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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Sydney has welcomed in the new year in spectacular fashion, delivering on its promise to put on the best show on earth with Kylie at the helm. Let's go to Kirrabilli. A big clean-up there but it was worth it. What an amazing show.It is the party that sets the standards for New Year's Eve around the world. Organisers promised it would be bigger and better than before and last night they did not disappoint withed any harbour lighting up in colours of gold, pink, green and blue. 1.5 million people crammed in to the foreshore with colours streaming from four barges situated around the harbour. The soundtrack was naturally Kylie's On a Night Like This and the whole night was sealed with a kiss. Today, though, attention turns the the clean-up and we have seen council workers out in force clearing away the mounds of rubbish and they are doing a tremendous job turning this city back to its picture-perfect self.Was it a busy night for authorities? How much trouble as there?It was. About 3,000 police were out in force last night and arrested double the amount of people if last new year. 97 people were charged overnight with four offences including drug use and assault. Many of those were at the Bondi festival Shore Thing. Officers had to push away a few people trying to scale fence toss get in while paramedics treated 400 poem at the scene. Also where around the city, one man was arrested for alledgedly pointing a laser light at a plane. Also in the city we saw a hotdog truck explode into flames overnight after a deep- Freier boiled over. Was made worse when a staffer tied to extinguish the blaze using water but police have praised the efforts of Sid any partygoers.We saw a large crowd build-up and vantage point filled up early T bulk of those people came and enjoyed the event and have got home safely.Once again, Sydney has set the standard as the place to party on new year's when it comes to spectacular fireworks and safety. It certainly did. Melbourne also put on quite a show. A crowd was thrilled with fireworks. Emily is on the banks of the Yarra. How was Melbourne's party?Billed as the biggest new year's fireworks display Melbourne has ever put on and it did numbers disappoint. From 22 sites fireworks were launched. Half a million people enjoyed the spectacle and it was deemed a successes.Happy new year!I like the sound of fireworks.It was like trickling everywhere.Happy new year.They were awesome. Everyone looking pretty happy. How as the crowd? Did they behave themselves? The night did not pass without incident T most serious of which was an 18-year-old man at Lorne on the coast stabbed after a fight and taken to hospital in a serious condition. There were a few arrests and glassings after the midnight fireworks display. But look, overall, police were pretty happy with the behaviour of revellers. It may have something to do with the amount of police on the beat. An extra 400 officers were keeping crowds safe. The work is not over. Have the Summer Daze festival so they will be working hard to keep people safe through to tonight.A busy day. Let's head the Brisbane where Southbank was the pace to be for all the fireworks action. How did Brisbane's big night go?Most people went to bed early. They expected 8,000 people here. It was more like 65,000. Police say the good side to all of that meant that travelling were less arrests than usual. They say there were less arrests last night than on a Friday or Saturday night in Brisbane. They are talking about 37 arrests in the Brisbane CDB. Nine at Southbank, while 22 people were asked to leave this alcohol-free zone. Police say that was one of the pain reasons across the state the crowds behaved well. The bad side is the wait for taxis, there were 2500 working across the greater Brisbane CDB and some people said they waited up to two hours to catch a taxi home. If you could not get home you kept on partying. Early this morning as the sun came up, we saw plenty of people at Southbank trying to cure the hangover after a morning dip to here the head before hopefully go back to bed but last night long before people thought about hangovers they enjoyed the evening. Happy new year!It has been a great day. We are from Coffs Harbour in NSW so this is an event we would not have event.Resolutions for 2013?Always to get fit.Broad thing your wings.Happy new year. As always there was plenty of sparkle on the Gold Coast as well. Yes, they do not call it the Glitter Strip for nothing. There were 5,000 people there to watch the midnight fireworks. The theme was a super hero theme and certainly plenty embraced it. Plenty of Lycra on the beach but not of the swimwear kind, more of the superhero kind. Police were happy but a few more arrests than Brisbane. 122 people arrested. A lot of infringement notices issued for drinking in public, 29 drink- drivers. Two sad stories - a man was stabbed after gatecrashers showed up at a private house party at Ashmore and Pa 34-year-old man is in hospital fighting for his life after he was kicked in the head at a pub around 3.30A26-year- old man - that incident warranted grievous bodily harm and he will front court tomorrow but the good side a beautiful day in Queensland and lots of people out and about for the first day of 2013.That is good news. The celebration is not over yet. Countries around the world are welcoming in the new year. The UK has just struck midnight, while New York is still waiting for its turn. Else where, tradition and city icons were favoured as millions counted down to tire tyre. Samoa started the new year in traditional style. It was New Zealand's turn next. Auckland the centrepiece of the celebrations, fireworks Blairing to the sound of horns on the harbour. In Hong Kong the city was it will up but it was far from the ordinary show.

far from the ordinary show. In Hong Kong a column of light an thousands flocked to the Big Bash. The bell toll at South Korea celebrations as the skies over North Korea shone brightly. There were no fireworks in Japan. Instead, more than 100 bells rang out at temples throughout Tokyo marking Buddhist tradition. In Dubai, it was an elegant extravaganza. The world's tallest building stealing show. The celebration was worth the wait here the first new year's party after a ban on public gatherings was lifted. It will not be the last celebration there or around the world with some of the biggest cities still yet to see out 2012. Let's get the news now for the rest of the day - thick smoke has blanketed the West in Sydney following a huge factory fire. Matthew is at the scene. Take us through what happened there.At 1 o'clock this morning the fire broke out at this Villawood factory. 30 by 40 metres the factory is filled with thousands of tyres and it became a massive blaze in minutes. There were huge explosions and it was really fierce. It took 120 firefighters to battle this blaze and it threatened surrounding buildings and factories. It was a massive fight to stop it from spreading and spread also to several explosive gas cylinders and a 10,000 litre LPG cylinder. After a few hours this out of control blaze was brought under control and contained.T is still burning at the moment but nothing like the wild scenes we saw last night or early this morning. Take a listen to what firefighters had to say about it when we caught up with them earlier. The problem for fire crews now will be to get to the seat of the fire. We will need to firstly remove the debris from the premises and then work to actually dig into the mole ten rubber.It is a hydrocarbon fuel source and they burn ferociously with a lot of toxic smoke and it will take Australia long time to depelt this fire out. What is the latest on that? How long is it expected to take? -- to get.At least all today it will still burn, firefighters believe the dozens of tyres still left there are burning and smouldering and it will take earth moving equipment to get rid of the wrecked steel and the debris, to get rid of that before firefighters can actually put water on those tyres. The problem now is that it continue to smoulder and smoke and those fumes are really toxic firefighters say, certainly anyone that is getting close to it is made to wear protective masks. There are air quality tests being conducted and residents around Villawood where the smoke is issuing now, have been told the stay indoors or avoid the area it is simply so hazardous. At the moment firefighters are concentrating on putting out this blaze, probably a day they believe, then the attention will turn to how the fire started. At the moment it is simply too early to say. We will get another update shortly. There is a total fire ban across parts of NSW today with hot and windy conditions forecast. The ban covers greater Sydney, Illawarra, the Greater Hunter, the lower central west plains and central and southern ranges. Some areas have a severe fire danger rating with blazes in those conditions uncontrollable and fast-moving. Sydney is in for a top of 30 degrees, while the western suburbs will see the mercury soar to 39 degrees. Four men arrested over a wild brawl in Sydney's southwest have been taken to hospital. The police car they were in rolled and landed on its roof. Police were called to Macquarie Fieldst around 11 o'clock last night after reports of a fight. They bundled some of the men into their vehicle which later tipped while going through a roundabout. Two officers were treated for cuts and bruises and the men are expected to be charged when they are released if hospital. A 2-year-old boy has suffered serious facial injuries after he was attacked by a dog in Sydney's southwest. The boy was mauled in the backyard of a St Helen's home at 7.30 last night. His father was also bitten on the leg as he tried to help. It is not everyone ease idea of a new year's resolution, but a Melbourne couple in their 60s have set their sights on a remarkable goal to run a marathon every day of the year. Breast cancer survivor, Janette Murray- Wakelin, and her husband, Allan Murray, began their epic journey around Australia this morning confident of achieving the 42 kilometre-a day target. The couple has been in training for the past two years and say the key is a healthy die yet and some unusual footwear. Let's look at the water now around the country today

now around the country today - Plenty more to come, including a terrible start to the 2013 road toll. Two people killed in a horror crash in Queensland. A woman's finger chopped off in a fiery neighbourhood dispute. No deal insight for the fiscal cliff. The US expected to mist midnight deadline.

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Two people are dead and another seriously injured following a tragic crash near Ipswich west of Brisbane. It was a devastating accident. Shortly before 5am a silver Subaru with three young men on board lost control and crashed on suburban Glebe Road T car slammed through to fences and two trees into the yar of an elderly couple, who were in bed at the time. They are very shaken obviously. The vehicle flipped and hit the neighbouring house. Sadly two young men were thrown government the car an deceased when paramedics arivered. The 18-year-old male driver was conscious and taken to hospital where he has serious injuries. It is understood one of the passengers who passed away is the driver's brother. Police are investigating if speed was a factor. The loud crash woke neighbours. Here is what they had to say. Unbelievable. The car could have done so much damage and what speed was this person doing?It is a bad way to get woken up on the first day of the new year to have a car in your backyard, very upsetting. The forensic crash unit will investigate the cause of the accident but it is certainly a devastating start to the new year for the families of these young victims. A fight over a garden hedge in Sydney's upper North Shore has ended with a woman having part of her finger cut off. The 58-year- old was arguing with her 71-year- old neighbour in the suburb of Kilara about a ledge. Police say the top of one of the women's fingers was sellered in the fight. She will have surgery to reattach the finger T man has been charged. The US will go over the dreaded fiscal cliff in five hours time but it will not be as dire as predicted. On yert Penfold has followed the intense negotiations. This is good news, sort of. What does it all mean?A deal has been done sort of. Members of the House of Representatives have put off a vote this afternoon and probably that will get done in the next few days but in doing so as you said, technically t US has indeed tumbled over the fiscal cliff and on paper at least, after midnight tonight, everybody's taxes will go up. But this is where it gets tricky - those politicians will return in the next day or two and push a vote through. So despite all those dire warnings that really not much is going to change for the average American. Is in the short-term. One exception will be people earning over $400,000 a year. They will be hit by a big tax increase. Until yesterday, you might remember, people earning over $200,000 were being threatened with higher taxes. President Obama's opposition is not happy about any increase. They have been just throwing names at each other for the last couple of days, of course. But he claims they are too focused on trying to protect the rich. He infuriated the Republicans when he came out to give an update on the situation. Unusually for him, he seemed to really miss judge the moment. He had his audience laughing while he crack add few jokes and considering seriousness of it all, I'm sure he may think it was not the day the be the entertainer.One thing we can count on with respect to this Congress is that if there is even one second left before you have to do what you are supposed to do, they will use that last second. (LAUGHTER) So, as at this point it looks like I will spend new year's here in DC. You are going to Ange out in DC too! (LAUGHTER) I can come to your house.Yeah, he does seem to be making light of it. What is the next step?Even though the US is over the so-called fiscal cliff after midnight tonight, the good news is tomorrow it is here, New Year's Day a public holiday, so the markets are closed. The public servant are not at work. By the time everybody is back it is likely the vote will be done T US will move on and hopefully avoid what really could have been a very damaging return to recession.We will watch and wait. Still ahead - cabinet papers released. How we almost got the GST 15 years early A new year and a new home for a baby gorilla in Prague. A little later David Attenborough showcases his latest documentary.

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The controversial GST was introduce in 2000 but it almost became a reality back in 1985. Cabinet papers released today revealed how the Government grappled with US missile testing off the Australian coast. 1984 was at times tough for Bob Hawke. He started the year sky high approval ratings but the election was a hard-fought race.. First day of the campaign hi this cricket ball smash into me and the glass went into pie eye. I was in physical agony the whole of the campaign. Distracted by a family crisis.I was emotionally torn because I found out about my daughter's addiction. He fulfilled his election promise bringing in radical reform. If Paul Keating had had his way Australia would have had a goods and services tax more than decade earlier.The Prime Minister's office and advisors became concerned this was just at bridge too far.But the problem which we have aSewelled it was not second which tackle.On the international stage there were significant challenges.We were not in fairyland. We were in the middle of a Cold War.Like all missiles it came out of left field. There was community backlash to allow US planes in the splash-down zone to land in Australian territory, a decision he later reversed. Cabinet was worried about the relationship between Australia, the US and New Zealand after the nuclear ships were banned from New Zealand's port. The essential thing was to keep the alliance going. One of his proudest achievements was replacing God save the Queen with 'Advance Australia Fair'.It has been a cute start to tire tyre at a Prague zoo with the arrival of a baby gorilla. The little one was welcomed to its new home just in time to ring in the few year. It was born in December and is the third baby for its 19- year-old mother. But all the attention has been a little too much for the youngster, who is just happy to have a snooze with mum. Let's look at the weather for you.

Let's look at the weather for you.
Revellers around the world bring in the new year. All the high lights. An update on Hillary Clinton, who is in hospital with a blood clot. The moment two giraffes turned violent.

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Welcome back. Our top stories - Sydney shines as millions celebrate the start of the newer at Australia's biggest party. Thick smoke blankets Sydney's west as fire destroys a massive factory. Two dead after a head-on crash on the NSW North Coast. More than 1.5 million people celebrated the start of 2013 lined along the Sydney Harbour to witness one of the world's biggest fireworks displays. Let's go live to Airlie Walsh at Kirrabilli. It was an incredible show?It certainly was. Why wouldn't it be? This is the party that kick-starts the entire worldwide new year's celebrations. More than 1.5 million people crammed into the foreshore as the sky it will up in gold, pink, green and blue. Colours streamed off four barges situated around the harbour with gold flashes cascading down off the Harbour Bridge. Many of the people were not just locals, they travel add long way to be here. But they say I was well worth the journey. We really enjoyed it.? Amazing.Thank you for your hospitality. Fantastic show. Love you guysOf course today the attention turns towards the clean- up and we have seen council workers and far badge collectors out in force clearing up the mounds of rubbish left behind by revellers. They have been doing a tremendous job transforming our city back to its picture-perfect self.They have a big day ahead of them. No doubt it was a busy night for authorities as well?Yes, it was. About 3,000 miss officers were out in force last night. They arrested double the amounts of people from last year. 97 people were charged overnight for offences, including drug use and assault. Many of those were actually at the Bondi Beach festival sap shore Thing. Officers had the push people away trying to scale fences the get into the event and paramedics treated 400 people there. Else where around the city one man was arrested after alleged pointing a laser light at a plane. Else where in the city a hotdog truck explode $into flame last night after a deep Freier boiled over which was made worse one a staffer tied to put out the blaze with water but not a bad night. Police have praised the effort of Sydney party goers and it is safe to say Sydney has once again proven this is the place to party when it comes to spectacular fireworks and safety.That is a fair call. Fireworks in Melbourne and Brisbane also wowed the crowds. Melbourne turned on the biggest display in the city's history with fireworks bursting into life from 22 high- rise buildings. More than half a million people watched the fireworks in the shape of hands and feet. In Brisbane, crowds were slightly down at Southbank for the city's event, but the tens of thousands who did turn out lapped up every burst of colour. Police were generally happy with the behaviour of crowds in both cities. While Australians are recovering from celebrations, the countdown continue around the world. In Russia, party goers braved the freezing temperatures to catch a glimpse of fireworks lighting up the riverfront and Kremlin skyline. Red Square live up to its name as the clock struck midnight, millions packed Berlin's city centre for a concert before a spectacular display. In Greece, celebrations were held against the backdrop of the ruins. 400 NATO troops took time to enjoy the faceive is the in Afghanistan despite being away from family and friend. There were large crowds in Shanghai for the official countdown featuring a technical display against the city's iconic building. In London t clock struck midnight just at short time ago. The fireworks spectacular did not disappoint the millions watching on. The London Eye was transformed with that dictional British colours as the display it will up the riverbank. In other news - firefighters remain at the scene of a fierce blaze which destroyed a factory in Sydney's west this morning. Matt is at the scene in Villawood. What is the latest there?Dozens of firefighters are still here putting water on this blaze but dozens of tyres are still burning and smouldering setting off a huge plume of smoke around Villawood where this factory caught alight about 1 o'clock this morning. It is a 30 by 40 metre factory and there were thousands of tyres inside and it quickly became a massive blaze. There weres pleases into the air. It threatened neighbouring buildings and factories and I was a huge fight to get it under control. 120 firefighters managed to stop it spreading to the neighbouring buildings. Only one suffered minor damage. T prevented it from reaching dangerous explosive gas cylinders.

cylinders.We need to get to the seat of the fire to remove the debris and dig into the molten rubber. It is a hydrocarbon fuse source that burns fiercely. A lot of toxic smoke and it will take Australia long time to get this fire out.Matt, what is the next step?It will take earth moving equipment to get to tyres still burning and they need to get rid of all the debris on top of those burning tyres. With all the smoke issuing they are monitoring the air quality but the message the neighbours around here that is the smoke is toxic and to stay indoors or avoid the area until this fire can be put out and then investigations will get underway into the cause of this massive blaze overnight.Two people have died in a crash on the NSW North Coast. A man in his 20s and a woman in her 30s were both killed after their cars crashed head on on the Pacific Highway at Bangalow. Police are still investigating how the crash happened.The legacy of this crash will be with those families for ever and what a way to start 2013. The lasers are on the high awith one lane staying closed. The family of a Victorian man who died after being king hit in a brawl has paid tribute to the best brother, son, grandson cousin. 22-year-old David Cassai was struck at Rye on the Mornington Peninsula early yesterday.No matter the situation he was always happy, positive with a smile, always trying to many a open people up. I just hope they feel terrible for ruining our family and our phone's lives and ruining everyone. My parents are devastated.The Homicide Squad is still trying to find those responsible for the fatal punch. We have some breaking news for you now - Department of Foreign Affairs has confirmed a Queensland woman has died in Bali. It is believed 33- year-old Deni North was living in the tourist spot. E is still unclear how she passed away. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton remains under observation at a New York hospital. It has been revealed the 65-year-old has a blood clot between her brain and her skull. This New York hospital was not on Hillary Clinton's gruelling schedule. But it is where the Secretary of State will be seeing in the new year. Her doctors have found a clot and are keeping a close watch. Her spokesman said - in the course of a follow-up exam secretary Clinton's doctors discovered a blood clot had formed. She is being treated at New York's hospital so they can monitor the medication over the next 48 hours. This month's trip to Ireland was her last overseas engagement. She ill on her return and as not been seen in public for three weeks. It is believed she picked up a bug that led to dehydration which caused her to faint resulting in concussion and the blood clot. The 65-year-old is a self-confessed workaholic a staunch believer in shoe leather diplomacy but her ex housing agenda could be taking its toll. Hillary Clinton has flown almost a million miles since taking office four years ago, spending some 400 days in a plane visiting 112 countries in that time alone. Her illness kept her from testifying at a congressional hearing on the September 11 attack on the US consulate. And her continued absence from President Obama's side will be further exploited by her Republican rivals. It could also damage her hopes for a second tilt at the presidency. Although that ambition may still exist, Hillary Clinton may now decide that her health takes priority over politics. More than three decades after his first visit, David Attenborough has returned to the Galapagis Islands. While the landscape may not have changed all that much, technology has T latest documentary captured in 3D. David Attenborough has been to the Galapagis Islands on many occasions, but never before shooting in 3D. His latest adventure satisfy him travel to the islands more than 30 years after his first visit and it is a place he is passionate about. It is a marvellous place from almost every point ever view but the animal that live there are unlike any other found in the world. Most importantly perhaps is because they have no fear whatsoever of human beings. The mocking birds will come in, sit on your head and take hair from your head because they want the Hine their nest. The island are where Charles Darwin conceived the idea of natural selection and it is a 3D film- maker's dream but it is one of the most complicated documentaries ever undertaken in this medium.Making a 3D Pam has a lot of problems, one of which is the cameras they have then, they still are but they are gigantic and take four people to carry. But the most captivating project is the animals.They are very touching animals the find tortoise, they live longer than we do mostly. They are straight out of pre-history with this reptilian neck sitting there and they do not do a hell of a lot. If I had to pick a favourite animal from the Galapagis Islands, I probably would not pick the tortoise. It almost certainly would be the wave albatross. They mate for life, they are very long-lived birds, and they will go all-round the world, literally around the globe collecting food for their chicks and come back to the same nest.Now to a tall tale about one of nature's gentle giant, often regarded as one of the world's most mild-mannered creatures, a rare video has captured giraffes in a whole new light. Huge claws, shark teeth and aggressive antlers, all familiar weapons of the wild, but now in this rare video, to unlikely fighters are sticking their next in the ring. Is right - giraffes t long-tongued, long-limbed prize fighters battling it out. Watch as they jab their hons in the each other, swinging their 500-pound necks with such force.I is a dance T males know where the stand, how the stand. People tend to think of giraffe as nice docile sweet animals and they generally are, but they are designed for fighting. These two males are fighting over territory and likely a mate. But not to the death.The smaller probably younger male will end up losing fight, go away, get bigger then he will get his chance next season.So while we may expect fights from predators like these bears caught in a backyard brawl, oar this lioness lunging at the camera just remember, a deceivingly cute face like this munching on leaves may be bulking up for battle. 2013 always brings plenty of resolutions, many to live life to the maximum. So here is a new hobby for thrill-seeker, it is called car jumping. Crazy drivers make a high- speed jump off a ramp for a spectacular finish. Only few managed to clear all nine cars. It helps the winner is a mechanic by trade but he still needed a bit of assistance to get home. Time for the sport news now. Happy new year to you. It is a public holiday for most people but not for us and not for the Aussie cricketers.Indeed. Happy new year to you too. They are straight in the training. We will cross live to the SCG in a moment. But Shane Warne was clearly enjoying his new year's with Liz!A shock loss for Samantha Stosur at the Brisbane International. This program is not captioned. Hoddy and Vinnie thought
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The Aussies are holding their first training session ahead of the new year's test. It is going to be an emotional week for Michael Clarke's men.This first training session for the Aussies is definitely a welcome one, because it means they can finally focus on test preparations after what has been a really draining few days with the passing of Tony Greig and retirement of Mike Hussey. All the players are accounted for today. Michael Clarke spent a fair bit of time with the Australian physio warming up and going for some runs before he joined than on training to keep an eye on his hamstring but everything appears well. Victorian Glenn Maxwell, this is a big one for him, his first session as he prepares for hat looks set to be a test debut as replacement for Shane Watson. He is in the nets having a bowl but all the talk from the Aussies this morning was basically about mentally dealing with what will be an emotional test and how to farewell Mike Hussey. It is good to be back but it will leave a massive whole obviously e with Ricky Ponting retiring with a few test tossing and Hussey as well. So there is a huge whole but in saying that it is about everybody stepping up and going in the One Direction. Lead-ups are hard. You know it will be your mate's last game and probably the last time I will ever play with him so it will be tough but once we get out in the field I know we will do everything and me in my power to make sure we win the test match.The Aussies have an hour left to train. The Sri Lankans are not go ting Ten today. They are in all sorts of trouble with injury. They have flown in two players as in jury replacements but there are still another three that are really struggling to be fit for this test. Still on cricket, Shane Warne was clearly enjoying his new year's celebrations hamming it up with wife-to-be Liz Hurley at a 70s party. He will be back in action for the Melbourne Stars when they take on the Brisbane Heat on Thursday night. Tennis - Sam Stosur has denied hometown pressure is responsible for another important start the her summer. For the second year in a row, the world number 9 has been knocked out of the Brisbane international in its early rounds. The Queen of Australian tennis and her loyal supporters knew this was risky business. Stove stove is ranked 4 in the world and Sam Stosur fought off a break point in the opening game. There were plenty of good signs. -- Sofia Arvidsson. And there was rust. 48 unforced errors was always going to finish ugly nor Sam Stosur. Last week Sam Stosur lost in the second round of the Brisbane International setting up a woeful summer at home this year's first-round defeat cannot be a good signCOMMENTATOR: 30. Sofia Arvidsson is playing surprisingly good tennis sometime. Sam Stosur denies hometown pressure is a problem, claiming an ankle operation five weeks ago restricted her practice COMMENTATOR: Australia's Sam Stosur out of the tournament. In straight sets!Sam Stosur now heads to the Sydney International next week to continue her Australian Open build-up. Finally a happy new year for Adelaide United who cruised to a 3- nil win over Sydney FC. The Sky Blues were without their marquee man and Adelaide sits second on the A-League ladder. Central Coast continue to lead the way downing Perth Glory 1-nil T Mariners are two points clear of Adelaide at the top of the table. I'm intrigued to find out from you, what did you think of Barney's mullet wig? It was a throwback to his early years of cricket.Yeah, just incredible. You never quite know what Warney is going to come up with, do you?We need to keep a close eye on him. Coming up - finance and the latest weather forecast for New Year's Day.

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Let's look at the weather around the country. On the satellite former tropical cyclone Mitchell off the north-west WA coast is causing patchy rain in the Pilbara. A trough is trickering a few storms in the Kimberley and sending hot north-east wind into southwest WA. Another trough is causing showers and storms in the Northern Territory and Queensland. Around the country for New Year's Day

the country for New Year's Day - To finance news - the share market is closed for the New Year's Day public holiday. But currencies are on the move and for the first day of 2013 the Australian dollar is fairly mixed against the majors and is currently buying 104US cents.

That is our morning Newshour for this New Year's Day. You can join me for more news at 4.30 this afternoon. Thank you for your company. Hope to see you then. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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