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(generated from captions) Early cloud cleared
across the suburbs with a massive difference
temperature wise depending on where you were today.

From the satellite - cloud over eastern Queensland
and the north of Western Australia is producing a few scattered showers but elsewhere,
skies are mostly clear. A high in the Bight has a firm hold of the weather
across Southern Australia although a weak front over Tasmania
will move rapidly north-east, sweeping up
the New South Wales coast overnight which will make tomorrow
a lot cooler for us. Around the country
tomorrow - a morning shower or two
is possible for Perth. Also wet in Cairns.

We could wake up
to some morning drizzle, then a cloudy and mild day.

There's still a total fire ban
in place until midnight and that's when
the southerly will hit with the winds easing
into the afternoon.

Looking ahead - fine weather is expected
until Sunday when a shower or two is possible but aside from that, it looks like the start of January
will be warm and sunny.

That's Seven News
for this New Year's Day. Next on 'Today Tonight' - throw a party for 12 or more people
and you could go to jail.

Tonight, buried in garbage - charities giving up on donations
because of this. Plus, calling in the fun police - how a party for 12
could get you jailed. And he got the money shot... why wouldn't they pay up?

Good evening. I'm Kylie Gillies. Welcome to Today Tonight
and to 2013. Happy new year! Unfortunately, we start tonight
on an unhappy note - proof that drink drivers are not
the only bloody idiots on our roads. And some of the biggest
are P-platers like this one - hands behind head,
steering with his knees.

Just another village idiot on our roads.He came flying up behind me. He was just lounging back. Dean took this vision and told Melbourne radio station 3AW the driver was weaving
in and out of traffic at 90-100km/h. Police have identified
the young driver.

That person has

That person has contacted police. He will be charged. Just like this P-plater, photographed with
his feet out the window. And then there's this woman - speed reading
doing 100km on a freeway. The new year's message is
if the police don't see you, someone will and these days,
everyone has a camera handy.

Police are not the only ones
battling idiots. Some of our biggest charity groups
are struggling financially, paying to clean up after others. At one Salvos store, so much rubbish is being dumped
at their donation bin, it's spread into
a neighbouring piece of vacant land. Georgia Main has more.

It does look like something
out of a war zone.

It's a huge problem. We're all disgusted. It may look like a tip, but this disgraceful mess
is actually part of an epidemic sweeping the country. It's just getting worse and worse
all the time, yeah. According to charities, the holiday period is renowned
as dumping season. The amount of junk dumped here
at this Salvo's store got so bad, they had to install a fence
at a cost of $10,000. But all it's really done
is shift the problem here to the vacant land right next door. Gradually, people have
gone through it, people have added to it. Not worth it. This empty lot
in Melbourne's western suburbs littered with soiled mattresses,
smashed TVs, dirty couches and other dangerous goods. The Salvo store next door
seemingly an excuse to dump and run. We're spending about $1.8 million
annually on rubbish removal

Across the country, illegal dumping
costs the Salvation Army $5 million every year. Sustainability manager Donald Munro. Very expensive these days to take rubbish to the landfill
or to the transfer station. It's much easier to just quietly
drop it off at your charity store at 8:00 at night or 9:00 at night. We all are so proud of our home. We're proud of our homes, and if you go through there, you see all our gardens
and everything and these people don't care. Local resident of 20 years, Helene has been complaining
to her local council about the state of the area. You just don't get any help at all,
no help at all. It's certainly getting worse. Illegal dumping
has become an epidemic according to founder of
Clean Up Australia Day Ian Kiernan. It's global,
there's no doubt about that, and we know
that rubbish attracts rubbish. If I go and dump a mattress
and a pile of garbage here, I come back tomorrow
and the pile will be twice as big because rubbish attracts rubbish.

Many charity stores
have been forced to go high-tech, installing cameras
in an attempt to catch offenders This ute
with a trailer packed full of goods looks like
it should be headed to the tip, but the occupants
have no intention of paying to get rid of these unwanted items. Under the cover of darkness,
they've come prepared - bringing a hand trolley to help
unload bulky bookcases, a TV, even a whipper snipper. Pretty soon,
the shop front is covered. The CCTV can be very effective, but if we've got local laws officers
or litter prevention officers out working with us, then we can prosecute and that becomes
a pretty effective deterrent. Many councils fork out
around $1 million a year to clean up illegal dumping, and authorities are moving
to prosecute. In Queensland, there's fines of
up to $100,000 for dumping rubbish. There's fines of up to $250,000
in New South Wales. And fines are steepest in Victoria, up to $610,000. Something has got to be done
and the sooner the better. Donald Munro concedes charities may need to change
the way they operate in the future. The harsh reality is that every dollar we spend
on picking up rubbish is a dollar that isn't going
to the Salvation Army, to the social programs
that they run. Don't dump because we will be doing
everything we can to see that you are punished in
the most expensive way known to man.

It's a problem
all charities struggle with. Please do the right thing so they can concentrate
on doing their good work. Now if you threw a big party
last night, you might be feeling
a bit worse for wear today. But next year,
you could have even bigger regrets with authorities in one state
cracking down on party organisers if they let celebrations
get out of control. Pippa Gardner reports, the penalties include massive fines,
even jail terms.

Across the country, we partied... ..and partied some more. But soon, a nasty hangover
and a big mess to clean up may not be the only memory some have
of a large night. They could also end up
with a criminal record, with one state
now set to jail people who throw parties
that get out of control. People who act sensibly, decently,
and with normal common sense, that most people would expect have absolutely nothing to fear
from this legislation at all. The tough new party laws
were introduced in Western Australia two weeks ago. Now, if a gathering of 12 or more
people gets out of control, the host can be jailed
for up to 12 months and fined up to $12,000 if their guests behave badly. Party-goers who refuse to move on
can also be arrested on the spot. WA's Acting Police Minister
John Day. I'm sure that some people
might express the concern that this is a power
that is excessive, it's symptomatic of something
of a totalitarian sort of state, but that is simply not the case. MAN (ON TANNOY): Leave the area
or you can be arrested. The laws were in response
to a string of ugly teenage parties

like this one in Piara Waters
in Perth. A small gathering swelled to 500 after details were posted
on social media. Police were pelted
with rocks and bricks. Even flares were let off.

But police are also being proactive, checking social media
for potential problems. Last night, they ended a Perth party
advertised on Facebook before it started. We actually located the person
who actually advertised it. Went around, knocked on the door
and lo and behold, father had no idea
what his son was organising and all of a sudden,
the party was cancelled and there was 1,500 people
going elsewhere. If any other states in Australia have the same sort of problems
that we've had in Western Australia, then this sort of legislation
is appropriate to consider as a response. The WA law is excessive, draconian,
over the top and not needed. Terry O'Gorman, President of the
Council for Civil Liberties, says it's likely the party laws will
be adopted throughout Australia. But he argues police
already have sufficient powers to deal with unruly gatherings
and guests. is that it imposes
a criminal offence on a person who organises a party, and that includes parents, if a party gets out of control. In no other area of the criminal law is the individual responsible
for what other people do. is an individual responsible
for what other people do. WA police have already been quick
to use the new laws, charging three people
on Christmas Eve after a 30th birthday party with
50 guests allegedly turned feral. The hosts say
the party never got out of control. Fair enough if they were all out
here smashing bottles and all that but, dude,
we're not 15-year-olds at a party. It was completely tame.
They're just abusing their powers. It was completely tame.
They're just abusing their powers. The price of a party
could also get more expensive. Under the new law, WA police can bill the hosts
for any costs in bringing a wild event
under control. Organisers do have one defence and that's to prove they tried
to host a responsible party and called police
at the first sign of trouble. To require you to notify police that you're having 12 or more people
round to your place for a drink? Give us a break. What do you think - should the people holding parties be held responsible for
the behaviour of their guests? Head to our website to have your say or leave a comment on our
Facebook page or send us a tweet. Now to the famous faces we remember
for things they'd rather forget. Damien Hansen reports
on the stars caught up in scandals over the past 12 months. For celebrity scandals, 2012 turned out to be
an absolute corker.

As he gets older, and has to represent the Queen
more and more, then you've got to ask questions about the suitability
of the company he's keeping. After looking every part the royal
during the London Olympics, in a matter of weeks, Prince Harry
was back to his old tricks. This year, he learned what happens in Vegas
doesn't always stay in Vegas. Buckingham Palace was blindsided. They had no idea
that this had happened. during a game of strip billiards. The photographs were sold
to gossip website TMZ. Those who go to Sin City usually only lose
what they have in their wallets. as well as his pants.

The claim is that
they have separated amicably. Russell Crowe makes the list - only this time,
not so much for a scandal but for heartbreak.

The fairytale was over
for our 'Cinderella Man'. One of Australia's
favourite couples, he and wife Danielle Spencer
parted ways after nearly a decade. While their marriage
was a lifetime in Hollywood years, this was one storm
he couldn't weather. Rumours about the break-up
that Danielle was having an affair with her 'Dancing with the Stars'
partner, Damien Whitewood.

So, nothing romantic at all?

John Travolta says
not a word of it is true. John Travolta
will now always remember this exclusive
Beverley Hills hangout as his heartbreak hotel. The star was sued
by a male masseuse, known to the public
only as 'John Doe', who claimed the 'Grease' star had a touch
of the Saturday night fever and had made some unwanted advances. His bulldog lawyer
just stepped into the ring with a gorilla.

We didn't want it
to end up like this. Swimmer Nick Darcy,
another recidivist offender, was in the bad books once again. This time, his partner in crime -
fellow Aussie swimmer, Kenrick Monk. The pair were disciplined
for this Facebook photo at an American gun range. I have decided not to engage
in social media for the period
leading into the Games. Later, it was revealed there was an official team excursion
to a gun range five years ago.

But not all athletes stage photos. In fact, many depict ugly truths. Take Australian swimming legend
Grant Hackett. He violently smashed up
his family home in a drunken rage after a day at the races. Police were called and Hackett and his wife,
Candice Alley, called it quits. He's now suing his former lawyers over what he claims
was a botched prenup that's cost him financially. I was upset and, you know,
the fight was between Candice and I and it was our relationship
and it was our marriage.

MAN: How are ya?! Up-and-coming Australian tennis star
Bernard Tomic also showed anything
but a cool head. Openly displaying
a love for fast cars, driving this bright BMW through
the streets of Surfers Paradise, he failed to stop twice after police tried to intercept him for breaching
his licence conditions. He might have been laughing
off the court, but his antics on the court
also lost him respect. I threw out the big D word,
disgraceful, to him. And I'm sick and tired
of tiptoeing around it and I think everyone else is,
as well.

Some find trouble by hanging out
with the wrong crowd. This firearm photo landed
a royal relative in hot water. This is the newspaper,
this is 'The Sun', with three pictures in it. Pippa Middleton caused a stir when a friend pointed a toy pistol
at paparazzi. Why Pippa got the blame?
Because she was laughing. Proving a picture
really does say a thousand words.

But the scandal
would be quickly be forgotten as, soon after, the French paparazzi,
known for their intrusiveness, went too far. TRANSATOR: They are human beings
like the rest of us - not perfect. It's not the days of Queen Victoria. They were the defiant words of the
Italian editor of 'Chi' Magazine. They were the defiant words of the
Italian editor of 'Chi' magazine. After topless photos
of the Duchess of Cambridge were published in the French press, St James's Palace threatened
any publication who ran them with legal action. Despite this,
'Chi' ran a 26-page feature with hundreds of snaps. KYLIE GILLIES:
Melissa George is, without doubt, one of the country's
proudest exports. Here's why. Correction - Melissa George WAS one
of the country's proudest exports. She left Australians fuming after the truth behind this
'Morning Show' interview got out. George left the show's producers
and Kylie and Larry gobsmacked after she threatened to walk off set if a question was asked about
her time on 'Home and Away'. She claimed it was an insult
and she'd come too far but this prima donna temper tantrum
is nothing compared to what was revealed
in the United Kingdom.

You really can't,
unless you're in that position, understand the fear that they had, the fear that has prevented them
for so many years. For more than 50 years in Britain, there was nobody bigger
than Sir Jimmy Savile. He was radio and television royalty. Not only knighted by the Queen, he also received a papal knighthood
from Pope John Paul II. Since his death in late 2011, hundreds of victims
have come forward with allegations
of child sex abuse and rape. Police investigating the matter say,
if proven, Savile will be one of the country's
worst ever sex offenders.

It was the phone call that was heard
right around the world. A prank that went terribly wrong. One that will change radio forever. Look, I'm (CLEARS THROAT) gutted. Hot 30 radio hosts
Mel Greig and Michael Christian appeared on Today Tonight after learning UK nurse Jacintha Saldanha
had committed suicide. Unfortunately,
I remember that moment very well 'cause I haven't stopped thinking
about it since it happened. The pair rang
London's King Edward VII Hospital pretending to be Prince Charles
and the Queen. One of the nurses
who fell for their prank later took her life.

It was the affair that almost destroyed
a billion-dollar movie franchise. I thought you and I
could bond over this... Should do a thing. ..and talk about,
"Boy, you are better off. "Kick her to the curb." Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
were Hollywood's glamour couple. Stewart was caught cheating
with Rupert Sanders, the director of her film
'Snow White and the Huntsman'. The pair, notoriously coy
when it comes to their relationship now appear to have reconciled. I should've, I'm gonna, I'm gonna,
I'm gonna hire a publicist. That was the year
of celebrity scandals and there just a few of the ones
that we knew about. But don't worry. As for the rest of them,
we'll catch them this year.

Damien Hansen
reporting on the famous faces hoping to get through this year, making headlines
for the right reasons. We'll take a break, then - he made the money shot... why wouldn't
the National Basketball League give him the prize?

Welcome back. A basketball fan is crying foul
over the way he's been treated by Australia's
National Basketball League. The young fan
nailed a shot from halfway and thought he'd netted
a tidy cash prize. refusing to pay up. Lucy Polkinghorne has more.

MAN: Come on, Jarrod!
Make this one work! (CHEERING)

They call a shot like this
a hail Mary and the miracle throw sent the crowd
at Adelaide Arena basketball stadium wild. (ALL CHEER) The promotional stunt made 26-year-old Jarrod Hurley
$5,000 richer. Well, so he and the rest of audience
there thought. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) People screaming, the announcer
starts going, "$5,000!", you know,
really making a big deal of it. They took down my details so that
they could contact me for it. But it didn't happen that way. I've been more or less ignored
or treated like an annoyance since the day I made the shot. Jarrod and his brother Phil
are fanatical supporters of the Adelaide 36ers. I've gone to every game this year
and most of them last year. Two weeks ago, as they watched
the 36ers play Townsville, Jarrod got the nod to come on down. I was waving my flag around
at the cheerleader. Pointing at her, pointing at me,
pointing at the ring - just made myself really obvious and I ended up getting lucky enough
to be selected. He had just one shot at the ring
from half-court. The rules of the NBL-run promotion
are simple - if it goes in,
you collect the five grand. I was pretty excited,
a little bit nervous. His brother captured the moment
on video. Lucky for him,
considering what happened next.

(CHEERING) It was extraordinarily close
to going in. It lodged at the back of the ring
and it just stuck there. A one-in-a-million shot. So, without hesitation, and much to the approval
of the fans watching, the announcer gave Jarrod
a second chance. They pulled me back and told me
to take another shot. This time,
there was no mistaking the result. It lifted the roof. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) I was told that there was a debate
as to what would happen because there was a second shot. Between the 36ers, iiNet and NBL, That's quite simple - the kid, once he potted the basket, hand him an envelope
with five grand in it and deal done. Instead of
an early Christmas present, for two weeks,
Jarrod got the run-around as the NBL and their sponsor
procrastinated about whether or not
the second shot should stand.

So Jarrod kept calling the 36ers who promised him it would be sorted
before Christmas. Yet, by last Friday, jacked-off
Jarrod still hadn't heard. It was their decision
to give me a second shot, not mine. I never asked for a second shot. Channel 7 and Triple M sports
commentator Ken Cunningham says it was an embarrassing foul call
by both the NBL and the 36ers. He was told to have a second throw
so it's not the kid's fault. Pay the five grand.
Fair dinkum, I can't believe it. But after being alerted
to our story on the weekend, the NBL finally did contact Jarrod,
agreeing to cough up. I would suggest the only reason
the NBL has decided to pay it is the fact
they would've seen Channel 7's promo and they've panicked. So, to me, it's brought them up
in a very, very ordinary light. Laughable, to be quite frank. Even though it happened
more than two weeks earlier, they blamed the delay
on the Christmas holiday shutdown and protocol in checking the conditions
of the promotion with their sponsor, iiNet. Who told us today the first they heard
about the winning shot was at the weekend and immediately
approved the payment. If it wasn't for the promo
and Today Tonight, I might still be waiting
and it may not have happened. So, yeah, pretty happy. So Jarrod gets the cash
and the Adelaide 36ers keep a fan. Despite all the drama, Jarrod says he will continue
to support his team. After the break - sheer madness erupts
as neighbours fight over a hedge.

He cut off her finger. More on that coming up next.

Time's almost up for the new
Lemon and Herb Chicken Sub from Subway restaurants. Tender, succulent chicken
marinated in zesty lemon juice, garlic and spices. Must end this week,
so don't miss out.

Tomorrow night, the hedge fight between neighbours
that turned very nasty indeed.

I'm the victim. It was the screaming because, um,
he'd cut off her finger. I just cut it and suddenly she said,
"Oh, my finger cut!" Yeah, I can't believe
he would do that to her, cutting off her finger like that. That story tomorrow.
Thanks for your company. I'm Kylie Gillies.
Enjoy your evening. See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

NARRATOR: Saving and caring
for our animals around New Zealand, in the wild and in zoos is the work of our wild vets. (TWITTERS) (ROARS)

Tonight - Natureland have a kidnapped monkey
on their hands. So we've got probably
a good 7.5 months to go with hand raising him. An albatross gets in a flap.

And an identity crisis
for Priscilla, the lioness. Well, she's got an unusual problem. She's an aged female lion
and she's starting to grow a mane.

At Natureland,
a kidnapper is behind bars.

Capuchin monkey Peko is in isolation after stealing two babies
from their mums. Sadly, one of the babies
didn't survive. Today, vet Mana Stratton
has come to check on Peko and she thinks she knows
why he's acting up. What's happened is
he's been neutered and with the new babies, I mean, he just so much
wants a baby to himself. We think it's also possibly partly to try and get status in the group,
as well. He's eating fine
and he's moving around and whatnot. He's just a wee bit depressed
for him, but that's why we're keeping
a close eye on him, because at this stage, we're talking of keeping him
separated for quite a few months. But Peko isn't the only monkey
missing from the main enclosure. (WHISPERS) Ohh, sleepy baby. Little CJ survived the kidnapping
only to be rejected by his mum, so he's now being hand raised
by Gail, the park's operations manager.

It's been a challenge. The hardest part
probably is the fact that it is 24 hours, 7 days a week. The first two weeks probably
were quite hard. Because I wanted to keep him
close to me so that he had that security,
we catnapped in the Laz-E-Boy and he was feeding
approximately every two hours. The first night, he was feeding
a lot more than that. For the last two nights, he's actually slept in his bed
by himself at night and slept right through the night,
which is wonderful.

I've actually managed to have
a night in my own bed again. But Gail is a working mum so CJ is a regular visitor
to the zoo. Oops, he just gets a little insecure
if he's, um - he doesn't need wrapping,
but it's just for security. Without his own family, it's still touch and go
for little CJ so Mana's keeping a close eye
on him. I'll go with 5-0-4.
5-0-4? Sounds good. What was he yesterday? 376. OK, so we've got a decent gain
from yesterday to today. CJ may be putting on weight but
he's not out of the woods just yet. When the decision was first made
to lift him and hand raise him, I mean, it's not something we do
lightly at all. He was...I mean, he was dehydrated. He was lacking... ..he hadn't had sufficient food
so he was underweight. I mean, initially, it was that bad that we had Gail feeding him
with an eye dropper, just electrolytes, initially,
to stabilise him, slowly warm him back up, because
he was a little bit hypothermic. It's just his sheer size. I mean, if anything goes wrong,
there's not much to him. But thanks to Gail's
round-the-clock care, the grams are piling on.