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Stkpwhrifrpblgts This program is captioned live. ANNOUNCER: This is nine up ins with Amelia Adams. Good morning. Seven police officers have been injured in a brawl in Sydney's west. It resulted in six members of one family being taken into custody. Let's go straight to Nine's a John O'Doherty who is at the scene in Bankstown. John, good morning. What happened?Amelia, this all happened just after midnight this morning. Officers, as you say, came to attend a family diput. Neighbours tell us, though, when police arrive they'd were asked to leave, they were told the situation was under control, but nevertheless they proceeded to approach the property. How things unfolded then is still somewhat unclear. What we do know for certain is that there was a serious altercation between the family and police. One constable was allegedly punched in the eye and it is alleged up to six other members of the family then joined in. Six police officers have been injured and three have been treated in hospital. Six members of the family have been arrested. Two are under guard in hospital. What we have heard from the neighbours this morning is apparently there are claims of police brutality. More than 20 police officers were involved. Some of them were kneeing and punching and even king hiting members of the family. Some of the neighbours have taken us through the scene here and explained what happened where and when. Let's have a listen to one of the neighbours. A person in the handcuffs was punching him on the ground. They had him against the gate and they were punching him and punching him on the ground. The brother got tasered once and he was still fighting and they tasered him and his body was shaking on the ground. They pulled out capsicum spray and it was full-on. It was unbelievable the amount of kicks and punches. It was just like a massive riot.John, what is the latest on those family members in place custody?Amelia, three men and one woman are now in place custody. Two are also under guard, as I mentioned in hospital. Now, it is expected the charges will be laid shortly. At this stage it is not entirely sure when. We will have more details on this developing story as they come to hand.Alright, John, thank you. We will get an update from you a little later. Two more men have been arrested over the death of a young member man who was bashed during a brawl on New Year's Eve. 22-year-old David Cassai was with friends when he was attacked in the city's south-east. Nine's Seb Costello is following developments for us. Morning, Seb. What do we know about these other men who have been arrested?Morning, Amelia. The pair were taken into custody in the early hours of this morning. An 18- year-old from Millgrove, a country town in the state's east and a 22- year-old from Kilsythe. They have allowed them rest breaks. This is the second pair to be arrestedch last night before 8pm another two young men from Kilsythe were also interviewed by police. They were said

To bring us up-to-date we will cross to Kerrie Yaxley in Canberra. Morning, Kerrie. This is not the sort of controversy that the Government would want to start the year with.No, it is definitely not, Amelia. Minister Macklin's office has denied any cover-up here.

They recorded the minister's answer loud and clear. Have a listen. REPORTER: Could you live on the dole?What we know is that we needed to fix a difference that was in the system for parenting payments.With respect, that didn't answer the question. Could you live on the dole?I could. What is important for people who are unemployed is do everything possible to help people get work. And Kerrie, welfare groups are now challenging the minister to prove that she can live on that payment. Yeah, they along with the Greens are angry over the minister's claims and they want her to back it up and try to live on the dole for a while. As a Cabinet minister Miss Macklin earned 25 times the late of the New Start allowance. She would have to make ends meet with just $35 a day. This is a particularly sensitive issue for the Government. On the same day as miss Macklin made those comments, thousands of parents were shifted from the parenting payment to the New Start allowance, which will leave some parents more than $100 a week worse off. That was a budget-saving measure announced last year. So far no word on whether Jenny Macklin will take up the challenge to live on the dole.We will wait and see. Kerrie, thank you very much for. A mum and toddler have been injured in a boat fire in Queensland. The pair suffered burns when their ski boat caught fire on Atkinson Dam near Toowoomba. They have been taken to hospital for treatment. The mother received burns to her head and arms and her 13-month-old daughter's hair was singed. Emergency crews searching for a missing teenager have discovered a body in Sunshine Coast bushland. Dylan Daure vanished early on Sunday morning after leaving a tavern, sparking a major search by police and SES crews. A body was found at Buderim late yesterday but the remains are yet to be identified. A large clean-up operation is under way this morning. More than 24 hours after fire ripped there u a recycling plant in Sydney's west. Dozens of crews have been mopping up at the fire at De Villiers. The burnt-out ruins is still smold -- at Villawood. The burnout ruins is still-month- oldering throughout the night. They say it was one of the fiercest fires they have ever fought. An Adelaide teenagerer will face court charged over the shooting death of another teen on New Year's Eve. Lewis McPherson was gunned down just a few hundred metres from his family home in Warradale.We thought he had a cap gun and not a gun. We thought he was firing cap guns at us until we realised our friend had started bleeding out everywhere on the floor.A 17-year- old man has been charged with murder and possessing a firearm without a licence. Let's have a quick look at the weather now around the country today: 6 There is plenty more to come in Nine's Morning News Hour, including fire warnings across four states with hot, gusty winds forecast. New hope for breast cancer sufferers. The "genetic switch" paving the way for new treatments. And we will cross live to Brisbane for the latest on the Queensland woman who died in Bali.

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Tomorrow on Today we are live at the SCG for the start of the Pink Test.Plus great videos that are guaranteed to go viral.Now back to the Morning News.Thank you, David. Fire warnings are in place for four states today as temperatures in two of our major cities brace for a blast of summer heat. Adelaide is in for a top of 35 degrees with total fire bans in place for five districts around South Australia. While Brisbane bakes in 34-degree heat today, it will be in the west where the mercury really sores. Temperatures up to 45 degrees are expected there. Pools and beaches across Victoria will be busy from tomorrow with temperatures to reach almost 40 degrees in Melbourne by Friday. There is new hope in the fight against breast cancer with a breakthrough discovery by Australian scientists. Researchers at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research have found what is being called a "genetic switch". Scientists say by manipulating the molecule, cancer cells could become more responsive to treatment. The advancement has opened the door for the development of a new class of drugs to help battle the disease. Despite the US Senate agreeing on a last-minute deal to prevent the fiscal cliff, the country's financial future is still very much on the line. It looks unlikely that leaders in the House of Representatives will grow on the proposed budget and -- agree on the proposed budget and spending cuts before the US markets re-open. On a fleeting cold US day they are hoping to see a piece of US history. 100 years after Abraham Lincoln ended slavery proclamation is on public view. What will be written about President Obama's and Washington's handling of the fiscal cliff.No-one seems to want to take the common-sense approach and say, "Let's look at this and this alternative and let's come up with something that will work for everybody."The bill as amended is passed.It was only at 2 in the morning, following hours of furious negotiation, that the Senate finally agreed on a deal. What was originally intended on a plan to deal with America's debt was in the end a last-minute Brad Hodge.If we do nothing, the threat of a recession is very real.There will be tax increases for individuals earning over $400,000 and households making more than $450,000 a year. Inheritance Tax was 35%. It will now be 40% for those eligible. Planned cuts in federal spending will now be delayed for two months to allow further negotiations. Vice President Joe Biden, instrumental in securing agreement in the Senate, arrived to debrief colleagues on the plan. The debate continues in the Republican margins with senior figures working out whether to block or proceed. A golden opportunity on the floor of the house to make sure the dissatisfaction is felt on that which the Senate agreed.It failed to reflect the balanced approach that was advocated by our president. That sentiment echoed again and again by Republicans speaking in the House. The lack of additional spending cuts a real sticking points. The Democrats realised the longer the negotiations continued behind closed doors, the greater the chance the bill will fail.Our president said when the Senate acts we will have a vote in the House. That is what he said, that is what we expect, that is what the American people deserve.2013 starts at 2012 ended with Republicans and Democrats at loggerheads and the President sitting atop a House divided. There are reports this morning the death of a Brisbane woman in Bali is being treated as suspicious by local police. 33-year-old Denni North was found dead in the swimming pool of her villa over the weekend. Nine's Darren Curtis has been following the story and joins us now from our Brisbane newsroom. Darren, good morning. What more can you tell us?Ameala, we know that Denni North has been travelling around the world for the last few years and only several months ago decided to settle in Bali. She pent so much time at the Cotton -- Kukoon Beach Club she became a regular and they offered her a job there. She had been working as a hos stes there. She became very popular with all of the Australians and the international tourists there and actually became quite a feature in a lot of the photographs for people who stayed at that resort. Denni lived up the road from the beach resort there and that is where her body was found in villa. Police initially said they wouldn't go into any discussions of behalf they thought happened here, but now we believe they are saying it may be suspicious after speaking to a number of witnesses and people living around the complex. They are looking into it further and receiving some help, ameala, from the Australian Consule there as well.Darren, have we heard anything from Denni's family or friends?Well, at this stage now, like every young person these days, Facebook sees to be the outlet and the outpouring of grief for a lot of people now. Friends have been hosting messages all over it during the last few days and talking about their disappointment and shock of Denni's death. We believe that her mother has posted a message there where she thanked everybody from all around the world, family and friends for their kind condolences about her vibrant, beautiful girl and saying she touched so many people with her magnificent personality and R IP my beautiful little girl. The family are still asking questions here and want to know what has gone on. They want information about what happened to Denni and close friends here in Brisbane want those answers as well. Hopefully they will find out something in the next few days. Let's hope so. Darren Curtis, thank you very much for. That still ahead this morning, we will take a look at the food trends for the New Year. The UK baby boom and the midwives struggling to cope. And it is Hammer Time - 90's star welcomes in the New Year gangnam style. This program is not captioned. Drifting carriages, an icy slope.
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Shops selling fake meat and yoghurt look set to be the biggest food trends of 2013. Global marketing groups JWT says demand is agreeing for vegetarian meat products, including faux steak, chicken and seafood. Allergen-free food is also a agreeing market with products guaranteed to be free from dairy, egg, soy and shellfish. Yoghurt outlets are likely to be popping up everywhere and sharing home-cooked meals with strangers is tipped to become a trend this year with online services connecting home cooks who want to trade meals. 700,000 babies were born in the UK last year, that is the highest number in 40 years. It is place extreme pressure on midwives who are struggling to cope with the baby boom. Baby Connor has been born at Birmingham City Hospital in an exceptional year. The UK has experienced a 2012 baby boom with the highest annual new-born figure for more than 40 years.We are not really very sure why we are seeing such a rise. There is not one very significant change. The one thing we do know is that a lot of older women are having babies now. So there is more older women having babies than before. It may be that it is something to do with cultural changes.The Royal College of Midwives is concerned at to agreeing number of births is outpacing the recent growth in midwife numbers.The pool of midwives available to services is very finite. So we never have enough midwives to go around and that is probably because we are losing numbers in the training places, but also from the midwives already in the service, we are seeing increasing numbers of midwives who are reaching achievable retirement age.It went really well and she was born quickly and there were no complications. I had two midwives. These women are at a preand anti- natal centre in Leicestershire have their views on why so many more babies are being born?I think everyone thinks babies is the thing to do right now maybe.I don't know. Maybe it was the end of the world. Everyone thought they might as well. A rubbish summer this year. Dark, horrible weather outside, fift fift -- 'Fifty Shades of Grey' that's got to be up there for the reasons, yeah.They are worried the system is at the limit of what maternity serves can safely deliver when there is no sign of the butt rate slowing down.It was a case of the old and newcoming together for New Year's Eve celebrations in New York. Pop sensation Psy and 90's rapper MC Hammer took to the stage to perform the Korean star's smash hit 'Gangnam Style'. (Sings) # Hey sexy lady # Whoop, whoop, whoop gangnam style #The energetic pop star has hinted this could be the last time he performs the song, which could have a few people breathing a sigh of relief. Let's have a quick look at the weather for you around the country today:

Still ahead on Nine's Morning News Hour - police officers injured in a brawl in Sydney's west - our reporter will have all of the details for us. Why India is choking as air pollution rises. And, we take a look behind the scenes of Peter Jackson's latest epic 'The Hobart Mercury'. This program is not captioned. SONG: # Oh, why are we waiting? # Buy the things you need with a new CommBank credit card. 0% interest on purchases
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Welcome back to Nine's Morning News Hour. These are our top stories. Seven police officers have been injured in a brawl in Sydney's south-west. Six members of one family have been taken into custody. Police have arrested two more people over the bashing death of a young Melbourne man, who died on New Year's Eve. And, there is anger after a Gillard Government minister claims she could live on the dole. Returning to our top story now - police are questioning several members of a south-western Sydney family after seven officers were injured while trying to resolve a domestic dispute. Nine's John O'Doherty has the latest.Well, there were dramatic scenes here at Bankstown last night when police officers attended a domestic dispute shortly after midnight. Now, we have been told by neighbours the family asked police to leave. They assured them things were under control, but the police continued to approach the property. Exactly how things unfolded are still unclear, but what we do know is that there was a very serious altercation between the family and the police. One constable was allegedly punched in the eye and it is alleged up to six other members of the family then joined in. All up, seven police officers have been injured, three have been treated in hospital. Some of the neighbours here, in fact, filmed the incident unfold on their iPhone.

From the neighbours that morning we have heard some incredible claims of police brutality. More than 20 police officers were involved and some were kneeing, punching and even king hiting members of the family. Some of the neighbours have taken us through what happened and where. Let's hear from one of those neighbours now.The person in the handcuffs were punching him on the ground. They had him up against the gutter and they were punching and punching him on the ground. The brother got tasered once and then he was still fighting, so they tasered him again and his body was like shaking on the ground. They pulled out capsicum ra spray and it was full-on. It was unbelievable, like the amount of kicks, punches - it was just like a massive riot. Three men and one wom are now in place custody. Two are also under guard in hospital. We understand that charges could be laid shortly. A storm has erupted over a claim by Families Minister Jenny Macklin that she could live on the $35 a day dole payment. It has infuriated the Greens and welfare groups and adding to the anger comments were left out of the final transcript of the minister's interview. Kerrie Yaxley is in Canberra for us this morning. Kerry, not a good start to the year for the Government.No, deaf kneltly not, Amelia. Minister Macklin's office told us that nothing was excluded from the transcript on purpose and there was no attempt to cover anything up. They have released a statement saying the transcript was done from an iPhone recording and points out that the press conference was held outside. In that transcript, the part where the minister says she could live on the dole isn't there. Instead, it just says (inaudible) (but, ameala, you can certainly hear the minister's answer on our reporting of the press conference. REPORTER: Could you live on the dole?What we know is that we needed to fix a difference that was in the system for parenting payments.With respect, that didn't answer the question. Could you live on the dole?I could and of course we understand that what is important for people who are unemployed is that we do everything possible to help people get work. Kerrie, welfare groups are saying that the minister should prove it and live on the dole.Yeah. They are fairly angry over the minister's claim and they want her simply to back it up and try to live on the dole. That would mean she would have no access to the $900 a day she earns as a Cabinet mince. Instead, she would have just $35 a day to make ends meet. Welfare groups say that the minister should know just how tough living on unemployment benefits can be. As you mentioned, the Greens are outraged by the minister's comments. Acting Greenss leader held a press conference on the issue just a short time ago and here is what he had to say.For the minister to say that it is possible to live on $35 a day is an outrageous statement. Living on the dole isn't living, it is barely surviving.Mr Bant has promised to live on the dole for a week next month and he's invited Jenny Macklin to join him.It will be interesting to see if she does. Kerrie, thanks for that. Two people are in place custody this morning arrested over the New Year's Eve death of young Melbourne man David Cassai. The 22-year-old was with mates when he was bashed during an attack outside a Rye pizza shop. He was hit in the face and fell smashing his face on the footpath. Two men, aged 18 and 24, were arrested earlier this morning. Two other men yesterday were taken into custody over the incident, but were released without charge. David's family say they will donate his organs so he can continue to help others as he did while he was alive. It has been a tragic start to 2013 in the Ivory Coast with 61 people killed in a stampede after New Year's celebrations. The death toll is expected to arise with more than 200 injured. Most of those who died were children. They came to see the largest of several fireworks displays that were marking the New Year. It is not known what caused the stampede, which happened around an hour after the midnight festivities. But all of those killed and injured were leaving the main Football Stadium in the centre of Abidjan. Parents rushed to local hospitals, hoping to find their missing children. TRANSLATION: My two children were. There they said they wanted to go, but I told them not to. When I went to bed, they came anywhere and we haven't seen them since.Several hours after the disaster, the I vorian president visited the scene for himself. Abandoned shoes and clothes mark the spot where people were crushed. TRANSLATION: It is a national tragedy, of course. I really hope that we will push ourselves to investigate to see what could have prevented this tragedy so it will not happen again.He and his wife visited some of the injured in hospital. With more than 200 casualties being treated, it is expected the death toll will rise. The Government has said it will pay the medical bills of all of those who were injured. The gun debate is still rage flag the US three weeks on from the tragic school slooting in Newtown Connecticut. While many are -- shooting in Newtown Connecticut. While many are pushing for guns to come off the streets some are pushing to arm teachers in the state of Texas.It is crazy. You never know what can happen. Because gun sales have again through the roof in the last three weeks.What happened in Connecticut was a good wake-up call to security and safety of the children.Since the December 14th shooting, lawmakers have been pushing to arm teachers. One of those people is Johnny Price with big iron concealed handgun training. One concealed handguner could have stopped the school shootings, a lot of school shootings.Johnny is offering free concealed handgun classes for teachers and staff here in central Texas.Let the teachers take care of it. Train them. Let them understand it is not about the gun. It is about being aware.He believes police can't be everywhere and he clearly was not alone as more than 60 people, mostly teachers, showed up to the BBQ range for classes.Fire! (GUNFIRE) 1234If they let teachers carry them on campus I will do it.I think that everyone should go with the second amendment and protect themselves as well as everyone else around them.Johnny knows that teachers are not allowed to carry now, but he hopes if that day comes these teachers will have necessary skills, which for this grandfather will give him some peace of mind.I will sleep safe at night to know they are safe. I can't be at every door or outside in the parking lot waiting. I will sleep well knowing that that teach letter do the right thing.India's economy is going full-team ahead but so too is the level of -- full-steam ahead but so too is the level of pollution. Here are Delhi's congested roads and the city is chokeing. A lot of trapped air.This doctor is seeing more and more patients with respiratory illnesses.Chronic bronchitis, broncal asthma and because of the carcinogen which may be there, some of these patients will end up with cancer.The air quality in Delhi has been bad for years, but it is getting much worse. As the city's economy grows, more cars are on the roads and the coal power stations are working overtime. Scientists say that the air pollution in Delhi is now amongst the worst in the world and they are calling it an "invisible killer". They claim the simple act of breathing the city's air now carries the same risk as smoking. The emissions standards that we follow in Delhi today are more than seven years behind Euro and the rest of the country. That is nearly 12 years behind Euro. So this means that this very fast pace of not riceion is happening based on dirty -- motoriseion is happening based on dirty technology and dirty fuel. This literally translates into one death per hour during to pollution- related diseases.This man is dying, his lungs have collapsed after years of working outside for the city council. Environmentalists are warning if the government doesn't act soon, more and more people will suffer the same fate.To some pollution of a different kind. Thrillseekers are showing that homeowners are throwing out 1 million tonnes of rubbish a year. More waste is being sent for recycling instead of landfill sites. Hundreds of bags litter the streets of this area. Post and pre- Christmas rubbish. People living here claim the binmen haven't been for two weeks.You can see the bags have been thrown into.Hoe Hamad said that he put his out before Christmas -- Mohammad said that he put his out before Christmas and the waste is spreading.The smell as well is quite bad sometimes. Once the bag is torn, it is all over the street and pavements.Like Mohammad, some say they didn't know that Birmingham City Council has suspended collections. The council said that the dates had been widely publicised and the rubbish will be clbed on Wednesday. It shows how much we throw away. On the day the latest waste and recycling figures are released. According to DEFRA28.2 million tonnes of rubbish was created by households last year. 31kg, 68 stone per person or around five times an average man's body weight. But for the first time councils are recycling more waste than they send to landfill with 10.7 million tonnes disposed of in more eco-friendly ways.We obviously have got further to go, but we have made fantastic progress in the last 10 years and our recycling rates have gone up from 9, 10% to well over 40% and a lot of Local Authoritys are achieving well over 50%. So that is fantastic.If ever there was an example to follow, it is this man's. Last year he filled just one bin bag of rubbish in 12 months.This is my rubbish bag from 2012.John Newsome is an extreme recycler. He composts everything that he eats, separates every item of packaging and compresses everything that is left over.I have tried to go to an extreme to make a point. Not everybody would be able to go to that extreme.But not everyone can be like him. Will be putting out his one bag for collection, his first in over a year. Just one week from its release, 'The Hobbit' is captivating movie-goers in record numbers and it is little wonder with so many breathtaking scenes, all shot on location in New Zealand. Nine's entertainment editor Richard Wilkins takes a look behind the scenes. MOVIE REEL: I am looking for someone to share in an adventure. 'The Hobbit' is an unexpected journey is said to bun one of THE movies of the year - a grand adventure on screen and even bigger one for the cast and crew making the thing, including Oscar winner Peter Jackson who, once again, is faced with a multistood of challenges.-- multitude of challenges. If you look over there, that distant ridge line between those two roks, that is what we call the rock and pillars, where we had to have 10 helicopters ferrying through staff and qix up the mountain.And getting to location is just the beginning.You see the natives -- the native thorn bush that isever where you want to walk. You can't parade through the tussocks and hedges without looking because you realise being outdoors can be a difficult Brisbane.And then there is the natural vegetation to protect.We built the world's biggest ramp, as far as I am concerned, to get up to the thing. Everyone looked up and jaws dropped, "OK. That is how we get on the set today."We will have the umbrellas in the movie today.Don't forget New Zealand's notoriously fickle weather conditions.While we were at Pelorus our location shooting came to a pretty dramatic end because the police arrived and said they were about to issue a severe weather warning.It is raining, we need to get going.The very next day where we were standing, wrl our equipment was and actors, the director was under floodwater. It was incredibly dramatic. The rise in the river level was like 20-30ft.And all this lot need to be fed and watered, making movies is hungry business. We were very, very well looked after. The catering on this movie has been sensational.On any given day, there are up to 600 people on set drinking coffee every morning, eating through a tonne of oranges. The chef is cooking 100 kilos of meat every day.

And Andy Circus played the the role of Golas and he played it again but this time he's got an additional job. He is Peter Jackson's right- hand man as second unit director.I have spent quite a lot of the last few weeks in a chopper because a lot of our stuff was aerial cover age. We would take off and choose our line and the way we would shoot it and how we would reveal the landscapes.One of the challenges was showing PJ what we had been up to. So every day I would do an edit of the takes we had done and put them together and make selects and that would be sent off to Pete. These are the three we are setting up today. We are providing wireless and internet and we have got a separate set-up at the director's tent that takes the feed that is coming in from the cameras. That goes all the way through down to Peter's tent.Peter Jackson and his team are entering the final stages of shooting a they are taking more time about it these days.We are all 10 years older so we are going a little slower.That is true. While special effects will play a huge part in the finished film, it is New Zealand who is the real star of the show.New Zealand looking at its spectacular -- New Zealand is looking its spectacular best and a lot of very happy actors coverting around in front of me.MOVIE REEL: I am going on an adventure. Why the face?It is because I am afraid. It gives me courage. So this is your purpose?They have found a way back into the world. I will take every one of these. Loyalty. Honour. A willing heart. I can ask no more than that. Home is now behind you. The world is ahead.

Looks just incredible, doesn't it? Let's get all of the day's sports news now with Clint Stanaway from Melbourne. Morning, Clint, the Aussies have completed their preparation for tomorrow's test?Hi, Amelia. Yes, they have trained this morning and we will hear from skipper Michael Clarke in a moment. Also, a successful start to the New Year for Lleyton Hewitt in Brisbane.

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Good morning. Breaking news first up and Australia will take four fast bowlers into the third test against Sri Lanka at the SCG tomorrow. Glenn Maxwell will be the 12th man. Captain Michael addressed the media just a short time ago. Let's have a listen of some of what he had to say.Glenn Maxwell is 12th man and Usman is still on standby. I am fit and will be playing. A fair bit of grass on the wicket. The boys bowled well and bringing Mitchell Starc back into the team obviously helps our bowling attack, especially with the form he is in and Mitchell Johnson is batting, like I said, in Melbourne is bading as good as an all-rounder. I am confident we have enough batting wait and we have extra bowling which is a real positive for us. It is about six kugs. We have plans for each individual player. Some of those plans involve short-pitch bowling, but not necessarily for every player. I don't think you will see anything ridiculous. It is about us bowling well to our plans, catching well and hopefully having some more success. I guess when guys retire, it is extra special to get a win in that last game for them. I am certain this test match will be no different in regards to Mike Hussey. Tennis now and Lleyton Hewitt's debut at the Brisbane International has gone to plan for the former world No. 1. Jarmila Gadjosova moved through after Maria Sharapova pulled out of the competition with a collarbone injury. While Hewitt joined qualifier John Millman in the second round with a three-set win. After almost two decades on tour Lleyton Hewitt doesn't get too many fists, but the Brisbane International was one of them and he made a golden start on Pat Rafter Arena.I thought it was high quality tennis actually for the whole two hours.He played Igor Kunitsyn. The former world No. 1 shows slims of the sort of form that took him to Wimbledon and former US Open crown.The control on the wide volley.Kunitsyn was a late replacement for Stepenack and couldn't match Hewitt's experience. COMMENTATOR: Lleyton gets his summer started with a win.He came out there with the attitude he had nothing to lose which a lot of lucky losers do.There was nothing awkward about the way that Serena Williams swept through. It was just clinical. The 6-2, 6-2 thumping was over in an hour, but that is where the exitment ended, the effects of insomnia hitting hard after the match.I am boring now. I used to be fun. Fun girl Serena.She teamed up with John Isner who engineered a USA victory over France in the Hopman Cup. The Western Sydney Wanderers have jumped into third on the A-League ladder on the back of some Shinji Ono brilliance. The Japanese star got goals in the 2-1 win over the Melbourne Victory but still wasn't happy. COMMENTATOR: Just brilliant.Jeremy Brockie continue toss star for Wellington but even this effort 08n't stop the Phoenix from crashing to a 2-1 loss to Brisbane while Newcastle coach Gary Van Egmond was fuming during his side's loss to the Heart insisting his goalkeeper was fouled before concede ago first-half penalty. After a tough comeback from injury Tim Paine has steered the Hurricanes to a 6-wicket victory over the Perth Scorchers in the Big Bash. The former test wicket keeper smashed 74 from 5 4 balls. The win boosted Hobart to third on the BBL ladder and ending Perth's three- game winning streak. The goals continue to flow in the English Premier League. Manchester United hammered Wigan to start 2013 with a 4- nil win while title rival City were just as impressive against Stoke. COMMENTATOR: Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013.The honour of scoring the first Goal of the Year went to Dimitar Berbatov as Fulham edged out West Brom. Amelia, that is all in sport.Thanks a lot, Clint. See you next time. Still ahead this morning we will This program is not captioned.

Let's check the national weather forecast for you now.


Taking a quick look at the market numbers before we go:

That is Nine's Morning News Hour for this Wednesday. You can join me for more news at 6:30 this afternoonAm Amelia Adams. Thanks for being with us this morning. Hope to see you then. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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