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This program is captioned live. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News, with Amelia Adams. Good afternoon. We begin with some breaking news - there's been a shark alert at Sydney's Bondi Beach this afternoon. We're going straight to live pictures from our Nine News helicopter. You can see people are heading back into to the water, but a few moments ago, a shark was spotted in waters off Bondi Beach, and swimmers were told to get out of the water. The Westpac chopper is scouring the beach looking for that shark. Surf- lifesavers have also been patrolling along the beach. It is an extremely hot day in Sydney for the first day of the new year. Temperatures in the 30s, and Bondi Beach, as always on a day like today, has been absolutely packed with people. You can see how busy it is. A lot of those people standing anxiously on the water's edge following that shark alert. We have a reporter heading to the scene. We will bring you up to date with more information as it comes into the newsroom. In other news - it has been a tragic start to the new year on our roads, with four people killed in two separate crashes just hours into 2013. Let's go to our reporter, Tessa Scott, in our Brisbane newsroom. Tessa, firstly - two men were killed west of Brisbane this morning. What can you tell us about that crash?Amelia, I can tell you it was just before 5:00am this morning when a young 18-year-old male driver lost control of the Subaru he was driving on a suburban street. It ploughed through two properties. It went through two fences and two trees before flipping and landing on that second property. Sadly, a 19-year-old man from the Ipswich area and his 28- year-old cousin from New Zealand passed away at the scene. They were flung from the vehicle. They're both cousins of the male driver, the 18-year-old from Logan who survived. It's believed he has a head injury. The devastated family of the victims turned up to the scene, and are obviously very upset. One of the women who turned up is believed to be the wife of one of the gentlemen who passed away. As well as this, the car ploughed into the side of a house. An elderly couple live there with their disabled daughter. In a stroke of luck, the gentleman was up tending to his daughter at the time of the crash. When he got back to the spot where he'd been just moments before, it was littered with glass. They're very lucky they didn't suffer any serious injuries. Amelia, as well, the Ipswich Council is working with police as their CCTV cameras caught this car hurtling through the city's streets just moments before the crash.Safe city cameras are working with the police. They've identified the car flying up East Street, then straight up Brisbane Road, travelling at twice the speed of a normal car, then straight onto Glebe Road where the accident occurred. It was a just horrendous, horrible.Tessa, there was another fatal accident in NSW. What's the latest on that?That's right, Amelia. There was, in the early hours of this morning north of Bangalow in northern NSW, there was a head-on collision. It's understood one of the cars veered onto the wrong side of the road. A woman in her 30s and a man in his 20s both passed away - both the drivers of those cars are both locals from the Ballina area.Here we are, 2.5 hours into 2013, and we're two lives already lost. People just are not getting the message.Amelia, obviously a horrible morning on our roads - not what police wanted, and just the worst way for the victims of these poor families to start the new year. A terrible start to the year insteed deed. Tessa Scott, thank you. A female backpacker in her 20s has been found dead at a hostel in Sydney. The woman's body was discovered this afternoon at the Australian Backpackers in Woolloomooloo. Police are treating her death as suspicious. A forensic team have set up a crime scene as investigations continue. The family of a Victorian man who died after being king-hit in a brawl have spoken of their devastation. 22-year-old David Cassai and his friends were ambushed by five men in the bayside town of Rye early yesterday. Police are still hunting those responsible. We'll have more details on this story later in our bulletin. Just hours before the fiscal cliff deadline, the White House has struck a deal with Republicans to avert tax hikes and spending cuts across America. The House of Representatives is expected to vote to pass the deal tomorrow. Don't start popping the champagne just yet, but tonight, a major step to avoid the fiscal cliff. After days of intense negotiations, the White House and Senate Republicans reached a deal, and tonight, Vice- President Biden went up to Capitol Hill to sell it to Senate Democrats. Happy new year!Biden swooped in at the eleventh hour to hammer out a way forward with Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell. Their agreement would permanently extend the Bush tax cuts for individuals making under $400,000, and households making under $450,000, raise the estate tax for those val aued at more than $5 million, and extend unemployment benefits for one year for some 2 million people. And those automatic spending cuts that would go into effect in the new year? They'll be postponed for two months, and paid for by other spending cuts. The House could take up the deal tomorrow. Taxpayers would have felt the impact of the fiscal cliff immediately. If the deal passes, the average American family would avoid a tax increase of more than $3,400.I think we'll get a very good vote tonight, but happy new year, and I will see you all maybe tomorrow.(LAUGHTER) A White House official told ABC tonight this is a compromise, so we don't love it, but it's the right thing to do for the economy. Residents in Sydney's west are being warned a massive factory fire will continue to burn throughout the night, sending toxic smoke into the air. It took 120 firefighters to bring the blaze under control, after it broke out at a tire tyre factory in Villawood around 1:00 this morning.The problem for fire crews now will be to the to the scene of the fire. We'll need to firstly remove the debris from the premises, and then work to actually dig into the molten rubber to extinguish this fire. It's going to take a lot of time.Air-quality tests are being conducted at the scene, and we will get the latest on the blaze from our reporter, Mattthew Snelson, later in our bulletin. Millions of people around the country are shaking off the after- effects of a big New Year's Eve, as crews continue the massive clean-up. In Melbourne, police say the majority of revellers were well- behaved, as Nine's Justine Mackenzie reports. On New Year's Eve, Melbourne certainly knows how to party. If anyone was lacking inspiration last night, all they needed to do was to look up. There were bursts of colour and light coming from building tops and bridges, in the CBD and at Treasury Gardens, also at Docklands and at the early family party at Yarra Park, there were more than 500,000 people clamouring in the city for a front- row seat.(CHEERING) Happy new year!The second time she's been to the fireworks. Yeah, she's like, "Wow!"Everywhere.They were extremely awesome.On the Peninsula, the party was just as rocking - there was thousands of young people packing the beaches at Rye. But the night wasn't entirely a love-in. For some revellers, the hangover did come early. Police did try their best to enforce those alcohol bans, but there were clear signs of underage drinking. There were several people arrested. Back in the city, things weren't much better. All in all, about 356 people state-wide have been arrested - most of them for being drunk and disorderly.The majority of the people did the right thing and showed respect to those around them. We've got to say that people are now showing the capacity to celebrate responsibly.That's how we celebrated down here in Melbourne. It was a fantastic night. A New Year's Eve to remember. Bring on 2013. Police are also praising the behaviour of party-goers across Brisbane, where where there were just over 60 arrests. But crowd numbers were down on previous years - organisers were expecting up to 80,000, but only 65,000 people flocked to Southbank to ring in 2013. While a superhero-themed fireworks display delighted thousands in Surfers Paradise. New Year's Eve in Sydney has been hailed a great success. More than 1.5 million people lined Harbour to watch the stunning fireworks, which paid homage to pop princess Kylie Minogue. More than 90 people were arrested, but authorities were pleased with the overall behaviour of revellers. We saw a really large crowd build- up. Certainly vantage points filled up very, very early. The bulk of those people came and enjoyed the event, and they've got home safely. Clean-up crews have been busy today, collecting 66 tonnes of rubbish. We'll get an update on that clean- up from our reporter later in our bulletin. The first of January isn't just about sore heads and New Year's resolutions. A series of measures have kicked in to save the Federal Government money. But there is still cash on its way to Australian families. Let's cross to John O'Doherty for more details. John, good afternoon. Who benefits, and how?Amelia, parents are the big winners today. In the next few weeks, families that receive Family Tax Benefit part A will automatically receive in their household bank accounts $410 for each child that they have in primary school, and $820 for high- school students. There's also good news for expectant parents. From today, working dads and partners will be paid two weeks of the minimum wage - around $1,200. But to be eligible for that, the father or partner must have earned less than $150,000 in the last financial year. Today, families minister Jenny Macklin was out in Melbourne visiting one of the first-born babies for 2013. The Minister was praising the Government's new initiative for expectant parents, which also applies to couples who are planning to adopt and same-sex couples. Let's have a listen.Dad and partner pay starts today, and it's two weeks of parental leave for dads, so that dads can stay home with their newborn babies. It's not all good news today. There are cuts in the mix as well - in particular for single parents who have their youngest child over the age of eight. They will be moved from their existing parenting payments across to the Newstart Allowance. For some single mums and dads, that will see a fairly substantial drop in their benefits, and welfare groups are warning that this will hurt families and in fact, Amelia, that we could see an increase in the level of homelessness.Alright, John. In other news, it's a big day for Australia on the world stage? That's right. Today, Australia takes its seat on the United Nations' Security Council in New York. Of course, the Gillard and Rudd Labor governments have fought very hard to secure this seat, and today, Foreign Minister Bob Carr was out talking about some of the things that are on the agenda.The first meeting with us present is on January 3. The agenda will have a lot about Africa in it. There's a challenge of the North Korean missile launch on December 12. And formulating a response to that. Amelia, 2013 is certainly shaping up to be a big year in Federal politics - of course, we are counting down to a federal election, even though we don't exactly know when that election will be.A huge year ahead. John O'Doherty, thank you for that. Still ahead on Nine News - targeted attack - a teenager shot dead in Adelaide's suburbs. A dramatic police van crash after a New Year's Eve brawl. And the world welcomes 2013 with spectacular fireworks in cities across the globe.

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Returning to our breaking news story now. Beach-goers have just been allowed back in the water at Sydney's Bondi Beach, following a shark sighting. The water was cleared earlier this afternoon, sending thousands of people onto the sand. Surf-lifesaving says one of its vessels spotted the shark 200m off the northern point of Bondi and raised the alarm. The Westpac lifesaver chopper scanned the water and has seen no sign of the shark, which was reportedly more than 2m long. It follows a couple of shark sightings off Sydney's northern beaches in recent days, but this is the first sighting at an eastern beach - and it couldn't have come on a hotter, busier public holiday. A 17-year-old boy has been charged with murder, after another teen was shot dead in Adelaide last night. Nine's Jack Berketa has more. It's been the worst possible start to the new year for the friends and family of 18-year-old Lewis McPherson, who was shot dead at Warradale, south of Adelaide, last night. The shooting happened just before 8:00 on a quiet suburban street. Three boys were walking to a New Year's Eve party when it's alleged a 17-year-old male confronted them, and fired four shots - the last of which struck Lewis in the chest. This morning, friends who were with the victim last night mourned his loss.It all happened so fast. That's the thing. That's why everyone is still in shock, because no-one kbl that it happened.There's been an outpouring of grief and condolences on Facebook. Friends couldn't believe a fun-filled night could end in such disastrous tragedy. Sorry, it's only hit me now that I've just lost him.Neighbours who heard the ordeal still coming to grips with the terror on their doorstep.I was actually on the phone to the police officer when we heard what we thought were fire crackers, and then we saw and heard the young people running up and down the street saying, "He's shot, he's been hurt."The 17-year-old was arrested and charged with murder. He'll front the Adelaide youth court tomorrow. A police van in Sydney has overturned and rolled onto its roof. The accident happened after police were called to a brawl in the city's south-west overnight. The van was transporting four men who'd been arrested during the violence. Two officers were injured in the crash. The four men were also hurt, and are expected to be charged when they're released from hospital. Still ahead this afternoon - a woman's finger chopped off as a neighbourhood dispute turns ugly. The world celebrates the start of a new year. And keeping up with Kanye - how the world found out about Kim Kardashian's baby news.

Right now, here's

Breaking news from Bondi, where the shark alarm has gone off, sending thousands running out of the surf. We're live from the beach at 6:00. The big clean-up after Sydney's huge New Year's Eve celebrations. Plus, the highlights from the fireworks extravaganza. The secrets of Bob Hawke's most turbulent year in office. And Julia Gillard introduces her puppy to the Aussie cricketers. See you at 6:00. You guys grew up together?
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A dispute between neighbours in Sydney's north has ended with a woman having her finger chopped off. The 58-year-old was arguing with her elderly neighbour while trimming a hedge with a set of garden shears. Police say the two got into a fight and, during the scrap, the woman's finger was severed. She's now undergoing surgery to have the finger reattached. The 71-year-old man has been charged. Hours after Australians celebrated the start of 2013, parts of the US are now welcoming in the new year. Millions of people gathered to watch fireworks at some of the world's most famous monuments.

An explosion of light cascades over Victoria Harbour, as 100,000 people usher in the new year in Hong Kong.

In Dubai, the show turned high-tech - jets of water helping to introduce the incredible pyrotechnics. Only one building dominated the skyline, showered in an impressive light display.

In London, Big Ben signalled the start of a new year... (BELL TOLLS) The London Eye the centrepiece of the extravaganza, capping off a mega year for the city - hosting the Olympic Games and celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

In just the last half-hour, hundreds of thousands of revellers crammed into Times Square in New York to witness the drop of a Waterford crystal-studded ball.

Big or small, across the world, each show was different - but the same hope remains - looking toward a better year. A day after Kanye West announced that he and girlfriend Kim Kardashian are expecting their first child, the reality TV star says she feels blessed and can't wait to start her family. The rapper broke the news to the world in front of a 5,000-strong crowd while performing in the United States.

# Now you're having my baby... (CHEERING) It's believed Kim is around 12 weeks pregnant. Still to come on Nine News - tragedy for two families, with four people killed on our roads on the first day of the new year. Toxic smoke fills the skies over Sydney's west, as a factory fire continues to burn. Also - demanding answers - we'll hear from the distraught family of a man killed during a violent brawl south of Melbourne. And teetering on the edge of the fiscal cliff - a last-minute deal to avoid tax hikes for American families.

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Sir David Attenborough is taking life on earth into 3D, returning to the Galapagos Islands for a new documentary. It's the first time the new technology has been used to capture the stunning landscape. Sir David Attenborough has been to the Galapagos Islands on many occasions, but never before shooting in 3D. His latest adventures saw him travel to the islands more than 30 years after his first visit, and it's a place he is passionate about.It give is a marvellous place from almost every point of view, but the animals that live there are unlike any other found in the world. Most importantly, perhaps, is because they have no fear whatsoever of human beings. The mockingbirds will come in, sit on your head, and take hair from your head because they want something to line their nest. The islands are where Charles Darwin conceived the idea of natural selection, and are a 3D film-maker's dream. It's also one of the most complicated documentaries ever undertaken in this medium.Making 3D programming has a lot of problems - one of which is that the cameras we had then, and they still are, to some extent - but they are gigantic. They take four people to carry.But the most captivating aspect of the program is undoubtedly the animals. They are very touching animals. Giant tortoises. They live longer than we do, mostly. They're straight out of pre-history, really, with this reptillion neck, sitting there. Of course, they don't do a hell of a lot. If I had to pick a favourite animal from the Galapagos, it probably wouldn't be the tortoise, but it almost certainly would be the waved albatross. They mate for life. They will go all around the world, literally around the globe, collecting food for their chicks and come back to the same nest.

You're watching Nine's Afternoon News. These are our top stories. Sydney's beaches on high alert, after thousands of swimmers were evacuated from the water at Bondi after a shark sighting. It's been a tragic start to 2013, with four people killed on our roads on the first day of the new year. The family of the young Victorian man who died after being king-hit during a brawl have spoken of their grief.

Let's get the details on our breaking news story now. Sydney's Bondi Beach was cleared earlier this afternoon after a shark sighting. Nine's Sarah Harris is there, and joins us now. Sarah, good afternoon. What more can you tell us?Well, Amelia, swimmers were given the all-clear to return back into the water around 15 minutes ago, but I tell you what - around 4:30 this afternoon, it was a very different story. Absolutely phenomenal pictures, as tens of thousands of surfers and swimmers were actually forced to leave the water. A shark was spotted about 200m off the northern point of Bondi. It was spotted by a surf- lifesaver patrol boat out in the water. Then the shark alarm was raised. Then people were forced to come back into shore. It was quite remarkable to see so many people here standing on the shore, the beach completely empty while the Westpac helicopter did sweeps up and down the beach to make sure that the shark had gone. At this stage, Amelia, we don't know exactly what sort of shark was spotted, or even how long it was, but it seems as though everyone is safe to go back into the water. But certainly a very big scare on a very busy day like today, when so many thousands of people are celebrating New Year's Day, Amelia. Incredible to see so many people out of the water at Bondi. Sarah, thank you for the update. In other news - two young men have died and a third is in a serious condition, after an horrific crash at Ipswich, west of Brisbane. The small sedan flipped and crashed through a number of fences after losing control just before 5:00 this morning. Absolutely unbelievable that a car could have done so much damage and what speed was this person doing? The driver survived and is in hospital with a fractured skull. It's believed the car was spotted at high speed on security camera moments before the impact. Two people have been killed in a smash on the Pacific Highway in northern NSW. Two cars collided head-on at Bangalow, killing both drivers - a woman in her 30s and a man in his 20s. Investigators are trying to determine whether fatigue was a factor. The legacy of this crash will be with those families forever. What a way to start 2013 - losing the life of one of your family.The highway was blocked for hours while the scene was cleared of debris. Firefighters say a massive factory blaze in Sydney's west could continue burning until tomorrow, sending toxic smoke plumes into the air. Nine's Mattthew Snelson has the latest. Dozens of firefighters have spent the day here at Villawood trying to mop up the rest of this fire. Dozens of tyres are still on fire and still smouldering, sending a huge plume of smoke over Villawood. The fire broke out about 1:00 this morning. There were thousands of tyres inside, and the fire took hold extremely quickly. It threatened neighbouring buildings, it took 120 firefighters to bring it under control several hours before it was really made safe here. The firefighters came from all over Sydney - 12 stations in all. It was a massive fight. Let's take a listen to what they told us a little earlier today.The fire was quite large last night. Certainly we were concerned about it spreading into adjoining premises. Thankfully, crews worked very hard at both the left and right of the premises to ensure that the fire didn't spread, and thankfully we've managed to contain the fire to the single area of origin.Firefighters say the smoke issuing from the blaze is toxic due to the tyres. They're warning residents in the area to stay indoors or avoid the area if they can, so hazardous is that smoke. Air quality tests are being undertaken. Earthmoving equipment will be brought in to knock down the wrecked aluminium and steel to get to those dozens of tyres that are still on fire and are still smoking to clean up the rest of this blaze, then the investigation will get under way into the cause of the fire. Devastated relatives and friends of a Victorian man who died after being king-hit in a brawl have paid emotional tributes to the 22-year- old. Seb Costello is following the story for us in Melbourne. Seb, this family obviously doing it very tough?Yeah, really sad, sad situation, Amelia. David Cassai's family said their final goodbyes this morning at Melbourne's Alfred Hospital. His sisters, elisa and Louisa, paid tribute to their beloved brother.He was the best brother, friend, son, grandson, cousin, boyfriend, anyone could ask for.They'll definitely get what they deserve. The police are investigating. I just hope they feel terrible for ruining our family, ruining our friends' lives, ruining everyone. My parents are devastated.His mates today remembered a positive and happy young man, a talented soccer player. He had a promising career as a landscape gardener. They told a storjust days gow ago at their end- of-year Christmas lunch. David showed up to a busy restaurant in a Santa suit, distributing cheers to his mates. That was the type of bloke he was, they said - really the glue that held his friendship group together. They came together today at a park in Melbourne's north-east just to pay tribute to the man, to remember him and to be there for each other as they go through a really tough time,. 1:00am Monday morning, David spent his night at the Portsea pub. They didn't drink and drive - they took a bus home, got off at Rye outside a pizza place, when a group of thugs set upon them. The homicide squad is investigating. As yet, they've made no arrests. Back to you.Alright, Seb. Thank you very much for the update. On to some lighter news now - Sydney has cemented its reputation as the New Year's Eve capital of the world, putting on a dazzling light show for around 1.5 million people who lined the Harbour. Nine's Dan Nolan is in our Sydney newsroom. An incredible night but, as always, a huge clean-up today? It sure was, Amelia. 66 tonnes of rubbish, to be exact, was collected from around Sydney Harbour today, as the clean-up crews rolled in to pick up the pieces from that fireworks show that was kicked off by the pop queen herself, Kylie Minogue. It was set to a soundtrack of all her greatest hits, and not only mesmerised 1.5 million people watching it live, but an estimated TV audience of 1 billion people around the world. Let's hear from some of those who were there.It was beautiful. We are from Canada, and we really enjoyed it.The atmosphere was brilliant. People are brilliant.Thank you for your hospitality! Fantastic show! Love you guys.It was just quite magic. And of course we have absolutely fabulous cleansing staff who came in and worked through the night in our streets and parks.Dan, overall, were authorities pleased with the crowd behaviour?They were, Amelia. Police made around 90 arrests - almost 30 of those were during a sniffer dog operation at Bondi Junction train station as party- goers headed to a concert at Bondi Beach. Two men were also arrested for pointing a laser at the police helicopter. One of the most dramatic incidents came in Circular Quay just before midnight, when a hot dog van erupted in flames. Thankfully, nobody was hurt there, but ambulance crews did have a busy night.We processed about three times the number of our normal 000 calls in a 6-hour period. We really can't complain. People seemed to party safely and the medical services were well up to standard, and were able to take care of any situation that arose.Amelia, a fairly trouble-free night in Circular Quay, and hopefully that hot dog vendor doesn't throw water on an oil fire again any time soon. (LAUGHS) Let's hope not. Dan Nolan, thank you. We'll leave it there. In Melbourne, police have praised the behaviour of the majority of revellers. There were 182 arrests for assault, and 240 party-goers were taken into custody for being drunk. More than 500,000 people packed the city centre to ring in 2013, with buildings used as launching sites for the fireworks spectacular. And authorities in Brisbane have less people to clean up after than expected. Crowd numbers were down on previous years, with 65,000 revellers ushering in the new year at Southbank. Police say behaviour was generally good - just 60 people were arrested. 50,000 packed out Surfers Paradise to watch a special superhero-themed fireworks display. The US has technically gone over the much-feared fiscal cliff. The Senate has reached a deal, but it's now down to members of Congress, who've packed up and left for New Year's Eve. Our US bureau chief Robert Penfold explains. At long last, the last-minute deal has been hammered out, with the US senators agreeing to put plans in place to stop the US economy going over that much-talked-about fiscal cliff. It was Vice-President Biden who travelled up to the Houses of Congress tonight to explain the deal. Republican leaders, and the President and his team, hammered this out throughout the afternoon. Without an agreement, almost everyone's taxes here in the United States would have increased, so despite all the dire warnings, not much will really change for the average American. In the short-term, that is. The one exception - people earning over $400,000 a year will be hit by a tax increase. As for the big government spending cuts, a lot of that will be dealt with two months from now. In other words, they have kicked that problem down the road a little. President Obama's argument is that the Republicans have just been too focused on trying to protect the rich. As well, he infuriated Republicans today when he came out to give an update on the situation - and unusually for him, he seemed to misjudge the moment and had his audience laughing while he cracked a few jokes.One thing we can count on with respect to this Congress is that, if there's even one second left before you have to do what you're supposed to do, they will use that last second.He comes out and calls people together and has a group standing behind him, laughs and jokes, and ridcules Republicans. Why?!The Senate vote has to be confirmed by the House of Representatives. But they've already gone home for the night. Even though the US will technically go over the so-called fiscal cliff, the good news is, tomorrow, here, it's New Year's Day. A public holiday. So the markets are close said, the public -- closed, the public servants aren't at work, and by the time everyone is back, it's likely the vote will be done through both Houses, and the US will move on. Several couples across Australia have had a memorable start to the new year, wecoming a new baby just after the clock struck midnight. One of the first Aussie New Year babies was Harriette Forbes, the first child of Sydney couple Jake and Amanda.We were supposed to be due on the fifth, but she decided she wanted to be here on the new year, so here we go.Harry ended the world at 12 -- entered the world at 12:14am, just as Sydney's midnight fireworks were wrapping up. Sports news now with Tim Gilbert. The Aussie cricketers getting stuck into training ahead of the test? Only a couple of days to go. We'll hear from Ed Cowan and Peter Siddle in a moment, as the Aussies look to complete a 3-0 whitewash of the series. And Sam Stosur's Australian Open preparation hits another major hurdle.

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Welcome back. Glenn Maxwell looks certain to make his debut in the third test between Australia and Sri Lanka at the SCG starting on Thursday. The Australians trained today, and our own Roz Kelly was there. It was a pretty solid first training session for the Aussies here at the SCG. It lasted a few hours. Michael Clarke was pulled aside by the Australian physio early, and went through a private session with him before joining in with the rest of the team. It was just to check how his niggling hamstring is going. He seemed to be moving freely. There's been a lot of emotion around the team over the past few days, after the shock retirement announcement from Mike Hussey and all the talk inside the Australian camp is just how this younger generation of players are going to stand up and become future leaders.It's an opportunity for this team to move forward how they want to be, be shaped not by the past, but have a real crack shaping a new Australian cricket team. Mitchell Starc has been told he is a definite starter in this test, after being rested for the Boxing Day match, which left him shattered. It actually prompted Peter Siddle to pull him aside and have a few words.Yeah, I had a bit of a chat to him in Melbourne. Obviously he was disappointed, but a Boxing Day test - growing up, everyone wants to be a part of it. He's only a young fella, and he's probably got another 10 or 11 left in him in his career. He's going to play in many of them. Being young and wanting to get the opportunity, that's why he was so disappointed. I think everyone can understand that.Sri Lanka didn't train here today. They've been hit very hard by injury, and have flown over two players as injury replacements. Both teams will hold optional training sessions tomorrow. Sam Stosur says lack of practice and not hometown pressure is to blame for her early exit from the Brisbane International. The world number nine lost to Sweden's Sofia Arvidsson, a first-round defeat that has raised familiar questions. The queen of Australian tennis, and her loyal supporters, knew this was risky business. Arvidsson is ranked 41 in the world, and Stosur fought off a break point in the opening game.(APPLAUSE) There were plenty of good signs... (APPLAUSE) And of course, there was rust. 48 unforced errors was always going to finish ugly for Stosur. Last year, Stosur lost in the second round of the Brisbane International, setting up a woeful summer at home. This year's first-round defeat can't be a good sign.Can't argue with what Arvidsson is doing out here. Playing some good tennis, surprising tennis sometimes, actually.Stosur denies hometown pressure is a problem, claiming an ankle operation five weeks ago restricted her practice. Australia's Sam Stosur out of the tournament in straight sets.I know that people believe in me and what I'm trying to do is the right things. You just really want to perform right here, right now. That's what I'm going to keep trying to do.Stosur now heads to the Sydney International next week to continue her Australian Open build-up. Shane Warne was clearly enjoying his New Year's celebrations, hamming it up with his wife-to-be Liz Hurley at a '70s party. Warnie will be action in action for the Melbourne Stars in the Big Bash League, whether they take on the Brisbane heat on Thursday night. He has missed a game while he's been on holidays. One A-League game today - plenty of goals early in the match between Melbourne Heart and Newcastle. The Heart scored in the first five minutes, but the Newcastle Jets hit back. A short time ago, the score was 2-1 in the second half. A rough start to the year for Sydney FC, going down 3-0 to Adelaide United. The Sky Blues were without marquee man Alessandro Del Piero. Adelaide now sit in second on the A-League ladder. Central Coast continue to lead the way, downing Perth 1-0. The Mariners are two points clear of Adelaide at the top of the table. Lovely to be a part of your afternoon, Amelia.And lovely to have you, Timmy. Thank you very much. Coming up after the break - we will have your New Year's weather forecast.

Tonight on WIN News: Canberra' s
spectacular New Years Eve fireworks o
Meet the first centenary baby. And Ca
our exclusive tour of the new-look Canberra airport - and what it mean for travellers. That' s tonight. This program is not captioned.

To the weather forecast now - on the satellite, a low-pressure trough in the west will generate showers and storms tomorrow, while sending hot northerlies into South Australia. A large high will maintain mostly dry conditions over the nation's south, while directing some showers onto the NSW and Queensland coasts. Taking a look at the capital cities:

In finance - the share market is closed for the New Year's Day public holiday.

That's Nine's Afternoon News for this Tuesday. Our next bulletin is at 6:00. I'm Amelia Adams. Thanks for being with us. Hope to see you tomorrow. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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Hello, everybody. Welcome to
the Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. Let's get straight into the action 'cause I want to give away
$1 million. Yes! Why not? Come on.
Tonight may as well be the night. We want to give a lot of money away. Hopefully
one of our contestants tonight will change their life
in the next 30 minutes or so of fun and interaction
with the audience and those at home. There you go.
Let's get stuck into it. This person over here is... ..Antoinette Surrentino. Appeared on television
once upon a time on 'Countdown'. Clayton Dewar turned a holiday
in Germany into an internship at BMW Munich. From WA, Ivan Stone loves swimming,
snorkelling and surfing - anything in the water. At age 10, Emily O'Donnell
lived every child's dream - she was locked in Toys R Us. Since 1957, Graeme Scott
has been involved in ham radio - has spoken to over 100 countries. And with a win tonight, Kate Prezioso wants to fund
her online business in eco-friendly pet supplies. Yeah!

Alright. Are you ready, Antoinette? We are.
Antoinette, please, let's go.

Hello, Antoinette. Hello, Eddie.
How are you? Very good. Very pleased to be here.
Welcome aboard. Antoinette Surrentino.
Correct. 52 years of age. CSO and mailroom administrator with the Department of Justice
and Attorney-General from Camp Hill in Queensland. Correct.
Big mouthful but it's all there. Louis is your husband. G'day, Louis. G'day, Eddie.
Good on you, buddy. And you've got Ricardo, 19. We have.
The wonderful Ricardo. And he is a very special boy because it was hard enough
finding young Ricardo, wasn't it? It was very hard getting him. Take us through this
because you started IVF... Is that right? I want to make sure
I get this right with you. ..and then you were
diagnosed with cervical cancer and it looked like the doctor
wanted you to have a hysterectomy... He did. Straightaway. ..basically that day. What happened from there? Well, I don't like being told
what to do so I said, "No, I'm not going to have it 'cause
I'm going to have a baby first." Yeah. And I have multiple sclerosis
as well. I was diagnosed with that
a few years before. So they put me onto the IVF,
onto the rush thing, and luckily it took first time and had three eggs implanted and out came the beautiful Ricardo. So it was all good in the end. Everything else OK?
Everything else is perfect. Oh, what about that. Good stuff.
I loved that, Antoinette.

Good on you. OK, here we go.
15 questions for $1 million. Ready to play?
Ready. Let's play Hot Seat. Go!


Eddie, it would be A, Goldberg. Whoopi Goldberg's locked in.
Correct for $100.


Winnebago. I'll give that again. (READS CHOICES)

I'm always joking about Winnebagos
but I'll lock in B, sago. Sago is locked in. It's correct for $200.



Good Catholic girl - we know
we're not supposed to wear these. It's C, glossy finish.
Glossy finish. And why do good Catholic girls
not wear patent leather shoes? Because it reflects our underpants.
That's it. The boys can see up your dress.
That's right. $300.


Not good at any of those, Eddie, but
probably worst at A, tenpin bowling, so I'll lock in A. Lock in A, tenpin bowling. If you're no good at it,
you'd have plenty of gutter balls. Correct for $500.

When it goes down the gutter,
no points, doesn't hit any pins. $1,000, first safe level. (READS QUESTION)

My favourite era - I wish I was born
back then. But it's C, bugle. Bugle? The 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy'
from...? From Company B.
Correct for $1,000.

We'll take a break, we'll come back and play for $1 million tonight in
the Hot Seat right after the break.

Tonight on WIN News... Canberra Ci
celebrates. Tens of thousands pack sho
Civic for a spectacular fireworks
show. We meet the Territory' s firs pas
centenary baby - born one minute past the stroke of midnight. And th coin
four day camp-out for the first wai
coin of the year - well worth the tell
wait for one 13 year old. We' ll tell you why. Those stories and mor clock
in the WIN News Hour from 6 o' clock.