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(generated from captions) Zuppa di tartaruga. That's it. Now, number 6. Eileen,
what do you think you have there? $75,000. You think you have $75,000? I want to pop the locks on 15, because this was the case
that it was all about today. Would you mind
if I relieve you of that? Thank you. And Vivian...

..shall we open it up?

Best of luck. Buona fortuna.

It's... Oh! Couldn't do it on this occasion. $75,000 there. Now, we said $11,000
was plane tickets, so you've got the tickets
and then some. Good on you.
That's fine. Well done, Vivian. Let's see the money.
Yeah. There's a very, very happy
hubby for hire. You won't have to hire him anymore. You can hire him out for $15,000. And there's Katie Mac
with your cheque for said amount. Wow, I better get myself down
to Turtles Are Us. That was one lucky turtle.
Thank you. Yes. Thanks for being with us,
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This program is captioned live. Tonight - fires break out
and safety alerts issued as a record-breaking heatwave
heads our way. A plumber bashed and his ute torched in a sinister attack
in Sydney's west. A man clings to life after a drug lab blows up
at a suburban home. The most popular brands
fuelling a sales surge in new cars.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson.

Good evening. Weather records are being broken as eastern Australia bakes
in extreme heat. Hobart hit an all-time high today
of 41.8 degrees, and there are reports tonight of several homes destroyed
by bushfires in Tasmania. New South Wales is now on alert, with the heatwave expected
to reach Western Sydney early next week.

Australia baked
under record heat today. Sydney was saved by the sea breeze. Big crowds hit Bondi. Pools in our west were packed
but Sydney be warned - the worst is yet to come. Well, western suburbs of Sydney
will really feel the heat over the next week with areas like Richmond and Penrith
reaching into the mid 30s for the next few days and then on Tuesday, they'll be
reaching up to 40 degrees. That means
there's bad bushfire weather ahead. With a frontal activity
coming through, we could see some really difficult
fire conditions into early next week. The extreme fire threat across
Australia is intensifying. South Australia is battling
Catastrophic conditions with fires burning close to homes
south of Adelaide. 8,000 firefighters are on high alert
across Victoria with fire conditions
as dangerous as those during the Black Saturday disaster. And large bushfires
burn out of control in Tasmania. Hobart hit 41.8 degrees today, Hobart hit 41.3 degrees today, the hottest temperature
it has ever seen. A sign, say some, of climate change. More and more of the most vulnerable
people in our community are going to become sick
and possibly die as a result of climate change. There were too many hot spots
to count across Australia -

In Queensland,
Birdsville reached 47 degrees. It's like opening an oven door - just get a nice,
really hot wind blast, hits you in the face. Not a great day to be
putting up a TV aerial in Adelaide. How hot do you think it was
up on the roof? I think it was 55.

How are you coping? Oh, I'm alright.
I'm used to it. The super heated air
from the Red Centre is here to stay, with sweltering temperatures
for the next week across Victoria, Queensland,
New South Wales and South Australia. It's been a busy season
on Sydney beaches - over 700 rescues
since the start of summer and lifesavers are warning
beach goers to stay safe. Things can go bad
very, very quickly. It's always best
to prepare for the worst. The best thing you can do
to stay safe - swim at a patrolled beach
between those red and yellow flags. Live now to Sally Bowrey at Penrith, where it's going to be a hot night
ahead of extreme heat next week.

That's right, Mark - there'll
certainly be no relief tonight. Things will stay very warm out west,
with temperatures in the mid 20s. A hot and humid night
for the eastern suburbs too,

Next week we expect temperatures in the 40s. There will be more record- breaking heatwave across the summer. Mark, I'll be back with more details
a little later on. Tonight, there are
more than 30 fires burning across New South Wales. Eight of those are uncontained including one at Green Point,
near Forster, that has firefighters worried. It's close to homes
and a popular holiday camping ground but is not expected
to damage properties. Six water bombers
are battling the blaze, which has cut roads to homes.

with residents evacuated from
their homes at Lethbridge Park, near Mount Druitt. A plumber had been attacked
and his ute set on fire, sparking fears his oxy-acetylene
gas cycliners would explode.

as it blazes in the driveway
of a Lethbridge Park house. (HORN BLARES) The horn shorted out
as wiring burns. Firefighters arrived quickly
but couldn't save the vehicle. The truck wasn't the only casualty. The driver was given
a black eye and bloody nose by two men
who followed him to the house. As he exited his vehicle, he was set upon by two male persons
who then assaulted him. Even when the fire was out,
the danger was still high - the plumber's truck had oxygen
and acetylene cylinders on board. Acetylene's very explosive,
very flammable, a very dangerous gas. More than 50 residents
were moved out of the area. I didn't see anything. I just heard the 'bang!',
that's all. And then one of the gas cylinders
exploded, the small gas cylinder. The plumber assisted police
at Mount Druitt along with his boss.

Does he have any idea who it was? No. The man was called here
for a plumbing job but not by the residents
in this house. Police believe he was lured here
to be attacked. It was seven hours before
the cylinders were declared safe and the truck removed. Live to Talitha now
at Mount Druitt police station. Talitha, do officers have any idea
of the motive behind the attack?

Mark, police aren't saying but the attack has all the hallmarks
of a punishment or a warning. The plumber's injuries
aren't too serious but his truck, tools and equipment
were destroyed and that's a major loss. It's also unclear
if the attack was personal, aimed at the plumber himself
or at his business. Mark.

Investigators believe a clandestine drug laboratory
was the source of a fire that's left a Sydney man fighting
for life with horrific burns. involving a suspected drug lab.

Responding to the pre-dawn blast at the western end of Quarry Road
in Ryde, firefighters quickly realised
this was no ordinary house fire.

It was a very intense fire.
A very short, sharp, intense fire. They found a 50-year-old man
with almost 100% burns, a 43-year-old woman
affected by smoke and something else. Firefighters found an LP gas bottle
and it was feeding a gas ring and there was other
chemical equipment normally found in a laboratory. Investigators suspect
it was an illicit drug lab, possibly cooking up
methamphetamine or ice. The injured man
is unlikely to tell them much. The male's condition is serious. This could end up becoming
a coroner's matter. The victims were initially taken to
Royal North Shore, then to the burns unit
at Concord Hospital. Residents say the fire
has only heightened their fears about drug dealing activity
in the neighbourhood. There have been stories
surrounding this area beforehand, actually a neighbouring street, regarding a big drug lord. Specialist police are now investigating the
second similar blast in two days. Yesterday at Hebersham,
in Sydney's west, a 45-year-man suffered severe burns
in another suspicious fire.

To Adam Walters. Adam, two blasts
within a day of each other - authorities must be worried. Very worried, Mark. The chemicals used
in these backyard operations are both highly toxic
and highly flammable - acetone, alcohol, acid,
phosphorous, even drain cleaner. When they mix it up and cook it,
the result is quite often explosive. Bad enough in a house, much worse in a block of units
or close to bushland. Mark.

The Holden Commodore is no longer
one of the top three selling cars in Australia, bumped into fourth place
by two small cars and a truck. But they're all moving fast
out of the showrooms, with new car sales up 10%
in the last year.

Radell's got a new job,
so she's test-driving new cars. It was nice. It was very smooth. She's trading in a '99 model. I just thought, "To be safe on the road,
it's time to get a new car." Car sales in 2012 crashed through
1.1 million for the first time. People buy new cars
rather than used cars because new cars are so cheap today
relative to what they used to be. With the high dollar
and cheap finance, cars haven't been as affordable
since... SONG: # We love football, meat pies,
kangaroos and Holden cars. That was 1976

but Holden's been pipped again
by Toyota as Australia's top-selling brand. (ENGINE REVS THEN TYRES SCREECH) 300,000 SUVs left the showrooms,
up 27% on 2011. The SUVs might be roaring
up the sales charts, but the second biggest-selling car
in the entire country... Is a ute! (HORN BEEPS) Toyota's Hilux has crept
into number 2 behind the Mazda3, which retains the top spot. Corolla is number three, and Holden's Commodore slips
from two to four. Sadly for Ford, its flagship Falcon
didn't even make the top 10. A

A tanker has overturned near Windsor. It is carrying 10,000 litres of liquid petroleum gas. The tanks have not ruptured but the diesel tank has broken open and 200 litres is leaking. Specialist teams have arrived.

400 American students have made
an emotional return to school 3 weeks after 20 classmates
were shot dead in Newtown. But they haven't gone back
to the same buildings. Instead, Sandy Hook Elementary
has been recreated in a different location. As the yellow bus
rolled through Newtown, it could have been
any normal school day. But the green ribbons and signs
that line the route were reminders
that today was different. The kids all got off the bus. A lot of them were happy
to see their friends they hadn't seen in awhile. They're excited
about the new school. The building has been refitted to
look just like the old Sandy Hook. to help with the transition. They did their best to make it as comfortable
for the kids when they come back. Parents found it difficult
to let go. It is certainly a lot different,
so it's kind of mixed emotions. There was a little bit of anxiety but everybody was, I think, happy
to get back in the swing of things. As survivors' families
try to move on, the Governor says now is the time
to review America's gun laws. (GUNSHOT) We need Washington
to get its act together so that they can put together
a reasonable national gun policy. Federal politician and
shooting victim Gabrielle Giffords has also been pushing for change - she's planning to visit Newtown

Still to come tonight
in Seven News - how to fix the widening pay gap
between men and women. A controversial photo
of Princess Diana for sale to the highest bidder. And the Aussies burning rubber
for a world record. That's next.

Returning now
to the bushfire emergencies in South Australia and Tasmania. Emergency warning signals have
been activated late this afternoon at Finniss, south of Adelaide and in several communities
east of Hobart, which are tonight
in the path of fires including Dunalley, Primrose Sands
and Eaglehawk Neck. There are unconfirmed reports of several homes and businesses
destroyed at Dunalley.

Australian companies are being urged to act on the growing pay gap
between men and women. In the past year, the average salary
for male university graduates has increased by $3,000, while female earnings have stalled.

Gabrielle Klingberg can't wait to
finally start work as a dentist... After studying for five years, I really want to be
out in the workforce. ..but she's shocked to learn,
on average, male graduates will earn $14,500 more than females. A lot of the skill sets
needed to be a dentist don't change whether you're male or female, so I can't see why there would be
such a wide difference in pay. A new survey of graduate salaries
across 23 professions puts dentistry second
for the biggest pay gap, with men earning 15.7% more. Architecture is first, optometry and law, third and fourth. I think it's very important people are paid on ability
and not on gender.

Women were in front in only
seven areas, including pharmacy. To help address the issue, the Greens want new laws forcing big businesses to release
their pay information, potentially extended
to all employers. This kind of pay discrimination
will continue unless it's exposed. We don't see why there would be
any logical reason as to why a male graduate
any logical reason as to why a male graduate
would be more valuable than a female graduate. Neither does Gabrielle. A never-before-seen photograph
of Princess Diana is going under the hammer. It's believed to have been taken
on a Swiss ski holiday in 1979 or '80 when Diana was in her late teens. "Not to be published"
is scrawled across the top, apparently by a newspaper editor who had second thoughts
about publishing it following her engagement
to Prince Charles. Bidding begins online in two weeks.

Racing fuel, burning rubber
and hot rods are not usually associated
with Canberra, but revheads from around Australia have brought their high-performance
cars to the nation's capital and set a new world record.

30 seconds of motor madness... (ENGINES REV AND TYRES SCREECH) ..a world record broken
at Summernats - 69 cars in a simultaneous burnout. (ENGINES REV AND TYRES SCREECH) Two grandstands swallowed up
in a haze of burning rubber. It was what they came to see. (CHEERING)

The record stood at 50. We could either set the record
or smash it, so we thought,
it's Summernats fashion, we'll just try and smash it. My greatest concern
about this record was the fact that the cars were all placed
so close together. There was some damage... the tyres and to the eardrums. That was insane. Never seen anything like it.
Loved it. After 26 years, Summernats is regarded
by street machine enthusiasts as Australia's premier event. More than 90,000 people are expected
to brave the heat and the noise this weekend - many of those from interstate. These amigos are from Perth. It's like something to see,
the biggest event, like, for cars. The street parade is where Victorian Dave Rowlands
likes to show off his old flame - a '56 convertible. It's hot, the girls are hot,
the cruising hot, everything's good. (ENGINE ROARS) Sport now with Mark Beretta. And it's been a frustrating day
for Australia at the SCG. Mark, they kept helping Sri Lanka
off the canvas. Coming up -
all the action from day 2 including Mike Hussey run out
in his farewell test. Plus, Ash Barty continues
Australia's giant-killing run at the Hopman Cup. And Anthony Mundine
on knocking out Daniel Geale and his critics.

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It's been a day
of wasted opportunities by Australia's batsmen, including Mike Hussey's run-out
on his test farewell. Phil Hughes and Dave Warner
top-scored with 80s. Australia leads Sri Lanka
by 48 runs after day 2 at the SCG.

Dave Warner
cruised past 1,000 test runs, but Ed Cowan's slow start caused Australia's third
top-order runout in three tests. COMMENTATOR: That was kid's stuff,
pathetic. It cost Cowan a chance to feast on
an inexperienced Sri Lankan attack. Beautifully played. Warner's half-century
came from 37 balls. More runs, more boundaries. He was joined on 50 by Hughes
before lunch. 'Devastation Dave'
scored at a Twenty20 rate without a slog in sight until he reached 85. It's a tough one, though.
Going back, nicely judged. Michael Clarke should have
been given l.b.w. first ball. Sri Lanka didn't challenge. A homecoming hundred
looked certain for Hughes, but he edged Herath on 87, making way for 'Mr Cricket'
in his final test. (CHEERING)

Mike Hussey made a cautious start
while Clarke went after Herath. Quickness of feet, authority -
that's Michael Clarke at his best. This wasn't, calling Hussey
for an impossible run. No, he's home.
He's too quick...or is he? Clarke knew Hussey had to go. Standing as one
for a great cricketer. There should be another chance
to say goodbye in the second innings. Clarke fell to
an uncharacteristic slog on 50. It left Mitchell Johnson,
the all-rounder, in the firing line with promoted keeper Matthew Wade. After winning a challenge, Wade retaliated
with two painful blows. (CROWD ROARS) Sri Lanka kept fighting. Still Australia leads,
heading to day 3.

For the second time in two days, a young Aussie has toppled
a Grand Slam winner in the lead-up
to the Australian Open. After Bernard Tomic beat
Andreas Seppi, his Hopman Cup team-mate, Ash Barty, stunned Italian veteran
Francesca Schiavone in Perth. She's still eligible
for the junior tour but Ashleigh Barty
is coming of age fast. COMMENTATOR: Impressive shot! The 16-year-old thrashing former French Open champ
Francesca Sciavone in straight sets. I've been given this opportunity
to play for Australia and it's been unbelievable. I've had a great week with Bernie. Bernie's had a great week too, Tomic following up his victories
over Haas and Djokovic with a straight-sets win
over Andreas Seppi. UMPIRE: Game, set, match,
Australia. I couldn't be more proud of myself so hopefully this form can continue
for next week in Sydney and after, to the Australian Open. Another young Aussie
had the crowd excited last night at the Brisbane International. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Local boy John Millman taking a set
off US Open champion Andy Murray. Yeah, he's got it! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Listen to the roar of the crowd! He eventually went down in three but more than justified
his Australian Open wildcard. I hope
I can put myself into positions where I'm in
these types of tournaments week in, week out,
against these types of opponents. I seen his name before,
I hadn't seen him play before but if he plays like that, he's gonna improve his ranking
pretty fast. And Maria Sharapova showed no signs
of her collarbone injury today, but she's still been unable to serve
at full power.

Tonight, world number one
Victoria Azarenka takes on Serena Williams
at the Brisbane International. They're live on 7TWO from 8pm.

16-year-old defender Aaron Calver is set to start in Sydney FC's clash
with Perth Glory tomorrow night. Alessandro Del Piero's back, easing an injury crisis
for the last-placed Sky Blues. You can't make excuses. You've got to deal
with the situation you've got. And the future of controversy-prone Manchester City
striker Mario Balotelli is, once again, under a cloud following an explosive
training ground bust-up with manager, Roberto Mancini. Anthony Mundine has guaranteed
he'll knock Daniel Geale out 26 days before their middleweight
world title showdown at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. From his Brisbane training camp, Mundine addressed his critics
and Geale today.

I've beat you before
and I will beat you again. You ain't on my level,
you ain't on my page. I'm the best ever now. I'm the best ever athlete
Australia has produced, right now. I'm up there with the Ray Robinsons,
the Ray Leonards, the Alis. That's the potential I've got. I want to end him,
no doubt about it. I want to end him. The bookies disagree with Geale a hot favourite
to defend his title. The bookies aren't wrong often

The bookies aren't wrong often by
we will see what happens. He is such a quiet achiever.

Checking finance now - and the share market's winning run
for 2013 has come to an end already.

Back to Sally at Penrith
for the weekend weather forecast. And it's going to be hot tomorrow,
Sal. Especially here at Penrith, Mark, where this pool
is sure to be packed. I'll have the details
after the break.

Still warm enough for a swim tonight
here at Penrith pool and things will stay pretty toasty
tonight across the city but the extreme heat
that has hit the south-east won't arrive in Sydney
until next week.

We saw plenty of sunshine
today acorss Sydney. Today's temps along the coast were moderated by the fresh
north-easterly seabreeze however in the western suburbs, the seabreeze had little effect
with tops in the mid 30s including Penrith recording 36
at around 4pm today. From the satellite the South-East has sweltered thanks to a trough
that is tapping into the heat sitting across the centre with gale force north-west winds
ripping across Tasmania today. Tomorrow,
a similar pattern is expected however the trough will move through
coastal parts of SA, Victoria helping ease the heat. The cooler change
won't have reached Canberra with a very hot 39 forecast. It will also be very hot in Perth
ahead of a late shower or storm. Could get a little bit choppy
out on the water tomorrow.

It will reach the high 30s
in the west as hot northerly winds develop. However we'll also see a fresh
north-easterly sea breeze tomorrow, particularly during the afternoon
along the coast.

Up to 40km/h. It will be a little cooler
on Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday, the trough that has
brought all the heat will hit us with a sweltering day on the way. It will be a day for the pool then. That's Seven News for this Friday. Now here's 'Today Tonight'
with Kylie Gillies.

Tonight - a 3- year journey
around the world. I just can't believe
it's landed on the beach, on our beach. Straight out of the movies - what did the note say to start
a long-distance relationship? Plus, tenants refusing to budge - sending owners financially broke
and emotionally broken. And fitness in a flash - the exercise program
that takes just 2.5 minutes a day.

Good evening. I'm Kylie Gillies. We start tonight with a story
about a message in a bottle, cast into the ocean
on the other side of the world. It has similarities to the
Kevin Costner movie of the same name the message inside has sparked
a long-distance relationship between the senders
and the people who found it. Graeme Butler has more. (THE POLICE'S 'MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE'
PLAYS) The story of a message in a bottle
that made an amazing journey. # I hope that someone gets my... # Honestly,
I just couldn't believe it. Like, 3 years
and it's travelled about 12,000km. # Message in a bottle, yeah. # I just can't believe
it's landed on the beach, on our beach. It's a classic tale
of a message in a bottle - thrown overboard on a distant ocean