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We have a big problem. So vets face a dilemma. We need to make
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That was The Zoo.

This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - fires burn close to homes in
three states as temperatures soar. Southern cities swelter
under a record-breaking heatwave. Homes evacuated after a plumber's
ute is torched in a Sydney assault. And the Summernats festival breaks
a burnout world record. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
afternoon edition with Robert Ovadia.

Good afternoon. We begin with breaking news. A bushfire is burning out of control
at Finniss, in South Australia, The blaze is burning in grass near Winery Road,
Gilbert Siding Road and Sorrells Road and is travelling
in a south-easterly direction. The Country Fire Service has issued
an emergency warning, urging nearby residents to enact
their bushfire survival plans. People are urged to take shelter in homes that have been modified
to withstand a bushfire and to leave, only if it's safe.

More than 40 firefighters,
and three water-bombing aircraft, are currently working
to control the blaze. And at least one home
has been destroyed by a bushfire burning
in Forcett, south-east of Hobart, in Tasmania. Reporter Mitch Broughton joins me
on the phone with the details. Mitch, what can you tell us?

At the moment we have over 31 vehicles at Forcett, battling a fire which is an emergency warning fire. It has been going all day with smoke billowing above the Hobart city. It has obviously threatened three homes so far. Three have definitely gone up in flames. It is moving through and attacking homes elsewhere as well.

The fire conditions
in South Australia are rated Catastrophic and Extreme due to a scorching heatwave
gripping southern states. Homes in Tasmania
have also come under threat, while hot and windy conditions
in Melbourne sparked a 5-hectare grassfire. A grassfire in Melbourne
burns dangerously close to homes as Victoria faces the worst bushfire
conditions since Black Saturday.

We're asking
all members of the public to activate their
bushfire survival plan. 6,000 firefighters are on standby as Melbourne swelters through
40 degrees. A Total Fire Ban is in place
across the state. Don't light any fires
in the open air. Operation of heat tools such as
welders, grinders, oxy-cutters - that's banned. Conditions are even worse
in South Australia The fire danger is rated
Catastrophic in three regions. Adelaide reached 44 degrees. The Red Cross has begun calling
vulnerable residents to make sure they're OK.

More Australians die
from a heatwave, such as what we're experiencing now, more than any other
natural disasters such as bushfires and cyclones, so people really do
need to take it seriosuly. The heatwave is also being felt
in Tasmania, where two bushfires
are burning out of control. Hobart has had
its hottest day in history. Temperatures reached 41, on the same
day the last record was set in 1976. And it was a scorcher
in outback Queensland, While Sydney escaped
the worst of the heat, fire crews are on standby to help. The Rural Fire Service has sent
four air teams to other states.

We've also got hundreds of
volunteers and paid fire officers across our borders to assist them if that's needed. Temperatures in the state's west
will remain above 40 until Tuesday.

Giann Rooney will have
the full national weather forecast later in the bulletin. On the same day South Australia
was hit with scorching temperatures, a volunteer firefighter
has appeared in court, charged over an alleged arson spree. The 31-year-old man
is accused of lighting three fires in Adelaide's south
on New Year's Day. A house was significantly damaged
in one of the blazes while a truck was destroyed
in another. The CFS volunteer
has been released from custody on home detention bail. A plumber is recovering after being bashed
and his vehicle being set alight when he turned up for a job
in Sydney's west this morning. Police had to evacuate the area, with fears gas cylinders
in the man's ute could explode. Georgina McKerrow has more.

Good afternoon, Rob. You can probably see
the burnt-out ute that's still behind me here
at Lethbridge Park. That's what happened
when a plumber turned up to a job at around 8:00 this morning. When he pulled into the driveway
and got out of his vehicle, two men allegedly set upon him,
punching him and kicking him. He was left with injuries
to the side of his face and underneath his eye. It was then that the men
torched his vehicle before running from the scene. Now, residents have told me
this morning they heard loud explosions and bangs and couldn't believe it when they
saw the flames coming from the ute. I said to the husband,
"Whose horn is that blowing?" And I looked out the window
and I saw it on fire, and I said to the husband, "Quick,
come and have a look at this - "it's on fire!"

Now, a 200m exclusion zone
was set up along the street, and several residents
were evacuated. That's because police and firefighters
were concerned about gas cylinders inside the ute. The victim
has spoken to officers today, and he is cooperating
with their investigations, but anyone with information is urged
to contact Crime Stoppers, Rob.

A man is clinging to life
in hospital after being badly burnt during an explosion at a home
in Sydney's north-west. Neighbours say
the blast has confirmed their fears that a drug lab was operating
in the neighbourhood. Sarah Coates has the details.

Hello, Rob. At this stage, the fire looks to have started
because of an exploding drug lab, but police aren't
giving too much away as they carry out
their investigations. Now, the chemical ops team is here
at the home on Quarry Road in Ryde. They're bringing chemicals
out of the home and putting them in tubs full of ice
to preserve the evidence. Now, we understand the fire was
short, sharp and extremely intense. It started just before 5:00
this morning, with emergency crews
racing to the home after calls from neighbours
who woke up to the smell of smoke. A 50-year-old man was pulled
from the home unconscious. He's fighting for his life
in Royal North Shore Hospital with severe burns
to most of his body, while a 43-year-old woman
was treated for minor injuries. Firefighters say the fire
has partially destroyed the home. We understand
it started in the bathroom. Firefighters found an LP gas bottle
and it was feeding a gas ring, and there was other
chemicals equipment normally found in a laboratory. Now, neighbours are concerned
that this is just the latest episode of suspicious drug-related activity
in the area. I'm a mother of three,
so I really do worry about this. And, um, the fact that
there have been stories surrounding this area beforehand - actually, a neighbouring street,
regarding a big drug lord - we are really vigilant. It's really scary. And, Rob, it's believed the Drug Squad will be joining local
detectives in their investigation. Back to you.

A 19-year-old man
is expected to be charged after allegedly doing a burnout
in front of police in Melbourne before crashing into two cars. Police say the young man also drove
on the wrong side of the road.

It was the worst place possible
to do a burnout - Police allege that when
they tried to pull the driver over, he sped off before crashing his station wagon
into a nearby ute. He then allegedly crossed
the median strip, driving down
the West Gate Freeway off ramp in the wrong direction. The station wagon then collided
with a second vehicle, a Mercedes. The 19-year-old then allegedly assaulted
the male driver of the Mercedes before running off. Police caught up with the young man
a short time later, arresting him. He was questioned overnight. The 40-year-old driver
of the Mercedes was taken to The Alfred hospital
with minor injuries. A woman travelling in the same car
was also slightly hurt and needed treatment in hospital.

Two thieves in Melbourne
have used a stolen ute to smash their way through
the front doors of a shopping centre in a failed attempt to rob an ATM. The vehicle bowled over the machine before the men jumped out
to steal the cash. But security pictures
show the pair leaving empty-handed. The ute was found burnt out
at a reserve less than an hour later. History was made today at Australia's premier
street machine festival in Canberra, where a new world record was set for
the most cars in a single burnout. Our reporter Mia Greves
was at Summernats.

When you are a political reporter in Canberra, sometimes you wish you had ear plugs. They were essential today when witnessing this burn-out attempt. An official from the Guinness Book of Records said they needed at least 50 cars to break the record and they got it. My greatest concern
about this record was the fact that the cars
were all placed so close together when cars are burning out they do tend to slide sideways. The track itself is not flat
but they did an incredible job and not even one of them slipped.

There were 69 cars. It was the loudest in I have ever heard and add to that the noise of the crowd. The event was sponsored by a The event was sponsored by a -- by the tobacco group, Click. -- Quit. We have a lot of young people
who come to the event and they're the ones
that the anti-tobacco campaign want to talk to, want to get in front of.

The event will go until Sunday. If you are coming down bring a hat because it will be hot. Next in Seven's 4:30 News - the professions where men
are still earning more than women. Also, an emotional return for the children of
Sandy Hook Elementary School. And Dame Helen Mirren
becomes a bona fide Hollywood star.

The gender pay gap
for university graduates has more than doubled
in the last year. The Workplace Gender Equality Agency
found the average starting salary
for males was around $5,000 more
than for females. In 2011,
the difference was around $2,000. They have the same qualifications, the same level of skill
and expertise as one another. Technically, they should be
on a level playing field. The gap is widest for women entering the fields of architecture,
law and dentistry.

Conditions have eased at
beaches in South-East Queensland after ex-Tropical Cyclone Freda
whipped up massive seas. There have been dozens of rescues
on the Gold Coast this week, with holiday-makers and surfers
hit with treacherous conditions. The rescue helicopter has also
been carrying out extra patrols, with some swimmers dragged
outside of the flagged areas. The swell has dropped today, though but lifeguards warn it is still
unpredictable and dangerous. Freda is expected to deteriorate
into a weak low pressure system.

The students of
Sandy Hook Elementary School have returned to class for the first time
since the massacre that killed 20 first-graders
and 6 teachers. The original building
remains a crime scene but their new school
has been transformed to help them feel at home.

There was some anxiety as Newtown school buses
rode through the community but their route
was lined with signs of support as they made their way
to the newly renamed Sandy Hook Elementary School. Students were bussed to
a re-outfitted former middle school in a neighbouring town seven miles
away from their old school. The windows were decorated
by snowflakes, some made by other students
around the country. Security was heavy. We don't want to think
this is a police state. We want them to know that
this is a school and a school first and that it's a place that
they're to come to learn, enjoy their friends and grow up. The kids also found lots of things
that were familiar - all their old desks, chairs,
backpacks and jackets. Watching them get off the bus,
most of the kids were excited. They'd seen friends
they hadn't seen in a while, they were anxious
to get into the hallways and meet up with the other kids and you could see
the teachers had the same response. An emotional time too
for parents like Andrew Paley. The father of 9-year-old twin boys, he spent the morning with them
at school. When I was saying goodbye to them, you could kind of tell
they knew I had to leave but they didn't want me to,
necessarily. But today, the kids got what
they have been asking for - a return to school. They got to see some furry friends - seven therapy dogs from Chicago that
had comforted the community early on spent time at the school today. The families were also reminded that there's a whole community
embracing them. I think we still have a long way
to go and it's a road I'm not sure
any of us know how to walk. But we will -
we'll walk it and we're strong. Dame Helen Mirren
has cemented her place in Hollywood by becoming part of the film world's
Walk of Fame. The actress was already considered
British screen royalty for her performance in 'The Queen'. She says being placed
next to a fellow star fulfils a lifelong dream.

I couldn't be prouder and more happy that I'm actually going to
finally lie next to Colin Firth, something I've been wanting to do
for a very long time. There are nearly 2,500 stars
on Hollywood Boulevard. Next in Seven's 4:30 News we'll get the latest
from the financial markets. Also London Zoo begins
its annual creature count. And Anthony Mundine's
knockout guarantee for world champion Daniel Geale.

of counting every animal
in their care. There are currently more than
17,000 residents at the zoo, representing 767 different species, and every animal
must be accounted for. But some are easier to tally
than others.

You kind of have to follow their behaviour and then when they follow you start counting.

The census takes place every year. The data is used to help protect
endangered species around the world. The ASX 200 has finished the day
down 17 points.

Sport shortly. But, first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6pm, and these are the stories
making headlines. Hello there. Coming up in Sydney's news at 6pm - authorities on high alert as the heatwave gripping large areas
of the country heads for Sydney. Temperatures in the western suburbs
are expected to reach the 40s by Tuesday. Tonight, we'll have
the latest warnings for dangerous conditions
at the beach and for bushfires. A man is fighting for life
in a Sydney hospital after suffering severe burns
in an explosion at Ryde. Tonight, the investigation into
whether the home was a drug lab. Residents at Lethbridge Park,
near Mount Druitt, have been given the all-clear following fears
gas cylinders would explode. We'll have details of the attack on a tradesman
that triggered the emergency. Car buyers have set a new record
snapping up new vehicles, but it's bad news
for one of our home-grown products. And we'll show you another record
that's been set by drivers - it's one none of us should be trying
on a public road. I'll have those stories and more
in Sydney's Seven News at 6pm, but now here's Matt Carmichael
with the day's sport news.

Good afternoon. Dave Warner and Phil Hughes
have missed out on centuries against Sri Lanka at the SCG. Ed Cowan ran himself out for 4
early on day 2 of the third test. Warner flew to 85 from 84 balls
before throwing his innings away. Hughes batted beautifully
until he was caught behind for 87. (CHEERING)

Mike Hussey entered
through a guard of honour. He was run out for 25
in his final test but is likely to bat again
in the second innings because Australia was 5/271 when Michael Clarke
was out slogging on 50.

Brisbane Heat's 24-run win
over the Melbourne Stars included a mid-pitch skirmish almost resulted in Dan Christian
and Clint McKay coming to blows. COMMENTATOR: Tell you what, I wouldn't be having a crack at
Dan Christian - he's a leaguie from way back,
isn't he? Back from his UK holiday,
Shane Warne had a shocker, highlighted by an embarrassing
fielding mix-up with Luke Wright.

Sam Stosur will face
China's Zheng Jie in the opening round
of next week's Sydney International. In Melbourne, Maria Sharapova showed no sign
of her collarbone injury at training today. Marcos Baghdatis is through
to the Brisbane International semis, beating Gilles Simon 6-3, 6-4. At the Hopman Cup, Bernard Tomic backed up
his win over Novak Djokovic with a straight sets victory against
Italy's Andreas Seppi last night. 16-year-old Ash Barty then claimed
the biggest win of her career, thrashing former French Open
champion Francesca Schiavone.

Tonight, it's world number one
Victoria Azarenka versus Serena Williams in Brisbane. It's live on 7TWO from 8pm,
Eastern Daylight Saving Time. 16-year-old defender Aaron Calver is set to start in Sydney FC's
clash with Perth Glory tomorrow night. Alessandro Del Piero's back, easing an injury crisis
for the last-placed Sky Blues. You can't make excuses you've gotta
deal with the situation you've got. And the future of controversy-prone
Manchester City striker, Mario Balotelli, is in doubt following an explosive training
ground bust-up with manager, Roberto Mancini. Anthony Mundine has guaranteed a
knockout victory over Daniel Geale 26 days before their IBF Middleweight world title
showdown in Sydney. The man says he has nothing to prove
to his critics. I'm the best ever now - the best ever athlete
Australia has produced, right now. Mundine ended his
Brisbane training camp with a punishing
8-round sparring session.

The man can speak.

After the break, we'll get the national
weather forecast with Giaan Rooney.

Daddy, you should buy Dulux.
Why? Wash & Wear is the only paint
that utilises barrier technology. Really? (GIGGLES) VOICEOVER: Buy eight litres of
Dulux Wash & Wear or Weathershield and we'll give you
a free can of jelly beans.

Good afternoon. Giaan Rooney
with your weather update. It's been a sweltering day
for much of the country. Right now in Melbourne,
it's still a scorching 40 degrees. but that's not expected to hit
until later tonight. Temperatures in Adelaide soared
to 44.5 degrees today. It's dropped back only slightly, but a cool change is beginning
to move through parts of the state, while Sydney enjoyed
a beautiful summer's day. Right now it's 25. On the satellite - a broad trough over WA has been
directing very hot northerlies into South Australia,
Victoria and Tasmania. A weak trough will cross southern
parts of the country tomorrow, bringing a slightly cooler day. A high will also bring some showers
to the Queensland coast. Around the country
tomorrow - a possible shower
in Brisbane. Sydney will be sunny. Sunny and hot
for Canberra. A much cooler day
in Melbourne.

The chance of a storm
developing in Perth. And Darwin can expect
an afternoon shower. That's the latest weather.
More at 6pm, Rob. Thanks, Giaan. That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Robert Ovadia.
Have a good night. Supertext captions by
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