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ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Amelia Adams. Good afternoon. A father and four of his adult children have been charged with several offences, including assaulting police and resisting arrest. It comes after seven officers were injured, while trying to break up a domestic dispute in Sydney. Three of the police were treated in hospital for bite wounds and black eyes. Neighbours filmed the violent confrontation in Bankstown and claim police overreacted. Get out of the way! Stay back! (SCREAMING) Nine's Joan O'Doherty is following the story, and we will cross live to him shortly. The United States has avoided the fiscal cliff after the House of Representatives approved a deal set out by theate in an emergency session on New Year's Day. The bill was approved by the House in a 257- 167 vote, just a couple of hours ago. The decision will see most Americans avoid tax hikes, and delays automatic spending cuts in the country's budget. President Barack Obama spoke a short time ago, welcoming the news that the deal had been approved but criticising the time it took.The sum total of all the budget agreements we have reached so far prove there is a path forward, that it is possible. If we focus not on our politics but what's - but what on what is right for the country. The one thing that I think hopefully the New Year will focus on is seeing if we can put a package like this together with less drama, a little less brinkmanship, not scaring the heck out of folks quite as much. We can come together as Democrats and Republicans. To cut spending and raise revenue in a way that reduces our deficit, protects our middle class, provides ladders into the middle class where everybody who is willing to work hard. Considered a victory for President Barack Obama, the measure raises tax rates for those who earn more than $400,000 a year. A man has been charged this afternoon and another person is in custody following the New Year's Eve death of 22-year-old David Cassai. The landscape gardener was walking with mates at Re in Victoria when bashed during a wild brawl. Let's go to Seb Costello for the details. Bring us up to date on the charges.Within the hour, Amelia, the 24-year-old man from Kylsythe has been charged with intentionally causing injury and affray. He has been bailed to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates Court on 20 February. The the 18-year-old also arrested in the early hours of this morning remains in police custody. But tactics of police today have been interesting and deliberate. The pair were separated early. The 24-year-old was taken almost immediately to the Melbourne custody centre to sleep. He was brought back here to St Kilda Road at around 11 o'clock, finally charged around 10 hours after his arrest.What is the latest from David's family? How are they coping inThey remain heart-broken, Amelia, as you can imagine. They are grieving. Their amazing superstar - which is how his sister put it. There is a touching Facebook tribute. The next step is the funeral. No decisions have been made there. But some difficult decisions in the days ahead. Certainly are. Thank you. Jenny Macklin's dole gaffe has sparked anger from welfare group, politicians and Australian families. Now the acting Greens leader has challenged the Families Minister to live on the $35 a day dole payment for one week. For the latest, we will go to Kerrie Yaxley in Canberra. Kerrie, good afternoon. Ms. Macklin's comments have touched a nerve. Frpbls yes, they certainly have, Amelia.It might have something to do with the fact that the minister earns $900 a day, around 25 times the rate of the Newstart allowance. The Greens MP Adamband says that he will give up his parliamentary salary for a week next month, to attempt to live on the dole, and he wants Minister Macklin to join him. We have not heard the Minister's response to that. Her office says that she is making no further comment today. For the minister to say that it is possible to live on $35 a day is an outrageous statement. Living on the dole isn't living - it is barely surviving. I will be spending a week on the dole. I will be trying to survive on $35 a day. I invite the minister to join me. The Government has retaliated by saying that a life on the dole experiment is nothing more than a patronising stunt. Here is Housing Minister Brendan O'Connor.I think it is patronising to pretend that you can live the experience by living on the unemployment benefit or Newstart for one week.Kerrie, it seems welfare groups are agreeing - that life on the dole is not the answer for the minister? Yes. They say it won't help solve the problems that people on the dole face. They say there is significant evidence that the dole rate of $246 a week is is just too low. They want the Government to increase it by $50 a week, in the next federal budget. You cannot replicate that experience, if you are a senior member of government. We are saying to the minister, "Please, do your job, look at the evidence." That increase doesn't seem likely. The Government and the Opposition voted down a Greens proposal for a $50 increase in the Parliament last year. It is a touchy subject for the Government. A teenager has faced an Adelaide court accused of murdering an 18- year-old man on New Year's Eve. The 17-year-old, who cannot be identified, is charged with shooting Lewis McPherson as he walked to a house party in Warradale. In Adelaide's south. The accused has been remanded in custody, while authorities decide whether he is suitable for home detention. A psychiatric report is also being prepared. Detectives are yet to reveal a motive for the attack. The family of a Brisbane woman found dead in a Bali pool are pleading for answers. Denni North had only been living in the Indonesian tourist spot for a few months, before being discovered in a villa pool on Sunday. The 33- year-old's grieving family says she will be remembered as a fun-loving girl. Denni was a really good kid, loved having a good time, travel, and people. That was Denni.We will cross live to our reporter in Brisbane for more on this story a little later in our bulletin. Shark nets across Queensland's Sunshine Coast are being removed, in preparation for the weekend's predicted monster swell. More than 5m waves are forbgs to hit the popular holiday spot on Sunday. Nets at three beachs have been dragged in, with swimmers warned to stay between the flags. Coming up on Nine's Afternoon News Hour - a warning from police as Victoria records its worst road fatality of 2013. The terrifying moment a woman became trapped between her car and a fence. And a '0s icon welcomes in the New Year, Gangnam style. This program is not captioned. Ready?
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This program is not captioned. A man has been killed in a car crash south of Melbourne. The first person to die on Victoria's roads in 2013. As Nine's Justine Mackenzie reports, the man slammed into a tree at Cranbourne. The road here has been closed pretty much all morning as police continue to investigate. It is thought that a man believed to be aged in his 20s lost control of the vehicle, sometime around 3am, while attempting to overtake another car. It was then that he slammed into a tree and, sadly, he died here at the scene.Just a reminder to drivers to slow down, take care. Be safe out on the roads. There's never an excuse for drink driving. Lay off the alcohol.It is the first death on our roads here in Victoria for the year. Just yesterday, police released the road toll for 2012, and all in all, 279 people were killed. Police, of course, will be hoping that 2013 is better. But with these kinds of tragedyies, it really is quite hard to remain positive. A woman has been airlifted to hospital after becoming the trapped between a car and a fence post, west of Brisbane. The woman was trying to push her car, which was broken down, when it started rolling down an embankment. Witnesses managed to keep her calm until emergency crews arrived. She is now in a stable condition. The Ivory Coast has had a tragic start to the New Year with at least 60 people killed and more than 200 injured after a stampede broke out following New Year's Eve fireworks. Three days of national mourning have been declared by the country's President. Most of those who died were children. They thronged to see the largest of several fireworks displays which were marking the new year. It is not known what caused the stampede, which happened around an hour after the midnight festivities. But all those killed and injured were leaving the main football stadium in the centre of Abidjan. Parents rushed to local hospital, hoping to find their missing children. TRANSLATION: My two children were there. They said they wanted to go, but I told them not to. When I went to bed, they came anyway, and we have not seen them since.Several hours after the disaster, the Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara vifted the scene for himself. Abandoned shoes and clothes marked the spot where people were crushed. It is a national tragedy, of course, I hope we will put ourselves to investigate, to see what could have prerch this tragedy.He and his wife visited some of the injured in hospital, with more than 200 casualties being treated, it is expected the death toll will rise. The Government has said that it will pay the medical bills of all those injured. Well, what better way to bring in the New Year than with a blast from the past? '90s rapper MC Hammer and current pop sensation Psy busted out the moves in New York to the Korean stars smash hit 'Gangnam Style'.NYC - mix it up! # Hey, sexy lady # Whop, whop, whop # Gangnam style #2013 could be Gangnam-free, though with the pop star hinting he might retire the world-famous song. Still ahead this afternoon - parts of Australia on high alert, as fire crews prepare for sweltering heat. Also, how the cricketing world plans to honour Tony Greig, at the Sydney Test. And some delicate dental work for Jahari the lion. Right now, though, here is a look

Tonight - a father of three says he thought he was going to die, after being attacked while walking past a teenage party at Erskine Park. He tells his terrifying story. Five members of a Bankstown family arrested over a wild brawl that left seven police officers injured. Security video from St Vincent's Hospital shows the moments just before a Double Bay mother disappeared. A boom in the use of vitamins - but experts say you could be wasting your money. A Cranebrook mother's warning after she came very close to losing her 2-year-old girl in her backyard pool. And a young Penrith family claims a $1.4 million Lotto prize. See you for Nine News at 6:00pm.

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This program is not captioned. Four years after Victoria's devastating Black Saturday bush Fires, the state is bracing for extreme fire conditions. Emergency crews are preparing for the worst, with temperatures set to climb above 40 degrees towards the end of the week. Let's go live to Nine's Alexis Daish for more.The people that I have spoken to are as ready as they can be. They have not experienced some of the worse -- having experienced some of the worst bushfires, they know what is required. Today, residents spent their time clearing their properties of grass, debris, sticks. They spent their time mowing lawns, both around their own homes as well as other nearby buildings. For those families lucky enough to have water pumps, they were checking they have all the parts that are needed, that they are functioning properly, should masses of water be needed quickly. What is interesting about all of this is how the families in MarysVille are feeling, having experienced the devastation of four years ago, and facing potentially the same fire risks over the next few days. We caught up with a family earlier today who managed to save their home on Black Saturday. We have a plan, you know, if it gets really bad - I which I doubt - you would get out. I don't think I would stay and fight again.If you can go, you should go. If you are scared, like I will be...I don't think you can afford to become complacent. Alexis, how hot is it expected to get there? The fire authorities are saying that the temperatures will start at about 41 in the city, but then get up as high as about 44 in northern parts of the state, and, in some parts up there, it will stay that hot for days. The reason it is creating a high fire risk is because the winds will be coming from the north, meaning once the fires start, they - well, they could get out of control very quickly. With these temperatures potentially staying this high for days on end, the fire authorities are now obviously encouraging everyone to have their fire plans in place, already, ready to go. Unfortunately, they are now going to play the waiting game. They can, obviously, take their advice and do what they can.Let's hope people do that. Meantime, other parts of the country are also sweltering through extreme heat. A severe bushfire warning has been issued for several regions in SA, with temperatures climbing into the 40s in the state's north. The mercury also soared above 40 degrees in Queensland, with windy and dry conditions keeping emergency crews on high alert. Three firefighters battling a blaze in bushland, north of Brisbane, had to be treated for heat exhaustion, and smoke inhalation. People need to just be aware that of the conditions outside. They need to remain in hydrated. They need to be aware of the fire dangers.It was slightly cooler in NSW, although a total fire ban has been in place for the state's north-west. A special tribute will be held for cricket legend Tony Greig at the third test between Australia and Sri Lanka, starting a the skeedge tomorrow. The former -- SCG tomorrow. The former English test captain suffered a heart aattack and died on Saturday, aged 66. Wear black arm bands for the whole game during the National Anthem. We have Vivian and the family coming on to the ground. It is least we can do for such a great player and, most importantly, a great man.Fans are also being urged to wear zinc on their noses to mark Mike Hussey's retirement and pink for Jane McGrath day. A lion-size toothache at Victoria's Werribee Zoo today, with Jahari, the male lion, undergoing a delicate procedure to repair a cracked tooth. After administering an anaesthetic, the dentist went to work, drilling and applying medication. The procedure lasted less than an hour. After a little nap, the king of the jungle was back on his paws! Still to come on Nine News - several police officers injured after a domestic dispute turned violent in Sydney's south-west. We will get the latest from our reporter, next. The family of a Queensland woman killed in Bali demands. Also, a glassing victim tells Nine News how he survived the vicious attack. And baby blues - Kim Kardashian opens up about being pregnant. This program is not captioned. fix
Good afternoon, The Territory' s
fixed speed cameras caught more tha th
55 thousand motorists last year - Dri
the most were nabbed on Hindmarsh tomor
Drive. Summernats, which starts Guin
tomorrow, is hoping to break the biggest
Guinness world record for the Th
biggest simultaneous burnout. And, ne
The Canberra Cavalry have welcomed to
new pitcher Brodie Downs, ahead of Narrabun
tomorrow' s series opener at 6.30..
Narrabundah. Details tonight -

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This program is not captioned. To some breaking news now - a man has died after being pulled from the surf on the Gold Coast. It is believed the 33-year-old was found unconscious, just offshore from Kirra Beach. Well, it is America's toughest fitness camp and people are forking out $2,000 to do it, spending their holidays pushed to the limit. The gruelling week-long test is called the Extreme Seal Experience named after the elite troops it is modelled on. Some guys golf! Some guys fish. Some guys lay on the beach and drink. But these guys are spending their vacation and almost $2,000 a week doing sit-ups until they are ready to puke. They're eating mud while being sprayed with pellet guns, setting their sleep-deprived shoulders on fire with 300 pound walls. And jumping out of the occasional helicopter all into the freezing river, being insulted with reel assailant profanity. Welcome to the this - the closest you get to tasting the basic underwater demolition school, the navy's grinder where 80% of the man who enter fail. But Sniper Besick and Don Shipley not only made it but became SEAL instructors and in their retirement will sell you a sample. How authentic is this experience?It is a big toe in the water. It is education. You want to be a pro- quarterback, you go into a football camp and hang out with those guys. Since K aerbgs, l Team 6 put a shots in Bin Laden's face, the camps are packed with young wannabes and old dreamer. Doug's wife had to promise a trip to Jamaica to let him come!It is my midlife crisis - it is the red Corvette right there!It is a big black scary ocean out there, the lack of guys out there comfortable in it. It is a small challenge. And on hell night... These desk jockey, high school students and suburban dads are forged into warrior teams, on the anvils of pain and humiliation. But I quickly learned that blasting paper terrorists, walking the wall commando style, and tasting the shock and awe of a 50 calibre sniper rifle...ThatWill clear your sinuses...!Are only parts of the allure. They are paying for the addictive camaraderie, which comes from shared pain.You are tired, you are hungry, cold. So everybody else. You work together, motivate. Kind of focus on helping the guy next to you.Your most vivid memory are from hardship, suffering. Most of these guys have never been pushed this hard before. It will stick out in their head. Jumping out of a helicopter, you know? It is those things - you know, it is a little cold water, scary up there, things like that.That's right! The coup de grace of this adventure - the reward for the work and pain - is a stomach-flipping apocalypse now ride along the free tops, followed by the pilot's encouragement to unbuckle the seat belt, step out on to the strut, and jump into the North West River! You are watching Nine's Afternoon News. Five people from one family have been charged after a wild brawl in Sydney's south-west, which left seven police officers injured. Police in Bali hunt for a key witness in the death of a Brisbane woman, as her family demand answers. And the parents of a Sydney woman who went missing from a hospital have made an emotional plea for her return. Five members of one family are facing a series of charges after seven police officers were injured in a brawl in Sydney's south-west.

The brother got tasered once.They pulled out capsicum spray.It was full on. It was unbelievable. Like, just the amount of kick, punches, it was just like a massive riot. John, what happens next? Well, Amelia, the five members of the Mehanna family, who have been charged, due to appear at Parramatta Bail Court, likely to take place tomorrow morning. Until then, they will stay here at Bankstown Police Station. Thank you for that. Well, the family of a Brisbane woman found dead in Bali have spoken for the first time about their loss. It comes as Indonesian Police confirm they're searching for a key witness, who discovered Denni North's body in a villa pool. Let's go to Darren Curtis for the latest details. Obviously, a very emotional time for Denni's family. What have they had to say?Well, the family, and the extended friends, have also been turning to Facebook to express their grief and just the sheer heart break they have been feeling at the moment. Denni was an incredibly vibrant person, we have been told, a great love for travel, spent two years travelling the world recently, decided to move back to Bali before coming home to Australia. And they've talked about that heart break - just the sheer shock of not knowing what has gone on. It is really upset them. Denni's moo, Wendy, took to Facebook herself and wrote an interesting members of the jury - she wanted to thank everyone from around the world.

We spoke to her uncle today, saying that there are so many questions unsolved at the moment. He talks about the pain that the family has been going through, being so distant from Bali at the moment. Well, it was utter shock, really. We could not believe it. But, well, actually, had quite a few people - well, they rang me and said, "Is it true?" I said, "Unfortunately, yes." Full of life - that is how we remember her.What can you tell us about the investigation in Bali?, Well, at this stage, the police are saying that they do have a key witness that they want to talk to that seems to have disappeared. Now, they are not saying that this person may be involved in Denni's death. But this person was there at the time, or soon after, pulling Denni from the pool, giving her CPR and assistance. That person has disappeared at the moment. They are now going back to the resort, where she worked and some of the other places around, Denni was well known in Bali, to see if they can try to trace the person, see if they can pick up a few more clues. But the family, they say they want to bring her home as quickly as possible, so they can begin autopsies here to get their own evaluation and assessment.You cannot imagine what they are going through. A Queensland couple is being hailed heroes after rescuing a woman and her 13-month-old baby from their burning boat west of Brisbane. The speedboat exploded after 7 o'clock this morning, after it became stuck in reeds.There was fire all around her. Then she said as

What have police had to say about the attack? Well, Amelia, they say they are at a loss as to how something like this could happen. They are calling it a brutal, vicious attack, which could have cost Brad his life. They want the incident to act as a warning as a -- danger as a warning about posting parties in Facebook. When they were hosting the New Year's Eve party, they anticipated that 30 or 40 guests would come. They had no idea who the alleged attackers were. Police say to them it is a massive concern. Let's listen to what officers had to say.Even if you go down the path of organising a party in a pror manner, where you might invite your friends to a personal invite, or over the telephone, your friends need to be mindful that something can escalate from nothing, even if they put a Facebook posting out there about a party. This investigation is ongoing but a 17-year-old boy has been charged over the attack and will face court next week. Well, the parents of a moo of two, who went missing from a Sydney hospital, have made a tearful plea for her to return. 40-year-old Belinda Burcham was last seen walking out of St Vincent's Hospital on Sunday morning without receiving medical clearance. Belinda's parents say they are concerned for her safety.She has never gone missing before. She is 40 years old. In that time, we have always had contact from her.We want you back.Anyone with any information is urged to contact police. Kim Kardashian has spoken out about her pregnancy in her first interview since she and Kanye West announced they were expecting their first child. The reality TV star says she doesn't have any cravings, and hasn't suffered morning sickness, three months into her pregnancy. While that would sound like a dream to most mums to-be, Kim says being pregnant is a lot harder than people think.It is not as easy as people think! It is - you know, a little painful, there's a lot of growing pains. So I heard it is all worth it! I'm looking forward to that!Kim also hinted the pair's baby may not have got parents because she did not when she was growing up. Well, whether it is to lose weight or to save money, chances are many of us have begun 2013 with a raft of New Year's resolutions. But not surprisingly, a new study has found they tend not to last very long. Three, two, one... Happy New Year!No sooner had the New Year's Ball dropped and up popped Jessica Simpson, one of the first ads of the New Year.When a weight loss program is built for human nature, you can expect amazing.Our resolutions were personal. About 40% of Americans make these promises.I was going to be nicer to my brothers.Not complaininging

This program is not captioned. (SINGS) # In history's page # Let every stage # Advance Australia fair # In joyful strains... #
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Fahey the Australians have finalised their preparations ahead of the third Test with Sri Lanka. He tank has been named. There is some surprise.There will be no Test debut for Chloe Maxwell. He has been named it off man. -- Chloe Maxwell. They were taking a spinner Nathan Lyon. That will fill the void for the injured Shane Watson. Mitchell Johnson was considered a all-rounder for the test after his unbeaten 92 at the MCG. The only edition is Mitchell Starc. He comes in after being arrested over their win over Sri Lanka.I'm bringing Mitchell Starc back into the team to help our bowling attack. Mitchell Johnson is batting in Melbourne as well as an all-rounder. We are confident we have enough batting. We have extra bowling. It is real good for us.They have not named a vice captain in Shane Watson's absence. Michael Clarke is 100% fit and recovered from that hamstring injury. If he does go down, Mike Hussey will be named the captain in the fair will test. Sam Stosur is training hard after hope early exit from the Brisbane International. She is preparing for the Sydney International starting on Sunday. She is hoping for plenty of court time before the first Grand Slam of the year at Melbourne Park. A fellow Aussie is also out of the Brisbane tournament.

After almost 20 years on tour, Lleyton Hewitt does not get too many firsts. But the Brisbane International was one of them and he made a colder start on Pat Rafter arena. He was facing a Russian player. He be can -- began with a trying set-up.

The opponent was a late replacement. He cannot match the experience of later he would. He warmed up for his 17th are sold for the Australian Open.He came out with the attitude that he had nothing to lose. A lot of lucky losers have that. It makes it awkward.There was nothing orchid about Serena Williams. Her shot was clinical. That is where the excitement ended. The effects of insomnia hit hard after the match.I'm really boring now. I used to be more fun.Staying up even later was her sister Venus Williams. She teamed up with John is now. -- John Isner.

The Wanderers have jumped into third on the A-League ladder. The Japanese star -- star scored. Still, he was not happy.I missed many times. I will do more.

The Phoenix crashed to a 2-1 loss to Brisbane. The Newcastle coach was fuming insisting his goalkeeper was fouled before conceding a first half penalty. After a tough comeback from injury, Tim Payne has steered the Hurricanes to a 6-wicket victory over Perth Scorchers. The wicket keeper smashed 74 from 57 balls as the Hurricanes chased down Perth with nine balls to spare. It boosted Hobart to third on the VBL ladder, ending Perth's 3-game winning streak. Finally, this afternoon, the goals continue to flow in the English Premier League. Manchester United hammered Wiggin to start 2013 with a 4-0 win. Sydney were just as impressive against Stoke. Happy New Year! COMMENTATOR: Welcome to 2013! But the honour of scoring the very first goal of the year went to Berbatov, as Fulham edged past wrong. That is all the sport from Melbourne. Coming up in the Afternoon News - the finance for you and the latest weather forecast.

Tonight on WIN News: Hundreds lose crackdo
double demerits, in a holiday
crackdown. Welfare groups, predict Summ
tough year for Canberrans. And, Territory..
Summernats rolls into the Territory.. That' s tonight. This program is not captioned.

It is time to check all the weather details for you now. And we go first to the satellite, where some troughs are triggering showers and

first to the satellite, where some
troughs are triggering showers and storms across the top half of the country with the heaviest falls expected in northern Queensland. A front is causing some strong winds and a shower or two in Tasmania. A high is keeping SA, Victoria and NSW mostly dry.

Checking the finance figures for you now:

Well, that is Nine's Afternoon News for today. Our next bulletin is at 6 o'clock. I'm Amelia Adams. Thanks for beinging with us today. Have a great evening. SONG: # Hey, sexy lady # Ooh, ooh # This program is not captioned. Hello, everybody. Welcome to
the Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. We're gonna get right into it. Do you know that the question...
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"So what," you say.
Well, anyway, it's part of my life. It's gone. It'll never come back. But anyway, we're gonna have
a really big one tonight, aren't we, guys? We're gonna ask 15 questions. One of you could win $1 million. How about that, everyone?

You right, Len?
Right. Let's meet our contestants tonight,
and they are - Len Jones once had to rescue
Angry Anderson from the Kokoda Track. Helen McEachern didn't
see the groundhog at Punxsutawney, but she did sit on Gobbler's Knob. At home, Adam Sayers pretends
he's in a cooking show to entertain his girlfriend. Miraculously, Vivianne Vandenberg was hit by a car and went through
the windscreen, but wasn't hurt. Well done. At only 27, Kayla Kearney
is a callisthenics veteran and racking up over 25 years. John Hymus was pulled over
for driving without a licence - big deal,
except it was an army tank.


We got a great group of people. Over 10,000 questions - there's 15 waiting for you, Len,
and $1 million at the end of it. You ready to go?
Let's go. Let's go. Come on.

Nice to meet you.
You too, Lenny. Well done, pal.

Len Jones, 79 years of age. Retired, from Goodna in Queensland. His daughter is Lenin. Hello, Lenin. Hi, Eddie.
Welcome aboard. Lenin is 15. Jasnin is seven.

Now, Len, Len...

I don't think they're aspirin
you're taking at night-time, because you're 79, you've got
a seven-year-old daughter. Mm-hm.

You've got a 53-year-old son
and a seven-year-old daughter. Yes. Oh, mate, you're are...
(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Thank you, Ed.
Hope you continue too. Mate. (CHUCKLES)
All bow to Len. What a sensational performance.

Right. Wow! And you fly the choppers? No.
Used to? No, no, no.
I was the manager on the ground. Oh, OK. How'd you get Angry Anderson
out of the Kokoda Track? Well...the weather turned so bad
up there, it was unbelievable. Like, Angry's as tough
as old bootlaces, and if anybody could've done it,
he could've done it, but just got too much. Too much for him.
So we choppered him out. You flew Ray Martin in
a couple of times. Yep. Ray.
Come on, Len. Let's play Hot Seat.
You ready to go? Let's do it.

100 bucks.


I think we might settle
with the C, Eddie, thank you. Pancake Tuesday locked in. Pancake Wednesday,
isn't it, these days? Well, whatever.
Anyway, it is. It's in for $100. There you go.

Pancake Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday. Here we go for $200.


I should be an expert on this,
but, uh... Yeah, I know, mate. Jeez.
You can't say it was too long ago. Eddie, love talking to you,
but I'm gonna take a pass. See you, Lenny. See you later.

Helen McEachern.
Yes. Is a mum and part-time
administration assistant. Yes. More importantly -
Helen, stand up for a second. We've got a question about pregnancy
and trimesters. And...? I'm in my second trimester.
You are. Yes.
Sit down.

How many trimesters
do you have left? I have one.
You have one left. I'll ask you the question, then. (REPEATS QUESTION)

Three's locked in. Three's correct for $200.

Hello, Helen.

How's things? How are you?
Yeah. Good. Hey, that's great. Now, I love this. You met your partner, Stephen,
who's a draughtsman - you've been together
for eight and a half years. You met Stephen when you were 10.
Yes, indeed. Your families used
to go away camping together, he was the first boy you kissed. Yes.
What, on the camp, was he? No, at...yeah, I was 16. In a tent. (LAUGHS)
Yeah. At age 19, you became an item. Yes, we did. But did you think,
"We can't go out together - "we've known each other for long,"
or...? I was in love with him
since I was about 13, so it finally happened
many, many years later and we're still together now. Fantastic.
Very happy. You've got Ryan, who's two,
and a little one on the way. So good luck, OK?
Thank you very much. Come on - let's go, Helen,
for 300 bucks.