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a really rough day to release them. We have.
(Laughs) That's OK. They won't mind.
We'll test their skills. They'll just swim out the back,
through the waves. I'm sure they'll be
really happy to go home. Hello. (Squawks)
It's alright.

It's alright. There you go.

(Laughs) BOTH: 'Bye! Oh! They're so cute.
Look how fat she is.

Go for it! Oh, yay! There they go!

It makes everything worthwhile.

This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - emergency services on alert as parts of the country brace
for a record-breaking heat wave. A warning for holidaymakers as dangerous surf conditions
pound Queensland's coast. A teenager denied bail
over a fatal New Year's Eve brawl. And chemists begin rationing
baby formula with a popular brand
in short supply.

Seven News afternoon edition with Robert Ovadia. Good afternoon. Australia is about to be gripped by one of the most
extensive heatwaves on record with large parts of the country set to bake
in 45 degree temperatures for more than a week. Central Australia
will be worst-affected but major cities in the south-east
will also feel the heat. Prepare for the heat
over the next few days. Australia will exceed its reputation as one of the world's hottest,
driest continents. It's a very similar pattern
to 53-years-ago when Australia had
its record temperature at Oodnadatta of 50.7 degrees, so we could get very close
to that record temperature in the next couple of days. A huge area of Central Australia
will be affected and every state and territory
will feel the heat. At the peak tomorrow, Adelaide will reach 42,
Hobart 38, Melbourne, 41. In these conditions,
bushfires are a very real risk. I know we've got everything
at full alert. We're running 8,000 firefighters. Victoria is expecting
its worst conditions since the Black Saturday fires, which claimed 173 lives. People still remember
back to February 7, 2009. It's a key day in our history and we'll come off that making sure that
people are very focussed about what they need to do 50. Residents and people on holidays have been warned to keep up-to-date
on the latest outbreaks and leave early
if they aren't fully prepared. Tomorrow we will have areas
that are extreme and severe and that means that
fires will run very, very hard. They will be
potentially uncontrollable. In South Australia, firefighters are already dealing
with two major blazes in the state's Mid North. Severe fire danger
in eight districts today. Worse to come tomorrow,
like Victoria. We want people to maintain
situational awareness. Fire crews are mopping up after a blaze burnt out
more than 80 hectares of bushland at Kurri Kurri

in the New South Wales
Hunter region. Investigators are now working to determine if the fire
was deliberately lit. Hugh Whitfeld has the details. Afternoon, Rob. Well, firefighters
still hard at work, trying to make sure that
this fire here at Kurri Kurri is completely out. Last night it burnt-out more
than 80 hectares of land in and around homes
in this town and as our pictures show, flames came very close to homes -
within metres. Embers attacking homes as well, residents forced to use
their own garden hoses to make sure that
they could protect their homes. It's unclear how all this started
but it was pretty hairy last night. At one stage, a huge electricity
transformer exploded right near where RFS crews
were working. The entire fire lit up the sky
for almost the entire night. It was a lucky escape
for a possum, rescued by a New South Wales
fire brigade officer on the ground. He's been taken into care after
a bit of a wash down last night. Let's listen to what residents
went through last night. Very close. The wind was up. We grabbed some of our stuff
and went into the car. For a good half an hour, 40 minutes
we worried that the house, yeah, things like that
could have caught alight. There were about four or five
streets affected. At one stage, some residents
were told to leave. The rest chose to stay
and defend their homes as the flames came very, very close. Today and the next few days, firefighters will be looking for
hot spots like hot logs to prevent any further flare-ups,
Rob. Holidaymakers along Queensland's
Gold and Sunshine Coasts are being warned
about dangerous surf conditions being generated
by ex-tropical Cyclone Freda. The swell is expected to build
heading into the weekend. Amanda Abate has the details.

Thousands of swimmers and holidaymakers have packed Gold Coast beaches, but conditions this afternoon are treacherous, as extra because Cyclone Freda out continues to generate pounding waves off the Queensland coast. Many headed for the southern beaches, which are sheltered from those blustery winds. Already this week they have been dozens of rescues. Rips have tracked groups of people off their feet and swept them aside the flag areas. The Westpac helicopter has been carrying out extra patrols, and lifeguards warned that offshore waves will reach four metres by the weekend.We are probably not expecting the giant swells, but still some large weights and more powerful serve. People need to be vigilant and careful.These conditions are ideal for tight borders, and dozens were out belly, making the most of those strong southerly winds. Surfers have also crowded the brakes, had been those cyclonic swells a ride as promised. The weather bureau ball continued to monitor the cyclone. It is still moving in an East south-easterly direction, away from the Queensland coast, but life guards warned that the system still poses a threat as it generates powerful waves at popular beaches.

Two toddlers are recovering
in hospital after being pulled from
a backyard swimming pool in Sydney. A 2.5-year-old
and his 18-month-old brother fell into the pool
at their home in Padstow just after 10:30 this morning. The older boy
was at the bottom of the pool and his brother floating
on the surface when their parents found them. Obviously, the parents
were quite upset and distraught. The father did say he just took his eyes off
the children for about one minute while he was making a pancake. The boys were taken
to Westmead Hospital and are in a stable condition. A teenager accused
of bashing a man to death during a New Year's Eve brawl
south of Melbourne has been refused bail. The court heard the 18-year-old laughed
after punching David Cassai, causing him to fall to the ground. Kate Osborne has more. Robert, it was a very subdued
Dylan Closter who fronted court this morning after spending the night in custody, charged with the manslaughter
of David Cassai at Rye earlier this week. He has a large number of friends
and family in court to support him as he applied for bail. That application
was opposed by the prosecution. Police alleged that Closter
approached Cassai in the street and hip and shouldered him,
unprovoked, then punched him three times. After Cassai hit the ground, it's alleged
Closter laughed and joked and said,
"That's what we're here for." The police officers said police are still waiting
to interview another suspect and they feared that
if Closter was released, he and that other suspect
would collude with each other about their stories. The magistrate agreed
that was a risk and bail was refused. Here's what Closter's lawyer
had to say outside court. He's terribly remorseful, and all the normal emotions
that you'd expect. You feel for the victim
and the victim's family, as does my client's family. So as I said,
there's victims everywhere. Closter has already
lodged another application to be heard on Monday, hoping that he'll have
a greater chance of being released once the other suspect
has been interviewed, Robert.

A 21-year-old Australian tourist
has died after falling from a hotel balcony
in Phuket. Sebastian Faulkner
had been holidaying with friends from Melbourne. It's believed he fell from
the balcony early on New Year's Day. Local media reports say Sebastian sought medical treatment
for hallucinations two days earlier, but left hospital
without anyone noticing. His friends are assisting police. The family of an Australian woman
who died in Bali plans to bring her body back home
tomorrow. Denni North suffered
a heart attack earlier this week. Friends found the 33-year-old's body
in a swimming pool. Some of her family
arrived in Bali today and say they're satisfied there are
no suspicious circumstances But her father believes
she met with foul play. I feel
that someone has done her harm. She's a very strong girl. Mourners have laid flowers
near the bar where Denni worked.

Parents are being urged
not to panic over dwindling supplies
of a popular baby formula. Some supermarkets and chemists
have reported running out of Karicare Aptamil Gold but doctors say
there's no harm in switching brands. Sarah Coates has more.

Parents are rushing to stock up on the nation's biggest selling formula, Karicare Aptamil Gold, due to a major shortage of the product right across the country. This is happening because Chinese customers have been buying it in bulk to send back home because of fears over the safety of infant products in China. Some frustrated the parents are being forced to search for the milk replacement at a number of major supermarkets and chemists, but they are not able to buy a formula in large quantities, with some outlets actually rationing the product and allowing customers to buy as little as three teams at a time.Hard, going to different pharmacies, shops, supermarkets. To try to find it.Leading paediatric dietitians say that any of the brand sold here in Australia are safe to use and there are a number of alternatives.

Mums should be going to
any of their pharmacies or chemists and purchasing another formula because they are all very similar.

The company which suppliers the product has confirmed there has been a surge in demand but they say there is enough party in Australia and can demand to the -- arranged delivery to anybody who may be in need.

The Health Minister has issued a
warning to any tobacco manufacturers that try to circumvent the Government's
world-first plain packaging laws. Tanya Plibersek says some companies have been producing
tins or stickers that hide graphic health warnings,
which came into force a month ago. If people deliberately flout
these laws we will consider,
and potentially take, legal action against them. The minister says her office
has also received feedback showing some smokers now believe cigarettes in the new packs
actually taste worse. Cricket players,
commentators and fans have paid special tribute
to Tony Greig on the opening day
of the third test against Sri Lanka. The crowd is also marking the end
of another era, saying goodbye to retiring cricketer
Michael Hussey in his last test. COMMENTATOR: Welcome back to the SCG
here for day one of the SCG test. Looking forward to a big day here. A big day not just for the players. Crowds have adopted
an unofficial dress code at the SCG sporting broad-brimmed hats, zinc
and a touch of pink. A bit of a tribute to Tony Greig
and to Huss as well so we've got the broad-brimmed hat
and the zinc on as far as we can go. Slathered on the nose and lips to mark the final knock of the man
known as 'Mr Cricket' after 79 tests. It's his final test so we thought we better, ah,
don the zinc this morning for the great Huss. It's a day of farewells, as fans paid tribute to Tony Greig
and his infamous style. Flags will fly at half-mast
for the commentator who died on Saturday. I hope you enjoy the first day
of the test, Tony, wherever you're sitting. Inside, the usually rowdy crowd
fell silent to farewell a legend. On Saturday, the SCG will turn pink
for the fifth year in honour of Jane McGrath
who died of breast cancer in 2008. Supporters of the McGrath Foundation
are getting in early. It's probably the colour these days
for blokes, bit of salmon. A good colour for a good cause.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - an Olympic athlete offers hope
to spinal injury sufferers. Also, a truck
narrowly avoids disaster after a petrol station collision. And the Danish royals step out
for a traditional new year's gala.

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A semitrailer
has narrowly avoided disaster after rolling onto its side
at a service station in Sydney. The truck was turning left
into a Shell petrol station at Pennant Hills when it rolled onto its left side,
spilling some of its load. The driver only narrowly avoided
colliding with a bowser. Nearby traffic
was brought to a standstill with three southbound lanes closed while emergency services worked
to remove the rig.

The United Nations says more than 60,000 people
have been killed in Syria since the conflict began
almost two years ago. Casualties there continue to mount with a fresh wave of air strikes
hitting towns and villages around the capital, Damascus. Activists filmed what they claim is a regime fighter plane
dropping bombs on New Year's Eve. The UN says the number of deaths
is higher than expected and truly shocking. US Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton has been released from hospital after being treated for a blood clot
near her brain. Mrs Clinton was accompanied
by husband Bill and daughter Chelsea as she walked
to a waiting black van outside the New York
Presbyterian Hospital. The 65-year-old has spent 3 days
undergoing blood-thinning treatment. The clot developed after she fainted
and struck her head last month. She's expected to make
a full recovery.

Princess Mary
and Crown Prince Frederik were a picture of style at
a traditional new year celebration. The couple were among the
guests of honour at the annual event for members
of the Order of the Elephant. It's the highest order of Denmark
and originated in the 15th century. It's a busy month
for the royal couple as they prepare to celebrate
the birth of their young twins who turn two next week. A sailor who recovered
from a severe spinal injury to win gold at the London Olympics has urged other patients
not to give up hope. Nathan Outteridge visited the Prince of Wales
Spinal Rehabilitation Unit in Sydney today seven years
after he was treated there for a broken back. There's always hope. You know, all I can say is,
you keep positive and embrace your family members. Every day I was here,
my mum was by my side. Nathan says he never even considered
giving up sailing. Next in Seven's 4.30 News - we'll get the latest
from the financial markets. Also Canberra revs up
for the annual Summernats festival. And world number one
Victoria Azarenka gives a master class
at the Brisbane International.

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A Brisbane couple
has endured a wild night after being stranded
by storms in New Zealand. Their car was among a group of eight
vehicles trapped by landslides in the Lower Buller Gorge
on the South Island. Part of the hill had fallen down, turned back, went back the other way
and trees had fallen down, so we were kind of stuck. They were eventually able
to drive to safety. Time to check
the financial markets - and the Australian stock exchange
took a positive lead from a strong surge on Wall Street - the ASX 200 up 35 points today.

It was horsepower heaven
in Canberra today, with the annual Summernats festival
under way. More than 200 of Australia's
best street machines cruised down the city's main road
in front of 30,000 spectators, signalling the start of the event. We have got more care than ever, which I think will translate into a
great party over the next four days. The only thing we'll be telling
our punters is that it's going to be hot. Now in its 26th year, the Summernats festival remains
a major tourism drawcard for the capital, with 90,000 people
expected to attend.

Sport shortly but first Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

Hello there. Coming up in Sydney's news at 6pm, the near double drowning
of toddler brothers in Sydney's south-west - we'll be live to Westmead Hospital,
where they're recovering after falling
into a backyard pool at Padstow and have details on the quick
action which saved the boys' lives. Also tonight - what five members of the same family
had to say for themselves when they faced court over a brawl
with police in Bankstown. They've been released on bail. We'll have details of a desperate
search with a happy ending - how a diabetic man
and his two grandchildren were rescued from dense bushland
west of the Blue Mountains. A shark alarm has sounded
at a fourth Sydney beach this week - this time at Manly. We'll let you know what type
of shark was spotted in the water. And we'll tell you why this big duck
is swanning around Darling Harbour. It's set to stalk the area
for the next few weeks. I'll have those stories and more
in Sydney's Seven News at 6pm, but now here's Mark Beretta
with the day's sport news.

Sri Lanka has found some fight on day one of the third test
at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Sent in to bat by Michael Clarke, the Sri Lankans were reeling early
when Jackson Bird struck and man-of-the-moment,
Michael Hussey, made no mistake. Bird the best of
the Australian bowlers, as Dilsharn dicovered. COMMENTATOR: Oh, it's edged.
Matthew Wade takes a catch. He thought he had two in two balls only to see his LBW reversed
on appeal. Sri Lanka's skipper
Mahela Jayawardene ensured Australia
will have something to chase before falling to Starc.

Spin king Shane Warne's defended
his decision to take leave from the Big Bash to spend Christmas
with fiancee Liz Hurley. Warne's returned from London to lead the Stars against the Heat
in Brisbane tonight. It allowed me to see my fiancee and spend some time
with my family here as well. I missed one game. I think in the overall context,
look at the bigger picture. The Melbourne Renegades
lead the Big Bash thanks to Tom Cooper's half-century
against Adelaide. Chasing 156, the Strikers lost Tim Ludeman
to a screamer from Aaron O'Brien and then Murali claimed
three wickets, as they crumbled. World number one Victoria Azarenka is through to the semifinals
of the Brisbane International after beating Ksenia Pervak
of Kazakhstan in straight sets. Azarenka took the first 6-1 then strolled past
the unseeded Pervak 6-0 to cruise home in the second. Last night, Bernard Tomic
showed his potential as he accounted for men's
world number one Novak Djokovic at the Hopman Cup, Serbia winning the tie when Djokovic and Ana Ivanovic
took the mixed doubles.

And it's a huge night session from 8pm
Eastern Daylight Savings Time, featuring women's favourite
Serena Williams and US Open champion Andy Murray up against young Aussie
John Millman. Chelsea boss Rafa Benitez
is under pressure yet again after a shock
1-0 loss at home to bottom-placed
Queens Park Rangers in the Premier League. Some Lleyton Baines magic
helped Everton down Newcastle 2-1 as they moved into fifth position
on the table while Luis Suarez
grabbed a double as Liverpool smashed Sunderland

The Brisbane International tonight. You do not want to miss it. It is great to see the Australian John Norman up against Andy Murray.And Serena Williams will be there too.

After the break,

Good afternoon.
Sally Bowrey with you. As extreme heat hits the south-east, sparking high fire dangers
across six states, the highest temperature in Australia
today was 48 degrees in WA. Adelaide was only
a few degrees cooler, 41 the top, and it will be even hotter tomorrow. A critical fire situation
is developing in Melbourne, which is forecast to hit 41
tomorrow. Today, the city was 37 degrees
at 4:00. Sydney today reached a top
of 25 degrees, but the city will be saved by the
sea breezes over the next few days. Eastern New South Wales
will miss out on the heatwave, but the reason why the south-east
is baking is actually to do with what's not happening up north. The monsoon season
still hasn't really kicked in, so it's stayed very sunny up there and that's allowed heat to build, which is now being dragged down
into southern Australia. Tomorrow, Melbourne will soar
to 41 degrees with the worst weather for fires -
dry and windy - before a late cool change. Adelaide again will see
extreme heat. Hot and windy
in Hobart. And fine skies
for the remainder. That's the latest weather.
More at 6pm, Robert. Thanks, Sally.

That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Robert Ovadia. Enjoy your evening.
See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

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