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This program is captioned live. Tonight - a Sydney family charged after a brawl injures
seven police officers. A minister challenged to live on
$35 a day after declaring she could. The warning to Sydney drivers
about buying petrol this week.

A family's grief at a mother's harbour boat drowning
on New Year's Eve.

And Sri Lanka helps Glenn McGrath
turn the SCG pink for breast cancer.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson. Good evening. An entire family is expected
to be charged over a brawl that put three police officers
in hospital. It erupted when 30 police responded
to a fight at a Bankstown home. Five family members were arrested. But neighbours claim officers
were too heavy handed using fists, feet and pepper spray. A routine domestic dispute descends
into a shocking all-in brawl, caught on a phone's video camera. Record 'em, record 'em! Oh, I am! Police ordered people back. Out of the way!
Last time you'll get... (SHOUTING) Stay back, stay back!
You'll be locked up! You dogs! Stay back! You... (BEEP) ..dogs! Someone demands police ID. Hey, hey, what's your number, mate? Tell me your number on camera. Shhh. A teenage girl gets involved
but is arrested. (SCREAMS) (BLEEP) A man complains he's been gassed.

Neighbours were stunned. They go over the limit
a little bit, the cops and the boys. One witness thought
police were over the top as 30 moved in to arrest
three brothers and their father. They way they were kicking
into heads, the way they were kneeing them
and punching them in their stomachs and stuff like that,
was, like, unbelievable. But, in the end, three of the seven
police injured were in hospital - one knocked out, another bitten,
the third badly bruised. The Police Association says fuelled by adrenaline
and testosterone is by far the most common
and dangerous situation faced by officers from day to day. It also highlights a lack of respect
for policing and the work that police do. For seven police to be injured
in one incident is just horrific. The maximum jail term
for bashing a cop is 12 years.

Live now to Adam Walters
at Bankstown Police Station.

Adam, what's happened
to those arrested? Mark, four men and a woman
all been charged with affray, assault police, hinder police
and resist arrest. One 18-year-old man has also been
charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm. All five have been refused bail and will appear
in Parramatta court tomorrow. The mother of three brothers charged
has now left Bankstown Hospital and also faces charges of affray,
assault and resist arrest, Mark.

In breaking news - 60 firefighters are tonight battling
a bushfire

at Kurri Kurri,
north-west of Newcastle. The blaze broke out
about 90 minutes ago. Properties are under threat
in Brown Crescent. Roads have been closed in the area as crews try
to bring it under control.

Families Minister Jenny Macklin
is being challenged to live on the dole
after saying she could. Her office has made that claim
even more controversial by leaving it out
of an official transcript.

For Darcy Leleu, living on $35 a day
is almost impossible. Half my dole pay goes on rent, and I've got about $200
for a fortnight, which is not much money at all. Like many dole recipients, he relies on help from others
to get by. Salvos, Vinnies,
get, like, cards to go to Woolies. But the Federal Families Minister
says the Newstart Allowance
is enough to survive on. REPORTER: Could you live
on the dole? I could! Not that you would've known
from the transcript of her media conference yesterday - a staff member claimed the question
and response were "inaudible", blaming a poor audio recording and
car noise for omitting the excerpt - which was crystal clear
on television. Could you live on the dole? I could! The Greens have challenged
Minister Macklin to put her money where her mouth is and live on the dole for a week
when Parliament resumes next month. Her current weekly salary
of more than $6,000 would need to be reduced by more
than 25 times to $246. Perhaps the minister needs
some first hand experience of it and maybe that will change her mind. The minister's on holidays,
leaving her colleague to respond. It would be very difficult indeed
to live on such an income, we know that. Just ask Darcy.

Drivers are being advised
to fill up their cars now to avoid a price spike
at the bowser. Petrol was averaging $1.32 a litre
across Sydney today. The NRMA warns prices will surge
to $1.50 within days.

We don't know
when prices are going to jump. All we know is they will. They are going to jump high so it's important people
fill up now. The rise will coincide
with holiday traffic heading home this weekend. The parents of a Sydney woman have
made a tearful plea to find her on Sunday. They can't believe Belinda Burcham wouldn't contact
her children for so long and it's left them
fearing the worst.

Early Sunday morning, just three hours after being
admitted to St Vincent's Hospital, Belinda Burcham walks out and up towards Oxford Street,
Darlinghurst - the 40-year-old's last known
movements almost 4 days ago. All we want to know
is that she's safe. We want to know that she's still
with us, to be quite frank. Her parents are nervous wrecks. They say the Double Bay
mother of two's disappearance is out of character, mainly because of her kids. For her to be gone 72 hours
and not seeing them, it's just unbelievable. She's just beautiful inside and out. Belinda had been drinking
on Saturday afternoon at home. She turned up drunk
at her ex-husband's home. He took her to hospital. Of most concern
for Belinda's parents, when she walked out of this door
here at St Vincent's, she still had part of the drip
in her arm - no wallet, no shoes
and no mobile phone. Detectives haven't ruled out
foul play. We are concerned at this stage due to the fact
that she has no means of support. Belinda, please just contact us. We love you and we want you...
we want to know that you're safe. If you've seen Belinda,
call Crime Stoppers.

The husband of a woman who drowned after falling from a boat
in Sydney Harbour on New Year's Eve has told of his family's heartbreak. only to have a night of fun
turn to tragedy.

Leanne Maurer was a loving mother
of four kids and the glue of this family. She did everything for me.

You're right, bub.

Somehow, they found the strength
to pay tribute to her today. She give me three beautiful kids.

Yeah, she just did everything
for me. On Sunday, husband David, Leanne
and the children were on their new 40m cruiser,
preparing for New Year's Eve. They were going to bed when Leanne walked to the bow
to cover the skylight so they could sleep in. David woke to find her gone,
searched the boat, then the water. Did that but come straight back
and said, "This isn't good," and instantly rang 000, ya know? An extensive police search
got under way. It was daylight before her body
was found near the Rose Bay jetty. Her eldest daughter says
Leanne was their rock. She was always here for us, yeah. Always. Leanne left few photos of herself. As late as Christmas Day,
she was dodging the camera. She goes, "You don't need photos,
you have memories." And now the Maurer family will
treasure those memories forever. If we could bring anything back,
we'd bring her back, but...

The family of an Australian woman
found dead in Bali has confirmed
she'd suffered a heart attack. 33-year-old Denni North was found
in a swimming pool at her home on Sunday - sparking fears
she'd met with foul play. Today her mates laid flowers outside
the Cocoon nightclub where she worked as a hostess. She was a gorgeous, vivacious,
full-of-life girl, incredibly friendly. Police on the island say there are
no suspicious circumstances connected to her death. Denni's sister is flying to Bali
to bring her body home.

Australia's share market
has surged more than 1% following agreement in America
to fix its financial crisis. $2.5 billion was poured
into stocks here in the first trading session
of 2013. This afternoon, US politicians voted
to accept tax rises for the rich, which prevented emergency tax rises
for all Americans along with budget cuts.

Everyone pays their fair share,
everyone does their part - that's how our economy works best,
that's how we grow. The President told politicians they can't keep pushing the world
to the brink of economic disaster.

Former cricketer Glenn McGrath says he's overwhelmed
by the ongoing support for the charity he set up
with his late wife. The SCG will become a sea of pink
on Saturday in honour of Jane McGrath, raising money
to employ more breast cancer nurses.

It's been awhile
since he pulled up stumps, but Glenn McGrath
will be front and centre as the Sydney test again turns pink
in honour of his late wife, Jane. I'm sure it'll be quite incredible
to think day 3 is Jane McGrath Day. To see everyone turn out in pink,
it's a big day for my family especially my children,
James and Holly. They lost their mum to breast cancer
in 2008, but, since then,
the McGrath Foundation has raised $3.5 million to employ
79 breast care nurses. I'm so passionate about my job. Glenn admits Saturday will be
an emotional day. I really have to pinch myself. It hits home here. It's surreal I guess
you could say to see the support
we're receiving here. Those who donate can win
the baggy pinks and test shirts worn by the Sri Lankans
and Australian teams. I think it's very special
to walk out on the SCG seeing pink

and McGrath Foundation signs
everywhere. During the test,
Glenn will also be inducted into cricket's
international hall of fame. It's a huge honour. My heroes are in there - people I looked up to,
legends of the game. Still to come tonight
in Seven News - the enormous cost
to Sydney charities from people dumping household junk.

Buy or sell? The new outlook
for Sydney's property market.

And the inquisitive dolphin
who gave Aussie tourists a treat. That's next.

The Salvation Army says it's wasting
more than $5 million a year cleaning up garbage
dumped at its stores. Staff often arrive to broken
furniture and white goods - even stained mattresses,
dirty nappies and dead animals. I have volunteers that are here
to help. They want to give their time. It's actually quite demoralising
to tell them to put a pair of gloves on
and go through garbage. The Salvos are also urging people not to drop off good-quality items
outside of opening hours, as they're often damaged or stolen. Sydney's housing market
is outperforming the nation, with prices here on the rise. Figures out today show the national average has fallen
for a second year running, and agents aren't expecting
a big improvement anytime soon.

It wasn't exactly a boom year
but real estate watchers say in 2012 Sydney started
to get its groove back. Sydney's certainly outperforming
the national housing market and I guess it's reflective
of the fact there's a tight supply
of housing in that market, strong demand.

Pushing prices higher especially in the inner west,
outer west and southern suburbs. We just don't build enough
properties to meet the demand and that's the reality of it particularly in that affordable
area. Sydney's median house price
of $665,000 is up 2.3% for the year

Signs of the increasing cultural
shift to apartment living. People are saying "Maybe I don't need that quarter
acre block of land "with a two hour drive to work." Despite consumer confidence
still being flat, price rises
are expected to continue. It's not going to be significant
capital gains but Sydney better performer
than most other markets. The industry's hoping
the Reserve Bank does its bit. Many economists believe mortgage
rates have further to fall in 2013 but it's also becoming clear rate cuts simply don't have
the same impact they used to. The new figures confirm Sydney
as the least affordable city.

Students at the Sandy Hook
Elementary School, where 26 children and staff
were shot dead, will return to class in two days. They'll be housed in a new building, 10 kilometres from where
the massacre happened nearly three weeks ago. Their classrooms have been recreated so they're identical
to the old ones. That really is a big thing
for the kids, that their class looks
exactly the same. They want to see their teachers, they want to see their classes, they want to get back
into that routine. Officials say the new school will be
one of the safest in America. Tourists at a popular beach
in Queensland have had a rare close encounter
with a wild dolphin. It swam around them for
several minutes in shallow water - a holiday experience
they'll never forget.

Playful but with a purpose... (LAUGHTER) ..the bottlenose dolphin darts around the legs
of delighted tourists... ..chasing a fish,
clicking and squeaking. Not every day
you get something like this. Amateur filmmaker Sven Velema
was among the group which spotted the dolphin
just off Moreton Island and waded in for a closer look. It was astonishing.
It started and just didn't stop. We thought,
"This is as good as it gets," and it just kept getting
better and better. It was a first, too,
for the tour operator. As far as dolphin encounters go,
this is up there. The curious creature
came closer and closer, playing hide-and-seek with a bream
for more than 20 minutes. The fish was using our legs
as protection, trying to get away from the dolphin. We just let it alone and it made the decision
to come to us. Yeah, we all felt very special. It's not uncommon to spot
bottlenose dolphins in Moreton Bay - more than 350 of them
live in these waters - but few are as comfortable
with humans as the one Sven filmed. Magic holiday snaps
and lasting memories. I guarantee they won't top that. That's South-East Queensland
summed up right there, I think.

Sport now with Mark Beretta. And the Sri Lankan cricketers
can't take a trick. Mark, luck is definately
not on their side. Everything is pointing to a winning
farewell for Mr Cricket as another Sri Lankan bowler
goes down injured at the SCG.

Plus, Lleyton Hewitt
tunes up for his 17th straight Australian Open campaign.

And some, Shin-i Ono - Magic seals a big win for
A-League giant-killers, Western Sydney.

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The odds of Michael Hussey getting
a winning farewell have shortened after paceman Shaminda Eranga joined Sri Lanka's growing
injury list.

Australia has left
Glenn Maxwell and Usman Khawaja out of the side for the SCG test, with spinner Nathan Lyon
and four quicks to play.

Mike Hussey had a taste
of what retirement holds, but the party will have to wait
until after his farewell test. How excited are you, mate? Uh, yeah, very excited. Eve of a test match
is always very exciting. Steve Waugh was there
to settle him down because Hussey is always
a bundle of nerves before he plays.

I think in some ways it's nice
to escape all the attention and just be able to get out there
and play, so I'm looking forward
to just getting out there. The Aussies are desperate to win
for 'Mr Cricket'. When guys retire, it's extra special to get a win in that last game
for them. After their hit-and-giggle
soccer warm-up ended in tears for fast bowler Shaminda Eranga, Sri Lanka will need a miracle
to win - his ankle problem adding
to their horror injury list. These are unexpected things
that we need to get our head around. And with the Sri Lankans
physically and mentally fragile after their latest brutal defeat, the Australians are determined to go
for the throat here at the SCG. I think we just gotta keep going
with our momentum and just try and crush them,
you know? We know that we're 2-0 up
in the series, but 3-0 is even sweeter. Sweet too
for former test bowler Brett Lee, who's escaped penalty despite calling for Cricket New South Wales boss
Dave Gilbert to be sacked over the Blues' failures. Look, I'm really happy
that they've dropped all charges. I can sort of move forward now, and I think that the game
will be a lot better off now.

A pain-free and mentally fresh
Lleyton Hewitt believes he can give the young guns
a run for their money at the Australian Open.

at the Brisbane International
last night. Serena Williams also won, while Jarmila Gajdosova went down. Lleyton Hewitt was back at work
on the practice court today after last night's 2-hour
pipe opener against Igor Kunitsyn. Come on!

The action on Pat Rafter Arena
had the man, himself, enthralled - Hewitt throwing himself
at everything. The 31-year-old's 3-set triumph
made sweeter by the fact he's finally playing pain free. You just have a clear mind. You know, you sort of dreaded
going on the practice court and how much pain you were going
to be in on the match court. Being on the wrong side of 30 hasn't affected the flexibility
of Serena Williams. The power's still there too. COMMENTATOR: And Serena just
clocked down a 200km/h serve. The world number three
eased past Alize Cornet and says she moves at a much slower
pace off the court these days. I'm really boring now.
I used to be fun. (LAUGHTER) I used to be a lot of fun. For a fun time, call Serena! Jarmila Gajdosova was on fire early
against Lesia Tsurenko. COMMENTATOR: Oh, that's huge. After claiming the first set 6-1,
Gajdosova capitulated - Tsurenko winning in three.

World number one,
Victoria Azarenka, makes her Brisbane International
debut tonight up against talented German,
Sabine Lisicki. The night session's live on 7TWO
from 8pm.

Western Sydney Wanderers
are looking to extend the contract
of marquee man Shinji Ono following his matchwinning double
against Melbourne Victory

last night.

Ono's opening goal is being hailed
as the best of the A-League season. COMMENTATOR: Shinji Onooo!

That is magnificent. That is a very special goal indeed
from a very special player. In the Premier League, Manchester United remains
7 points clear on the ladder after thumping Wigan 4-0. And a wicked deflection left Aussie
goalkeeper, Adam Federici, high and dry
as Tottenham downed Reading 3-1. , The temperature is is on Seven two tonight.
Lleyton is still on Lleyton is still on fire..He is

Checking finance now - and as we saw earlier,

the share market has closed
more than 1% higher

as investors welcomed a deal
to avoid the US fiscal cliff. The ASX200 up 57 points. Shares in major miners rose, thanks to a surge in the iron ore
price of nearly 4%. Fortsecue had a good day,
up nearly 6%. The banks were all stronger too. And our dollar buys
just under 105 US cents.

Sally's next with Sydney's weather,
which has taken a turn today. Sal, any signs of sunshine?

Mark, we've got some more
beach weather on the way. I'll tell you
where the hot spots will be next.

It was a pretty bleak day
across the city, but the grey skies won't hang around
for too long with the weather set
to warm up again this week. We tossed and turned
through a pretty warm night, but today those south-east winds
pushed cloud across the skies and dropped temperatures
down to 23 degrees.

Which is 5 below average

From the satellite - we've got a south-east change
pushing through, and that is causing a bit of
coastal cloud for New South Wale. Tomorrow, that change will weaken, and that will allow much warmer
north-east winds to push through, heating up the coast. Meanwhile, very hot northerlies
will flow through inland New South Wales,
Victoria and western Queensland. Around the nation - it will be fine
and hot in Melbourne, Canberra
and Hobart. Meanwhile, expect a scorcher
in Adelaide and Alice Springs. It will be smooth sailing
on the water tomorrow, with variable winds, while the skies will stay cloudy
tonight but that won't hang around for long. Tomorrow, the city will see
plenty of sunshine, which will push temperatures
up to 25 degrees. The winds will swing around
to the north-east in the afternoon and that will be
the hottest part of the day.

Looking ahead -

we've got a run of warm days on the way with just a brief shower or two on Sunday and again on Monday morning, with a south-east change. But across the board, it looks like

the warmer temperatures

That's Seven News
for this Wednesday. Next up, 'Today Tonight's
exclusive interview with the father of Denni North, the Australian woman
found dead in Bali.

Tonight - the 71-year-old
you don't want to mess with. So I just cutting, cutting, cutting and then suddenly, she yell,
"Ohh, you cut my finger!" and then a lot of blood. He cut off his neighbour's finger
in a fight over a hedge.

Plus, talks cheap - she earns $6,000 a week but reckons
she could live on the dole.

And what happened to Denni North
in Bali? Our exclusive interview
with her dad. She was not a wild child.

Good evening. Thanks for joining us.
I'm Kylie Gillies. We know from past experience how disputes between neighbours
can get out of control, but never have we seen
anything like this. It involved a hedge
and pruning shears, and it came to such
a bloody conclusion, that police are now investigating. Madeleine Kennard reports it happened in one of
Australia's more affluent suburbs, where residents
are usually more interested in hedge funds than hedge fights.

I feel scared in my own home. I'm the victim.

I'm the victim. Or so he claims but it's his neighbour
who underwent surgery last night to reattach the finger
taken off by his shears.