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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - What a night! New Year's Eve celebrations
go off with a bang in Australia and around the world. A deadly start to the new year
on our roads with two double fatals. And former PM Bob Hawke opens up about some of the most controversial
issues of our time.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News,
morning edition, with Chris Reason.

Good morning. It was the party of the year
last night with millions of people gathering at
celebration spots around the country to say goodbye to 2012. Spectacular fireworks lit up
the night skies over capital cities making sure this year
started with a bang.

All eyes were skyward as the seconds
ticked down to midnight.

Happy New Year. (CHEERING)

Sydney Harbour burst to life for the
most spectacular night of the year.

Fireworks went off
to a music soundtrack picked by creative ambassador
Kylie Minogue. 1.5 million people huddled in
for a glimpse. Six hours we've been here. REPORTER: Worth it? Yes, yes!

Sydney put on an impressive show
for the rest of the world. Very beautiful, splendid,
magnificent, spectacular! More than a billion watched
on television and online but the best seats in the house
were on the water.

But for some, the night wasn't
only about ringing in a new year. So happy, so happy.

, 550,000 people watched as fireworks were launched from Melbourne's tallest buildings.

In Brisbane,
it was a colourful end to 2012 but crowd numbers were down. 55,000 people celebrated
at South Bank. Adelaide focused on
family friendly events. But the night wasn't trouble-free. Police kept on top of those
having a little too much fun. There were 121 arrests
on the Gold Coast, 45 in Brisbane city. A stabbing, glassing and assaults
in Victoria and 97 charges were laid in Sydney. This is an increase on last year. They are for a variety of offences. This morning there were
plenty of sore heads and a massive clean up
across party hotspots for the first day of 2013.

Before Sydney's fireworks
went off with a bang, there was something else
that caught the crowd's attention. A fire broke out in a hot dog stand
in the city just before
the midnight fireworks display. Crowds gathered to watch the blaze, and several loud bangs
could be heard. Police quickly tried
to move people along. Many in Australia
are nursing sore heads, but around the world
the party is still going. Fireworks rang in the New Year
in most major global cities, but some are still counting down
to midnight.

It's a fireworks display
spectacular enough to rival Sydney. The New Year light show in Dubai
dazzled onlookers as the pyrotechnics
danced up the Burj Khalifa - the world's tallest
man-made structure.

London's just a half an hour
into 2013. The London Eye was the centrepiece
for celebrations as the UK sent off their
spectacular 2012 in style. Welcome to London. Are you ready? Berlin's Brandenburg Gate
was the backdrop for the city's fireworks display. And fireworks warmed up
a cold New Year's Eve in Moscow. The champagne kept locals
even warmer. Happy New years. Whooo! Not long after Australia rang
in the New Year, it was Asia's turn
down the date line. Shanghai and Hong Kong belting out
the New Year's anthem. # Auld Lang Syne. # And this...

Emotional commentary
as North Korea reportedly held its first ever New Year's Eve
fireworks display in the capital Pyongyang. Before Sydney,
it was Auckland's turn.

The fireworks were simple
but effective. One of the biggest new year eve
celebrations is yet to come. The ball will drop
in New York's Time Square in a little over four hours time.

It's been a horror start to 2013
in Ipswich west of Brisbane, with two young men killed and a
third badly injured in a car crash. Two passengers were thrown
from the vehicle before it landed in a front yard. Erin Edwards has the details.

Chris, residents heard a sceech and a bang and immediately knew heartache had returned to their street. At 4. street. At 4.45 this morning, a Carrying three young friends went over a round about and lost control. It went through a fence, mowed down several trees and plants and then flipped into a neighbouring property where it came to rest against a cottage. Residents rushed to help but there was nothing they could do for two of the three young occupants. Families who had been looking forward to the start of a new year are only now being told their children are dead. Sick. I can just - I really can feel for them. I know how they feel. It's - it's not a good way to start 2013. Even though I don't know them, I feel, really really sad for them. Queensland's festive road Toll is down and so is the yearly total, less than 300 for the third consecutive year in a row. Unfortunately I, 2013 has started terribly.

Two people were also killed
in a head-on crash on the New South Wales north-coast
early this morning. The cars were travelling along
the Pacific Highway at Bangalow when they colided just before 2:30. Both drivers died at the scene. Last year for the Richmond-Byron
area, we lost 30 lives, and here we are,
2.5 hours into 2013 and there's two lives already lost. There were no passengers
in the cars.

Firefighters have had a hard time
containing a factory blaze in western Sydney overnight. Crews were called to the fire
at Villawood at 12:30. More than 100 firies battled
the blaze for around four hours.

First arriving crews had major
difficulties accessing the fire. It was very fierce and they had problems
getting water onto the fire. Crews will monitor the site
for most of the day. Most of New South Wales is under
a total fire ban today

Two police officers were injured when they lost control
of their paddy wagon in Sydney's south-west last night. The officers had just arrested
four men who were allegedly involved
in a large brawl at Ingleburn. They were on their way
back to the station when the vehicle tipped and rolled. The men in the cage
also suffered minor injuries.

A South Australian family
is hoping Facebook helps them track down their missing daughter. 20-year-old Rachael Moritz
hasn't been seen for nine days after her father dropped her
at a friend's house near Reynella. Her mother says she has tried
to call her phone but it's off. Just really out of character
for Rachel. I feel like I'm in a nightmare
really. Anyone with information is urged
to contact Crime Stoppers.

A teenager has been shot and killed during a New Year's Eve fight
in Adelaide's inner-south last night. It's believed several shots
were fired from a handgun fatally wounding the 18-year-old. Roscoe Whalan has been following
the story.

Chris, the tragedy unfolded here on sixth after newer just before eight o'clock, last night. 18-year-old Louis MacPherson was walking to a party when the gunman appeared around the corner. He fired multiple shots at the boys before hitting Louis in the chest. It's understood the boys were known to one another. Neighbours who had already contacted police with fears the party was getting oud of hand, rushed to help the boy. The gunman reappeared, this time waving the gun at them. Louis was time waving the gun at them. Louis was rushed to the Flinders Medical Centre in a critical condition but couldn't be revived. A 17-year-old boy was arrested by police at the scene. He has been charged with murder and firearm offences. He is due to appear in court

Confidential Cabinet papers
from the mid-1980s have been released today, lifting the lid on the inner secrets
of Bob Hawke's government. Seven's political reporter Alex Hart
sat down with the former PM to discuss some of the most
controversial issues of the time.

At 83,
Bob Hawke is slowing down a bit... Alex Hart from Channel Seven,
how are you, Mr Hawke? ..but he's still quick as flash
to pull you in to line. Well, try it some time.
You won't ask a silly question. The former PM's given us
half an hour to discuss the 1984 and 1985
Cabinet papers - released today by
the National Archives of Australia. One of the most controversial issues
they deal with is tax reform and the government's plan
for a broad-based consumption tax, like the GST. I don't accept
that there was a general view that it was unquestionably
the way to go. The documents reveal
Cabinet backed the plan, which was Paul Keating's
preferred option. He denies claims the decision
was the beginning of the end of his close relationship
with the treasurer. The important thing
is that we made big reforms and...and Paul didn't sort
of take his bat and go home. From his Sydney office, the former PM also reflected
on the '84 election. He claims Labor would've won by more if not for a freak cricket accident
on day one of the campaign and the private pain of learning about
his daughter's heroin addiction. I, frankly, was...emotionally
and physically buggered. But mostly his memories of the time
are fond ones. We had the talent, we had the discipline and respect
for one another. It was a very good Cabinet.

American politicians
have missed their deadline to head off
the so-called fiscal cliff, with automatic spending cuts
and tax hikes to come into force. Global stock markets are closed
for the new year though, meaning there'll be no immediate
impact on Wall Street.

With your money on the line tonight Washington can only claim
progress but not success. It appears that an agreement
to prevent this new year's tax hike is within sight
but it's not done. We're a very, very close. Close comes after intense
closed door negotiations that kept even most members
of Congress in the dark. The White House and Senate leaders have been trying to beat a deadline
they created to stop massive tax increases
and automatic spending cuts that could trigger
another recession but one breakthrough did come today. I can report that we have reached
an agreement on all of the tax - the tax issues. A genuine compromise on taxes. Most notable, rates would go
up for couples earning above $450,000 a year
and stay the same for everyone else. But they are divided
over how much and how soon to cut government spending. And people are frustrated. Sometimes you wonder
is it all just for show or, you know, what is really going
on behind closed doors? Visitors to Capitol Hill say
they're out of patience. I don't think it's fair that our
kids are coming into this world with so much debt. The new year with no deal
also means government spending faces deep cuts slicing 8 to 9% from many
federal agencies and the military, cutting about $110 billion
next year.

Next in Seven News - why doctors believe Hillary Clinton
will make a full recovery, despite health concerns. And say it in a song. Rapper Kanye West tells the world
his big surprise.

VOICEOVER: Tanning is
skin cells in trauma. Just one damaged cell
can start a melanoma growing. And just 1mm deep, the cancer can get into
your bloodstream and spread.

Doctors have revealed US Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton is suffering a blood clot located
between her brain and her skull. but doctors are confident
she will make a full recovery.

She's the Administration's
most high profile frequent flyer - 112 countries,
nearly 1 million miles, more than 400 days of travel, named in Gallop poll today
as the world's most admired woman for the 11th year in a row. Widely viewed as the Democratic
partner in 2016 if she chooses to run.

Now grounded at a New York
hospital, her spokesman says for a blood clot
found during a follow up exam Sunday. Clinton has not been seen publically
since December 7 when she picked up a stomach virus
on a worldwind trip - leading to dehydration,
a fall and a concussion. Now resulting, her aid says,
in the blood clot. Clinton was still recovering
last week when the President nominated
John Kerry to succeed her. Over the last four years,
Hillary has been everywhere, both in terms of her travel, which we have seen her represent
America in more countries than any previous
Secretary of State and through her tireless work
to restore our global leadership. She's looking forward
to getting back to work. This is not Clinton's first
experience with a blood clot. In 1998, as First Lady, she had
a blood clot behind her knee, also treated with blood thinners.

Police in Indonesia are
investigating the sudden death of an Australian woman in Bali. 33-year-old Denni North was found
lying face down in a swimming pool. The Brisbane woman
had been living in Kuta and working in public relations. Police are investigating
whether her death was suspicious. Consular officials are assisting
her family in Australia. Nine people have been killed
and more than two dozen injured after a charter bus skidded off
the road in a remote part of Oregon. The driver is believed to have lost
control on an icy stretch of road. The bus then plummeted more than 30m
down a snow covered embankment. South Korean tourists
were mainly on board. There are reports that stretch
of road is so dangerous transport officials have previously
published warnings to drivers. Dozens of protesters in India
are vowing not to celebrate the new year, following the death of a woman
who was gang raped in New Delhi. Locals have made signs calling
for tougher rape laws and major police reforms in 2013. New year is all about celebration. It's about happiness and this time
we are not at all happy. No-one is happy this morning. The 23-year-old student died
from her internal wounds in a Singapore hospital. Six men have been arrested
and charged with murder. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West say
they feel lucky and blessed after announcing
they're expecting a baby. 35-year-old West decided
to reveal the news to a crowd of more than 5,000 people in a special song
he performed during a concert. Mum-to-be Kim was also
in the audience.

(SINGS) # You're having my baby # And it means so much to me. #

The rapper and reality star
went public with their relationship in March.

A baby gorilla has arrived at a zoo
in the Czech Republic just in time for the new year. It's the 19-year-old mum's
third baby. The tiny gorilla already seems
at home at Prague Zoo. The birth of any rare western
lowland gorilla in captivity is always a reason for staff
to celebrate.

Sport is next in Seven News - including Sam Stosur's shock loss
at the Brisbane International. And Australia's cricketers
pretty in pink before Mike Hussey's
farewell test match.

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Australia's test players insist
they're feeling no added pressure to send Mike Hussey out a winner in this week's series finale
against Sri Lanka. Hussey will play his 79th
and final test at the SCG, and while his team-mates admit
it'll be tough to say goodbye they're determined to give
'Mr Cricket' a fitting farewell. Hopefully we just send him out on
the right note - take it down 3-nil.

You know it's going to be your
mate's last game and probably the last time
I'll ever play with him so it's going to be tough. The players donned
their baggy pink caps today, in support
of the McGrath Foundation. Australia's legendary fast bowler
Glenn McGrath will be inducted into world cricket's Hall of Fame
during the SCG Test. It's perfect timing for McGrath
during the Pink Test Match, the annual tribute
to his late wife, Jane, and fundraiser for his cancer
charity the McGrath Foundation. The 42-year-old will become
the 68th member of the International Cricket
Council's Hall of Fame, following his great rival Brian Lara
who was inducted in September. McGrath's 563 test wickets
is the most for a fast bowler.

Australian Sam Stosur has failed
to bounce back from ankle surgery, losing in straight sets
to Sofia Arvidsson in the first round
of the Brisbane International. It's the world number nine's
fourth straight loss on home soil. Stosur's won only one match
in Australia since her 2011 US Open victory. it's another major setback before
the Australian Open in a fortnight. At the moment I'm just really disappointed again
leaving Brissie so early. I gave myself every opportunity to
play as well as I could, for sure. I have not practised enough. Local wildcard Ben Mitchell
was beaten by Marcos Baghdatis in straight sets. Australia's top-ranked male
Marinko Matosevic was knocked out by Japan's
Kei Nishikori in the first round. In Perth, world number one
Novak Djokovic was lucky not to be hurt,
when a barrier collapsed while he was signing autographs
at the Hopman Cup.

And the Brisbane International
continues live on 7Two today from 12.30
eastern daylight savings time. Serena Williams and Lleyton Hewitt
are on court tonight.

Adelaide United
has embarrassed Sydney FC with a 3-0 drubbing
to see off 2012. Dario Vidosic's double took his
tally to eight goals this season. COMMENTATOR: Vidosic scores! For Adelaide United.
What a terrific cross! The win broke a 2-game
losing streak for Adelaide and secures them second place
on the ladder. In last night's other game, the league-leading Central Coast
Mariners took three points against the Perth Glory
with a 1-0 win.

Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

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Some pretty brave swimmers
have bared nearly all for a dip in a frozen river. It's become a new year tradition
in central Russia. The group posed together and looked surprisingly relaxed
despite the conditions. And for the record, the water temperature was
a very chilly 2 degrees.

Let's take a look
at our weather now. Troughs are causing a few showers
and storms in northern WA, the Top End and in parts of Queensland. While a front is bringing showers
and windy conditions to Tasmania. A high is keeping Victoria
and South Australia mostly dry.

Around the capitals - A fine and warm day for Brisbane
and 31. Sydney will be most sunny,
tops of 30. A sunny and warm day
also for Canberra. Partly cloudy in Melbourne. A few showers for Hobart -
20 degrees. Sunny and a warm 33 for Adelaide. Perth can expect a windy day
but also warm and 33. And an afternoon gusty storm
for Darwin, tops of 34 degrees. And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up-to-date
throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30
and tonight at 6:00. I'm Chris Reason. Thanks for your company. Goodbye.

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