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Hello. I'm Cameron Williams. First to Bali and the mysterious death of Australian woman Denni North. Indonesian police are investigating her drowning. Her grieving family want the truth. This latest tragedy highlights the risks Aussies face in the island paradise. Bali!There are no rules at all. It can g to heaven to hell in the blink of an eye.A shock really. Couldn't believe it. There were a few people that rang me and asked if it was true. I said unfortunately yes. It's the idealic and cheap holiday location, luring hundreds of thousands of Aussie tourists every year.Everything is cheap, everything is good. They can do whatever they want.

Denni North was one of them. In fact, the 33-year-old from Brisbane fell in love with the island and took a job at the luxurious Cocoon Beach Club. Denni was a regular at the club before she became a staff member. This is her at a recent pool party. She has just started work doing PR for the club. On Sunday morning she was found dead in the pool at her private Villa. Indonesian Police are now trying to piece together her final hours. There's absolutely a chance this family may never find out exactly what happened to their daughter. This time of year is resort strips along the Balinese coast are overflowing with tourists. They are unaware or unconcerned by the possible dangers. A Current Afair reporter, Ben McCormack, recently traveled to Bali in Schoolies.What did you parents say? Thousands of young Aussies playing with fire. What you been drinking?I don't give a (BLEEP) . Mushrooms. Offer offers of drugs are everywhere and they are persistent. Cocaine?Yeah.How much?I give you 100.Better not. If you do buy drugs, you are in serious trouble. The other side of it is that it's fairly possible that what you're buying isn't what you think you are getting. Richard works for the Emergency Response Service Indonesia. He sees everything - surfing and motorbike injurys to drink psycheing and drug overdoses.In this environment, because we don't have any police policing you, because you can get on these bikes, because the alcohol may or may not be what you think it is, because the party can go on 24 hours a day, you know t risks are exaggerated because the sense of freedom is exaggerated.On a typical night out, Aussie tourists all too often place themselves in harm's way.You're in the middle of the road, it was dangerous.Okay. We're trying to get a taxi.Have you had a lot to drink? Yoo yes. I think it's safer you get a cab from the other side of the road.Why? Because you are going to get run over if you stay in the middle.No! The statistics are startling. On average one Australian dies in Bali every nine days.Nothing worse when you get a call from the bloody Department of Foreign Affairs in Bali.18-year-old Jake Flannery was electrocuted outside a Bali night club in schoollys in 2011.They did everything they could. They were not able to revive him. He was gone. 16-year-old Jake drowned while snorkling.He was my best mate. I loved him and enjoyed his company. Then there are those Aussies stuck there, living behind bars. Schapelle Corby...I'm not taking the rap for anyone. I am, but I don't know who.And the Bali nine. Bali - there's endemic corruption, it is extremely hard to get answers. Sometimes if you want to do a police report you have to pay the police. Author Catherine Banella returned from two years, researching the lucrative local drug trade.Jach the surface and there is so much going on a hidden world, underworld of crime there that pervades every part of the tourist area.She also wrote the biography on Schapelle Corby and knows how dangerous Bali can be for Australians.It is dangerous and nothing like Australia. It's not a stuctured society. There is a lot of violence and you have to be supercare.. It's still not known how Denni died but Indonesian Police are treating her death as suspicious. She had just celebrated her 33rd birthday and was hosting a party the night before she was found dead. Her uncle says she was a fun-loving woman, with lots of friends. Generally a real good kid. Loved having a good time. Loved travel. She loved people. That was Denni. Her mother, Wendy, thanked the hundreds who sent condolences on Facebook saying her daughter touched so many people with her mag nifcepblt personality. Her auntie says: "My heart is broken my soul destroyed". Another young Aussie life lost in Bali. People seem to think that Bali is one of the safest places in the world. It is such an easy place to let your guard down. Our thoughts and prayers are with Denni's family. Our report card on Australia's public housing. Tonight claims of a failed system as battling families face heart breaking delays for the fund mental right of having a home.

Abandoned properties, trashed houses, waiting lists more than a decade long. This is the state of Australian public houseing in 2013. People up there will will never be housed.It's being sold under their feet.Across the country public housing tenantings claim the system is in chaos, with thousands left without a roof over their head. We have nowhere to go. They just don't seem to care.Alisa Priestley has been on the public housing waiting list for four years.When I first plied, they said three to five years. Now when you ask, it's around 15.She's 23 and has two children under the age of three. She currently lives with her father, Craig, at his Housing Commission home in Sydney's west. He remarried and is moving away. Alisa has been told she can't take over the lease. We tried to take success of the tenancy, but they said no, due to him not being mentally ill or in prison, or have died or in a nursing home. So basically I jusvt nowhere to go with my kids.At the end of this week, she will be homeless.It makes me mad, because my kids have nowhere to go. There will be a house I've lived in for 13 years empty that me and my kids could live?.It caused me a lot of grief. Craig has tried every appeal avenue to keep his daughter in the house. I had no -- they had no compassion whatsoever. Never had, I don't think there will unless there is a reshuffle in Department of Housing. Next door is an empty property. How long has this house next door be vacant for?Two months now.You've been waiting for four years.Yes. It's really frustrating to see that. Why do you think it's empty?More than likely they will semit like the rest.Craig's been told their house will be sold too. Are they selling them to build new ones? From what we know, no, it's to build up the coffers. It's a similar story in other parts of NSW. These town houses have been empty now for nearly two years. As you can see they've been trashed by vandals. They're among hundreds of Housing Commission properties sold off by the government. But tenants are furious. They say the money generated by the sale isn't going back to affordable housing or into the maintenance of existing properties. It will cost them $30,000 to repay, and they will sell it.Leslie Stott is a public housing tenant in Sydney's west. He watched as the Department sells off property after property leaving them abandoned for months before putting up a For Sale sign.We jus can't keep hold of public housing.I think it is a dreadful state of affairs. The Government, State and Federal, have opted out of housing and for the private sector. It's nowhere near sufficient.Dennis Doherty is from the Housing Action Group. He show us these properties at Redfern. These have been vacant for six years.Tenants complained about ongoing maintenance systems with current buildings neglected.We know of people whose houses are rotting around them. The Housing Commission is refusing to mend it. Then they come along and say, "Get out, it's uninhabitable" and sell it on the private market.Part of the Government's reasoning is to rid suburbs of so-called ghettos. By mixing public housing with homeowners they argue they will disperse trouble-makers. Claymore in Sydney's south-west was slated for such a transformation in 2010. Almost 1,000 houses were pegged for demolition. But after a change of government in NSW, that plan is now on hold. Empty homes just sit there, left to fall into a state of disrepair or be trashed by vandals.There are some people that do destroy the places unfortunately. But I mean, those places that are liveable - move someone in.Stephen Little lived in Claymore for a decade T house next door to him has been empty now for two months.There are a lot of places that are empty, that should be filled. The waiting list is just unacceptable.He has trouble getting maepbltnepbs done. His fence has been broken for three months. As of today, still, nothing has been done whatsoever.With properties being sold off or left to fall down, that means one thing - a growing waiting list. Around Australia it is 170,000 on the waiting list and it is getting bigger all the time. The stock is shrinking.In Queensland there are currently more

currently more than the Government is ignoring that. The Land and Housing Corporation in NSW tells us $140 million is budgeted for new homes this year. Another $400 million will be used for maintenance. That is not much comfort if you're on a 15-year waiting list. When it comes to politicians putting their foot in it, Jenny Macklin gets the golden boot award. The family's Minister -- the Family's Minister claimed she could live off the dole. What's the reaction to her insensitive remark? Unemployment payment is $76 below the poverty line.You will go without things to pay the bills.It is hard to live on what you get. Could you live on the dole?I could. Just $35 a day. I could.For Families Minister, Jenny Macklin, who earns $903 a day,ite aegs hypothetical she won't have to worry about. But for battlers like Michelle Larson and Rebecca Bramoch, it's life. The two mums are raising their families in Jenny Macklin's electorate.I have four kids. It's buses each day to school and home. By school lunches, and rent. It's a tight squeeze and about to get tighter.So you budget on that amount and as soon as your son or child turns eight, it goes up straight away without warning. It still comes quickly.What do you spend $35 a day on?More of the schooling. Books and excursions and stuff. Then what's left over?Virtually nothing, really. Food has to be home-made. The playground in their public housing estate is the entertainment and travel in all forms is a luxury. I don't go on holiday, because I can't afford it.What about buying a car, is that possible on $35 a day?Petrol, as well.With respect that didn't answer the question. Could you live on the dole?I could. Of course, lots of people in Australia are worried about the cost of living but it is compared nothing to someone who has $35 a day. Cassandra Goldy is the Head of the Australian Council of Social Service and spent the day addressing that question.The evidence is in. We don't need another politician to take up a challenge, frankly, we would rather the Government fix this.To show how far $35 goes, we brought Michelle to her local fish and chip shop to see how far the daily allowance will go to feeding her clan. There is your allowance. Best of luck.

Jenny Macklin can do it. What's left over?20 cents. How does that go for dinner tonight?Not really. I can't get any bread. If I run out of sauce I can't buy that.It's life's essentials that are harder. Hospitals, no, you can't. I mean, is demoralising, heart breaking. What kind of decision are you forced to make - I feed my kid or will I put them in health care? Do these politicians realise what the real world is all about? Social Commentator says it's time for politicians to get real.People who have no other support are then forced to live on what? A lettuce leaf a boiled egg. It is a joke.As for that comment...Could you live on the dole?I could.They need to understand they have -- we have no respect for them because they have no respect for us.She could?If we can't, who else can.You can't do it.This woman has been cosetted, she has cars, she probably subsidised food. If the minister ever faces that daunting prospect, these mums have some advice. For free.Have close friends, let them be there and help each other out with each other. With respect, that didn't answer the question, kuld you live on the dole?I could. Jenny Macklin didn't take our calls today. She lives in a very comfortable house in Melbourne and good on her, but she will never know what it's really like to do it tough. Tell us your thoughts about this on Facebook on Twitter. It's the neighbourhood dispute over a hedge that ended with a woman having part of her finger sliced off. And the man accused of the attack has now been charged. People need to calm down. It's a pretty nice area. It's quiet. I don't know why people can't be moreed, especially this time of year.The leafy suburb where a fight over a garden hedge has ended in surgery.

My finger was cut. Then there is blood. It bring all the blood.If it wasn't so bloody, it would be almost funny. He obviously wields a mean set of clippers. For years lolo lo and his neighbour lived -- Lawrence Lo and his neighbour lived here without any problems until the 71-year-old decided to do pruning. The hedge along this driveway is at the cepbltder of the dispute. Lawrence says on Monday night he was trimming the bush when his neighbour demanded he stopped. He claims she her finger too close to his clippers.When it cut here. He said my finger cut.It's alleged the tip of the woman's index finger was chopped off.I was very shocked. Allan Cheung lives across the road. We heard the screaming of the lady. We saw she was bleeding and screaming.Lawrence claims he initially allowed his neighbour to plant the hedge to create privacy. He says as the branches grew, they began scraping his car as he drove down the lane. I do trimming. He doesn't want me to do all this work.She said she was pointing out the trees and said to that man that particular tree shouldn't be cut because it belonged to her property. They call this the leafy North Shore, but maybe in certain pockets of the North Shore it's leafy and loopy, because it is a loopy dispute over a hedge. TGB radio host Chris Smith says neighbourhood spats are getting out of hand.We've always had this understanding you love your neighbour, and that includes specifically the person that lives next door to you. I don't know if it's a reflection of where we're going as a society, but we've become so protective of what we have, maybe we've lost too much and therefore we don't want to share, we want to be a bit more selfish and therefore fights occur between neighbours.They both think they're right. Someone will be most probably wrong. Town planning expert, Bill Cooznachook, has seen his fair share of disputes. He believes most spats happen when neighbours don't communicate.They get out of control easily because when people go home, that is their chasm. When people tri to change things, in their castle, they're going to get upset. So neighbourhood disputes, particularly, neighbourhood disputes over fence boundaries and landscaping and trees, are huge. The woman allegedly cut by Lawrence has since undergone surgery on her finger. It's all very unfortunate. Lawrence Lo will face court this month charged with recklessly inflicted grievous bodily harm. Still to come on the program - why sales of super-milk are going through the roof.A2 is offering something different.

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Welcome back. It is no sucet the supermarket price war has seen the cost of milk plunge. But one premium super-milk defied that trend. While supermarkets are driving down the price of milk Australia's favourite brand is surprisingly not the cheapest. Next to the $1 supermarket milk, qou will find A2. At $5 for two litres it is more than double the price of most brands, but the milk which claims to aid digestive well being, is a huge hit with Aussie consumers. Even celebrity Dannii Minogue is singing its praises. So, what's so good about A2? Chief Executive Peter Nathan says it's to do with the cows.We find cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein. We milk the cows and produce all natural A2 milk.He says while it's still containing lack toz, A2 is the milk of choice for the one in four Aussies who say they have a dairy sensitivity. There is about 23% consumers who have an spwolrapbs to dairy. The issue is only about five of those are medically diagnosed as being lack toz intolerant. The rest of the consumers we believe are reabouting to the impact of A1, or the protein in the milk, and when they switch to A2 they have found they can drink milk again without the discomfort.In the past five years A2 sales have grown by 1,000%. What that shows is that Australians are prepared to pay if they believe they can get a health benefit.Not everyone is on board.What milk do I drink? Full strength, the cheapest from Woolies.So, we took to the streets for our own taste test. We wanted to see if you can taste the difference between A2 and a supermarket milk. That one is really creamy. Do you prefer that?I prefer the not so creamy.I'm not a big milk con sewer. I can't taste the difference. I think the second one is more creamier.In fact, most either couldn't tell the difference or preferred the supermarket brand. Nutritionist Nicole Senior is not surprised.Regular milling and A2 milk are the same except for a small difference - the type of protein it contains. A1 or A2. She says you will still get all the benefits of milk regardlings of what brand.The scientific evidence doesn't demonstrate that A2 is any better for you, and it is more expensive. So you are just as good to buy the regular nil k.-- milk. Ingrid Just says its winning formula is the. Of difference.It is difficult to differentiate the nutrients and the taste. The price has separateed branded from non- branded. A2 is offering something quite different with its specialist protein.We would simply ask is try it for yourself. A lot of people swear by it. Maigs visit our website. After the break - the world famous metre maids under fire for their cheeky stunt. Can't tell us what you're up to?

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Tomorrow night - why metre maids have the law enforcers offside. The TV breath tests...You don't look like the normal meter maids. The world famous meter maids under fire for their cheeky stunt. Plus the new dating websites exclusively for seniors.For me it seemed the only option.Those reports tomorrow on ACA. Have a good night.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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So, you see, what you're eating
is not technically yoghurt

because it doesn't have enough
live acidophilus cultures.

It's really just iced milk
with carragenin added for thickness.

Well, that's very interesting.

(CHUCKLES) It's also not pink
and has no berries.


Yeah, but it doesn't really
answer my question.

What was your question again?
Do you want some?


Right. No. I'm lactose intolerant.

So, gas.

Yeah, got it.

Well, goodnight.

What are you doing?
There was a draft.

I didn't feel a draft.

Why don't we just go into,
um, your...

Oh. Yeah.You know what? Maybe we
should slow things down a little.

No, no, I didn't mean to go
into your apartment to go fast.

No, I know.I know what you meant.

It's just...this is only
our first date.

Yeah, OK. Sure, no problem.

Why don't we just figure out
where we're going

and when we want to get there

and then rate of speed
equals distance over time.

Solve for R.

Or we could just wing it.

That might work too. (CHUCKLES)

Goodnight, Leonard.

He's coming. Screen saver.

Oh, hey, Leonard. How was your date?

Bite me!

Sheldon, how could you just sit there
and let them spy on me?

They were clever, Leonard -

they exploited my complete lack of
interest in what you were doing.

You should thank us.

When future generations
try to determine

why your relationship with Penny
crashed and burned,

this right here is the black box.

What are you talking about?
The date went fine.

Dude, she said she wants
to slow things down.

OK, so, she said she wants
to slow things down.

It's like saying,
"I'm really enjoying this meal.

"I'm going to slow down
and savour it."

No, it's like,
"This fish tastes bad

"so I'm gonna slow down
and spit it out."

You being the fish.
I'm not the fish.

Oh, really? Did you make
a second date?

Well, no, we sort of
decided to wing it.

Oh, even I know that's lame.

OK, alright, let's assume
your hypothesis.

We went to dinner, we talked,

we laughed, we kissed.

Where could I have possibly
have gone wrong?

Think back, Leonard. The littlest
things can set women off.

Like, "Hey, the waitress is hot.

"I bet we could get her
to come home with us."

Or, "How much does your mom weigh?

I want to know what
I'm getting into."

I didn't say anything like that.

Good, 'cause they don't work.

They also don't like if you
stare at them and hyperventilate.

Sadly, that's my home run swing.

Look, everything went fine.

I didn't even have to refer to
my impromptu conversation starters.

That woman across the hall
is into me.

Let's go to the tape.

Look at her reaction
to the goodnight kiss.

No change in respiration,
pupils undilated,

no flushing of the chest.

Nice close-up, by the way.

Interesting - her jaws are clenched,
no tongue access.

Clearly a bad sign
amongst mating humans.

It's not a bad sign.


You might as well have been two
iguana with no dewlap enlargement.

And the worst sign of all
is you're here and not there.

I'm not there because
I'm taking things slow.