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(generated from captions) northerly winds. We are expecting above 40 degree temperatures across an enormous part of the country tomorrow. That includes most of South Australia and Victoria.

The heat will peak in Melbourne and Adelaide.

The heat will peak in Melbourne and
Adelaide. More sunshine in Sydney tomorrow. A warm one in our west.

The heatwave will creep into Sydney on Tuesday. Sea breezes will make it bearable. Western suburbs will not be quite so lucky. Only chance of a shower is on Monday. Nothing but sunshine at the SCG.

of a shower is on Monday. Nothing
but sunshine at the SCG. A does not get much better than that. That's all for this Thursday. Thank you for being with us. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media -

Tonight ... Snowy Hydro' s CEO on Quean
potential rescue shake-up Will looming
Queanbeyan voters dictate the And:
looming federal election result? th
And: a not-so-quiet cruise through Danielle
the city. Good evening, I' m overhaul
Danielle Post. A recommended wo
overhaul of the aeromedical sector won' t impact the Snowy Hydro rescu chopper - according to its CEO. Th has
New South Wales State Government predicting
has been handed a review - dema
predicting a massive increase in
demand and suggestions for reform. Twenty four hours a day, seven day choppe
a week - the SouthCare Rescue rea
chopper sits at its Canberra base ready for deployment. "We' re jus So
a small part here in Canberra and acr
Southern NSW of the grand network across NSW." An independent revie major
by Ernst & Young has suggested bas
major changes to the sector. Some milli
bases could be shut down, a $50 i
million ' mega-base' could be built cea
in Sydney and winching operations r
ceased at certain locations. "The helicopte
review says one of the main Canberra
helicopter locations will be
Canberra because of its geographica Ca
location and its proximity to The care
Canberra Hospital and specialist patie
care that a lot of these trauma S
patients need." Owen Finegan says le
SouthCare' s independence, and its g
level of community funding, all but service.
guarantees the future of the comin
service. He knew the review was
coming - and he' s not worried abou the outcome. "The majority of th t
stakeholders will remain the same, l
the operator might change but they' doctor
ll still use Canberra Hospital par
doctors and ACT Ambulance Service happ
paramedics." Others aren' t so happy. The State Opposition believe the
response times will increase and the move is all about saving money. golde
"Trauma care is all about the the
golden hour, the first hour after sig
the accident, this change has the res
significant potential to slow the wi
response to major trauma what that p
will mean is patients lives will be r
put at risk." The government will on
release its response to the review clo
once the formal submission period closes next month.

The man allegedly responsible for fiery crash late yesterday has bee th
arrested and charged.Police claim s
the nineteen year old was driving a slammed
stolen Ford Territory when he critically
slammed into another car - c
critically injuring the driver. The impac
commodore caught fire after the extingui
impact - ACT Fire and Rescue extinguished the blaze and removed transporte
the trapped victim. He was transported to The Canberra Hospita stable
- he remains in a serious but Nati
stable condition. The Australian doub
National University has close to st
doubled its early offers for local e
students. It' s part of a concerted studyin
effort to get more Canberrans
studying at the uni. In just a fe walkway
weeks - these now unfamiliar hom
walkways, will begin to feel like home. Joss Kirk and Natalia Beghin N
two new additions to the Australia stud
National University. About 500 st
students in the ACT and about 1000 to
students nationally have found out
today they' ve got offers to come t Offic
the ANU in this coming year. Official entry into university - ha relief
left some breathing a sigh of wh
relief. I don' t envy my friends who are still waiting for main roun e
offers I' m pretty happy to get an Nationa
early offer. The Australian ear
National University has opted for early entry, for the past two years ex
Last year it was for courses with
extra criteria - this year, it' s t t
give local students an opportunity th
to know where they' ll be spending c
the next few years. We' ve made a to
conscious decision as a university round
to make better use of the early rounds of the UAC because we' ve go hav
a terrific group of students who we'
have said very clearly to us that wher
we' re their first preference of where they want to come and study. ne
To be given this offer - students top
needed to select the ANU as their outst
top institution. They also need
outstanding marks - making them som leave
of the Territory' s top school Bach
leavers. I' ve applied for the Internat
Bachelor of Arts, Masters of International Affairs, so it' s lik vert
a double degree except they' re or
vertically stacked so in my second de
or 3rd year I' ll start my masters might
degree faster than other people stu
might. +w If you go overseas to and
study for prestige, ANU has that, research
and if you' re looking for a we
research facility, ANU has that as release
well. Main round offers are released on January sixteen.

The Summernats car festival was of thi
to a roaring start today. Around stre
thirty thousand people lined the u
streets to watch hundreds of hotted Ca
up cars cruise through the city. Cars old and new, big and small, AN loud. Cruising down Canberra' twenty-six
main drag to kick off the festival.
twenty-sixth Summernats Car festival. In a first this year, car street-
that are too hotted up to be a
street-legal - were allowed to make ab
a special appearance. We' ve got basicall
about 20 or 25 cars that are unr
basically under what' s called an tha
unregistered vehicle permit. Cars
that have got the sort of big block or engines that are overly noisy the
that you can' t normally drive on p
the road . Around thirty thousand w
people came to watch. Just to see what' s out there, what people do t yeah,
their cars, get some ideas and car
yeah, see what I can do to my own li
car. I' ve never seen anything exciting,
like it. Yeah, it' s pretty yeah.
exciting, yeah, beautiful cars, c
yeah. +w Mate the atmosphere, the fu
cars, the smell of the alcohol the Pa
fuel I meant. Back at Exhibition pump
Park, the atmosphere was already ca
pumping. Car noise +y Car lovers enterta
can expect a solid weekend of Hil
entertainment, with hip hop group Rose
Hilltop Hoods and Aussie rockers elev
Rose Tattoo. Tomorrow morning at G
eleven, seventy cars will attempt a
Guinness world record of the bigges r
mass burnout. police are warning They
revellers not to drink too much. ho
They also won' t be tolerating any they'
hooning around ACT streets, and th
they' ll be keeping a close eye on immediate
the forty k zone around the working
immediate area. We' ll be wil
working closely with security. We and
will have police inside the event o
and that' s to support the security alread
operation that Summernats have Today
already got operating inside. fro
Today - officers weren' t too far car
from the action. They' ve warned, seized.
cars driven illegally will be seized.

Next on WIN News ... The Paris o
underworld - nets tens of thousands cou
of tourists And, ... Queanbeyan - the
could it be the city that decides the federal election? This program is not captioned. Fe
the federal election? This year' s
Federal Election is shaping up to b perso
one of the most aggressive and Eden
personal in history. The seat of Gove
Eden-Monaro has been held by the f
Government of the day for more than battlegr
forty years, making it a key has
battleground. WIN' s Luke Dufficy candidat
has spoken with the two main expe
candidates about what voters can t
expect during the campaign. It' s pr
the bellwether seat - the ultimate al
prize in Federal Politics. It' s Austra
almost like a microcosm of the
Australian electorate. The issues o r
concern in Eden- Monaro tend to be i
reflective of the issues of concern Eden-Mon
in the broader electorate. thou
Eden-Monaro covers around thirty stretchin
thousand square kilometres, stretching from the ACT to Victoria South
border, all the way to the New
South Wales south coast. Former arm Colonel Mike Kelly won the seat fo vot
Labor in 2007, and increased his c
vote in 2010. This year he' s being Peter
challenged by Liberal candidate Au
Peter Hendy, the former CEO of the It'
Australian Chamber of Commerce. other
It' s not just good criticising y
other people, other politicians, if you
you' ve got a criticism have a go yourself. Mr Hendy says he' ll be
campaigning to get a better deal fo road
families. Childcare, health and on
roads are priorities, but there' s reduce
one standout. Our plan is to t
reduce the cost of living pressures through abolishing the carbon tax. th
That worries Mike Kelly, who says green
the Government' s investment in green technology has been one of th Real
driving forces in the region. unemplo
Really when you look at where unemployment was in 2007 and look a reg
it now, you know 2.8% across the what
region. I' m very, very proud of l
what we' ve achieved together. In Kell
last year' s leadership spill Dr
Kelly publicly expressed frustratio whethe
with politics, and questioned som
whether he' d remain an MP. After to
some soul searching, he' s decided day
to run again. At the end of the t
day when you analyse all the things electi
that are at stake in this 2013 motivati
election, that' s powerfully resp
motivating. +w Both men say they prom
respect their opponent, and have
promised a clean campaign. They jus other.
have one main issue with each other. Most importantly of course he completely supports Tony Abbott vi
His problem, from my point of view his he supports Julia Gillard. cam
Experts say the majority of the Queanbeya
campaign will be focused on elect
Queanbeyan, the largest city in s
electorate. Peter Hendy will need a clai
swing of around five per cent to c
claim the seat, meaning preferences candi
could be crucial. You' ll get little
candidates from a lot of those v
little regional areas who will draw
votes from their local areas becaus wel
they' re a local councillor or a distric
well known person within that district.

The Federal Government claims its legislation
plain cigarette packaging Minist
legislation is working. Health smokers
Minister Tanya Plibersek says gr
smokers are trying to cover up the complai
graphic images, and some have c
complained the taste of tobacco has expect
changed. She says while it was yo
expected the packaging would deter habit
young people from taking up the worki
habit - there is evidence it' s A
working on older, existing smokers.
Another round of anti-smoking ads i comi
expected to hit the airwaves in childcare
coming weeks. A school, a facilities
childcare centre and extra Murrumb
facilities could be coming to mast
Murrumbateman - as part of a new master plan for the town. Council i w
putting together the draft - which la
will go up for public consultation obviousl
later this month. there' s comm
obviously been a request for the t
community for a primary school, out d
there, I think there' s interest in j
day care facilities, parks, gardens generally.
just additional facilities lob
generally. Council says it will State
lobby for funding from both the b
State and Federal Governments - and exp
believes it' s timely as the town is
experiences growth. Certainly it
is a possibility it will get down t man
funding and who is interested in
managing facilities and setting the mad
up. Thousands of people have Galler
made their way to the National Gallery of Australia - for the firs "To
weeks of the summer blockbuster. Moul
"Toulouse-Lautrec, Paris and the a
Moulin Rouge" has drawn crowds from world
all of the country and even the t
world. Playing dress ups - taking nineteenth
today' s children, back to al
nineteenth century Paris. I like dan
all the different, all the ballet
dancers and all the different thing Nata
in Paris. Mikaela and her mum thousan
Natalie are two of thirty-six visit
thousand people who have made a t
visit, to the National Gallery over the past two weeks. I thought I' Toulouse-La
educate Mikaela a bit in int
Toulouse-Lautrec, she' s actually thoug
interested in dancing so I just exposur
thought this is a really good hi
exposure for her about art and the the
history of it. Boxing day and ve
the days after that last week were d
very busy with up to 3,000 people a sta
day coming through and now we' re visit
starting to see a resurgence in T
visitation after New Year' s Eve. i
The majority so far, have come from -
interstate. These well known pieces - receiving rave reviews. I think wonderful
it' s wonderful, absolutely go
wonderful, love the posters, it' s
got it all absolutely glorious old
love these posters, you know the t
older posters, that I' ve seen over w
the years, that' s what I associate ticket
with Toulouse-Lautrec. Timed ticketing is proving to be a succes pe
once again. Two hundred and fifty sessio
people are able to head into a session at any one time - organiser viewin
say fewer numbers give better as
viewing opportunities. This year ti
as opposed to previous years where Toulous
ticketing was on the hour for
Toulouse-Lautrec ticketing is on th the
half hour so that actually means en
there' s even less waiting time to Toulouse-Lautr
enter the exhibition Mouli
Toulouse-Lautrec, Paris and the Moulin Rouge, runs until April two.

Gemma with sport is next and the D
Cavalry about to take on Perth. Yes Narr
Danielle, we get the latest from break.
Narrabundah Ballpark after the
break. Plus Grand Final hopes on th line as the Meteors take on WA.

line as the Meteors take on WA. Th s
Canberra Cavalry are just about to se
step onto the field for their home bo
series against the Perth Heat. The top
boys can extend their lead at the vi
top of the ABL ladder with another N
victory. WIN' s Luke Dufficy was at ago
Narrabundah Ballpark a short time Well
ago. clock.- - LUKE DUFFICY: sta
Well it' s another crucial series o
starting here tonight. Perth coming second
over to Canberra, first versus Ge
second. I' m joined by the Cavalry f
General Manager Thom Carter. Thanks
for joining us Thom. Firtly, how ar rec
the boys? THOM CARTER: Have they t
recovered from their series over in spiri
the West? Yep, they' re in good spirits, they' re feeling great. Go acros
a day off and travel was tough doing
across the country but they' re refreshe
doing well, they' re feeling DUFFI
refreshed and ready to go. LUKE in
DUFFICY: You' ve got a new pitcher pl
in the squad. Will Brodie Downs be sur
playing tonight? THOM CARTER: Not He
sure if he' ll be playing tonight. s
He' ll be coming out of the bullpen Colli
so it' s all about what Michael n
Collins our head coach needs. If we bullpe
need a right hander out of the
bullpen at that time we think he' l goo
go with Brodie. But Brodie looks re
good this week in training and we' offer
re excited about what he has to finally
offer. +w LUKE DUFFICY: And
finally, obviously looking for a bi importa
home crowd here tonight. How as
important is it to keep this place as a fortress? THOM CARTER: You tal t
to all the baseball players around visito
the country, those who come as visitors and our team here, this is i
the best crowd, the best atmosphere thrive
in the country and the players b
thrive off that. Our guys will play trea
better because of how this crowd crowd
treats them. So if we get great and
crowds here tonight, for Thursday co
and Friday and Saturday and people
come out here and just give basebal someth
a shot they' re going to find are
something special and the players her
are going to play even better out here. LUKE DUFFICY: Thom, thanks fo t
joining us, good luck tonight. All Narrabund
the action underway here at clock.
Narrabundah ballpark from 7 o' clock.

Lauren Jackson is still no closer t
to finding out when she' ll be able
to return to the court. The Capital si
star has been plagued by injuries Pretty
since returning to Canberra. Pretty much at the AIS rehabing and sti
trying to get it right. Obviously cour
still trying to get out there on th
court but at this time it' s still the same. In some brighter news, on
the Caps have today unveiled their they'
one-off Centenary jersey, which they' ll wear tomorrow night agains spo
Dandenong. All Canberra' s major celebrations
sporting teams will mark I
celebrations with special strips. t
It' s very exciting that we' re the team that gets to kick it off and I bein
think just being in Canberra and co
being a part of it with the people o
coming in their yellow uniforms and outfits. It' s going to be awesome. gran
I' m very excited. Twenty 20 line
grand final hopes will be on the line tomorrow, when the ACT Meteors Canber
take on Western Australia. The pla
Canberra side is sitting in third the
place and if they win, will be in decide
the box seat for a spot in the to
decider. Their season comes down Meteo
to the next three days, and the p
Meteors coach is confident his team we
primed. I' ve got a nice feeling And
we' re ready to take them down. t
Andrew Dawson was disappointed with los
the last performance - a four run been
loss to Queensland. It' s more pro
been about some mental errors, we und
probably fell short in some areas ve
under pressure. Since then they' b
ve had two weeks off, and have come definite
back ready to fire. We' re definitely refreshed, we had a good
break recently and in early Decembe refr
we had the bye so we' re really a
refreshed and keen to get out there Meteor
against WA this weekend. The thre
Meteors will take on the Fury in Frid
three games, two Twenty 20' s on
Friday and Sunday and a One Dayer o Saturday. In the shorter format th wi
ACT is equal with Victoria on six wins apiece. This weekend the Spiri Wal
take on ladder leaders New South Bl
Wales. NSW are basically the All Blacks of women' s cricket. If, a two
expected, the Breakers win their two games, the Meteors need just on T
victory to qualify for their first against
T20 final.That won' t be easy v
against a strong WA outfit. They' B
ve got a few good players in Nicole runs
Bolton has been scoring a lot of Wa
runs for them especially and Jenny play
Wallace is on of their dangerous playe
players up the order. Resting may
players in Satuday' s dead rubber re
may be considered, to ensure they'
re fresh on Sunday. It' s probabl an assessment on the day. Obviousl fairly
the weather' s supposed to be but
fairly hot over the next few days tha
but I guess I' m not looking into
that until we make that assessment.

Meanwhile, it was a tough day for Cri
batting at the Australian Country
Cricket Championships in Queensland condit
The tournament began in windy morning
conditions at Bunderberg this Wa
morning, the ACT meeting New South dis
Wales in Game One. The Blues were batsme
dismissed for just 153. Only 4 re
batsmen reached double figures. In reply the Territory is struggling. T
short time ago they were 6 for 72. The game continues tomorrow. Now fo s
this week' s fishing report, here'
s WIN' s Rob Paxevanos. One way t fee
get some good action and a great t
feed is to hit the ocean and target b
the headlands looking for the tasty good
bonito. Bonito can be found on a and
good number south coast headlands of
and islands at the moment. Schools a
of baitfish and a northerly current co
are good signs, but it really just differe
comes down to trying on a few
different spots on the day to see i Trol
they are there and on the chew. scho
Trolling is a good way to locate a
schools fast, and then you can stop als
and cast at the hot spots. Yakkas b
also make great bait for the bigger La
bonito which can be up to 4 kilos. wait
Land based anglers might have to mov
wait a bit longer for a school to no
move in, but when it does the bite normally lasts a bit longer, and ca sp
be aided by a little burley. Good
spots include Bass Point, 5 Islands Isl
Big Beecroft, Kiola, Grasshopper Mo
Island, Wasp Island, Pretty Point, just
Montague, Mowarry and Green Cape are
just to name a few. If the Bonito o
aren' t there, a few salmon and the c
occasional tailor might make a good b
consolation prize. Dawn and dusk is best, especially this weekend as it coincides with a rising tide.

That' s it for sport today to
Danielle. Canberra climbing closer forecas
to 40 degrees. I' ll have the forecast in just a moment. HUMMING SOUND HUMMING SOUND GETS LOUDER CRUNCH! Maltesers. The lighter way
to enjoy chocolate. (Giggles)

This program is not captioned.

forecast in just a moment. Those ho temperatures continued right aroun thir
the region today, It climbed to thirty-two in Canberra, after a coo it
night, twelve degrees. Right now, tw
it' s fine outside, and sitting on twenty-nine. Taking a look around,O twenty-eig
the Tablelands, Twelve to Que
twenty-eight in Goulburn Yass and Sun
Queanbeyan both topped thirty-two Sunny, and twenty-eight in Braidwoo Fourte
A little cooler on the coast, few
Fourteen to twenty-six in Nowra A The
few less in Ulladulla, twenty-two overni
The Bay, twenty-four Bega, ten to
overnight, climbing to twenty-nine thi
today Hot on the Mountains,Six to
thirty-one in Cooma Dropping to fou twent
overnight in Perisher, topping twenty-nin
twenty-four today Seven to the
twenty-nine in Bombala Looking at formi
the satellite map, Low cloud is N
forming over the northeast coast of lig
New South Wales, leading to a few light showers. and on the chart, It
s mostly clear across the remainde under
of New South Wales and the ACT Mo
under a broad high pressure ridge. thi
Moving on to tomorrow, Fifteen to thirty-three in Bega Moruya Heads i U
expecting twenty-seven One less in aiming
Ulladulla, twenty-six Nowra is aiming for a top of thirty-two Sunn thirty-
on the Tablelands, Eleven to a
thirty-four in Braidwood Queanbeyan t
and Yass should both get to tops of thirty-five
thirty- seven Fourteen to
thirty-five in Goulburn Certainly n to
snowy conditions on the Mountains Bombala,Eleve
tomorrow, Thirty-six in Thre
Bombala,Eleven to twenty-four in Thredbo Cooma is expecting a high o overnight
thirty-five after thirteen overnight. And in Canberra tomorrow a
the mercury' s rising, climbing to UV
a top of thirty-seven degrees. The UV index will be thirteen, and wind h
will be light. Looking ahead, Even cool
hotter on Saturday, thirty-nine, Mond
cooling down a bit on Sunday and ag
Monday, thirty-three, but climbing WIN
again on Tuesday. And that' s the Night
WIN News hour for this Thursday
Night. We leave you with some of th news highlights from the past thre Post.....thank
months. I' m Danielle Goo
Post.....thanks for your company. Good night.

following us on Facebook and
Twitterment stay cool. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media - Live


Live liveHello, I'm Cameron Williams. Welcome to Care A Current Affair. First up A Current Affair. First up has landed Australia's famous meter maids in hot water. The Gold Coast beauties have swapped their bikinis for sexy cop uniforms and offer roadside breath tests, all for a fee of course.

uniforms and offer roadside breath
tests, all for a fee of course. What are you girls up to tonight? Working.What are you doing?What a great way to deliver a responsible message. Jue don't look like the normal meter maid girls.The Gold Coast's world famous meter maids have had a make-over.What is your sort of role tonight?I can't