AneAn emotional and often -- In an emotional and often frank address, he said they would not see their name in lights.Try and do something.Democrats retained their control of the senate 53 to the Republicans 45. 20 senators are now women. Along with 81 in the house, that's a record number on Capitol Hill. It's the most racially diverse Congress efrbg. Within the Democratic caucus, white -- Congress diverse the Democratic caucus, white men are no longer the majority.It's great they're looking like the rest of America.Congress's rating dropping to an all-time low. Many hope it will start acting more like the rest of America. The head of Internet giant Google is to make a controversial trip to North Korea. The US Government says it's got nothing to do with the visit experts say it could be the first sign of resumption of relations between North Korea and the albeit, below the radar. These North Koreans enjoyed a fireworks show this week but other luxuries remain tightly controlled. News that the Google CEO will travel to the Stalinist state has sparked plenty of theories. Schmidt will travel with Bill Richardson who has negotiated with North Korea on and off for 20 years. Last month's rocket test means the US will not back the visit.The timing of this is not particularly helpful.When Eric Schmidt leaves Google's headquarters, he will find a country that has tried to modernise its communications, while retaining control. There is a closed intranet and mobile phone use has risen. While Google may be a long way from offering its services, such as its maps in cities like Pyongyang, experts say some kind of deal may be on the table.They need cutting- edge technologies and even investments, developmental aid, not just blankets and flour.He says it's unlikely the trip is aimed at allowing an open media and Internet access.American citizens cannot bear being detained in North Korea for allegedly conducting anti-North Korean activity. So maybe they will release the hostage. And as a token of appreciation, the chief executive of Google might demonstrate some interest in investing.Money that Dr says is unlikely to be on agenda.The US foreign policy always has a multi-attack approach. Google declined to comment on Mr Schmidt's plans. Now a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world. Venezuela's Vice-President has returned from visiting Hugo Chavez in a Cuban hospital. Chavez has had complications from a severe lung infection. He hasn't been seen or heard from since having cancer surgery on December 11 Chavez is due to be sworn in for a new term in less than a week. The former captain of the 'Costa Concordia', Francesco Schettino, has appeared in an Italian court to sue the cruise liner operator for congressful dismissal. He is facing legal action for sailing the 'Costa Concordia' too close to call delaying evacuation and -- shore, delaying evacuation and leaving the sinking ship. A 1980s photograph of the late Princess Diana deemed too hot to publish by London's tabloid press will go to auction. The image depicts the Princess lying comfortably in the lap of an unidentified young man. It's dated two days after her official engagement to Prince Charles. There'sane an emotional return to school for students and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary. They're the first classes since last month's shooting in Newtown which resulted in the deaths of 20 first grade children and six teachers. Less than three weeks since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, it was a return to some semblance of normality for students and teachers. We had the normal routine of giving them breakfast and getting their backpacks packed. And then went out, we went out and waited for the bus. As soon as the bus came, they didn't even look back. With their original school still being treated as a crime scene, more than 400 students made the 11 kilometre journey to Chalk Hill school. It's been refurbished with desks and other familiar objects make the transition as seamless as possible.We don't want them to think it's a police state. Woe them to know it's a school and -- We want them to know it's a school and school first. Enjoy their friends and grow up.Parents were encouraged to accompany their children to school and stay on site throughout the day. Despite the unimaginable ordeal it's faced, the community's resolve to move forward is powerful.The kids all got off the bus. A lot of them were happy to see their friends they hadn't seen in a while. They're While the wider community has been united in its support for all those connected to Sandy Hook, police are yet to release any details regarding possible motives of gunman, Adam Lanza.We don't yet know the underlying cause behind this tragedy, and we probably never will.The Connecticut Governor hopes a commission established to review state laws on gun control, school's safety and mental health services, will be a step in the right direction. -- health services will be a step in the right Coming up next - claims the gender pay gap has doubled in a year. Shortly - a suspicious fire claims Albert Namatjira's famous ghost gum. Is there a gold rush mentality in Queensland? Join me later in the program.

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They may do the same work but the gap is growing between what male and female graduates can earn in their first job. New research shows the difference has doubled in a year with males starting salaries now $5,000 higher. Maddie Dockrill is at the very beginnings of future career working as a nanny now. She has just finished high school and is waiting for university placement in a psychology law degree. She believes earning less than a man when she start belongs in another era.I don't understand why there should be any difference.That's still the reality and is getting worse. A report shows that starting salaries jumped in the past year but women's salaries didn't increase at all.You do think it's 2013, surely we have an equitable workplace for men and women. When you look at the gender pay gap across Australia, it's sitting at 17.5%. That hasn't shifted in That hasn't shifted in almost 20 years.Of 23drys researched, female graduates fared -- 23 degrees researched, female graduates fared much worse. The gap between male and fenail law graduates is smaller but still -- female law graduates is smaller but still represents 8% Women and all graduates, really, but women ates, really, but women can make more informed decisions about where they would like to work if they know and when they know they're getting paid different amounts.Dr Harris says maternity and parenting may still become a consideration for some employers when hiring young women. It's not something people would openly acknowledge because it's discrimination.Blokey workplace cultures may be those keeping the gafplt pharmacy, earth and computer sciences women were earning more but the pay gap was very much smaller. The Australian Dentistry Association has raised a caution about the research, fearing the figures may be skewed because fewer graduates were surveyed this Now to other stories in the news around Australia. A pert teenager remains in a critical condition in hospital with suspected methanol poisoning. Liam Davies had celebrating the new year on Lombok when he became ill. He was flown home and is on life support in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. Australians bought a report number of new cars last year. Big jumps were reported in the utilities and commercial vehicles. Toyota was the biggest-selling brand with more than 200,000 sales. Two of the country's best-known trees have been destroyed. ghost gums made famous by artist Albert Namatjira have been burnt to the ground. The burning of these twin ghost gums 16 kilometres west of Alice Springs is a severe blow spiritually and culturally to people here. According to the Northern Territory Department of Land, Planning and the Environment, and the police, a fire was deliberately lit at the base of the trees earlier this week.When I walked over to see the trees and the way it was burnt, I could feel the lan, the soil around it, -- land, the soil around it, it's angry and it's sad. The same way feel. It is forbidden for a lot of our people not to go near it because it was a sacred, very, very sacred thing on our land.Thill straigz of the twin ghost gums Albert Namatjira's paintsings came do prominence in the late 1930s. Namatjira grew up in thoroughly 1900s and began his artistic journey doing sketches as a young child. As an adult, he concentrated on usi As an adult, he concentrated on using water colours to paint the landscape. The gum trees, sacred to the people here, have been severely damaged. It's likely that Namatjira's paintings alone will immortalise the twin ghost gums which now lie burning in the Central Australian Desert country.

Britain has been accused of blatant colonialism for refusing to hand the Falkland Islands to Argentina. The row over the islands has been reignited by an open letter the Argentinian President. She says Britain stripped the Falklands from Argentina 180 years ago yesterday. Another skirmish between Britain and Argentina in the war of words over the Falklands. Last summer the two countries' leaders faced for the summit in Mexico and Argentina's President has now launched another broadside. In an open letter to daifrbg udCameron, published as a paid -- David Cameron, published as a paid advertisement in newspapers today, she writes:

This letter is just the latest salvo in an increasingly vocal campaign by Argentina. It accuses Britain of failing to abide by UN resolutions calling for an end to colonialism and it accuses Britain of refusing to negotiate over the sovereignty of the islands. That's a view firmly rejected by Britain and its PM.My reaction is to say quite simply the foucher of the Falkland Islands should determined by -- future of the Falkland Islands should be determined by the Falkland Islanders. They want to keep their status with the UK.Many Argentinians support the claim for the islands.We feel wronged by presence of Britain and these people inland that we require have always believed is our own. Last year marked the 30th anniversary of Argentina's invasion of the Falklands and its defeat by Britain. Islanders say Argentina has been turning up the pressure. Over the last two or three years it has developed into something more serious and we've seen serious attacks to blockade our economy. We've seen serious attacks to disrupt our fishing activities and the recent oil activities.Britain believes a referendum in March will demonstrate the islanders' overwhelmingly desire to remain British. The results over that vote may be predictable but so is Argentina's determination to maintain its claifpl has a -- claim. Britain still has a major military presence on the Falkland Islands. Back mome, for natural gas is expected to jumpsignificantly over the next years. Gas companies are taking advantage of those putting tens of billions of dollars in to liquefied natural gas plants in Queensland. The local community is divided ocal community is divided over the massive investment. Welcome to a World Heritage area, Queensland style. This is Curtis Island, a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. A host of major gas companies building liquefied natural gas plants worth tens of billions of dollars.It's every day for people in Gladstone. For people that come into the region, it's enormous.Hundreds of kilometres away in -- away, thousands of wells are being dug to extract coal seam gas. In 2014, that gas as. In 2014, that gas will start to be piped here to Gladstone, where it will be converted to liquefied natural gas, or LNG. In a few years time, not one but three companies will be exporting the gas to Asia.We at no time ever thought there would be three LNG plants of this magnitude here.One of them, GLNG, is partly owned by Santos. It has contracts to supply Korea and Malaysia with LNG for the next 15 to 20 years. They don't to 20 years. They don't have any natural sources of energy. They have a choice of burning dirty coal or oil. But they want a cleaner capacity of power. Mark says when the company gets to peak production in 2015, it will be supplying 500,000 dollars a day in royalties to the state governments. It's hard to convey the scale of the development taking place here. Quite simply, it's huge. Santos, for xafrplal, said it's spending -- example, said it's spending $10,000 a minute. Not everybody is impressed. Frplgt it's part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area.This is massive destruction. For the people of Gladstone, the LNG plants are a mixed blessing. Unemployment is low, wages are high and many local businesses are riding the boom. But is expensive and that makes it harder to attract teachers, and restaurant staff to the city. There are also allegations that the creation of one industry has destroyed another.ustry has destroyed another.I feel sick. Every night I feel sick. Every night is like a nightmare for me because the thing is I lay down and I had a good living out of fishing. Now overnight these gas companies have come in and just taken it over.In mid December, the Gladstone Ports Corporation offered some compensation to fishermen. Trevor says the offer is a joke. The commercial fishermen here say dredging the harbour for the LNG projects has ruined their industry. But the Queensland Government, the Ports Corporation and the gas companies insist dredging hasn't harmed the fish.If you talk to the locals around town who are the recreational fishers, they will tell you, that some of the recreational fishing has been best it's ever been in Gladstone Harbour.The gas companies will continue to battle for the hearts and minds for those who unconvinced by the benefits of their projects. benefits of their projects. Their message - this is safe and sustainable. They're unlikely to win everybody over to their side. Don't forget you can catch the first of a 3-part series of mining in Australia this Sunday night atate:30 on SBS One. - - at 8:30 on SBS One. French actor Gerard Depardieu is now Russian actor Gerard Depardieu. He's been given Russian citizenship after waging a battle against tax in his native country. President Vladimir Putin signed citizenship grant following an application from the actor. He was willing to give up everything for new country in one of his movies. And now he really has. The 64-year- old is so annoyed by proposed tax hikes for the super rich, that he's giving up his French passport and moving to Russia. He currently pays 41% tax but faces an increase to 75%. By stark contrast, Russia has a flat 13% tax rate. In a letter opposing the increase, Depardieu said he's paid $190 million in taxes over his 45-year career. Although the French Constitutional Council struck down the tax rise proposal on Sunday, Mr Depardieu said this did not change the situation. Some French residents seem to sympathise with him.

Russians, including Vladimir Putin, support his move. If he would a Russian passport, consider it settled, Putin

Mr Depardieu has not said anything publicly yet about when he will be leaving Paris. Coming up next - finance. And Michael Tomalaris with sport, including no fairytale farewell yet for Mike Hussey, run out for just 25 in his final test. Hot work in the saddle - riders the Herald Sun Tour feel the heat.

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To finance. The Australian share market closed weak lead from Wall Street. Profit- taking from the previously popular resource stocks weighed heavily.

Joining us now with sport is Michael Tomalaris. Disapoinment for Mike Hussey fans at the -- disappointment for Mike Hussey fans at the SCG. It wasn't a fairytale in the third test against Sri Lanka. He was run out after a risky call from captain Michael Clarke. Hussey may yet get one final innings after Sri Lanka fought back to restrict Australia on day two. Although the hosts are now in front.

Sri Lanka were all out late yesterday for 294 and David Warner wasted little time getting after that target.How good is he to watch?But when it all seemed smooth sailing, Ed Cowan was disastrously and needlessly run out. He's gone. He's gone!Phil Hughes returned to his former home ground and quickly settled in.Superb stroke.Warner was devastating through the off-side and raced to 50 off just 37 deliveries. joined him on 50 before lunch, the left-handed duo in control. Warner was racing towards his fourth test century but 15 runs shy he threw it away.It's an opportunity. A tough one, though.The Richie Benaud fans were out in force but they watched Hughes get as far as Australian cricket's up luckiest qaefbg.He's out. Great catch -- 87. He's out. Great catch.That brought Mike Hussey to the crease and a guard of honour from the Sri Lankans. Michael Clarke was the dominant force as Australia closed to within 50 of Sri Lanka's total by tea. The skipper particularly brutal on the spinners. After tea, he called Mr Cricket through for single.He's home. Too quick. Or is he?Replays showing Hussey's innings cut short on 25. Clarke got to 50, as his golden summer continued, but no further.What a big wicket further.What a big wicket that is for Sri Lanka. The Sri for Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankans showing some fight. They thought they had Wade caught in close but he immediately and rightly called for a review. Wade replying with force.

Australia edged in front, before Johnson fell to an edge. The hosts with the ascendancy heading in to day three. Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini and Marioble telly have had a physical altercation during training. Photographs have been -- Mario Balotelli have had a physical altercation during training. Photographs have shown this. Scuffles between team-mates are nothing unusual in football but they rarely involve the manager. These were the chaotic scenes at Manchester City's training as coach Mancini clashed with Balotelli. A late tackle by the striker was reported angered his manager and had pair had to be separated. Just the latest twist in one of the most controversial playing careers in sport.I can't see him having a future. Yrpb it gets to a stage where it seriously harms the reputation of the football Balotelli is one of the game's most feared goalscorers. As his celebration suggested, as well as talent, there's been trouble. A blaze at his house when fireworks were let off in the bathroom. Sparks were thrown on the ground too. Balotelli involved in a series of fracass with team-mates. Last month he was forced to accept a club fine over his atrocious disciplinery record. Balotelli spoke of his affection for Mancini last year.If Mancini wasn't here, I think I'd never come here. Balotelli helped City claim a historic title but he has not in control. AC Milan striker Prince-Boateng has stormed off the pitch forcing the suspension of a friendly match against fourth tier side Pro Patria. The match was stopped because of racial rants. The players were begging them stay. The 25-year-old Boateng, who played for Ghana at the 2010 World Cup was previously at Tottenham and Portmouth. Melbourne Victory Ange Postecoglou wants referees to ensure better protection for players. The fourth placed Victory host the Phoenix tomorrow night in Round 15 of the arbs-League. Postecoglou -- A-League. Postecoglou was angry a player had his year cut short by a season- ending injury.Players need to be protected and their welfare is key thing. It's easy for referees to get swayed by crowds who think people are simulating or pretending to be hurt. It's disappointing. Postecoglou has not yet announced who will replace him in the Victory midfield for the clash Wellington. Wollongong Donnelly has won Stage 1 of the Jayco Herald Sun Tour. Held cirrus conditions through Victoria's Central Districts, the 21-year-old was Districts, the 21-year-old was involved in a breakaway which stayed away. temperatures hitting 40 the first road stage from Sunbury to Bendigo wasn't expected aggressive. The peloton ignored the heat as multiple attacks were launched right from the start. As the race approached the halfway mark, the changed. On the climb of the day, the breakaway was reduced to three as Donnelly went on the charge with two others. Finishing on the velodrome in Bendigo, it was Donnelly who won the stage ahead of Watson with Atkins in third.I spent a long time -- It's been a long time since my last win. I'm over the With the main peloton which included Simon Gerrans coming in 2 minutes and 35 seconds behind, Donnelly took the race leader's yellow jersey.Coming into the finish, I did a lot of work on front to make sure we did stay With Donnelly holding a 14 second lead over Watson, stage two of the race makes tage two of the race makes the journey an interesting one. Highlights of Stage 1 ghlights of Stage 1 on SBS Two from nin clk tonight -- SBS Two from 9:30 tonight. Bernard Tomic continues his recent run of success, accounting for Andreas Seppi. After disposing of Haas and Djokovic, Tomic is growing in confidence. Perfect preparation ahead of the Australian Open. Aussie teenager Ashleigh Barty claimed the biggest scalp of her fledgling career with a 6-0, 6-3 win over Francesca Schiavone. The host nation will reach the Hopman Cup final only Germany upsets Serbia's top-seeded pairing of a's top-seeded pairing of Djokovic and Ana Ivanovic later tonight. That's the sport leading into a pretty busy weekend.Thank you. The weather is coming up. And the remarkable story of Britain's longest-serving prisoner of war.

Let's check the weather now. A broad trough over Western Australia is directing very hot northerlies in to South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. Increasing the fire danger in the nation's Elsewhere, a broad high is keeping southern and eastern Australia dry.

A man who spent almost all of World War II as a prisoner of war has died aged 98. Alfie Fripp was captured when his plane was shot down in 1939 and is thought to have been the longest serving British POW.One looks back on the life that you had.Telling tales garden he loved. Alfie Fripp had so many reminders of his war-time experiences, and of the mission which ended in five long years captivity.The aircraft was smouldering. We were on one engine. We were flying very low. The pilot said, "Here we go." He landed in a potato field.Alfie Fripp's war behind the wire took him to 12 different POW camps. When I met him on a freezing day in Germany, he was on the way to one of them.How are you feeling?He gained notepriety through the experts of the prisoners who tunnelled out from one of the huts in what became known as 'The Great Escape'. Those who shared the camaraderie grow fewer. Alfie was transferred before the breakout. His pilot was among 50 men recaptured and executed on orders.There was a sense of sorrow in my sense of sorrow in my heart and all the events seemed to come back to me, flooding back to me, of all the friends I knew.Alfie Fripp told friends and family that he came here to forgive but never to forget. Nothing ever got him down. Very, very positive man. Don't you agree? Yes. He never hurt anybody or didn't bear a grudge towards the Germans.Tonight, surviving POWs and RAF veterans are mourning an indomitable spirit that rarely wavered. Alfie Fripp was sent away to train at the age of failed to graduate because he was too short and joined the RAF where there were no height requirements. Let's recap our top stories now. Record temperatures across southern and south-eastern States of states of Australia have sparked -- states of Australia have sparked and many warnings. Conditions are set to continue across the weekend. Lawyers in Delhi have refused to defend six people charges with the rape and murder of a 23-year-old student. Republican John Boehner has been re-elected as the US house speaker despite discontent within his house party. A Federal Government report here has flagged a marked increase over the past year in gender-based pay disparity, most notably for new graduates. That's the world this Friday. Our next bulletin is at 10:35 on SBS One. You can get all tonight's stories online and news around clock on our website and follow us on Twitter. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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No. And who I've singularly
failed to impress.

Oh, boy! It's now late summer and things can
only get better.

I'm making plans to visit

I try a little cross-dressing.

I normally wear stuff like this

My job is to pick up from where
Jimmy left off six years ago, when funding for the ranger's job
dried up.

But this has to be one of

is just generally
patrolling the shore,

and just keeping an eye because you've got
the open Atlantic out there. It's also an extremely popular
part of the ranger duties

with at least one mammal
in this car, Rubes, who takes his beach patrolling
duties extremely seriously.