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(generated from captions) stayed down, but you can expect the conditions to be a little bit better tomorrow. Jayawardene has not been at his best against the Australians. I thought we saw quinces today. A lot of the early scoring was in boundaries. Those great authority at the crease and great scoring.He made the most of the life of. It was disappointing. He was at that stage starting to play very well. There is the bowling. Bird the pig. -- peak.

play very well. There is the
bowling. Bird the pig. -- peak.Day one of the Test match complete. It is a day we remembered Tony Greig in celebrated his life. A colleague, father and a cricketer we will sorely miss. We will see you tomorrow. Look forward your company at 10am.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media This programme is captioned live.

Tonight - shoulder to shoulder. The SCG falls silent in a tribute to Tony Greg. -- Tony Greig. The sharp alarms go off in Manly. The Bankstown family claiming they were the victims of police brutality. A man and his grandson's rescued from the mountains. -- grandson's. And lucky to be alive - the driver who survived this crash. Good evening. He was always larger than life. Today, the memory of Tony Greig filled the SCG and the hearts of cricket fans everywhere. His family and commentators should shoulder to shoulder in tribute to the man whose voice was, for many, the sound of summer. Sometimes silence can say it all. It certainly spoke volumes today as Tony Greig's family, cricketers, commentators and tens of thousands of supporters stood for a minute in salute to the man we lost just a few days ago. It was moving and it was history. Everyone wanted to be part of it.We bought a poster.He always put the key in the pitch. The symbolism was everywhere. From one of his signature hats to be collected by his son.His son's sporting the hat that made him famous.To the Australian captain wearing a neckerchief.I thought it would be the least I could do.He will keep it on for the entire Test. The family was invited on to the ground by both captains. A deeply moving gesture. The tears were inevitable. And completely understandable. The family stayed for the national anthems.Thank you everyone. Really appreciated.And then moved into the stands, where it was definitely a big hat day. Many joined the players in wearing black armbands.Everyone is wearing his hats.We grew up watching him commentate cricket.He was the time and place for a special moments.It was the first cricket match I ever went to. We were so blows to find each other. We were blessed with a good, strong man inch. He was very talented. It was such a privilege to be his wife in every way. I just need imminent.As for today: I think he would be completely overwhelmed by the support and the tributes.He would be very humbled and emotional. He would be surprised, to a certain extent. Most of all and perhaps best of all, the final tribute was the match itself. After all, the game was his life, his lover and he lifted to the fore. Thousands of beached jurors were sent running by a fresh so exciting. This time it was at family. -- by a fresh shark sighting. Has it been declared safe yet?There are still signs on the beach warning people to take care, particularly as dusk approaches. This afternoon, two shark alarms rang out within an hour aura of each other. Thousands of people were scrambling out of the sea. Lifeguards think it was actually the same shark cruising up and down the shoreline.I just saw this shape in the water. I was terrified.This is the second major shark sighting this year. Following that terrible scare at Bondi Beach on the estate. Sharks are not the only danger. There are health warnings and bush fire risks as extreme temperatures head away. As fire crews checked the blackened bush land for flare-ups, this small community in the Hunter Valley was reflecting on how close it came to disaster.All that was running through my mind was black Saturday. Is this going to be Black Wednesday?This was yesterday afternoon. 40 homes under threat after a small blaze quickly became a raging inferno.He could see the embers and everything.A change in wind was all it took. It is a worry for those sweltering in 40 degree heat. It is all thanks to a mass of hot air that has been building in Western Australia.It if Perth its hottest December week on record. Through South Australia across the Victorian border and into New South Wales. It triggered temperatures as high as 40 degrees. Right now, a large bush fire is burning north- east of Hobart. Threatening the township of Richmond. Aircraft and fire trucks are ready to lend a hand.We will have resources strategically located. Particularly specialist aircraft. Also firefighters on standby.That extreme heat well he does on Tuesday. It will push temperatures into the mid-30s. Worryingly, if these gusty winds continue, Sydney could be facing the perfect firestorm. A man has been severely burned in a large explosion at Hebersham in western Sydney. When fire crews arrived a garage housing motorcycles, fuel containers and a boat was completely engulfed in flames. A 45-year-old man was taken to hospital with burns to his back, head and legs. A Bankstown family accused of assaulting police today claimed that they were the victims of brutality. Released on bail, they showed off photos that they say are proof of rough handling by police. Hidden behind the court papers, a father and daughter free from jail. The 18-year-old face scarred by a brutal confrontation. Her triplet brothers emerged. They're adamant the family has been robbed.They hit my mother.They say that these photos show their side of the story. The mother has got a black eye. She is not coping.Today feel hard done by?Of course they do.But officers tell a very different tale. A statement of facts from police alleges that during the chaos, the family through at least nine punches. Officers were bitten, Kate, choked and pushed to the ground. Police also claimed they tried three times to Taser the accused. Other weapons failed to fire. One constable allegedly feeling that lives were at risk to her pistol. All but one were released today. The prosecutor argued that she has already been given two good behaviour bonds. One for resisting police. He also revealed that he had breached his bell five times.A domestic disturbance attendance by the police has turned into a very sad day for both parties. A diabetic grandfather and his two young grandson's have been taken to safety after a bush walking adventure went wrong. He spent a cold night in the mountain so without a vital supply of insulin. First to be Paul Dart, nine-year- old Josh Andrews. Delicately lifted from the Forest 4. Next his brother. 12 years old. Bravely hanging on. Finally, there 64-year-old grandfather makes the vertical journey to safety. For the boys it was a bit more than they expected from their first big adventure. It was their first trip into the bush. They even had new backpacks. How are you feeling?A lot better now. Scary Night?No. It was all right. They had been trying to get to the spot George had been before, but took a wrong turn.A Words cannot say how relieved we are. Have the boy has been reunited with their family?They have. Just in the past ten minutes, they had spent the past 24 hours in a spin. They got to have their first embrace with the boys. All three are in good health. That includes the grandfather, who is a diabetic who had been without incident.A good outcome. The family of an Australian woman found dead in a swimming pool in Bali has ruled out foul play. They say that Denni North's death was a tragic accident. They want to bring her body home. Anxious and emotional. Denni North's family walking to a Balinese police station searching for answers. They were led upstairs, accompanied by her boss from the Cocoon Beach Club, where she worked as a PR consultant and hostess. After almost two hours inside, they left, telling police they do not want an autopsy.They are devastated by what has happened. The villa where she lived and died is now sealed off. Police are testing drugs found by the water. But the family do not plead her death is suspicious.It is an accident..She was with three women denied she died. Police have spoken to two, but have not located the Brazilian woman who found her unconscious. A question for police is white candle most two days for them to be informed. Of the investigation continues, her family has focused on bringing a woman who loved travelling home for the final time. The luckiest man alive, that is how paramedics have described the driver who survived a frightening chain of events on Pennant Hills Road this morning. His truck rolled and speared into a light pole, coming to rest on the forecourt of a busy petrol station. It could have easily been a full- scale disaster. Peak-hour traffic, a semi- trailer within metres of a petrol bowser, 100 bales of wool and one very lucky driver.A miraculous escape from a significant accident.He this is what Ronnie Walker escaped from. A light pull straight through the middle of his cabin. Right next to his seat. Amazingly, he walked away with a broken arm, a broken nose and a fractured eye socket.Today he would be deemed luckiest man alive.Here it is not known what the accent was caused by him, but it happened at that intersection and it slipped on its side. That poll had not been there, it would have gone through the service station.It could have been catastrophic.A lengthy clean-up meant it was more than five hours before southbound traffic flowed freely. An inconvenience for many. But the driver must be counting his blessings. Not all things cute are tiny. A rubber duck, 15 metres high and wide, put a smile on faces early today as it was nudged into Cockle Bay. Pyrmont Bridge had to be opened up so the super-sized inflatable could squeeze in. The big bird, hatched by a Dutch artist, is a star of the Sydney Festival. In the news ahead a boy and half a dozen firefighters versus a vending machine. The spinal patient who won Olympic gold. And every inch the princess - Mary the star of a royal gala.

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A boy got more than he bargained for while playing at a Merrylands shopping centre. The 9-year-old put his arm inside a vending machine to try to retrieve a toy, but became stuck. Emergency services took more than an hour to free the boy. He was a little sore, but grateful to get the toy he was after. Olympic gold medal sale at Nathan Outteridge today returned to his other place of Tramp - Sidney Prince of Wales Hospital. He had to learn to walk again after a car accident in 2005. He is found giving vital encouragement to others. They say that life can turn on a dime, Andrew Nathan Outteridge, getting an Olympic gold medal was inconceivable seven years ago. Today he showed off his achievement to spinal patients at the Prince of Wales Hospital. It is the same place he recovered from a broken back in 2005, after falling asleep at the wheel.I was told I would never walk again. I had to go through a nine-hour operation. After months of intense rehabilitation, he was back on his feet and back on a boat to Olympic glory.It is an inspiring story.He is a lovely fellow.About 12,000 Australians are living with a spinal cord injury. The majority of cases are a result of traffic accidents, false and water-based activities. New South Wales, about 19% of fatal car crashes are linked to driver fatigue. Nathan Outteridge knows he is a lucky man. I never do long distances by myself. Later this year he will compete in the America's Cup before focusing on Rio. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been discharged from hospital in New York, where she has been treated for a rare blood clot near her brain. Husband Bill and daughter Chelsea were on hand to take her home. Doctors are confident the 65-year-old will make a full recovery. And Princess Mary has put on her finery for a royal ball in Copenhagen. The mother of four dazzled in an orange gown, worn with a ruby and diamond tiara. The gala dinner is part of a centuries- old Danish tradition to welcome in the New Year. Sport is next with Tim Gilbert. Michael Hussey has enjoyed the first day of his final test, all the highlights from the SCG next. And from zero to hero, Bernard Tomic stuns the world number one. He and whim of the heatwave hit us and This program is not captioned.

Australia has not had everything its own way on an emotion-charged day at the SCG. The Sri Lankans put up a fair fight.The Sri Lankans really struggled to put a team together for this Test. Given the injury crisis, 294 is a solid total. It has been an emotional day for the Australians, but they are on top. In his last Test, Mike Hussey led the Australians on to the sand in against a four-pronged pace attack, the Sri Lankans showed some fight. But Mr cricket soon had a farewell gift. An edgy start from Jayawardene, but the reflexes were not quick enough. After a promising start, Dilshan became the second victim. Next ball, he thought he had another. But the Sri Lankans successfully challenged, and Bristol two down at lunch. Johnson tried to inflict more pain and the visitors. Jail were deemed past 50 and gave it back to the Aussies. -- Jayawardene. Until Mitchell Starc, combined with his captain, ended the knock on 72. A frustrated Peter Siddle finally relieved when he broke through the 14th.

On 91 and set to become the second century-maker of the series, brilliantly caught by Warner. His departure exposed a long Sri Lankan tail. The stray aliens begin their first innings tomorrow. -- the Australians. An embarrassing start to the new year for New Zealand. Just 45 runs in their first Test against South Africa. They were all out in the 20th over. Her lowest score in Test cricket since 1955. Bernard Tomic says he is in the right form and frame of mind to win a Grand Slam after defeating Novak Djokovic in straight sets. Lleyton Hewitt has crashed out of the Brisbane International. Lleyton Hewitt is moving freely since doctors fused one of his toe joints. He had to be quick on his feet. Coached by his mother, his opponent has risen to number 43. Lleyton Hewitt is happy with his fitness, but the confidence took a body blow in Brisbane. Bernard Tomic has started 2013 with a win over world number one Novak Djokovic. And a well deserved standing ovation at the Hopman Cup. Full credit to myself the way I have been practising last week. I could not have played a better match.He was heckled by a supporter, and he invited him to put his money where his mouth was. Sam Stosur continues to practice sessions in Sydney, keen to arrest her struggles on the chords of home. Caroline Wozniacki is also in town. Plenty happening. Another day of Test cricket at the SCG. Next up is all the weather. That extraordinary heatwave sweeping the south-east will impact Sydney. WIN
parade. Details tonight,. Next on im
WIN News... Will a rescue shake-up helicopter?Court
impact the Southcare o
helicopter?Court for a man, accused fleeing
of crashing a stolen car then of
fleeing. And, The colour and grunt c
of Summernats, parading through the nex
city. Join me for all the details nex

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Much of the country is feeling the effects of this heatwave. Total fire Benz are in place across the south-east. Victoria has not seen such severe heeds since the Black Saturday fires.

A trough is moving across southern Australia. It is generating hot northerly winds. We are expecting above 40 degree temperatures across an enormous part of the country tomorrow. That includes most of South Australia and Victoria.

The heat will peak in Melbourne and Adelaide.

The heat will peak in Melbourne and
Adelaide. More sunshine in Sydney tomorrow. A warm one in our west.

The heatwave will creep into Sydney on Tuesday. Sea breezes will make it bearable. Western suburbs will not be quite so lucky. Only chance of a shower is on Monday. Nothing but sunshine at the SCG.

of a shower is on Monday. Nothing
but sunshine at the SCG. A does not get much better than that. That's all for this Thursday. Thank you for being with us. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media -

Tonight ... Snowy Hydro' s CEO on Quean
potential rescue shake-up Will looming
Queanbeyan voters dictate the And:
looming federal election result? th
And: a not-so-quiet cruise through Danielle
the city. Good evening, I' m overhaul
Danielle Post. A recommended wo
overhaul of the aeromedical sector won' t impact the Snowy Hydro rescu chopper - according to its CEO. Th has
New South Wales State Government predicting
has been handed a review - dema
predicting a massive increase in
demand and suggestions for reform. Twenty four hours a day, seven day choppe
a week - the SouthCare Rescue rea
chopper sits at its Canberra base ready for deployment. "We' re jus So
a small part here in Canberra and acr
Southern NSW of the grand network across NSW." An independent revie major
by Ernst & Young has suggested bas
major changes to the sector. Some milli
bases could be shut down, a $50 i
million ' mega-base' could be built cea
in Sydney and winching operations r
ceased at certain locations. "The helicopte
review says one of the main Canberra
helicopter locations will be
Canberra because of its geographica Ca
location and its proximity to The care
Canberra Hospital and specialist patie
care that a lot of these trauma S
patients need." Owen Finegan says le
SouthCare' s independence, and its g
level of community funding, all but service.
guarantees the future of the comin
service. He knew the review was
coming - and he' s not worried abou the outcome. "The majority of th t
stakeholders will remain the same, l
the operator might change but they' doctor
ll still use Canberra Hospital par
doctors and ACT Ambulance Service happ
paramedics." Others aren' t so happy. The State Opposition believe the
response times will increase and the move is all about saving money. golde
"Trauma care is all about the the
golden hour, the first hour after sig
the accident, this change has the res
significant potential to slow the wi
response to major trauma what that p
will mean is patients lives will be r
put at risk." The government will on
release its response to the review clo
once the formal submission period closes next month.

The man allegedly responsible for fiery crash late yesterday has bee th
arrested and charged.Police claim s
the nineteen year old was driving a slammed
stolen Ford Territory when he critically
slammed into another car - c
critically injuring the driver. The impac
commodore caught fire after the extingui
impact - ACT Fire and Rescue extinguished the blaze and removed transporte
the trapped victim. He was transported to The Canberra Hospita stable
- he remains in a serious but Nati
stable condition. The Australian doub
National University has close to st
doubled its early offers for local e
students. It' s part of a concerted studyin
effort to get more Canberrans
studying at the uni. In just a fe walkway
weeks - these now unfamiliar hom
walkways, will begin to feel like home. Joss Kirk and Natalia Beghin N
two new additions to the Australia stud
National University. About 500 st
students in the ACT and about 1000 to
students nationally have found out
today they' ve got offers to come t Offic
the ANU in this coming year. Official entry into university - ha relief
left some breathing a sigh of wh
relief. I don' t envy my friends who are still waiting for main roun e
offers I' m pretty happy to get an Nationa
early offer. The Australian ear
National University has opted for early entry, for the past two years ex
Last year it was for courses with
extra criteria - this year, it' s t t
give local students an opportunity th
to know where they' ll be spending c
the next few years. We' ve made a to
conscious decision as a university round
to make better use of the early rounds of the UAC because we' ve go hav
a terrific group of students who we'
have said very clearly to us that wher
we' re their first preference of where they want to come and study. ne
To be given this offer - students top
needed to select the ANU as their