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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - the police breakthrough in the hunt
for a Victorian man's killers. Seven Sydney police officers injured
during a wild family brawl. And the minister's
controversial claim edited out
of an official transcript. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News,
morning edition, with Chris Reason. Good morning. Police have made a breakthrough in their investigations into the bashing death
of a young Victorian man. Two men were arrested this morning
over the attack on David Cassai. Cameron Baud has the latest.

Two men remain in custody over the killing of David Cassai at Rye, on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula on New Year's Eve. The pair, were arrested in the early hours of this morning. Now, they have been questioned over the vicious brawl during which David during which David was felled by a single punch to the head. Homicide detectives aren't rushing the process. As well as interviewing the men, they have allowed them the opportunity to rest during their time in custody. Amid their grief, the Cassai family have attempted to extract something positive out of a disastrous situation by agreeing to donate Dave's organs. The son and brother they will miss.He will never be a dad, a grandpa, have children.He won't be an uncle to my kids.Two men have been brought in and kids.Two men have been brought in and question said over the case. They haven't been charged. Police believe they are part of a group of seven who initiated the attack.

Seven Sydney police
have been injured when a family brawl turned violent
in Sydney overnight. Up to 30 officers were responding
to a domestic incident when family members
allegedly turned on them.

Good morning, Chris. Well, residents here in this unit complex in Bankstown in Sydney south-west say something that happened here last night was a riot. Two officers from South Bank police station to what police say was a domestic dispute. But then there are were 30 polices here. What the video shows, it was fairly dark but lots of dramatic scenes. Lots of screaming and yelling. There was capsicum spray used and witnesses say punches and knees between residents and police. Within five minutes, all the police come stormish from everywhere. Thaict detectives here, riot cops here. It was just, like, horrific. Quite dramatic scenes we are told. In the mayhem, we are told, seven police officers injured. One has a black eye, one was black eye, one police officers injured. One has a black eye, one was knocked out. Capsicum spray was used and a female officer had to have her eyes washed out. A father, three boys and a daughter were all arrested last night. They are assisting police with their inquiries. The father has since been released by police but investigations continue here this morning after quite a dramatic night at Bankstown.

A teenager will face court today, charged with murdering another
teenager in Adelaide. The victim was on his way
to a New Year's Eve party when he was shot in the chest. Roscoe Whalan has the story. Chris, the alleged killer
has already arrived here at the Adelaide Youth Court and is expected to appear
some time later this morning. The 17-year-old has been charged with the murder of former schoolmate
Lewis McPherson and various firearm offences. The tragedy unfolded on Sixth Avenue
just before 8pm on New Year's Eve as Mr McPherson and two friends
were walking to a party. Come down this street
and got to here and the guy came round that corner
and pulled out a gun and then shot about four times. I was on this side
and he shot at me once and then he shot my mate
with the last shot, in his chest and that's when
he ended up over there. Friends say they thought the gunman
had a cap gun and have no idea why they
were targeted in the attack. I've never been on bad terms
with him. None of us ever have. Witnesses say as they desperately
tried to revive Mr McPherson, the gunman reappeared
and waved his gun at them. Mr McPherson was rushed to hospital
but died shortly after. Friends and family
have flocked to the scene and laid flowers by the roadside. Mr McPherson's Facebook page has
also been inundated with messages. Hundreds of devastated schoolmates
gathered at a nearby oval last night to mourn the loss of their friend. Friends and family
are still desperately trying to come to terms with the tragedy. They're hoping today can shed
some light on why it happened. Indonesian police
are trying to retrace the final movements
of an Australia woman who was found dead
in a swimming pool in Bali. Denni North has been living
in Seminyak and was working in public relations. She was found face down in a pool
at her villa on Sunday. Police are now believed to be
treating her death as suspicious. It's believed she had hosted a party
at the villa the night before. Friends and family say
they are shocked and devastated. Families Minister Jenny Macklin
is under fire for declaring she could live on
the Newstart allowance of $35 a day. On top of that, her office is being criticised for
leaving the controversial comments off the transcript
of her media conference. Political reporter Sarah Wiley
joins us now from Canberra. Good morning, Chris.

They have explained. They did say they didn't deliberately leave these comments off the transcript. Instead, it says a staff member who went to the press conference used an iPhone to record what she was saying and when they want back it wasn't good quality and they couldn't hear the question and could only hear a car revving. Our crew was also there at the press conference and didn't have any trouble hearing it. Let's take a listen.

REPORTER: Could you live
on the dole? I could. And, of course, we understand that what's important for people
who are unemployed is that we do everything possible
to do everything we can to help people get into work.

The minister earns over $ The minister earns over $6,000 a week, but anyway, there has been a lot of focus on welfare payments this new year as cutbacks take hold? That's right, the Government has announced changes that will see single parents moved on to New Start onceest child turns 8. It means they will lose up to $ will lose up to $223 a fortnight, a lot of money. Jenny Macklin was asked if she could live off the dole and she said she could, that is just $ and she said she could, that is just $35 a day. It has outrage said welfare groups who say those living on the payment are struggling to make ends meet.

The evidence is clear they are
living below the poverty line and we, as a country,
can afford to address that. The Government claims the change will encourage
single parents to go back to work.

Many thanks.

after crashing his car into a tree
in Melbourne early this morning. It's believed
the dark-coloured sedan was travelling through Cranbourne
at around 3:00 when it skidded off the road. The vehicle's lost control. It's crossed the centre median strip where it's hit a tree
and caught fire. The driver died at the scene. It's not believed there was anyone
else in the vehicle at the time. Police are looking at whether speed
was a factor in the crash. A deal to resolve uncertainty
over the so-called US fiscal cliff hangs in the balance after urgent legislation
was approved by the Senate. Kathryn Morgan joins us now
from the US. Good morning, Kathryn.
What happens now?

Well, good morning, Chris. We now have to wait and see whether this deal is passed by the House of Representatives. It needs to be approved by both the house and the senate before it can be written into law. The house has been debating this deal all day. It has been meant with some strong opposition by a number of house Republicans. They are concerned it doesn't do enough to deal with the issue of public spending and the effects public spending has on the country's deficit. What the bill is proposing, it is proposing to delay the huge public spending cuts America was expecting to see the minute it went over the fiscal cliff. It wants to delay those cuts for two months and a lot are saying it is simply denaying the inevitable. Let's listen.

This is a raw deal
for the American people. They deserve a lot better deal than what they are getting from the
Senate today and from the President.

So, basically, we wait. We might get a house vote later this evening. We may not. The house may decide to amend it and send it back to the senate for further debate. We are no closer to the finish line.Thank you.

Victoria is facing some
of its worst fire conditions since Black Saturday as the state braces
for a record-breaking heatwave. In the north-west, temperatures are tipped
to climb over 40 degrees for six days in a row
from tomorrow. South Australia
and parts of Queensland are also facing dangerous fire
conditions as the mercury rises. Next in Seven News -
the rubbish dumpers costing Australian charities
millions of dollars. And staying in touch -

the message to parents about
keeping close to their premi babies.

WOMAN: We do more
than just health insurance. Members with
Medibank hospital cover have the support of our
24/7 Health Advice Line, so they can
call on a nurse any time. From sickness and in health
and everything in between.

Charities say they're spending
tens of thousands of dollars on fencing and security cameras to stop illegal dumping
near their stores. Residents in Melbourne
have left mountains of junk next to the Salvation Army store
in Deer Park. Beautiful organisation. The Salvos, that do so much
for disadvantaged people, are having their system destroyed
by the stupid illegal dumping people in an uneducated way, saying, "Oh, well, they can take the
television set, that's recyclable. "Here, have fish heads." Illegal dumping costs Australia
millions of dollars every year. At least 61 people have been killed as New Year's celebrations
turned into a panicked stampede on the Ivory Coast. Children were among the dozens
left injured and taken to hospital. Witnesses say the stampede broke out
after a fireworks display ended. As crowds pushed out of the stadium,
people became unable to move and many were trampled in the rush. Nurses are encouraging mums and dads
of premature babies to have more interaction
with their newborns in the early stages
of their development. Medical experts say
parents provide a magic touch, creating a closeness
which helps them sleep and grow. To stay alive and thrive, premature babies
in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit may endure as many as 14 painful
medical procedures a day... A lot of those things require
tape around the face so there's a lot of negative
experiences in and around the face. ..making it important to teach
these babies about positive touch. The first time I kangarooed,
I just cried. Kangaroo care, as it's called, is when babies lie on mom or dad's
chest for skin-to-skin contact. Jennifer Marks kangaroos her
twin daughters, Emme and Sabrina, who were born three months
premature. It stabilises them
and makes them sleep better and I just...
I feel like it's a big benefit. It really helps them get them
right back on track in case they have
a little rough day. Such closeness can help
regulate breathing and heart rates and even have an analgesic effect. When Mom and Dad can't be there, NICU nurses are using a little
device called the Zaky Hand. It's designed so that moms
can sleep with the hand and then put it in the isolette
or the crib with the baby during their stay in the NICU so that it has mom or dad's scent. The nurses say
babies who cuddle with the hand tend to sleep better, which is
critical to their brain development. Illustrating the power
of positive human touch, sisters Emme and Sabrina don't need
the artificial hand anymore, they have each other.

To finance now and joining me
is Elliot Clarke from Westpac. Elliot, good morning. A headache to start 2013 with laws
to avoid the fiscal cliff in the US still not a done deal.

This morning we see the markets are cautious but somewhat hesitant reaction to the news we have seen overnight. The Australian market is currently up 0. currently up 0.5% at the moment, about the same as we started at the beginning of the session. The gains have been broadbased with gains inine ore prices. In the US overnight, the senate passed the bill in pass the laws to avoid the fiscal cliff. The house has to vote on that to do. There has been some, I guess, animosity, towards the bill from house Republicans who are looking for more spending cuts. They are looking are looking to see what will happen later today.Thank you.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian
admits pregnancy 'hasn't been easy' but says she's looking forward
to being a mother. Kim's partner, rapper Kanye West,
announced they were expecting a baby during a concert on the weekend. Speaking about her pregnancy
for the first time at a New Year's Eve party, Kim says she has suffered
'growing pains'. I would have to disagree. The couple's first child
is due at the end of June. Some of the world's biggest stars have helped New York City
ring in 2013. As thousands of people packed into
Time Square to watch the ball drop, stars including Psy,
Carly Rae Jepsen and Taylor Swift took to the stage to keep the party
going well into the new year. (SINGS) # We are never ever, ever # Getting back together. # A massive clean-up
is continuing across New York after the huge celebrations. Next in Seven News - Australia
has its final training session before tomorrow's third test. And Lleyton Hewitt
advances to the next round of the Brisbane International.

VOICEOVER: When you smoke
around kids, you expose them to thousands of chemicals
that are eating them alive. Cigarette smoke contains poisons
like cyanide and carbon monoxide that trigger severe health
problems like ear infections...

..asthma and deadly pneumonia. Cigarette smoke
is linked to low birth weight and doubles the risk of SIDS. Cigarettes are eating you
and your kids alive. Quit smoking today.

Michael Clarke's
set to lead Australia in tomorrow's third test
against Sri Lanka in Sydney despite ongoing concerns
over a hamstring injury. The Aussies have opted
for a four-man pace attack, with all-rounder Glen Maxwell
named twelfth man. Meanwhile, Glenn McGrath will be
inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame during the match. Pat Molihan caught up
with the fast-bowling legend. Yes, the Sydney Test,
it means Jane McGrath day as well. Glenn, for most people
who don't even know you, it's mixed with sadness,
it's like beers and tears and everything like that It's incredible legacy. And to see the people come out
and support the foundation in the way they have, and the fact's been
renamed Jane McGrath Day, it's special for my family
and my children, James and Holly. Glenn, as far as you go,
luckily it's on day three, because the way Sri Lanka
have been going... have you gotta tell your mates
to go easy? Well, yeah, we'll see how we go. They played pretty well in,
ah, down in Melbourne and I think they'll take
a lot of confidence here if Australia bowls first. Could be interesting. We'll wait and see. Hopefully
it'll be a good test match. Go into day four at least
and see how we go. No Pigeon anymore,
but the Bird's here. What have you thought
of the Bird Man? I've been impressed. It's the first
I've really seen him bowl. He seems like
he's got a great attitude. He bowls good areas, gets a bit of
nip and swings the ball a bit too. So I think he's got
everything he needs to be successful at test cricket. Obviously, he's started
his test career off very well to get a wicket early and bowl
as well as he did in Melbourne. I think he'll enjoy the wicket here. So I think he's got a big career
in front of him. Thanks for joining us.
Wonderful initiative. Remember to stick pink, day three
and right throughout the series.


will do.

Tim Paine and former Australia
captain Ricky Ponting have again combined
to secure the Hurricanes' victory in the Big Bash League. The Scorchers set Hobart 153. Simon Katich was the backbone
of their innings with a quick-fire half-century. A trio of wickets for in-form
Ben Laughlin applied the brakes. COMMENTATOR: And that's
a great delivery. Laughlin. The chase never looked in doubt, when Paine and Ponting combined,
their partnership was worth 90. Paine finished unbeaten on 74, guiding his side home
with nine balls to spare. to progress to the second round
of the Brisbane International. He needed three sets
to get past Russia's Igor Kunitsyn. In the women's draw,
Serena Williams cruised through. Playing in Brisbane as a warm-up
for a 17th Australian Open campaign, Lleyton Hewitt had to deal
with a late change of opponents after Radek Stepanek withdrew
with an eye infection. His replacement,
failed qualifier Igor Kunitsyn, should have been an easy assignment
for the former world number one but the Russian pounced on his one
and only break-point opportunity, levelling at one set all. UMPIRE: Game, Kunitsyn. Kunitsyn's play didn't reflect
his world 162 ranking, carrying momentum until the fourth
game of the deciding set. Come on! COMMENTATOR: Gets the break. Hewitt's fighting spirit
soon came to the fore as did long-time absent
sharp court movement, the former US Open
and Wimbledon champion

is finally enjoying being injury-
free for the first summer in years. The best thing for me
is you just have a clear mind. You know, I... You sort of dreaded going
on the practise court and you know, how much pain you were
going to be on the match court. And to have that in the back
of your mind was just tough. You couldn't go out there with a
clear mind to enjoy playing tennis and competing.

Serena Williams is favourite
to take out the women's title, smashing this 200km/h serve as she
booked a spot in the quarterfinals. Live coverage
of the Brisbane International from 12:30
Eastern Daylight Savings Time. And world number one
Victoria Azarenka headlines
another bumper night session. Check your local guides. The Western Sydney Wanderers
are quickly confirming themselves as title contenders
in the A-League this season. Japanese playmaker Shinji Ono
showed why he's a marquee star. COMMENTATOR: Shinji Ono! That is magnificent! Absolutely first class. Ono wasn't done - sealing the 2-1 result
in equally impressive fashion. That's the side's fourth win
in five games. And Brisbane has secured its first
consecutive wins of the season, edging past the Wellington Phoenix,
also 2-1. And in the Premier League, Manchester United remains
seven points clear of rivals City on top of the ladder
after a short trip to Wigan. The Red Devils slotted four goals
past their hapless hosts, both Javier Hernandez and
Robin Van Persie claiming braces. The former Arsenal striker now
with 19 goals this season. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

Taking a look at the weather now - Onshore winds are causing
showers and storms over part of Queensland while a trough is triggering
thundery showers in Western Australia's
north and west. Around the capitals -

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30
and tonight at 6:00. I'm Chris Reason.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions by
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